List of Alternate Presidents and PMs II

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    1945-1949: Henry L. Stimson / Harold Stassen (Republican)
    1944: Henry L. Stimson / Harold Stassen (Republican) versus Cordell Hull/ William O. Douglas (Democrat)
    1949-1953: Harold Ickes / Harry S. Truman (Democrat)
    1948: Henry L. Stimson / Harold Stassen (Republican) versus Strom Thurmond / James S. Byrnes (States Rights Democrat)
    1953-1957: Ted Walker / Mark Wayne Clark (Military Coupon)
    1952: Military Coupon (Republican and Democrat endorsed)
    1957-1959: Dwight David Eisenhower / George Marshall† (Military/Independent)
    1956: Military Coupon (Republican and Democrat endorsed)
    1959-1961: Dwight David Eisenhower / VACANT (Military)
    1961-1965: Dwight David Eisenhower / James Roosevelt (Military Coupon/Democrat)

    1960: Dwight David Eisenhower / James Roosevelt (Military Coupon/Democrat) versus Glen H. Taylor / Nelson Rockefeller (Independent Democrat / Independent Republican)
    1965-1967: Dwight David Eisenhower/ Thomas S. Gates Jr. (Military Coupon/Republican)
    1964: Dwight David Eisenhower / Thomas S. Gates Jr. (Military Coupon/Republican) versus Nelson Rockefeller / John F. Kennedy (Independent Republican / Independent Democrat)
    1967-1969: Thomas S. Gates Jr. / VACANT (Republican)
    1969-1970: Thomas S. Gates Jr./ William Knowland (Republican)
    1968: Thomas S. Gates Jr. / William Knowland (Republican) versus Hubert H. Humphrey / Thomas Eagleton (Democrat) versus Mike Gravel / George McGovern (Anti-War)
    1970-1971: William Knowland¬/ VACANT (Republican)
    1971-1973: Al Haig / VACANT (Military)

    1973-1981: Al Haig / William Westmoreland(Military)

    1972: Robert F. Kennedy / Ed Muskie (Democrat)
    1976: No national opponents
    1980: Presidential Approval Referendum YES 53% NO 47%

    1981-1982: Al Haig †/ VACANT (Military)
    1982-1982: Thomas Eagleton¬/ VACANT (Democrat)
    1982-1984: George H.W. Bush
    !/ VACANT (Republican)
    1984-1985: Larry MacDonald / VACANT (Blue Dog)

    1985-1989: Dan Quayle / Ralph Nader (Christian Democracy/Green)

    1984: Pat Buchanan†/ Dan Quayle (Christian Democracy) versus Al Gore Jr. / Ralph Nader (Green) versus Jack Kemp / Bob Dornan (Conservative) versus Larry MacDonald / Strom Thurmond (Blue Dog) versus Bob Dole / Phil Crane (Republican)
    1989-1991: Dan Quayle / Ralph Nader(National Unity)
    1988: Suspended due to national emergency
    1991-1991: Dan Quayle! / VACANT (National Unity)
    1991-1993: Ross Perot / VACANT (Independent)
    1993-1996: Ross Perot / Michael Dukakis* (National Nonpartisan League)

    1992: Ross Perot / Michael Dukakis (National Nonpartisan League) versus Harold Stassen / various (Reform) versus Donald Trump / Bob Dornan (Eagle Party)
    1996-1997: Ross Perot / VACANT (National Nonpartisan League)
    1997 -2001: Harold Stassen / Micky Leland (Reform)

    1996: Donald Trump*/ Alan Keyes* (Eagle Party) versus Ross Perot / Michael Dukakis* (National Nonpartisan League)
    2001-2005: Dick Cheney / Jerry Falwell Jr. (Eagle Party/Christian Democracy)
    2000: Dick Cheney / Oliver North (Eagle Party) versus Harold Stassen / Micky Leland (Reform) versus Billy Graham / Jerry Falwell Jr (Christian Democracy)
    2005-2009: Dick Cheney / Jerry Falwell Jr. (Party for the Union)
    2004: Dick Cheney / Jerry Falwell Jr. (Party for the Union) versus Ross Perrot / Joe Biden (independent)
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    Write Up?
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    Clackamas, Cascade Republic
    Director of New Netherland
    1624-1625: Cornelius Jacobsen May (Ind)
    1625-1626: Willem Verhulst (Ind)
    1626-1631: Peter Minuit (Ind)
    1631-1633: Sebastiaen Jansen Krol (Ind)
    1633-1638: Wouter van Twiller (Ind)
    1638-1647: Willem Kieft (Ind)

