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The Sublime Union of Worker's and Peasant's Republics following the Wars of the East (1918-1921), territorial gains in dark red.
Sublime Union.png

(the Ottomans manage to have a better 19th century and industrialize some, but it all winds up going south after a Russo-Japanese War-esque defeat at the turn of the century. Workers rise up, socialists wind up leading the charge, and eventually they take over the core of the Empire.)
Is it a "what is the largest religious affiliation"-based ISOT?
Yep. One world for majority Christian nations, one for majority Muslim countries, one for majority Hindu, and those primarily irreligious, Jewish, Bhudist, etc or with no majority stay behind. I am working on a follow up 50 years later.
Yep. One world for majority Christian nations, one for majority Muslim countries, one for majority Hindu, and those primarily irreligious, Jewish, Bhudist, etc or with no majority stay behind. I am working on a follow up 50 years later.

Interesting. I didn't know about the religious composition of Benin, Togo, the Ivory Coast, or Suriname for example.
Yep. One world for majority Christian nations, one for majority muslim countries, one for majority Hindu, and those primarily irreligious, Jewish, Bhudist, etc or with no majority stay behind. I am woking on a follow up 50 years later.
...You are aware that Nigeria is majority Muslim and Russia is majority Christian, right? And I feel like making a map of majority Buddhist nations being ISOTed would be far more interesting than doing Hinduism, which is literally just sending India off into the wild unkowns.

Edit: Alright, maybe disregard Nigeria, but the other points still stand.
If so, I'm not sure the reason for where Nigeria was ISOTed to.
I found contradictory statistics for both nigeria and Eritrea over christian vs muslim majority and it was a 51 to 49 percent situation so I left them on planet Other.

There is also the whole issue of how do you measure religious observance in the many christian countries where only a tiny percentage of the population regularly attends church. I mostly sourced from a few wikipedia articles.
...You are aware that Nigeria is majority Muslim and Russia is majority Christian, right? And I feel like making a map of majority Buddhist nations being ISOTed would be far more interesting than doing Hinduism, which is literally just sending India off into the wild unkowns.
1. See above
2. I chose the 4 largest faiths by population.

Edit: Regarding Russia I have read that the counts claiming majority christianity are deliberate overcoats by the orthodox church on the false assumption that all ethnic Russians are orthodox, all turkic peoples are muslim etc because that is the traditional religion of those groups. I think Russia is no majority with mid 40's percentages christian, muslim 5-10 percent and others with a large percentage religious as a legacy of the communist policy of state atheism.
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Edit: Regarding Russia I have read that the counts claiming majority christianity are deliberate overcoats by the orthodox church on the false assumption that all ethnic Russians are orthodox, all turkic peoples are muslim etc because that is the traditional religion of those groups. I think Russia is no majority with mid 40's percentages christian, muslim 5-10 percent and others with a large percentage religious as a legacy of the communist policy of state atheism.
Got any links for that? Because (and no offense meant to you) I'm more inclined to trust what sources like Encyclopedia Britannica say than some rando on the Internet.
Got any links for that? Because (and no offense meant to you) I'm more inclined to trust what sources like Encyclopedia Britannica say than some rando on the Internet.
None taken, this was not a thoroughly researched project. I’ll try to track down the one I read and edit it in here. It’s probably a source linked to from the Wikipedia article on Christian population by nation. There was dispute between various sources I read so I decided to go with the low estimate of Christian population for Russia.

The pie graph at the start of that article shows christianity in a slim minority. To be honest as I do more research most other seem to show a christian majority so you are probably right. That being said uncertainty remains so I will be keeping it on the other/no majority world (also I have already drawn a large chunk of that one and I would have to redo that if I changed it.

my sources are very inconsistent on this project though. for example:
this one claims Denmark, Sweden, Albania, and the UK are majority irreligious while
claim these countries have either or muslim majorities.

This page here:
puts all the numbers in one spot and would have at least given me a consistent source but I didn't find it until now. In any case I am declaring the distribution of countries on my teaser map as set in stone for my project despite inaccuracies.
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Speaking of blasts from the past, I was just reminded that I made this back when I was first learning how to do maps. France, Italy, and the Vatican are ISOTed from April 9, 1940 to September 7, 1812. It's certainly a scenario I'd want to cover someday. The teal colors represent the areas DT France took over.

Decided to try and do a quick one shot of how things might go following this scenario:​

Post-Event Europe and North Africa circa 1822/1950.

