Map Thread XI

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The first map is from a map game where I heavily participated and strengthened the commies!

Balkanized America

In the aftermath of the nuking of Washington DC and several other major North American cities in 1982, the nNorth American continent collapsed into several new nations, with the USA managing to surivive as a rump state, although today its only true rivals are the CAR and the Federation of California, both of which maintain large armed forces and are still unrecognized by the USA, although the latter is common. The year is now 1996, and the North American continent is in peace with the signing of the Treaty of Topeka, which finalized the borders of the continent.

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We have two map threads right now.

What is this, the War of the Cartograhpic Succession?:p
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Nice map! I like how you used the colors of the former Soviet states, and how Maine=Kaliningrad.

EDIT: Lake Superior=Aral Sea? :eek:
Yes, although it seems that Michigan is another Kaliningrad. And yes, Lake Superior is the Aral Sea of this Timeline.
The other one is an Anti-Map Thread!

From my understanding of Theoretical Threadistics*, if a Map Thread comes in contact with an Anti-Map Thread, both shall explode in a burst of energy and gamma radiation.

In any case, here's my contribution to the Map Thread XI: Mega Argentina!


*Also known as String Theory

Here is a map in which the United States collapses similarly to the Soviet Union.

I've got an old map like that lying around too, which means I've got an excuse to post on the first page of a new Map Thread! :p

It's still a work in progress, but it depicts the collapse of the USAR in my Reverse Sealion: my version, thread. So, North America on January 1st 1992.

EDIT: Wait, this is the regular Map Thread, and RS is an ASB TL... so should I remove the map then?:confused:

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