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Society had to rebuild after the asteroid hit in 2405, and most of humanity left Earth. In 10,000 AD, societies all over the world are at pre-industrial levels. Europeans in 10,000 are different than the Europeans in 2000. In the fifth millenium, people from the Middle East and North Africa emigrated to Europe, crossing over the land bridges in Asia Minor and Gibraltar. Their genetics merged together with those of the native Europeans, over the next five thousand years, they became several different ethnic groups, allegory to those eight thousand years prior.

The most powerful nation in Western Europe is Avirsta, which controls several vassal states.
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In 1796 France had finally pushed the enemies of the Revolution out and was close to securing peace with its aggressive neighbors. It was in that year that the Continental Free Trade Area was formed.


The founding members of the Continental Free Trade Area. France is in blue and other members are in light blue.

Note: Ignore the borders outside of the area. I forgot to erase the modern borders from those areas.
The World, 1925, in a timeline where Paul Levi and Karl Liebknecht both serve longer at the front (for TL details, PM me):

One map in this series per page


One would suggest Susanoist allegiance, at least in regards to this map.

I was assuming that Britain had obtained the DEI by treaty but failed to have the men on the ground to govern them. But given Sweden and Finland, Susanoism makes more sense as an explanation.
The United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Qubec and Australasia in 2005, one year before the Pan-Asian War

United Kingdom of Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Qubec, Australia and New Zealand 2.PNG
a random sassanid-wank map, posted just to get my place on the first page(damn that time zone difference! i couldn't post the first reply because of you!)
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