    Director-General of New Netherland:
    1647-1664: Peter Stuyvesant (Ind)
    1664-1673: British Rule (Occupation)
    1673-1679: Anthony Colve (Ind)
    1679-1692: Nicholas van Rosenvelt (Ind)
    1692-1721: Pieter Schuyler (Ind)
    1721-1740: Robert Livingston (Ind)
    1740-1748: William Beekman (Ind)
    1748-1759: Timothy Bush (Ind)
    1759-1776: Abraham Van Buren I (Ind)
    1776-1792: James Cochran (Ind)
    1792-1804: Philip Schuyler (Ind)
    1804-1832: Nicholas van Rosenvelt (Ind)
    1832-1838: Maarten Van Buren (Ind)
    1838-1844: Obadiah Newcomb Bush (Ind)
    1844-1850: Abraham Van Buren II (Ind)
    1850: New Netherland becomes Independent
    1850-1856: Alexander Hamilton Jr. (Liberal)
    1856-1862: Cornelius Van Schaack Rosenvelt (L)
    1862-1868: James Smith Bush (Conservative)
    1868-1874: Courtland Philip Livingston Butler (C)
    1874-1880: Martin Van Buren II (Christelijke Liberale Partij)
    1880-1886: Theodoor "Theo" van Rosenvelt (Progressieve Conservatieve Partij)
    1886-1892: Schuyler Hamilton (CLP)
    1892-1898: George Theodore Werts (Vrije Democratische Partij)
    1898-1904: Theodore Earl Butler (PCP)
    1904-1910: Allan McLane Hamilton (PCP)
    1910-1916: Kermit van Rosenvelt (VDP)
    1916-1920: William Pierson Hamilton (CLP)
    1920-1926: Tadd van Rosenvelt (VDP)
    A. Harry Moore (PCP)
    1932-1938: Sam DeWitt (Socialistische Arbeiderspartij)
    1938-1944: Frans Delano van Rosenvelt (PCP)
    1944-1950: Prescott Sheldon Bush (CLP)
    1950-1956: Elias Ben Jozua Sanders (VDP)
    1956-1962: Charles Solomon (SA)
    1962-1968: William F. Buckley Jr. (CLP)
    1968-1974: William Carney (CLP)
    1974-1980: Samuel Orr (SA)
    1980-1986: Lourens Sanders (SA/VDP)
    1986-1992: Theodoor Roosevelt IV (PCP)
    1992-1998: George H. W. Bush (CLP)
    1998-2004: George Pataki (CLP)
    2004-2010: Ben Sanders (SA)
    2010-2016: John Ellis Bush (CLP)
    2016-present: Kermit van Rosenvelt IV (PCP)
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    A Dark Psychic Force: Supernatural Forces and the Downfall of America
    Marianne Williamson/John Hickenlooper 2021-2025

    2020: Def. Donald Trump/Mike Pence, Justin Amash/Larry Sharpe
    Augustus Sol Invictus/Josh Hawley 2025
    2024: Def. Marianne Williamson/John Hickenlooper
    Marianne Williamson/Bill Weld 2025-
    2028: Ran unopposed
    The election of Marianne Williamson was a major shock to America, even moreso than the victory of Trump had been. Williamson was carried to victory via lofty rhetoric and promises of a grand progressive vision. Unfortunately, Williamson's optimism ran aground amidst the toxicity of American politics. Her ambitions were blocked by Republicans in Congress and her personal popularity dipped as leaks from the White House shed light on some of her more eccentric habits-performing occult rituals in the White House and speaking to aides of prophecies and dark forces. The sort of thing that, in those days, would get one labeled a madwoman.

