List of Alternate Presidents and PMs II

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    A sort of. One of my dream is a jungle primary but state by state instead nationally.

    Neither in 1868 and 1872 Democrats had strong candidates available for nomination, so McClellan can be the default candidate as vice-president. McClellan could be more popular then Johnson: a war hero, no impeachment, no disastrous electoral tour.
    Cass is unlucky: President Clay died just twenty days after 1852 Democratic National Convention, where Cass was again a candidate but lost as OTL against dark-horse candidate Franklin Pierce.
    Coolidge was a pretty popular former Governor and, without any major candidate (LaFollette and Johnson are too progressive, Lowden and Hughes decline, Knox is died), he wins 1924 nomination as a dark-horse. If you prefer, you can use Hughes himself or Frank Lowden as alternatives.
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    Inouye as fellow badass Teddy Roosevelt, but I guess it also ended up as being Rockefeller as Cleveland

    1965-1969: Nelson Rockefeller / Charles Halleck (Republican)

    def. 1964: Ed Muskie / Paul Douglas
    1969-1973: Birch Bayh / Howard J. Samuels (Democratic)
    def. 1968: Nelson Rockefeller / Jim Rhodes
    1973-1977: Nelson Rockefeller / George Bush (Republican)
    def. 1972: Birch Bayh / Sargent Shriver; George Wallace / Lester Maddox
    1977-1980: Henry M. Jackson / Joe Biden (Democratic)
    def. 1976: Ronald Reagan / Pat Buchanan
    1980-1981: Henry M. Jackson / vacant (Democratic)
    1981-1981: Henry M. Jackson / Daniel Inouye (Democratic)
    def. 1980: Ronald Reagan / Robert Taft, Jr.
    1981-1985: Daniel Inouye / vacant (Democratic)
    1985-1989: Daniel Inouye / Birch Bayh (Democratic)

    def. 1984: Charles Percy / Arch Moore
    1989-1993: Walter Mondale / Stuart Udall (Democratic)
    def. 1988: Ronald Reagan / Richard Lugar
    1993-2001: Kim B. Clark / George Voinovich (Republican)
    def. 1992: Daniel Akaka / Al Gore; Walter Mondale / Stuart Udall; Bernie Sanders / Lloyd Doggett
    def. 1996: Stephen Breyer / Birch Bayh
    2001-2003: Bill Clinton / Russ Feingold (Democratic)
    def. 2000: Mike DeWine / Linda Lingle
    2003-2005: Russ Feingold / vacant (Democratic)
    2005-2009: Russ Feingold / Richard Holbrooke (Democratic)

    def. 2004: Cleve Benedict / Chuck Hagel; Paul Wellstone / Brian Schweitzer
    2009-2013: Lawrence Summers / Harry Reid (Democratic)
    def. 2008: Mitt Romney / Mike Huckabee
    2013-present: Linda Lingle / John Thune (Republican)
    def. 2012: Lawrence Summers / Harry Reid
    def. 2016: Kathleen Sibelius / Jim Webb
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    When Chuck Norris cuts onions, the onions cry
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    A list with Trump as Nixon. 2016 is an election with some turmoil surrounding it. In 2020, the Democrats nominate a radical, though 2020 is not as much of a landslide as 1972 was. In 2024, dark horse Democratic Governor of Delaware Carney wins and selects a prominent party woman as his VP. His term is, however, in turmoil and he is nearly primaried by a scion of a Democratic family (Chelsea Clinton) He loses reelection to a Republican (and an independent ticket), Ron DeSantis, who will become Mr. Republican and the image of what a Republican should be in the future. His VP is a former National Security personality who wins a term of his own before losing to a Democrat that comes into office proclaiming a new way (Democratic socialism) That administration, however, has some corruption and at the end, its VP falls to the child of the previous President (Amelia Klitenic) However, a recession allows a charismatic Democrat (Sam Abaza), the first Arab-American President, to come into office. Finally, a long-time playboy wins office over the family relative of a President from nearly two decades before.

