List of Alternate Presidents and PMs II

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  1. Jamee999 England --> Brooklyn

    Mar 21, 2008
    Obama is actually older in this timeline than FDR was in OTL, and FDR was plucked from obscurity as Assistant Secretary of the Navy to be the VP pick. I felt OK going with it.
  2. Newne76 Prime Minister of Soda

    Jun 25, 2018
    Yet Another Completely Nonsensical List of Alternate U.S Presidents
    26. John B. Foraker/John D. Long(Republican) (March 4th,1901-March 4th,1909)
    1900 Def: Julian S. Caw/John W. Smith (Democratic)
    1904 Def: Richard Olney/Nelson A. Miles (Democratic)

    27. Joseph Blackburn/Nelson A. Miles (Democratic) (March 4th,1909-March 4th,1913)
    1908 Def: William R. Hearst/John A. Johnson (Republican)
    28. John Sharp Williams/George Gray (Democratic) (March 4th,1913-March 4th,1921)
    1912 Def: Albert B. Cummings/Charles E. Merriam Jr. (Republican)
    1916 Def: Nicholas Butler/Elihu Root (Republican)

    29. Leonard Wood/Asle Jorgenson Gronna (Republican) (March 4th,1921-March 4th,1929)
    1920 Def: Carter Glass/Edward I. Edwards (Democratic)
    1924 Def: Charles W. Bryan/Newton D. Baker (Democratic)

    30. Thomas J. Walsh/Josephus Daniels (Democratic) (March 4th,1929-March 4th,1933)
    1928 Def: George W. Norris/Calvin Coolidge (Republican)
    31. John Pershing/Fredrick Funston (Republican) (March 4th,1933-March 4th,1941)
    1932 Def: Hamilton Fish III/James S. McGroathy (Democratic)
    1936 Def: Cordell Hull/Jesse H. Jones (Democratic)

    32. Cordell Hull/Millard Tydings (Democratic) (March 4th,1941-January 20th 1949)
    1940 Def: Herbert Hoover/Wendell Wilkie (Republican)
    1944 Def: Robert A. Taft/ Arthur H. Vandenberg (Republican)

    33. William "Bull" Halsey/George Patton (Republican) (January 20th,1949-January 20th,1957)
    1948 Def: James Roosevelt/Hubert Humphrey (Democratic)
    1952 Def: Happy Chandler/Lyndon B. Johnson (Democratic)
    34. Barry Goldwater/Margret Chase Smith (Republican) (January 20th,1957-January 20th,1973)
    1956 Def: Herschel Loveless/Robert B. Meyner (Democratic)
    1960 Def: Henrey M. Jackson/George Smathers (Democratic)
    1964 Def: Richard J. Daley/Daniel K. Moore (Democratic)
    1968 Def: Claude Pepper/Fred R. Harris (Democratic)

    35. Jimmy Carter/George Wallace (Democratic) (January 20th,1973-January 20th,1981)
    1972 Def: Richard Nixon/Richard Lugar (Republican)
    1976 Def: Gordon B. Hinckley/Robert McNamara (Republican)

    36. Alexander M. Haig/Gerald Ford (Republican) (January 20th,1981-August 13th,1984)*
    1980 Def: Storm Thurmond/Jesse Jackson (Democratic)
    37. Gerald Ford/Vacant (Republican) (August 13th,1984-January 20th,1985)
    Gerald Ford/John Connally (Republican) (January 20th,1985-January 20th,1989)

    1984 Def: Lloyd Bentson/Dale Bumpers (Democratic)
    38. Pete Du Pont/Patrick Buchanan (Republican) (January 20th,1989-January 20th,1997)
    1988 Def: Mo Udall/Leslie Aspen Jr. (Democratic)
    1992 Def: John B. Anderson/ Patrick J. Luecy (Independent)
    Tom Daschle/Hugh Leo Carly (Democratic)