    And then in 2024 the Republicans nominated Augustus Sol Invictus for the presidency. This was a shock, as simultaneously Invictus was an extremist (as in a full-on Holocaust denier), a political novice (having only served half a term in Congress) and religiously very strange (a heretical Thelemite, insomuch as Thelma has notions of heresy). Despite these factors, Invictus managed to take the Republican nomination from a large, but surprisingly quickly cleared, field of candidates. He was down by double-digit polling numbers going into election day, but halfway through the night, he almost miraculously won just the right number of states to win the electoral college. Hopes that he would moderate in office proved to be misplaced as he ended up making Richard Spencer his Chief of Staff, gave a pardon to Dylann Roof and otherwise illustrated clear white nationalism. It got to the point that even fellow Republicans began to call for his impeachment.

    But that ended up not being what happened. What nobody in Washington had anticipated or prepared for was the fact that all of the occultist ritualism of Invictus was not mere strange religious belief, but the president was in fact actively communicating with dark occult forces-demons, Great Old Ones, embodiments of chaos, things of that nature. These forces longed to come to the mortal plane and make it theirs. Few realized the threat these forces posed-Invictus' closest allies were aware of this, as were Williamson's. From beyond the White House, Williamson sought to prevent Invictus from acquiring materials needed to conduct a ritual to summon Hell to Earth itself. However, these efforts failed and Invictus, on the summer solstice, carried out a ritual to open a gateway to the planes beyond our own. This unleashed the forces of Hell upon America.

    However, Hell did not subsume the Earth as intended by the likes of Lucifer, Nyarlathotep and Slaanesh. Instead, a counterritual by Williamson interrupted the flow of demonic forces, enabling her to form an emergency government in the West Coast and New England. The armies of Heaven had also been aware of Invictus' plans and had formed a bulwark against him in much of the Bible Belt. Voodoo priests in Lousiana facilitated that state's secession and rise up against the new regime. Various factions aware of the existence of the supernatural and prepared to combat it via technological means also rose up across America.
    Human Regents of Hell on Earth

    Augustus Sol Invictus/Dylann Roof 2025-
    As a reward for his opening the gateway, Invictus' 'friends on the other side' appointed him the Human Regent of the lands their armies seized. In this role, Invictus' job was to mediate disputes between infernal armies and provide a human face to convince humanity to surrender to Hell. Invictus has largely failed in this goal, for the fairly obvious reason that no humans actually like living under demonic rule. Invictus has only been able to attract support from far-right white nationalist groups who hate minorities so much they would sooner align with infernal forces than accept equality. Thanks to the presence of demonic forces, Invictus nevertheless controls the largest swath of land in the country, with his regime stretching from upstate New York to northern Virginia and from New Jersey to Wyoming. Invictus remains loyal to his demonic backers, but has taken to playing them off against each other to maintain a stronger grip on his territory.
    Presidents of the Christian States of America
    Brian Kemp/Tim Scott 2025-2027
    Ron DeSantis/Dan Crenshaw 2027-

    2027: Def. Brian Kemp/Tim Scott
    The genesis of the Christian States of America came in April of 2025, when the Archangel Michael appeared to several governors of southern states simultaneously and warned them of Invictus' true nature. Initial debate over what to do about it was stopped by Michael's assertion the actual opening of the gateway by Invictus was a crucial part of God's plan to bring about the Last Judgement. At Heaven's urging, the various state leaders began accumulating weaponry and setting up wards against demons across their states. Thus, when Hell on Earth opened up, most of the South and Great Plains were spared. Several angelic armies would descend from Heaven to combat the forces of Hell alongside the Christian States' armed forces. However, the Christian States faces many obstacles. Heaven's interest in defeating Invictus increasingly is being perceived as akin to the US's interest in defeating North Vietnam-its importance is more broadly strategic than actual commitment. Additionally, the forces of Heaven initially insisted upon rigid rules for the Christian States, including strict Biblically-sanctioned morality codes and a refusal to align with heretics and heathens. However, such a view in increasingly seen as unrealistic and DeSantis won openly promising to work on a potential popular front against Invictus, to Heaven's chagrin. This has not materialized yet however, owing to the difficulty in reaching terms acceptable to other factions.
    Cooperative Directors of the Affiliation of Free Commonwealths