    2016-2021: Donald Trump / Mike Pence (Republican)
    def. 2016 primaries Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich
    def. 2016 Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine (Democratic)
    def. 2020 primaries Ann Coulter, Bill Weld
    def. 2020 Bernie Sanders/Sherrod Brown (Democratic)

    2021: Donald Trump / VACANT (Republican)
    2021-2022: Donald Trump / Kevin McCarthy (Republican)
    2022: Kevin McCarthy / VACANT (Republican)
    2022-2025: Kevin McCarthy / Charlie Baker (Republican)
    2025-2029: John Carney / Kamala Harris (Democratic)

    def. 2024 primaries Jena Griswold, others
    def. 2024 Kevin McCarthy/Kristi Noem (Republican)

    2029-2037: Ron DeSantis / Jason Klitenic (Republican)
    def. 2028 primaries Jason Klitenic, David Jolly
    def. 2028 John Carney/Kamala Harris (Democratic), David Jolly/John Hickenlooper (Independent)
    def. 2032 primaries virtually unopposed
    def. 2032 Kamala Harris/Brianna Titone (Democratic)

    2037-2041: Jason Klitenic / Josh Hawley (Republican)
    def. 2036 primaries Kristi Noem, Paula White
    def. 2036 Cyrus Habib/Lucy McBath (Democratic)
    2041-2049: Lee Carter / Mallory Hogan (Democratic)
    def. 2040 primaries Jena Griswold, Ayanna Pressley, Ken Richardson, Kristen Gisleson Palmer
    def. 2040 Jason Klitenic/Josh Hawley (Republican), Caine Monroy/Christian Agmata (Independent)
    def. 2044 primaries virtually unopposed
    def. 2044 Kristi Noem/Bryan Clay (Republican), Caine Monroy/NiKesha Ames (New American)

    2049-2057: Amelia Klitenic / Josh Heintzeman (Republican)
    def. 2048 primaries Dan Crenshaw, Kimberley Breier
    def. 2048 Mallory Hogan/Anne Laney (Democratic), Andrew Yang/Nikki Parsons (Independent)
    def. 2052 primaries virtually unopposed
    def. 2052 Dan Dodd/Marie Murray (Democratic)
    2057-2065: Sam Abaza / Wesley Carson (Democratic)
    def. 2056 primaries Rowan Carter, Jimmy Wu
    def. 2056 Dan Crenshaw /Maria Ibanez-Parks (Republican)
    def. 2060 primaries virtually unopposed
    def. 2060 Nalin Haley/Matt Brown-Harris (Republican)

    2065-0000: Peter Brant II / Alexa Sanchez (Republican)
    def. 2064 primaries Django Dodge, Ian Markowski, Larissa Yu, Clark Klitenic
    def. 2064 Rowan Carter/Marcus Dodds (Democratic)

    Italics represent fictional people.
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    Republicans win in Democratic Years of OTL and Vice Versa:

    37. Hubert Humphrey / Edmund Muskie (Democratic): 1969-1977
    Def. 1968: Richard Nixon / Spiro Agnew (Republican), George Wallace / Curtis LeMay (American Independent)
    Def. 1972: Nelson Rockefeller / Jim Rhodes (Republican)

    38. Ronald Reagan / Donald Rumsfeld (Republican): 1977-1981
    Def. 1976: Edmund Muskie / Henry "Scoop" Jackson (Democratic)
    39. Hugh Carey / Reubin Askew (Democratic): 1981-1989
    Def. 1980: Ronald Reagan / Donald Rumsfeld (Republican)
    Def. 1984: Donald Rumsfeld / Howard Baker (Republican)

    40. Reubin Askew/ Dick Gephardt (Democratic): 1989-1993
    Def. 1988: George Bush / Jack Kemp (Republican)
    41. Tommy Thompson / John Danforth (Republican): 1993-2001
    Def. 1992: Reubin Askew / Dick Gephardt (Democratic), Jerry Brown / Jesse Jackson (Independent)
    Def. 1996: Dick Gephardt / Sam Nunn (Democratic)

    42. Bob Graham / John Kerry (Democratic): 2001-2009

    Def. 2000: Dick Cheney / Jeb Bush (Republican)
    Def. 2004: John McCain / Mike Huckabee (Republican)
    43. J.C. Watts / John Kasich (Republican): 2009-2017
    Def. 2008: John Kerry / John Edwards (Democratic)
    Def. 2012: Al Frankin / Tim Ryan (Democratic)

    44. Bill Maher / Martin O'Malley (Democratic): 2017-Incumbent
    Def. 2016: John Kasich / Norm Coleman (Republican)
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    Thanks, I hate it.
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    I actually really really like this.
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    Flash In The Pan:

    Margaret Thatcher 1979-1983 (1)
    Peter Carrington 1983 (2)
    William Whitelaw 1983-1985 (3)
    Michael Heseltine 1984-1987 (4)

    1 As OTL except SDP/Liberal Alliance wins 33 seats in '83 election. Tories have largest number of seats but not majority. Alliance refuses to accept Thatcher as PM and demands she resigns. Initially she refuses but fearing second election and Labour victory she reluctantly steps down.

