List of Alternate Presidents and PMs II

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    In Wonderland, just behind the Rainbow
    Well, it's time to pack the courts then. America can never truly be a land of the free until full equality is achieved, whether racial or social. Still glad the religious right got fractured by Osama's presidency here though.
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    Presidents on film: Head of State
    Bill Clinton/Al Gore (1992-1996)
    Def..George H.W Bush/Dan Quayle
    Def..Ross Perot/James Stockdale
    Bob Dole/Jack Kemp* (1996-2002)
    Def.. Bill Clinton/Al Gore
    Def..Evan Blah/Bill Bradley

    Bob Dole/Vacant (2002)
    Bob Dole/Brian Lewis (2002-2004)
    Mays Gilliam/Mitch Gilliam* (2004-2008)
    Def..Brian Lewis/Dick Cheney
    Mays Gilliam/Vacant (2008)
    Mays Gilliam/Barack Obama (2008-2012)
    Def..David Duke/Bill Arnot*
    Barack Obama/Harry Reid (2012-2016)
    Def..Mitt Romney/Chris Christie
    Rand Paul/George W Bush (2016-Present)
    Def..Barack Obama/Harry Reid

    * Vice Presidents Jack Kemp and Mitch Gilliam died of heart attacks making people believe that the position was cursed.
    Upon failure to pick up the Vacant VP spot Senator Bill Arnot switched parties in order to run for reelection, unfortunately President Mays was gaining bipartisan support in wake of his brothers death and the only people willing to run against him were the extremists and Arnot was selected as the VP candidate to draw the moderates..his political career was destroyed.
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    Kony 2012
    John McCain/Sarah Palin 2009-2011 (Died in office

    2008: Def. John Edwards/Joseph Kony
    Sarah Palin/George Pataki 2011-2013
    Joseph Kony/Martin O'Malley 2013-2021
    2012: Def. Sarah Palin/George Pataki, Ron Paul/Gary Johnson
    2016: Def. Rick Perry/Gary Herbert
    Charlie Baker/Justin Amash 2021-

    2020: Def. Martin O'Malley/Kirstin Gillibrand
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    Nixon, A Century Earlier

    No offense to Tricky Dick of course, but we all know what he's known for

    16(second term): Abraham Lincoln/Andrew Johnson(March 4 1865-March 4 1869)
    -Election of 1868: Schuyler Colfax/Hannibal Hamlin(Republican) vs George H Pendelton/Francis Preston Clair(Democrat)
    17(first term): Schuyler Colfax/Hannibal Hamlin(March 4 1869-March 4 1873)
    -Election of 1872: Schuyler Colfax/Hannibal Hamlin(Republican) vs Charles Francis Adams/Andrew Johnson(Fusion)
    17(second term): Schuyler Colfax/Hannibal Hamlin(March 4 1873-July 9 1874)
    18(first term): Hannibal Hamlin(July 9 1874-March 4 1877)
    -Election of 1876: Oliver Morton/Elihu Washburne(Republican) vs Samuel J Tilden/Thomas A Hendricks(Democrat)
    19(first term): Samuel J Tilden/Thomas A Hendricks(March 4 1877-March 4 1881)
    -Election of 1880: Samuel J Tilden/William Hayden English(Democrat) vs John Sherman/James Garfield(Republican)
    19(second term): Samuel J Tilden/William Hayden English(March 4 1881-March 4 1885)
    -Election of 1884: William Rosencrans/Thomas F Bayard(Democrat) vs James G Blaine/Walter Q Greshem(Republican)
    20(first term): James G Blaine/Walter Q Greshem(March 4 1885-March 4 1889)
    -Election of 1888: James G Blaine/Walter Q Greshem(Republican) vs Grover Cleveland/John C Black(Democrat)
    20(second term): James G Blaine/Walter Q Greshem(March 4 1889-March 4 1893)

    Abridged list
    • 16: Abraham Lincoln(1861-1869)/Hannibal Hamlin(1861-1865), Andrew Johnson(1865-1869)
    • 17: Schuyler Colfax/Hannibal Hamlin(1869-1874)
    • 18: Hannibal Hamlin(1874-1877)
    • 19: Samuel J Tilden(1877-1885)/Thomas A Hendricks(1877-1881), William H English(1881-1885)
    • 20: James G Blaine/Walter Q Greshem(1885-1893)
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    Former Confederate Republic of Virginia (FCROV)
    I assume this isn’t OTL Kony. I can’t inagine a warlord being elected President.
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    I mean it’s obviously not Kony fresh outta Uganda from leading the LRA but it is that one’s alternate counterpart who grew up in America
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    Ok this scenario is basically Howard Scott (famous technocrat) decides to run on a platform of technocracy during the great depression. FDR is not here in this timeline (lets say he gets assasinated). Scott uses the platform to advocate for the benefits of technocracy and basically advocates it being the solution to all the ails.

