Man-Made Hell: The History of the Great War and Beyond

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I see. A couple of recommendations for you as a writer then: Firstly, please correct the error itself in the chapter. Having something that is usually considered a very rookie mistake is rather unsightly, and jarring compared to the quality of the rest of the TL. Secondly, I recommend you familiarize yourself with the major classes of ship in this era and what they are used for. The naval theater will grow increasingly important as this war goes global.
Thanks for the recommendations. I completely agree that the naval theaters will become a bigger deal later on, so this is absolutely good advice. I always appreciate constructive criticism and I’ll be sure to fix the issues ASAP.

I like the irony too, but the French desperately need to figure out something with a bigger gun. especially since Russia is fielding BT-5 equivalents with a proper cannon.
To be fair, the French are using their own LT model tanks here and there. The French will definitely start to make better tanks sooner or later though, especially when considering that Boris Souvarine is keen on making tanks a centerpiece of the Communard wartime strategy.

By the way, another question for you as a writer: How do you decide what people become the major figures in the various ATL revolutionary regimes and fascist juntas? One reason I don't write timelines myself is because I have no idea how to find people to take roles which didn't exist in OTL.
Good question! I usually first look at historical movements that fit what I’m looking for ITTL. Ludovic-Oscar Frossard and Boris Souvarine, for example, we’re both prominent members of the French Communist Party and SFIO during the early 1920s in OTL and I found out about them by digging up stuff on French socialist movements. Same thing goes for the leadership of the Heilsreich. I found out about Hugenberg by reading up on the precursor to the Nazi Party that existed in the early Weimar Republic and looking at its leadership.

@ETGalaxy you do not need to make a separate post for each person's quotes, and doing so needlessly inflates the reply count. Plus, triple-posting in general is frowned on.
I’d rather not fill up threads with multiple long posts, but I’m answering most of these on my phone and I want to try and get out responses as quickly as possible. I completely understand the frustration with multiple posts though, and I’ll take that into account moving forward. :)
You know, this timeline kinda reminds me of the video game Iron Storm, which has the Great War drag on into the 60s.
Reading up on the game’s scenario, there definitely are some similarities between it and Man-Made Hell. The similar thing that really sticks out to me is the American stock market investing in the war effort.