List of Alternate Presidents and PMs II

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ultimately I think a good point to make is that it's very likely that the three of us will get kicked for having this conversation despite the fact that it spawned from an on-topic exchange, which is a nice metaphor for how things tend to work with mods on this site.

Ethan P

2013*-2017: VP Evan Bayh of Indiana*/Former Governor Tim Kaine (Democratic)
2017-2021: Governor John Kasich of Ohio/Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia** (Republican)
def. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont/Senator Dianne Feinstein of California (Democratic), Businessman Donald Trump of New York/Ret. General Michael Flynn of Rhode Island (Conservative Republican)
2021-2025: Former President Evan Bayh of Indiana/Governor Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona*** (Democratic)
2020: def. President John Kasich of Ohio/Senate Minority Leader John Thune of South Dakota*** (Republican), Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas/Representative Steve King of Iowa (Constitution)
*2024: VP Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona/Governor Laura Kelly of Kansas (Democratic) vs Senator Todd Young of Indiana/Former Secretary Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas (Republican) vs Representative Justin Amash of Michigan/Former Governor Austin Petersen of Missouri***** (Libertarian)
*ITTL, Obama nominates Senator Evan Bayh for VP. Obama then gets assassinated at say...Inauguration Day. (The Biden Years are back--wait.)

**Bayh--by sheer dumb misfortune--loses the nomination to Senator Sanders, which leads to Kasich choosing a Democratic Senator for VP.
***Thune replaces Manchin at the RNC after Rand Paul causes a deadlocked convention.

****Elected in 2014.

*****Elected in 2016 in a chaotic three-way race between scandal-plagued Republican businessman Eric Greitens, uninspiring Democratic AG Chris Koster, and himself. Lost in 2020 to State Auditor Nicole Galloway, with committed Tea Party idiot and election-loser, Todd Akin in third place.
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2007-2012 Gordon Brown (Labour)
2010 (Labour-Liberal Democrats Coalition) def. David Cameron (Conservative), Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats)
2012-2013 David Miliband (Labour)
2013-2023 Michael Gove (Conservative)
2013 (Conservative-Liberal Democrats Coalition) def. David Miliband (Labour), Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats), Natalie Bennet (Green)
2018 (Majority) def. David Lammy (Labour), Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish National), Siân Berry (Green), Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats)
2023-2031 Alex Sobel (Labour)
2023 (Labour-Green Coalition) def. Michael Gove (Conservative), Caroline Lucas (Green), Kate Forbes (Scottish National), Jo Swinson (Liberal Democrats)
2028 (Majority)
def. Rory Stewart (Conservative), Amelia Womack (Green), Daisy Cooper (Liberal Democrats), Kate Forbes (Scottish National)
2031-2035 Lilian Greenwood (Labour)
2033 (Minority with Scottish National confidence and supply) def. Alan Mak (Conservative), Alistair Carmichael (Liberal Democrats), Shahrar Ali (Green), Kate Forbes (Scottish National)
2035-204x Alan Mak (Conservative)
2035 (Majority) def. Lilian Greenwood (Labour), John Leech (Liberal Democrats), Ellie Chowns (Green), Ross Greer (Scottish National)
Basest Timeline
Presidents of America:
1933-1941: Franklin D. Roosevelt/ Huey Long (Democrat)
1941-1944: H
uey Long/ William Dudley Pelly (Union)

Fuhrer of the Reichskommissariat Amerika:
1944-1950: William Dudley Pelly (National Socialist)
1950-1952: Joseph P. Kennedy (National Socialist)
1950-1953: J. Edgar Hoover (National Socialist)
1952-1955: Joeseph McCarthy (National Capitalist)
1953-1960: Prescott Bush (National Capitalist)
1960-1965: Jimmy Hoffa (National Socialist)
1965-1984: George Lincoln Rockwell (Ultranational Socialist)
George H.W Bush (National Capitalist)
1993-2000: David Duke (Ultranational Socialist)

