Map of the Fortnight 270: The World Turn'd Upside Down

The World Turn'd Upside Down

The Challenge

Make a map showing a world where all of the major powers are located in the OTL Global South.

The Restrictions
There are no restrictions on when your PoD or map may be set. Fantasy, sci-fi, and future maps are allowed, but blatantly implausible (ASB) maps are not.

If you're not sure whether your idea meets the criteria of this challenge, please feel free to PM me or comment in the main thread.


The entry period for this round shall end when the voting thread is posted on Monday the 20th of February.



Any discussion must take place in the main thread. If you post anything other than a map entry (or a description accompanying a map entry) in this thread then you will be asked to delete the post. If you refuse to delete the post, post something that is clearly disruptive or malicious, or post spam then you may be disqualified from entering in this round of MotF and you may be reported to the board's moderators.

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For this map, I decided to go with an idea I have long harboured an interest in: What if India became the centre of the industrial revolution? Essentially, a stronger Byzantium and Tang China drive the Turks deeper into India, leading to sea exploration by southern states on the backfoot, leading to economic developments, leading to Indian colonialism, leading to China, Khosnila (South Africa), and Naviillam (Peru-Brazil) competing to make the best use out of their space elevators. More details are on the map, but I hope that by having the colonial powers be Indian [0], and the modern great powers be in Indonesia [1], South Africa [2], South America [3], and China [4] I've met the criterion for the contest. (Pydrain [5] is held back from Great Power status by financial weakness, though both it and similarly financially weak Polska frequently appear on Great Power in a Decade lists).

I know the description is short, but I wanted to get this in before the deadline. For simplicity, I referred to continents & religions, etc. by their OTL names.

[0] Nowadays, Chola, Pandya, Pallava, Bengal are all increasingly dependent on Naviilam.
[1] Doesn't like to be reminded it owes its current borders to the Chola.
[2] No, it's not Indian Draka. It's actually quite tolerant, if incredibly culturally conservative.
[3] Got involved in the break-up of the old colonial empires, and wound up with far-flung island territories increasingly expensive to hold onto. A democratic place, but a bit given to religious intolerance.
[4] Poorer than OTL. Badly hampered by the need to discourage Korean and Japanese separatism, heal from being partitioned, and fix its economy after being outright colonized. Only about 10% as angry about Taiwan as you'd expect.
[5] Welsh Britain and North America. Their refusal to do modern finances on religious grounds has hurt them financially, but it has resulted in a younger, dissatisfied generation in the Indian *First World being very interested in these Romish Monks and their teachings.

Global South.png
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