    Ron Paul/Justin Amash 2026-2029
    Adam Kokesh/Karen Kwiatkowski 2029-

    2028: Def. Justin Amash/Raul Labrador, Mark Sanford/Doug Ducey, Jared Polis/Maggie Hassan
    Ron Paul had died in 2022 of natural causes, so it was a rather huge shock that the Congressman began showing up at the homes of various allies of his and the wider libertarian movement in late 2024. Paul (looking exactly as he had back in the late 1970's) was accompanied by a man named John Titor and warned of a coming impending apocalypse, but also promising that if handled in the right circumstances it would pave the way for the restoration of American liberty. With only minor coordination, libertarian groups formed into militia structures across America and when Invictus unleashed hell, men under the Gadsen flag were ready with weaponry at least 50 years ahead of anything modern armies had wielded. It took a full year before Paul formed a semi-united governmental structure in Helena, Montana and even then the resulting government was confederal and weak. Even now, amidst the ongoing struggle, the current Voluntaryist Adam Kokesh won pledging to ultimately shut down the Affiliation's government, only winning due to possessing military experience. Their technology edge has enabled the Affiliation to take over Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Alaska, and parts of Arizona, New Mexico and New Hampshire, but disputes within the Affiliation over ideological principles (such as immigration, abortion and whether to align with statists against the forces of Hell) continue to weaken it.
    Executive Governors of the United American Technocracy

    Andrew Yang/Elon Musk 2025-2028 (Killed in office)
    Elon Musk/Tulsi Gabbard 2028-

    Yang had been among the allies of Williamson seeking to avoid Invictus causing Hell to be unleashed on Earth. However, over the course of his efforts to assist, Yang became disgusted by the very existence of supernatural forces and believed that they would need to be eliminated to prevent something like this from ever occurring again. Thus, even as he sought to help avert Armageddon, Yang plotted with several other Williamson allies, along with personal supporters, for an alternative plan. Yang had been tasked by Williamson with securing control of New York against Invictus. However, Yang, after seizing as much of the state as he could with a force of robots, declared the formation of the United American Technocracy instead of support for Williamson. US loyalists were forced out of the state and Yang additionally gained control of Hawaii thanks to the support of Hawaii Governor Tulsi Gabbard. Silicon Valley also became a UAT hub of support and intermittent fighting in the region bogged down California's National Guard for years. UAT-supporting guerillas also took control of large swaths of the Midwest, though these pockets of rebels ultimately fell to the legions of Hell by 2028. Yang himself would ultimately be killed during an aerial battle between the UAT's drones, the United States Air Force and several aerial-based demons, leaving Elon Musk in charge of the UAT. While Yang, in the later portion of his rule, had begun reevaluating his agenda and sought to negotiate with Williamson for reunion, Musk has returned to a hostile position to almost all factions in North America, even as the forces of Hell on the frontier of the UAT increasingly grow in strength.
    Presidents of the Louisianan Republic

    Mary Landrieu/John Bel Edwards 2025-
    Louisiana Governor Mary Landrieu rejected the apocalyptic occultism of Invictus, but also the near-theocratic leanings of most southern states. Instead, Landrieu would lead Louisiana into secession. Why she chose secession over support for Williamson can be attributed to a simple fact: the influence of voodoo practitioners. Few Americans realized quite a few Louisianan political figures were allied with various voodoo priests and sorcerors operating in the state and by this time often owed them a number of favors. As certain voodoo arts were considered black magic by Williamson, she was despised by these figures. Meanwhile, the voodoo practitioners had no desire to unleash the apocalypse and nor were they loyal to the Abrahamic God. Thus, secession was pushed by these figures, whom also helped defend the state against all comers with armies of the resurrected dead. Zombies roaming in Louisiana is not as bad for the living as one might expect, as they are docile towards all they are not directed to attack. Still, most residents are uncomfortable with the new status quo.
    Presidents of the Republic of Deseret
    Mitt Romney/Mia Love 2025-