Dictator of the Confederate States of America
1960-1964: Huey Long (Every Man a King)
1964-1965: Earl Long (Every Man a King)
1965-1968: Russell Long (Every Man a King)
1964-1973: Lyndon B. Johnson (Segregation Now)
1973-1977: Spiro Agnew (White Rights)
1977-1987: George Wallace (Slavery Now)
1987-2000: Storm Thurmond (Racism)

Governor-General of the Amerikahito Outer Provinces:
1960-1962: Douglas MacArthur (Imperial Rule Assistance Association)
1962-1968: L. Ron Hubbard (Imperial Rule Assistance Association)
1968-1990: Richard Nixon (Imperial Rule Assistance Association)
1990-2000: Jerry Brown (Shining Path)
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Dictator of the Confederate States of America
1964-1970: Lyndon B. Johnson (Segregation Now)
1977-1980: Spiro Agnew (White Rights)
1980-1987: George Wallace (Slavery Now)
1987-2003: Storm Thurmond (Racism)
Great. Just great. Slavery and Racism are now parties and humanity's insanity has peaked. Where's the reset button.

Have my like. This is so disgusting it became ironic.
1977-1981: Walter Mondale of Minnesota/Henry M. Jackson of Washington
1981-1989: Ronald Reagan of California/Howard Baker of Tennessee
1989-1993: Howard Baker of Tennessee/George H.W. Bush of Texas
1993-2001: Mario Cuomo of New York/Ann Richards of Texas
2001-2009: John McCain of Arizona/John Kasich of Ohio
2009-2017: Norm Rice of Washington/Tom Carper of Delaware
2017-: Mark Cuban of Texas/Mitch Daniels of Indiana
President of the United States
Benjamin Tillman (Democratic)
John Sharp Williams (Freedomite)

Ellison D. Smith (Democratic)
Thomas Marshall (Democratic)

Calvin Coolidge (Grand Republican Alliance)

Executive Premier of the Union of American Territories and States (Detroit, Michigan based 'eternally provisional' government)
1. John Sharp Williams (Conservative Pact of Justice, Truth and Vigor for America)

1.John Sharp Williams (Freedomite)
2.Charles Evan Hughes (Freedomite)
3. Theodore Roosevelt (Freedomite)
4. Franklin D. Roosevelt (Freedomite)
5.Douglas MacArthur (Freedomite)
6. Lyndon B. Johnson (Freedomite)
7. Barry Goldwater (Freedomite)

8. Richard Nixon (Cult of Tricky Dick)

9. Ronald Reagan (Freedomite)


Revolutionary Grandfathers of the Presidential Patriotic Alliance to Restore the Republic(Jackson, Mississippi rival government)
1. James McReynolds, Henry Ford and Ellison D. Smith (Patriotic Alliance)
2. Joseph Randsdall, Furnifold Simmons and Andrew Jackson Houston (Patriotic Alliance)

3. Lyndon B. Johnson, Strom Thurmond, Kim IL Sung (Patriotic Alliance)

4. Adolf Eichmann, Franz Von Papen, Joseph Stalin (Patriotic Alliance)

5. Jimmy Carter, Herman Goring, Ian Smith (Patriotic Alliance)
6. Juan Peron, Lyndon B. Johnson, Robert Mugabe (Patriotic Alliance)


1989-1997:Gary Hart/Paul Simon
1988:George Bush/Jack Kemp(Republican)
1992:Bob Dole/Lamar Alexander (Republican)

1997-2001:Ron Paul/John McCain
1996:Paul Simon/Bobby Rush (Democratic)
2001-2009:Carl Moseley Braun/Bill Bradley

2000:Ron Paul/John McCain(Republican)
2004:Fred Thompson/Mike Huckabee(Republican)

2009-2013: Jon Huntsman Jr./John Kasich
2008:Bill Clinton/Lori Lightfoot

2013-2017:Martin O'Malley/Anthony Weiner
2012:Jon Huntsman Jr./John Kasich(Republican)

