List of Alternate Presidents and PMs II

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  1. Turquoise Blue Dangerously Tibby! Donor

    Sep 5, 2010
    This is a homage to @Komodo's excellent "AIPverse", which I have tried to construct a British version of.

    PoD: Enoch Powell's being kicked out of the Shadow Cabinet leads to him taking the right-wing out of the Tories to form the National Unionist Party.

    1964-1971: Harold Wilson (Labour majority)
    1964: def. Alec Douglas-Home (Conservative) and Jo Grimond (Liberal)
    1966: def. Edward Heath (Conservative) and Jo Grimond (Liberal)
    1970: def. Edward Heath (Conservative), Enoch Powell (National Unionist) and Jeremy Thorpe (Liberal)

    1971-1974: Roy Jenkins (Labour majority)
    1974-1976: Edward Heath (Conservative-Liberal coalition)
    1974: def. Enoch Powell (National Unionist), Roy Jenkins (Labour), Vic Feather (Socialist Labour) and Jeremy Thorpe (Liberal)
    1976-1977: Jeremy Thorpe (Conservative majority)
    1977-1979: Ian Gilmour (Conservative majority)

    1979-1985: Rhodes Boyson (National Unionist minority propped up by "Independent" Conservatives, then National Unionist majority)
    1979: def. Ian Gilmour (Conservative), Barbara Castle (Labour) and Arthur Scargill (Socialist Labour)
    1983: def. Michael Heseltine (Conservative), Arthur Scargill (Socialist Labour) and Shirley Williams (Labour)

    1985-1991: Alan Clark (National Unionist majority)
    1987: def. Michael Heseltine (Conservative) and Neil Kinnock (New Labour)
    1991-2003: Douglas Hurd (Conservative majority)
    1991: def. Alan Clark (National Unionist) and Neil Kinnock (New Labour)
    1995: def. Neil Hamilton (National Unionist) and Tony Benn (New Labour)
    1999: def. Alan Sked (National Unionist) and Tony Benn (New Labour)

    2003-2010: Robert Kilroy-Silk (National Unionist majority)
    2003: def. Douglas Hurd (Conservative) and Tony Benn (New Labour)
    2008: def. Kenneth Clarke (Conservative) and Caroline Lucas (New Labour)

    2010-2013: Mike Hookem (National Unionist majority)
    2013-present: Theresa May (Conservative majority, then Conservative-New Labour coalition)
    2013: def. Mike Hookem (National Unionist) and Caroline Lucas (New Labour)
    2017: def. Anne Marie Waters (National Unionist) and Jeremy Corbyn (New Labour)
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  2. Kaiser Julius Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2017
    I keep hearing stories about this TL but can't find it. Also no love for Roger Knapman?
  3. Turquoise Blue Dangerously Tibby! Donor

    Sep 5, 2010
    Didn't fit with the whole "RedKip" thing I was going for with the Kilroy-Silk direction.

    And it's a bunch of election games. Here's my Archive on it.
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  4. Kaiser Julius Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2017
    Planning of doing a "bluekip" version? Keeping with tradition and all that.
  5. Turquoise Blue Dangerously Tibby! Donor

    Sep 5, 2010
    Would have to do it versus Labour. Which I'm not opposed to. A SDP-y Labour vs. BlueKip NUP would be fun.
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  6. Kaiser Julius Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2017
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  7. ChaosCron Chronicles of Chaos

    Apr 13, 2015
    the Republic of Texas
    The Presidents of World War Z

    2001-2009: George W. Bush/Dick Cheney (Republican)
    2000 def. Al Gore/Joe Lieberman (Democrat)
    2004 def. John Kerry/John Edwards (Democrat)
    2009-2013: Dick Cheney/John McCain (Republican)
    2008 def. Howard Dean/Joe Biden (Democrat),
    2013-2013: Dick Cheney✝/Colin Powell (Republican)
    2012 def. Barack Obama/Hilary Clinton (Democrat)
    2013-2019: Colin Powell/Howard Dean (National Union, wartime administration)
    2016 def. unopposed
    2019-present: Howard Dean/Joni Ernst (National Union)
    2020 def. unopposed
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  8. Bolt451 No war but character class war

    May 16, 2011
    Both Chelt, and Ham.
    The Curse of the Wheat Field

    With apologies to Thande.

