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    Federated American States in exile
    Three inter-related questions:

    1) How can anyone who can't figure out how to build a sea wall manage to build so many colonies on the moon that they become visible from Earth?

    B) How can the USA build so many moon colonies when Cape Canaveral is under water?

    3) Why is the sea level so much higher than scientists predict? It looks like more than 7m, possibly the 20m basemap. That would be 20-40 times the prediction from the IPCC by 2100.
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    Oct 24, 2015
    The Lenape Empire at its greatest extent, c. 1896


    The Lenape Empire consists of: the Lenape Union; the Provinces and Territories of the Lenape Empire; and the Lenape Protectorates of Lunda, Malaysia, and Greater Cypria. The Lenape's aims are to join their colonies in East and West Africa, to fully control the Mediterranean, to secure their holdings in the Indian Ocean, and to gain a foothold in the Pacific, preferably in Southeast Asia. Their allies are the Cree Confederation, the Mohawk State, and the Seminole Alliance, while their main enemies are the Haudenosaunee, Powhatan, and Nahua Empires.
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    Are you talking about faulty conclusions about @LeinadB93's ATL? Because what I wrote was an abbreviated description of Texas's situation OTL and asked how the ATL of the posted map differed, indicating that I don't know anything about their ATL, so I'm not sure how you think I could have been making faulty conclusions about it.
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    Thanks for the pointer. You don't specifically mention it that I could see in the ol dpost you linked to, but I presume that Great Britain gave the early Republic of Texas some kind of financial support to help allay the growing debts from breaking away from Mexico?
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    -I'd be lying if I said he had no influence on it. It's been a while since I read his stuff, but it's still in my mind.

    -Canadian separatism very much still exists, but in an OTL neo-Confederate, anti-government sort of way. There aren't any actual proposals for independence but it's still very much a present issue.
    -The Caribbean states are really too devastated and depopulated to have any independence movements.

    -Yes. The orange state is the Muslim-plurality Caspian Emirate, which is actually a rather religiously tolerant state. The brown one is the Russian Federation, unrelated to the one we know.

    -Population growth and bad government fueled separatist movements, and it completely collapsed after the government was "electronically decapitated."

    -The most powerful by far is the East African Federation, but it's still only a minor power in global terms.

    -Most emigrated west, which caused states like Poland to become even more nationalistic. The government eventually moved back to Moscow, which was cleaned up over the decades. The provisional capital was Ryazan for most of the 2030s and was moved to St. Petersburg as Russia began to rebuild. "Rump Russia" is the Russian Republic.

    -Governed with a majority in the Assembly? No, not even close. Helped form a governing coalition? Yes, rather briefly.

    -French Guiana gained independence while France was still an independent state, and the European Federation formed decades later as the EU very gradually centralised power. The United Nations (which still very much exists, though more as an alliance of states the US doesn't feel like invading) allows some shared use of spaceports and guarantees corporations the right to use public ones, so the EF can usually go through one of its friendlier allies.
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    Fascinating. What's the difference between those two?
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    A) I mean, there aren't exactly Indonesian or Bengali colonies. They have more pressing matters to attend to.

    2) This is 2112 - Cape Canaveral's facilities were moved, and there are a lot more spaceports now. The entire nature of the industry has changed.

    C) *grins* This world is much more apocalyptic than it seems at first glance. Climate Change was horrendously mismanaged by everyone, save for western Europe.
    -The Sino-American Cold War created a yuge demand for more energy. Oil, coal, and natural gas were used until all reserves were completely emptied. That second bit caused the collapse of China.
    -Developing nations thought it not worth the effort to invest in environmentally friendly solutions. That combined with population growth caused most of the disaster.
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    Jun 28, 2019
    Not much.
    -The Republic is modeled after the French government, while the Federation is much more like the United States.
    -The Republic is more Russian, the Federation is more diverse with a greater Turkic population.
    -The Republic claims to be the legitimate successor to Russia.
    After nearly a century of separation, animosity has died down to just your standard national rivalry.
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    right behind you
    Good God on Earth,what happened?
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    I appreciate that :) Hoepfully I've gone someway to answering your questions. In terms of Galveston, in the modern day its still where the legislature sits and the government offices are there - but a lot of industry, investment and state government is based out of Houston.

    Gulf of Cortez is actually quite a common name IOTL for the marginal sea - so ITTL it sticks arond. The northern gulf is the Bermejo Bay.

    Effectively, some wanted to annex the nascent republic into the British American colonies - but a combination of the Republican Rebellion and the strongly republican sentiment in Texas meant that Britain took the oppotunity to establish Texas and California as strong buffer states between its American colonies and the potential power of Mexico.

