List of AH-related media (books, movies, shows, games, etc.)

Doesn't look like there's ever been a list created for all the different kinds of media that are related to Alternate History.

Something for people to refer to, like an archive, when they wanna go and track down all the various things that are related to this interest. Be it movies, TV shows, books, comic books, games, or video games.

So this is a thread for people to help in the construction of this list, this archive of related materials. Feel free to add something.

My additions: (just to get us off to a good start)

-Kronolog: The Nazi Paradox (aka: Red Hell): (PC)
Made in 1993, this DOS-based point-n-click adventure game takes place in the future, telling the story of a world after a Nazi victory in World War 2. You play as a scientist who's trying to save the life of his son, an underground resistance fighter, as well as try and change history itself.

There's another version of this game, (Red Hell) that has the Nazis replaced by Communists.

-Cuban Missile Crisis: The Aftermath: (PC)
Made in 2005, this Real-Time Tactical game is set in a world where the Cuban Missile Crisis went considerably sour. You can control one of four factions (American-British Alliance, the USSR, Franco-German Alliance, and China) vying for control of a nuclear-war torn planet.

-Turning Point: Fall of Liberty: (PC, X-Box 360, PS3)
Recently released, in 2008, this first-person shooter takes place in an alternate history in which the Nazis, after completely overtaking all of Europe, begin to invade America.

-World in Conflict: (PC)
Made in 2007, this real-time tactical game tells the story of an alternate history where, in 1989; instead of crumbling, the Soviet Union chooses to invade both Western Europe and America.

-World in Conflict: Soviet Assault: (PC, X-Box 360, PS3)
Made in 2008, this is the console version/expansion pack of the above title, which also includes new missions, as well as the chance to play as the Soviet forces.

-Covert Front: (PC)
This flash point-n-click adventure game takes place in an alternate 1904, where the first World War has already begun due to early technological advances made by the Germany Army. You play as a secret agent sent to investigate the disappearance of a German General, which in turns leads you deeper and deeper into a larger story.

There are four parts planned, but only two parts are playable as of right now.

-C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America: (DVD)
Made in 2004, this satirical mockumentary looks at an America where the Confederacy won the Civil War. The movie is presented as a British Documentary about American History.

-Timequest: (DVD, VHS)
Made in 2002, this science fiction movie explores the effects of time travel, specificially the altering of past events. The event being altered in particular being the assassination of John F. Kennedy, where a time traveler foils the assassination attempt, thus setting history on an alternate course.

-Red Dawn: (DVD, VHS)
Made in 1984, this movie looks at a then-future 1990 where the Soviet Union, through a series of events, manages to invade the United States. The film focuses on a group of teenagers, the "Wolverines," who try to fight back against Soviet Occupation.

-The Proteus Operation:
Written in 1985, by James P. Hogan, the Proteus Operation tells of the story of a group of commandos, scientists and diplomats from a Nazi-dominated future, who travel back to 1939 to prevent the Third Reich from winning World War 2.

-Comic Books------
-Neozoic: A comic book series that looks at a world where, due to the asteroid that was meant to kill off the dinosaurs instead hitting the moon, humans and dinosaurs co-exsist.
Games :

1) HoI2 : Doomsday - The world where the US drops a nuclear bomb and starts WW3 as soon as WW2 has ended

2) HoI2 Armageddon - Not a clear POD, but I think its somewhere in the 19th century. CSA ends up surviving. There is a communist UK and Japan.
Here are some more additions to the list. With the books covered, we can concentrate more on other media.

-It Happened Here: (DVD, VHS)
Made in 1966, this movie tells the story of the people living in a Nazi-occupied United Kingdom, especially a nurse, named Pauline, who finds herself caught up in the surrounding events, as underground resistance fighters try to take back their homeland from Nazi domination.