    2. Carrington becomes PM and says he will serve for 100 days to ensure stability

    3. Whitelaw as Deputy PM is sole candidate for Tory leadership and becomes PM of Tory/Alliance Coalition

    4. Whitelaw killed in IRA Brighton Bomb. Heseltine wins leadership. Labour win '87 election under Healey.
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    Another List of I was Bored so I came up with Alternate Presidents of the United States
    26. George Dewey/John W. Smith (Democratic)
    (March 4th,1901-March 4th,1905)

    1900 Def: Chauncey Depew/Thomas C. Platt (Republican)
    27. John Long/Levi P. Morton (Republican)

    (March 4th,1905-March 4th,1913)
    1904 Def: George Dewey/George Gray (Democratic)
    1908 Def: John Sharps Williams/Nelson A. Miles (Democratic)
    28. Morgan Gardner Bulkely/Frederick D. Grant* (Republican) [1]
    (March 4th,1913-April 12th,1913)

    1912 Def: John Sharps Williams/Charles A. Towne (Democratic)
    28. Morgan Gardner Bulkley/Vacant (Republican)
    (April 12th,1913-March 4th,1917)

    29. John Sharp Williams/George B. McClellan Jr. (Democratic)
    (March 4th,1917-March 4th,1925)

    1916 Def: Morgan G. Bulkely/L.M Shaw (Republican)
    1920 Def: Joseph G. Cannon/Albert J. Beveridge (Republican)
    30. Joseph G. Cannon/L.M Shaw (Republican)
    (March 4th,1925-March 4th,1929)

    1924 Def: Herbert Hadley/Albert B. Cummings (Truth and Justice)
    31. Calvin Coolidge*/Gifford Pinchot (Republican) [2]
    (March 4th,1929-January 5th,1933)

    1928 Def: Al Smith/Alex Pomerene (Democratic)
    1932 Def: William A. Ayres/Evans Woollen (Democratic)
    32.Gifford Pinchot/Vacant (Republican)
    (January 5th,1933-January 20th,1937)

    Gifford Pinchot/Alf Landon (Republican)
    (January 20th,1937-January 20th,1945)

    1936 Def: Evans Woollen/Dan Moody (Democratic)
    1940 Def: John H. Taylor/Tom Connally (Democratic)
    33.Herbert Hoover/J. Edgar Hoover (Republican)
    (January 20th,1945-January 20th,1949)

    1944 Def: Franklin Delano Roosevelt/Prentice Cooper (Democratic)
    34. William P. Lane/Strom Thurmond (Democratic)
    (January 20th,1949-January 20th,1957)

    1948 Def: Robert A. Taft/Harold Stassen (Republican)
    1952 Def: Herbert E. Hitchcock/Joseph W. Martin (Republican)
    35. Barry Goldwater/Lyndon Baines Johnson (Republican)^
    (January 20th,1957-January 20th,1969)

    1956 Def: Frank Lausche/John W. McCormack (Democratic)
    1960 Def: Pat Brown/Adalai Stevenson (Democratic)
    1964 Def: Ross Barnet/Joe Smathers (State's Rights)
    36. Martin Luther King Jr/George Wallace (State's Rights)
    (January 20th,1969-January 20th,1973)

    1968 Def: Barry Goldwater/Lyndon Baines Johnson (Republican)
    37. Barry Goldwater/Lyndon Baines Johnson (Republican)^
    (January 20th,1973-January 20th,1989)

    1972 Def: Martin Luther King Jr/George Wallace (State's Rights)
    1976 Def: George Wallace/Jimmy Carter (Democratic)
    1980 Def: Jennings Randolf/ Sam Yorty (Democratic)
    1984 Def: John Lindsay/Patsky Minsk (Democratic)
    38. Lyndon Baines Johnson/Bob Dole (Republican)
    (January 20th,1989-January 20th,1997)

    1988 Def: Hugh Carey/George J. Mitchel (Democratic)
    1992 Def: Julian Carroll/Bill Sheffield (Democratic)
    39. Ronald Reagan*/Michale Dukakis (Democratic)[3]
    (January 20th,1997-October 4th,2002)