    39. Tim Allen/Robin Williams (Laughter) (January 20th,1997-January 20th,2001)
    1996 Def: Bill Clinton/Bob Kerrey (Democratic)
    Harold Stassen/Storm Thurmond (Republican)

    40. Fred Phelps/David Koresh (Democratic) (January 20th,2001-September 11th,2001)*
    2000 Def: Barry Goldwater Jr./Orrin Hatch (Republican)
    41. David Koresh/Vacant (Democratic) (September 11th,2001-January 20th,2005)
    42. Alan Keyes/Sarah Palin (Republican) (January 20th,2005-January 20th,2009)
    2004 Def: John Kerry/Al Gore (Democratic)
    43. Howard Dean/Mary Landrieu (Democratic) (January 20th,2009-January 20th,2013)
    2008 Def: John Ensign/Lindsay Graham (Republican)
    44. Laura Lingle/Ron Paul (Republican) (January 20th,2013-January 20th,2017)
    2012 Def:Jeff Bingaman/John Kerry (Democratic)
    45. Sarah Palin/Dick Cheney (Republican) (January 20th,2017-January 20th,2025)
    2016 Def: Patrick Buchanan/Rudy Giuliani (Radical-Republican)
    2020 Def: Tom Kenney/Clancy Brown (Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea)

    *= Assassinated
  3. SandroPertini98 Well-Known Member

    Sep 8, 2018
    Media Presidents:
    32 William Penn Adair Rogers 1933-1949 D Oklahoma
    33 Walter Winchell 1949-1953 D New York

    34 Walter Elias Disney 1953-1961 R California
    35 Henry Robinson Luce 1961-1965 R Connecticut

    36 Walter Leland Cronkite Jr 1965-1969 D Missouri
    37 Marion Michael Morrison 1969-1973 R Texas
    37 Harland David Sanders 1973-1977 D Kentucky
    38 Ronald Wilson Reagan 1977-1981 R California
    39 Gregory Peck 1981-1989 D California
    40 Bess Myerson 1989-1993 D New York

    41 Henry Ross Perot 1993-2001 R Texas
    42 Henry Warren Beatty 2001-2009 D
    43 Arnold Schwarzenegger 2009-2013 R Califirnia (Retired due Sex Scandal)
    44 Clint Eastwood 2013-2017 R California (Retired due Age)
    45 Donald John Trump 2017-2021 R New York

    46 Oprah Winfrey 2021-... D Mississippi
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  4. glenn67 Well-Known Member

    Apr 4, 2007
    Safe to assume that Obama ITTL served in the Clinton cabinet.
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  5. Amadeus Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2017
    My Personal Take on "What if JFK Had Lived?"

    35. John F. Kennedy (1961-1969), D-MA
    Def: Richard M. Nixon (1960), Barry Goldwater (1964)
    36. Terry Sanford (1969-1973), D-NC
    Def: George Romney (1968)
    37. Nelson Rockefeller (1973-1978), R-NY*
    Def: Terry Sanford (1972), Henry Jackson (1976)
    38. Ronald Reagan (1978-1981), R-CA
    39. Robert F. Kennedy (1981-1989), D-NY

    Def: Ronald Reagan (1980), George Bush (1984)
    40. Sam Nunn (1989-1993), D-GA
    Def: Bob Dole (1988)
    41. John Heinz (1993-2001), R-PA
    Def: Sam Nunn (1992), Bill Bradley (1996)
    42. Lamar Alexander (2001-2005), R-TN
    Def: John Kerry (2000)
    43. John Edwards (2005-2006), D-NC*
    Def: Lamar Alexander (2004)
    44. Howard Dean (2006-2009), D-VT
    45. J.C. Watts (2009-2017), R-OK
    Def: Howard Dean (2008), Russ Feingold (2012)
    *Died of a heart attack
    *Resigned over numerous scandals after the House filed articles of impeachment.
  6. Catalunya Well-Known Member