2017-2021:Piyush Jindal/Gary Johnson
2016:Martin O'Malley/Anthony Weiner(Democratic)
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Former Secretary of State William G. McAdoo (D-CA)/Senator Thomas Walsh (D-MT) 1925-1933
1924 def. President Calvin Coolidge (R-MA)/Director Charles Dawes (R-OH) Senator Robert LaFollette (P-WI)/Senator Burton Wheeler (P-MT)
1928 def. Former Governor Frank Lowden (R-IL)/Senator James Watson (R-IN) Former Representative Parley Christensen (P-UT)/Writer Upton Sinclair (P-CA)

Senator George Norris (P-NE)/Governor Floyd Olson (P-MN) 1933-1936
1932 def. Senator John N. Garner (D-TX)/Governor William Murray (D-OK) Senator Charles Curtis (R-KS)/Senator Joseph France (R-MD)
President George Norris (P-NE)/Vacant 1936-1937
1936 def. Senator William Borah (R-ID)/Senator Arthur Vandenburg (R-MI) Former Governor Albert Ritchie (D-MD)/Attorney Henry S. Breckinridge (D-NY)
President George Norris (P-NE)/Senator Robert LaFollette (P-WI) 1937-1941
Senator Huey Long (P-LA)/Senator Quentin Roosevelt (P-NY) 1941-1949

1940 def. Senator Alf Landon (R-KS)/Governor William H. Vanderbilt III (R-RI) Representative William Bankhead (D-AL)/Senator Harry Bryd (D-VA)
1944 def.
Senator Styles Bridges (C-NH)/Governor Harold Stassen (C-MN) Senator Harry Truman (D-MO)/Senator Cordell Hull (D-TN)
Governor John Bricker (C-OH)/Senator Arthur Vandenberg (C-MI) 1949-1953
1948 def. Governor Earl Long (P-LA)/Glen Taylor (P-ID) Senator Alben Barkley (D-KY)/Senator Richard Russel Jr. (D-GA)
Former General George S. Patton (D-CA)/Senator Estes Kefauver (D-TN) 1953-1961
1952 def. Senator Wayne Morse (P-OR)/Senator Hubert Humphrey (P-MN) President John Bricker (C-OH)/Vice President Arthur Vandenberg (C-MI)
1956 def. Governor Earl Warren (P-CA)/Senator Adlai Stevenson II (P-IL) Senator Barry Goldwater (C-AZ)/Representative Thomas Werdel (C-CA)

Former Governor Harold Stassen (C-MN)/Entrepreneur Robert W. Welch Jr. (C-NC) 1961-1965
1960 def. Governor Philip LaFollette (P-WI)/Senator George Smathers (P-FL) Vice President Estes Kefauver (D-TN)/Senator Stuart Symington (D-MO)
Senator Hubert Humphrey (P-MN)/Senator John F. Kennedy (P-MA) 1965-1973
1964 def. President Harold Stassen (C-MN)/Vice President Robert W. Welch Jr. (C-NC) Senator Robert Bryd (D-VA)/Senator Daniel Brewster (D-MD)
1968 def. Governor Ronald Reagan (C-CA)/Representative Robert Taft Jr. (C-OH) Governor George Wallace (D-AL)/Senator Strom Thurmond (D-SC)
Senator Bill Brock (C-TN)/Senator James Buckley (C-NY) 1973-1981
1972 def. Senator Edmund Muskie (P-ME)/Mayor John Linday (P-NY) Governor George Wallace (D-AL)/Representative Wilbur Mills (D-AR)
1976 def. Senator George McGovern (P-ND)/Mo Udall (P-AZ) Senator Strom Thurmond (ND-SC)/Mills Godwin (ND-VA)
Senator Robert F. Kennedy (P-MA)/Frank Church (P-ID) 1981-
I give up... If anybody wants to finish it, go ahead
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†died in office ‡assassinated ⁰resigned

Vice President Gerald Ford (R-MI)/Governor Nelson Rockefeller (R-NY) 1974-1977
President Gerald Ford (R-MI)/Senator Howard Baker (R-TN) 1977-1981