    2015-2016: David Cameron (Conservative)
    2016-2017: Theresa May Conservative) (1)
    Def 2017: Jeremy Corbyn (Labour) Nicola Sturgeon (SNP) Tim Farron (Lib Dem) Arlene Foster (DUP) Gerry Adams (SF) Leanne Wood (PC) Jon Bartley/Caroline Lucas (Green)
    2017-2018: Theresa May (Conservative Minority with DUP S&C)
    2018-2018: Boris Johnson (Conservative Minority with DUP S&C)
    2018-2018: Jeremy Corbyn (Labour) (3)
    Def 2018: Boris Johnson (“Brexit” Conservative) Anna Soubrey (“Customs” Conservative) Nicola Sturgeon (SNP) Vince Cable (Lib Dem) Arlene Foster (DUP) Gerry Adams (SF) Leanne Wood (PC)
    2018-2019: Tom Watson (Labour) (4)
    2019-2019: Rebecca Long-Bailey (Labour) (5)
    2019-2019 : Jon Trickett (Labour) (6)
    2019-2023: Dawn Butler(Labour) (7)
    2023-2023: David Davis (Conservative Minority (8)
    Def: Dawn Butler (Labour) Jo Swinson/Anna Soubrey (Liberal Democrat/Moderate Alliance)
    2023-202_: Priti Patel (Conservative Minority)

    (1) A Vote of no confidence by Labour and Tory back benchers over comments and proposals for a hard Irish border would lead to an election where several Tory MPs stood as pro-Customs Union candidates.
    (2) Despite not outpolling the Tories in the months leading to the November 2018 election. Thanks to a Tory split Jeremy Corbyn secured a majority of 23 but was tragically killed in car accident on his way to Palace. Investigations would discover there was no sabotage of the vehicle and it was simple a mechanical fault.
    (3) Didn’t stand in leadership election.
    (4) Jon Trickett narrowly beat Emily Thornberry in the final round of the Labour leadership. Both Watson and Tricket failed to secure a permanent Brexit Deal by March 1950 but did switch to the “Backstop deal”, ironically originally proposed under the May Government. This was a limited time period where free trade remained and Northern Ireland kept a soft bordere . Despite this the backstop had a strict limit. Jon Trickett (and Health minister Andy McDonald) resigned when confusion over customs lead to the death of a critically ill patient when Britain ran out of a key medication.
    (5) As Deputy Leader Jon Ashworth (dubbed “Jon the Lesser” by political Wags) took over as Prime Minister but like Watson before him, didn’t run for Leader
    (6) Dawn Butler became the first BAME Prime Minister (And first female Labour Prime Minister). She oversaw the integrations of Britain into a Customs partnership with Europe, formalised with the Treaty of Amsterdam. While this did lead to increased economic stability the outcry from the opposition and many newspapers saying this was selling out to Europe and the Express declared her declared her a traitor to the will of the people and the Tories and Labour repeatedly swapped places despite the Tories losing some votes to the Moderate Party (and in Scotland the SNP)
    (7) Thanks to pro-customs union vote being split between Labour and the Lib Dem/Moderate Alliance he managed to form a minority government but died from a heart attack a month into the role
  9. RightTosser Used Citra-Frost Salesman

    Nov 29, 2014
    Holy shit, I was just about to do this!
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  10. ChaosCron Chronicles of Chaos

    Apr 13, 2015
    the Republic of Texas
    What were your ideas? I'd love to see another person's take on it.
  11. RightTosser Used Citra-Frost Salesman

    Nov 29, 2014
    Pretty much the same as yours, I guess. I would have made a moderate Republican (Brian Sandoval or Jon Huntsman, maybe?) Howard Dean's VP, though.
  12. TwiliAlchemist Liberty Trail

    Feb 2, 2014
    Clackamas, Cascade Republic
    Electoral History of President Dino Rossi
    1992-1996: Dino Rossi (CCC) [1]
    def. 1992 Jay Inslee (SDP), Sean Peterson(P)
    def. 1996 Brad Owen (SDP), Paul Delaney (P)

    2000-2008: Councilman Dino Rossi (CCC)/Mike Lowry (CCC) [2]
    def. 2000 Councilman William Gates (SDP)/Jay Inslee (SDP), Dean Wolf (P)/Paul Delaney (P)
    2012-0000: Fmr. Gov. Dino Rossi (CCC-CS)/Butch Otter (CCC-CG) [3]
    def. 2012 Gary Locke (SDP-CS)/Christine Gregoire (SDP-TW), Ruth Bennett (P-TW)/Dean Wolf (P-YL)
    def. 2018 Matt Groening (SDP-TW)/Frm. Councilman William Gates (SDP-CS), Sarah Heath (P-BR)/John Smith (P-OR)