    1932-1934: Howard Scott (Democratic)

    1934: Dissolution of the United States and Formation of the United Socialist States of America (USSA):

    Basically, under the name of socialism, Scott suspends congress and we see a technocratic-socialist republic and the main reason he gets away with it (despite the numerous breaches to the U.S consitution) is well, the people are desperate still to see some kind of improvement to their lives and therefore support the movement. Military leaders also support the move (mostly, with those against removed and replaced rather quickly) due to the fact that those in the military will be at the head of the military (backed mainly by MacArthur). Elections are still held perse, but in a one party system (leaders for portfolios are elected on the basis of their skill and what they will do) but the leader doesn't change until he resigns. The Science Party (mainly used cause they didn't want to be seen as openly socialist or flaunt their technocracy openly).

    1934-1949: Howard Scott (Science) [1]

    [1] Technocracy works for a while. The rotation of work means that workers all have jobs and have enough to eat, whilst it isn't a glamerous lifestyle, it does see the standard of living improve dramatically and technological development over the time that was unrivaled anywhere in the world. However, it had to come to an end at some point (like all flawed systems do). In this case, it was in the post war period (the USSA helped the allies still) that due to men being sent and a stagnation in standard of living and resources running thin (as production slowed down, meaning less allocations) as the industries that had kept the technocratic movement going, stopped. Civil unrest grew even more and by 1949, Scott would be forced to resign by the rest of the cabinet and replaced by Hubert. Socially, liberalisation occured at a rather rapid rate, as civil rights was granted due to the nature of the best people for the job being a mantra for the party and country at the time as race would become rather inconsiquential to where a person would be placed (which raised issues in of itself at the time, particuarly in the south initially, but would ultimately be accepted by the end of WWII by the large majority).

    1949-1951: M.K Hubert (Science) [2] *

    [2] Hubert would try to make changes, for example, using surplus goods to try and feed the people, but it became apparent quickly that the USSA's lands would not have the resources it needed. in 1950, the USSA would engage in a war with Mexico, to try and annex it and ultimately get to the Panama canal for more resources. Obviously the rest of the world was not happy with that and would impose economic sanctions on the fledgling nation. Things would come to ahead as drought ravaged the north american continent, meaning production was lower across and rations where lower, with many blaming the ruling class for their failure to provide and the fact that they themselves having being corrupted by power. Hubert would be assassinated by a faction of the military, thus beginning the civil war.

    1951-1956: Civil War Period:

    Leaders: M.K Hubert (Government/Science); Dwight Eisenhower (Rebels/Republicans)

    A whole lot of things would come to ahead as technocrats (mainly the ruling class) and socialists (who advocated the great scientific and technological progression during the period) would fight against republicans and those in favour of overturning the current regime and implementing a fully democratic system (those who wanted a parliamentary system or the restoration of the old system included) who argued that people's standard of living was going backwards now and that workers where being oppressed whilst being an aggressor in foreign wars. The war would end when Eisenhower, leading a rebel faction of the army and people, which would eventually win by seizing congress and arresting all major Science Party leaders.

    1956: The Third American Republic is Declared (USA)

    A system closer to France is introduced, whilst a president would be elected (with multiple candidates, with a run off between two candidates), their would also be a separate legislative assembly and senate still (however the electoral college would not be restored). The Science Party would be banned and most technocrats either imprisoned or gone into exile due to being actively hunted by the military. The Science Party is banned as a political party and now considered a dangerous ideology.