    Apr 11, 2015
    in the future
    Political Career of Barack Hussein Obama

    1997 - 2006: Member of the Illinois Senate for the 13th district, Democrat
    1996: David Whitehead (Harold Washington Party), Rosette C. Peyton (Republican Party)
    1998: Yesse Yehudah (Republican Party)
    2002: unopposed
    2004 - 2004: Democratic Party nominee for the United States Senate from Illinois
    defeated by: Peter Fitzgerald (Republican Party)
    2007 - 2009: Member of the United States House or Representatives from the Illinois 6th district, Democrat
    2006: Peter Roskam (Republican Party)
    2008: Jim Oberweis (Republican Party)
    2009 - 2011: Member of the United States Senate from Illinois, Democrat
    nominated by: Rod Blagojevich (Democrat)
    2011 - 2013: Activist, Democrat
    2013 - 2017: United States Ambassador to Indonesia, Democrat
    nominated by: Brian Schweitzer (Democrat)
    2017 - 2021: United States Ambassador to the East African Federation, Democrat
    nominated by: Brian Schweitzer (Democrat)
    2021 - 2021: Activist, Democrat
    2021 - 2022: Campaign Manager of the Kwame Raoul Gubernatorial Campaign, Democrat
    2022: Kwame Raoul / Jesús G "Chuy" Garcia (Democrat), Adam Kinzinger / Dan Duffy (Republican)
    2022 - 2024: Campaign Manager of the Kwame Raoul 2024 Presidential Campaign, Democrat
    2024: Kwame Raoul / Mary Landrieu (Democrat), Katrina Pierson / Ben Quayle (Republican), Jason Gibbs / Joe Heck (Moderate)
    2024 - 2025: Executive Chair of the Kwame Raoul White House Transition Team, Democrat
    2025 - 2026: White House Chief of Staff to President Kwame Raoul, Democrat
    2026 - 2047: Chief Justice of the United States, Democrat
    nominated by: Kwame Raoul (Democrat) 63-34
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  7. dw93 Can't Afford to be a Donor

    May 8, 2015

    Ranking "The Losers" from Best to Worst:

    1. Walter Mondale: 1981-1989
    2. Hubert Humphrey: 1969-1974
    3. John Kerry: 2001-2009
    4. Bob Dole: 1993-2001
    5. Michael Dukakis: 1989-1993
    6. Edmund Muskie: 1974-1977
    7. John McCain: 2009-2017
    8. Gerald Ford: 1977-1981
    9. Mitt Romney: 2017-2021

    Note: George McGovern and Al Gore not included due to only being in office for 2 months or less. Incumbent President Hillary Rodham not included as we are only 1 week into her Presidency.
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  8. Mumby im that bob

    Feb 7, 2010
    returning to my roots with a silly kaiserreich list

    Presidents of the United States of America (2nd Republic)

    1929-1936: Herbert Hoover (Republican)
    1928 (with Charles Curtis) def. Al Smith (Democratic), Norman Thomas (Socialist)
    1932 (with Cordell Hull) def. John N. Garner (Democratic), Jack Reed (Socialist)

    1936-1937: Douglas MacArthur (Nonpartisan leading 'National Unity' Military Junta, backed by 'National' Republicans and 'National' Democrats)
    1937-1938: George Van Horn Moseley (Nonpartisan leading 'National Unity' Military Junta, backed by All-American Union)

    Chairmen of the Combined Syndicates of America

    1938-1939: Jack Reed (Socialist leading Provisional Government, backed by International Workers of the World)
    1939-1940: William Z. Foster (Socialist - Totalist Faction)
    1939 (with James W. Ford) def. Benjamin Gitlow (Socialist - Federalist Faction), Emma Goldman (Nonpartisan - Anarchist)

    Chairmen of the United Socialist States of America

    1940-1946: William Z. Foster (Communist)

    Presidents of the United States of America (3rd Republic)