"He Who Controls the Past, Commands the Future." - 1940 France & Italy ISOTed to 1812
  • The Battle of Borodino still goes in Napoleon's favor though it rings hollow with the arrival of UT France and Italy. With the Grande Armée's supply lines decapitated, the Russians were able to force Napoleon and his soldiers out though they would collect their bearings and prevent the Russians and the turncoat Prussians from conquering the Duchy of Warsaw. They would hold long enough for the UT French to ensure the Duchy's continued existence, which largely came about from Paris learning from the Deuxième Bureau that King Frederick William III had been in repeated contact with Italy's OVRA.
  • It did not take long for Mussolini to kickstart his plan to recreate the Roman Empire. First he started with the British by having the Regia Marina take Malta before turning his attention to the Austrians, making them landlocked with the seizure of the Adriatic coast. Then Il Duce would shift to the Ottomans who got the worse of it with not only reconquering Albania but also taking control of most of the Balkans and Greece, the Italo-Ottoman war coinciding with Italy's conquest of Egypt which went just as swimmingly. Italy would not have stopped at the Balkans and Egypt had it not been for the threat of war against France, who feared the Italians making the Mediterranean their lake along with them taking the entire Sinai and with it, the future site of the Suez Canal. Mussolini would hold back on further wars in order for his empire to secure the new territory.
  • The Principality of Serbia would form with full Italian backing three years ahead of OTL as Greece and Egypt took priority instead. Mussolini does intend to annex the country someday but greater priorities in the present has him continuing to hold off annexation of Serbia. Serbia was one of the first DT nations to adopt Italian style Fascism though tend to focus on the "Spazio vitale" aspect of it, desiring territory from both the Austrian Empire and Ottoman Bulgaria...
  • Bourbon Spain is still around after France cleaned up the mess the Grande Armée started. Ferdinand VII even has UT advisors in his court that come from the Spanish Republican government in exile that were in France at the time of The Event. The largely secularist focus of the current reforms are spearheaded by Diego Martinez Barrio, who warned King Ferdinand that the Fascists in his time used the influence of the Catholic Church in Spain to gain support during the Civil War. With the secularist reforms, both the King and Barrio hope to curb Fascism's growing influence among parts of Spain, namely parts of the nobility who wouldn't mind the throne for themselves not to mention some of them thinking that this Franco had the right idea with introducing National Catholicism.
  • The Confederation of the Rhine or the Rhinebund actually owes its continued existence thanks to Italy coming along with France as had it not, Paris' current strategy would be the enforced division of Germany to strangle their longtime foe in the crib. With portions of the Wehrmacht in addition to civilian members of the NSDAP coming along with both countries, a number of them traveled to the Confederation to distribute copies of Mein Kampf and preach the success of the Fuehrer in an attempt to recreate their homeland from scratch more or less. The efforts of the UT Germans and fascists would inspire what Communists came along to do the same as members of the banned French Communist Party would also spread the works of Karl Marx to the peasants. Despite France's efforts both the Fascists and the Communists left a legacy which affects the Confederation's current situation as the copies of Mein Kampf, literature detailing the history of the Second Reich, Das Kapital, and The Communist Manifesto inspired the creation of militias that soon began to openly fight in the streets in the name of their ideologies and eventually, turning their weapons against French and government loyalist forces due to the current King being in the pocket of both France and the Jews (according to the Prussian aligned Nationalists and the Nazis at least). The internal strife combined with both Italy and Prussia stirring the pot of decrying France's "shadow rule" of the Confederation means that the country is a powder keg ready to blow, all it needs is the spark. Said spark will come in no less than five months from now, after a failed coup done by military officers supportive of Prussia against the King will kick off a civil war.
  • The Kingdom of Holland is actually the last refuge of Napoleonic France, formed as a buffer state as a backup in the event Fascists take complete control of the Rhinebund and because France didn't feel like taking too much DT territory like they had already with the southern Low Countries and in the Holy Land. With Eugène de Beauharnais on the throne as a consolation prize, Holland has become the home of DT Frenchmen and Italians from the Grande Armée that could not or would not adapt to the UT versions of their homelands. The Kingdom is also more stable than the Rhinebund as the French have had more success at keeping fascism contained here.
  • The Kingdom of Prussia is still under the reign of King Frederick William III, who believes that he is the one destined to unite Germany and with Italy's help that goal could be well in his grasps. A solid Italian ally in a sea of nations that sees Italy as a major threat and is home to the second largest population of UT Germans behind Italy. Prussia actually has a semi-modern army thanks to the UT Wehrmacht that came along along with Italy selling them Great War era rifles with even a few L3/33s and Fiat 3000s being included to combat the AMR 33s and Renault R35s used by the Poles and the Austrians. While the government is officially German Nationalist, Italian Fascism and antisemitism is in vogue though Nazism's potential influence has been curbed thanks to the efforts of the OVRA as Mussolini felt that a Nazist Prussia was far less controllable than a Prussia that followed his brand of Fascism. King Frederick is well aware of the planned officers coup against the Rhinebund's government, planning to use the chaos it causes to finally invade the Confederation and unite Germany under him.
  • As noted above, the Duchy of Warsaw (now the Kingdom of Poland) owes its existence to the French and UT Poland's own exiled government was based in France at the time of the Event much like the Spanish Republican government. With a military modernization largely lead by General Władysław Sikorski and the exiled Polish Army, the Royal Polish Army is now able to go toe to toe with the Prussians should it have to (though in reality, it's meant to hold the line long enough for the French to intervene on Poland's side). With the Prussians and the Russians wanting to dividing the nation between them both, the former Duchy has adopted a siege mentality even with the French military bases present to further dissuade the Prussians and the Russians. Poland is home to the second largest population of UT Poles behind France.
