Kentucky Fried Politics: A Colonel Sanders Timeline

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Chapter 109: February 2015 – June 2015

“Never spend money before you have it.”

– Thomas Jefferson (OTL)

“And in the southeast Asian country of Laos, Vong Savang, King of Laos, has suffered but survived a minor heart attack at the age of 83. Born 27 September 1931, Von Savang has served in the somewhat-figurehead role of King since his father’s death in 1992...

– BBC World News, 1/2/2015 broadcast

…Grammar decided to give the Laotian King the red carpet treatment before it was too late… With luck, the invitation and subsequent tour of America’s greatness would rub off on the King’s son and heir apparent, Crown Prince Soulivong Savang, who was an avid anglophile but was less-than-enthusiastic about America over the continuing perception of the US’s foreign policy being “imperialistic” in nature.

The President had that US Ambassador make the arrangements with Laotian PM Khamphoui Sisavatdy to ensure the trip was well planned out ahead of the royal tour…

– Kathryn Millstone’s The Grammer Administration, Borders Books, 2021

…The 2 February 2015 referendum was meant to defy the Euro-sceptics and allow the UK to fully embrace the European Union. Creagh staked her political future on the notion that the voters would surely agree to abandon the pound and adopt the Euro. Undoubtedly, the past two years highlighted the ramifications of a disunited financial front; unquestionably, the UK voters would understand this logic and reasoning.

The UK citizens voting down adapting Euro by a margin of roughly 10% was a fatal blow to the Creagh administration, upending perceived indications of the citizens’ understanding of the financial situation and damaging Creagh’s reputation. The failure exhausted Creagh of her remaining political capital, and when faced between the options of either leading to party to defeat in the next generation election, or stepping down to let a more satisfactory Labour party member take the helm, Creagh went with the latter option. She announced her resignation on the fifth, specifying that it would not become effective until roughly one month later…

– Hanspeter Kriesi and Takis S. Pappas’ In The Shadow of The Great European Recession, ECPR Press, 2021

…In space-related news, former NASA Director John McAfee, at the center of a congressional investigation, has been indicted for security violations, with prosecutors alleging that McAfee failed to disclose contents that he smuggled onto the I.S.S. last year…

– ABC News, 2/7/2015 broadcast

“OUTRAGEOUS!”: Major Ohio-Based Trucking Company Has Slowly Laid Off Half Its Workers Since 2010!!!

The Columbus Dispatch, 2/10/2015



[pic: ]

Above: Grammer during a political trip to New Mexico last month

…the President is reportedly unsatisfied with the bill’s handling of cuts to federal income taxes and wants a passage addressing the raising of some tariffs to be removed due to “lingering Iacocca-era issues,” according to the reliable source…

The Chicago Tribune, 2/15/2015



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…“I never would have thought that I would live for this long. Twenty, thirty years ago, honestly, I honestly thought I’d be dead by now. That the drugs or my stomach problems would have done me in,” the singer-songwriter explains as he reflects on the fact that he turns 48 on February 20. “At least I still look good” he says before getting serious and beings discussing what it has been like raising his three daughters amid his tumultuous on-again, off-again marriage to their mother, Courtney Love. “Parenthood had been a roller coaster ride. Sometimes it’s bad, worse than any headache or stomachache, but thankfully, more often, being a dad is better than anything found in a needle or syringe”…

– Tumbleweed Magazine, mid-February 2015 issue

“…In light of the Prime Minister of Spain’s economic investments into the region through their national bailout implementations, the people of the Basque autonomous provinces have voted against independence in tonight’s regional referendum. With a margin of just 4%, the results are very close, even requiring a recount in more than one village, but the results are nevertheless very clear – the nation of Spain is in a period of economic recovery that is beneficial to more than just those at the top, and so tensions in the Basque region and Catalonia are at last starting to simmer back down to their pre-recession levels…”

– ITV3, UK TV channel, 22/2/2015 broadcast


…Lawrence “Larry” Sanders was born in New York City in 1935 and moved to London in the late 1960s after “falling head over heels for the beautiful future Mrs. Sanders.” To the left of the party, Sanders, the older brother of American media mogul Bern Sanders, was elected to Parliament from Oxfordshire in 2000 after joining the Labour party in the 1980s and working his way up the political latter under the administration of PM John Lennon, whom Sanders found to be an “inspiration.” …He will assume the office of Prime Minister on the third of March…

The Guardian, UK newspaper, 26/2/2015

List of Heads of State of Bulgaria


Presidents of the Republic of Bulgaria

1/5/1985-1/5/1995: 1) Zhelyu Zhelev (UDF) – term-limited

1/5/1995-1/5/2005: 2) George Ganchev (BBB) – term-limited

1/5/2005-1/5/2010: 3) Reneta Indzhova (DPS) – first female President; lost re-election

1/5/2010-present: 4) Angel Marin (Socialist) – incumbent

–, c. February 2015

“…It has, yes, it is now confirmed that the leader of Bulgaria, President Angel Marin of the Socialist party, has been deposed in a coup led by opposition leader Volen Siderov of the Patriotic Nationalist party. The coup, which has seen several hundred military officers storm the nation’s capital, is the first of its kind in Bulgaria since the 1992 coup attempt perpetrated by Foreign Minister Petar Mladenov. That endeavor to overthrow the people’s choice, however, was of a much smaller scale – dozens have been shot and killed in this bloody siege on the President’s residence, and the whereabouts of both Marin and the Prime Minister, both of whom were in the city at the time, are still currently unknown…”

– BBC World News, 27/2/2015 broadcast


…Greco, age 82, won a second term (and third term overall) with 71.2% of the vote, meaning a runoff will not need to be held on March 14…

–, c. 3/1/2015

10/1/1963-10/1/1967: 49) Nicholas Chillura “Nick” Nuccio (D, 1901-1989)
– city’s first Italian-American mayor; former mayor from 1956 to 1959; previously served on the city council from 1929 to 1937 and on the Board of County Commissioners of Hillsborough County from 1937 to 1956; unseated incumbent in a race that saw both candidates oppose the Governor’s handling of Cuban refugees, leading to many anti-refugee voters sitting the election out in protest; moderate; criticized for his handling of flooding along the Hillsborough River; lost re-election

9/24/1963: Julian B. Lane (D, 1914-1997)

10/1/1967-10/1/1975: 50) Richard Attilio “Dick” Greco (D, b. 1933) – media-savvy civic activist and former businessman; city’s youngest mayor, having entered office at the age of 34; his election was considered a moment of “generational change”; addressed crime rates by improving social programs via taxation reform; was both praised and derided for having several city employees investigated for sexual pestering during the 1970-1971 Ark Wave; retired; later worked for an urban development company

9/26/1967: Nick Nuccio (D)

9/14/1971: Nick Nuccio (D), Armando P. Valdes Jr. (I) and Sam Capitano (I)

10/1/1975-11/11/1982: 51) William F. “Bill” Poe Sr. (R, 1931-2014) – former realtor and insurance company chair; Air Force veteran; conservative; aggressively combated crime and strongly supported city police; sought to revitalize the city’s downtown area to curb rising unemployment rates in the immediate aftermath of the Economic Crash of 1978; won a second term, albeit very narrowly, due to dropping unemployment rates; resigned after winning election to the U.S. House, where he served from 1983 to 1987 (as he lost election to a third term in 1986); later worked in the insurance industry

9/2/1975: Joe Kotvas (I)

9/4/1979: Robert “Bob” Martinez (D, b. 1934)

11/11/1982-4/1/1983: 52) Charles Miranda (D, b. 1940) – former criminologist; previously served on city council from 1974 to 1982; appointed by city council to complete Poe’s second term; adjusted term length and shifted election date; lost election to a full term

4/1/1983-4/1/1991: 53) Rosemary Barkett (D, b. 1939) – city’s first female and first Arab-American mayor; born in Mexico to Syrian immigrants; former attorney; previously served as a state circuit court judge from 1975 to 1983; strongly supported by city’s Latin-American and immigrant communities; retired; later appointed US Circuit Judge of the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit

3/1/1983: Charles Miranda (D)

3/1/1987: Helen Chavez (R)

4/1/1991-4/1/1995: 54) Faye B. Culp (R, b. 1939) – former teacher; previously served on the city council from 1987 to 1991; conservative; lost re-election; later served in the state House from 2006 to 2014

3/1/1991: Guy Spicola (D) and Charles A. Eidson (I)

4/1/1995-4/1/2003: 55) Jan Platt (D) – former city council member; previously served as county commissioner from 1987 to 1995; retired

3/1/1995: Faye B. Culp (R)

3/1/1999: Edward T. Young (R)

4/1/2003-4/1/2011: 56) David Richardson (D, b. 1957) – city’s first openly Blutago-American mayor; previously worked as an accountant and previously served in the state House from 2009 to 2015; retired; later founded a large accounting firm

3/1/2003: Frank Sanchez (D, b. 1959)

3/1/2007: Marion Serious Lewis (I) and Aria Ray Green (I)

4/1/2011-4/1/2019: 57) Richard Attilio “Dick” Greco (D, b. 1933) – city’s oldest mayor, having left office at the age of 86; retired due to old age

3/1/2011: Rose Ferlita (R, b. 1945)

3/1/2015: Harry Cohen (D, b. 1970), Ed Turanchik (D) and Becky Rubright (I)

4/1/2019-present: 58) Carlos Guillermo Smith (D, b. 1980) – openly Blutago-American; former community activist; originally from Fort Lauderdale; previously served in the state House from 2012 to 2018; incumbent

3/1/2019: Jennifer Necole Webb (D, b. 1979) and Edwin Aubron “Ed” Narain (D, b. 1976)

–, c. 7/4/2021


…the former US President was in poor health for the past many years, battling a form of cancer kept private by him and his family, with his official diagnosis and prognosis never being publicly disclosed... Kemp’s administration from December 1986 to January 1989 can be viewed as one of transition between the scandalous final years of the conservative Denton Presidency and the policies of the progressive Bellamy years. The Kemp years was best known for being energetic and relatively scandal-free, and is responsible for ZEDs, short for Zones of Economic Development, improving living conditions in urban areas across the country… After declining to run for President again in 1992, 2004 and 2008, Kemp served as a senior advisor for the Grammer campaign…

The New York Times, 3/2/2015


[pic: ]



…With the Progressive Liberal’s first use of a Ranked Choice Voting system for their leadership elections, MP Olivia Chow of Ontario has won the PL leadership post, making her the leader of the opposition and the person that PM Rogers will face in the next general election. Chow won the position over Darrell Dexter of Nova Scotia, Jean-Yves Duclos and Guy Caron of Quebec, Charlie Angus of Ontario, Glen Murray of Manitoba, and Nathan Cullen of British Columbia…

The Toronto Star, Canadian newspaper, 3/3/2015


…Finger Lickin’ Good Inc.’s current CEO, Adrien McNaughton, issued a public statement today, describing her as a “smart, witty and kind” leader, and praising her dedication to expanding the company, modernizing its business practices and upholding the Colonel’s dedication to cleanliness and the original recipe…

– The Louisville Courier, Kentucky newspaper, 3/4/2015

…The decline of the recreadrug cartels in Mexico are most often attributed to the Cartel Wars of the 1990s, similar to the intensity of the Yakuza during this same time period. However, many scholars tend to downplay the impact of recreadrug legalization during this period as well. Furthermore, it is very arguable that the decriminalization of recreation drugs at the federal level during Jesse Jackson’s second term played a vital role in recreadrug cartels failing to regain their old footholds in US cities following the American stock markets entering recession in 2013…

– Novelist, researcher and former journalist John Clay Walker’s Recreadrug Lords And The Cartels of Today, 2019


The Washington Post, 3/6/2015

…After the conclusion of the rent moratorium, the city had a clearer understanding of how renters prioritized their income and, more importantly, how renters capitalized from it. McMillan’s partially-transferrable rent caps were picked up by other cities such as Detroit, Michigan and Charlotte, North Carolina, but the policy of rent control found in NYC had its been based on earlier rent control models. For example, in 1986, San Francisco voters reacted to President Kemp’s ZED proposals by passing a ballot initiative to expand the city’s existing rent control laws to include small multi-unit apartments with four or less units built prior to 1980 (which comprised roughly 30% of the city’s rental housing stock at that time), amid fears at the time that ZEDs would lead to racial-discriminatory gentrification trends for the city. While this led to only marginal success, a 1994 pilot program in Reno, Nevada yielded much more positive results both immediately and in the long term.

These earlier endeavors saw the natural formation of two main types of rent control – vacancy control, where the rent is controlled irrespective of whether the tenant remains in the unit or not, and vacancy decontrol, where the rent level is controlled only while the existing tenant remains in the unit. Studies focused on California show that the policy of vacancy control protects existing tenants but discourages investors from building new rental housing units. [1] Thus, McMillan was encouraged to offer tax breaks to real estate developers starting in March 2015. This led to MLB pitcher-turned-real estate developer-turned-filmmaker/actor Donald Trump go from being one of his most harsh critics to being his most avid supporter at a time when Trump was beginning to shift his career’s main focus back into real estate…

– Maria Stevenson and John Capozzi’s TRITDH: The Jimmy McMillan Story, Vagabond Books, 2021



[pic: ]

Washington, D.C. – US Treasury Secretary Bill Weld announced earlier today that recently higher long-term Treasury bond yields are a sign that “market participants are anticipating a continuation of our strong recovery,” and not a rise in inflation, as has been claimed ontech is recent days…

– Reuters, 3/9/2015


The Miami Herald, 3/11/2015


…Engineers have published a paper on the trials of a bionic eye they have developed. The eye could restore sight to an estimated 285 million blind people and is hypothesized to become available in 5 years if early trials continue to yield positive results. This visual prosthetic could change the lives of sufferers of macular denigration and victims of eye accidents. The Electro-Chemical Eye’s design is based on that of the human retina, by mimicking the domed shape of the retina. Scientists at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, in collaboration with MIT developers, made the breakthrough by placing photoreceptors inside aluminum oxide pores… [2]

–, 3/15/2015

HOST: “And we are back with professional dietitian Cory Booker, here to show us his latest breakthrough in the field of healthy eating.”

BOOKER: “That’s right, ma’am. I call it – ‘mangonnaise,’ a mayonnaise-substitute vegan spread made primarily out of mangoes! Now available on my ontech store…”

– The Food Network, TV channel, 3/17/2015 broadcast


The Washington Post, 3/18/2015


...While living for much of his life in Alaska, Bob Ross was born and raised in Florida, where he worked as a carpenter before serving in the Cuba War. In 1994, Bob Ross told talk show host Phil Donahue that his paintings would likely never hang in the Smithsonian, but it looks like the famous PBS painter may have spoken too soon. The Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. acquired four authentic Bob Ross paintings in March along with his original easel made from a step stool, paint brushes, and the palette used on The Joy of Painting, the now-classic public television show he hosted from 1974 to 1988, says Sarah Strohl, executive assistant at Bob Ross, Inc., the company started by Ross that now manages his brand. When Strohl stumbled upon Ross’s quote about his work never hanging in the Smithsonian, she was inspired to land at least one of his paintings there. “It was through a love of Bob and also being like, ‘No Bob, you’re wrong. You need to be in the Smithsonian.’ Stroll reached out to the former Vice President in 2013… [3]

– The Miami Herald, 3/22/2015

…Several tense weeks in Washington, D.C. came to a close today when President Grammer signed the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 into law…

– CBS Evening News, 3/25/2015 broadcast

“…As calls for Scottish independence subside, the leader of Scotland’s parliament, who has been a fiery vocal advocate for the waning Scottish independence movement, has announced his decision to step down from his current position amid political backlash to several incendiary comments she made last year, which are being described as ‘unprofessional,’ ‘divisive,’ and even ‘treasonous’…”

– BBC News, 29/3/2015 broadcast


Kommersant (The Businessman), Russian newspaper, 4/2/2015

“We will prove to this court that Mr. McAfee willingly took actions that were not only illegal, but were also reckless and irresponsible. We will prove to the court that Mr. McAfee was, prior to the April 12, 2014 launch of the Shuttleplane dauntless to the International Space Station, briefed about the properties of fire in zero gravity, and how ash and smoke can contaminate air, instruments and experiments. We will prove he was informed of the high level of difficulty involved in ridding the I.S.S. of the smell of smoke. We will present evidence such as trace elements of cocaine found on the space suit Mr. McAfee wore on the date in question. And we will present audio recordings in which Mr. McAfee confessed to smoking a combination of cocaine and marijuana with a custom pipe carved in his likeness while experiencing zero gravity.”

– Head of NASA’s legal team, Potomac Court, 4/4/2015 hearing


The Post-Crescent, Wisconsin newspaper, 4/7/2015

Mayors of MADISON (Wisconsin)

1969-1971: 50) William D. “Bill” Dyke (R, 1930-2016) – fiscally and socially “hard-c” conservative; former TV/media personality and political interviewer; aggressively opposed shoutniks; lost re-election; later appointed to a circuit court seat

1969 (blanket primary): Robert L. “Toby” Reynolds (I, 1930-1994), Adam Schesch (I) and Edward Ben Elson (I, 1941-1983)
1969 (runoff): Toby Reynolds (I)

1971-1983: 51) Paul R. Soglin (D, b. 1945) – progressive; former student organizer; previously served on the city’s common council from 1968 to 1971; one of the youngest mayors in the country at the time of his inauguration, shortly after turning 26 years old; resigned to serve as Governor from 1983 to 1995; unsuccessfully ran for President in 1988 and 1996; later worked as a political commentator, as a public speaker, as a columnist, and as an advisor and consultant for various progressive organizations

1971 (primary): Bill Dyke (R), Leo Cooper (I, 1919-2001) and Alfonse Reichenberger (I, b. 1941)
1971 (runoff): Bill Dyke (R)

1973 (primary): Leo Cooper (I), David Stewart (I) and R. Whelan Burke (I)
1973 (runoff): Leo Cooper (I)

1977 (primary): Henry Reynolds (I)
1977 (runoff): not held; unnecessary due to Soglin winning more than 50%+1 in the blanket primary

1979 (primary): Anthony “Nino” Amato (R)
1979 (runoff): not held; unnecessary due to Soglin winning more than 50%+1 in the blanket primary

1981 (primary): Jim Rowen (I) and George Wiesner (I)
1981 (runoff): not held; unnecessary due to Soglin winning more than 50%+1 in the blanket primary

1983-1983: 52) Joel Skornicka (I, 1937-2019) – previously worked in academia; selected by common council to complete Soglin’s term; retired and later returned to academia

1983-1994: 53) Frank James “Jim” Sensenbrenner Jr. (R, b. 1943) – previously served in the state assembly from 1971 to 1975 and in the state senate from 1975 to 1983; conservative; won in 1985 over his second cousin; resigned after winning election to the U.S. House, where he served from 1995 to 2021

1983 (primary): Alex Cunningham (D) and Lucille Berrien (Farm and Factory)
1983 (runoff): Alex Cunningham (D)

1985 (primary): Frank Joseph “Joe” Sensenbrenner Jr. (D, b. 1948) and Mary Kay Baum (Farm and Factory)
1985 (runoff): Joe Sensenbrenner Jr. (D)

1987 (primary): Eugene Parks (D) and Richard Berg (Farm and Factory)
1987 (runoff): Eugene Parks (D)

1989 (primary): Dennis Amadeus de Nure (I), Rich Bogovich (I) and Carnell Adams (I)
1989 (runoff): Rich Bogovich (I) (de Nure died on the night of the primary election in a freak accident; Bogovich, demanding he advance to the runoff, took the matter to court, which ruled in his favor, resolving the “crisis” situation)

1991 (primary): Toby Reynolds (I) and Mary Kay Baum (Farm and Factory)
1991 (runoff): not held; unnecessary due to Sensenbrenner winning more than 50%+1 in the blanket primary

1993 (primary): Terry Turnquist (I) and Rich Bogovich (I)
1993 (runoff): Terry Turnquist (I)

1994-1995: 54) Wayne Bigelow (I) – previously served as Common Council President; selected by the common council to complete Sensenbrenner’s term; lost election to a full term; later returned to the common council

1995-1997: 55) Al Matano (Progressive) – former aide to Governor Soglin; previously served on the common council from 1991 to 1995; failed to get much done due to opposition from a majority-moderate common council; lost re-election

1995 (primary): Wayne Bigelow (I), Philip John Schumacher (D) and Todd Hunter (R)
1995 (runoff): Wayne Bigelow (I)

1997-2005: 56) David M. “Dave” Travis (D, b. 1948) – previously served in the state assembly from 1979 to 1997; almost lost in 2003 over his handling of multiple issues including SARS and police precinct reform; retired amid low popularity

1997 (primary): Ray Allen (R)
1997 (runoff): not held; unnecessary due to Travis winning more than 50%+1 in the blanket primary

1999 (primary): John Hendrick (D)
1999 (runoff): not held; unnecessary due to Travis winning more than 50%+1 in the blanket primary

2001 (primary): Bert G. Zipperer (Progressive) and Will Sandstrom (D)
2001 (runoff): Bert G. Zipperer (Progressive)

2003 (primary): David J. “Dave” Cieslewicz (D, b. 1959) and Will Sandstrom (D)
2003 (runoff): Dave Cieslewicz (D)

2005-2015: 57) Mary Lang-Sollinger (D) – city’s first female mayor; previously served on the common council from 1997 to 2003; moderate; retired

2005 (primary): Dave Cieslewicz (D), Eugene Parks (D)
2005 (runoff): Dave Cieslewicz (D)

2007 (primary): Ray Allen (R), Davy Mayer (I), Peter Munoz (I) and Bridget Maniaci (I)
2007 (runoff): Ray Allen (R)

2009 (primary): Peter Munoz (I)
2009 (runoff): not held; unnecessary due to Lang-Sollinger winning more than 50%+1 in the blanket primary

2011 (primary): Christian Hansen (Green)
2011 (runoff): not held; unnecessary due to Lang-Sollinger winning more than 50%+1 in the blanket primary

2013 (primary): Satya Rhodes-Conway (D, b. 1971), Kyle Szarzynski (I) and Peter Munoz (I)
2013 (runoff): Satya Rhodes-Conway (D)

2015-2017: 58) Scott J. Resnick (D, b. 1986) – co-founded netsite development company; moderate technocrat; previously served on the common council from 2011 to 2013; entered office at the age of 28; lost re-election; later elected to the state House

2015 (primary): Richard V. Brown Sr. (I) and Nick Hart (I)
2015 (runoff): Richard V. Brown Sr. (I)