    1946-1949: Henry Channon (Nonpartisan leading Entente Military Government)
    1949-1953: James Roosevelt (National)
    1948 (with Richard Nixon) def. Benjamin Gitlow (American Labor), Earl Long (All-American)
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  9. wolfhound817 Priest of Hank

    Jan 25, 2018
    Upstate New York
    Who Else But W.B. Mason!
    1881-1889: Samuel Tilden (D-NY)/Winfield Hancock (D-PA)
    1889-1897: James Blaine (R-ME)/Charles Guiteau (R-NY)
    1897-1901: William Jennings Bryan (D-NE)/Adlai Stevenson (D-IL)
    1901-1905: Grover Cleveland (D-NJ)/Adlai Stevenson (D-IL)
    1905-1911*: W.B. Mason (R-MA)/Theodore Roosevelt (R-NY)
    1911-1913: Theodore Roosevelt (R-NY)/Vacant
    1913-1921: Theodore Roosevelt (R-NY)/William Howard Taft (R-OH)
    1921-1929: James Cox (R-OH)/W.G. McAdoo (D-CA)
    1929-1937: John Nance Gardner (D-TX)/Al Smith (D-NY)
    1937-1949: Quentin Roosevelt (R-NY)/Herbert Hoover (R-CA)
    1949**: Herbert Hoover (R-CA)/Harold Stassen (R-MN)
    1949-1953: Harold Stassen (R-MN)/Vacant
    1953-1957: Adlai Stevenson II (D-IL)/Lyndon Johnson (D-TX)
    1957-1961: Harold Stassen (P-MN)/Henry Wallace (P-IA)
    1961-1969: Nelson Rockefeller (R-NY)/Barry Goldwater (R-AZ)
    1969-1971***: John Kennedy (P-MA)/Pierre Trudeau (P-QU)
    1971-1973: Pierre Trudeau (P-QU)/Vacant
    1973-1985: Richard Nixon (R-CA)/Dick Cheney (R-WY)
    1985-1989: Robert Dole (R-WY)/Nancy Reagan (R-CA)
    1989-1997: William Clinton (D-AR)/Fidel Castro (P-CU)
    1997-2000****: Herbert Hoover III (P-CA)/Harold Stassen (P-MN)
    2000-2001: Herbert Hoover III (P-CA)/Vacant
    2001-2005: Herbert Hoover III (P-CA)/Raul Castro (P-CU)
    2005-2007*****: John Edwards (D-NC)/Hillary Rodham (D-NY)
    2007-2009: Hillary Rodham (D-NY)/Vacant
    2009-2017: Barack Obama (P-IL)/Jill Stein (P-MA)
    2017-2025: Marco Rubio (R-CU)/Elizabeth Cheney-Schwarzenegger (R-CA)
    2025-2031: Elizabeth Cheney Schwarzenegger (R-CA)/Margaret Hoover (R-CO)
    2031-Present: Justin Trudeau (P-QU)/Tulsi Gabbard (P-WA)

    *Died of a Heart Attack
    **Assassinated by Cuban Nationalists
    ***Resigned after many extramarital affairs and impeachment procedures beginning against him.
    ****Stassen died of a heart attack
    *****Impeached for Embezzling funds from the US government.
  10. wolfhound817 Priest of Hank

    Jan 25, 2018
    Upstate New York
    POD btw is WB Mason's parents move to the US while his mother was pregnant and Tilden runs in 1880
  11. Jamee999 England --> Brooklyn

    Mar 21, 2008
    If you first do Clinton-as-Wilson ...