    Yes the British did indeed back up the Republic of Texas in terms of financial support, and indeed both countries were and are closely tied to the Empire.
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    Jun 28, 2019
    -The population distribution of the United States is wildly different from what we know now. New immigrants populated the Plains states and kickstarted the Rust Belt back into action. Montana's population is actually significantly higher than Idaho's. As for the border... eh. Eye of the beholder or something like that.

    -It won't. States like Louisiana, South Florida, Maryland, and what remains of Connecticut are still officially states, even though their sole purpose is to act as appendages of the federal government in Chicago. They're still at least somewhat populated and revoking representation in Congress isn't exactly a popular idea.
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    May 15, 2012
    Here's a larger version of the map in the wikibox in this post, depicting a communist sort-of-EU, having evolved from the ComEcon and taken on the role of not just economic but also gradual political integretion. A more in-depth timeline outline is contained in the linked post, but it is basically something of a moderate communism-wank, with the Cold War continuing to the present day but with the USSR and China evolving differently, ending up rather better places without various issues of OTL
    wikimap 3.png
    And here's a worlda showing the general situation (with the green borders showing the above union)
    world map.png
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    May 28, 2013
    -What is the current Chinese government like? You mentioned China collapsing because of resource exhaustion; how did it dealt with losing most of its major cities to the sea? Is the Chinese interior much more densely populated than today?

    -How did India manage? With an independent Kashmir, and the Pakistan and Bangladesh rumps still independent, I assume that India was too preoccupied with internal problems to assert its power elsewhere.

    -Israel seems to have annexed both the West Bank and Gaza. How did that worked out, and did the country weather climate change well?

    -Korea is one color, but the North-South border is still present; I assume that a confederation-style arrangement was reached peacefully?

    -How did Vietnam became divided again? With both states' largest cities and breadbaskets (the Red River Delta and Hanoi for the north, the Mekong Delta and Saigon for the south) being underwater, neither country seem more viable apart than together.

    -Did the US take over most of the Pacific island chains? How did the populations there cope with the sea level rise, having no land nearby to evacuate to?

    -Are all of the major coastal or near-coastal cities (NYC, DC, LA, SF, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Mumbai, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, Sydney, etc.) underneath the waves? Are there any successful efforts to preserve at least a few cities of exceptional economic value (or cultural, such as Venice) with sea walls?
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    Geez. So how primitive does the world look like, for lack of a better word? Are we talking early 20th century?

    Unrelated, but what is the state of LGBT rights around the world?
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    -The current Chinese government is significantly more democratic than now but is dominated by an elite ruling class. It no longer claims to be communist or such. It's rather similar the modern Russian government in style.
    -It collapsed due to multiple factors. It became more authoritarian than it is now, then started to rapidly liberalise after the SACW. The CCP fractured and the country divided with it.
    -Urban citizens moved either to space, the interior, up north, or across the Pacific. Shanghai still exists in a Venice-like way.

    -You guessed right. India, in a word, is bloated. The collapse of Bengal nearly caused the collapse of India too. The government's sole purpose is to manage the effects of its huge population.

    -Actually, that's not Israel. The Levantine Confederation was a worldwide project to stop the crises that kept happening from escalating further.

    -Not exactly. China eventually "dissolved" the Kim regime and silently propped up the country as a puppet state for decades. It was used as a giant nuclear testing facility- China would give NK weapons, then would publicly act shocked when the United States and Japan condemned them.
    -When the CCP and PRC collapsed, NK did too. It was briefly occupied by the UN, then they handed the territory over to SK. The economic and social disparity is still very much present in the country.

    -You're not wrong, it would be best for them to be together. But the reason for their separation is analogous to why NK & SK are divided today.

    -Yes, they were important for monopolising Pacific trade.
    -They almost all moved to the United States or Australia. The latter has a significantly larger population, thanks to its new inland sea.

    -NYC, LA, SF, BA, Dubai, HK, & Sydney are safe.
    -Tokyo, Shanghai, and Singapore were converted to modern Venice-like skyscraper cities.
    -RDJ, JK, & Venice were all early victims of the sea. Completely obliterated.
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    ...So is the POD in the 20th century or something? Because Korea also had the issue of being divided into two by USSR and USA, with Nork and Southron cultures diverging tremendously over the decades. Unless all those South Vietnamese refugees decide to migrate back in the 21st century, I don't see the same happening with Vietnam without South Vietnam surviving in the first place.

    ...Unless there are some other issues at work and there was a Chinese-influenced/American-influenced split, which would make sense I guess.
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    Since most people haven't seen it, here is the Frankish Empire in 1871. I could explain the lore, but the parallels should be obvious. This is from the Second Telephone Map Game. The Third Edition has just started, and I believe you can still join since the lists aren't full.

    FE Final Map.png
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    The Republic of Virginia
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    Is this a world where the Americas ended up being the major powers of the world, and not Eurasia?
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    Does India have any space colonies? They really should, given their large population.
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