    Election for Councilmen
    [2] Election for Governor of Clackamas
    [3] Election for President of the Cascade Republic
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  13. GermanDjinn Steve Bullock/John Bel Edwards 2020

    Nov 26, 2017
    Based on a KR game I played a few months ago, so basic POD is KR's while I diviated from the canon in regards US presidents a bit to add to the "US is in total political turmoil" thing

    1913-1919: Woodrow Wilson (DEM) / Thomas R. Marshall (DEM)
    def. 1912 Fmr. Pres. Theodore Roosevelt (PROG) / Gov. Hiram Johnson (PROG), Pres. William Taft (GOP) / Mr. Nicholas Butler (GOP), Fmr. State Rep. Eugene V. Debs (SOC) / Mayor Emil Seidel (SOC)
    def. 1916 Justice Charles E. Hughes (GOP) / Fmr. VPres. Charles W. Fairbanks (GOP), Mr. Allan L. Benson (SOC) / Mr. George R. Kirkpatrick (SOC)
    1919-1921: Thomas R. Marshall (DEM) / Vacant
    1921-1929: Williams Gibbs McAdoo (DEM) / A. Mitchell Palmer (DEM)

    def. 1920, Sen. Warren G. Harding (GOP) / Gov. Calvin Coolidge (GOP), Fmr. State Rep. Eugene V. Debs (SOC) / Mr. Seymour Stedman (SOC)
    def. 1924 Gov. Calvin Coolidge (GOP) / Sen. James E. Watson (GOP), Sen. Robert M. LaFollette (L-PROG), Sen. Burton K. Wheeler (L-PROG), Sen. Hiram Johnson (R-PROG) / Gov. Gifford Pinchot (R-PROG)
    1929-1930: Henry T. Allen (DEM) / Oscar Underwood (DEM)
    def. 1928 Gov. Herbert Hoover (GOP) / Gov. Frank Lowden (GOP), Sen. George W. Norris (U-PROG) / Sen. William E. Borah (U-PROG), Rev. Norman Thomas (SOC) / Mr. James H. Maurer (SOC)
    1930-1933: Oscar Underwood (DEM) / Vacant
    1933-1937: Herbert Hoover (GOP) / Charles Curtis (GOP)

    def. 1932 Pres. Oscar Underwood (DEM) / Gov. Al Smith (DEM), Mayor Norman Thomas (SOC) / Rep. Jacob Coxey (SOC)
    1937-1941: Charles Curtis (GOP) / Quentin Roosevelt (GOP)
    def. 1936 Sen. John Reed (SOC) / Mayor Norman Thomas (SOC), Spkr. John Nance Garner (DEM) / Sen. Cordell Hull (DEM), Sen. Huey Long (AFUP) / Mr. Charles Lindbergh (AFUP)
    1941-1947: Quentin Roosevelt (GOP) / Fiorello H. LaGuardia (GOP)
    def. 1940 Spkr. John Nance Garner (DEM) / Sen. Cordell Hull (DEM), Mayor Norman Thomas (SOC) / Rep. Max Schachtmann (SOC)
    def. 1944 Sen. Cordell Hull (DEM) / Sen. Alben W. Barkley (DEM)
    1947-1949: Quentin Roosevelt (GOP) / Vacant
    1949-1957: Thomas Dewey (GOP) / Henry A. Wallace (GOP)

    def. 1948 Sen. Alben W. Barkley (DEM) / Sen. Frank A. Harriman (DEM), Gov. Norman Thomas (SOC) / Sen. Upton Sinclair (SOC)
    def. 1952 Sen. Harry S. Truman (DEM) / Sen. John J. Sparkman (DEM)
    1957-1962: Henry A. Wallace (GOP) / Charles P. Taft (GOP)
    def. 1956 Gov. Adalai Stevenson (DEM) / Sen. Hubert Humphrey (DEM)
    def 1960 Sen. Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. (DEM) / Gov. Ross Barnett (DEM), Sen. Norman Thomas (SOC) / Gov. Max Schachtmann (SOC)
    1962-1965: Charles P. Taft (GOP) / Vacant
    1965-1969: Nelson Rockefeller (GOP) / J. Irving Whalley (GOP)