2017-present: 59) Kelda Helen Roys (D, b. 1979) – city’s second female mayor; progressive; former tech entrepreneur, business owner, and attorney; previously served in the state assembly from 2009 to 2015; incumbent

2017 (primary): Scott J. Resnick (I)
2017 (runoff): not held; unnecessary due to Roys winning more than 50%+1 in the blanket primary

2019 (primary): Zachary Wood (D), Raj Shukla (I) and Nick Hart (I)
2019 (runoff): Zachary Wood (D)

2021 (primary): Maurice S. Cheeks (D) and Nick Hart (I)
2021 (runoff): not held; unnecessary due to Roys winning more than 50%+1 in the blanket primary

–, c. 7/4/2021


…Recurring Guest Star Brad Pitt demonstrated his comedic acting abilities in tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live, portraying actor-turned-politician Kelsey Grammer as a professional man surrounded by affable idiots and malicious morons… Guest star Nick Offerman’s spot-on depiction of Vice President Harley Brown is also worthy of praise, given its hilarious accuracy…

–, 4/11/2015

Portrayers of the US Presidents on NBC’s Saturday Night Live

Walter Mondale – Chevy Chase (1975-1977), John Belushi (1977-1979), Bill Murray (1979-1980), Patrick Weathers (1980-1981)

Jeremiah Denton – Chevy Chase (as Presidential candidate, 1980), Tim Kazurinsky (1981-1984), Christopher Lee (guest, 1984), Jon Lovitz (1984-1986)

Jack Kemp – John “Tooz” Matuszak (1987-1988), John Belushi (guest, 1988)

Carol Bellamy – Jane Curtin (guest, as Presidential candidate, 1988), Jan Hooks (1989-1993)

Lee Iacocca – Phil Hartman (as Presidential candidate, 1992, and as President 1993-1995)

Larry Dinger – Jim Brewer (1995-1999), Bob Newhart (guest, 2000)

Jesse Jackson – Eddie Murphy (guest, as Presidential candidate, 2000), Tracy Morgan (2002-2003), Kenan Thompson (2003-2009)

Paul Wellstone – Ronald “Horshack” Palillo (guest, 2001), Fred Armisen (as VP, 2002-2009, and as President, 2009-2013)

Kelsey Grammer – rotating guest star lineup (Heath Ledger 2013-2014, Matthew Bomer 2014-2015, Brad Pitt 2015-2016, Woody Harrelson 2016-2017)

– James A. Miller and Tom Shales’ The Comedy Wars: SNL vs. CSTV, Vanguard Publishing, 2016 edition

France, UK, Germany Sign S.P.A.C.E. Accord In Response to McAfee’s “Stardust” Incident

…The multinational “Scientific Planning for Aerodynamic Celestial Exploration” Accord aims to set specific guidelines for establishing international collaborative procedures for all manned outer-space vehicles and satellites. Prominent leaders in the modern Space Age, such as the heads of the space agencies of Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, Japan and Iran, have all called for the U.S. to sign onto the accord…

– The Houston Chronicle, 4/13/2015

…KFC was not the only company concerned about the increasing dominance of Culver’s on the culinary landscape of the Midwest. The fast food restaurant chain has a little bit of competition for everyone. Their butter burgers went up against McDonald’s, Wendyburger, Burger Chef and Whataburger, and their poultry selections put KFC and Popeyes on alert, but places like SpongeBob’s Undersea Cuisine was also threatened by a siphoning-off of customers due to Culver’s fish menu items, prompting SBUC executives to better strategize where they opened new locations in tandem with new Culver’s locations…

– Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals, Sunrise Publishers, 2021

“Watch: Henry Paulson Testifies Before Congress (Highlights Reel)”

Run Time: 15min, 3secs

Description: The US House Commerce Committee hearing concerns allegations that both former Federal Reserve Chair Henry Paulson and former US Commerce Secretary R. Severin Fuld sought to hide the signs of the recession by downplaying its seriousness, and cause it to be worse than it could have been by not doing anything at all to minimize its impact.

– video uploaded to, a video-sharing netsite, on 4/15/2015

I met up with my contact in the backroom a blacksmith shop in Moroka, seedy and sweaty little bush-country town, clinging for dear life on the edge of the Tati River five miles away from the Zimbabwe border. I gave the password to the guards, who nodded approvingly and stepped away from the door. With not too much haste – never make sudden moves around jumpy idiots with submachine guns – I slipped in to greet ol’ Vik. “Good to see you’re still alive.”

“That cop’s bullet had my vest’s name on it,” he shrugged off his most recent near-brush with law enforcement. In his defense, it does come with the job, after all. But Viktor was much than just your typical everyday gun smuggler. Viktor Anatolyevich Bout was one of the most prominent Russian arms dealer of the post-FARC era. Born in 1967 in Tajik SSR, this big fish had earned the nickname “The Merchant of Death” by operating his own air transport companies for both legal and illegal services. He had been involved in smuggling ever since he was 17, when the USSR collapsed; he made a living smuggling local weapons out to places like Africa and North Korea before moving his base of operations to post-Volkov Russia and expanding his business from there.

“I hear you’re getting around the embargoes from the capital,” I said to the former “kingmaker” for the Colombian Civil War. Smuggling arms to FARC had turned out to be the apex of his career, as the success of the peace process cost him millions and caused him to look for purchasers elsewhere.

“You now smuggling diamonds?” He asked inquisitively.

“No, but diamond smugglers often need protection.”

He nodded, “Some of my friends may need guns. How many do you think they’ll need.”

We talked price; I started high. “Ten?”




I hesitated, “Six-point-five.”

He tilted his head up while keeping his eyes on me, “Need the money that bad, huh?”

“You know how it is, Vic. What do you say. For old times?”

“Six-point-five, and throw in some uzis for half their price.”


Just as we were about to shake on it, we heard two foomp-like sounds outside the door, like someone had simultaneously dropped two buckets full of laundry. Then we heard the door unlock. I asked, “Were you expecting someone else today?”

“Not until 2:30.”

“It is 2:30.”

“I work on Russia time. I’m an hour ahead of–”

The next sounds were heard were the crashing cacophony of the door swinging wildly out and the shouting of several armed officers filling up the room. They ordered us down on the ground, hands up and behind our heads. Just before a group of the hellhounds swarmed onto me to force me to taste the dusty floor, I exchanged a glance with Viktor. He looked surprised, a bit disappointed in his guards – which we later learned were 'tranqed' out by snipers – and scared that, this time, in this place, this third-world country still at war with itself, partially thanks to people like us, we were not going to get acquitted no matter how much bribing was done. Judging by the way he looked at me, he saw the same expressions wash over my mug as well.

It was only after being handcuffed and blindfolded did I realize that these officers were not local, but were from the group of authorities that I had feared the most since the beginning of my career – they were INTERPOL!

– Tommy Gun Thompson’s With Cold, Dead Eyes: A Gun Runner’s Confessions, Borders Books, 2015

The Cairo Protocol is an international treaty which extends regulations and procedures originally laid out in the 1995 Kiev Protocol, which aimed to combat Global Climate Disruption via its signatories committing to a years-long plan to reduce greenhouse gas (/carbon) emissions. This protocol reinforced the commitment, adjusted timetables and regulations, and reestablished international cooperation. It was adopted in Cairo, Egypt on December 10, 2014, and was opened for signature four months later…

…The US signed the Protocol on April 22, 2015, during the Grammer Presidency. In order for the treaty to become binding, it had to be approved by the US Senate, which was split evenly between the Democratic and Republican parties, 52-52, with Vice President Brown’s vote breaking ties in favor of the latter party. Most Senate Republicans joined the Vice President in strongly opposing ratification on the grounds of it possibly harming America’s independence, with Brown stating that “America is mature enough to handle its own problems; we don’t need people on a whole other continent telling us how to run our own country!” A majority of these Senators, and the VP, publicly stated that they believed that greenhouse gases/carbon emissions wee, at least, “contributing factors” to the record-breaking worldwide temperature increases, but behind closed doors, many of those same politicians expressed doubt, with Brown allegedly once stating “I’ve driven all over this country and it still amazes me how so enormously huge it is. How can human activity have such major effects on something so vast?”

With 69 (2/3rds of 104) votes being needed, Grammer broke with his party yet again to join the 52 Senate Democrats in calling for 17 Republicans to vote in favor of ratification. Soon, nine Republican Senators (Snowe, Woods, Heinz, Fortuno, Marriott, Granger, Cafferata, Stenberg and Williams) announced their support for the treaty. By April 2015, the main talking point for anti-treaty Republicans was China’s open reluctance to sign onto the treaty. Grammer’s retort (“So you think we should be just as bad and just as wrong as the Chinese?”) was allegedly said to Senators Hatch, Holloway and Bachus at a private White House meeting in mid-April. Soon after said meeting, Grammar gave a short speech at a White House press briefing on April 16th, not to denounce Republican Senators holding back the treaty, but instead to denounce China for leading the world in pollution rates. The biting critique satisfied the conservatives in the party, and is credited with encouraging 9 more Republican Senators (Hatch, Holloway, Bachus, Wold, Dole, Gatsas, Bilirakis, Rammel, and Bilbao) to announce their support for the treaty, making for 70 Senators in total. Grammer signed onto the Cairo Protocol six days after the press speech.


Reporter Marilyn WALLMAN: “As you can see by the closed offices behind me, the parliamentary squabble over the latest funding bill is impacting even the tourism department. Prime Minister Varvaris swears he will reach an agreement with the opposition soon, but without a passed budget, this office can’t afford to stay open indefinitely. For further insight into this, here with me is the floor manager for Australia’s Trafalgar Travel, a travel agency that is not run by the government, Mr. Morrison. So, Mr. Morrison.”

Manager Scotty MORRISON: “Please, call me Scotty.”

WALLMAN: “Alright, Scotty. What do you think about the government needing to close allegedly extraneous departments? Do you think this crisis will last longer than just a week, like the Prime Minister has promised?”

MORRISON: “Well, first off, I think Varvaris is trying not to be booted out of office by his party, that’s why he’s promising a week, to buy himself some time. But now that he’s done that, he’s locked into it, so he’s probably going to have to concede someone to break it, else he could face a leadership challenge or something, because this is ridiculous. I mean, it’s good for some business, but given the shutdowns here and elsewhere of certain government parks, this is got to be costing us more and more money every day. And let me say this, I’ve lived in Australia all my life – my family roots go back to the First Fleet, in fact – and I’ve worked in the tourist industry for most of my life. I never made to the top, not yet anyway, but I’m a good manager because I pay attention to things, and I have to say this – never have I ever seen something as irresponsible as this.”

– Nine News, Australian TV service, 4/23/2015 broadcast


…Because NASA is headquartered in Potomac, and McAfee traveled to the I.S.S. in a shuttleplane owned by NASA, the case falls under Potomac jurisdiction, regardless of McAfee’s official residence being in Tennessee. The case is being presided over by Chief Judge Lee F. Satterfield…

…This case is unprecedented in that it centers on the first-ever alleged crime to occur in space. A US criminal jurisdiction applies to the case because space, much like the high seas, is considered “res communis,” or “common to all” – belonging to all and to none. Thus, no country can claim it, but governments can hold their own citizens accountable for actions in space. Entering new legal territory, this case could establish a precedence for future protocols ahead of space tourism and increased military and commercial activities in space, trends which are projected to begin to occur in the next few decades...

…Disagreeable or offensive smells may nauseate astronauts and put missions at risk because smells are intensified in the confined space and heat of the I.S.S.’s closed environment, making it difficult to eliminate odors once they are introduced. Furthermore, by McAfee getting high during his visit, he jeopardized his own ability to properly operate his space suit, putting the life of himself in danger as well as risking the lives of others on board…

–, 4/24/2015

25 April 2015: on this day in history, a severe earthquake strikes Nepal, killing roughly 8,100 people; rescue operators save the lives of 40 people in the hours that follow as collapsed buildings are dug out from snowy avalanches triggered by the seismic activity.



…the prominent Civil Rights activist was the progressive mayor of Decatur, Mississippi during the 1970s, and ran for the Democratic nomination for a US Senate seat in 1984; had he won that nomination, it would have pitted him against future VP James Meredith. …Medgar publicly clashed with his more conservative brother, former mayor of Fayette, MS and 1980 presidential candidate Charles Evers, on multiple occasions in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s over political philosophy. However, both put their political differences aside during family gatherings, a friend of the Evers family tells us anonymously… Medgar is survived by his wife Myrlie and their five children, all of whom were reportedly at his bedside when he passed away from natural causes…

The Clarion-Ledger, Mississippi newspaper, 4/29/2015


…Iraq elected its Presidents by a Council of Representatives by a 2/3rds majority until the implementation of an Electorate College election system based indirectly on US presidential elections via 1990-1991 reforms. Earlier today, that process was on full display as the incumbent President, the controversial Nouri al-Maliki (b. 1950), lost his bid for a second term by a margin of almost 15%. Said election’s winner, and thus the man who will be sworn into office on the eighth of May, is Hussain al-Shahristani (b. 1942) of the ASU (“Pro-West” faction). He defeated al-Malik exceptionally, while Ali al-Adeeb of the Dawa Party only received 5.1% of the vote…

…After winning the Presidency in 2009 over Ayad Allawi of the ASU’s “Pro-West” faction and Rafi Hiyad al-Issawi of the National Gathering Party, the conservative politician al-Maliki immediately began trying and failing to reverse several popular social programs and regulations. Under al-Maliki, Iraqi relations with Israel were at their worst in over 40 years, which caused problems for the nation’s economy during the Unlucky Recession. While the outgoing President has not conceded and has announced that he is contesting the results, most political analysts in Iraq believe that little will come from the queries due to the sheer size of Al-Maliki’s his “landslide” loss...

The Guardian, UK newspaper, 1/5/2015

…seven years after their last manned moon mission, the Middle East has still hesitant to venture back out into the stars. The Saudi Arabian space agency was lacking self-confidence through most of its personnel. Successfully sending people a mission to the moon was one thing, but the death of one crew member and the serious injury of the Crown Prince onboard upon re-entry was another matter altogether. The scene had been understandably shocking, and the leaders of the Saudi Arabian space agency believed that indefinitely suspending manned travel was the right call. NASA, meanwhile, offered an olive branch in order to make up for openly questioning the validity of their lunar mission, then-Governor Harley Brown even openly stating his belief that the mission was a “publicity stunt” of sorts. Due to this, and due to Chinese public interest in space exploration beginning to rise, NASA offered to let the Iranians and Saudis space agencies make major contributions to the construction of a Sustain Orbital Gateway, which would be, essentially, a drone hub for robots on the Moon and a pit stop” for Marstronauts passing by on their way to the Red Planet. Both the Iranians and Saudis space agencies agreeing to the construction proposal gave hope to the possibility that US would soon return its gaze to the stars...

– Madawi al-Rasheed’s The History of Modern Saudi Arabia, Sunrise Books, 2019 edition


– The New York Times, 5/5/2015


– The Canberra Times, Australian newspaper, 5/8/2015

…As Botswana’s Revolutionary War began to wind down, temporary tribal alliances helped to unify the revolutionary forces dismantling the country’s corrupt system from the ground up, with one military leader, a diamond mine worker-turned-lieutenant commander, famously saying “more evil blood than good blood is being spilled here today” on May 9… Meanwhile, the reeling government forces lost unity, territory, and foreign backup as the days and weeks of fighting continued on. The apparent success of the government overthrow made congressional war hawks like Milton Wolf (R-KS) bitterly criticized President Grammer for not doing more to defend the capitalist and pro-American government, once saying in a speech on the floor of the US House “corruption alone cannot make a government worthy of being overthrown. You do not throw out the baby with the bathwater!”…

– Walter Allen McDougall’s The Promise And Potential of US Foreign Policy In The 21st Century, Dove Books, 2019



[pic: ]

– clickopedia or The Boston Globe, 5/10/2015

Former Deliberation Committee member Chris PETHERICK: “The Electoral Trust is reviewing several petitions and proposals, but Electoral College reform is dominating the civilian efforts. And it seems the EC Reform movement is slowly shifting in favor of Ranked Choice Voting, but it’s very likely that it won’t be fixed in time for the 2016 election.”

Panelist Ana NAVARRO: “Okay, interesting, now why is that?”

PETHERICK: “It’s just how the system is set up, right, Senator Gravel.”

US Senator Mike GRAVEL (D-CA): “Yes and no. Yes, because the process is designed to avoid flavor-of-month ideas to be passed in the heat of the moment, allowing the idea to stick around long enough for everyone to gather a clear understanding of its positive and negative attributes. No, because the processed could be sped up by congress simply passing a law reforming the EC upon viewing the Hearing Records and Deliberation Committee reports. But since they won’t do that, you’re basically right, Chris.”

NAVARRO: “So, the pace of this it’s a good thing.”

GRAVEL: “Maybe, maybe not. It depends on how forgetful people are. The farther we get from the 2008 and 2012 elections, the higher the number of people that simply forget about them.”

PETHERICK: “Oh, I agree. This relatively slow process could hurt the momentum of the EC Reform movement because tend to focus more on the present than on the past. People are already starting to forget about the 2012 election and already many people have forgotten about the 2008 election because people move on. But we’ve got to remind them to fix the EC before they do so, and before it happens again.”

NAVARRO: “Well, maybe the Electoral College will be reform in time for 2020 election.”

GRAVEL: “Maybe. Remember, before UHC was passed in 1990, we had been discussing it since the early 1970s, so if a new voting process gets implemented in time for the 2020, it will actually be impressively fast, relatively and contextually-speaking.”

PETHERICK: “Yeah, I agree, but I also think we can keep it in public discourse until that time comes, though. Even if it takes until 2020, we can keep it relevant by continuing to discuss the importance of utilizing the N.I.A. to bring attention to it, and by discussing it on important, major, wide-reaching platforms such as this one.”

GRAVEL: “Was that a shameless plug?”

PETHERICK: “It wasn’t shameless.”

NAVARRO: “Ha-ha, well, um, this Ranked Choice Voting idea certainly is getting attention on the technet, where many are claiming that RCV is far too complicated for under-educated Americans.”

GRAVEL: “Possibly, but that’s why people have to access all voting literature and helpful voting material that’s out there on the technet in the first place.”

PETHERICK: “Yeah, and besides, RCV is still much better than a direct popular two-round system or a congressional delegation allocation system because the RCV would not fundamentally change voting habits in a negative way. And its instant-runoff ability is superior to the second round repeat system because its less costly in regards to both time and money!”

GRAVEL: “And don’t forget about the other glaring problem with the CDA system – gerrymandering. If politicians didn’t work tirelessly to choose their voters before, under a CDA system the gerrymandering would be taken up to eleven!”

NAVARRO: “But don’t the Democrats oppose gerrymandering?”

GRAVEL: “Only when they aren’t the ones gerrymandering, Ana.”

– Kennedy News Network, roundtable discussion, 5/11/2015

12 May 2015: on this day in history, a major earthquake strikes Nepal, merely weeks after a severe one struck the region. Due to prior evacuations, houses still damaged, cleanup and emergency personnel still working, and a less severe magnitude, the seismic activity only kills 92 people.


[pic: ]


List of Monarchs of Nepal


1972-2014: Birendra Bir Bikram Shah (1945-2014, aged 68) – oversaw the nation shift to being a constitutional monarchy in 1990; defeated a Maoist coup attempt in 1998; died from heart failure

2014-present: Nirajan Bir Bikram Shah (b. 1978, age 37) – was next in line to the throne after his older brother Dipendra committed suicide in 2002

–, c. 2015


The Washington Post, 5/18/2015

JULIETTE PARKER ELECTED MAYOR OF COLORADO SPRINGS: Former Homeless Person Unseats Incumbent In Stunning Political Upset

– The Rocky Mountain News, Colorado newspaper, side article, 5/19/2015


1975-1979: 36) Lawrence “Larry” Ochs (I, 1924-2003) – former businessman; began serving on the city council in 1967; became Vice Mayor in 1970; the last mayor to be elected by City Council rather than popular vote; worked aggressively to expand business opportunities for the city; retired

1979-1985: 37) Robert Michael “Bob” Isaac (R, 1928-2008) – of Syrian Christian descent; former math teacher and law firm partner; previously worked as an assistant district attorney for the Fourth Judicial District of Colorado in 1965 and 1966, as a judge for the Colorado Springs Municipal Court from 1966 to 1969, and as a city councilman from 1975 to 1979; city’s first-ever popularly-elected mayor; “during his tenure, KVUU radio aired a daily drive-time segment called ‘Stump Mayor Bob,’ in which the DJs would call the mayor's office and ask him trivia questions” [source: his wiki article!]; resigned for a higher-paying position in the Denton administration’s Justice Department

1979: Myron H. “Mike” Pike (I) and Ken Curtis (I)

1983: Frederic J. “Fred” Weber (I) and Thomas C. “Tom” Fisher (I)

1985-1985: 38) Leon Young (I) – city’s first African-American mayor; selected by city council to succeed Mayor Isaac; lost election to complete the 1983-1987 mayoral term

1985-1991: 39) Cheryl D. Gillaspie (R) – city’s first female mayor; conservative; former business owner and political donor; known for carrying a pistol in public; lost re-election
1985 (special): Mary Ellen McNally (I), Leon Young (I) and Frederic J. “Fred” Weber (I)

1987: Joseph Jones (I)

1991-2003: 40) Mary Louise “Mary Lou” Makepeace (R, b. 1940) – city’s second female mayor; previously worked as a caseworker and non-profit director; previously served on the city council from 1985 to 1999; promoted child rights, elder care, and beautification projects; known for her open, innovative, and unifying leadership; term-limited by an opposition-led city referendum in 2001; ran for Lieutenant Governor as an Independent in 2006 despite not officially leaving the GOP to oppose the “Goetzite” Republican nominee that year; later served in the U.S. House from Colorado’s 3rdd district from 2017 to 2021

1991: Cheryl D. Gillaspie (R)

1995: Jeff Valdez (I)

1999: Will Perkins (R)

2003-2011: 41) Sallie Clark (R) – former business owner; previously served on the city council from 1999 to 2003

2003: Ted Eastburn (I)

2007: Mike Coletta (I)

2011-2015: 42) Charles Fowler (R) – former businessman; previously served on the city council 2005 to 2011; was a close ally of Mayor Clark; conservative; lost re-election in an upset

2011: Kenneth Paul Duncan (I)

2015-present: 43) Juliette Parker (I) – former “army brat” and former homeless person; previously worked as a small business owner and as a nonprofit organizer; supports fiscal responsibility and vocational education; ran a successful grassroots campaign against an “establishment” incumbent; currently working to combat the root causes of homelessness; incumbent

2015: Charles Fowler (R)

2019: Brian Bahr (R) and Lawrence Martinez (I)

–, c. 7/4/2021

…Spurred on by Marin cutting funding to the military in the midst of the 2013-2014 economic recession sweeping Europe, many within the military junta soon found its civilian leader to have an unrealistic understanding of their nation’s military capabilities. Blaming Marin’s socialist policies and the nations of Greece, Turkey and Romania for Bulgaria’s economic woes, Volen Siderov wanted to send jets bomb Thessaloniki, Bucharest and Ankara “as a trilogy of warning shot.” This military leaders knew this would lead to those three nations quickly mobilizing of forces, bringing them to war. Only some of them, however, were aware of just how truly outdated their firepower was, and found Siderov’s notion to “use a lot of ammo to compensate for any problems” to be absolutely ridiculous. The plan to have other cities being hit by Bulgarian fighter jets was soon leaked to certain members of the nation’s parliament…

– Frederick B. Chary’s The Modern Balkans: The History of Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Greece, Romania and Turkey After The End of the Cold War Era, Greenwood Publishers, 2018 edition

“…We can now confirm reports that the Bulgarian military junta that took control of that nation’s capital earlier this year has been overthrown in a counter-coup lead by prominent technocratic members of the Bulgarian National Assembly and several anti-Siderov soldiers within the military…”

– BBC World News, 25/5/2015 broadcast

…Marin was reinstated, Siderov was sentenced to life in prison for treason, and a massive crackdown on the military began to sniff out everyone in the armed forces who had particiated in or had supported the February Coup…

– Frederick B. Chary’s The Modern Balkans: The History of Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Greece, Romania and Turkey After The End of the Cold War Era, Greenwood Publishers, 2018 edition


…The Vice President told the joke, “Jewish men get circumcised because Jewish women won’t touch anything that’s not at least 20% off” [4] to a gathering of reporters outside the US Senate Chamber two weeks ago, shortly after Brown casted a tie-breaking vote that in favor of a Republican bill to extend federal regulations but lower fines for littering in national parks… In today’s statement, Brown announced “sometime a joke of mine may be construed by those of a gentle nature, a sensitive disposition or the young, to be offensive, shocking, or even obscene. To them, I apologize. To the rest of my fellow citizens who understood that the comment was in jest, the backlash highlights the need for us all to be more honest and straightforward with one another instead of deceiving each other and ourselves. Dishonesty in any of its forms and any encroachment whatsoever upon our sacred right to free speech is nothing more than bondage to fear. I believe that this or any other form of unwanted bondage is repugnant and do hereby announce that I hold it in great contempt. [5]”…

The Boston Globe, 5/30/2015

“Your majesty, I hope everything was to your satisfaction,” President Grammer said the royal visitor upon the completion of dinner. The dishes of the stately meal had all been rooted in Laotian tradition, but given an American spin her and there to highlight the theme of the trip – the strengths of close US and Laotian relations. Naturally, KFC was also served.