    2026: Def. Mike Lee/Jason Chaffetz
    Mormonism is considered a false doctrine by the Christian States, so Utah had to secede. They don't really do much beyond occasionally shoot at the Legions of Hell as they approach and fight skirmishes with the Affiliation of Free States and United States.
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    This might as well happen. Joking aside I really like this scenario.
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    In Wonderland, just behind the Rainbow
    PLEASE make a ASB timeline of this someday.
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    The Progressive Reforms
    1921-1924: Robert S. La Follette / Calvin Coolidge (Republican)
    1924-1925: John J. Pershing (Military Junta)
    1925: Leonard Wood (Military Junta)

    1925: Herbert Hoover / Vacant (Republican)

    Constitutional Reform
    1925: Robert S. La Follette / Calvin Coolidge (Republican)
    -----Constitution Amended
    1925: Calvin Coolidge / Vacant (Republican)

    The MacArthur Regime

    1925-1927: Thomas R. Marshall (Democrat) / Douglas MacArthur (Independent)
    1927: Douglas MacArthur / Vacant (Independent)
    1927-1931: Douglas MacArthur (Independent) / Alvan T. Fuller (Republican)
    1931: Alvan T. Fuller / Vacant (Republican)
    1931: John Nance Garner / Vacant (Democrat)
    1931: Cordell Hull / Vacant
    1931-1932: John Nance Garner / Al Smith (Democrat)

    Socialist Republic of America

    1932: Smedley Butler (Socialist Junta)
    1932: Norman Thomas / Upton Sinclair (Socialist)
    1932: Jonathan M. Wainwright (Military Junta)
    1932: Charles Evans Hughes / Vacant (Republican)

    Presidential Republic (I)
    1932-1938: Robert M. La Follette / Alf Landon (Republican)
    1938-1941: Floyd B. Olson / Millard E. Tydings (Democrat)
    1941-1942: Millard E. Tydings / Vacant (Democrat)
    1942-1946: Paul V. McNutt / Alben W. Barkley (Democrat)

    Year of the Five Presidents

    1946: Alben W. Barkley / Vacant (Democrat)
    1946: James F. Byrnes / Vacant (Democrat)
    1946: Alben W. Barkley / Vacant, then Harry S. Truman (Democrat)
    1946: Harry S. Truman / Vacant (Democrat)

    Presidential Republic (II)

    1946-1952: Richard Russell Jr. / W. Averell Harriman (Democrat)
    1952-1958: Douglas MacArthur (Independent) / Wayne Morse (Farmer-Labor)

    1958-1964: Philip La Follette / Everett Dirksen (Republican)
    1964-1970: Pat Brown / Scoop Jackson (Liberal)
    1970-1973: George S. McGovern / Mike Gravel (Social Democratic)

    The Military Regime
    1973-1981: Alexander M. Haig (Military Junta)
    -------------: Constitution Amended
    1981-1990: Alexander M. Haig / Jeremiah Denton (Military Dictatorship)

    A Return to Democracy
    1990-1994: Lloyd Bentsen / Jerry Brown (Liberal)

    1994-2000: Jerry Brown (Liberal) / Howard Dean (Social Democratic)
    2000-2006: Howard Dean (Social Democratic) / Blanche Lincoln (Liberal)
    2006-2010: Kathleen Sebelius (Social Democratic) / Joseph "Joe" Biden (Liberal)
    2010-2014: Mitt Romney / Jim Gilmore (American Renewal)
    2014-2015: Kathleen Sebelius (Social Democratic) / Rahm Emanuel (Liberal)
    2015-2015: Kathleen Sebelius (Social Democratic) /Vacant
    2015-2018: Kathleen Sebelius (Social Democratic) / John Hickenlooper (Liberal)
    2018-Present: Mitt Romney / Bob Corker (American Renewal)
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    Oregonian Montana
    “Establishmentpunk” or the rise of the commonwealth party