  • The Austrian Empire is rather angry at Italy for taking their Adriatic coastline after the Austrian Army itself took it back from the Grande Armée during the immediate post-Event days. With Emperor Francis I throwing in his lot with the UT French and have enthusiastically modernizing his own army, awaiting the day he can repay Italy for the humiliation Mussolini delivered to him tenfold. Of course it would have to survive the current unrest the Empire is facing as nationalism grows primarily from the Hungarians and the Sudetenland Germans which Italy may or may not have had a hand in. Of course with France completely unwilling to let a steadfast ally fall to internal threats and potentially become like the Rhineland, Paris has convinced the Emperor to give the Deuxième Bureau carte blanche to let them settle the issue before it gets out of hand.
  • The Russian Empire is naturally weary of both the French and the Italians though Tsar Alexander I correctly believes that even if the both of them teamed up to invade the Motherland is simply far too large to ever effectively conquer. That does not mean he's ignoring Europe for the Tsar is planning to wait out the French and the Italians for he and his advisors view a war between them as highly likely before the decade is over. Russia's own modernization is understandably slower though is active primarily through France's "white émigré" community and the French government introducing him to one of his future descendants, a man named Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich. The Grand Duke's tale of the Russian Revolution that left many of the Tsar's future family executed and left for dead in a cold ditch horrified Alexander and convinced to enact what was essentially OTL's 1861 Emancipation Reform decades early but also inspired him to create an organization that fell along with Nicholas II during the Revolution: the Okhrana. Formed the 1816, the Okhrana's current goal is to covertly assist in Russia's own modernization without antagonizing either UT nation and to protect the realm from threat internal or external. The Okhrana would primarily secure UT technology (primarily firearms) through the black markets that had emerged largely in the Rhinebund and Holland at least a year after the Event, these black markets are Russia's sole provider of UT firearms and the occasional textbook meaning the reverse engineering is slow though this only leads to the Tsar continuing to believe that waiting out both nations is the more logical route, ignoring the Grand Duke's repeated proposal of an alliance with France in order to get as much development as they can before ultimately breaking away from Paris, the Tsar adamant in preventing Russia from ever being seen as France's "junior partner" especially so soon after the Napoleonic Wars. Still even with the disagreement between them, the Tsar has grown fond of his Uptimer descendant and does sincerely thank him for helping guide Russia towards a future (hopefully) without the savagery of revolution but this growing fondness has Alexander's brother Nicholas I becoming worried of being loosing his spot on the throne to the Grand Duke, the heir unwilling to lose his rightful reign to a man who is more or less a foreigner as far as he is concerned.
  • The Ottoman Empire is tied with Austria over "who's been wronged by Italy more". Loosing the Balkans and Egypt to Italy was bad but having the French "temporarily occupy" the Holy Land was perhaps an even grater embarrassment, the loss of prestige resulting in revolts in former Bulgaria (that are covertly backed by the Serbians who in turn are all but certainly doing it on Rome's orders), Wallachia, and Transylvania (that are likely to be the work of the Russians). As much as the Sultan is loath to admit it, it is French weapons and oil money from what was Iraq that continues to prop up his rule in whats left of his Eastern European holdings not to mention that without them, the egotistical Mussolini would not have had his army stop until they reached Constantinople. The rebels in Ottoman Europe are now only waiting for the right time to revolt once more as their foreign backers continue to ship in arms and other equipment to permanently fracture Ottoman rule in the region, with the Wallachians and Transylvanians (or "Romanians" as they insist being called now) accepting the support of Russia who they've chosen to view as a lesser evil compared to Italy even after the Russians annexed Bessarabia.
  • Technology in France and Italy is roughly around OTL 1943-44. Without the stress of the Second World War to inspire advancement, both nations are a little behind their OTL 1950 counterparts though also without World War 2, Marcel Bloch of Dassault Aviation for example was around to spearhead the development of the world's first jet fighter that first flew in 1948 although propeller fighter aircraft such as the D.520 and the SAI.207 are the mainstays in the French and Italian air forces respectively. Despite trying to keep their respective DT neighbors from getting modern firearms and restrict them to 1890s/Great War designs, more modern weaponry (namely submachine guns as automatic rifles are still undergoing testing) began to proliferate across Europe and even as far as the United States thanks to the aforementioned black market (though it is rumored that the US got their hands on UT French and Italian weaponry due to the covert efforts of the UT American ambassador to France).
  • In Italy, Mussolini is only getting older. At 68 years old Il Duce is assured that his name shall go down in the books as a great conqueror with Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean permanently a part of the Italian Empire though France continues to prevent him from achieving total domination of Europe. Benito knows full well of King Frederick backing the planned coup against the Rhinebund's government, after all the Prussian King wouldn't dare make a move without the Duce's say-so. Unwilling to die without cementing his legacy as the undisputed master of Europe, Mussolini has finalized his plans for a Franco-Italian war, a conflict that will decide the soul of Europe and declare just who the "gift from God" that is the Event was meant to benefit once and for all.
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ATLF at Fight and Be Right