At 83, King Vong Savang of Laos had no time for lengthy monologues, and so responded bluntly, “I was. I again thank you for welcoming us into your home.”

“It was pleasure, sir, but the White House is not my home. I may live here, but its true owners are the 328 million citizens of America.”

“I see. Well, then you can tell the landlords that I enjoyed the visit,” the octogenarian ruler smiled with sincere glee.

As Grammar had wanted, the visit had taken the President and his VIP visitor beyond the Beltway. Over the span of three days, the two had traveled across the US, starting in Seattle to speak before the Laotian-American community there, complete with a trip to the “Little Laos” district and media outlets joking that Dr. Frasier had again returned to his home town. Next, the two visited Wichita Kansas, impressing the King with the sheer vastness of the Great Plains and the electric, wind and solar power systems strewn across it over the past several years, and allowing Grammer to check in on a state that had almost voted Democratic in 2012. Then the tour came to New York City to inspect the latest opportunities capitalism has to offer people and businesses, and partake in more American culture and cuisine. The tour came to a close in D.C. with a welcomed “sleepover” stay at the White House.

At the end of the trip, Grammer turned to his second-in-command Harley Brown and said, “And that is his how you make an ally.”

Indeed, Grammer and Laos’ Prime Minister would sign a major trade deal three months later…

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022


The Washington Post, 6/4/2015

…The company’s decision to expand farther into Africa did not stop at South Africa and Morocco. KFC’s CEO decided to be even bolder, and offered to open one small dine-in outlet in the capital of the new nation of South Sudan. The country’s leaders saw the notion as an offering of goodwill, and as an opportunity to develop the new nation’s struggling economic markets in a way that did not “threaten our national identity” given that this particular KFC would be donned in the local colors instead of its iconic red-and-white stripes, marking the first time in 55 years that a standalone KFC waived the uniform look. This shake-up in building appearance would later be replicated in KFC outlets in other nations as well; in fact, at the time of this book’s publications, roughly 20% of KFC outlets found outside the US maintain building facades closer to local designs than to the standard one… KFC-South Sudan opened in Juba on June 5, 2015…

– Marlona Ruggles Ice’s A Kentucky-Fried Phoenix: The Post-Colonel History of Most Famous Birds In The World, Hawkins E-Publications, 2020

DRUMSTICKS AND DEMOCRACY: Northup’s Latest Studies How The Colonel Still Effects The Nation Today

…Anne Meagher Northup’s Chicken and Politickin’: the Rise of Colonel Sanders and Rational Conservatism in the Republican Party, examines and analyzes Colonel Sanders’ impact on fast food culture, the US Presidency, the Republican Party, and world trends during his life, and how those impacts still reverberate is modern times...


[pic: ]

The New York Times, book review section, 6/6/2015

“..The totals were astounding to these researchers: no more than 10% of all applicants had been approved for state-level welfare programs in the state of Mississippi. The state’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program had rejected most welfare applicants under former Governor Hudson Holliday, and incumbent current Governor Martha Rainville, a Republican. Governor Rainville isn’t running for a second term amid low approval ratings, which are only getting lower in the midst of this growing scandal…”

– KNN News, 6/7/2015 report

MILLS: Republican politics often sing the praises of not just President Saunders but the company he founded as well. Did has led to the occasional news story about some KFC employee posting some controversial and wildly partisan comment ontech. These have in turn led to claims that KFC harbors a cult-like workplace environment. Does KFC have a cult problem?

YOHE: I don’t think so. Low-key, there is a connection to the GOP, but it is the opposite of what those ex-employees have professed. That particular party loves us more. For example: ever since the days of the Colonel Sanders Presidency, in nearly every Republican administration, nearly every time there is a major celebration at the White House, KFC is served or offered somewhere. Kemp, Iacocca, Dinger, and now Grammer. So KFC has affected White House planning but the GOP does not affect KFC’s actions as a business.

MILLS: But does the GOP impact the company workplace-wise?

YOHE: We often enjoyed working with any administration, gubernatorial or federal-level regardless of political party, but workplace culture? Maybe. I mean, most who work for us are simply not political; they aren’t into politics because it’s not a part of the job to be political. We serve anyone and everywhere. But, I have to say, I worked at that company for decades, starting at the bottom even though my Dad was a big player in the company even then, and I worked up to middle and to the top. And, I’ve got to say, of those who were openly political during my time there, nearly all at the very top were Republican. I’d say half didn’t care; they cared about the food – you know, the whole point of the company – more than about who liked us more than others. About a quarter of my branch of the KFC family, for example, were independent, about 20% of them were Republican, most of which were avidly Republican, and about 5% were openly Democrat.

MILLS: So were Democrats intimidated into not espousing their views, or do most Democrats simply not apply at FLG because they are discouraged from working there?

YOHE. No, there’s a difference between affiliation and the reality of things. Yes, KFC has become associated with the GOP. It has become as much a symbol of their party as the elephant, similar to how a painted tree has become a symbol for Democrats thanks to the ascension of Bob Ross. But I worked at the top for ten years, and we didn’t care if you were a Democrat because half the country is Democrats, and shutting out half a country is never good for business. Why ever would any company shy away from so many potential customers?

– Former CEO of FLG Inc.’s Smoky Mountain Bbq Steakhouse (2005-2015) David Yohe and a Reporter, Tumbleweed Magazine, 6/8/2015 interview

…In the early summer of 2015, Vice President Harley Brown began calling for the US to pull out of the World Court, also known as the UN International Court of Justice. Initially, the US refused to ratify its protocol, but still had a jurist on the bench, until President Jesse Jackson got the US into it thanks to the huge to Democrats controlling the US Senate 63-37 in 2005. In private discussions with his VP, Grammer seemed supportive of the notion that the UN should not influence the US’s handling of judicial affairs…

– Kathryn Millstone’s The Grammer Administration, Borders Books, 2021


…Speaker of the Vietnam National Assembly and unofficial opposition leader Dang Thi Ngoc Dung of Saigon, b. 1978, is joining the voices calling for President Viet D. Dinh to step down amid corruption claims…

Tuoi Tre News, United Vietnam newspaper, 6/10/2015


…NASA Director Bezos has just taken us one step closer to building a robot hub on the moon by obtaining for the administration a $25million donation from South African ore mining billionaire Elon Musk. …Shuttleplanes and the I.S.S. will play vital roles in the launching of a lunar orbiter. …Once operational, the S.O.G.’s robots can potentially carry out long-term experiments on the moon, explore its poles and Dark Side, and even dig deeper than ever before in order to learn more about Earth’s sole natural satellite...

–, 6/14/2015

“I know the Demowusses have got a new talking point lately, they’re complaining about how expensive military uniforms are: gloves, rifle mags, helmets, night vision on helmets, plates and plate carriers, rifle, scope, camo clothing, pouches, it all adds up in the end. But you know what? You pay for what you get – it’s either expensive gear to help our soldiers, or cheap gear to help an enemy’s soldiers. But to their credit, I have always supported the libertarian proposal to have it so that a state’s militia reports exclusively to that state’s governor, and that all of their material, supplies and equipment falls under state jurisdiction, away from the fingers of the feds, so they can’t charge taxes for them. That would certainly lower federal taxes.

But, then again, Democrats love taxes. Their motto is basically ‘Work hard, chumps – millions on welfare depend on it!’ Yeah, the Democrats complain about our tax policies, then come this close to violating the BBA and creating a constitutional crisis. They’re hella confused – a lot of ’em need Jesus. They need to reject stupidity and embrace the glory of God. Yeah, that’s why it’s so important to keep up good relations with the people of the Middle East. Jesus was born there. He wasn’t born elsewhere. He wasn’t born in some place like India or China or Poland. We definitely know for a fact that Jesus was not born in Poland because nobody has ever found three wise men or a virgin in Poland” [6]

– Vice President Harley Brown at a televised political fundraiser hosted by the Family Research Council, 6/19/2015

“You really messed things up this time, Harley,” the White House Chief of Staff shook her head with a tired look of disapproval. The administration’s staff had gone into overtime trying to minimize the fallout to Brown’s comments the previous day, calling up news stations to keep track of how fall the comments were spreading and cling on firefighter as two hearings ago..

“I was just trying to liven up the room. Ralph Reed is such a stick in the mud. And that Dobson fella looked like he was dead,” Harley defended himself, “It was just a joke!”

“To you, yes, but to others it struck a nerve. There are 38 million people in Poland and if Polish social media and all the Polish officials denouncing you ontech are any indication, you’ve just upset all of them.”

“Not to mention all the Christians in this country complaining that you were insulting and belittling Jesus,” Grammar slowly exhaled as he flexed his fingers around a stress ball, squeezing it at a quickening pace.

“What?” That’s ridiculous. Don’t they know me? I’m one of God’s biggest fans!”

“Alright, that’s it!” President Grammar spoke up, slamming the ball against his desk as he rose from his chair to stand in front of Brown.

“Harley, oh, my dear Harley, you know I support people being themselves, but do you think you can try to not offend large swaths of the world population? I mean, for God’s sake, man! You are the Vice President of the United States, you’re not some semi-sentient simian from the sticks.”

Grammer’s Chief of State pressed her counterpart, VP Brown’s Chief of Staff “Viper” Kelly, to give the two politicians some room.

“I don’t filter, Kelsey,” answered Brown. “I don’t do fancying modern etiquette-type things like censoring myself.”

“This isn’t just about you, Harley! It’s about common courtesy, and about what one’s actions indicate about their own self-respect. And it reflects poorly not just one you, Harley Davidson Brown, but on this whole administration. Don’t you realize that you are causing so much damage sullying our reputation that party leaders are saying I should find a different running mate?”

To this, Harley was surprised, as he had apparently not heard of the recent discussions. “What?”

“Party leaders are saying that if I had to drop you from the ticket, replace you with someone just a religious but way less self-destructive, this White House’s approval ratings would skyrocket faster than the Milestone and Seeker!”

Harley thought for a moment before proclaiming firmly, “I won’t change who I am. And if I did decide to change, I don’t think I’d be able to.”

Grammar groaned, “You don’t have to change who you are. You just clean up your act. It’s not censorship, its common sense. You don’t swear at other people’s children, you don’t cry ‘fire’ in a fire-free place, and you don’t crack off-hand religion jokes about the Polish at a religious event. What next, you’re going to make fun of Jewish people at the Holocaust Museum in New York?!”

“No, no,” the Vice President crinkled his brow and shook his head; for the first time in his life, with the threat of being dropped from the 2016 making the situation very real for the VP, Harley felt a bit frightened of Kelsey Grammer.

“Just, please, Harley, just go out there and do your best to apologize. Fix this burnt bridge. And just…cut the crap already.” [1]

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022


[pic: ]

– VP Harley Brown speaking to reporters outside Number One Observatory Circle, the official residence of the VP of the US, apologizing for past remarks while trying to keep the moment lighthearted, 6/21/2015

Helloooo, fellooow technetters! Hizzy McHugh coming at you with the word on the latest fast-food phases and crazes. And in this video, we’re lookin’ at the reasons behind the surprisingly intense connection that some NBA teams have with certain Pizza brands.

You ever notice that, ever since the late 1990s, the NBA has been increasingly sponsoring up with various pizza companies? There’s a reason for it, and it actually has to do with something we’ve covered in series many times before – a little thing called health science. But don’t click away, friends – as always, I’m bringing it to ya bit by bit and in a fun way.

See, back in 2004, as part of a series of articles covering the NBA in the post-pandemic era, Business Insider let out a little secret. According to the article, the bromance between the teams of the National Basketball Association and various Pizza brands – ranging from prominent names like Pizza Hut, Little Caesar’s, Boston’s, Domino’s Pizza, Figaro’s, Pizza Corner, Eatza Pizza, Sbarro, Marco’s Pizza, and Toppings Galore, to smaller chains like Pizza Haven, Pizza Shack and Papa Murphy’s – began during the 1994-1995 NBA season, when Malik Sealy of the Indiana Pacers got to craving some extra cheese pizza right before the start of the Conference Semifinals. Convincing the team to order a pizza before the game, the team performed better than expected, resulting in fellow teammate Reg Miller demanding they start a habit of eating pizza before every game that season. And as it turned out, that season was their best in over a decade, as they made it not only all the way to the Conference Finals, but they won the NBA Finals that season as well! This surprise success bolstered the rising rumor that pizza was the key to better player performance.

Ever since that season, more and more NBA teams have begun to swear by the combination of cheese, bread and sauce, claiming the slices boost player performances on the court. Some teams reportedly even have their staff order pizza and have them on stand-by for when they start losing a game, and some teams even compare their performances against the pizza brands they eat before each game. No joke! it? Because if pizza equals mad court skills, how come my pimple-covered adolescent self was terrible at Phys Ed no matter how many pepperonis I stuffed into my face?

Maybe it’s just typical sportsball superstition, like the claim that the curse from a goat kept the Cubs from winning the World Series until 1984, or the Curse of the Colonel Sanders Statue. But the placebo effect – as previously covered in this video here – is well known for giving competitors an edge time and again. So maybe this is all just in their heads? Because from a dietary standpoint, pizza just can’t be the optimal food choice for million-dollar basketball players, right? It just can’t be. Right?

Well, let’s find out. Let’s break it down, and if there is merit, let’s find out quickly, before everyone is eating pizza, which would make the playing field even again and make this entire video be pretty much moot and pointless.

First off, according to this source here, NBA players, due to muscle mass and energy exuded, most often consume roughly around 3,750 calories a day, practically and basically double the amount an average person consumes, so let’s work the math from there. According to, the average plain cheese pizza has around 250 calories. According to Malik Sealy in a 2005 interview, and according to a 2010 report found here, the most popular pizza chains among NBA players are Pizza Hut (which offers up 240 calories in its 12-inch plain cheese medium pan pizza), Little Caesar’s (which has 148 calories per slice of plain cheese), Boston’s (with its 200 calories per plain cheese slice), and Domino’s Pizza, which is most popular among the Pacers. An entire 10-inch cheese pizza from Domino's has 1,140 calories if you opt for the standard hand-tossed pizza. If you get a thin crust pizza, calories drop down to 800 for the whole pizza. A regular slice of cheese pizza has 190 calories [7]. So consuming three whole pizza from Domino’s would make up 100% of a typical NBA player’s daily calorie intake – which is a hypothetical for these calculations on the screen here, I’m not saying their downing entire pies over in the NBA – but then again, I’m not in the NBA, so I can’t personally verify that.

Anyway, here’s a breakdown of what exactly they would need so much off-court pizza for – these athletes need protein to help their muscles recharge between games, and they need energy for bursts of movement on the court.

But, as you can see by the chart here, not all pizzas are created equal. It may be possible that consuming a pizza can improve game performance, but it depends on the pizza – more specifically, the ingredients, not so much the brand. What you need is the right bread, the right tomato, and the right cheese – and possibly even certain toppings can help, too.

Now, bread has carbohydrates, and the body’s main source of energy is carbs. White bread, though, is a high glycemic index food, meaning it raises blood glucose levels quickly because the body can break down their type of carbs very quickly, absorbing them into the bloodstream and giving you energy pretty much immediately. So bread equals energy, which may explain why the Boston Celtic’s Reggie Lewis said in a 2011 interview that he hates stuffed crust, telling the interviewer, ‘You need that extra bread for energy, don’t you hollow it out.’ You heard the man – Reggie Lewis has spoken! Anyway, my point is that if you want to get a quick burst of energy, eat bread high on the glycemic food chart, such as white bread and these types of bread on this chart here.

Meanwhile, low glycemic index food means the food takes longer to digest, so the energy you need to get from it shows up later than the energy from the bread – such as, say, later on in a basketball game.

Furthermore, the ingredients found in a plain cheese pizza contain enough protein to help you with muscle recovery and can help you to replenish the sodium, which athletes lose a lot of from all the sweating they do on the court. To sum it up, pizza has the carbs to give you energy on the court, protein content to help your muscles, and sodium make up for sodium lost from sweating.

Huh. So I guess there really is something to the partnerships between certain NBA teams and certain pizza chains. It’s not just the mutual financial profits that has led to the Chicago Bulls and Pizza Hut, the Milwaukee Bucks and Figaro’s, and the Boston Celtics and Boston’s Pizza pairing up.

But like these charts show, it depends on what kind of pizza it is. And the quest to determine the best pizza has seemingly become an obsession for some teams. It certainly explains why the entourage for the NJ Nets make sure they have a pizza buffet ahead of every game, and I mean they have a massive operation: a decked-out layout of pizzas – gluten free, vegan, whole wheat, you name it, they’ve got it – and they even offer players pizza-flavored pancakes, oatmeal, powershakes and even custom-made pizza burgers as well. But what fascinates me is the rumored topping bars – a multitude of toppings ranging from the typical to the obscure and highly unusual, almost as if they’re trying to figure out the exact right combination of toppings to maximize their slice.

But which topping is the best one for their pizza? And which pizza chain is the right one for NBA players? Well that’s all coming up in the next video, so stay subscribed and I’ll see you next week, same time, same channel. This is Hizzy McHugh saying to you have a great day, check out my site if you haven’t already, and if there’s anything concerning the latest fast-food phases and crazes out there that you would like me to cover, please let me know. Bye-ya!

– transcript of video essay, “NBA Pizzas: Food Fact or Food Fantasy?,” uploaded to on 6/24/2015 [8]

“…wage theft occurrences are increasing nationwide, according to an official report by an independent investigation…”

– CBS Evening News, 6/26/2015 broadcast


[1] These italicized bits for from Wikipedia’s article on rent control

[2] Basically all of this was pulled from here:

[3] Italicized passages are all from the 9/10/2019 article by Jessica Giles “Bob Ross Gets The Recognition He Deserves”

[4] Joke found on the “Harleyisms” page of his 2014 website:

[5] Passages in italics were pulled from the “warning” page of his 2014 campaign website:

[6] A variation of this joke was found on the “Harleyisms” page of his 2014 website, too:

[7] This part in italics was pulled from here:

[8] August 5, 2021 EDIT: Went back and added this write-up after being inspired by this OTL article: and by this video I recently came across (and lifted much of the transcript’s structure (and maybe, possibly, unintentionally, even a few lines, ngl) from for said write-up): youtube / cNVjXRFf5ag

And, finally, to @President Eternal’s previous queries:

Thank you for the compliments!

1/2) Serial Killer pop culture still has that same sense of morbid curiosity. There’s no real way to really change that, given that it goes back to primitive times, when studying how a fellow caveperson died helped us better understand how best to avoid that same fate. Morbid curiosity is a natural instinct that is part of our collective senses of self-preservation. With that in mind, though, while the genre is pretty much thematically the same, many of the people studied are not. The Zodiac Killer, whoever they were, got taken down at the start of things; John Wayne Gacy killed Jeffrey Dahmer in a kerfuffle that alerted the cops to his murders, making Dahmer a protagonist-like tragic character in most adaptations of Gacy’s murders; with Ted Bundy getting killed by a bomb meant for Lieutenant Governor Arthur Fletcher back in the 1960s, the most famous serial killers from the U.S. are Gacy, Ed Gein, Andrew “Koo-Koo Drew” Cunanan (who murdered 17 people in the late 1990s before finally being captured after contracting SARS from a victim in 2002), and Kristen Heather Strickland (a nurse who injected SARS-tainted blood into patients she disliked, from 2002 until her arrest in 2009). Thus, while specific slasher films many not exist here, the genre still does.