    Lyndon B. Johnson/Hubert Humphrey (Democratic) 1965-1973

    1964 Def. Barry Goldwater/William E. Miller (Republican)
    1968 Def. Ronald Reagan/Chuck Percy (Republican) George Wallace/Curtis LeMay (American Independent)
    Richard Nixon/Claude Kirk (Republican) 1973-1981
    1972 Def. Hubert Humphrey/Cyrus Vance (Democratic) Eugene McCarthy/Phil Hoff (Progressive)
    1976 Def. Henry M. Jackson/Jerome Fitzgerald (Democratic)
    Claude Kirk/John Connally (Republican) 1981-1989
    1980 Def. Albert Brewer/Hugh Carey (Democratic)
    1984 Def. Scott Matheson/Carl Sanders (Democratic) Gar Alperovitz/Ron Dellums (Commonwealth)
    Gar Alperovitz/Lloyd Omdahl (Commonwealth) 1989-????

    Def. Charles Thone/Jim Bunning (Republican) Al Gore/Thomas Loftus (Democratic)
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    I’ve been strongly considering it!
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    Osama bin Laden for President:

    POD: ObL is born in America after his rich family move there to some financial project, grows as an American citizen, flag pledge and apple pie, becomes a successful businessman and then enter in politics.

    43 Albert Arnold Gore Jr (D-Tennessee)/ Joseph Isidore Lieberman (D-Massachusetts) 2001-2005
    Def George Bush (R-Texas)/ Dick Cheney (R-Wyoming)
    44 John Ellis Bush (R-Florida)/ George Felix Allen (R-Virginia) 2005-2009
    Def Al Gore (D-Tennessee)/ Joe Lieberman (D-Massachusetts)
    45 Osama "Lionel" bin Laden (D-Michigan)/ Mark Robert Warner (D-Virginia) 2009-2017
    Def 2008 Jeb Bush (R-Florida)/ George Allen (R-Virginia)
    Def 2012 Michael Huckabee (R-Arkansas)/ Michelle Bachmann (R-Minnesota)

    46 Mark Robert Warner (D-Virginia)/ Alan Stuart "Al" Franken (D-Minnesota) 2017-2021
    Def Ted Cruz (R-Texas)/ Carly Fiorina (R-California)
    47 Nikki Haley (R-South Carolina)/ Robert Portman (R-Ohio) 2021-...
    Def Mark Warner (D-Virginia)/ Al Franken (D-Minnesota)
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    Well that’s unique. What was his presidency like?
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    Read My Lips, No New Democrats:

    41. George Bush / Dan Quayle (Republican): 1989-1993
    Def. 1988: Gary Hart / Al Gore (Democratic)

    42. Tom Harkin / Bob Graham (Democratic): 1993-2001
    Def. 1992: George Bush / Dan Quayle (Republican), Ross Perot / James Stockdale (Independent)
    Def. 1996: Newt Gingrich / Steve Forbes (Republican)

    43. Bob Graham / Russ Feingold (Democratic): 2001-2005
    Def. 2000: Jeb Bush / John Kasich (Republican)*
    44. George Pataki / Tom Ridge (Republican): 2005-2013
    Def. 2004: Bob Graham / Russ Feingold (Democratic)
    Def. 2008: Russ Feingold / Bill Rirchardson (Democratic)

    45. Sherrod Brown / Xavier Becerra (Democratic): 2013-2021
    Def, 2012: Tom Ridge / Bobby Jindal (Republican)
    Def. 2016: Mitt Romney / Marco Rubio (Republican)

    46. Jon Huntsman / Rob Portman (Republican): 2021-Incumbent
    Def. 2020: Elizabeth Warren / John Hickenlooper (Democratic)

    *= Won National Popular Vote
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    Milwaukee, Confederation of American Communes
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    Cheney would be having a heart attack if he saw this timeline. You know, if he didn't have a pacemaker

    So Is Wilson Dying Good Or Bad?