    1956-1964: Dwight Eisenhower (Independent/Unity)
    1964-1972: John F. Kennedy (Liberty)
    1972-1976: Richard Nixon (Unity)
    1976-1980: George H.W Bush (Unity)
    1980-1988: Robert F. Kennedy (Liberty)
    1988-1992: Jerry Brown (Workers)
    1996-2004: Bill Clinton (Unity)
    2004-2008: Jerry Brown (Workers)
    2008-2016: John McCain (Unity)
    2016-: Barack Obama (Liberty)


    Science (Far-left): Technocracy, Techno-Socialism, Scientific Socialism


    Unity (Centre to Centre-Right): NeoLiberalism, Liberal Conservatism, Social Liberalism, Third Way
    Liberty (Centre to Centre-Left): Neoliberalism, Social Liberalism, Progressivism, Third Way
    Workers (Left-Wing to Centre-Left): Democratic Socialism, Social Democracy, Left-Wing Populism
    Patriots (Right-Wing: Social Conservatism, Economic Nationalism, Right-Wing Populism
    Greens (Centre-Left): Green Politics, Green Liberalism
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    Kennedy 39

    POD is that Bobby Kennedy is never shot, however Humphrey still wins the primary

    37(first term): Richard Nixon/Spiro Agnew(January 20 1969-January 20 1973)
    -Election of 1972: Richard Nixon/Spiro Agnew(Republican) vs Robert F Kennedy/George McGovern(Democrat)
    37(second term): Richard Nixon(January 20 1973-August 9 1974)/Spiro Agnew(January 20 1973-October 10 1973), Gerald Ford(December 6 1973-August 9 1974)
    38(first term): Gerald Ford(August 9 1974-January 20 1976)/George HW Bush(December 19 1974-January 20 1977)
    -Election of 1976: Ronald Reagan/Richard Schweiker(Republican) vs Robert F Kennedy/Jimmy Carter(Democrat)
    39(first term): Robert F Kennedy/Jimmy Carter(January 20 1977-January 20 1981)
    -Election of 1980: Robert F Kennedy/Jimmy Carter(Democrat) vs Ronald Reagan/Howard Baker(Republican)
    40(first term): Ronald Reagan/Howard Baker(January 20 1981-January 20 1985)
    -Election of 1984: Ronald Reagan/Howard Baker(Republican) vs Llyod Bentsen/Jesse Jackson(Democrat)
    40(second term): Ronald Reagan/Howard Baker(January 20 1981-January 20 1989)
    -Election of 1988: Paul Laxalt/Lamar Alexander(Republican) vs Gary Hart/Joe Biden(Democrat)
    41(first term): Gary Hart/Joe Biden(January 20 1989-January 20 1993)
    -Election of 1992: Gary Hart/Joe Biden(Democrat) vs Bob Dole/Jack Kemp(Republican)
    41(second term): Gary Hart/Joe Biden(January 20 1993-January 20 1997)

    The 1972, 1980 and 1984 elections are much closer than they were IOTL.

    Abridged list
    • 35: John F Kennedy**/Lyndon B Johnson(1961-1963)
    • 36: Lyndon B Johnson(1963-1969)/Hubert Humphrey(1965-1969)
    • 37: Richard Nixon(1969-1974)/Spiro Agnew(1969-1973), Gerald Ford(1973-1974)
    • 38: Gerald Ford/George HW Bush(1974-1977)
    • 39: Robert Kennedy/Jimmy Carter(1977-1981)
    • 40: Ronald Reagan/Howard Baker(1981-1989)
    • 41: Gary Hart/Joe Biden(1989-1997)
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    Ah yes, the Jeb! Party. I know who I am voting for!
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    What if George Herbert Walker Bush had been re-elected in 1992?

    41: George H W Bush/Dan Quayle (20th January 1989-20th January 1997)
    Presidential Elections Won:
    • 1988: Michael Dukakis/Lloyd Bentsen (D)
    • 1992: Bill Clinton/Al Gore (D), Ross Perot/James B Stockdale (I)
    42: Bill Bradley/Paul Wellstone (20th January 1997-20th January 2005)
    Presidential Elections Won:
    • 1996: Dan Quayle/Jack Kemp (R), Ross Perot/Pat Choate (Reform)
    • 2000: John McCain/James Baker (R)
    43: George W Bush/Dick Cheney (20th January 2005-January 2009)
    Presidential Elections Won:

    • 2004: Paul Wellstone/Howard Dean (D)
    44: John Kerry/John Edwards (January 20th 2009-January 2017)
    Presidential Elections Won:
    • 2008: George W Bush/Dick Cheney (R)
    • 2012: Rick Santorum/Wayne Allard (R)
    45: Elizabeth Warren/Barack Obama (20th January 2017-20th January 2021)
    Presidential Elections Won:
    • 2016: Ted Cruz/Mitch McConnell (R)
    46: Rand Paul/Tom Cotton (20th January 2021-Present)
    Presidential Elections Won:
    • 2020: Elizabeth Warren/Barack Obama (D)
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    A Third Cup Of Coffee

    26(second term): Theodore Roosevelt/Charles W Fairbanks(March 4 1905-March 4 1909)
    -Election of 1908: Theodore Roosevelt/Curtis Guild Jr(Republican) vs George Clay/John W Kern(Democrat)
    26(third term): Theodore Roosevelt/Curtis Guild Jr(March 4 1909-March 4 1913)
    -Election of 1912: Elihu Root/Alben B Cummings(Republican) vs Champ Clark/Oscar Underwood(Democrat)
    27(first term): Champ Clark/Oscar Underwood(March 4 1913-March 3 1917)
    -Election of 1916: Champ Clark/Oscar Underwood(Democrat) vs Robert La Follette/Warren G Harding(Republican)
    28(first term): Robert La Follette/Warren G Harding(March 4 1917-March 4 1921)
    -Election of 1920: Robert La Follette/Warren G Harding(Republican) vs Alexander Mitchell Palmer/John W Davis(Democrat)
    28(second term): Robert La Follette/Warren G Harding(March 4 1921-March 4 1925)
    -Election of 1924: Miles Poindexter/Herbert Hoover(Republican) vs John W Davis/George Berry(Democrat)
    29(first term): John W Davis/George Berry(March 4 1925-March 4 1929)
    -Election of 1928: John W Davis/Bennett Clark(Democrat) vs William Borah/Herman Ekern(Republican)
    29(second term): John W Davis/Bennett Clark(March 4 1929-March 4 1933)
    -Election of 1932: Albert Ritchie/Melvin Alvah Traylor(Democrat) vs Theodore Roosevelt Jr/James Wolcott Wadsworth
    30(first term): Theodore Roosevelt Jr/James Wolcott Wadsworth(March 4 1933-January 20 1937)
    -Election of 1936: Theodore Roosevelt Jr/James Wolcott Wadsworth(Republican) vs Franklin D Roosevelt/George White(Democrat)
    30(second term): Theodore Roosevelt Jr/James Wolcott Wadsworth(January 20 1937-January 20 1941)

    Abridged list
    • 26: Theodore Roosevelt(1901-1913)/Charles W Fairbanks(1905-1909), Curtis Guild Jr(1909-1913)
    • 27: Champ Clark/Oscar Underwood(1913-1917)
    • 28: Robert La Follette/Warren G Harding(1917-1925)
    • 29: John W Davis(1925-1933)/George Berry(1925-1929), Bennett Clark(1929-1933)
    • 30: Theodore Roosevelt Jr/James Wolcott Wadsworth(1933-1941)
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    The more things change...

    This is a TL that I've been playing around with. I'd love to hear what the community think potential PODs might be...
    I'm new to the forum and happy to take on any suggestions/comments

    List of post-war presidents of the U.S.A. / U.S.N.A.

    (taken from en.m.realpedia.aca under Creative Commons Contract 0)

    33. Harry S. Truman, 1884 - 1972 (Lived: 88 years)
    Presidency: April 16, 1945 - January 20, 1953
    Prior Office: 34th Vice-President of the United States
    Party: Democratic
    Elections Won: 1948
    Vice President: Office Vacant (1945 - 1949)
    Alben W. Barkley (1949 - 1953)

    34. Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1890 - 1969 (Lived: 78 years)
    Presidency: January 20, 1953 - January 20, 1961
    Prior Office: Supreme Allied Commander Europe (1949 - 1952) No prior elected office
    Party: Republican
    Elections Won: 1952, 1956
    Vice President: Richard Nixon

    35. Richard Nixon, 1913 - 1965 (Lived: 52 years)
    Presidency: January 20, 1961 - August 9, 1965
    Prior Office: 36th Vice-President of the United States
    Party: Republican
    Elections Won: 1960, 1964
    Vice President: Winthrop Rockefeller