1976 def. Former Governor Jimmy Carter (D-GA)/Senator Walter Mondale (D-MN)
Senator Walter Mondale (D-MN)/Governor John Y. Brown Jr. (D-KY) 1981-1985
1980 def. Former Governor Ronald Reagan (R-CA)/Former Deputy Attorney General Bill Ruckelshaus (R-WA) Senator Lowell Weicker (R/I-CT)/Former Senator Edward Brooke (R-MA)
President Walter Mondale (D-MN)/Mayor Henry Cisneros (D-TX) 1985-1989

1984 def. Former Governor John Connally (C-TX)/Businessman Charles Keating (C-AZ) Governor Pete du Pont (R-DE)/Former RNC Chair Bill Brock (R-TN)
Businessman Lee Iacocca (I-MI)/Businessman Donald Trump (I-NY)⁰ 1989-1991

1988 def. Former Governor John Connally (C-TX)/State Party Chair J. Daniel Mahoney (C-NY) Vice President Henry Cisneros (D-TX)/Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) Governor Rudy Giuliani (R-NY)/Senator Bob Dole (R-KS)
Former Representative Ron Paul (L-TX)/Software engineer Craig Franklin (L-NC)
President Lee Iacocca (I-MI)/Vacant 1991
President Lee Iacocca (I-MI)/
Former Vice President Howard Baker (R-TN)‡ 1991
President Lee Iacocca (I-MI)/Vacant 1991
President Lee Iacocca (I-MI)/Attorney General Warren Rudman (I-NH) 1991-1993

Businessman Mitt Romney (R-MA)/Former Governor Buck Beasley (R-KY) 1993-2001
1992 def. Reverend Billy Graham (C-NC)/Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson (C-CA) Governor Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)/Former Senator Pat Schroeder (D-CO) President Lee Iacocca (I-MI)/Vice President Warren Rudman (I-NH)
1996 def. Former Senator Pat Schroeder (D-CO)/Senator Dale Bumpers (D-AR) Reverend Billy Graham (C-NC)/Former NAACP Executive Director Benjamin Hooks (C-TN)
Senator Joe Biden (R-DE)†/Representative Ezola Foster (R-CA) 2001-2003
2000 def. Representative Mickey Leland (D-TX)/Senator Skip Humphrey (D-MN) Reverend Billy Graham (C-NC)/Former NAACP Executive Director Benjamin Hooks (C-TN)
Vice President Ezola Foster (R-CA)/Vacant 2003

President Ezola Foster (R-CA)/Former Vice President Warren Rudman (I-NH) 2003-2004
President Ezola Foster (C-CA)/Vice President Warren Rudman (I-NH) 2004-2005
Representative Mickey Leland (D-TX)/Governor Jim Marshall (D-GA) 2005-2013
2004 def. Senator Pete du Pont (R-DE)/Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) President Ezola Foster (C-CA)/Former State Representative Joe Schriner (C-OH)
2008 def. Governor Bob Krause (R-IA)/Senator Ray Rawson (R-NV)

Former Senator Bill Weld (R-MA)/Senator Bob Kasten (R-WI) 2013-
2012 def. Vice President Jim Marshall (D-GA)/Senator Bob Clement (D-TN) Representative Ron Paul (I-TX)/Author Bill Kauffman (I-NY)