- Arabia breaks away from Italian influence and keeps funding arba rebels until Egypt collapses and then scrambles to occupy it before Italy. Russia then threatens war on Arabia and China moves troops int Afghanistan as a threat to Russia. Germany has to step in to stop the fight which results in Egypt being split approximately along the Nile with Cairo being a Berlin analogue.
- Troops moving out of Abyssinia touches off native and syndicalist uprisings as Egyptian refugees flee. This also causes the tensions in East Africa to break as well as a Kimbanguist uprising in the Congo's and Angola. Equatoria and Katangaland experience revolts as well especially after they try to invade Kitara to stop them sending aid to East Africa. South Africa occupies Angola and them and the USA decide they prefer Kimbanguism to Socialism and support them against the Syndicalists. This is the jungle hell part of the Vietnam-analogue while Somalia is the north-south part. The US marines occupy the West Indies.
- While Italy and the FWR are distracted, the Robots muscle in on Greece and Cyprus. The revolts in Algeria result in the formation of the Metropole (5th Republic) under Felix Eboue.
- Mosley is humiliated on the world stage and becomes more authoritarian. He thus pulls off some vengeful foreign policy stunts. Firstly exacerbates the tensions in Japan and sparks a socialist takeover of the country. It all goes wrong with the Crossman Telegram which tries to make an alliance with the Hispanidad to invade the USA which creates a crisis when it gets out including Guiana recreating its anarchist past. This results in Britain being expelled from the federation and falls to chaos. The USA and South Africa then launch a coup and return the monarchy to power.
- The Metropole then unites the Guiana's after conquering the Georgetown Commune and buying Suriname from Holland.
I really like this. I would like to see German-Italian War in this setting. It seems that Italy is major obstacle on Grobdeutschland.
Why inner Mongolia divided?

