Leviathans the Great War Alt History Board Game

Has anyone know has this board game bin officially released yet?, I've got all Three original Leviathans box sets and for an alt history setting is quite interesting they got over there kickstarter funding that they needed and this new take on thus setting they have airplanes.

That's one question they fully answered in the original setting did they have Airplanes, which has Aerial Torpedos fired out of there Aerial Warships but no Submarines, you figured by 1910 the lift tech would flittered down to the Edwardian Cruiseships.

My idea for an alt history setting is Dieselpunk setting after the Great War of Leviathans starting in late 1935 France became the Facist empire nor Germany, beacuse England joined the Central Powers.

Also for Lift I used Rods of Orichalcum that one has to run a current through to get up, I've have figured out down or control of lift yet.