-Six-String Samurai: (DVD, VHS)
Made in 1998, this post-apocalyptic action/comedy takes place in an alternate history America, where the Russians launched multiple nuclear warheads at the U.S. in 1957, reducing most of the land to barren desert. The last vestige of freedom and America left is in the kingdom of Elvis, who rules from "Lost Vegas" to California. The Red Army has been beseiging Vegas for years since, but the supply lines from the Soviet Union have been practically run dry. The story follows news of the death of the King, and a call has been sent out to all musical virtuosos to come claim the throne of the King of Rock n' Roll. This brings in the enigmatic Buddy, a katanna wielding musician who aims to do just that, he just has to make it all the way to Vegas.

-Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow: (DVD)
Made in 2004, this movie is set in an alternate 1939, that mirrors classic pulp novel and comic book concepts of science fiction. Newspaper reporter Polly Perkins and the legendary pilot, "Sky Captain," investigate the mysteries surrounding the megalomaniacal ambitions of crazed mastermind Dr. Totenkopf, as he unleashes attacks against humanity with his mechanized army.

Has many nods and tributes to classic pulp novels, movie serials, b-movies, etc.

-Brave New World:
A superhero role-playing game made in 1999, set in an alternate history, where super-humans exist. Due to the emergence of super-humans, which was first recorded in World War I, world events were drastically altered as time went on. In this world, John F. Kennedy survived the assassination attempt on his life, (which in this world had connections to super-humans) but as a result, the government began to take more strict measures in controlling superpowered beings. This has led to a more fascist America, living in a perpetual state of Martial Law since the 60's. The only group who seems to be fighting against this is an underground movement, dubbed "the Defiance," a group of super-humans dedicated to fighting the US government and it's measures.

-Space: 1889:
A role-playing game based on Victorian-era space-faring, created by Games Workshop in 1988. In this world, certain discredited scientific theories of the Victorian era were instead provable. This has, in turn, led to the existence of new technologies, including spaceflight. This leads to colonization of other planets, where in this world, the pre-twentieth century theories about the galaxy are proven as fact.

-Video Games------
-Freedom Fighters: (PC, X-Box, Gamecube, PS2)
Made in 2003, this third-person shooter is set in an alternate history where Soviet Russia emerged as the victor in World War 2, having dropped the first atomic bomb on Berlin. After having spread it's influence throughout most of Europe and the Middle East, the Soviet Union then turns it's attention to invading the United States.

You play as a former plumber who has joined in a resistance movement to fight back against the "Reds," after their invasion and occupation of New York City.

-Enigma: Rising Tide: (PC)
Made in 2003, this naval vehicle simulation game deals with escalating tensions in an alternate history where the Lusitania is not sunk. Thus the United States does not enter into World War I, thus dooming the French and British Expeditionary Forces to defeat by the German Empire in 1918. As a result, Britain and France are annexed and occupied, becoming the German Weltreich. Chief Naval Strategist Winston Churchill manages to flee, with the rest of the British government in tow, to Hong Kong on the flagship, the HMS Hood.

The three factions in this world are the United States, the German Weltreich, and the League of Free Nations (comprised of the exiled British Government and Imperial Japan).

-Crimson Skies: (PC)
Made in 2000, this game takes place in an a United States that crumbled and fractured apart into many nation-states after the effects of the Great War, Prohibition, and the Great Depression. With roads and railways destroyed as a result, commerce took to the air. You play as Nathan Zachary, leader of the Fortune Hunters, a group of thrill-seeking brigrands who take whichever side of the law that is most convenient and profitable at that particular moment.

-Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge: (X-Box)
Made in 2003, this console-version differs considerably from the PC version, adding in more arcade-style elements. But you still follow the exploits of Nathan Zachary, leader of the Fortune Hunters in a country of nation-states.

-Iron Storm (AKA: World War Zero: Iron Storm): (PC, Playstation 2)
Made in 2002, this first person shooter takes place in an alternate history where World War I never ended, lasting well into the 1960's. The story follows an Allied solider's trials and tribulations as he tries to stop the Russo-Mongolian Empire from developing nuclear weapons, as well as his later efforts to finally bring about an end to this war.