Aileen Wuornos – after her brother died of esophageal cancer, Wuornos traveled back to Michigan to receive the $10,000 from his life insurance; she spent the money paying off fines and buying luxuries such as a new car, which she then drove off a bridge while drunk, wrecking the car and killing her; as she was 20 years old, she was one of several cases cited in arguments for the drinking age in Michigan to be raised to 22, which occurred in the 1980s under Denton.

Richard Ramirez – I actually mentioned him in the notes/sources section of Chapter 50 (late 1983). Essentially, with his disturbed cousin Miguel dying in Vietnam during the 1967 Invasion of Hanoi, he was much less messed up ITTL, but still had issues from his abusive father. He joined the Army at age 18, was stationed in Libya during the war there. In early 1984, he and several other soldiers attacked a village and callously shot and killed several unarmed women and children. A subsequent combat action report did not specify this, and continued vagueness over the incident and the charges pressed against Ramirez in 1985 led to some media outlets investigating the incident. Journalists breaking the story were overshadowed by the Packwood Diaries revelations coming out on the same day. In late 1986, amid talks of Denton being impeached in 1987, a court-martial charged Ramirez and 12 other officers, with only Ramirez and 2 others being found guilty after the rest testified against them. Found guilty of premeditated murder, Ramirez was sentenced to life in prison, beginning in 1987. He was paroled in 1997, but, after roughly five years of working in Mexico for recreadrug cartels, and reportedly killing three prostitutes over the years, died from SARS complications in 2003.

Danny Rolling – TTL’s equivalent to Ted Bundy, as he claims here that he killed for the fame that came from it; his murders (5, from late 1989 to early 1990) still inspire Kevin Williamson to pen the script for Scream, but that movie gets a different director and so not become popular enough to merit its own franchise, or even its own parody film. Instead, the Wayans Brothers TV show lasts for five complete seasons!

BTK – other than being called the BTR Killer (Bind, Torture, Rape, because “the Bind, Torture, Kill Killer” is sort of redundant, no?) he’s nearly same as OTL, sadly; he still kills, but is finally caught in 1990, having killed 8 people from 1974 to 1987.

I was actually planning on mentioning the Unabomber in the 2017 chapter! Here’s a bit of a spoiler: TTL’s equivalent to him is Joseph “Captain Chaos” Konopka. Born in 1976, Konopka was IOTL a hacker who committed various acts of arson and vandalism; here, after failing to get a job with the military upon graduating from high school in 1994 and dropping out of college in 1997, his actions were more extreme and chaotic, and he played a major role in California’s efforts to strip technet sites of anonymous users; Konopka was captured in 2001 after causing computers at a chemical factory to malfunction, almost leading to a major and potentially-deadly chemical spill.

Also: California’s controversial restrictive mental health laws have been either praised or criticized by writers in the slasher genre since their implementation in the late 1990s.

3) George R. R. Martin contracted SARS during the 2002 pandemic, leading to him developing complications that ultimately killed him in 2005. His demise is similar to that of Octavia E. Butler, an African-American Sci-Fi author, in that both died before completing their stories, but their respective stories were turned into TV shows anyway. ASOIAF, or IAF for short, ran on TON from 2007 to 2011, while Butler’s show, NBC’s Earthseed, based on her incomplete Parable trilogy, runs from 2014 to 2016 (three seasons, one each summer) and was modeled after the “miniseries” presentations of the 1990s, with each season covering the events of one book. Both Martin and Butler are equally famous ITTL.

Harry Potter – I’m not sure. The idea for the books likely still came into existence because the author born in 1964 (close enough to the POD that it likely would not have been butterflies away) and thus had a similar life and upbringing; thus, idea of a child not knowing they’re magic until being invited to a school for magic may still “fall into her head” at some point like it did in OTL’s 1990 – I really think you should contact, I want to say, @Joshua Ben Ari for further details, since he’s like the Harry Potter expert around these parts.

The Dresden Files were made into TV series starring Patrick Dempsey and co-starring Jared Padalecki and Laura Prepon, with writer Eric Kripke being a major contributor to the series (essentially picking up many elements from OTL’s Supernatural, which isn’t made here). The series began airing on NBC in 2009 and is still around in early 2021.

4) Avatar The Last Airbender was conceived in 2001 to people born in the mid-1970s, so it’s very possible it doesn’t come into existence; those two creators probably come up with something similar instead at the very least. Avatar the James Cameron film series is made, though, because Cameron wrote a treatment for it in 1994 that pulled from all the Sci-Fi books he read growing up; after directing Alta: Battle Angel (2004) technological advancements allowed him to finally make the movie, which came out in 2008; two sequels are scheduled for release in 2017 and 2018; due to the success of Dances with Wolves, though, TTL’s version of Avatar has a less similar plot focusing more on the Navy culture and on the technology of both worlds. I’ve never seen Ben 10, so I have no idea what happens with it here; odds are it either doesn’t exist or is much different than how it is in OTL given the time difference between this TL’s POD and when that show first came out. Elmer “Butch” Hartman worked for The Cartoon Network on shows like Dexter’s Laboratory and Mina And The Count, and ended up working closely with his friend Seth McFarlane on the TV show Larry & Steve before finally making his own cartoon series in 2003 (Fairly Oddparents) the show ran for ten seasons before ending unceremoniously in 2014 via cancellation, as other, newer TCN shows grew to be more popular. After this, he worked with McFarlane on some other projects before creating the fantasy/Sci-Fi/comedy animated series “Elf Detective” (2018-present (2021)). Billy & Mandy (2001-2003) was cancelled after two seasons because parents voiced complaints about their children watching a show featuring the Grim Reaper at a time when many were dying from SARS; an plague-themed episode made before the pandemic didn’t help, and the series was not picked up for another season in late 2002. Invader Zim developed differently, being semi-syndicated in that certain plot lines and developments carried over into each next episode while the main plot of each episode was usually self-contained; Warner Bros’ Nickelodeon almost cancelled the season at the start of season 2 (January 2002) over its grim imagery, and came even closer to being cancelled later that year due to a germaphobia episode that seems insensitive during the SARS pandemic, but the series creator relented to the executives and introduced more “hopeful” subplots for Dib in Season 3; the series finished after Season 4 with a made-for-TV movie because the creator believed the story had reached a “satisfying unnatural conclusion.” Steven Universe may be too far from the POD to have still been made given when the creators were born, but rest assured that some similar series likely came into existence during these alternate oughts/2010s. Do the shows Jackie Chan Adventures and W.I.T.C.H. still exist in some capacity? Eh, sure.

5) The heavily pro-Christian/family values Presidency of Jeremiah Denton (the culmination of the Religious Right and the Satanic Panic of the 1970s) led to a major cultural backlash in the late 1980s/early 1990s. Not only did it contribute/indirectly lead to the progressive Carol Bellamy being elected President and to the rise of Riot Grrl, as covered in previous chapters, it also led to the OTL 1990s obsession with witches being cranked up to 11, and a few years earlier to boot. Teen Witch began the cultural phenomenon’s mainstream presence, followed by Disney’s Hocus Pocus in 1993, and reboots of the 1960s characters Casper and Sabrina the Teenage Witch, the latter of whom was portrayed by future First Lady Melissa Joan Hart. Practical Magic was a TV series ITTL, lasting from 1998 to 2001, while The Craft became a cult classic in 1996. Joining this wave of “feminist” works was Buffy The Vampire Slayer and WBTB’s answer to question of how to cash in on all this, Charmed (a cult classic lasting from 1998 to 2002). But as SARS dominated the news and a new millennium came underway, witches declined in popular culture prominence. But like how some were nostalgic for the sci-fi pop culture of the 1980s during the 2010s, the people of the 2020s are most likely going to be nostalgic for the 1990s…

In November 1997, Kevin Sorbo suffered a fatal brain aneurysm, leading to Hercules: The Legendary Journeys ending with an inconclusive final episode in 1998; most of the writers and actors from that series moved over its spinoff, Xena: Warrior Princess, and that show ended up running from 1995 to 2006.

The Walking Dead comic books weren’t made because nobody was in the mood for mass deaths after the SARS global pandemic of 2002-2005, not even Robert Kirkman, who instead focused more on his comic book Tech Jacket, which was turned into a TV show that lasted from 2005 to 2007; however, the small goth-like and steampunk-like subcultures that grew out of people wearing masks did lead to many zombie-themed and plague-themed films and TV shows, (including a 2018-2020 alternate history TV show about the Spanish flu mutating into a zombie virus in 1918), just none as huge and as long-running as OTL’s The Walking Dead TV series. Seinfeld ran from 1989 to 2005, with the final six seasons being considered the worst; Jay Scott Greenspan (who goes by the stage name “Jason Alexander” IOTL) left the show halfway through its run to work on other projects while Wayne Knight’s character got his own spinoff (2005-2008).

The Twilight Zone ran from 1959 to 1964 like in OTL, with Serling attempting to make a similar show years later that would have been called Night Gallery, but due to finding the writing subpar he cancelled the project to instead write episodes on various TV shows as a guest writer, including for a few episodes of the fifth and final season Star Trek: The Original Series, kindling a friendship between Serling and Roddenberry that lasted for the rest of the former’s life. Even with the Sanders Administration’s Scranton Report on smoking in 1967, Serling failed in his repeat efforts to quit the habit, and he passed away in 1977, age 51, just as talks were beginning for a renewed Twilight Zone series. The first TZ revival series aired from 1979 to 1981, but failed to capture the charm of the original. A second revival was made in the late 1990s and was more successful, lasting from 1997 to 2001, and included more adaptations of famous Sci-Fi/Pulp Fiction stories such as Lone Star Planet and The Nine Billion Names of God, both of which had already been parodied on Futurama. A third revival aired for one season from 2012 to 2013.

6) I have no idea. Not a clue. I have never seen any of those shows. Given that Japan’s economy does not collapse here until about a decade later than IOTL, I imagine some are affected by that difference in timelines. Maybe @ajm8888 has some ideas?

Thanks for the inquiries and thanks again for the compliments! I really appreciate them!
Post 102
Post 102: Chapter 110

Chapter 110: July 2015 – November 2015

“The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all”

– John F. Kennedy (OTL/TTL)


…After nearly 10 years in development, the long-await Steven Spielberg production “The Colonel” finally premiered today. Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman as Harland David "Colonel" Sanders, the massive 3.5-hours-long project covers The Colonel’s entire life, from his childhood to his deathbed, instead of just a section of his life like previous films have done. The biopic covers him caring for his siblings as a young lad, his various pre-KFC enterprises and the trials and tribulations of them and his two marriages, his meteoric rise to fame in the 1950s, the trials and successes of his Presidency, and his post-POTUS years in a cinematic vessel that gives a real sense of just how much of a busy and complex life this storied American icon lived, and the changing eras through which he lived. Opening the film in 1890 with his father’s death and ending it with The Colonel’s own in 1990 was a poignant touch the emphasized the film's “circle-of-life”-like theme. The film’s use of the latest state-of-the-art CRI photovid-manipulation technology and other special effects to age down Philip Seymour Hoffman is also very impressive, allowing him to play a ten-year-old child without it falling into the Uncanny Valley as many who worked on the film reportedly feared it would…

Variety, film review section, 7/4/2015


…the country has been plagued with government corruption for decades…

The Boston Globe, 7/7/2015


– The Philadelphia Enquirer, 7/8/2015

BOB ROSS REITERATES: “I’m Still Undecided” On A White House Bid

The New York Times, 7/12/2015


The Washington Post, 7/16/2015



[pic: ]

Above: the official poster for Americana Overdrive, Vol. III

…the plot alone undercuts the behind-the-scenes fighting that unfolded between Donald and Tommy, with Wiseau withdrawing from the remainder of the project over creative differences and Trump taking over production after ordering multiple rewrites from Wiseau. The film follows Trump’s character as he fights an evil clone twin of himself, plus an army of android Trumpbot assassins, in order to stop a cheap Godzilla knockoff from wreaking havoc on the world…

…and the film does have its fair share of memorable moments, such as one scene where the creator of the Trumpbot army, Donald’s character’s evil twin, Dlanod, says to a priest (who is failing miserably to get him to reform), declares “If Jesus wants to be my friend he can visit me in hell!” in an incredibly hammy way before leaping into a lake of poorly-generated CRI lava…

…the film loses all senses of reality and dives into the campy and surreal fever dream of sorts that can be either an atrocity or a marvel, depending on what kind of moviegoer you are…

– Variety magazine, film review, 7/20/2015

The 2015 NDRR Presidential Election was held in the National Democratic Republic of Russia (Natsional’no-Demokraticheskaya Republika Rossiya) on July 27, 2015. Incumbent President Oleg Malyshkin, endorsed by the National and Iron Fist parties, was term-limited and facing scrutiny abroad for his abrasive relationships with other world leaders, but saw consistently above-50% approval ratings at home. This meant that the race was wide open and without a clear favorite until Malyshkin endorsed a candidate.

Candidates (8):

Kaadyr-ool Bicheldey, b. 1950 (Protectionist) was a Tuvan philologist, politician, and director of the Tuvan National Museum “Aldan-Maadyr” calling for greater autonomy for the nation’s political subdivisions and for the national government to do a better job protecting the rights and privileges of ethnic minority groups in the NDRR.

Vladimir Fyodorovich Chub, b. 1948 (Democratic), a centrist-leaning politician of Ukrainian ancestry who was born in Belarus, took a strong stance against illegal political activity while serving as the Governor of Rostov Oblast from 1985 to 2000, prior to entering the National Assembly in 2000, where he maintain a consistent, almost predictable voting record.

Sergei K. Kirkalev, b. 1958 (Green) immediately received national attention upon announcing his candidacy in 2014 due to his fame; the retired engineering commander and rocket scientist was one of the ten marstronauts onboard the Milestone and Seeker mission to Mars; the experience made him a national hero, and lead to Russia’s Green party successfully drafting him into the race after several other political parties and organizations failed to do so; he ran on a platform calling for massive tech projects to lower unemployment.

Boris Nemtsov, b. 1959 (Progressive) was most prominent during the 1990s as the Leader of the National Assembly, but had left politics in 2000 to instead lead St. Petersburg University, which subsequently led to him being praised for his help in overseeing that city’s response to the SARS Pandemic; a physicist during the 1980s, he returned to academia in the 2000s, only to announce a liberal reformist Presidential bid in 2013 in opposition to Malyshkin’s “awful and dangerous” foreign and domestic policies.

Vladimir Nikolayev, b. 1973 (National) was the scandalous Mayor of a large growing city and became the race’s frontrunner after being endorsed by Malyshkin; accused of being a member of the Russian Mafia, Nikolayev was a businessman elected Mayor of Vladivostok in 2004 after “his opponent for the position ‘tripped’ on a grenade left outside his office, killing him” [1]; he won re-election in 2008 in a landslide, and won re-election in 2012 unopposed.

Ratmir V. Timashev, b. 1966 (independent) was a technocratic political activist, businessman and IT entrepreneur who had contributed to the financing of Russia Tower being built, and believed Russia was better off embracing technological innovation and gradually adapting “green” technology/infrastructure.

Victor Vodolatskiy, b. 1957 (Strong Arm), with an iconic mustache and a lifetime in the Russian military, this high-ranking decorated veteran is closely tied to the Cossacks, and ran on an economically isolationistic platform of repealing several trade agreements and implementing high tariffs in order to promote domestic products, while also calling for a more “aggressive” foreign policy to “prove our might” on the World Stage.

Irina Yarovaya, b. ’66 (Motherland), a member of the National Assembly since 2005, ran on a platform that backed Malyshkin’s toughening of immigration laws and crackdowns on rallies, but went further by calling for the centralization of banks and the transportation industry; considered by some to be a reactionary, she often accused the seven other candidates in the race of being sexist against her.


Prior to Malyshkin endorsing Nikolayev, Kirkalev dominated technet discussions while Chub, Yarovaya and Vodolatskiy were neck-and-neck-and-neck in the polls. Between then and the debates, Kirkalev was the candidate to beat due to his connections and impressive “war chest,” but after the May debates, Vodolatskiy and then Yarovaya lost momentum, while Nemtsov’s numbers improved.


In the July 13 “primary round,” Nikolayev came in first place with 25.7%, while Kirkalev came in second place with 21.2%, causing the two men to advance to the runoff round. The results for the remaining candidates were as follows: Chub (third place, 19.5%), Nemtsov (12.4%), Vodolatskiy (7.5%), Bicheldey (6.4%), Yarovaya (4.2%) and Timashev (last place, 3.1%); these results were a blow to the Democratic and Strong Arm parties, but not to the Green party.

With two of the “hairy” candidates advancing to the runoff round, the hairy-bald voting pattern would continue regardless of whom won. The subsequent two-candidate debate saw Kirkalev, a political outsider, fail to answer certain questions on administrative capabilities and limitations, while Nikolayev more expertly deflected questions concerning alleged corruption during his time as mayor. On July 27, Nikolayev secured the Presidency by receiving 52.4% of the vote to Kirkalev’s 47.6%. Low turnout highlighted the uncertainty and dissatisfaction that many Russian voters felt about the two runoff candidates.


“Ha! Oh no, no-no, no. I’d never run for President. And for four fair reasons. Number one – it would lead to an invasion of privacy for myself, my family and my friends. Number two – it’s a dangerous job. Do you how many Presidents have died in office? About like 10% of them. If you came across a job with a 10% mortality rate, would you take it? If yes, then you’re braver than I am. Number three – the strain that I hear that job puts on relations, because of the time spent away from family and friends. And number four – congressional gridlock. Getting stuff done in D.C. is too slow-moving of a process. It’s not at all like the top-down governance found in a business, a company or a corporation. No, no, I support certain policies, but I think I could help more, and get more stuff done to help the country from my current position making good food and educational commercials that promote, uh, said food.”

– Spongebob’s Undersea Cuisine co-founder and CEO Stephen Hillenburg, to a reporter asking him if his past calls for labor reform and his recent endorsements of several progressive congressional candidates indicates a planned White House bid of his own, 7/29/2015

CEO Sneed Out, Easterbrook In At McD’s

…Cara Carlton Sneed, the CEO of the fast-food giant McDonald’s has been dismissed by the trillion-dollar corporation’s Board of Directors. Announcing the dismissal at a press conference earlier today, the board – in a move meant to likely minimize stock market value downturn brought about by the leadership shake-up – also announced that Sneed’s successor will be Executive Steve Easterbrook, in charge of financing at McDonald’s.

The daughter of US Supreme Court Justice Sneed, Cara Carlton Sneed had previously served as the COO of AT&T from 1991 to 1997 before serving in the Dinger Administration as the head of the Small Business Administration (SBA) from 1997 to 2001. After Dinger lost re-election, Sneed left government work and was hired by PepsiCo to serve as its CEO, holding the office from 2003 to 2007. Sneed stepped down to unsuccessfully run for the Republican nomination for a U.S. Senate seat from her birth state of Texas in 2008. After than battling and surviving a cancer diagnosis, Sneed found work at McDonald’s as its CEO, only to soon find herself in the situation of guiding the corporation through the Unlucky Recession of 2013.

The maintain rising profits and keep stockholders and shareholders satisfied, Sneed oversaw mass layoffs in the chain’s least profitable regions. Additionally, in a move she described as an “innovative” way of “preparing for future recessions,” Sneed greenlit in 2014 an extensive research project to determine how to automate “up to” 40% of the global chain's job positions by 2030. Both major actions have received noticeable backlash, especially ontech, where labor organizers were quick to mobilize activists to condemn Sneed for her actions. And it seems that the bad press coverage that soon followed – combined with a reported drop in stockholder confidence in Sneed – may have finally convinced the Board of Directors to comply with calls for Sneed to either change her policies, step down, or be dismissed.

Sneed’s replacement, Steve Easterbrook, is originally from Britain and began his career as an accountant in the UK. He began working for McDonald’s in 2007 and has quickly worked his way up through the company…

–, 7/30/2015


…John McAfee may be right: the International Space Station may need to be replaced soon. McAfee’s time battling his former employer in court has led to his “stardust” incident highlighting an early comment the director made in the infamous radio interview, a comment about the International Space Station – that it may be time for a new ISS, one with a better ventilation system. The notion may have found support in a trio of French scientists who work for their nation’s spacey agency… [snip] …Around for decades now, there is a growing need to build a second, larger, newer ISS, preferably before the older one becomes too outdated and damaged to be worth keeping as the launching point for astronaut training and research projects...

– Reuters, 8/1/2015

…and over in Asia, the voters of the nation of Indonesia have elected Alwi Shihab to become their fourth President. Mr. Shihab won the election over media mogul Surya Paloh by a margin of roughly 10%. Incumbent President Megawati Sukarnoputri retired due to high unpopularity ratings, having barely won re-election in 2010 over Prabowo Subianto despite the latter’s connections to the nation’s famous Suharto family…

– BBC World News, 2/8/2015 broadcast

GREENPEACE GIVES DIRE WARNING!: Proposal To Strip 1000s Of Hectares Of Cameroon Land Will Release “Up To 10million Tonnes” Of Carbon!

–, 8/3/2015


…In a Shermanesque statement to a gathering of Texas Democrats, former Governor of Texas Kinky Friedman today shot down state-level calls to draft him into the 2016 election, with some TX-DEM members even calling for the launching of a write-in campaign for the Democrat Presidential primary for the stateof Texas next year... Friedman, who served as the Justice of the Peace for Kerrville, Texas from 1987 to 1991 as a Republican, joined the Democrats in 2001 and was elected Governor in 2002 in an upset, but lost re-election in a landslide to the current incumbent, conservative Republican Governor Bill Owens…

– The Houston Chronicle, 8/6/2015

…In international news, Cameroon is at the center of a debate over bio-fuel land grabs, as foreign enterprises bid for over 70,000 hectares of land on the edge of the Congo Basin rainforest to use for palm oil production... However, locals in the area do not trust the companies and their promises of compensation for lost land and covering costs for relocations, nor do they have faith in their claims of creative jobs and improving the quality of life for locals, due to past experiences and similar promises made and then broken by the Italian company Unigra in another land use dispute from not too long ago…

– BBC World News, 8/11/2015 broadcast


...along with a successful record of addressing state-level healthcare concerns and tax reform, no other Democrat would bring the amount of witty and inspiring energy that Governor Barry Goldberg can bring to a one-on-one debate with President Grammer…

– The Philadelphia Enquirer, 8/12/2015 endorsement

“I think Kelsey’s chances of winning re-election are very good. The economy’s doing better, we have no major enemies abroad, and there are no major waves of civil disobedience to anything, so I’m not sure what exactly Democrats are going to be running on apart from the typical, standard calls for bigger government and higher taxes.”