2016 def. Senator Michael Madigan (D-IL)/Governor Robert Wexler (D-FL)
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33 Vicepresident Harry Truman from Missouri/ Vacant 1945-1949
34 New York Governor Thomas Edmund Dewey/ California Governor Earl Warren 1949-1953
Def 1948 President Harry Truman from Missouri/ Senate Majority Leader Alben William Barkley from Kentucky
35 Senate Majority Leader Alben William Barkley from Kentucky/ Michigan Governor Gerhard Mennen "Soapy" Williams 1953-1956
Def 1952 President Thomas Edmund Dewey from New York/ Vicepresident Earl Warren from California
36 Vicepresident Gerhard Mennen "Soapy" Williams from Michigan/ Vacant 1956-1957/ Tennessee Governor Frank Goad Clement 1957-1961
Def 1956 Senate Majority Leader William Fife Knowland from California/ Connecticut Senator Prescott Sheldon Bush
37 New York Governor Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller/ Minnesota Rappresentative Walter Henry Judd 1961-1965
Def 1960 President Gerhard Mennen "Soapy" Williams from Michigan/ Vicepresident Frank Goad Clement from Tennessee
38 Former Vicepresident Frank Goad Clement from Tennessee/ Minnesota Senator Eugene Joseph McCarthy 1965-1969

Def 1964 President Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller from New York/ Vicepresident Walter Henry Judd from Minnesota
39 Former Vicepresident Walter Henry Judd from Minnesota/ New York Mayor John Vliet Lindsay 1969-1973

Def 1968 President Frank Goad Clement from Tennessee/ Vicepresident Eugene Joseph McCarthy from Minnesota
40 Former Vicepresident Eugene Joseph McCarthy from Minnesota/ Arkansas Rappresentative Wilbur Daigh Mills 1973-1975/ Vacant 1975-1977

Def 1972 President Walter Henry Judd from Minnesota/ Vicepresident John Vliet Lindsay from New York
41 Former Vicepresident John Vliet Lindsay from New York/ Nevada Senator Paul Dominique Laxalt 1977-1981

Def 1980 President Eugene Joseph McCarthy from Minnesota/ Georgia Governor James Earl Carter
42 Senate Majority Leader Walter Frederick Mondale from Minnesota/ Texas Rappresentative Barbara Charline Jordan 1981-1989

Def 1980 President John Vliet Lindsay from New York/ Vicepresident Paul Dominique Laxalt from Nevada
Def 1984 Former Vicepresident Paul Dominique Laxalt from Nevada/ New York Rappresentative Jack French Kemp

43 New York Mayor Mario Matthew Cuomo/ Georgia Senator Samuel Augustus Nunn Jr 1989-1993
Def 1988 Kansas Senator Robert Joseph Dole/ Tennessee Governor Andrew Lamar Alexander Jr
44 New York Rappresentative Jack French Kemp/ South Carolina Governor Carroll Ashmore Campbell Jr 1993-1994

Def 1992 President Mario Matthew Cuomo from New York/ Vicepresident Samuel Augustus Nunn Jr from Georgia
45 Vicepresident Carroll Ashmore Campbell Jr from South Carolina / Vacant 1994/ Arizona Senator John Sidney McCain III 1994-2001
Def 1996 Former Vicepresident Samuel Augustus Nunn Jr from Georgia/ New York Senator Geraldine Anne "Gerry" Ferraro
46 Vicepresident John Sidney McCain III from Arizona/ Ohio Rappresentative John Richard Kasich 2001-2009
Def 2000 Missouri Senator William Warren Bradley/ Massachusetts Senator John Forbes Kerry
Def 2004 House Majority Leader Richard Andrew "Dick" Gephardt from Missouri/ Former New Hampshire Governor Cynthia Jeanne Shaheen
47 New York Senator Andrew Mark Cuomo/ Colorado Senator Kenneth Lee Salazar 2009-2017

Def 2008 Vicepresident John Richard Kasich from Ohio/ Tennesseee Senator Frederick Dalton Thompson
Def 2012 New Jersey Governor Christopher James Christie/ Oklahoma Governor Julius Caesar Watts
48 Pennsylvania Senator Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyau/ Milwaukee Mayor Davide Alexander Clark Jr 2017-2021

Def 2016 Vicepresident Kenneth Lee Salazar from Colorado/ Massachusetts Senator Martha Mary Coakley

2020 Election:
President Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyau from Pennsylvania/ Vicepresident David Alexander Clark Jr from Wiscosin
Massachusetts Senator Joseph Patrick Kennedy III/ Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto


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ultimately I think a good point to make is that it's very likely that the three of us will get kicked for having this conversation despite the fact that it spawned from an on-topic exchange, which is a nice metaphor for how things tend to work with mods on this site.
Your actions were 100% reasonable. There is a Pinned thread at the top of the Forum regarding current politics. You posted current politics. You then decided to pick a fight with a Mod (me). A second Mod decided to kick you. You then came back an post the same exact sort of post that you had already been warned not to post, so you were kicked again.

