Map of the Fortnight: Topic thread

As discussed here the map contests of old will be reborn as the Map of the Fortnight challenges. In this thread please post your ideas for map challenges. The evening before the challenge I will randomly select an idea from the previous batch.

Each round will last two weeks, followed by one week of public voting. No knockout rounds, nothing special, challenge after challenge.

The challenges don't have to be alternate history, they can be future history, ASB, fantasy.

I will allow discussion in this thread, since there is no reason not to, however when posting a challenge could you please do so in Bold so that it stands out when I do the collating.

The first challenge will begin at midnight GMT in one week, the 28th of July.

These rules are still flexible so if you have any queries please voice them.


Constitutional Congress fails. Whether this means the states end up going their own way, or something else takes over is up to you.

No Italian unification.

Jeffersonian vision of American states from the Atlantic to the Pacific.


90 years after Napoleon didn't install his brother on the Spanish throne, averting the Penninsular War.

Or, the Southern Ming survive.


A map of the Ottoman Empire never invading the Balkans.

A map in the year of 1900, in which the nations of Russia, Austria Hungary, Sweden, and Denmark have Colonial Possessions.
Either something about Africa. Surviving Boer states or staight line-less borders, something about Africa.

or a political/environmental map highlighting national parks, the habitats of a TL's (or alien world's) endangered species, mining operations in a mountain range, or some otherwise ecologically/geologically-related map
A Map of Europe after the election of Henry VIII as Holy Roman Emperor.

A Map of the Americas dominated by Monarchies rather then Republics.
A world where Judaism became the world's single largest religion (c.2009)

A world where Alexander the Great was never born.

A world where the American Civil War never occurs.
Wait - so when does the first challenge begin?

A map of Europe where the various ethnic groups settled differently.
I think on the 28th...

A much larger Civil war where the Confederacy was not the only one separating form the union in the year 1865.