    36. Winthrop Rockefeller, 1912 - 1973 (Lived: 60 years)
    Presidency: August 9, 1965 - January 20, 1969
    Prior Office: 37th Vice-President of the United States
    Party: Republican
    Elections Won: --
    Vice President: Office Vacant (1965 - 1966)
    Henry Cabot Lodge Jr, (1966 - 1969)

    37. Hubert H. Humphrey, 1911 - 1978 (Lived: 67 years)
    Presidency: January 20, 1969 - January 20, 1977
    Prior Office: U.S. Senator from Minnesota (1949 - 1969)
    Party: Democratic
    Elections Won: 1968, 1972
    Vice President: Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr.

    38. George Romney, 1907 - 1993 (Lived: 86 years)
    Presidency: January 20, 1977 - January 20, 1981
    Prior Office: 11th Governor of Utah (1965 - 1977)
    Party: Reform-Rublican
    Elections Won: 1976
    Vice President: John B. Anderson

    39. Eddy Brown, 1938 - (Age: 81)
    Presidency: January 20, 1981 - January 20, 1989
    Prior Office: 34th Governor of California (1975 - 1980)
    Party: Democratic
    Elections Won: 1980, 1984
    Vice President: Ed Kennedy

    40. Donald J. Trump, 1946 - (Age: 73)
    Presidency: January 20, 1989 - January 20, 1993
    Prior Office: Secretary of Housing (1981 - 1985)
    Party: Democratic Coalition
    Elections Won: 1988
    Vice President: Geraldine Anne "Gerry" Ferraro

    41. Ronald Reagan, 1911 - 2004 (Lived: 93 years)
    Presidency: January 20, 1993 - January 20, 2001
    Prior Office: 33rd & 36th Governor of California (1967 - 1975 & 1983 - 1991)
    Party: Reform
    Elections Won: 1992, 1996
    Vice President: Dan Quayle (1993 - 1997)
    John Glenn (1997 - 2001)

    42. Colin Powell, 1937 - (Age: 82)
    Presidency: January 20, 2001 - January 20, 2009
    Prior Office: U.S. Ambassador to Quebec (1993 - 1998)
    Party: Democratic Coalition / Coalición Democrática
    Elections Won: 2000, 2004
    Vice President: Dorothy “Ann” Richards (2001 - 2006)
    Sila María Calderón Serra (2006 - 2009)

    43. Mitt Romney, 1947 - (Age: 72)
    Presidency: January 20, 2009 - January 20, 2017
    Prior Office: 3rd Governor of Chihuahua (1998 - 2004)
    Party: Reform
    Elections Won: 2008, 2012
    Vice President: Vicente Fox Quesada

    44. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, 1953 - (Age: 65)
    Presidency: January 20, 2017 - Incumbent
    Prior Office: Director of the Southern Regeneration Taskforce
    Party: Coalición Democrática / Democratic Coalition
    Elections Won: 2016
    Vice President: Condoleezza Rice
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    Why would Nixon pick Winthrop Rockefeller as his running mate in 1960?
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    I wouldn't put it beneath Nixon to do that just to spite Nelson. ;)
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    OTL Presidents, but sorted according to their age

    1973 - 1981: Ronald Reagan (b. 1911)
    1981 - 1982: Richard Nixon (b. 1913, Jan.)*
    1982 - 1985: Gerald Ford (b. 1913, July)

    1985 - 1993: John F. Kennedy (b. 1917)
    1993 - 1997: George H.W. Bush (b. 1924, June)
    1997 - 2005: Jimmy Carter (b. 1924, Oct.)
    2005 - 2009: Donald Trump (b. 1946, June)
    2009 - 2013: George W. Bush (b. 1946, July)
    2013 - 2018: Bill Clinton (b. 1946, Aug.)**
    2018 - : Barack Obama (b. 1961)

    *resigned when his criminal activities were exposed
    **resigned because of sexual misconduct allegations

    My question: What happened from 1960 to 1973?
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    1961 - 1963: Paul H. Douglas (b. 1892)
    1963 - 1973: Albert Gore (b. 1907)

    Eh? Eh?
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    Well your going to have to get rid of Reagan's dementia
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  19. JupiterBoopiter Well-Known Member

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    A list entirely for the fun of it.

