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1900 worlda
Hello! I'm currently renovating some worldas and such maps to make them more accurate. I will accept requests if anyone does so.

Here's a worlda for 1900:



-Added Tibet and Nepal colours.
-Added Boer War colours.
-Added Aceh and Borneo insurgencies.
-Added Acre revolt.
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Q-BAMs are much more useful, But I really do like that you're doing this! (That is, if you follow through with it)
@Admiral A. Kolchak
What's with the change of color scheme in the 1900 map? I'm sure the already established ones are fine it this is just a retrofit, and some of the color choices are very confusing.
This should be on the NG WorldA series. Do you mind if I post it there (crediting you of course)
I don't think the NG Worlda series shows uncontrolled land like I do, but on the other hand the other stuff in the map should be added (i.e., Buganda, Outer Manchuria, etc.).