[pic: ]

– Former US President Jeremiah Denton (1924-2017), THN interview, 8/14/2015

“I have very strongly agree with many of the more populist policies from the Grammer administration just because of how destabilizing they have been. Refusing to bail out the big banks in 2013 worsened and extended the recession and its effects, his refusal to intervene in Botswana has led to that nation falling to a socialist regime, and his tax cuts are going to damage the economy!”

– Lawrence Summers (D-NY), neoliberal economist and former President of Stanford University 1999-2007, KNN interview, 8/15/2015

…Increasingly concerned that America’s gradual conversion away from domestic fossil fuel production would lead to greater dependence on foreign oil, the President began to call for US consumers to “buy American.” This call, however, actually meant that the President was indirectly backing electric plants, solar plants, wave tribunes, wind farms and experimental hydrogen projects as those technologies improved, because materials for those plants and farms’ machines could be dug up by mining operations out west. Working with western governors and scientists to ensure Native American rights and natural animal migration patterns were not violated and significantly impacted, respectively, Grammer encouraged the alternative fuels industry to decrease their reliance on China’s own mining sector operations. Many materials for some project, for example, could only be found almost entirely in China; but the breakthrough development of solar panels requiring less tungsten allowed US-made solar panels to be made differently than those made in China. With a slightly different design, and with different materials being used in the designs, Grammer hoped that the US could wean off its dependence of foreign nations for supplies for both fossil fuel infrastructures and alternative energy endeavors…

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022

“Our re-election plan of attack has some very key fronts to it – our record on economic recovery, our plans for combating GCD without inhibiting the independent nature of businesses, decentralizing the federal government’s involvement in education, allowing religious involvement in education when called for by the local people, and sensible police reform. Those last two strategy point will be headed yours truly!”

– VP Harley Brown, TON, radio call-in segment, 8/17/2015 broadcast

PENNY FOOLISH, POUND WISE?: With Europe Quickly Getting Back Into Its Feet, Is Now The Best Time To Invest?

– Business Insider, 8/18/2015


…former US Representative Phil Gramm (R-TX) has announced his decision to challenge incumbent President Kelsey Grammer for the 2016 Republican nomination for President. The former lawmaker’s decision comes after months of speculation concerning who, if anyone, would attempt to primary the President. An allegedly pro-big business billionaire, Gramm was one of several potential candidates, with others either being rumored to be contemplating a run or publicly expressing interest in running including US Sen. Helen Chenoweth, Gov. Lindsey Graham, 1990s National Security Advisor John Bolton, and US Sec. R. Severin Fuld. Gramm, who launched his bid in Austin, Texas appears to plan on running primarily on the claim that bailing out the big banks back in 2013 would have improved the economy much quicker and would have prevented “so much suffering” from taking place during the post-recession recovery period…

The Houston Chronicle, 8/19/2015


Nassau, THE BAHAMAS – The Grand Horizon Floating Maiden cruise ship of Grand Horizons Cruises is cutting its journey shore after over 200 passengers and crew members became infected with a norovirus, GHC announced yesterday, two days after announcing that only 25 customers had fallen ill. Originally scheduled to travel from New York to Puerto Rico, crew members and customers began reporting symptoms similar to food poisoning on the third, off the coast of Virginia. GHC also announced that the ship has been told by the CDC to stay at portside upon returning to New York, but as a quarantine measure, nobody on board will be allowed to leave for two weeks, in accordance with procedures implemented amid the global SARS pandemic of 2002-2005.

Norovirus is an infectious disease that is the leading cause of foodborne illness in the US last year, surpassing salmonella and SARS-02 in frequency. Germs such as these pose a great threat to the customers and crew members of cruise liners, which are prime targets for the spreading of germs. Nevertheless, cruise liners saw a large resurgence in popularity after SARS, and resumed business activities soon after safezoning measures were lifted. Similarly, the Unlucky Recession impacted cruise line customers, even those people who can afford to take cruises, due to their sudden financial woes.

“This industry will always be hurt by recession,” says one member of the GHC Board of Directors...

–, 8/23/2015

On August 24, Acting President of Botswana Steve Biko declared the internal warfare to be over, claiming “the true people of Botswana have decisively prevailed.” The alleged victory was announced because that nation’s capital was firmly secure, and most of the rest of the country had also fallen to the new “socialist” regime. However, the victory declared despite several areas still holding out, with anti-Biko forces continuing to fight back. Their resistance to major domestic changes, such as corruption crackdowns and the redistribution of land ownership, which were all dubbed socialist despite Biko rejecting the terminology, highlighted who was stubbornly funding the opposition…

– Walter Allen McDougall’s The Promise And Potential of US Foreign Policy In The 21st Century, Dove Books, 2019


…the longtime Senator is the current Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee F. Winford Boozer III is dropping his bid for another term in the US Senate... Throughout his tenure, Boozer used his influence to benefit our state’s interests, getting schools, ports and military manufacturing spots built in Arkansas, and playing a key role in bringing an FBI training campus to our state as well as part of his efforts to oppose military bases being shut down by the Jackson administration. His success in allocating funds for state projects and interests makes his retirement shocking and saddening, but, given his recent health issues, understandable as well...

– The Southwest Times Record, Arkansas newspaper, 8/28/2015


[pic: ]

– US President Kelsey Grammer endorsing fellow Republican Hal Heiner's campaign for governor of Kentucky, 8/29/2015

BREAKING NEWS: Aaron Sorkin Says He Is Running For President!

Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter, director, producer, and playwright best known for creating the hit TV show “The West Wing,” today announced in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter that he is attempting to get into the Democratic Presidential primary debates in a “deadly serious” run for President. The announcement comes just a few months after briefly cameoing as a fictional US President in the Paramount Pictures action thriller Yesterday’s Tommorrow…


Comments section:

Comment 1:

That man just hasn’t been the same since they cancelled “The Desk” on him back in 2010, has he?

Reply 1 to Comment 1:

It was a good show! Who cares that it was a clear and obvious rip-off of The West Wing? It deserved a second season!

Comment 2:

So. This is what happens when a cocaine addict suffers from writer’s block for too long. Huh.

–, 8/30/2015


Television Series, HBO

Premiered: September 1, 2015

Genre(s): sci-fi/horror/thriller/wildlife/adventure/comedy/educational


Jerry O’Connell as John Middlename Baker

Donald Glover as Gen. Fanga Bantu

Tom Frost as Abin Hopewsfo

Eleanor Bron as Glel Haskerb

See Full List Here


Aliens invade Earth and easily enslave humanity, but are repeatedly unable to conquer the wildlife due to their lack of any information about or experience with wild animals. In an episodic, semi-syndicated format, John Middlename Baker and General Bantu lead the internally divided resistance movement while an assortment of different guides (a different guest star, such as LeVar Burton, Steve Irwin, and Jeb Bush, for each episode) must lead their alien captors (also guest stars) through harsh terrain, only for the inept aliens to be defeated when coming face to face with rhinos, cheetahs, hippos, snakes, and other dangerous creatures.


The series premier received positive reviews from audiences, while critics, who praised the show’s educational angle, still criticized its utilizing of many “alien invasion” clichés.



Greek cuisine decades in the making can be found in Birmingham, Alabama. The Bright Star is Alabama’s oldest restaurant, having opened in 1907. It is owned and operated by the descendants of the original family of Greek immigrants who founded it, and combining regional delights with Mediterranean flavors to make a unique and enjoyable culinary experience for customers near and far.

When I visited this quit location, I was greeted with positive and welcoming customer service. I gladly tried their recommendations, and enjoyed the food that they have been serving generations of customers, such as its specialty Greek-style snapper and steak, signature seafood gumbo, luncheon specials, and famous pies. It is of no surprise to me that this restaurant, which is technically located in Bessemer, Alabama, has a regional following and draws patrons from throughout the Southeast as well as nearby Birmingham.
The Bright Star's 104 year old existence results from one family's continued commitment to excellent food and service. Family patriarchs Bill and Pete Koikos immigrated from Greece in 1923 and two years later purchased an ownership interest in the restaurant from founder Tom Bonduris. Since 1966, Bill's two sons, Jim and Nick Koikos have owned and operated the business. The Bright Star has experienced remarkable growth, expanding from a 25 seat
café to a 330 seat restaurant, all without sacrificing quality. In addition the Restaurant was recognized in the United States Congressional Record in 1996 by U.S. Senator Albert Lee Smith Jr. (R-AL) due to its longtime status as an Alabama landmark and its service to the community. [2]

The Bright Star restaurant also won the “American Classic” James Beard Award in 2010 and 2014.

With exceptional service and uniquely delicious cuisine, I give this restaurant a rating of Five Stars out of Five!

–, ontech travel magazine, review section, 9/2/2015


[pic: ]

– An official logo of the 2016 Presidential campaign of former Governor Richard Codey (D-NJ), unveiled 9/3/2015

“Now I’m interested in the Codey candidacy because I keep seeing such a small roster on the moderate side of the Democratic party, the side that is most likely to win over Republicans. In fact, just the other day I was saying, ‘Whatever happened to the party of Walter Mondale?’ There was left-leaning moderate who served as President for eight successful years, and yet he rarely received the accolades he deserves…”

– Larry Summers, KNN roundtable discussion, 9/4/2015

“…A strong supporter of organized labor and immigrant workers, Governor Bustamante and the Attorney General of California have most recently gone after sweatshop operators and those accused of wage theft. Whether Bustamante’s record in California will win over Presidential primary voters in early primary states such as New Hampshire, Georgia and Nevada may all depend on how his Presidential campaign goes in the weeks and months ahead…”

– “Who is Cruz Bustamante?,” The Daily Conversation video, uploaded to OurVids 9/5/2015


–, 9/6/2015 e-alert

…Only this year did we learn how strong a hold the diamond industry had on certain people and institutions in the West. According to leaked documents, in August or early September 2015, Francois Leotard, the President of France at the time, tried and failed to have Acting President Biko overthrown, or possibly even assassinated, before Biko could sign onto the Bloemfontein Protocol on September 8, an international accord aimed at doing away with Blood Diamond by demanding that all diamond sellers show proof of their products’ origins. Furthermore, according to the leaked documents, Leotard called off a second attempt to unseat Biko in some capacity after coming to believe that the accord was weaker than initially thought. Indeed the Bloemfontein Protocol has proven to be much more difficult to enforce than most originally thought it would be. Nevertheless, the landmark accord it still very detrimental to the Blood Diamond industry…

– Davi Kowe and Roy Sesana’s Vulture, Trees And Blood: The Botswana Revolution, Borderless Books, 2020


…this case may have established a legal precedence regarding drug use in outer space, which could have huge judicial ramifications for future space travelers…

The Miami Herald, 9/9/2015

…In his latest effort to give freedom back to the American people, our great Vice President, Mr. Harley Davidson Brown, is speaking with US Senators in his bid to oppose a move to make motorcycle helmets necessary across all 52 states in a clear violation of the tenth amendment…

– THN, 9/12/2015 broadcast

PALMIERI: “The Democrats campaigning this early tells us that either one of two things is happening. Either the President is so popular that Democrats believe they have to begin to develop support for themselves this early in order to have gathered enough momentum to win 14 months, or that the President is so unpopular that Democrats believe they have to begin to develop support for themselves this early in order to beat out other Democratic candidates in a crowded primary season.”

HOST: “But current approval rating averages suggest Grammer is not exactly in a vulnerable position.”

PALMIERI: “Not at the moment, but there have been signs of weakness. Moments when his approval rating dipped below 50%. Democrats seem to think that this means he can be defeated in November, which explains the many candidates this time around, and makes me think that this earlier-than-usual activity is in fact tied closer to the Democrats duking it out amongst themselves in the primaries and not such much to the general election.”

– Political media strategist Jennifer Palmieri and Host, CBS roundtable discussion, 9/14/2015

“High taxes on the wealthy does not punish the American dream of success, it punishes the abuse of the American dream. When someone’s dream crushes into oblivion the dreams of thousands of others, that person is abusing the American dream, and they do so out of greed, not patriotism!”

– Presidential candidate Gov. Shirley Franklin (D-GA), 9/16/2015

MOTHER-POST: Poll: Who here thinks they should bring back the SpongeBob TV show?

So I was thinking of starting a petition for this because SpongeBob was a phenomenal show. Five seasons and pretty every episode was hilarious and/or charming. It was good wholesome fun and I think the restaurant chain CEO guy, Stephen Hillenburg, made a mistake in deciding to have it conclude in season five with a finale episode. It should have kept on going – it’s so popular that they still play reruns of the show in some places, and videos of clips from the series always get lots of views and likes on places like OurVids. So here’s poll, and tell me what you think – should they bring back this show?


I want the SpongeBob TV show to be brought back, but I don’t think they have to be, because the modern cartoon advertisements are just like little cartoon shorts! Most ads for fast food places run for thirty seconds, but SB’s usually last anywhere from 30 seconds to a Superbowl-length 120 seconds!

>>REPLY 1 to REPLY 1:
Nah, a commercial is no substitute for an actual show!

>>REPLY 2 to REPLY 1:
The most recent one I saw showed Mr. Plankton use a drone to steal from the restaurant, and it was hilarious!


I voted yes because I miss that show.


I dunno, I have a feeling that if they made it again nowadays it just would not have the charm of the original batch. I say let it stay the wonderful nostalgic show it is and not ruin a good thing by trying to keep it around.

>>REPLY 1 to REPLY 3:
But its been well over a decade, surely they could can come up with some good ideas during that?

–, a public pop-culture news-sharing and chat-forum-hosting netsite, 9/21/2015 posting


…Tommy Gun Thompson’s book functions as both a hastily-written collection of memoirs and as a confession to police…

The New York Times, book review section, 9/23/2015


…September 8 marked the one-year anniversary of the demise of S. Truett Cathy, the founder of the billionaire chicken sandwich chain Chik-fil-A, who passed away at the age of 93... Truett’s son, Daniel T. Cathy, started out as operations director for over 2,000 outlets before working his way up to second-in-command and his father’s chosen successor… The major franchise is struggling to return to the heights of popularity it felt during its “golden age” of the late 1990s and early 2000s, a time when their biggest competition – KFC – was vulnerable on domestic sales, and the feeling of optimism was found throughout company leadership. Today, the feeling is much more pessimistic in nature, as doubt continues to plague shareholder confidence under the company’s new management. …“We’re revamping the Fish-Fil-A specials and the $15 Fil-Up Menu,” says Bubba Cathy, second-in-command of the company under CEO Dan Cathy. Though primarily in charge of burgers, Bubba seems to be expanding his influence over other parts of the company. …“My brother’s got a game plan. We’re going to see a resurgence in consumer confidence real soon.”…

Newsweek, late September 2015 issue


[pic: ]

– Bob Ross at a "meet-and-greet" with supporters, after participating in a Democratic political "town hall"-style discussion forum, 9/26/2015

“There are roughly 3.8 million empty homes in the United States right now. And with over 300,000 homeless people being in the US in a given week, that means we have roughly 13 empty homes for every homeless person. 13 per person. What are we doing, people? Even with the stock collapse, worker production is still on the rise, but worker wages are falling behind productivity. Under Jackson and Wellstone, unions and CBAs helped to narrow the gap, but under Grammar that gap has only widened. The Democrats are inept and the Republicans just don’t give a damn! If the Democratic nominee next year isn’t running on a platform to address homelessness and rent control, you might just see my name somewhere on your November ballot.”

– NYC Mayor Jimmy McMillan (I-NY), NYC radio discussion, 9/29/2015


…Balls is set to take over as PM on the 10th of October, replacing the retiring incumbent PM Larry Sanders of Oxfordshire…

The Daily Telegraph, UK newspaper, 1/10/2015

DINGER ADMITS: “I Was Wrong” About Recreadrugs

…In an enlightening 60 Minutes interview, former US President Larry Miles Dinger has confessed that his opinions on recreational narcotics such as marijuana have “evolved” in the 15 years that have passed since the conservative politician left the Oval Office...

–, 10/3/2015

“…As anticipated, even more Democratic politicians are now entering the race for President, with Senators Suozzi and Raoul both launch official campaigns earlier with next, and former Governor Sarbanes scheduling what he’s calling a major announcement, and is most likely a White House bid, for later today…”

– Wolf Blitzer, KNN News, 10/6/2015 broadcast

NY-NJ STORM BARRIER PROJECT UPDATE: Progress Slow, Funding Moves Stalled

…finding funding for the major bi-state proposal was ground the project to a virtual halt, a situation worsened by the economic uncertainty left in the immediate aftermath of the Unlucky Recession. …Noted real estate developer, independent filmmaker, and former MLB pitcher Donald “Donnie” Trump has recently expressed interest in contributing to the construction of barriers to protect his birth city from rising sea levels during the next major hurricane to hit the region, telling The New York Post, “we have to protect New York City, okay? We just have to! …We are going to build a wall, a great, big, beautiful sea wall, even if I have to pay for it myself!” However, Trump seems to be preoccupied with his current work on other projects, as he has not dedicated anything to the proposed engineering endeavor outside of a few positive comments on radio spots where he primarily promoted his films, hotels, and stadiums...

– The Associated Press, 10/7/2015


– Michael Moore for President ’16 slogan, first used 10/9/2015



[pic: ]

...Florida businessman John Foster Ruggles III, who often went by the nickname “Red,” passed away from heart failure yesterday evening at the age of 72, a spokesperson for his family announced earlier today. Born on November 13, 1942 in Buncombe County, North Carolina, Ruggles was the husband of Vivian Rickman Whalen Ruggles, and the father of Elizabeth Ruggles Murl. John was also the son of John F. Ruggles Jr. and Mildred Sanders Ruggles, the grandson of Josephine King Sanders and KFC founder-turned-US President Harland David “Colonel” Sanders, and the grandson of John F. Ruggles Sr. and Nell Hendrickson. An admirer of his maternal grandfather, even going so far as to style his facial hair based on The Colonel’s, Red worked as a sales manager for KFC-Florida, and also served on the bard of other local businesses in Florida. He was reportedly in declining health in the last few years of his life, which he spent with friends and family, primarily at his home in Broward County, FL, where he died peacefully in his sleep. The Ruggles’ family spokesperson also announced that funeral arrangements will be disclosed in the days ahead...

The Louisville Times, Kentucky newspaper, 10/10/2015

…In political news, Australia’s Labour party has adopted the Australian Greens’ Foreign Land Ownership Register proposal in the wake of rising concerns of Australians losing control of food production and resources in their own country. This development could put the party at odds with China, which is investing heavily in land deals in Australia – in the last year alone, the PRC has paid over 80 million pounds for over 50,000 hectares of farmland for grain production in the Great Southern and Wheatbelt region of the country, stirring up concern from local Australians who hope to see some of the benefits of such foreign land ownership deals…

– BBC World News, 11/10/2015 broadcast


– Re-Elected Grammer ’16 unofficial slogan, first used 10/12/2015


…While his campaign speeches are often considered prosaic, they are always impressively detailed and come off as sincere, which may explain Nader’s appeal to a niche group of Democrats yearning for a candidate who will forego the frills and get down to brass tacks…

The Boston Globe, 10/15/2015

“An election as important as this only scones around once in a while, and when it does it puts ones priorities into perspective and that always puts the incumbent right in the hot seat. But this time around, with the heavy weight of the tax burden being lifted off of your backs with each passing year, with the tight grip of government red tape being peeled away with each passing year, and with individual rights being increasingly protected and supported and encouraged with each passing year, I sort of have a small feeling the incumbent is going to win this thing!”

– US President Kelsey Grammer, stump speech, 10/18/2015

OUTSOURCING TO MEXICO: Terrific or Treasonous?

…the number of American businesses relocating to Mexico from California has reached a five-year high. …Businesses headquartered in Mexico having far less “protections” from the government outside of background checks to ensure that your business is in no way connected to any lingering recreadrug cartels. Furthermore, Mexico’s taxes and tax rates are far different from those found in California, while their current President’s focus on eliminating poverty and homelessness has created a new pool of low-skilled workers to hire...

Business Weekly, mid-October 2015 issue


by Dan Nosowitz

Des Moines, IOWA – The head of the National Farmers Union is “thrilled” with the latest new rules established by the latest federal law signed by President Grammer yesterday morning… The Farmer Protection Bill, colloquially known as the Farmers’ Bill of Right aims to address “undue preferences” and alleviate the suffering of small farmers. The bill was passed by minority Democrats in the House and Senate thanks to several Republicans voting across the aisle. The libertarian-minded President Grammer signed it into law after arguing that the bill does more to protect the individual freedoms of small farmers more than it does to regulate and oversee the activities of corporate giants. To actually establish some ground rules to make the poultry and pork system fairer for chicken farmers contracted by large corporations had been a goal of the N.F.U. for years, and it seems that all of their hard work has finally paid off, and in an important way, too… [3]

–, 10/22/2015


[pic: ]

– A Colonel Sanders quote, on display at a KFC outlet in New York City, c. October 2015!


…the former NASA Director is seeking to get onto the Republican primary ballots in a “deadly serious” primary challenge, with McAfee claiming that the President has “abandoned true libertarian principles” concerning individual rights…

–, 10/24/2015 e-bulletin

…As the primaries neared, it began increasingly apparent that the four living former Democratic Presidents – Walter Mondale, Carol Bellamy, Jesse Jackson and Paul Wellstone – could play huge roles in the composition of the candidate lineup. An endorsement or two here or there could influence certain voters if they came from certain mouths. Mondale, for example, was considered the most conservative of the four given how greatly the Overton Window had shifted since he left office on January 20, 1981. An endorsement from him would go far for a more moderate candidate like Bart Gordon, possible even more so than how far such an endorsement would go for a fellow Minnesotan like Sharon Sayles-Belton. Bellamy, the martyred idol of many feminist leaders could dictate swaths of female followers to throw their support toward any candidate the former UN leader preferred. Similarly, Jackson, despite the controversies of his second term, was highly favorable among Black Democratic primary voters, and had the potential to play a vital role ahead of the Georgia and Maryland primaries; Wellstone, meanwhile was the man that all candidates concerned about their chances in New Hampshire look to in the hope of receive the lifeboat in the form of an unofficial endorsement…

– Elaine Kamarck’s Primary Paths, Borders Books, 2020


…Let’s get real here – Bellamy did not win by relying on the cliché of dragging your children out onto the stage with you. She won because she didn’t have the family image – she was single and childless. Because of this, her campaign had to keep focus on bread-and-butter issues, which appealed to more people than the wholesome family imaging. Thus, in order for a woman to be elected, she has to focus on her children only as much as any male candidate does…

The Atlantic, 10/27/2015 op-ed


…this riveting exposé by a man being tried for various crimes works both as a compilation of memoirs and as a helpful rap sheet for several smugglers still “currently at-large”…

The New York Times, books section, 10/28/2015


…The Dambovita Valley National Park, nestled in the Southern Carpathian Mountains of Romania’s interior, is the nation’s most ambitious conservation effort. The massive project, overseen by Prime Minister and avid conservationist Tibor Kalnoky (b. 1966), aims to rival the Yellowstone National Park found in the United States…

The Guardian, UK newspaper, 29/10/2015

“UNBELIEVABLE!”: The Padres Win The World Series For The Second Year In A Row!