Since then, no reports have come in that indicate you are violating stated policy so you have no actions since.

That is how things work.
For fucks sake they get offended over the most trivial things. It's the equivalent of a getting offended over "Ok Boomer". If these guys get tripped up over some nonchalant responses I wonder how they function in the real world, if at all.
Ian covered this very nicely with you yesterday. No need for me to gild the lily.
1933 - 1937: Al Smith / Cordell Hull (Democratic)
defeated, 1932: Herbert Hoover / Charles Curtis (Republican)
1937 - 1941: Huey Long / William Lemke (Justice)
defeated, 1936: Al Smith / Cordell Hull (Democratic), Hamilton Fish / Frank Knox (Republican)
1941 - 1949: Huey Long / Sheridan Downey (Justice)
defeated, 1940: Robert Moses / Hatton Sumners (Democratic), Frank Knox / Warren Austin (Republican)
defeated, 1944: Charles W. Sawyer / Millard Tydings (Democratic), John Winant / W. Kingsland Macy (Republican)
1949 - 1953: James Forrestal / Kim Sigler (Republican)
defeated, 1948: George H. Earle / Willis Mahoney (Justice), Rose Long / Claude Pepper (‘Louisiana’ Justice)
1953 - 1960: Sheridan Downey / George Long (Justice)
defeated, 1952: James Forrestal / Kim Sigler (Republican)
defeated, 1956: Thomas E. Dewey / John J. Rhodes (Republican), Joe McCarthy / Thomas Werdel (Independent Justice)
1960 - 1961: Sheridan Downey / Martin Dies (Justice)
1961 - 1965: Lyndon Johnson / Frank Lausche (Justice)
defeated, 1960: Thomas E. Dewey / Henry Cabot Lodge (Republican)
1965 - 1973: Lyndon Johnson / Pat Brown (Justice)
defeated, 1964: Thomas E. Dewey / Harold Collier (Republican)
defeated, 1968: Pete McCloskey / Dan Evans (Independent - Reform in some states)
1973 - 1973: Pete McCloskey / Howard J. Samuels (Reform)
defeated, 1972: Speedy Long / Roy Elson (Justice)
1973 - 1974: John Sparkman / vacant (Justice)
1974 - 1977: John Sparkman / Curtis LeMay (Justice)
1977 - 1985: Bob Casey / Edward Hanrahan (Justice)
defeated, 1976: Tom Hayden / Paul Findley (Reform)
defeated, 1980: Tom Hayden / Bob Carr (Reform)
1985 - present: Malcolm "Mackie" Long / Charlotte Whitford (Justice)
defeated, 1984: Tom Hayden / Bob Woodward (Reform)

