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Hello everyone! It is time for the new thread for the...

The Official
Map of the Fortnight
Map Contest

Alright! This is a new thread, nice and fresh. You can smell the new thread smell. I’m gonna get right on with the rules and a bit of background on myself, to make things clear for anyone new who decides to join. But, before I continue, wiki links to previous contests:

Okay so, I’m Upvoteanthology! I’ve been a member here for a year, and I’ve won four MotF contests thus far. Krall, the former owner of this here contest, has trusted me to run and manage it for the future. Hopefully I can provide the same quality that he did for the last four years on here, and you can trust me to run it kindly and smoothly. Now, the rules/guildelines:

Entries and Guidelines

Your entry for the map contest must meet the guidelines and restrictions as laid out in the opening post for the entry thread for that challenge. Whether your map meets these guidelines is judged by whoever is running the contest that round, and will generally be me.

If your initial map entry does not meet the challenge criteria or your own personal standards then you may make any changes you want to your entry prior to the deadline. As long as your entry meets the challenge criteria on the deadline it will be included in the voting.

If your entry does not meet the challenge criteria or is otherwise unsuitable then the person running the contest for that round will message you to tell you how and why it is unsuitable as soon as possible.

If you do make any changes to your entry after initially posting it, then it would be polite and helpful to message the person who's running that round (me probably) in order to let them know.

Entries must be created specifically for the contest; they may not be maps you have previously made that happen to fit the contest's guidelines. The maps must be made in the Fortnight that the contest takes place.

Entries submitted after the deadline will not be included in the voting.

Selection of Contest Criteria

All map challenge suggestions must go in this thread. Challenge suggestions should be emboldened in order to make them stand out from general chatter. Anyone is free to suggest a new map challenge idea at any time. The map challenges for each fortnight will be chosen for each round by the person running that round.

Ultimately the choice is up to the person running the round, but popular opinion will be a major factor in the selection process. This is, on a very basic level, because you'd totally hate it if we ignored your opinions, and then this whole endeavor would be over very quickly.

How the Winner is Decided

After the entry period for a round is over a poll with all the successful entries as options will be posted. The entry with the single highest number of votes after one week is declared the winning entry; the decision is entirely democratic.

Length of Contest/Voting

Any MotF challenge will permit entries from the entry thread's creation until some time during the Sunday after next (unless otherwise specified). Ideally each MotF round should start and end late on a Sunday, but I'm occasionally forgetful and lazy so I may post the entry threads later sometimes (to note, I follow EST). In any case the challenge for each round should be decided on and announced before the actual start of the round, so you will have the full two weeks to make your map.

The voting thread for each MotF lasts exactly 7 days regardless of when it was posted. This is because of the forum's rather convenient ability to automatically close a poll after a specific number of days.

The voting thread for the previous round and the entries thread for the current round should be posted at the same time, so that the voting for the previous round overlaps with the current round. This is so that there is a new challenge every fortnight, even though each challenge takes three weeks to reach a full conclusion.

What the Different Threads are for

The main thread: That's this one. This thread is to be used for making map challenge suggestions, discussing the current round (or previous rounds, if you so wish. Not future rounds, though, as that would violate the laws of space-time.), and anything else not covered by other threads. Basically: if in doubt, post in here.

The entry threads: Entry threads will have titles that consist of the round number and the name of that round's challenge, for example: "MotF 25: TO SALTED EARTH, THROUGH BURNING SKY". These threads are to be used for posting your entry for the current round and any accompanying description, nothing else. Posting anything else in these threads will get you asked to delete it.

The voting threads: Voting threads will have the exact same title as the relevant entry thread, but with " - Voting thread" attached on the end. This is the place to discuss your reasons for voting as you did, or to discuss the map entries after the entry period is over.​

Right, I think that's all the relevant information. As always if you're confused or in any doubt, please feel free to message me with your query.

Feel free to shoot out ideas for stuff in the next few posts, make comments on what rules you’d like to see modified/changed, or just generally give me compliments because why not.

So, without further ado, I hereby declare this discussion thread open for business!​
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Gone Fishin'
Map of the Fortnight is Allllliiiiiiivvee!

'tis a shame about Krall, but it's good to see it's in safe hands.
For Want of a Sail - Make a map that depicts an oceanic nation (Not controlling any of the mainland) that controls multiple islands.
How bout: Race to the other side

Make a map showing the story of an alternative Trans-Continental route (can be a railroad or a highway). The catch is, it must involve some kind of competition between 2 or more countries or companies (can involve 2 separate routes or different starting points on the same route).
And I would like to throw my first suggestion for this thread into the ring;

Might I ask you to clarify what you mean by "division of the entente"? Are you talking about something like the Treaty of Versailles in which Germany loses land, or just an alternate alliance chart? If the former, why not broaden the definition to include any time period and just be "show the division or reduction of a country after a war"?


Gone Fishin'
Might I ask you to clarify what you mean by "division of the entente"? Are you talking about something like the Treaty of Versailles in which Germany loses land, or just an alternate alliance chart? If the former, why not broaden the definition to include any time period and just be "show the division or reduction of a country after a war"?

I meant alternative divisions along the Fourteen Points and/or Versailles, applied to either side.
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I'm gonna have to try for this one, to celebrate the new ownership. Then again, I'm still bad at making maps. :V