– The San Diego Union-Tribune, 11/1/2015

“Well, ma’am, a politician without a platform is like a sailboat without a sail. You can try it, but you won’t get far without it.”

– Former US President Jesse Jackson to a reporter, deflecting a query into whom he supported in the Democratic primary season so far, 11/2/2015


…Hal Heiner has won tonight’s gubernatorial election by a margin of roughly 7%, meaning that he will succeed incumbent Darryl Owens and become the 59th Governor of Kentucky upon being sworn into office in December… Hal Heiner, a Republican born on October 31, 1951, has been the Mayor of Louisville since 2007, being elected to that position in 2006, 2010, and 2014. Before that, he was a county metro councilman (2003-2007), a civil engineer (1973-2007), and a real estate agent and salesman (1985-2007). …Heiner lead several public works projects across Louisville, and plans to do the same for the rest of Kentucky, enhancing and modernizing the roads built under Governors Lawrence Wetherby and the late, great Colonel Sanders…

The Louisville Courier, Kentucky newspaper, 11/3/2015

“So we’ve got some big news coming out of Mississippi, where another African-American Democrat has taken the Governor’s seat. I think this marks the third time the state’s gone for the Black candidate, and given how many Blacks live in that state, for this to only be their third Black Governor, that, uh, it really shows how racially divided that state is and how hard the Blacks and the Democrats have to work to win over both the white and moderate Republican voting blocs, but it looks like they’ve done, uh, again, uh tonight. The winner is Robert Gray, a state senator and former truck driver who has experienced a meteoric rise in state politics. The same can be said about his running mate, Jelani Barr. Now, I think what tipped the scales in favor of Gray in this race was the debate performance the Republican nominee, Michael Watson. That guy, man, I mean, yeah, he’s 38, but he seemed to know less about politics than a college freshman – at Julliard! I mean this guy tanked in the debates so badly, man, it was embarrassing to watch, even for me, and if you pay attention to this program and to my political views and thoughts and opinions, you’ll know that that’s saying something!”

– Disabled rights activist and political commentator Alexander E. “Alec” Jones, 11/3/2015 podcast, uploaded to Ourvids 11/4/2015


City Council, NYC, Bronx:

Winner: Alessandra Biaggi, 85%

– The Bronx Press-Review, local NYC paper, 11/3/2015


Boise, ID – …Judy Peavey-Derr (R), a conservative politician supportive of Vice President Harley Brown, will be the first democratically-elected female Mayor of Boise, Idaho, upon being sworn into the office in January…

– The Moscow-Pullman Daily News, Idaho newspaper, 11/3/2015

Mayors of BOISE (Idaho)

1966-1975: 49) Jay S. Amyx (R, 1923-2014) – conservative; expanded term lengths; deregulated business restrictions to quickly develop the city’s downtown area; resigned to become Governor

1965: Eugene Whitney Shellworth (D, 1912-1997)

1967: William Onweiler (I)

1969: Herbert Weirich (I) and Richard Shaw (I)

1971: Ralph Frazer (R)

1975-1996: 50) Richard Roy “Dick” Eardley (R, 1928-2012) – former journalist and newscaster; previously served on the city council from 1969 to 1975; selected by city council to succeed Amyx; city’s longest-serving Mayor; was initially highly popular for cutting taxes and improving city government transparency, especially during the scandals that plagued the Denton White House during the 1980s; lost re-election in an upset over rising local environmental issues that had was slow to respond to and ultimately handled rather poorly; retired from public life soon after leaving office

1975: Marjorie Ewing (I)

1979: Fred Kopke Jr. (I)

1983: Dirk Arthur Kempthorpe (R, b. 1951) and Jeremy Maxand (I)

1987: Rod Beck (R)

1991: Tracey Anders (D) and Ron McMurray (R)

1996-2004: 51) H. Brent Coles (R, b. 1951) – reformed the city’s laws on pollution and oversaw urban renewal efforts to encourage local business growth and in turn lower unemployment; faced public scrutiny for raising taxes to keep city “in the black” during the late 1990s recession; lost re-election amid a lingering political scandal; later lost several bids for other offices

1995: Dick Eardley (R) and Matthew Shapiro (I)

1999: John Patrick “Pat” Bieter (D, 1930-2020)

2001 (recall): 55% No, 45% Yes

2004-2007: 52) Harley Davidson Brown (R, b. 1954) – motorcycle enthusiast, bike club leader, Navy Sea Bees and KW2 veteran, former taxi driver, and populist political activist; elected by a 31% plurality; focused on deregulation and cutting taxes; expanded hunting seasons and scrutinized the Boise Police Department for allegedly wasting funds; worked with the often-recalcitrant city council to slash funds for all city departments in order to keep the city budget in the black; resigned to become Governor

2003: Carolyn Terteling-Payne, H. Brent Coles (R), David H. Bieter (D), and Mohsen “Max” Mohammadi (I)

2007-2008: 53) Carolyn Terteling-Payne (R, b. 1937) – previously served on the city council from 1993 to 2007; selected by city council to succeed Brown; city’s first female Mayor; launched Idaho’s first public preschool program; retired and later elected back to the council in 2008 special election (is still serving)

2008-2016: 54) David Harold “Dave” Bieter (D, b. 1959) – previously served on the city council from 1997 to 2007; city’s first Basque Mayor; responded to calls for decreasing funding for the Boise Police Department by increasing funding for social services instead; “expanded the purchase of open space and easements” in Boise’s northern foothills to protect wildlife habitats, water quality, and recreation opportunities without needing to raise taxes; elected and re-elected via plurality vote; reformed city government in 2012, implementing a runoff system for all municipal elections, and establishing mayoral term limits; retired; later lost a bid for the Democratic nomination for Governor in 2018 and a bid for a third non-consecutive Mayoral term in 2019; currently works for a non-profit promoting Basque culture and a political NGO promoting various center-left policies

2007: Charles L. “Chuck” Winder (R) and Jim Pratt (R)

2011: Vaughn Killeen (R) and Jim Tibbs (R)

2016-present: 55) Judy Peavey-Derr (R) – previously served in the state senate from 2012 to 2015; conservative; incumbent; currently supports efforts to combat Global Climate Disruption by backing statewide investments in nuclear, thorium, wind, and solar energy efforts

2015 (primary): Seth M. Holden (D) and David B. Hall (I)
2015 (runoff): Seth M. Holden (D)

2019 (primary): Dave Bieter (D), H. Brent Coles (R), Lauren Stein McLean (D), Adriel Martinez (I), Rebecca Arnold (R), and Cortney Nielsen (I)
2019 (runoff): Dave Bieter (D)

–, 7/4/2021


The Indianapolis Star, Indiana newspaper, 11/3/2015

Mayors of FORT WAYNE (Indiana)

1980-1984: 39) Winfield C. “Win” Moses Jr. (D, b. 1943) – unseated incumbent Mayor; previously served on the city council from 1972 to 1979; lost re-election amid being investigated for violating campaign finance laws in 1979 and was convicted on such charges in 1985

1979: Robert E. Armstrong (R, 1925-2008)

1984-2000: 40) Cook Olin Pierre "O.P." Lougheed (R, 1922-2008) – previously served on the Allen County Council; former entrepreneur, civil leader, and philanthropist; one of the city’s longest-serving Mayors; retired

1983: Winfield Moses (D)

1987: Cosette Renee “Cosy” Simon (D, b. 1953)

1991: Graham A. Richard (D, b. 1937)

1995: Charlie Belch (D), Thomas Essex (Independent D), and William Kempf (Liberty)

2000-2012: 41) Winfield C. “Win” Moses Jr. (D, b. 1943) – previously served in the state House from 1992 to 2000; ran on the campaign slogan “A Mayor of Conviction” and on his first-term accomplishments; lost re-election

1999: W. Paul Helmke Jr. (R, b. 1948)

2003: Linda Buskirk (R)

2007: Matt Kelty (R) and Teresa L. Licari (Liberty)

2012-2016: 42) Timothy Goeglein (R, b. 1964) – previously served as Chair of the Indiana GOP from 2008 to 2011, as a conservative lobbyist, as an advisor and special assistant to the Governor of Indiana, and as Deputy Director of the White House Office of the Public Liaison from 2000 to 2001; lost re-election

2011: Winfield Moses (D)

2016-present: 43) Henry Charles James (D, b. 1965) – former NBA player; re-elected after opponent faced scrutiny for racist remarks; incumbent

2015: Timothy Goeglein (R) and Paula Hughes (Independent R)

2019: Patrick M. Byrne (R) and David Christopher Roach (Liberty)

–, c. 7/4/2021

HARTFORD MAYOR ELECTION: Feltman Unseats Airey-Wilson

…Feltman will take office early next month…

The Connecticut Post, 11/3/2015

Mayors of HARTFORD (Connecticut)

1967-1971: 60) Antonina P. “Ann” Uccello (R, b. 1922) – city’s first female Mayor; resigned to be appointed to the U.S. Senate; is still alive (as of July 4, 2021) at the age of 99

1967: George B. Kinsella (D)

1969: Ann Lucille Matarese (D)

1971-1978: 61) George A. Athanson (D) – ascended; previously served as deputy mayor; resigned after being appointed to a position in the Governor’s administration

1971: Michael T. McGarry (R)

1973: Michael T. McGarry (R)

1975: William E. Glynn (I)

1977: Joseph P. Mozzicato (R)

1978-1979: 62) Nicholas R. Carbone (D) – ascended; previously served as deputy mayor; retired

1979-1985: 63) Thirman L. Milner (D, b. 1933) – city’s first popularly elected African-American Mayor; previously worked as a hospital orderly, drug store clerk, insurance salesman, anti-poverty worker, and civil rights activist; previously served in the state House from 1975 to 1979; temporarily cut taxes and worked with the city council to issue a "rent halt" in order to encourage consumer spending in the wake of the economic recession of late 1978; increased funding for public schools; retired to successfully run for a U.S. House seat in 1986, a good year for Democrats, and served from 1987 until retiring in 1995

1979: Michael T. McGarry (R) and Donna C. McDonald (Labor)

1981: W. Ross Hatch (R)

1983: Donald B. LaCroix (R)

1985-1991: 64) Eunice Groark (R, 1938-2018) – previously served on the City Council from 1981 to 1985; implemented tax reform to encourage local business investments and developments; oversaw rising economy and lowering crime rates due to supporting local police and encouraging local entrepreneurialism; resigned to become Governor

1987: Robert F. Ludgin (D)

1989: Robert J. Jackson (D) and Phil Steele (Conservative)

1991-1991: 65) Richard P. Lawlor (D) – ascended; previously served as deputy mayor; retired and returned to serving on the city council

1991-1999: 66) Carrie Saxon Perry (D, 1931-2018) – city’s first female African-American Mayor; ran in 1991 on an anti-establishment platform; oversaw gradual growth in the aftermath of the early 1990s recession; took a moderate stance on recreadrugs, emphasizing focusing on the root causes of its use and working with experts to combat addiction by establishing help hotlines, promoting Addicts Anonymous, and supporting the teaching of addiction prevention in high schools and college; sought to reform prison sentencing and the city's private prison system during her second term, only to receive pushback from conservatives on the city council; retired due to exhaustion but continued to comment on local politics from time to time

1991: Rosemary Z. Cardwell (R) and Michael P. Peters (I)

1993: Kenneth A. Mink (I)

1995: Elizabeth Horton Sheff (Green)

1997: Juan Morales (I)

1999-2010: 67) William A. DiBella (D, b. 1943) – previously served as a state senator from 1983 to 1996; openly considered running for Governor in 2002 and again in 2006; was removed from office by the city council following his conviction on racketeering and criminal conspiracy charges connected to his role a fraudulent investment scheme that also took down Mayor Eddie Perez of San Juan, Puerto Rico earlier that same year

1999: W. Michael Downes (I)

2001: Lewis B. “Lew” Rome (R)

2003: Richard Lion (Liberty)

2005: I. Charles Mathews (I)

2007: James Stan McCauley (R)

2009: Frances Winfield (R)

2010-2011: 68) Minnie Gonzalez (D) – ascended; previously served on the city council from 2000 to 2007 and as deputy mayor from 2007 to 2010; city’s first Puerto Rican Mayor; lost election

2011-2015: 69) Veronica Airey-Wilson (R) – city’s first Jamaican Mayor and second Black female Mayor; previously served on the Hartford Court of Common Council; won on an anti-corruption platform; lost re-election amid job losses and worsening life-quality conditions linked to the Unlucky Recession of 2013

2011: Minnie Gonzalez (D)

2013: Raul DeJesus (D)

2015-2020: 70) Art J. Feltman (D, b. 1958) – previously served on the city council from 1995 to 1998 and in the state House from 1998 to 2006, and in the state Senate from 2006 to 2015; focused on rehabilitating housing by reforming property tax relief and organizing clean-up drives to create new parks and refurbish residential areas; resigned for a position in the Governor’s administration

2015: Joel Cruz Jr. (Working Families) and Veronica Airey-Wilson (R)

2017: Edwin Vargas (Working Families) and Theodore T. Cannon (R)

2019: Edwin Vargas (Working Families), Theodore T. Cannon (R) and Aaron Lewis (I)

2020-present: 71) Brandon McGee (D) – ascended; previously served in the state House from 2012 to 2016, as a Special Advisor to Mayor Feltman from 2017 to 2019, and as deputy mayor from 2019 to 2020; incumbent

–, c. 7/4/2021

“…There’s the Presidential hopeful there now, getting a photo-op here at the local ‘Stop-to-Shop’ supermarket, and now she is shaking hands with what seems to be an enthusiastic crowd for the Governor of Georgia. …But how people feel today may not reflect how people feel in March, when the primaries truly begin. And with so many candidates to pick from, a lot of primary voters seem to be uncertain which one to choose [L1]…”

– KNN, 11/7/2015 news report

Co-Host AMANDA VANSTONE: With bushfires in the Adelaide Hills having destroyed dozens of homes and outbuildings, the delayed emergency responses has renewed criticisms of the leadership of Prime Minister Nickolas Varvaris.

Co-Host BARRIE CASSIDY: For more on this subject we turn to the expert portion of this political forum program. Joining the panel today is three former MPs. To the left of me is Bob Hawke of Wills, who ran to be the leader of the Labor party in 1981 but lost to Manfred Cross. To his political right but physical left, we welcome Paul Keating of Blaxland, who was elected to Parliament in 1969 at age 25 but was repeatedly backbenched in Labor governments until leaving parliament to head the largest trade union in Australia. And finally, next to Amanda, we have John Howard of Bennelong, who lost the 1983 liberal leadership race to Sir Billy Snedden. Misters Hawke, Keating and Howard, welcome back to the program.

HAWKE: Thank you for having us on again.

KEATING: Good to be back.

HOWARD: Happy to be here again.

VANSTONE: So let’s get to go around, starting with Mr. Hawke, right away with the first question: is Varvaris doing a decent job as Prime Minister?

HAWKE: Well his indecisiveness is becoming a sore spot for many in the Liberal coalition, and I myself find it discouraging that this is his second leadership crisis he’s faced in less than a year. Now I’m also disappointed in his waffling on other issues, and that habit of resisting taking a side of certain things, it appears, should have been an indication of his leadership skills.

KEATING: I agree, he has shown himself to be a terrible PM. It’s the reason why so many people ontech want to move up the date of the next federal election, which is scheduled for 2018.

HOWARD: Well, hold up, I think we’re overlooking something here. Varvaris rose to power very quickly, and he’s still a very young lad at the age of 41. He still hasn’t learned the ropes of how the position of Prime Minister truly works. That doesn’t mean he’s terrible; it means he’s still not experienced enough. And Bob, about his waffling, he didn’t start that until he became PM. Beforehand he was consistently conservative on several social and fiscal issues.

HAWKE: But that’s exactly my point, John. He moved to the center when he got the top job and it seems that now he doesn’t know where to go or what to do to appease both the coalition and general populace.

HOWARD: Which highlights his inexperience!

KEATING: Well then he should have gotten some experience before running for this spot. Doing so was irresponsible.

HOWERD: I disagree with that. He was a candidate, the coalition voluntarily chose him.

VANSTONE: Alright, alright, so let’s see if have this straight – you all think the Prime Minister is, at the very least, underperforming?


KEATING: Definitely.

HAWKE: Somewhat, yes.

– Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 11/8/2015 broadcast


…The Spicy Pretzel Bacon Pub, per sandwich, contains 810 calories, 41 grams of fat, and a whopping 1,650 milligrams of sodium. A chicken breast marinated and breaded in a powerful blend of spices and peppers, the sandwich is topped with a warm beer cheese sauce, Applewood smoked bacon and a smoky honey mustard sauce, along with crispy fried onions, juicy pickles, and a slice of fresh Muenster cheese. With all of those ingredients, its high sodium content and caloric levels are not surprising. Given health concerns, the company will “redesign” the sandwich so it has less calories “but the same delicious taste,” which will likely not be an easy feat, given the richness of this culinary concoction. However, Wendy’s is taking things one step further by planning on releasing the current recipe for this product in order to maintain business transparency and to keep the recipe from being “lost to the ages,” as the company spokesperson described it. “It’s a way of getting kitchen-savvy technetters to test and try out their own /201healthier versions of it,” notes food critic Morgan Spurlock, “so it’s a most likely marketing ploy to promote buying the new version of the Bacon Pub sandwich. Which is very clever, I will admit. I suspect that the next time a questionable menu item gets pulled from some fast food franchise somewhere, they too will try to drum up support for their own company in this same sort of way”…

–, 11/10/2015


…amid local backlash and calls for the nation’s government to give more local control to local land use, the major company involved in a deal to convert 70,000 hectares of forestry into farmland has been reduced to a smaller deal concerning only 20,000 hectares…

– The Daily Telegraph, side article, 11/11/2015


…the move comes two weeks after a court ruling found the NYPD’s application of the policy to be illegal… the package aims to address continuing claims of police brutality and “hold police precinct accountable,” as the Mayor has put it, by making it easier for civilians to sue an officer for violating their rights …the package also changes the method for determining police precinct salaries – it will now be based on the number of emergency calls coming from the district instead of being based on number of arrests made by that precinct and its jurisdiction. …Police unions are claiming the new laws will make it more difficult for law enforcement officers to carry out the duties of their occupations. “This will encourage more people to commit crimes,” says retired NYPD officer Angela Marconet…

–, 11/15/2015

“THEIR SUFFERING CAN’T BE OVERLOOKED”: Former US Agriculture Secretary Calls For UN To “Do More” To Combat Betel Nut Addiction

…comparing it to chewing tobacco, the former Secretary explained further how betel nut use is a “woefully neglected global public health emergency affecting millions” of people worldwide, and especially in several countries in Asia… Risk factors for using these Asian areca palm seeds include cancers of the mouth and esophagus…

– The Houston Chronicle, side article, 11/16/2015


Los Angeles, CA – With support from the Mayor and a clear majority of the city’s residents, the L.A. City Council today approved on the reforming of the city’s process for electing statewide officials, including Mayor… Ranked-choice, or instant-runoff voting, allows voters to choose multiple candidates and rank them by order of preference. In New York City, primary and special-election voters will have the choice to rank up to five. “For example,” explains former Mayor of Los Angeles Nicolas Patsaouras (D-CA), “let’s say you like Candidate C the best, but you also like Candidate A and to a lesser extent Candidate B. You can rank Candidate C as your first choice, Candidate A as your second and Candidate B as your third. You don’t have to rank all five – in fact, you can just choose one candidate. But the option is there for you to voice your support for multiple candidates. For the voter, that’s basically all they have to think about when going to the ballot box – which candidates to choose and how to rank them.” [4]

Ranked Choice Voting is gathering momentum nationwide, and is currently the leading proposal for reforming the Electoral College via the process laid out by the National Initiative Amendment of the US Constitution…

– The Los Angeles Times, 11/18/2015

“Look, this administration’s attitude toward warfare is actually very smart and very simple. We stop trouble before it starts, but if somebody, some country or some terrorist, wants to fight us, we’ll fight them where they are on, in their country, not in our country, and we make ’em regret ever messin’ with us.”

– Vice President Harley Davidson Brown, THN radio call-in segment, 11/19/2015 broadcast

…regarding continued debate over the construction of a protective storm barrier system to keep New York City and its surrounding areas from major flooding in the near future: the National Institute for Coastal and Harbor Infrastructure has endorsed a comprehensive plan designed by the US Army Corps of Engineers and its latest New York-New Jersey Stormer Barrier Feasibility Study…

– NBC, 11/20/2015 broadcast


…On November 21, 2015, the state of Louisiana’s gubernatorial election had come down to two candidates. The Republican nominee was Joseph M. Nixon, born in 1956 and a former Texan who served one term in the Texas state House of Representatives, starting in 1995, before moving to Louisiana son after and winning a state senate seat in 2011. His opponent was the conservative Democratic former US Congressman John N. Kennedy. The race was too narrow to be declared on election night, and ultimately proved close enough to trigger a series of recounts in several parishes. Controversies and conspiracy theories filled the political airwaves in the weeks that followed, ending only after Nixon was declared the winner, and Kennedy failed to challenge the election results in court. Nevertheless, because of the election’s difficulties and controversies, a “Nixon-Kennedy election” entered the English language lexicon, as shorthand for any election that is so narrow that it leads to recounts and/or controversies…

–, 2022 article

…In a one-on-one debate held between McAfee and Gramm on November 22nd, the two candidates disagreed sharply on foreign and domestic policy. McAfee promoted dismantling all tariffs and trade deals in order for businesses to have “complete control to determine for themselves who they do business with and how,” while Gramm proclaimed that “most trade deals are naturally beneficial to businesses by design.”


[pic: ]

Above: McAfee (left) and Gramm (right) were both challenging President Grammer for the 2016 GOP nomination. Both suffered from poor polling but believed that they could gather momentum ahead of the summer convention.

McAfee’s trenchant remarks over Gramm’s wealthy backers were polemical in nature, saying cuttingly “This debate is between me and fifty wimpy billionaires.”