Was released, in the UK, on the PS2.
Quickie Addition to the List

-The Fog Fall: (PC)
This flash-based point-n-click adventure game takes place in alternate history based around the Cuban Missile Crisis. You play as an unseen main character as he decides to step out of his fallout shelter.
Some more additions to the list, to this archive.

-2009: Lost Memories: (DVD)
A 2002 South Korean film, set in the future of an alternate history, where Japanese prince (and then Resident-General of Korea) Ito Hirobumi was not assassinated by Korean-nationalist An Jung-geun in 1909. Due to this change, Japan enters into World War 2 as the United States' ally against Germany. As a result, Japan is allowed to keep it's wartime conquests after WW2, as well as Korea.

The story centers around two detectives as they investigate a strange case involving Korean Nationalists' attempt to procure a strange archeological artifact.

-Death of a President: (DVD)
A 2006 fictional documentary about the assassination of United States president, George W. Bush, and the effects it would have upon the United States as a result.

-White Man's Burden: (DVD & VHS)
A 1995 movie set in an alternate America where Caucasian Americans are in the minority class, and African Americans occupy the majority. The story revolves around a white factory worker at odds with the black owner of the factory, and the racial inequalities therein.

-The Day After: (DVD & VHS)
A 1983 made-for-television movie depicting the events surrounding a fictional nuclear war that breaks out between NATO forces and the Warsaw Pact, as well as the aftermath, from the perspective of residents living in the state of Kansas.

-Philadelphia Experiment II:
A 1993 sequel to the 1984 science fiction movie, "The Philadelphia Experiment," which dealt with time travel. In this sequel, the hero from the first movie, David Herdeg, suddenly awakens in an alternate America, under the rule of Nazi Germany. Now David must find out what caused all of this.

Movie deals with the dangers of time travel.

-Invasion USA:
A 1952 movie about a sudden invasion of the United States by an "Unspecified Communist Enemy" (Soviet Union). This is shown through various characters as they find themselves caught up in the middle of it all, as the Enemy steadily advances more and more, despite the attempts by the United States Army to stop them.

Not related to the 80's Chuck Norris movie.

Things to Come:
A 1936 movie depicting an alternate series of events for the century following 1936, as a global world war breaks out in 1940, which lasts for decades, doing so much damage in the process that it sends humanity back to the Dark Ages. But hope is seemingly on the horizon...

Based on the H.G. Wells novel "The Shape of Things to Come", this movie is seen by many to have been quite prophetic in predicting then soon to be future events, such as World War 2.

-Video Games------
-Command and Conquer: Red Alert Series: (PC)
A series of real time strategy games, which began in 1996, set in an alternate history created by Albert Einstein's attempt to prevent World War 2 by going back in time and killing Adolf Hitler. Though there is now no more Hitler, this plan inadvertantly results in an unchecked Soviet invasion of Europe in the 1950's. This eventually leads to a second, alternate, World War. This new war would see conflict all over the world, even in the United States, as it is caught off guard by a sudden Soviet invasion (Red Alert 2).

A third installment is in production.

-Resistance: Fall of Man: (PS3)
A 2006 science fiction first person shooter set in an alternate history where World War I had a much different ending, which leads to prosperity and worldwide peace, thus preventing the Great Depression, the rise of Nazi Germany, and World War 2. But this has also led to an isolationist Russian Empire, which never came under Communist rule.

But a new threat emerges from Siberia in 1949, bizarre creatures suddenly attack from out of the Russian Empire. Soon they, dubbed the Chimera, have overrun all of continental Europe, save for the United Kingdom, which they soon invade in 1950.

You play as Sgt. Nathan Hale, an American Ranger sent in to help liberate Britain, as well as locate a secret weapon, one which can be used against the Chimera.

A 2006 television series depicting the aftermath of a series of nuclear attacks against the United States, from the perspective of residents in Jericho, Kansas, as they deal with the aftermath of this major event.

