Map Thread XIII

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Okay, so I've (hopefully) addressed the problem the good Ares96 had with my map, so here is the final version that isn't finished yet. And basically the premise is that this is an alternate Pakistan (not called Pakistan, because I dislike the name; probably going to be called Industan or the like) in a world where the sense of Bengali unity triumphed over religion-fueled nationalism, leading to both halves of Bengal being united in *India but leaving the western regions on their own. Also more of Punjab is given to "Industan", leading to a more diverse state (due to more Sikhs staying there/being there to begin with).

Also, while not shown on the map, I envisioned *India to not include Sikkim and Manipur ITTL, with those two along with Bhutan still being protectorates of *India to this very day.

The map still needs some fiddling, of course, so I'll post the final final version soon. All sort of feedback is of course welcome.

Industan WiP Final.png
Don't we have a Map Series thread around here someplace?
It's definitely around someplace, but I don't know where and always try to avoid spamming my map so that it's not an issue. I aim for never more than once a page even if the map thread goes inactive for a few days.
Because Russia still would've been victorious in ww2 and I'm assuming they would've acquired the same amount of land by the end of the war.

It'd be in the ballpark, but I'm hugely doubtful about those exact boundaries, which were determined largely by the drawing of random lines in the very specific OTL post-war situation. Particularly so with the Polish and Finnish borders.


But would White Russia have done the Mol-Rib Pact? I'm not so sure.

Agreed. Perhaps have the 1936 map, give Poland Danzig, and create a Prussian state comprised of OTL 1936 German territory that would be handed over to Poland and also include with the state East Prussia? Splitting Germany in two with even more land for the two combined was actually a serious idea. You could also give this East Prussia state Brandenburg and part of Berlin. To make up for the more territory, perhaps also give a Southern German Federation state comprised of the Rheinland, Baden, Wurttemberg, and Sigmaringen?
This is a work-in-progress, but I'd appreciate any comments on what I've mapped so far (Africa, Europe and the Americas are mostly finished). The current year is 1962, the main PODs are:
- World War II ends differently: the Soviet advance into Germany is a bit slower, Roosevelt doesn't die until the winter of 1946, and Bulgaria changes sides earlier.
- an earlier start of a better, more gradual and stable phase of decolonisation in Africa;
- Fascism doesn't survive in Spain and Portugal after World War II;
- communists don't win the Chinese Civil War.

However, I haven't got a whole timeline worked out, so don't expect good explanation for everything. The above is rather random and flexible, but feel free to point out what's (very) implausible.

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