    President of the United States

    1913 - 1921: T. Woodrow Wilson (Democratic) / Thomas R. Marshall
    1912: def. William H. Taft (Republican) / James S. Sherman, Andrew W. Mellon (Independent) / George Dewey
    1916: def. Charles Curtis (Republican) / George W. Fairchild, Andrew W. Mellon (Reform) / Henry C. Adams


    A popular Governor who unseated a Republican President, Wilson oversaw a period of American economic growth and prosperity, although his administration was often overshadowed by other matters. His first term was dominated by an unsuccessful attempt to pass federal healthcare legislation, though he did manage to improve relations and trade with other North American nations. After winning re-election, he was impeached in his second term, as he was accused of lying to Congress about an affair with an aide. His popularity improved following Senate acquittal, and he was also able to achieve several minor foreign policy successes before leaving office.

    1921 - 1929: James R. Garfield (Republican) / Russell A. Alger
    1920: def. Thomas R. Marshall (Democratic) / Carter Glass
    1924: def. Peter G. Gerry (Democratic) / Kenneth D. McKellar


    The son of a former President, Garfield took office following a controversial and impossibly close election, as he narrowly defeated Vice President Thomas Marshall. Garfield and the Republican Congress cut taxes, and passed some federal policy reforms. However, a series of terrorist attacks during his first term rapidly overtook domestic issues, and led to America being drawn into a series of foreign entanglements. Though he was re-elected, his second term saw problem after problem, as he was criticized for poor federal response to a devastating hurricane, and then saw the economy severely contract. While his administration passed legislation in an attempt to rectify the situation, Garfield was widely blamed for the recession, and was extremely unpopular as he left office.

    1929 - 1937: Alfred E. Smith (Democratic) / Claude A. Swanson
    1928: def. Wesley L. Jones (Republican) / Theodore Christianson
    1932: def. Herbert C. Hoover (Republican) / Carl G. Bachmann


    Elected to much fanfare as the nation's first Roman Catholic President, Smith entered the White House in the midst of the worst recession in a generation. His administration attempted to tackle the financial crisis, and also passed a law expanding federal provision of healthcare. While he had risen to power in part by criticizing the foreign policy of the Garfield administration, many of his progressive supporters felt that he did not do enough to rollback its excesses. While Smith left office as an unusually popular president, his approval rating did not transfer to his party. The Democrats lost the House in 1930, the Senate in 1934, and then would see the White House fall two years later.

    1937 - 1941?: Henry Ford (Republican) / Alfred M. Landon
    1936: def. Edith Wilson (Democratic) / David I. Walsh


    In arguably the most shocking rise to the White House ever, Henry Ford rose from being a rich businessman, making incendiary comments from the political sidelines, to the Presidency over a whirlwind two year period. Ford achieved popularity as a populist candidate, viciously attacking President Smith, and holding wild rallies to adoring crowds. Though he was criticized as racist, and was widely denounced for bigoted remarks regarding Smith's Catholicism, a narrow electoral college victory took Ford to Washington, DC...
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  12. The_Russian Well-Known Member

    Sep 13, 2017
    Reagan as a Republican FDR (who lived)
    32. Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat-NY) 1933-1953 / John Nance Garner (Democrat-TX) 1933-1941 / Henry A. Wallace (Democrat-IA) 1941-1945 / Harry S. Truman (Democrat-MO) 1945-1953
    33. Dwight Eisenhower (Republican-KS) / Richard Nixon (Republican-CA) 1953-1961
    34. John F. Kennedy (Democrat-MA) / Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat-TX) 1961-1963*
    35. Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat-TX) 1963-1969 /
    VACANT 1963-1965 / Hubert Humphrey (Democrat-MN) 1965-1969

    36. Ronald Reagan (Republican-CA) 1969-1989 / John Lindsay (Republican-NY) 1969-1973 / George Romney (Republican-MI) 1973-1981 / George H.W. Bush (Republican-TX) 1981-1989
    37. Micheal Dukakis (Democrat-MA) / Lloyd Bentsen (Democrat-TX) 1989-1997
    40. George H.W. Bush / John Kasich (Republican-OH) 1997-2005
    39. Bill Clinton (Democrat-AR) / John Kerry (Democrat-MA) 2005-2007*
    40. John Kerry (Democrat-MA) / John Edwards 2007-2013
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  13. EbolaMan131 Dick Pound 2020 Kicked