Yes, yes it is, and maybe that might happen, if I make a sequel to this setting.

And the internal borders of China are based mostly on the early PRoC administrative divisions (here's a link to a map of that) with a few tweaks, and the detachment of the westernmost portions of what is now Inner Mongolia, Ningxia on that map and Alxa today, is related to the fact that it has had a Han Chinese majority for IIRC the last 150 years (from a 2019 perspective). It still has a significant Mongol minority, but ITTL it is part of a greater Hui entity.

Series 3 – Legacy of Spring
Map 3.1 – Worldmap

Vacuity Institute RAV219MEL / Sub-Department of the “Vacuity Galactic and Universal Ministry” of the “United Multiverse Assembly” and the “Supreme Multiuniversal Templar Multiverse-Imperium Assembly”.

### Incoming transmission ###

To Supervisor Martin,

Another interesting subject/Capsule Universe (CU) coming from the Multiversal Democratic Forum (MDF). As a matter of fact this CU is a combined work of the MDF, the Pangerman Multiverse Assembly and the All-Russia Multiverse Union. Cooperation between all the Multiverse entities has been ramping up recently – some contribute this rise to increased “interdimensionalization” of the Multiverse.

So without further ado, I represent you a world where the Spring of Nations, the revolutions of 1848 succeeded beyond the dreams of its instigators.


### End transmission ###

### Start of summary ###

  • The Revolution of 1848 overthrew the royal families of the German Confederation, Austria and Italy. Establishing a republican government in each of these former states and in Austria’s case giving independence to Hungary. The rest of Austria and the states of the German Confederation merged into Greater Germany. How this came to pass? With Russia busy putting down a Polish revolt, serf rebellions and famine it couldn’t help its Imperial allies in the Holy League. A harsher famine in central Europe also helped to stoke resentment against the monarchies who totally botched the relief supplies to the starving masses.
  • With a democratic neighbor Russia struggled more with revolutionary sentiments amongst its lower masses. Domestic revolts, strikes and pogroms prompted the old Tsar to go to war with their republican neighbors. The unpopular war nearly proved to be the end for Imperial Russia. But a coup by his more democratic-minded cousin did saved the Romanov dynasty at the eleventh hour. Peace was quickly declared, Poland was granted independence and democratic reforms started. Beginning with the 20th century the former enemies of Germany and Russia have slowly approached each other and thus turned into close allies by the end of the last century.
  • The approachment of Germany and Russia wouldn’t have happened if Italy hasn’t suffered its own coup. But unlike the Russian one – Italy underwent a reactionary, semi-fascist coup by a former general in the first decade of the 20th century. Rome quickly turned to Imperial France and left its former allies behind. This was a tremendous shock in Berlin, Warsaw and Budapest.
  • France did contemplate intervening in the war between Germany and Russia, but decided to sit it out. This proved to be a blessing and a curse. Napoleon III and his successors could solidify his dynasty in France and enlarge the French Empire in Africa. French influence in its former colonies is still felt to this day.
  • British working classes did draw inspiration from the revolutions on the continent. But the establishment crackdown has stifled revolutionary activity on the British Isles. Increased censorship over the decades, coupled with more and more brutal repressions against the working class in Britain and its colonies have turned the workers of the former British Empire to more radical ideologies. The spark that would spell the end of the British Empire was ignited by the British coal mine strikes of 1925. Overnight the British Empire transformed into the Federation of Workers Republics (FWR). The Royal family escaped to Canada, who along with South Africa and Australasia was the only part of the Empire who didn’t go red. Today London is still the capital of the FWR, but the most important decisions are decided in New Delhi and Lagos. (Authors note: This has been heavily inspired by Ed Thomas Fight and be Right Universe).
  • China also underwent a Meji reform which in turn morphed into a democratic reform in the middle part of the 20th century. It still has an emperor and the average Chinese is wealthier and more satisfied than OTL. The democratic constitutional empire is expected to be the next leader of the Axis.
  • The Axis is the world largest alliance – it is made up of Russia, China, Germany, Korea and Mitteleuropa states. With over two billion people the Axis has tremendous influence over international policy.
  • With no Forty-Eighters and less immigration from Central Europe, the US struggled in the American Civil War (ACW). While not war-winning the absence of democratic-union minded immigrants did contribute to Union defeat in the ACW. After the end of the Civil War the North turned increasing isolationist, which continued to this day. The US is the only country in the world which is not part of any international organization.
  • The only part of the world in which Philadelphia have interest in is in the former states of the CSA. The Confederate States survived for a couple of decades, but state-rightists, rivalries and corruption broke the CSA apart by the end of the 19th century. Repression of their black population has turned the American South into a brutal war zone that would make OTL Vietnam blush with shame. ( Authors note: This has been heavily inspired by Mark Ciccone novel – Red Delta)
### End of summary ###

Authors note: Welcome to the start of the third map/infobox series of Timelines of the Capsule Universes or TLCU.
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