Map of the Fortnight: Main Discussion Thread

Happy Holidays! As semesters are coming to an end and holiday travel begins, we will be continuing the grand tradition of the "Map of the Month". This will prevent a deadline in the middle of the holidays and hopefully give everyone with some holiday downtime the opportunity to cook up some really interesting scenarios. We will resume with MotF:269 in January. Happy mapmaking!
I have a question concerning the current MoTM. Does it have to be 2 maps, or are more allowed?
I'll say that there need to be at least two maps and those two maps by themselves need to be able to satisfy the theme. Any additional maps on top of that will still be considered as part of the submission.
Many profuse apologies, I've been working on getting back to my normal schedule after the start of the new year and neglected to close MotM10 on time. I'll post the next MotF and voting for MotM10 momentarily.
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