    Credit to 1940 La Salle for giving me the idea here:

    I shall expand on your work

    28(second term): Woodrow Wilson*/Thomas R Marshall(March 4 1917-October 2 1919)
    29(first term): Thomas R Marshall(October 2 1919-March 4 1921)[1]
    -Election of 1920: William Gibbs McAdoo/Sam V Stewart(Democrat) vs Philander Knox/Edwin P Morrow(Republican)
    30(first term): William Gibbs McAdoo/Sam V Stewart(March 4 1921-March 4 1925)[2]
    -Election of 1924: William Gibbs McAdoo/Sam V Stewart(Democrat) vs Charles G Dawes/William Borah(Republican) vs Frank T Jones/Verne L Reynolds(Socialist Labor)
    31(first term): Charles G Dawes/William Borah(March 4 1925-March 4 1929)
    -Election of 1928: Charles G Dawes/William Borah(Republican) vs Al Smith/Alben W Barkley(Democrat)
    31(second term): Charles G Dawes/William Borah(March 4 1929-March 4 1932)

    [1]The amicable Marshall helps recover people's faith in the Dems, and he works for America's involvement in the League of Nations. However he is not nominated, and is a forgotten(though above-average) president. He is more remembered for the after-effects of his presidency, that being the Great Depression being a more minor issue, and a call to American involvement
    [2]McAdoo's reputation was forever stained by the KKK's support. Benefiting from the weak Knox, McAdoo would see their influence grow and rumors of scandal. His own skills as administrator were ignored. Still, he had a strong enough base to run for president, but he would lose in a landslide to Charles Dawes