A 1995-2000 television series following the adventures of a group of travellers as they traverse the many alternate realities of Earth. From a world where the Soviet Union won the Cold War, to a world where England won the Revolutionary War, to more fanciful settings, such as a world where Dinosaurs still exist, a world where humanity has been replaced by androids, etc.

-Ministry of Space:
A 2001 three-part mini-series taking place in an alternate history where British soldiers and operatives managed to get ahold of Germany's scientists and rocket equipment before both the United States and the Soviet Union. The technology that is created from this helps the United Kingdom establish a dominant foothold in space.

The story itself moves back and forth between three key time periods, the last days of World War 2, the initial years of the British Space Program, and events in the year 2001.
Here are some more additions to my list.

A 2007 board wargame that takes place in an alternate history, where World War I is still going quite strong by the year 1949. The players are divided into two groups, the Union (America and Britain) and the Reich (Germany).

Apparently the Reich has come across an object of great power during an archeological dig, which has revealed the location of one of the four dark cornerstones of reality. With this key the Reich can open a portal to Hell and tap into the powers therein. The cornerstone is located under a fort somewhere in Central Europe. The Reich's elite 13th Occult Division of the Obscura Corp is there now, trying to contact this chaotic realm and gain the power to finally bring the world under it's bootheel.

The Union dispatches it's finest trained commandos, the 42nd Alter-Marine Special Forces to thwart the Reich's plans.

-Video Games------
-War Front: Turning Point: (PC)
A 2007 real time strategy game set in an alternate World War 2. In this reality Adolf Hitler is assassinated in the early days of the war, and under the new German chancellor (whose never really named, but bears a resemblance to Karl Donitz), Operation Sealion was a success, and Nazi Germany successfully conquers Britain. This leads to a technological cold war between Germany and the United States, resulting in various new technology on both sides.

Eventually the American and British forces were able to successfully repulse the Nazis out of Britain, as well as capture the Chancellor, causing Nazism to collapse within Germany. But all this has done is give the Soviet Union an opening to invade Western Europe, opening a new phase of the War.

Now it's a war between three armies.
-Video Games------
A 1991 DOS interactive fiction game. You are part of the Temporal Corps, responsible for regulating the use of time machines (called interkrons) and for ensuring the continuity of the past. A colleague of yours has stolen an interkron and has gone back in time and altered 10 key historical events. You must travel to various locations and times to reverse the changes that have been made to history.
More additions.

-Rex Mundi:
A comic series taking place in the 1933 of an alternate history, where the Protestant Reformation never happened. Catholicism still rules Europe, and the Inquisition is still very much in practice. On top of that, apparently sorcery actually exists in this world too.

-Paolo Parente's Dust:
A 2007 comic series based on the various card and board games. The Allies and the Sino-Soviet Union join forces to fight the Axis (Germany, Japan, and Africa in this world), and try to stop their plans to dominate the world using devastating new technology, built from alien technology obtained from a crashed ship.
Twilight: 2000 - Role Playing Game where World War III breaks out between Red China and the USSR/Warsaw Pact in 1995. NATO is later sucked into it and by 1997, there is a limited nuclear exchange. Generally, you are part of the U.S. Army stuck in Europe and you try to survive and get home. Of course, you can have other scenarios too. Game was written in 1984.

The Morrow Project - Role Playing Game where World War III breaks out in 1989 (I'm going by the canon date) and you, as part of the Morrow Project, are frozen and wake up around 150 years later. Game was written in 1980.
Thank you to those who've added to our little list here. ;)

Got some more additions, but couldn't quite find much information on them, well... that was in English.

Basically there are these OAV and TV adapations of two novels, in Japan, by Yoshio Aramaki, Deep Blue Fleet (Konpeki no Kantai) and Fleet of the Rising Sun (Kyokujitsu no Kantai), that deals with the idea of Isoroku Yamamoto somehow, upon his death in 1943, awakening back in the past with all the memories of what has transpired. Thus, as a result of his acquired knowledge is able to help the Imperial Japanese Navy succeed against the American fleet. Apparently (again, going by what little I've been able to acquire) he's able to eventually overthrow the ruling Imperialist party or something, and eventually the Japanese go up against the Nazi forces as well... or something. VERY confusing, due to so little information I could come across.