    Jul 4, 2017
    How was he a FDR?
  14. Zachary VIII Russian bot

    Jul 13, 2017
    Hilo, Hawaii
    4 terms. The timing is also right for him to preside over a conventional WW3.
  15. Doncaster Member

    Apr 15, 2018
    People’s Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire
    1953-1957: Dwight Eisenhower/Richard Nixon (Republican)
    1952 def. Adlai Stevenson II/John Sparkman (Democratic)
    1957-1961: Robert B. Anderson/Harold Stassen (Republican)
    1956 def. Averell Harriman/John F. Kennedy (Democratic)
    1961-1965: Adlai Stevenson II/Frank G. Clement (Democratic)
    1960 def. Robert Anderson/Harold Stassen (Republican), Harry Byrd/Strom Thurmond (States’ Rights)
    1964 def. Lauris Norstad/John J. Williams (Republican), Orval Faubus/Ross Barnett (States’ Rights)

    1965-1969: Frank G. Clement/Vacant (Democratic)
    1969-1971: Thomas Dewey/Jacqueline Cochran (Republican)
    1968 def. Frank G. Clement/Orville Freeman (Democratic)
    1971-1973: Jacqueline Cochran/Vacant (Republican)
    1973-1977: Jacqueline Cochran/Bob Packwood (Republican)
    1972 def. William Spong/Joseph Montoya (Democratic)
    1977-1985: Larry O’Brien/John Y. Brown Jr. (Democratic)
    1976 def. Jacqueline Cochran/Bob Packwood (Republican)
    1980 def. Bo Callaway/Hiram Fong (Republican)

    1985-Present: Louie Nunn/William French Smith (Republican)
    1984 def. Ed Koch/Tom Harkin (Democratic)

    Eisenhower decides not to run for reelection in 1956 and Adlai Stevenson declines as well. With the support of the WH, Anderson defeats Nixon and Stassen for the nomination and defeats Harriman in a landslide for the general election. Anderson’s term is met with resentment from the Eastern establishesment and a poor response to the late-1950s recession. Many also claim that his pro-imperialist stance encouraged President Massu and PM Sandys.

    Adlai Stevenson makes a comeback in 1960 as he uses his respected nature among Americans to defeat to defeat the scandal-prone Anderson. Stevenson’s start in office would be on adopting a Keynesian economic plan and pushing for civil rights. Stevenson’s legacy has been remembered as one of a booming 1960s. However, many claim that he was responsible for the build-up in Vietnam.

    Upon the sudden death of President Stevenson, Vice President Clement would launch a very different agenda. Clement ramped up US efforts in Vietnam significantly, beliving that more troops would be needed for a victory. At home, he was more skeptical of additional progressive reforms. With a divided Democratic party, Chief Justice Dewey’s campaign wins in a landslide.

    Dewey’s presidency would be short-lived as the aviator Jacqueline Cochran would take office. Cochran would arrange a peace deal in Vietnam and established relations with the Chen-Chiang “United Front” government of China.
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  16. The_Russian Well-Known Member

    Sep 13, 2017
    I had FDR serve 5 terms to prevent the 22nd amendment. But I just realized I need to edit the list because of numbering.
  17. Amadeus Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2017
    We've done Reagan as FDR, so how about FDR as Reagan?

