Life and Legacy of Adelaide of Flanders, Countess of Flanders, Princess of Denmark, and Queen of England

Birth of Adelaide of Flanders
On 1128, Margaret of Clermont would give birth to a daughter named Adelaide of Flanders, her daughter with Charles I of Flanders, she is a grand daughter of Canute IV and a claimant to Denmark and Flanders, she is an attractive heiress and she would rival Eleanor of Aquitaine, the Queen of France in her popularity as a bride, Louis VI would grant her the Duchy of Flanders with her mother as the regent until her majority.
William Aigret
On 1130, William Aigret would turn out healthy and was able to survive infancy, his sister, Eleanor would be married to the King of France, Louis VII to establish an alliance between the French and the Duchy of Aquitaine but this would be short lived as Eleanor would die in 1150 after giving birth to her two children with Louis VII, Marie(1145) and Alix(1150) and his sister, Petronilla would marry the duke of Vermandois after his annulment from his first wife.

He himself would marry Sybilla of Anjou who would give him a surviving son named William on 1145, and a daughter named Eleanor on 1150.
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The Ambitious Princess
Adelaide in 1141, would resist the suitors that wanted her and for her claims including of that of the County of Hainault and one of the children of Louis VI who wanted to unite the succession with his son, she had better ambitions, and she wanted a groom who is worthy of her heritage.

On 1146, she would enter a marriage with the son of the Dowager Empress Matilda and Geoffrey, Count of Anjou, Henry of Anjou, the marriage would be tolerated by Louis VII since both him and his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine did not see anything wrong about this marriage at that time.
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Arrival of Adelaide, Countess of Flanders
Adelaide, Countess of Flanders would join the mourning of the death of Eleanor of Aquitaine and was a witness of the marriage between Marie of England and Louis VII, which means that she would need to have a strategy to win against the Capets and the Blesvins ang gain England, however Marie would have a single daughter with Louis VII named Ida of France in 1153 before she would die and her husband remarry to Constance of Castile in 1154, Adelaide would share to her husband what she had learned in the French court.

On 1154, Adelaide, Countess of Flanders with her two daughters Margaret(1148) and Ingeborg(1151) would arrive in England after the victory, they had a stillborn son in 1153 but she is still positive that she will give birth to the son needed by her husband and she would as she would give birth to a son named Henry in 1155, after her son’s Henry’s birth and she would try to convince her husband to claim Denmark for her but that would wait as they would want to secure French support.
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Louis VII m. Eleanor of Aquitaine d. 1150(a) Marie of England d. 1154(b) Constance of Castile d. 1160(c)
1a. Marie b. 1145
2a. Alix b. 1150
3b. Ida b. 1153
4c. Margaret b. 1158
4c. Alice b. 1160

Henry II m. Adelaide, Countess of Flanders
1a. Margaret b. 1148
2a. Ingeborg b. 1151
3a. Henry b. 1155