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1920 Long US Civil War.png

This scenario is based on a prolonged US Civil War- a more defensive confederacy holds off the Union longer, while less dramatic Union losses kept public morale up long enough for the Union to win the war in the end. This ends up impacting the outcome of the Austro-Prussian war, as the US Civil War served as a sort of testing ground for new military technologies and tactics, resulting in Austria adjusting their tactics and adopting the bolt-action rifle earlier- the war ends in a sort of stalemate, after Austrian forces reclaim Silesia but the rest of Germany falls to Prussia. A few other fun points, the Mexican Empire under Maximilian survives, America becomes essentially an elective monarchy, and there is no WW1 but crisis in the Balkans turns into a pan-European war that ends in the collapse of the Ottomans. Most recently, China has just been divided into spheres of European influence and Japanese influence, after the second Russo-Japanese War.
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In such a case, we would be entitled to a Muslim Sicily in the Middle Ages, Italian Tunisia and Corsica later and a Russia isolated from the Mediterranean Sea.

IF it had stayed like the 10,500BC version then possibly but don't forget it's only like this because of the Ice Age so the likelihood of Russia [or indeed anywhere else] being the same would be low.

Certainly the Calabria/Sicily/Tunisia link looks good for a state to dominate trade in both the Western and Eastern Seas
Here's the best band from every state according to this Thrillist article:
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Texas? I thought this was bands, not pop star groups which were a vehicle for one of the members backed by producers. Not sure why they said in the article that it skewed against artists since they seemed to make a stretch of an exception here. Why not ZZ Top ? Or Selena Y Los Dinos, who was far more popular in Texas at the time than Destiny's Child.
And another thing,
How can Rae Sremmurd beat out either Elvis Presley or BB King to represent Mississippi????

Yeah, it's bands.

I have some (minimal) issues with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, and Prince & the Revolution, because I'm having difficulty separating out their solo work from their work with the band.

Plus, what about Prince & the New Power Generation?

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