Astringently, Gramm responded with the tart remark “John, unlike you, I’ve never been arrested and I’ve actually been elected to and have served in public office before. …I’m surprised you’re even a considered qualified candidate.”

To his credit, the debate’s moderator, TV consumer journalist and libertarian pundit John Stossel from ABC News, did his best to keep the conversation civil… Ultimately, the overall negative debate was considered a draw for both candidates…

– Kathryn Millstone’s The Grammer Administration, Borders Books, 2021

…And in the curious case of Tommy Gun Thompson, there seems to be some legal developments complicating the publication of his tell-all book, which could potentially help investigator put several high-profile smugglers behind bars for life. In main problem with that, though, is that if everyone can read about these crimes, than so can the criminals. Because TGT may have revealed too much about his illegal activities, the mysterious smuggler has reportedly entered a plea deal in exchange for helping officers arrest other smugglers via information not included in the book because it did, not quote, ‘make the cut,’ unquote…

– TumbleweedTV news clip, 11/23/2015

“I think drones have the potential to be used for positive things – pollinating crops, applying pesticides, putting out fires, run security. But they could also be used to stalk and spy, so I think if we are going to have these things, they should be very noticeable – make ’em loud so they can’t sneak up on people and whatnot.”

– Richard Codey (D-NJ), campaigning for President in Atlanta, GA, 11/24/2015

…Amid a rising wave of controversies concerning her handling of finances for multiple jobs program and accusations of neglecting or even promoting a toxic workplace environment at the capital, Governor Steph Herseth has dropped out of the Democratic Presidential primaries. In most polls, she had been polling at roughly 1%...

– CBS Evening News, 11/28/2015 broadcast


…While Grammer’s approval ratings at home continue to hover at around 55%, his popularity abroad has improved considerably since the start of his Presidency…

The Washington Post, 11/29/2015


…according to DNC Chair Antonio Villar, “at this point, it’s very hard to tell who has the advantage. Some candidate are better funded, others have a stronger presence ontech than others, and the strength of grassroots organizing varies candidate-to-candidate. It’s very possible that we won’t know who the primary voters want, uh, to be their nominee, uh, until the primary voting actually begins.”…

– NPR, 11/30/2015


[1] Quote is from his wiki article:

[2] Italicized pieces taken from here:

[3] This italicized passage is pulled from here:

[4] Italicized segment is pulled from here:

[5] But you can help! Ahead of the 2016 Democratic primaries, here’s a preference poll for y’all!:

And here’s a quick breakdown of all 25 candidates, both officially running and likely to run, found on the poll:

US Sen. Sharon Sayles-Belton of Minnesota, age 65 – Relying on her record in the Senate and as the Mayor of Minneapolis during the 1990s to back her energetic campaign, this African-American “trailblazer” is focusing primarily on racial equality, protecting BLTUAG-Americans, community and neighborhood development, women’s rights, combating sexual pestering, helping at-risk youth, and “reigniting” President Jesse Jackson’s police precinct reform efforts. The Midwest is her campaign's "safe" area due to regional appeal, but she is focusing on the Rust Belt as well as the south as part of her campaign's strategy of forming a coalition of white and non-white middle class voters.

Mr. Bob Beckel of New York, age 68 – This moderate-to-liberal political commentator started his political career by working on the Jack Kennedy Presidential campaign of 1968 (being the young man holding a "I Back Jack" in an iconic photo from said campaign) before serving in the US Peace Corps; Beckel then became a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Mondale Administration, allowing him to work with US Secretary of State Jimmy Carter on the 1978 Atlanta Peace Treaty; after heading the southwestern division of the Scoop Jackson Presidential campaign of 1980, he worked on several campaigns of candidates for governor and US Senate seats, but after more losses than wins, he joined The Overmyer Network as a political correspondent; Beckel is running because he is dissatisfied with the current crop of candidates. He believes he can win by appealing to voters "tired of the status quo and politics-as-usual."

Gov. Cruz Bustamante of California, age 64 – The career of this liberal Mexican-American politician took a bit of a nose-dive when he gave up serving as Speaker of the State Assembly to unsuccessfully run for Governor in 1998 amid that year’s backlash to Dinger’s Cartel Wars, but after serving as the state’s Attorney General from 2003 to 2011, Bustamante successfully mounted a bid for Lieutenant Governor in 2010, leading to him ascending to the governorship in 2012; his campaign calls for better schools, cleaner neighborhoods, tighter regulations to protect public health, and improving the FGJ program. Bustamante believes he can "rekindle" the energy of the Jesse Jackson 2000 campaign and put together "another Rainbow Coalition" of Hispanics, African-Americans and whites to sweep the early primaries.

US Sen. Hansen Clarke of Michigan, age 59 – Serving in public offices since 1991, this liberal Bangladeshi-American’s work in the Senate has resulted in millions of dollars being award to his home state to improve nutrition for families, child literacy, and housing for veterans; he is best known for opposing foreclosures and rent hikes during the worst months of the Unlucky Recession, winning him accolades from homeowners and NYC’s Jimmy McMillan. Clarke is focusing on the Midwestern states and the early primary state of New Hampshire in an effort to win over blue-collar voters.

Fmr US Sec. of Transportation Richard J. "Rick" Codey of New Jersey, age 70 – An “old school” moderate politician known for his temper and for serving as the Governor of The Garden State on four separate occasions, Codey believes that his campaign’s focus on urban development, blue-collar employment, improving mental health research (a personal issue to him, given his wife's years-long but successful battle against depression and alcoholism, along with breast cancer) and combating systemic corruption will win over the Rust Belt and suburban voters, both in the primaries and in the general election.

US Rep. Oletha Faust-Goudeau of Kansas, age 57 – A state lawmaker from 2003 to 2011 and a federal lawmaker since, this African-American “firebrand” is pro-family, sponsoring legislation to protect rights and services for seniors, the disabled and children; policies such as voting in favor of eliminating a food sales tax in 2011 highlights her occasional tendency to side with Republicans on some issues, in a reflection of her district’s moderate-to-conservative views. Faust-Goudeau hopes to win the early primary states of Maryland and Georgia or, as an alternate route to the nomination, sweep the early primary clusters.

Gov. Shirley Franklin of Georgia, age 71 – The progressive African-American leader of the Peach State since 2011 has made a name for herself in recent years, overseeing the implementation of a new public water system and new sewer systems alongside urban redevelopment programs to turn the state “green,” all efforts that have improved her state’s quality of life; her handling of the state’s budget after the Unlucky Recession, though, led to job losses that nearly cost her re-election; nevertheless, the recent improvement in state employment and in education reform has led to her approval ratings rebounding as of late.

Fmr US Sec. of State Harvey Gantt of North Carolina, age 74 – With America’s first Black President redefining “Jacksonian Democrat,” the progressive Harvey Gantt is running on a platform similar to the one Jesse Jackson ran on in 2000; while Gantt’s last run for public office (a 1996 US Senate bit, after serving as Governor from 1989 to 1997) ended in failure, his diplomatic positions in the Jackson administration and his recent teaching gigs have renewed interest in his policies; Gantt’s mixed results as Secretary of State, and some missteps taken while Governor, though, could hurt his candidacy. Nevertheless, he is attempting to appeal to all voters by espousing populist-leaning talking points such as creating more jobs, protecting consumers from fraud, raising taxes on billionaires and maintaining a strong national defense, among other issues. He also hopes to be seen as a potentially "bipartisan" nominee, noting his ability to work well with Republicans such as Rocky McCain and Jim Meredith in the past.

Gov. Barry Goldberg of Pennsylvania, age 47 – A “Wellstone Democrat” progressive with blue-collar appeal, Goldberg was born in Philadelphia and grew up with an older brother and three younger sisters; he began his career as a radiologist, and worked tirelessly to help diagnose patients during the SARS pandemic, an experience that convinced Goldberg to become politically active; he won a US Congressional seat in 2008 before successfully running for Governor in 2010; with a somewhat “zany” personality and avidly supporting regional sports teams and cuisine, Goldberg could be an impact candidate.

Fmr Gov. Bart Gordon of Tennessee, age 67 – While vilified by some Democrats for running against Wellstone in the 2012 primaries (and, allegedly, weakened the President's candidacy heading into the general election), this moderate politician last won an election in 2002, and served as the centrist Governor from 2003 to 2007; Gordon is running on his record, touting his leadership during the SARS pandemic and his prior time serving in the US House (where he served for 18 years, from 1985 to 2003), to make the case that his candidacy is the one most likely to win over key independents and undecided voters in the November election season.

Fmr Gov. Muliufi Francis “Frank” Hannemann of Hawaii, age 62 – Previously going by the nicknames “Mufi” and “Murphy,” this 6-ft-7 Mormon businessman, liberal former US Representative, and former Honolulu Mayor of Samoan descent is focused on education and health, claiming Grammer’s libertarianism pose a serious threat to the US’s federal social “safety net” programs, even though he and the President agree on some (but not most) financial issues.

US Sen. Denise Juneau of Montana, age 49 – An openly BLUTAGO-American elected to the US Senate in 2012 in an upset, this descendant of the Native American Blackfeet Tribe served as her state’s Superintendent of Public Instruction from 2009 to 2012; a populist progressive with potentially libertarian appeal, Juneau has focused on education, community development, and justice since entering the Senate, and is focusing on these issues during this run.

US Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio, age 70 – After more than thirty years in Congress, the progressive Kaptur would be an experienced candidate; strongly opposing free trade, which President Grammer’s post-recession policies lean toward, she supports passing a new “supercharged” version of the Glass-Steagall Banking Act of 1933, along with centralizing the nation’s power grids and overall increasing the size and role of the federal government.

Mr. Gary Larson of Washington, age 66 – The cartoonist who created the single-panel cartoon series The Far Side, which began in 1980 and ended in 1999, has been working with Conservation International on several projects in recent years; a naturally shy individual currently living in Seattle, he is mounting a campaign primarily concerned with environmentalism, promoting policies considered to be “extreme” even among many progressive members of the party.

US Senate Min. Leader Gary Locke of Washington, age 66 – The Taiwanese-American leader of the Senate Democrats and would emphasize on commerce, jobs, eldercare, education, and protecting victims of sexual pestering should he become the nominee; a potentially unifying candidate, he has served in the Senate since 1993 and has developed an overall liberal voting record that has shifted around since ascending to his current role in 2005.

US Rep. Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico, age 44 – A liberal US Congressman since 2009 and a former blackjack dealer, Lujan strongly backs cancer research, combating Global Climate Disruption, and requiring all 52 states to diversify their energy supplies to include solar, wind and electricity alongside fossil fuels supplies, which he wants to phase out entirely by 2040 despite voting against a ban on hydraulic “fracking” in 2009; he believes he can wrestle western states away from the Republican column through his support for Native American rights and by emphasizing his links to Catholicism and Latino Americans.

Gov. Michael Moore of Michigan, age 62 – A critic of globalization, large corporations, and American intervention abroad, this longtime politician is often described as a populist liberal; focused on jobs and community development since becoming Governor, he has taken credit for Michigan’s recent unemployment drop and for improving sanitation, though has been criticized for an “aggressive” handling of police precinct reform and for accusing all of the past four Presidents (Dinger, Jackson, Wellstone, and Grammer) of maintaining “imperialist” foreign policy during their respective times in office.

US Sen. Kwame Raoul of Illinois, age 52 – A rising star in the party since being elected a Chicago city alderman in 1995, the charismatic Raoul is best known for giving a stirring keynote speech at the 2012 DNC; Raoul, the reformist progressive son of Haitian immigrants, is also known for advancing civil justice measures like police precinct reform, and combating negative stigmas concerning substance abuse to help addicts find and receive the assistance they need.

Fmr US Vice Pres. Bob Ross of Alaska, age 74 – Just when he thought he could retire in peace, the “Draft Bob” movement has risen yet again; Ross supporters believe that if he makes in candidacy official, he will automatically become the frontrunner due to his reputation as a unifying figure with a wide range of appeal; despite being a cancer survivor who has not won an election on his own since 1990, many are convinced that it takes a painter to best a thespian.

Fmr Gov. John P. Sarbanes of Maryland, age 54 – A progressive Greek-American and the son of former US Senator Paul Sarbanes (which is pronounced "Sahr-BAYNZ"), this subjectively successful former Governor is mounting a bid eclectic bid for the White House that is currently focusing on renewable energy, commerce, and environmental education; his signature policy is campaign finance reform, promising to reduce the influence of money in politics, create new ethics rules for federal officeholders, and limit partisan gerrymandering.

US Navy Admiral (ret.) Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania, age 65 – After a lifetime in the military, Sestak retired from the Navy in 2011, served as an advisor to the US Department of Defense from 2011 to 2014, and joined the Democratic party in 2015 after having an overall apolitical career; a left-leaning moderate focused on helping small businesses and increasing federal funding for autism care and research, along with issues relating to veterans, Sestak differs from other Democrats by being supportive of Grammer’s handling of foreign policy issues, but is heavily critical of his hands-off approach to many domestic issues.

Gov. Lisa J. Simpson of Washington, age 60 – A liberal lawmaker devoted to environmental protection, higher healthcare quality, and anti-corruption efforts, Simpson has already been endorsed by US Senator Norm Rice (D-WA); Simpson believes her education centralization proposals will make America “smarter and more successful” [note: as mentioned previously in Chapter 96, this is OTL’s Lisa J. Brown, who ITTL married Arnold Simpson in 1979, after he had moved to Washington State in 1970 to go to college; also, BTW, TTL’s Futurama has no “Lisa Simpson” character, F.Y.I., so, yeah, this is basically an in-joke]

Mr. Aaron Sorkin of California, age 55 – The famous Hollywood screenwriter, director, producer and playwright best known for making The West Wing and several other political dramas has decided to enter politics for real, mounting a progressive campaign promoting police precinct reform, Ranked Choice Voting for Presidential Elections, and the legalization of all drugs, calling the federal decriminalization laws passed under Jackson “weak and unambitious.”

US Sen. Tom Suozzi of New York, age 54 – An eloquent speaker who has had his eyes on the White House for some time now, this energetic Italian-American liberal is campaigning mainly on supporting the domestic policy issues of urban revitalization measures, hydrogen power projects, better healthcare programs for veterans and sexual pestering victims, and using Congressional Delegating for the Electoral College in all future US Presidential elections.

Fmr Gov. W. Richard West Jr. of Wyoming, age 74 – A libertarian-leaning moderate proud of his Native American roots and his successes during his two terms as the Democratic Governor of one of America’s most Republican states, West is devoting his campaign to community development in rural and urban areas, the preservation of all American cultures, and better land use/utilization in order to ensure an environmentally friendly energy sector.

Also, since I’m curious how popular Grammer is, here’s a preference poll for y’all for the 2016 Republican primaries!:

And here’s a quick breakdown of all 10 candidates, both major and minor, found on the poll:

Fmr state Lands Dir. Walter L. “Walt” Bayes of Idaho – Born c. 1938 and looking it, this constitution-loving conservative diehard has been dubbed a “religious radical,” a term that he now proudly boasts; in 2007, then-Governor Harley Brown appointed this perennial candidate to the state position of Director of the Idaho Department of Lands; Bayes retired from that position in 2011 to unsuccessfully run for congress; he is running for replace Grammer but not Brown.

Fmr US Rep. Phil Gramm of Texas – The 74-year-old billionaire lost millions in the Unlucky Recession, and blames Grammer’s “irresponsible” actions for it; despite having not won an election since 1984, the deep-pocketed and well-connected businessman believes he can unseat Grammer by focusing on his signature proposal for a nationwide bailout of all banks big and small in order to encourage consumer spending and improve the health of the economy.

US Pres. Kelsey Grammer of California – with rising approval ratings, the incumbent (b. 1955) is currently the clear and obvious frontrunner for the 2016 nomination; Grammer appears satisfactory to the moderates, “Colonel” Conservatives and libertarians in the party, and while his support among more established political leaders has dimmed, his approval among populists, former Goetzites, and the pro-Harley Brown “Country” Conservatives has improved.

Mr. Tom Hoefling of Iowa – A conservative perennial candidate (b. 1960) who boasts hosting a radio show, being married with 11 children, and previously serving as Alan Keyes’ Presidential campaign manager, you can find the name of this pro-business, pro-banks Country Conservative activist on some primary ballot (for positions ranging from state senate to governor) every other year (beginning in 2006), and this year, it is on several GOP primary ballots.

Mr. Walter N. Iwachiw of New York – This registered nurse is a mysterious figure, as very little is known about his personal life or his political positions; balding, bearded, and nearly Chris-Farley-esque in appearance but timid and soft-spoken in a nearly introvert-like way, this former anthropologist and former candidate for the GOP nomination for Mayor of New York City in 2013 is running a campaign that is focused on healthcare reform, making college more affordable, and “what we’re going to do about space,” a statement that stands out among his several other vague quotes and comments.

Pstr. Terry Jones of Florida – Born in 1951, this right-wing activist pastor of a “small but fiery” nondenominational Christian church ran for President in 2012 under the “Salvation” party banner; Jones was investigated in 1994 for allegedly forming a cult but was not charged, though the negative attention did cause him to lose church members and later lead to claims that Jones was behind the Iacocca assassination; however, Jones did not catch national attention until 2003, for burning an effigy of then-President Jesse Jackson and accusing him to creating SARS in a science lab; he is currently running on a platform of ending all immigration “period,” withdrawing all US troops from abroad, improving healthcare for KW2 veterans, and reducing corporate tax rates.

Fmr. US Rep. Andy Martin of Illinois – This vexatious litigant of Greek and Italian descent disagrees with the term “perennial candidate,” given that he served the remainder of one congressional term back in the early oughties via a special election that ended in a major upset; born in 1945, Martin, also known as Martin-Trigona, has altered between being a semi-practicing lawyer is several states and being a candidate for various political offices in various states since the 1970s, and has been in hot water in the past for allegedly racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric, comments and legal actions.

Fmr state rep. Mary Maxwell of New Hampshire – This 69-year-old has been active in state politics for decades; inspired by Maureen Reagan’s 1988 nomination, Mary become politically active in the early 1990s, and ultimately served in the state House of Representatives from 1996 to 1998, losing re-election after expressing doubt that Lynwood Drake was Iacocca’s assassin and calling for his brain to “checked for brainwashing residue;” mainly focused on winning her state’s primary, this anti-corruption, pro-family widow upholds a libertarian interpretation of the US Constitution she claims is “100% accurate.”

Fmr NASA Dir. John McAfee of Tennessee – A millionaire hard-core libertarian technocrat with a strong band of loyalists based primarily on the technet, some say he is Grammer’s most prominent foe; born in 1945, McAfee worked for NASA since the 1960s, first as a computer programmer focused on antivirus software, before finally becoming Director, only for “draconian policies” concerning a major incident to lead to his dismissal; McAfee, focused on space exploration and technet innovation, claims that, as President, he will modernize the US and “make us the most technologically-advanced nation on Earth.”

Ms. Samm Tittle of New Mexico – A businesswoman and hard-core constitutionalist and fan of western paraphernalia who is best known for hosting a vlog series on the social blogging site, which has a modest number of followers, Tittle is highly critical of Grammer’s “image…he’s weak and embarrassing;” he campaign is focused on restoring “the image of strength” to the White House and “going after the worst aspects” of American Universal Healthcare and the high-popular Negative Income Tax Rebate, which she believes is “the true cause” of the Unlucky Recession.

Please vote!

(Also: Interesting observation I just recently made about the polls: they usually wouldn’t get that many replies in the past, but looking back at previous polls it looks like some were replied to after the chapters covering the respective results were posted. And maybe some votes were removed? (Because I don’t get it – Gravel did very well in the 1984 poll, but if you click on it now, it shows him doing poorly. Same for Mondale in 1972 and Reagan in 1976. I just don’t get it!))
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Post 103
Post 103: Chapter 111

Chapter 111: December 2015 – June 2016

“The most important things are the hardest to say.”

– Stephen King (OTL/TTL)


The Washington Post, 12/1/2016


Washington, D.C. – Longtime US Senator Daniel K. Inouye, a Democrat from Hawaii and a highly decorated World War Two combat veteran who used his status as a powerful D.C. politician and one of the longest-serving senators in U.S. history to send billions of dollars to his home state, died yesterday evening at his home in Honolul, Hawaii. He was 91. A spokesperson for Inouye said the cause of death was natural causes. …From 2005 to 2011, Inouye was the Senate’s president pro tempore, which put him third in the line of succession for the presidency. This was because he was the longest-serving incumbent Democrat, having entered the US Senate nearly 53 years ago in January 1963. Republican Bob Dole, another World War Two veteran and a longtime friend of Inouye, succeeded him as Senate’s president pro tempore, after Republicans took back the Senate in the 2010 midterms. …He is survived by his son Ken, his second wife Irene, and five grandchildren…

The Washington Post, 12/2/2015


…Irene Hirano Inouye, b. 1948, will be sworn into her late husband’s seat next week…

– The Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Hawaiian newspaper, 12/5/2015

“Diversity of thought and culture and religion and ideas has been the strength of America.” [1]

– US Senator Gary Locke (D-WA), declared candidate for President, 12/6/2015 stump speech


…the densely populated Gaza Strip has long lacked sufficient drinking water, but a new project is helping to ease the shortage with a solar-powered process to extract potable water straight from the air. …The joint Israeli-Palestinian project is the brainchild of a Russian-Israeli billionaire, Michael Mirilashvili. The company he heads, Watergen, has developed the atmospheric water generators that can produce 5,000 to 6,000 liters (1,300 to more than 1,500 gallons) of water that can then be treated via sanitation plants to make it all drinkable… [2]

The Daily Telegraph, 12/7/2015


…“It seems people want me to run, and I don’t ever like to disappoint so many people,” said the former Vice President today in the speech with which he has launched an official late-entry campaign for President in response to a massive draft effort…

The Washington Post, 12/8/2015

LOCKE: I’m really surprised that Ross jumped in. I thought he was going to give a Shermanesque statement.

KIM: It’s going to upend the field composition significantly. Already there’s talk of two of Ross’s biggest supporters, Denise Juneau and Kwame Raoul, dropping out to get behind his candidacy.

LOCKE: Well, we’re not going to be doing that. Jumping into this race was a big decision for me and my family. I’m not going to just bow out after all that contemplation, all those nights sitting around the table weighing the risks and everything. I got in to win.