    def. 1964 Sen. Robert B. Meyer (DEM) / Gov. Pat Brown (DEM), Sen. Norman Thomas (SOC) / Rep. Leo Isacson (SOC)
    def. 1968 Gov. John Connolly (DEM) / Sen. Albert Gore (DEM), Gov. Max Schachtmann (SOC) / Sen. Vito Marcantonio (SOC)
    1969-1971: J. Irving Whalley (GOP) / Vacant
    1971-1971: John P. Saylor (GOP) / Vacant
    1971-1973: George Aiken (GOP) / Vacant
    1973-19XX: John Connolly (DEM) /
    Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. (DEM)
    def. Gov. Malcom Little (SOC) / Gov. Leo Isacson (SOC), Gov. George Romney (GOP) / Sen. Chapman Revercomb (GOP)

    DEM: Democratic Party
    GOP: Republican Party
    SOC: Socialist Party
    PROG: Progressive Party (1912)
    L-PROG: Progressive Party (LaFollette)
    R-PROG: Progressive Party (Rooseveltian)
    U-PROG: United Progressive Party
    AFUP: American First Union Party
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  14. Mumby im that bob

    Feb 7, 2010
    'The Empire is America 10 years from now'

    1969-1987: Richard Nixon (Republican)
    1968 (with Spiro Agnew) def. Hubert Humphrey (Democratic), George Wallace (American Independent)
    1972 (with Spiro Agnew) def. George McGovern (Democratic)
    1976 (with Ronald Reagan) def. Jerry Brown (Democratic)
    1980 (with Ronald Reagan) def. Ron Dellums (Democratic-Socialist Alliance)

    1987-1987: Ronald Reagan (Independent)
    1987-1988: John Connally (Republican)
    1988-1988: Alexander Haig (Republican)
    1988-0000: Shirley Chisholm (Alliance To Restore Constitutional Government)
    1988 (with John Glenn) def. scattered Republican candidates

    So uh.

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  15. Wendell Wendell

    Jun 8, 2005
    Lost in what might have been
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  16. GermanDjinn Steve Bullock/John Bel Edwards 2020

    Nov 26, 2017

    The list is based off of Kaiserreich's canon list of US presidents until 1936. Everything after that is headcanon. In Kaiserreich's offical canon Hoover serves two terms but considering the Great Depression started in 1925 in KR, I just don't see Hoover getting elected for more than one term. The only reason I have McAdoo get reelected is due to a massive three way republican split, and Ford only gets elected due to the split persisting. Curtis canonically only serves one term as IOTL he dies in 1936 but he survives in KR, my headcanon is he knows he doesn't have much time left and that he physically can't serve more than one term.
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  17. Kaiser Julius Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2017
    Check this out...

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  18. Wendell Wendell

    Jun 8, 2005
    Lost in what might have been
    I don't know why Hoover's VP would be noinated in Hoover's place and elected if Hoover himself is so toxic.
  19. GermanDjinn Steve Bullock/John Bel Edwards 2020

    Nov 26, 2017
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That's just what kaisrreich gives me, but he is getting removed as the compromise candidate in the next patch and being replaced by everyone's favorite one term progressive president from the Ruins timeline, FLOYD B. OLSON!
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  20. Wendell Wendell

    Jun 8, 2005
    Lost in what might have been
    I have this vague idea for a timeline I call Morning Comes Early. Inspired by the recent timelines exploring the survival of JFK, I've thought about a possibility briefly touched on in one of them; Reagan/Kuchel for governor/lieutenant governor in 1962, with Nixon seeking a return to the Senate instead of the governorship that year. Without further ado, I give you the governors of California in that timeline from the POD onward as I've considered them thus far:

    Pat Brown (Democratic) 1959-1963 [1]
    Ronald Reagan (Republican) 1963-1969 [2]

    Thomas Kuchel (Republican) 1969-1979 [3]
    John Garamendi (Democratic) 1979-1987 [4]
    George Deukmejian (Republican) 1987-1995 [5]
    Tom Hayden (People's Party/Peace and Freedom Party) 1995-1999 [6]
    Al Checchi (Democratic) 1999-2007 [7]
    Tom McClintock (Republican) 2007-2015 [8]
    Peter Camejo (People's-Peace and Freedom Party and Green Party) 2015- 20XX [9]

    I may add footnotes later.
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