    32. Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-1941), D-NY
    33. John Nance Garner (1941-1945), D-TX

    34. Wendell Willkie (1945-1953), R-NY
    35. Tully Charles Garner (1953-1961), D-TX
    36. James P. Mitchell (1961-1969), R-NJ
    37. George Romney (1969-?), D-MI

    In this ATL, WWII doesn't break out and FDR declines to run for a third term. Vice-President Garner of Texas is nominated by the Democrats, and prosecutor Thomas Dewey is chosen by the Republicans. Dewey has an early lead, but his cold personality and incompetent general election campaign open the door for Garner to upset him and become America's 33rd President. However, Garner is overwhelmed by domestic issues and in 1944 he loses to charismatic New York Governor* Wendell Willkie. (In this ATL Willkie lives ten years longer due to butterflies). Willkie is a popular President, but a sex scandal erupts in his second term and destroys his credibility. Garner's son, Texas Governor Tully Charles Garner, capitalizes on the scandal to narrowly defeat Willkie's Vice-President in the closest election in American history. Yet Garner stumbles into a disastrous war in Vietnam, and a major recession in 1958 sees the Republicans sweep the midterms. Two years later, New Jersey Governor James P. Mitchell is elected as America's first Catholic President. But in 1968, Secretary of State Henry Cabot Lodge loses to former businessman George Romney of Michigan**.

    *Willkie wanted to run for Governor in 1942, but Dewey's candidacy prevented him from doing so.
    **Romney considered entering politics as a member of either party. In this ATL he chooses the Democrats instead of the Republicans.
  18. True Grit Creek

    Aug 31, 2013
    I like, but aside from them both being businessmen I really don’t think Romney works as Trump. Maybe someone like Howard Hughes? Or heck, just throw in Fred Trump.
  19. Joshua Ben Ari Well-Known Member

    Jan 16, 2011
    New England
    Presidents of the United States
    38. 1974-1981: Gerald Ford / Robert "Bob" Dole (Republican)
    1976: James E. "Jimmy" Carter / Walter Mondale (Democratic)
    39. 1981-1989: Hugh Carey / Dale Bumpers (Democratic)
    1980: Ronald Reagan / Richard Schweiker (Republican)
    1984: George H.W. Bush / John Connally (Republican)

    40. 1989-1993: Dale Bumpers / Reubin Askew (Democratic)
    1988: Nancy Kassebaum / Paul Laxalt (Republican)
    41. 1993-2001: George Deukmejian / Sandra Day O'Connor (Republican)
    1992: Dale Bumpers / Reubin Askew (Democratic)
    1996: Al Gore / Joe Biden (Democratic)

    42. 2001-2009: Dick Gephardt / Patricia Schroeder (Democratic)
    2000: Sandra Day O'Connor / John Engler (Republican)
    2004: William Weld / Howard Baker (Republican)

    43. 2009-2017: Richard Zimmer / Lisa Murkowski (Republican)
    2008: Patricia Schroeder / John Kerry (Democratic)
    2012: John Kerry / Bill Richardson (Democratic)

    44. 2017-20xx: Lisa Murkowski / Susan Collins (Republican)
    2016: Evan Bayh / Mark Warner (Democratic)
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  20. CapitalistHippie Peace, love, and free markets.

    Apr 11, 2018
    Expectations Met
    Hillary Clinton/Evan Bayh 2009-2013
    2008: Def. John McCain/Sarah Palin
    Sarah Palin/Lindsey Graham 2013-2021

    2012: Def. Hillary Clinton/Evan Bayh, Dennis Kucinich/Jill Stein
    2016: Def. Elizabeth Warren/Martin O'Malley, Michael Bloomberg/Mark Cuban, Gary Johnson/Austin Petersen
    Andrew Gillum/Terry MacAuliffe 2021-2025
    2020: Def. Jim DeMint/John Kasich, Michael Bloomberg/Joe Lieberman
    Mike Lee/Martha McSally 2025-2029
    2024: Def. Andrew Gillum/John Hickenlooper, Lindsey Graham/Tom Cotton
    Jared Polis/Mike Espy 2029-2037
    2028: Def. Mike Lee/Martha McSally
    2032: Def. Elise Stefanik/Ron DeSantis
    Raul Labrador/Josh Hawley 2037-

    2036: Def. Beto O'Rourke/Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    2040: Def. Scarlett Johansson/Tulsi Gabbard