Mackie Long's ascension to the Presidency in 1984 astounded Washingtonologists, disturbed foreign governments and delighted millions of voters who were nostalgic for the good ol' days with the Kingfish. One of the accepted rules of American politics was that Presidents clung onto power until they were knocking at deaths door; Lyndon Johnson only retired from frontline politics after he had smoked a hole in his chest after twelve years as President (and even then he was instrumental in leading the successful impeachment and imprisonment of Pete McCloskey), John Sparkman was already an old man when he was thrust into leadership, Sheridan Downey only lived another six months after his retirement, and Huey Long himself had to be dragged out of the White House after years of hard drinking and numerous assassination attempts had left him barely functioning. Bob Casey was affable, genial, at the peak of his power, relatively young and, most importantly, healthy - all that made his announcement in 1984 that he would not be seeking re-election that more shocking. While rumors of a palace coup, internal politicking and shocking scandals spread like wildfire, those close to Casey would only say that the Big Man (as he had become popularly known) was tired of intraparty politics and after eight years of getting what he wanted to get done done, was looking forward to spending his fifties and beyond with his family back home in Pennsylvania.​
Malcolm Long (mononymously referred to as "Mackie" by most) was to most Washingtonologists little more than an amusing factoid. The son of Senator Russell Long and grandson of Huey, Mackie was in many senses the second coming of the Kingfish. While he bore little physical similarity to Huey (Mackie was tall where he was short, thin where he was fat), Mackie was boisterous, charismatic and ruthlessly ambitous; his background seemed tailor-made for a career in politics. While Mackie spent few years working out on the oil fields thanks to his good relationship with his uncle Palmer (one of America's first "energy barons"), he was part of the first wave of recruits to join up with the Army after President Johnson formally began the war in Panama, served a single tour as a DCO, before heading back stateside to work as a legislative assistant to Senator Alfred J. Jensen of North Dakota. Mackie, at the age of 26, had an impeccable resume and the most famous family name in all of America; at the age of 27, he became one of the youngest Mayors in American history after his election as the Mayor of Fargo.​
Of course, since Mackie was Mackie, he left North Dakota for the Capital at the first chance he got. Gerald Nye, the titan of North Dakota, had retired from the Senate in 1966 after it became clear that his cancer was not in remission, and his appointed replacement had left a vacancy for North Dakota's at-large seat. Herschel Lashkowitz, the previous Mayor of Fargo and a rival of Mackie's for control of power in the state, won the initial special election while Huey geared up for a run in '68 (fearing that he'd be seen as "too green" in '66). Representative Lashkowitz, believing he had the support of President Johnson, retracted state contracts awarded to APEX (Palmer Long's own oil fiefdom) and began auctioning them off to the highest bidder - Mackie went crying to daddy, who in turn used his own clout and personal friendship with the President to bring down the full wrath of the White House on North Dakota. Herschel Lashkowitz (Lashkowitz, what kind of name is that? Now Long, that's an American name!) was bombarded with smears, slurs and slander for three months straight, while every Justice politician in the entire state was let known that if they went against Mackie they would be finding themselves out of a job next election, or worse. Mackie became a political star overnight, with the growing student movement against the White House seeing in him a possible ally in Congress (admittedly, this was only because he was 30 while the rest of the Congress was mostly geriatrics) while he brought back memories of Huey's time in the Senate to the old fogies. Marvelous Mackie, slickbacked hair, hip clothes, brilliant white teeth, the most handsome man in Congress. Magnanimous Mackie, a charitable, gladhanding and genial politician who would listen to his constituents for hours on end. Mad Mackie, the fiery, raving populist from the Prairie - he was everything to everyone, and most Americans saw him as a possible President some day. But he had to wait for his turn.​
Johnson's refusal to seek another term in '72 was a shock to everybody, including himself (a devastating heart attack on Christmas Day, 1971 convinced him that he wouldn't survive another term - Johnson would die on February 19th, 1975), meant that the Party was left in a lurch. Speedy Long, the self-proclaimed "Redneck Prince" of Louisiana, stepped into the void, and since Speedy had seniority over Mackie (and Russell didn't want the job), Mackie put his ambitions on hold in the name of family unity. He would regret this decision soon enough - Speedy Long would lose a rigged election to a hippy-dippy DA and a "cosmopolitan" intellectual after it became clear that the student movement wasn't just anti-war, but pro-democracy. While the mechanisms and institutions that controlled the levers of power moved into action to correct this grievous error, the Long name was disgraced within the Justice Party. It clearly didn't hold the same power it did in the past, and Mackie found himself on the outs with his colleagues in the House.​