    1996 Def: Orrin Hatch/Strom Thurmond (Republican)
    2000 Def: Patrick Buchanan/George Bush (Republican)
    40. Michale Dukakis/Vacant (Democratic)
    (October 4th,2002-January 20th,2005)
    40. Michale Dukakis/Bob Kerry (Democratic)
    (January 20th,2005-January 20th,2013)

    2004 Def: John McCain/Orrin Hatch (Republican)
    2008 Def:Newt Gingrich/Steve Forbs (Republican)
    41. Mitt Romney/Barry Goldwater Jr. (Republican)
    (January 20th,2013-January 20th,2021)

    2012 Def: Bob Menendez/Patty Murray (Democratic)
    2016 Def: Tom Carper/Dick Durbin (Democratic)

    * Dies in Office/Assassinated
    [1] Frederick D. Grant is defenestrated by an angry public worker.
    [2] Coolidge is run over by a train outside of Boston,Massachusetts.
    ^ First Gentlemen also serving as Vice President
    [3] Reagan dies from Alzheimers
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    Which Presidency would you be terrified of, the Goldwater/LBJ or the MLK/George Wallace? Or is the uncertainty of what the late 90's Reagan administration did keeping you up at night?
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    Reagan assuming he doesn't have Alzheimer's I'm ok with, hell I'm even ok with Goldwater, but what kind of screw up of a TL you have to be to have MLK run for the States Rights Party with George Wallace and then Win?!
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    Well I envisioned Reagan succumbing to the Alzheimers in 2002 with him being diagnosed in the early 90s as OTL. I kind of envisioned MLK being allied with George Wallace on a hardline segregationist platform that also pushes hard for absolute separate but equal and seeks to overturn Brown V. Board of Education, which is done in 1970.
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    Ah I see
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    Also Wallace was anti-segregation pre 1960.
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    A pretty nonsensical list in truth, the greens end up in power, the Libs shift to the left (at leasts socially) as the current party splits along 3 lines (NeoLibs+centrists, christian lobby, hard-right) and Labor shifts to the right due to one incident which also boosts the greens.

    Prime Ministers/Presidents of Australia (2019-2040):

    2019-2021: Bill Shorten (Labor) [1]
    2019 Def: Scott Morrison (Coalition)[2], Richard Di Natale (Greens), Pauline Hanson (One Nation)
    2021-2022: Chris Bowen (Labor Minority) [3]
    2022-2025: Dave Sharma (Liberal w/Labor Supply and Confidence) [4]

    2022 Def: Tanya Plibersek (Greens), Chris Bowen (Labor), Craig Kelly (Freedom), Josh Frydenburg (Christian), Barnaby Joyce (Nationals), Lee Rhiannon (Socialist)
    2025-2037: Tanya Plibersek (Greens) [5]
    2025 Def: Dave Sharma (Liberal), Peter Dutton (Freedom), Mark Dreyfus (Labor), Josh Fydenburg (Christian), Barnaby Joyce (Nationals)
    2028 Def: Peter Dutton (Freedom), Dave Sharma (Liberal), Scott Morrison (Christian), Mark Dreyfus (Labor), Barnaby Joyce (Nationals)
    2031 Def: Sam Dastiyari (Labor), Simon Birmingham (Liberal), Lyle Shelton (Christian), Peter Dutton (Freedom), David Littleproud (Nationals)
    2034 Def: Sam Dastriyari (Labor), Catherine McGee (Liberal), Lyle Shelton (Christian), Micheal Bastiaan (Freedom), David Littleproud (Nationals)

    2037-2040: Sam Dastiyari (Labor w/Christian Minority Government) [6]
    2037 Def: Catherine McGee (Liberal), Tanya Plibersek (Green), Martyn Iles (Christian), Micheal Bastiaan (Freedom), David Littleproud (Nationals)
    2040-: Jordan Steele John (Greens) [7]
    2040 Def: Lexi Cho (Liberal), Nikel Fernando (Christian), Sam Dastiyari (Labor), Micheal Bastiaan (Freedom), David Littleproud (Nationals)

    A pretty boring term in office for Shorten in truth. Didn't do a whole lot other than reversing the cut to penalty rates and loosening some laws around unions. He was lambasted by his own left of the party for the lack of major reforms when it came to Climate Change (only doing marginally more than the Liberals). The major drama only occurred towards the end of his term when he was caught up in a cheating scandal where he used parliamentary money to pay for his mistresses trips to Canberra and on the road. He would then resign in disgrace before he could be pushed.

