Map Thread VII

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First map! Long live the map thread!

America 1898.png
Nooo! My conclusion cut off. . .:(

And here I was only having started it because I though this day would never come.:eek:
Getting a post in early.

EDIT: What's that Ethiopian-Italian outlining along the Somali border?
I don't know if I ever posted this.

I played a Victoria Revolutions game based on it (hence Italian New Guinea).

Italia 1900.png
Near the end of the recent map thread that just got concluded/locked, I posted the "world at war with itself" map game/TL that others and I worked on in the ASB forum.

Some countries got eliminated that I wish weren't. I and another poster worked on a more 'ideal' ending (what it would have looked like if we had to do it all over again...the direction we would have tried to nudge it towards IOW).

In the canon version of the TL, only six countries survived (US, UK, Germany, Russia, India, and China).

In this 'wishful thinking' version, 10 countries survived (US, Brazil, Spain, UK, Germany, Israel, Russia, India, China, and Japan).

Ideal2 - Copy.png
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