Map Thread XIX

Map I made for the MOTF 213:

Onhetsa, the land of the thousand lakes.

This map is supposed to be roughly in the same timeline as my last India map,

In this timeline, slight differences in the French Navy by the time of the war of austrian succession result, beside a slightly more succesful first carnatic war as shown in the previous map, in the Duke of Anville's expedition not being delayed, and thus not being struck by storms. The Expedition, the largest transatlantic one ever launched at the time succeeded in retaking Louisbourg, but the Duke had... special orders from the Kingtelling him to deport the Acadian who wouldn't pledge aliegance to him to "the english colonies", in this timeline Acadian, who by that point had to be neutral to survive in the contested regions, are not so enthusiastic to see such a large occupation force led by an admiral who isn't the most diplomatic, and a bar fight quickly snowballs into a small scale insurgency in Louisburg, the over zealous Duke did not hesitate and applied the king's order to deport most acadians, which were of little use to the crown, around louisbourg, leading to a general revolt as most of the other inhabitant feared for their lives, alas the large expedition force broke them and, on their way to bombard Boston, deported many to the nearest British colony, the part of Western Main administered by Massachussets. The disposessed Acadians soon had to flee Massachussetsian who were extremely angry at the loss of Louisburg, whose taking was a soure of pride, and the devastation of Boston by the French Navy and pursued them, the Acadian then fled inland, to the north and then the west, they soon faced Iroquois who for the most part were not too happy of this intrusion, as their numbers were dwindling the Acadian had no choice but to continue their "Grande Traversée" westward, until they reached the Niagara falls, there they found Seneca Iroquois, the westernmost people of the Haudenosaunee, in an almost miraculous battle the Acadian managed to defeat them and cross the Falls. What they found beyond were a destroyed people, descendant of the Neutral Nation who were defeated by the Seneca a century before. The Ataouandron (Neutral) as they were called were grateful to the Acadian as they defeated their long-standing enemy, and they displayed generosity and hospitality to the Acadian, whose numbers had been reduce to a little more than a couple thousands, from over 15,000 a year before. From this meeting of two separate people a new nation would eventually be born, Onhetsa, from the name the Ataouandron gave to their land.

Southron Republic: Oklahoma Crisis
Inspired by :icontoixstory: and her recent work Southern System
This was mostly a test of style. If you wish to write a backstory for this scenario in the comments I will be more than happy to add it to the description and credit you.

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If asked, probably no one in either Yankeedom or Dixie would have guessed that it would have started up again over a bunch of poor whites in Oklahoma. And yet, that just goes to show you how much sense people have.

When a series of bad harvests combined with a particularly poorly-timed lowering of wheat tariffs led to a bunch of farmers' uprisings out in the ass-end of nowhere, Richmond's reaction was to hem and haw and state's rights and then do nothing. Some elements of the Oklahoma State Assembly tried to fix things through introduction of price guarantees, but the cattle lobby stopped those bills dead, and so the people just got hungrier and angrier.

On the Fourth of July, just as the wheat harvest was coming to an end, the "Peasant's Assembly of Oklahoma" sent a letter to Richmond declaring their independence from the CSA, as well as 12 more: one for each state capital, and an extra for Oklahoma City.

Richmond's response, unsurprisingly, was to call up the regiments and as well as immediately deploying the Army of the Confederacy itself, which was intended to either frighten the "peasants" into submission, or to form the nucleus for the states' regiments to form around. By mid-August, much of central Oklahoma was under the control of the Peasants' Army, and the Texans had just dug in outside of Oklahoma City to wait for support from the rest of the South before they made their push to retake the town.

That opportunity would have to wait, as August 17 saw the first Bluecoats cross the Missouri Line. The propaganda from Washington said something about how "the rightful government of these United States cannot ignore the voice of any American crying for freedom", but somehow they ignored those voices quick enough when the Oklahomans told the Yankees to pack up their carpetbags and go back home. But if there's anything Yankees are good at, it's putting their nose where it isn't needed and not listening to others, and so they just pushed forward, grabbing most of the north of Oklahoma and taking care to grab OK City before pushing south, mostly leaving the central portions under Peasant control.

It surprised everyone (but the true, proud Oklahomans!) when the Peasants' Army woke up one morning and took 15,000 sleeping Yankees prisoner, as well as cutting a hole in the middle of their lines.

By this time, the Army of the Confederacy was well and truly forming up, and between them, the Texans, the Peasants, and the Oklahoman Volunteers that had originally been raised to combat the uprising, they'd brought more guns to bear than the Yankees' small "expeditionary force".

Christmas Day, 1899 finds Southron lines overlooking Yankee trenches and staring down the latest generation of Yankee automatic gatling, as recruits bang their drums all across the United States and Congress holds a special emergency session in Washington to try and declare a war. Elsewhere, Southron diplomats and merchants wine and dine European arms manufacturers while quiet conversations are held in London, Paris, and Berlin.

1900 is going to be one hell of a new year.
Washington D.C., April 25th, 1966
Lyndon Johnson was overlooking papers in his office detailing the recent expenses from the war when there was a knock on his door.
"Come in."
Into his office stepped Richard Helms, head of the C.I.A., and he was out of breath and looked flustered.
"Mr. Helms, what brings you here, and why do you look out of breath?"
"Well Mr.President, you might want to see this."
Helms placed a rather hefty envelop stamped top secret on the presidents desk. Johnson placed what he was initially looking at to the side, opened the document, and began reading; Strange soldiers in gas masks, robots twice the size of a man, occult practices, mass cloning and breeding programs.
"A little late for the April Fools jokes isn't it Mr. Helms?"
"As much as I want to agree with you sir, I'm afraid this isn't a belated April Fools joke."
"Do the Soviets know about this?"
"Actually Mr. President, the Soviets were the one's who told us about this."
President Johnson sat at his desk in silence, clearly processing what he had read and what the appropriate response would be.
"Get me the Kremlin."