Map of the Fortnight 281: Valedictorian


The Challenge

Make a map showing the top educational institutions in an alternate timeline.
This can include top rankings in areas such as academics, research, sports, culture, etc.

The Restrictions
There are no restrictions on when your PoD or map may be set. Fantasy, sci-fi, and future maps are allowed, but blatantly implausible (ASB) maps are not.

If you're not sure whether your idea meets the criteria of this challenge, please feel free to PM me or comment in the main thread.


The entry period for this round will end when the voting thread is posted on Monday the 18th of September.



Any discussion must take place in the main thread. If you post anything other than a map entry (or a description accompanying a map entry) in this thread then you will be asked to delete the post. If you refuse to delete the post, post something that is clearly disruptive or malicious, or post spam then you may be disqualified from entering in this round of MotF and you may be reported to the board's moderators.
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The 1920 Treaty of Whitehall was one of the most traumatic moments in American history - a near-total capitulation, brought on by blockade and invasion following the defeat of its European allies. The percieved vindictive and unfair nature of the treaty was a huge motivator in the growth of nationalistic and revanchist sentiment across the rump United States in the interwar period, touching all classes, including the intellectual elite. This pamphlet, produced by the then-obscure National Unity Party in 1922, highlighted the loss of American universities in an appeal to the educated upper class. The rise in such views led ultimately to the establishment of a military dictatorship and to early involvement in the cataclysmic Second World War...

See here and here for inspirations.

Study Medical Sciences with the Order of Malta!
In a timeline where the United Kingdom honored the treaty of Amiens (1802), the Sovereign Order of Saint John kept ownership over the little island south of Sicily, becoming a Papal protectorate after the Napoleonic Wars. It gained an important presence in the military after the Pope chose it as the place to flee from Roman Republicans in 1848. The Knights of Saint John used all that incoming influence (and funding) to expand Malta's army, allowing her to stay independent even after the Unification of Italy. The Order continued the mission of helping the wounded, focusing first in war medicine during both World Wars. That participation (and the opposition of the Axis powers) won Rhodes back from the Ottomans, and won the Italian islands south of Sicily, as well as the town of Gela. After such heavy conflicts, the Order became more neutral, helping in humanitarian crises worldwide, and increasing both its influence and its range. Nowadays, it is a medical regional power, and is dedicated to the spread of Medical education in Africa and the Middle East.

Props to Eugene Angoluk, the photographer of the Doctor image. It has been edited. I retrieved the image from Pexels. Check his work on his IG, @thirdman94.

I hate so much that this map was *also* set in Europe, but the other map about Buddhist Education was taking way too long, and starting Uni hasn't helped. I had a couple sketches on this TL's lore from summer, and in the lack of a better alternative, this is the entry. Enjoy!

2023 International Thaumologic Association's university ranking, correlated with background thaumic field and anomalies.

From a RP timeline in collaboration primarily with @Glide08, but with contributions from @FesteringSpore, @Nucleep, @Luxembourg and @Frank Hart.
The ITA was first conceived during the Napoleonic Wars as the short-lived Institut de Thaumologie Appliquée (1811-1814), dissolved to not concurence any longer the Sorbonne's thaumology programs. It would be ressurected in 1863 by an agreement between the Second French Empire, the United Kingdom, Italy and Equestria. Since then, it has rapidly expanded as nations found that having an international body to spread thaumologic discoveries and centralizing response to the not altogether uncommon magical near-apocalypses ensured greater collective safety.
The ITA serves three main purposes, connected with each other. First, it acts as a global educational instance for magical talents, providing educational materials, specialists, and so on across the world to nurture magical talents. Archmages, in this regard, are ITA-sponsored magical researchers of great talent and power, often called to handle magical threats, with the one with the most power being titled Archmage of Terra. Second, it provides basic definitions as substrate for legal regulation of magic; great strides in this regards have been done in the past three decades. And third, it provides early warning through a precognitive network, as well as reaction forces, for apocalyptic events of a magical nature, neutralizing the dangerous elements with minimal collateral damage.
Between 1920 and 1946, the ITA functioned as an organ of the League of Nations; with the demise of the League in 1946, it became one of the first two Specialized Agencies of the United Nations, alongside the International Labor Organization. It is currently Headquartered in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey, and is headed by Director-General Stoyan Filipov.

Average background thaumic fields from Afghanistan, South Sudan, Western Sahara, Somalia, and North Korea, are extrapolations from data obtained between 2018 and 2022; for lands within the Arctic and/or Antarctic circles, the extrapolation is over data from 2003 to 2022; all others are 2023 data.