    List of Presidents of the United States, 1961 - 2037

    35. Richard M. Nixon, R - California, January 20th, 1961 - November 22nd, 1963
    def: 1960: Sen. John F. Kennedy, D - Mass. / Senate Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson, D - Tex.
    36. Neil McElroy, R - Ohio, November 22nd, 1963 - January 20th, 1969
    def. 1964: Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey, D - Minn. / Sen. George Smathers, D - Fla., Gov. Orval Faubus, AIP - Ark./ Gov. George Wallace, American Independent-Ala.

    37. Lyndon B. Johnson, D - Texas, January 20th, 1969 - January 20th, 1973
    def. 1968: Gov. Paul Bagwell, R - Mich.. / Gov. James "Jim" Rhodes, R - Ohio., Gov. George Wallace, AIP - Ala. / Fmr. Agriculture Secy. Ezra T. Benson, AIP - Utah
    38. Charles Percy, R - Illinois., January 20th, 1973 - January 20th, 1981
    def. 1972: Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson, D - Tex. / VP James "Jimmy" Carter, D - Geor.
    def. 1976: Gov. Robert F. "Bobby" Kennedy, D - N. York / Sen. Henry "Scoop" Jackson, D - Wash.
    39. F. Grant Sawyer, D - Nevada, January 20th, 1981 - January 20th, 1985
    def. 1980: VP James "Jimmy" Stewart, R - Calif. / Sen. William Ruckelshaus, R - Ind.
    40. Jack Kemp, R - New York., January 20th, 1985 - January 20th, 1993
    def. 1984: Pres. F. Grant Sawyer, D - Nev. / VP Birch E. Bayh, D - Ind.
    def. 1988: Gov. William "Bill" Clinton, D - Ark. / Mayor Elizabeth Holtzman, D - N. York
    41. Guy Vander Jagt, R - Michigan, January 20th, 1993 - January 20th, 2001
    def. 1992: Fmr. Gov. Gerald "Jerry" Brown, D - Calif. / Gov. Maurice Ferré, D - Fla.
    def. 1996: Fmr. Gov. Mario Cuomo, D - N. York / Sen. Robert "Bob" Graham, D - Fla.
    42. James "Jim" Hunt, D - North Carolina, January 20th, 2001 - January 20th, 2009
    def. 2000: VP Kay Bailey Hutchinson, R - Tex. / Fmr. Commander of SACEUR Collin Powell, R - New York
    def. 2004: Gov. William "Bill" Owens, R - Colo. / Sen. John Warner, R - Vir.
    43. Luis Fortuño, R - Puerto Rico, January 20th, 2009 - January 20th, 2013
    def. 2008: Sen. Hillary Rodham, D - Illinois / Gov. Joseph "Joe" Manchin, D - W. Virginia
    44. B. Evans Bayh, III, D - Indiana. January 20th, 2013 - January 20th, 2017
    def. 2012: Pres. Luis Fortuño, R - P. Rico / VP Willard "Mitt" Romney, R - Utah
    45. Robert "Rob" Portman, R - Ohio., January 20th, 2017 - January 20th, 2025
    def. 2016: Pres. B. Evans Bayh, III, D - Ind. / VP Anthony Foxx, D - N. Carolina
    def. 2020: Gov. Julián Castro, D - Tex. / Sen. Margaret "Maggie" Hassan, D - New Hampshire
    46. Joshua "Josh" Hawley, R - Missouri, January 20th, 2025 - January 20th, 2029
    def. 2024: Gov. Jason Kander, D - Miss. / Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, D - Missouri
    47. Jason Kander, D - Missouri, January 20th, 2029 - January 20th, 2037
    def. 2028: Pres. Joshua "Josh" Hawley, R - Miss. / VP Nikki Haley, R - S. Carolina
    def. 2032: Gov. Daniel "Dan" Crenshaw, R - Tex. / Sen. Erin Stewart, R - Conn.
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    Meta reason: I was having a play with some AH cliches and Nelson Rockefeller is one of those names who keeps popping up, so I thought why not his brother instead?
    In Universe Reason: As suggested above, Nelson says no, so Tricky Dick offers it to his brother to play (family) politics - you will notice Winthrop does not win election in his own right.