    [2] The Party after the election was immediately flung into Chaos with tv interviews, twitter tirades, book deals and everything in between about the inner workings of the Coalition from 2016 onwards. Morrison immediately announced that he was resigning and would force a bye election in his seat of Cook (which would eventually be won by former Wentworth candidate David Sharma) as well as the leadership election (which also was won by David Sharma in a huge shock as he was the only moderate to put his name up, against Frydenburg and Craig Kelly who split votes) with the divisive civil war taking its toll, with the national party now under Barnaby Joyce ending the coalition agreement as well as two new parties formed on the right (the Christian Party of Australia, supported by the Christian Lobby, absorbing Family First and Christian Democratic Party of NSW) and the Freedom Party of Australia (supported by the hard-right, absorbing the Liberal Democrats, Australian Conservatives and One Nation), with the Liberals moving towards the centre (and even slightly left on social matters).

    [3] Poor Chris Bowen didn't have a chance to begin with. He would create a major push from the right of the party to prevent any of the left (Plibersek or Albanese) from gaining power. What him and the right would not expect however is the entire socialist left faction leaving the party (with the party vote going very similar to the 2011 spill between Shorten and Albanese on both fronts) and joining the Greens (Di Natale would vacate the position of leadership to create an open ballot for leader of the Greens, won eventually by Tanya Plibersek). Immediately that forced a house that had nearly 100 seats into minority government for the rest of the term and barely controlling more than a third of the house. Bowen would continue a rather centrist agenda and with no majority, would find it increasingly hard to pass their own agenda.

    [4] The shock Liberal Party leader who had only entered parliament a year prior had come in, with the support of Labor (who refused to support the Greens who actually won the most seats and votes) came in with a progressive platform on the social side and a neo-liberal economic policy (which included more climate change policy implementations, learning from Labor's shortcomings). The term was dominated by most of the other parties besides the two leading parties (Liberals and Labor) pushing for proportional and representative parliament. There were fundamental differences between Liberal and Labor that still made any major reforms besides climate change, infrastructure and public spending on key institutions (healthcare, education etc) impossible (due to the pro union stance of Labor and the pro-big business stance from the Liberals). One major reform that would happen would be the formation of the Republic after a referendum held in 2023 (with the Christian and Freedom Parties pro-monarchy and Liberals, Greens and Labor against).

    [5] Having received the most amount of seats in the last election at the 2022 election but being denied government via the two major parties banding together, the Greens were eventually able to win the election with a majority, with most Labor votes absolutely disgusted at the fact that they would enter into government with the Liberals. This meant that a large amount of the voters in 2025 deserted the party for the Greens and with the right dividing votes between the Liberals, Christians and Freedom Parties, it led to a big majority for the Greens as a result of the two party preferred system. However one of the major issues they would campaign on was parliamentary reform, including the introduction of representative democracy in the house as well as doubling the size of the senate and house of representatives as well as cutting parliamentary salaries by 25% each (40% for the position of PM). Plibersek would also implement a revolutionary plan to be completely relying on renewables by 2035 (which was achieved) with all cars electric by 2040 (which was only 80% true by 2040). The first Greens government proved to be one of the most popular and successful in achieving its agenda since the Howard years, introducing a large degree of change and holding onto power for over a decade. Eventually however voter fatigue would catch up.

    [6] The first time a Labor government had been elected in for 18 years, however this was a vastly different party from when they had last been in government. Firstly they are led by the comeback kid to politics in Sam Dastiyari, who had left in disgrace a decade and a half earlier, he would return and gain popularity in his current tenure due to his more populist rhetoric. Ever since the socialist left faction defected to the greens, the Labor party has been creeping slowly towards the right (moreso because they hadn't really changed many of their social policies since 2020 and the pressures from the unions economically tend to be more towards the centre and right), to the point where they were now the largest party on the right (rather than the left). They were still a pro-union party but even that had been minimised somewhat as most unions (besides the Shopping and Retailers and CMFEU out of the major unions) ended up switching their allegiance to the Greens after Labor entered a coalition agreement with the Liberals. The now Centre-Right party would enter a coalition with another right-wing party in a Christians to form minority government. They would mostly try to legalise the opening of more mines as well as try to legislate for higher taxes, more funding towards infrastructure. Their first time back in power would end in disgrace as PM Dastiyari was found to have been received undeclared payments from big businesses, overseas mining companies and unions in the midst of the election campaign (when the party was due to already be reduced to third party behind the resurgent Liberals and popular Greens), the Christian Party would immediately pull out from their coalition agreement.