From what I've heard these programs are quite on the nationalistic side, talking apparent hard-liner stuff supposedly. *shrugs* But that's the best information I could find.
one more addition to the list.

-Commander in Chief:
A 2005 television series taking place in an apparent alternate timeline, where the first female Vice President, Mackenzie Allen, ends up becoming the first female president upon the sudden death of her running mate, President Theodore Bridges. She now finds herself having to lead her country in very dangerous times, in a post-9/11 world.
- Anime/ Comic Books----
- Zipang
A comic series by Kaiji Kawaguchi.
Plot Summary : A Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force advanced destroyer DDG-182 'みらい' ('Mirai' - means 'Future') is transported 40 years back to the eve of the Battle of Midway. The crew attempts to find a way back to the future while changing as little as possible, which is rather impossible since there is a staunch nationalist on board.

Rather like a Japanese version of Axis of Time series by Birmingham. It's pretty cool, and the dubbed anime version is scheduled to be aired in the USA.
- Anime/ Manga (Comics)----
- A Spirit of The Sun
by Kaiji Kawaguchi

Plot Summary : On August 10 2002, the eruption of Mount Fuji, as well as a series of large-scale earthquakes tsunamis inflict tremendous damage to Japan, sending the country into a state of emergency. Furthermore, another massive earthquake hit Japan on August 15, splitting the country into two. While Japanese refugees were taken in by various countries, the Japanese government accepted aid from China and the United States, which eventually caused China to govern the North, and the USA to govern the South. 15 years later, the Japanese refugees residing in Taiwan and the Taiwanese citizens find themselves clashing with one another, due to job competition and the unimproving conditions of the Japanese refugees. Genichiro Ryu is a survivor of the catastrophic events that took place in Japan, but was raised in Taiwan by a couple who adopted him. He gets himself involved in the situation between the Taiwanese and the Japanese, hoping that the two parties will be able to coexist with one another.
- Books ----
Note : It's not listed in the Uchronia website
- Dragon's Fury : World War Against America and The West
From the blurb :
What If...
What if the future Presidential Elections in the future US goes unexpectedly awry?
What if the fundamental Islamic nations unite to wage all out holy war in the mid-East... and then ally themselves with Red China?
What if, during all this, the North Koreans become emboldened to make a massive invasion of South Korea?
This is that story...
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A sorta partial inclusion. Including this movie because it does a decent job at showing the whole concept of "Butterflying." *shrugs*

-Sound of Thunder: (DVD)
A 2005 movie based on the classic Bradbury tale involving a luxury time-travel service, that takes clients back to Prehistoric Times, to hunt an Allosaurus. The rules are simple and enforced:

-Don't change anything in the past.
-Don't leave anything behind.
-Don't bring anything back.

Well, as luck would have it, something goes terribly wrong, (unbeknownst, initially, to those in charge) and soon time and space begin to alter and shift as a result. New creatures and plants begin to emerge around the world, as the world begin to slowly but surely change itself. It's now a race against the clock to try and go back and fix what was changed.
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A sorta partial inclusion. Including this movie because it does a decent job at showing the whole concept of "Butterflying." *shrugs*

-Sound of Thunder: (DVD)
A 2005 movie based on the classic Bradbury tale involving a luxury time-travel service, that takes clients back to Prehistoric Times, to hunt an Allosaurus. The rules are simple and enforced:

-Don't change anything in the past.
-Don't leave anything behind.
-Don't bring anything back.

Well, as luck would have it, something goes terribly wrong, (unbeknownst, initially, to those in charge) and soon time and space begin to alter and shift as a result. New creatures and plants begin to emerge around the world, as the world begin to slowly but surely change itself. It's now a race against the clock to try and go back and fix what was changed.
Weird one that. How come humans turn into seal-like animals?