King Edward VII Refuses to abducate

I just finished reading a biography of King Edward VIII, and it made me wonder what if Edward insisted on marrying Wallis Simpson and refused to abdicate in 1936. A popular theory is that Parliament would have shut down, due to mass resignations, and the Empire would have split into its constituent parts. Some have even suggested that Edward would form a "King's Party" headed by both Winston Churhill and Oswald Mosley. How likely is this? I understand that despite the bureaucracy being against him, Edward had the loyalty of the British people.
Parliament would abdicate him recognising the new George VI as sovereign. Parliament is supreme and makes the rules it wants. The same body that chopped off Charles I head and told James II that as he had run away he was not king any more and gave the job to William III who had signed up for a new contract.

To be sure there would be tears before bedtime all round but monarchs are interchangeable.


Novel called "The Leader " by.Guy Walters. Unconvincing .
What if the King had appealed to.the people calling for.a referendum?
The idea that Mosley would become Duce of a Fascist Britain if Edward hadn't abdicated is always a bit silly. There were at most a dozen or so MPs in parliament who had Mosleyite leanings, he had no support where it mattered.

Baldwin would have resigned had Edward not abdicated, probably Chamberlain would have succeeded him as PM a few months earlier than OTL.
If it's only the Church of England that stands in the way(and apparently being the head of the church doesn't actually mean being in charge of it) could he form a new church?
And this time make it clear that the monarch sets the Church's rules and can change them at will.