    Abridged list
    • 27: William H Taft(1909-1913)/James S Sherman*(1909-1912)
    • 28: Woodrow Wilson*/Thomas R Marshall(1913-1919)
    • 29: Thomas R Marshall(1919-1921)
    • 30: William G McAdoo/Sam V Stewart(1921-1925)
    • 31: Charles G Dawes/William Borah(1925-1933)
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    Osama "Lionel" (Osama in Arab stands for Lion) bin Laden, born March 10th 1957, in Houston, Texas, from a very rich family of Saudi buildings magnates exiled in America for political reasons, proved to be a historical figure for America. He began as businessman in family company and quickly became CEO of the same. He built a very successful alliance with a powerful Texan family, the Bushes, that had a oil company and many political links. This was the first meeting with politics, as Osama became a promoter for Bush company in Middle East. He was a strong supporter of Afghan resistance against Soviet invasion. He became a Bush consultant for Arab policies until he saw the strong prejudice that dominate the GOO against blacks and Muslim, so he became a Democratic donor (but he remains a good friend of GHWB and family). In 1990s he moved to Detroit, Michigan, claiming to want help the poor and disadvantaged communities of the most Arab and most Muslim city of America. He founded a philanthropic association, The Base (in Arab Al Qaeda), to help poor people. It was a big donor for Clinton's reelection and he became an unofficial counselor of the President. In 1996 he is nominated US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and served until 2002, when he resigned in order to run for Governor of Michigan. Thanks to The Base's popularity, he defeated Rapresentative David Bonior and Attorney General Jennifer Granholm.
    Meanwhile a uneventful Gore Presidency is defeated by Jeb Bush in 2004, mainly due Democrats fatigue. However Bush invasion of Venezuela and Market Crash caused him to be expected to lose in a landslide in 2008.
    Osama entered surprisingly in Democratic race portraits get as a fresh face who could get change, as he had did in Detroit. He faced former Vicepresident Joe Lieberman, New York Senator and Former First Lady Hillary Clinton and House Speaker Dick Gephardt. He won endorsement from Oprah Winfrey, receiving much media attention. He came out with a sudden win in Iowa that propelled his candidacy to the victory. During the election he deflected attacks to his religion, pointing he was a good family man and a good religious person not differently from a Christian one. He defeated Bush by a wide margin, becoming the first Muslim President of United States and the first Arab-American.
    In first two years he passed the "Osamacare", a healthcare plan that extended greatly health accession in United States.
    He passed also the "Islam Tax", so called because inspired by one of the Muslim Quran obligations: pay a 3% tax on their goods exclusively to do beneficence. His strong pressure to apply it to corporation and Wall Street big rich too won him the support of the Left.
    In 2012 he faced Republican resurgence led by a Christian conservatives reaction against the "Muslim colonization": businessman Donald Trump became sadly infamous for his promotion of Birthers conspiracy theorie, that were ridiculized and condemned as hate speech (remember: no 9/11, so there is no room for Islamophobia there). Nevertheless President bin Laden was more popular then a crazy bunch of bigots, cut-taxes-to-corporations-and-healthcare-to-poors Tea Party fanatics and cruised reelection easily.
    During his second term he worked more with the GOP: he led a crackdown of prostitution and drug traffic, passed many anti-obscenity laws and anti-crime bills, he personally declared opposition to same-sex marriage and praised the Supreme Court when in 2013 voted 5-4 to declare constitutional the Defense of Marriage Act in landmark case United States vs Windsor. His anti-obscenity measures, especially about dressing and nude, were used to attack him as a "anti-feminist bigot" (from Left) and a "Muslim invader who wants convert the American people to his Arab rites" (from Right).
    In foreign policy he achieved great successes: he retired from Venezuela, that is going to stabilize after Chavez death, and supported Arab Springs and strike an alliance with new democratic governments of Middle East, that had overthrowed long-time brutal dictatorship as Egyptian Mubarak, Syrian Assad, Lybian Gheddafi and Iraqis Saddam Hussein. Pointing his mother was Shia, he opened talks with Iran and sign a reconciliation treaty with it. During his Presidency Israel brook relationship as Prime Minister Netanyahu started to cry about "Ameristan" and try an alliance with Russia, only to be jailed for corruption same years after. Currently the new Tel Aviv goverment accepted to open new peace talks with Palestinians.
    In 2016 Osama's VP Warner, a former Senator widely popular and with good credentials, won the election by a decent margin against Cruz evangelical crusade.
    After two major defeats and a majority of Americans who had a positive view of President bin Laden, the GOP changed strategy as demographics were changing. They decided to focus on women, painting ObL as a patriarchal family fan who wanted a wife-mother-good at home woman, and maybe many wives, as was written in the Quran. It was so easy take this stand when Vicepresident Franken was accused of sexual misconduct (then reveal greatly exaggerated or fake). In 2020 Democrats fatigue was heavy and Republicans had popular and wonderful South Carolina former Governor Nikky Haley as their nominee, who united women, southern conservatives and new minority. She won by a large margin and right now is considered a pretty good President. Osama's eldest son, Abdullah "Teddy" bin Laden, currently CEO of Bin Laden Group and President of The Base Association, is running for Michigan Governor in 2022 and is widely considered the most likely Democratic successor of President Haley in 2028.
  18. Leon Trotsky Well-Known Member

    Mar 26, 2018
    In Wonderland, just behind the Rainbow
    So gay marriage is essentially never legalized ITTL?
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  19. Bolt451 Quinoa Heartilly

    May 16, 2011
    Both Chelt, and Ham.
  20. SandroPertini98 Well-Known Member

    Sep 8, 2018
    Yes, as bin Laden nominated one judge a little more conservative as he opposed same sex marriage and thinks that Massachusetts sentence in 2004 helped to give Bush the White House (as many thought in HL). The Presidency of ObL moved the Democrats in a more left-populist economic approaching social-conservative mood that was only partially changed under Warner. The Republicans at the opposite took a more libertarian stand, sabotaging for example attempts from anti-abortion groups to put a new Roe vs Wade to the Supreme Court. The Religious Right had a massive increase but currently is in disarray, as many religious but moderate people are starting voting Democrats and the rest is labeled as a fanatic, out of touch, out of time group of racists. Steve Bannon and Richard Spencer were arrested after found encouraging Dylan Roof in a far-right site to put in action his then failed assassination attempt of President bin Laden in 2015. Trump tried to run in both 2012 and 2016 but lost twice. Oh yeah, and bin Laden won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2016 for his retirement from Venezuela, his agreement with Iran and Cuba and his support to Arab democratic revolutions.