So if he couldn't hack it in the House, he would just join his father in the Senate. The 1974 North Dakota Senate Election was, for a time, the thing that had killed Mackie Long's political career. His first mistake was to challenge Quentin Burdick, a liberal, anti-impeachment Senator who was increasingly on the outs with Party leadership - but had the full-throated backing of the North Dakota's Farmers Union and the angry young men that elected Pete McCloskey. While Daddy Long did his best to help out his son, President Sparkman was sympathetic to Mackie's campaign (more out of dislike for Burdick than anything else) but had bigger problems to deal with (namely, a domestic insurgency across the entire West) and didn't have much of a personal relationship with Russell, and there's only so much a Senator from Louisiana can do for an election in North Dakota. Crowds followed Mackie wherever he went on the campaign trail, but instead of cheering his name, they pelted him with food and called him a fascist. Union farmworkers and sympathizers began attacking Long supporters out in the street, the states powerful Native American community refused to let Mackie speak out on the reservations, and a bomb believed to be connected to notorious terrorist (or freedom fighter, depending on who you asked) Leonard Peltier nearly killed him while he was driving along the 3. While the Justice Party was nominally pro-union, Mackie screamed to high-heaven about supposed Soviet/Indian/Chinese communist subversives in the NDFU working to get Burdick another term, which ended up further incensing the many voters who had a relationship with the NDFU, which was the biggest union in the state and the 'third rail' of North Dakota politics. The primary was landslide victory for Burdick, and Mackie, humiliated, served another term in the House before "retiring" in 1976.​
Although there were rumors that President Casey would offer him a comfy position in his Cabinet, possibly Postmaster General or Presidential Secretary, Mackie didn't return to politics and was mostly seen holding host with tired old film stars like Barbara Stanwyck and Ronald Reagan on the late-night circuits. It was an ignominious end for the once rising star of American politics; his claim to fame outside the States was mostly as the "Long family member who has a shitty talk show." That talk show, ironically, would be the thing that would save his career. Happy Hour with Mackie Long was initially a bust, a cheaply made program on the American Television Network (ATN) with a wheelhouse of unamusing party games and joke-book level humor that failed to bring in younger viewers. Mackie, who had underwent significant plastic surgery as he entered his forties to try and keep his youthful looks, went out and bombed on a nightly basis and came close to breaking his contract with ATN and leaving the program entirely. That is, until Mackie deciding to go in a different direction on the night Bob Casey announced he would not be running for reelection - mocking the "tired old ideas and the tired old men of the so-called Justice Party," he railed against the aging gerontocracy that would most likely pick one of their one to succeed the outgoing President. The media ran wild with it, headline's of "Mackie's Back!" splashed across every newspaper in the country and the morning news desperately trying to book interviews with the suddenly in-demand Long. That gerontocracy he attacked took notice, too - clearly the popular mood was against an old hand taking over and it's not like Mackie was ever a rabble-rouser until now, so why not bring him into the fold? Mackie, ever ambitious, jumped at the offer and joined back in the party he had become famous for attacking.​
So for the first time since 1949, a Long is President. The crowds at his inauguration were delirious, the domestic press was approving, and while international observers were troubled by this upjumped talk show host with a famous last name, they at least hoped that he was a man they could do business with. Mackie has openly encouraged comparisons to the Kingfish, but now that he's President he might be taking after his grandfather a bit too much - he's beefed up White House security and his personal bodyguard to extreme levels, has reportedly been losing sleep, and has begun talking about plots to bring him down, from both outside the Capital and within...​
You posted current politics. You then decided to pick a fight with a Mod (me).

Reasonable criticsm of a mod and saying the word "cool" after having my work deleted and being condescended to by a mod on an alternate history forum is not "picking a fight", and I never came back and posted "more" current politics after being warned. That wad my first ever offense, if I recall correctly, and defeneitly my first ever offense for posting current politics in a thread.

At least you had the common curtiousy to let me get my work back, but if you recall correctly, I had to pull your leg quite a bit.

If you believe it was unwarranted, whatever. Fine. I have no power to stop you. But you can't really blame me for looking over my shoulder when I and many others witness constant unreasonable and outright disrespectful mod actions on this site.
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