Map of the Fortnight: Main Discussion Thread

Still about a day left in MotF 233, but only one entry submitted so far. It seemed like a few other folks had works in progress - how are those coming along?
Alright, I will go ahead and extend this round - which will also have the effect of getting things back on the usual schedule. MotF 233 is hereby extended until Monday, April 5.
This seems too generic to never have been done, but

A Softer World
A map of a region whose history was better (less violent, more prosperous, more democratic, etc) than in OTL

(this wouldn't necessary mean utopia, just better)
Restitutor Orbis
A map of a recently reunited empire/state unified by an Aurelian-like figure

Happily Ever After
A map of a region/world that either did not go through the Bronze Age Collapse or it was far less severe