La Triplice - Or Italy in the Central Powers

Alan with his partners: Reika and Beauty ready to fight to defend Japan and the world

In This TL Mechas are more a product of Korea, with Japan focusing with action and military anime.
Inspired by the popular James Bond movie, the Japanese director Tomino Yoshiuky created a japanese/british spy at service of the Emperor.
Alan Banjo.
Differently from HL, Alan(and not Haran as his HL double) is spy working for Kempeitai(obviously much less feared and vicious than OTL's one) against treath against Japan.
Specifically against a German built robot Von Zauker gone mad.

Von Zauker: A german experiment went wrong

Alan is a troubled character with a dark past and fight with a lot of technological gadgets.
At the end of 62 episodes(five series), our heroe shall find that Zauker was only a conspiracy of his mother (ex agent of Kempeitai) to avange the death of his beloved husband and father of her son, Alan, killed in action by Germans.

Queen Koro, the queen of Ultranoids and mother of Alan.

He reached a great fame, nationally and abroad, and was quoted in some James Bond movies.
The 2001 reboot, more nostalgic than a new try was a boxoffice hit, but was heavily criticized by experts.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a Japanese Anime about the conflict against the Esagerd empire and the Terran Union.
This anime is foundamental to japanese animation and take the place Gumdam owns in OTL; generated a lot of prequels,
The story is also a pice eof Alternate History, because Esagerd is a space empire born when German Empire lost the WWI.
Oppressed by England and France, Keiser Lothar left Earth for a new world Von Braun where they found a new space nation.

300 century after, Esegerd and Terra are clashing over boder worlds and a major war

This anime is interesting for many things; it's the first anime to have a war beteen human nations and not against aliens, and characters are not good or bad, but often a shade of gray.

The Socialist Worker Republic of Brazil is the most powerful and loyal ally of Usa in South America.
Brazil is a late come in American Worker Compact, binding togheter the socialist states in America; was, infact, in 1942 that Brasil Republic, technically a Brithis ally in war against Usa, collapsed due to debt crisis and slums poverty.

Like Usa, Brazil experienced a brif(but quite unbloody) civil war and a long(and much bloodier) periodo of purges and confiscations in 1942.
Brasil expanded its industries and retired its navy from the war, to, in 1943, enter in war against GB.

brazilian soldiers outside the Parliament in Rio de Janeiro, morning after the Communist Party coup.


Evita and Juan Peron annunce to the crowd outside the "Casa Rosada" Juan Peron won the 1943 elections.

Argentina was a thorn in American sphere of influence since the second american revolution(or Syndacalist Revolution).
To the main spanish population were added italian and german migrants with strong feelings toward their homelands, and a wealthy, but not too oppresive(well, less oppressive than planters in Brazil),
bourgeoisie were the premise of 10 years of turmoil concluded with a cooup by Genela Juan Peron.

Military Polidce arresting communist and syndacalist opponents; the masses, in a fist time favourable with syndacalist revolution were conquered by Eve Dyarte de Peron, misterss and then wife, of Juan

Success was due to two factors: a fast execution of the Coup and the crowds called by Evita to Juan support, that stopped syndacalist party to act to fear to lose masses support.

Opponents arreested and gathered in front of Casa Rosada.
THE SECOND CHACO WAR: 1943-1946. Part I: Controrevolution in Chile

When first Chaco war concluded, in bolivian victory, United States, just turned syndacalist arrogated the right to push its revolution down south; bringing a syndacalist goverment in Asuncion(Paraguay).
In meantime Brazil and Perù, following Bolovia, turned communist and/or syndacalist isolating Argentina and Chile, the first allied with Germany and the latter with Great Britain.

From 1935-1941 the United States tryed to persuade, with force and diplomacy, Argentina and Chile to bow to the Monroe Doctrine and accept, at least, a syndacalist government.

Workers protest in a factory in Chile.
Because Chile had a little industrial base, strikes and propests hit hardly the country.

In 1937 a massive demonstration led to resignation of goverment and innauguration of Carlos Davilla and proclamation of Chilean Socialis Repubblic.

In Argentina a part of the militia and people sided apertly with communist party, but also if they try a coup in 1938, the coup failed because Buenos Aires people didn't partecipate in uprising.
This leadeing directly to a transitional democratic government and election of General Juan Peron in 1943

The fist act of the second Chaco war was not played in Chaco Broeal but in Chile.
Under heavy british involvement, the navy declared decayed the chilean socialist government and seized the docks of San Antonio.

Chilean army besiege Santiago University, where the goverment flyed when informed of navy mutiny.

Members of parliament under arrest by military police after the shelling of Parliament building.

British warships entered in port of San Antonio to secure sealanes with Australia and India.

The first nuclear explosion produced by Japan in 1953 on the atoll of Kure
"La Triplice": Nuclear Sun!

in 1952 the empire of Japan decided to try harder to achive nuclear fission.
After a lot of failures, during the '40s, kempeitai experimental division tried a lot of times to achive a nuclear fission, but failed. particulary (in)famous was experiment Kaya in which was involved a old 1939 class 2 destroyer(Kaya), the experiemnt involved a portable fusion reactor to have a limited and controlled explosion, but nothing happened(may be a loss of radioactivity and the death of the crew, but this matter is still under maximum secret in Japan)
2nd class destroyer Kaya, it is said that this ship become invisible fot 13 minutes before to appear again: Conspiracy theoristes accused Japan to have try teleportation because the fate of the crew was never reveled.

In 1951 octor Nishina, before to die, leave a paper in which actually made possible the fission of the bomb.
Nishina, director of the Rikken, or institute of physical and chemical reserch, become the father of nuclear weapons, but died before to see detonate its fist child.
United Korea.png

The Flag of United Korea, a state formed after China defeated Japan in Manchurian war during the '40s.
China won also thanks with the help of Germany and the war was costly, but eventually they won.
Korea is a modern state. A strongly conservative state between the two most powerfull states of Asia: The Empire of Japan and the Republic of China.
Korea is strongly conservative, and staunchly allied with Germany to counterbalance Japan, allied with U.K and a strong growing China.

Miklos Horty in his last pic before to die in 1957.

Miklos Horty was the regent for Hungarian throne during the years after the WWI and the years of Russo-German war of '40s
With a use of force, coercion and propaganda was able to retain the power in a more and more fragmented country.
At the end of his life, only the person of the apostolic king, Otto, succeded at only 10yrs old to his father Charles, seems to avoid the country to fall apart.

The main problems of Hungary were Josip Broz, a successeful general and politician from banate of Croatia, and Rumanian protests in Transylvanya becoming day after day more loud and violent(thaks, also, to the repression of Hungarian Army)

Rumanian nationalists near Sibiu, around 1947.

Josip Broz - Commander in chief, and later, Ban of Croatia.