Map Thread XIX

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This is a map of an alternate proxy of a post-Classic Western Roman Empire (600 AD) reconstructed by a confederation of Germanic peoples led by the Goths, where the Arian Christianism has become prevalent and spread to the still Pagan tribes:

I see Goths, I like. I see Gothic toponymy, I wish I could like more. Amazing work on the language reconstruction, man! :)


Gone Fishin'

It's due time for another Historiae Mutetur map, this one starring the enigmatic Celtic-Indian civilization of the Digaodalijha. As always, the link to the full timeline is here:
This is the height of Christmas shitposting
Because most of the EuropeNs have their own versions of not-Santa? I saw a pic of a recording of a Swedish Julekalender recently (for twenty five days each year they have a fifteen minute portion of a show a Christmas serial a day, with a new one every year) and I think at some point the various Scandinavian versions of Santa were looking a bit askew at him. Really should, people can recognize who he is by the time of year and I would say a big difference comes down to who he is working with and what size... Huh.

@Etruscan-enthusiast35, someday we are all goingto need to find a proper way to put a North Pole on these maps.
Made a quick map of what America could look like if its western states weren't so huge.

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That's transparently uninspired

Badum Tsshhh

In all seriousness, a few questions:

- Why is Mesopotamia called such, even though it's just a Trans-Rio Grande state? There's no second major river running basically parallel to the Grande like the Tigris to the Euphrates.
- Why's Zion called such? Did the Yanks pull a Russia or Britian and make a place to dump all their Jews?
- Why's Idaho called such? It's a name some dude pulled out of his arse one day, there's no etymology behind it.
- Why are the state boundry-drawers so boring ITTL? They're actual squares here.


A map of the Visigothic Senatorial Socialist Republic in the late 500s. In this TL Lenin, the supreme leader of the Teutonic Soviet Socialist Republic, singlehandedly invents a time machine to fix the past.
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