    [7] Due to the Labor Party scandal, the Greens would return to power again rather quickly due to many who had intended to vote for Labor (pro union voters) moving their votes to the Greens rather than the big business orientated Liberals or any of the right-wing parties which would help it secure a majority. So far the government has gone about major social reform (introduction of AI rights, one of the first to do so) as well as investment in major technology and a declaration to have all forms of vehicles being powered by a form of renewable by 2045 and automating the economy and providing a smooth transition process.
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    A concept I've been fiddling around with. I'll write up some footnotes for it if enough people are interested.

    1969-1973: Richard Nixon (R-NY)/Spiro Agnew (R-MD)
    Def. 1968 Hubert Humphrey (D-MN)/Ed Muskie (D-ME), George Wallace (American Independent-AL)/Curtis LeMay (American Independent-CA)
    1973-1981: Robert F. Kennedy (D-NY)/Fred Harris (D-OK)
    Def. 1972 Richard Nixon (R-NY)/Spiro Agnew (R-MD)
    Def. 1976 Ronald Reagan (R-CA)/Howard Baker (R-TN)

    1981-1989: George H.W. Bush (R-TX)/Jack Kemp (R-NY)
    Def. 1980 Fred Harris (D-OK)/Walter Mondale (D-MN)
    Def. 1984 Ted Kennedy (D-MA)/Sam Nunn (D-GA)

    1989-1993: Pat Robertson (R-VA)/Lamar Alexander (R-TN)
    Def. 1988 Gary Hart (D-CO)/John Glenn (D-OH), Lee Iacocca (Independent-MI)/John B. Anderson (Independent-IL), Ron Paul (Libertarian-TX)/David Koch (Libertarian-NY)
    1993-1996: Jerry Brown (D-CA)†/Doug Wilder (D-VA)
    Def. 1992 Pat Robertson (R-VA)/Lamar Alexander (R-TN)
    Def. 1996 Elizabeth Dole (R-NC)/Richard Lugar (R-IN)

    1996-1997: Doug Wilder (D-VA)/ Vacant
    1997-2005: Doug Wilder (D-VA)/Wesley Clark (D-AR)

    Def. 2000 Jeb Bush (R-FL)/Linda Chavez (R-MD)
    2005-2009: Wesley Clark (D-AR)/John Kennedy Jr. (D-NY)
    Def. 2004 JC Watts (R-OK)/George Pataki (R-NY)
    2009-2017: Mitt Romney (R-MA)/Meg Whitman (R-CA)
    Def. 2008 Wesley Clark (D-AR)/John Kennedy Jr. (D-NY), Jesse Ventura (Green-MN)/Susan Sarandon (Green-NY)
    Def. 2012 Janet Napolitano (D-AZ)/Mark Warner (D-VA)

    2017-20??: Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)/Barack Obama (D-IL)
    Def. 2016 Meg Whitman (R-CA)/Ted Cruz (R-TX), Rand Paul (Libertarian-KY)/James Gray (Libertarian-CA)
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    No Watergate:

    37 Richard Milhous Nixon (R-California)/ Spiro Agnew (R-Maryland) 1969-1973
    Richard Milhous Nixon (R-California)/ Vacant
    Richard Milhous Nixon (R-California)/ Gerald Rudolph Ford (R-Michigan) 1973-1977
    38 Gerald Rudolph Ford (R-Michigan)/ Robert Joseph Dole (R-Kansas) 1977-1981

    39 Edmund Gerald "Jerry" Brown Jr (D-California) Edwin Washington Edwards (D-Louisiana) 1981-1985
    40 George Herbert Walker Bush (R-Texas)/ Paul Laxalt (R-Nevada) 1985-1989
    41 Mario Cuomo (D-New York)/ Samuel Augustus Nunn (D-Georgia) 1989-1997
    42 Samuel Augustus Nunn (D-Georgia)/ William Warren Bradley (D-New Jersey) 1997-2005

    43 John Sidney McCain III (R-Arizona)/ Frederick Dalton Thompson (R-Tennesse) 2005-2013
    44 Andrew Cuomo (D-New York)/ Thomas James Vilsack (D-Iowa) 2013-2017
    45 Julius Caesar Watts (R-Oklahoma)/ Randall "Rand" Paul (R-Kentucky) 2017-...
  20. DoritosandmtnDew Active Member

    Dec 29, 2018

    41. Joe Biden (D)

    42. Newt Gingrich (R)

    43. Donald Trump (RF)

    44. Barack Obama (D)

    45. Phil Swift (I)
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