– audio-recorded conservation, Locke’16 campaign HQ in Seattle, WA; recorded 12/8/2015 (leaked 2/15/2017)

Ross – 28%

Locke – 19%

Moore – 18%

Franklin – 9%

Goldberg – 7%

Sorkin – 5%

Simpson – 2%

Others – 4%

Undecided – 8%

– Gallup poll for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination, published 12/11/2015


…US Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton was caught on a hot mic claiming that the wave of riots that plagued Spain in 2013 and 2014, highlighted by the bombing of a historic “megachurch” in Barcelona, was due to that country’s open borders policy. “Europe must curb immigration to stop rightwing populists,” [3] the center-left politician said in a conversation with an unidentified intern or assistant. The surprisingly conservative comment came shortly after Rodham-Clinton appeared at a private fundraiser for Kelsey Grammer’s re-election bid, where other attendees also raised the suggestion that the civil disobedience and rioting that immediately followed the Unlucky Recession were due to a rise populism in Europe connected to the continent’s open-borders immigration policy more so than due to poor regulation of fiscal policies...

The Washington Post, 12/12/2015

…The White House’s grounds more recent architectural additions include expanding two hallways with wider areas for art collections under First Lady Joan Mondale in 1974, a part of the primary basement being converted into a bowling alley in 1997 for Dinger, which was in turn converted into a gym under President Jesse Jackson in 2003. Furthermore, President Denton’s controversial “mini-chapel” constructed near the East Wing in 1983 was converted in 1989 to a medical center/digital computer hub for the White House staff...


COOKING IN THE WHITE HOUSE: An American Tradition 240 Years In The Making

…While First Lady Marissa Joan Hart-Grammer releasing a cook book covering the favorite foods of the First Family this week was not a groundbreaking publication, it does remind one of other famous cooking that has occurred at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…

…The White house actually has three kitchens: a large one for the main staff, the “executive” one on the second “residential” floor, and a small auxiliary kitchen on the side, near the main kitchen. In fact, the aux kitchen was built out of a butler’s pantry in 1965 in order to allow then-President Colonel Sanders the ability to make himself a bucket of his own Kentucky Fried Chicken without bothering staff of dirtying a kitchen that was closed for the night.

But the larger private kitchen in the upstairs residence was not built by the chicken-loving Colonel – it was actually built by Mondale. It is, surprisingly, a very little-known fact that Sanders was succeeded into office by another passionate cook. While not a professional, Mondale did cook, often with his wife, to relieve stress of the office of the US President.


[pic: ]

Above: President Mondale cooking a turkey in the White House auxiliary kitchen, photo undated but c. 1970s

Even now, 36 years after leaving office, Mondale's second-favorite hobby, after fishing, is cooking. As President, he would write down recipes on scraps of paper or backs of envelopes and then stuff them into a card file; now he saves it all on digital files.

“His first gastronomic success was fried fish, which he mastered while on fishing trips. Fritz loves to cook as a form of relaxation because it's so consuming," former Frist Lady Joan Mondale said in a 2012 interview. "Fran comes over with bags of groceries and they sort of go to work," she said of Mondale and his fishing partner and culinary mentor, Duluth, Minn., television station owner Fran Befera. "When the men are cooking they're on their own. It's much better that way. It's really a pleasure because it's a nontraditional activity, but more and more men are finding it a pleasure."

Joan also claimed that, as President, Walter liked to whip up a little "Fettucine a la Pimento Mondale" or "Minnesota Wild Rice" for himself, and some "Brunch Eggs a la Stan" and "Granny Mondale's Cinnamon Rolls" for their son, William.

Sometimes others joined in on Mondale’s kitchen activities in the Upstairs Residence. Second Lady Muriel Humphrey made beef soup, Betty Friedan made garlic soup, the wife of then-US Secretary of State Jimmy Carter's " 'Plains Special' Cheese Ring" and Mondale campaign chairman James A. Johnson's classic, "Hot Dogs and Tab" were all reportedly made and served to small collections of guests on the White House’s second floor by their aforementioned creators…


…However, cooking must be done carefully. Walter Mondale has a history of hypertension and his father had heart problems. During press conferences held in the 1970s and 1980s, Joan Mondale often said was trying to steer him toward healthy food, but that she did not always succeed.

"I tried once with salt," she
explained once in 1977, "and my great secret weapon was not to put salt and pepper on the dinner table. So the first night I tried that, he said, 'Where is the salt?'

"And so I said, 'You're not supposed to have salt.' So he left the table, went to the kitchen and got it and came back. So that's how he responded to that."

Mondale has been actively involved with food for many years.

"One of the first ways that Fritz exhibited his cooking skills was, I guess, about 15 years ago when Thanksgiving came around and I was so tired I could hardly move. And he said, 'Let me make Thanksgiving dinner
,'" Joan Mondale explained at the press conference in 2011. [4]

–, 12/19/2015 article

“Grammer For Ex-President”

“Bob’s The Best”

“Let’s Get Crazy” [5]

“Ross The Boss”

“Happy Little Times Are Here Again”

– unofficial Ross’16 slogans, c. December 2015

RENHO WINS! New C.D. Takes Control In Alliance, Trouncing S.D. Majority And Ousting PM Mizuho Fukushima

The Asahi Shimbun, Japanese newspaper, 1/2/2016

The Three Stooges

(2016 film)

Premiered: January 3, 2016

Genre(s): comedy/satire/slapstick

Directed by: Tom Hooper

Written by: James Bachman, Abigail Burdess and Tariq Anwar

Produced by: United Kingdom Film Council (UKFC) and Momentum Pictures

Distributed by: Momentum Pictures (UK, Australia and NZ) and Paramount Pictures (US and other territories)


John Oliver as Moe

Andy Zaltzman as Larry

Al Murray as Curly

David Mitchell as Shemp

See Full List Here


A British interpretation/version of/take on the beloved American comedy team from the 1940s sees Moe, Larry and Curly are ex-soldiers dishonorably discharged during World War Two, but upon going from trying to find jobs to inadvertently stumbling across a Nazi spy scheme, Moe sees the chance to redeem themselves and save England – and make some money along the way.


The film opened to lukewarm reviews from critics and “fair” replies from audiences. As it barely made just over the amount of money the production company was hoping it would, it was considered a box office success, but those who worked on the film declined any interest in making any sort of sequel.


“Our government is completely illiterate when it comes to cyber security. We are twenty years behind the Chinese, who, if provoked into a cyber war with us, would devastate us, at a scale so vast that it’s unimaginable to present-day us.”

“Privacy and security are not mutually exclusive. Privacy is fundamental right. It is what keeps the glue of society together. Without it, our society would crumble. Without the ability to keep our honest thoughts and our secrets to ourselves, we would become the hostile and judgmental creatures without friends or allies that we were in caveman times. Human nature leads to self-censorship; we do not need any kinds of governments adding to it with red tape.”

“As President, I would privatize the space race, modernize the American cyber warfare department, and improve cyber security for infrastructure by hiring young hackers so that they will be on our side instead of on the side of the Chinese.”

– John McAfee, 1/5/2016 rally

As 2016 dawned, KFC’s push into African nations continued, with an increasing awareness of the notion that it could make for stronger ties to the western world in those countries. Finance Prof. Murray Sabrin commented on these efforts in a January 2016 NYT article praising the company for its ambition, saying that it reminded him of American trade deals that US President Jesse Jackson had signed with the African nation of Ghana to promote the Kantanka Automobile car company, in that it could help Africa’s economy. In fact, it is very likely that FLG Inc. greenlit expanding into Africa because of previous business and trade deals with Africa yielding mutually-beneficial results in the preceding years…

– Marlona Ruggles Ice’s A Kentucky-Fried Phoenix: The Post-Colonel History of Most Famous Birds In The World, Hawkins E-Publications, 2020

…McAfee public denounced Grammer’s populist handling of the post-recession economy, but found most if not all the non-interventionists in the party rallying behind him to protests US involvement in Sudan. Their claims that Grammer was “playing the role of a dictator” were made in spite of the fact that the President had kept US troops out of Botswana despite politicians in nations such as France calling for him to intervene in military-related way.

Focusing more on domestic issues, McAfee also accused Grammer of being responsible for outsourcing American jobs despite that going against his own libertarian policy of open borders and free trade, leading to him later saying he wanted “American libertarianism for America, not for other countries.” Furthermore, McAfee pointed to incidents such as the ratification of the Cairo Protocol to claim that Grammer was making too many concessions to the Democrats… [6]

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022


…the former Governor had been failing to gain traction for months…

The Star-Ledger, New Jersey newspaper, 1/10/2016


The Sacramento Union, 1/13/2016


…despite the African nation’s leadership being accused of suppressing political opposition, financial advisors believe that resuming normal diplomatic US-Eritrea relations – which were suspended in 1996 after Eritrea’s government allied with that of the former nation of North Korea in the first days of the Second Korean War – will encourage American businesses to invest over there…

The Wall Street Journal, 1/16/2016

“…The World Health Organization has declared that the spread of poliomyelitis in several countries to be a major ‘Worldwide Health Emergency’ – not a pandemic but a Worldwide Health Emergency – and recommends anyone who has recently visited the nations of Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and Indonesia to seek medical testing to ensure they do not have this infectious viral disease, which attacks the central nervous system. The WHO also recommends anyone who has been on a cruise ship in the last three months to get themselves tested as well, just in case…”

– Ahmad Rashad, CBS Breaking News, 1/21/2016 broadcast



[pic: ]

…Steve Irwin is everyone's favourite Aussie crocodile hunter. And while he was never feted in his homeland like he is in the US, he was widely regarded with benign condescension. That is until last month, when he made the deadly error of alienating Australia's cultural establishment.

When Prime Minister
Jim Varvaris dropped in on Irwin's Australia Zoo on Queensland's Sunshine Coast on December 14, the naturally ebullient Irwin introduced him to the crowd as "the greatest leader Australia has ever had" and the "greatest leader in the entire world."

"I get to meet some extraordinary people and extraordinary leaders," Irwin said, "but meeting the Prime Minister is the proudest moment of my life."

Crikey! Irwin has wrestled crocodiles, snakes and spiders, but nothing could compare with the nest of vipers he had just strayed into.

Suddenly Irwin the likeable
wildlife wonder became Irwin the greedy "millionaire" Varvaris-lover. For some people, this was unforgivable.

The letters pages of newspapers exploded with venom and journalists sharpened their poison quills.

"After his public comment to the effect that
Jim Varvaris is the greatest prime minister this country has ever had, I no longer take him seriously as an apolitical or intelligent wildlife advocate," says one Canberra resident.

“I grew up watching his long-running show. I wouldn’t be surprised if his newest show sees a ratings drop after this,” suggests a younger resident.

A week later, one reporter from The Guardian questioned why Irwin had turned down an invitation to American President Kelsey Grammer’s inauguration in 2013, possibly due to the then President-Elect belittling him (calling him a “lovable digeridoo-drumming lunkhead”) in a controversial radio interview over a year beforehand. "Does it tell us more about Steve Irwin than he might want us to know?" he wrote. Irwin had "thick skin," the article went on to say. "There's no getting through to the heart or the soul. And let’s not make the mistake of going for the head."

Then there are the snide stories about Irwin's invitation to Canberra for a fancy "partisan barbecue" that Prime Minister Jim Varvaris hosted for visiting former US President Larry Dinger, complete with snaky references to the $25,000 cost.

And in the past there have been several stories attacking Irwin's character. "For crocodile hunter Steve Irwin charity really does begin at home, with the millionaire 'donating' $175,000 to himself," began one story in The Courier-Mail in Brisbane. This $364 a minute of taxpayers' money was supposedly for "one day's work" shooting a quarantine awareness TV ad in 2002, at the height of the SARS pandemic. The Federal Opposition and ABC Radio tried to whip up a crocodile-cash-for-comment scandal, linking the payment to Irwin's praise of Michael Ignatieff, who was the Prime Minister at the time. Irwin was forced to defend himself, issuing a statement explaining the money was for a whole year's work on the quarantine campaign, not one day, and that he had given every cent to a new koala hospital at his Queensland zoo.

In Tanzania, filming the latest episode of his latest reality TV show “Croc Chases,” Irwin went to bed early yesterday while his long-time manager and friend John Stainton, speaking from a crowded bar on his mobile phone, said he wasn't really surprised by the controversy.

"It's what happens in Australia. You stick your head up and you've got 10,000 shotguns pointed at you," Stainton said. Irwin is not a Liberal or Labor supporter. "He's just not political. I don't have a clue how he's going to vote and he probably doesn't either.
When Prime Minister Varvaris decided to pay an impromptu visit to his zoo, Steve was overwhelmed and proud, and talked in superlatives because that is the way he always talks.

The vilification of Irwin is a textbook lesson in how anti-conservative forces combine to denounce anyone suspected of holding unorthodox (in their eyes) views. And since the majority of Australians hold those "unorthodox" views, most of them have learnt to keep their mouths shut.

An unnamed (for obvious reasons) writer/director of my acquaintance says he and other actors, musicians and dancers he knows have to pose as left-wing
Varvaris vilifyers, or at least keep any conservative views hidden, in order to stay in work.

"The truth is we are politically a more eclectic bunch than most realise.
[sic] But God forbid that we'd 'come out' and support Jim Varvaris, our own Prime Minister, over anything, for to do so is instant isolation – no, persecution ...the self-appointed bullies who run the industry preclude from expressing [our] views, for fear of being labelled and ostracised. [sic] In many ways it's 1930s Germany, 1950s USA and Soviet Union all over again, minus the violence ...the arts Stasi are not to be underestimated," he said.

Chances are Steve Irwin won't be sipping green tea at Judy Davis's place in Birchgrove any time soon. But then, he probably prefers the crocodile farm
. [7]

–, 1/22/2016

“…the Viking Cruises vessel the ‘Forward’ has been ordered to not stay dockside for two weeks at Isle of Wright after the infectious disease poliomyelitis was reported to have broken out on cruise ship; the ship is receiving medicine and emergency supplies by helicopter, and people onboard in need of hospitalization are being carefully airlifted out…”

– Michael Strahan, NBC News, 1/24/2016 broadcast

CO-ANCHOR 1: “In his defense, Steve Irwin is a conservationist, not a politician.”

CO-ANCHOR 2: “But he’s even faced criticism when it comes to him being a conservationist, too. He’s in the past been accused of having an unsophisticated view of conservatism that’s closer to tourism than facing actual issues, and while those criticisms have subsided in recent years, his critics still persist that he does not full understand the complexities of conservation efforts in relation to Global Climate Disruption.”

CO-ANCHOR 1: “That is true. Back when we had him on this program in 2008, we asked him about overgrazing, salinity and erosion, and he commented, and I quote, ‘Cows have been on our land for so long that Australia has evolved to handle those big animals,’ end-quote.” [8]

CO-ANCHOR 2: “Hmm, and it’s comments like that coming back into public consciousness is probably why he’s been silent on this controversy since it started. He’s possibly trying to wait it out…”

– Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1/29/2016 broadcast


…The National Prayer Breakfast, an annual event held at the Washington Hilton in Northwestia, Potomac, consists of a series of meetings, luncheons and dinners is a day-long forum for political, social, and business elites assembled for discussion and prayer…

The Washington Post, 2/2/2016


...After finishing in second place in the first round of voting on 16 January, State Minister Pekka Haavisto (b. 1958) was elected President of Finland earlier tonight. A member of the Green party, Haavisto is a former member of Finnish Parliament and former Environment Secretary under President Puska; he won over Laura Huhtasaari in an election closely watched by the rest of Europe. Laura Huhtasaari (b. 1979), a 35-year-old parliament member and nationally famous conservative radio show host of the conservative Finns Party, had defeated early anti-Pekka favorite Alexander Stubb (b. 1968), former PM, of the National Party, to advance to the runoff election. Incumbent President Pekka Puska, with his popularity at an all-time high, was term-limited. Haavisto won the election by a margin of roughly 14% of the vote...

The Guardian, UK newspaper, 6/2/2016



[pic: ]

Above: Wellstone at his Wellstone’12 re-election campaign headquarters in St. Paul, c. 2012

– The Duluth News Tribune, Minnesota newspaper, 2/11/2016

MODERATOR: “This next question is for all the candidates, and we will begin on the left side of the debate stage. Governor Moore, the first 100 days of a US Presidency is a major benchmark for success for modern Presidents/ What would the first 100 days of your Presidency look like?”

MOORE: “In my first 100 days, I would pass legislation to stop US corporations from using cheap labor in other countries to make themselves rich. Outsourcing and corrupt billionaires are killing this country by taking money from their fellow Americans to line their already-deep pockets. It is horrendous, it is immoral, and it should be illegal. …The justice department will not be lazing about under the Moore Presidency.”


ROSS: “When it comes to cap and trade, we have to focus more on the cap and less on the trade. Moving around the emissions is like moving around broken glass instead of gathering it all up and carefully throwing it out. If you just leave it there, people are going to get hurt. We have to move on to a new and better way of making energy to run the planet. As President, I would start this off with the Globally Reducing Emissions to Empower Nature Deal, or the GREEN Deal, for short. We also must introduce a wide range of public works projects to eliminate poverty and unemployment. I’m talking about a wide range of public works projects like President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal, but with an emphasis on renewable energy and environmental protection. A movement to improve our transportation, health, and communities. These would be the projects I would implement as President. I’d called them the ‘Empowering People to Improve their Communities’ Projects, or EPIC Projects, for short.”


LOCKE: “I have overseen and supervised effective responses to KW2 refugees and subsequent race riots in Seattle, massive earthquakes, major floods and forest fires. I just try to be as even-keeled and calm as possible. After all, that works fine for Bob, here, doesn’t it?” [9]


SESTAK: “I for one am very concerned by this current administration’s willingness to turn a blind eye to several countries so unstable that it should be troubling to more people. Tajikistan is in the throes of a militant dictatorship. The Ka-Ren people of Myanmar have been experiencing ethnic genocide for decades. Eritrea is a barely-functioning dictatorship no matter what the President says about it. Sierra Leone is a lawless wasteland, and Saudi Arabia is an oppressive anti-labor, anti-women country and we should be ashamed of our connections to them. As President, I would take a strong stance against these violators of human rights, with military forces if necessary…why are you booing? I’m speaking the truth here!”


ROSS: “We have reach out to the people. As President, I would follow the diplomatic advice of Harland Sanders – it is the people, not the leaders, that are innocent, because leaders always influence people. But dictators go too far, they want their people to live in a bubble. But by exposing the benefits of democracy and freedom to the people, we can pop that bubble from the inside out.”

SESTAK: “Ma’am, can I comment on that?”

MODERATOR 1: “30 seconds, sir.”

SESTAK: “Bob, the only time in recent modern history that we truly popped a dictatorial bubble, as you call it, was almost exactly 20 years ago with KW2. Your idea of peacefully ending dictators cannot work.”

ROSS: “What about the Soviet Union? Didn’t it collapse not because of a nuclear war but because the Russian people came to realize that without democracy and liberty, they were getting a raw deal?”

SESTAK: “That was different, Bob. And it was a different time.”


LOCKE: “China’s own recent history proves that when it opens itself, there is nothing its people cannot accomplish. A more open China will lead to a more prosperous and stable China. That’s good for China, the United States and, indeed, the entire world.” [9]


ROSS: “I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I think I’m probably the most pacifist candidate on this stage tonight.”


MOORE: “I differ from the other candidates up here by understanding the regulations cannot be applied to every single thing in existence. You can’t regulate child labor. You can’t regulate slavery. Some things are just wrong. Those things can’t be regulated because they must be eliminated!”


ROSS: “I can’t think of anything more rewarding than being yourself to others through painting. Exercising the imagination, experimenting with talents, being creative; these things, to me, are truly the windows to your soul. It’s why I care so much about funding early education programs – so the next generation of children can have the ability to reach their true and full potential, and achieve the kind of possibilities that past generations could only write about in sci-fi and fantasy books.” [10]


MOORE: “Since we’re on the subject of electability, let me just point out that unlike Bob here, who hasn’t won an election on his own since 1990, 26 years ago, and unlike Gary here, who comes from a safely Democratic state, I have repeatedly won elections in the increasingly Republican-leaning state of Michigan. In fact, I was one of the first 18-year-olds in the United States elected to public office, shortly after 18-year-olds got the right to vote under President Sanders. I ran for the Board of Education and I haven’t lost an election since.” [11]


ROSS: “I have often said that talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you’re willing to practice, you can do. And I have practiced politicking for almost 28 years now.” [10]


MOORE: “I made it so people who work in my state get paid parental leave. That’s not called capitalism, that’s called being a Christian and someone who believes in democracy and that everyone should get a fair slice of the pie.” [11]


ROSS: “Anytime you learn you gain. So be bold. Be brave. Go out on a limb – that’s where the fruit is! That’s life. It’s interesting. It’s fun!” [10]

– snippets from the Democratic Primaries Presidential debate, 2/16/2016

Anchor ANDERSON COOPER: “So how negative do you think this campaign is going to get, when compared to past Presidential elections?”

Contributor JANIC FINE: “Oh, it certainly can get more vitriolic, but most of that would likely come from McAfee, as Grammer, Locke and especially Ross seem very reluctant to do any mudslinging. With that in mind, I don’t think we’re going to be seeing anything as bitter as the 2004 primaries. And, while we’re on the subject, McAfee’s current methods and tactics for attacking his former boss actually reminds me of when Republicans tried to tie Wellstone to ‘The Corg,’ short for the ‘Cooperative Organization’ a Maoist/Marxist-Leninist political group was briefly existed in Minneapolis and Sati Paul in the 1970s [12] back during the election cycle of 2007 and early 2008…”

– CBS News, roundtable discussion, 2/17/2016

Disapprove: 53%

Approve: 41%

Uncertain: 6%

– Aggregate approval rating for Australian PM Varvaris, 2/19/2016

“If I don’t win this primary season, I will cut off, cook, and eat my own left pinky toe and livestream it. Why? Because I can! Because in this country, you can, or at least you should be allowed to, do whatever you want to do with your own body.”

– John McAfee, 2/22/2016 rally

“…The federal government tonight announced that it will allow small drones owned and operated by individual citizens and private businesses to fly over streets at night, but not over private homes or residential property of any sort except when making a delivery to that property. The head of the F.A.A. says that this shift in federal policy is a significant step toward widespread commercial deliveries made with drones. The remotely-manned aerial vehicles, or objects or devices – whichever term you prefer, really – has been the source of security concerns for many private citizens worried of privacy violations. Furthermore, delivery labor unions oppose the widespread use of drones over employment concerns, while others have voiced worry over light pollution at night. These and air traffic concerns are the likely reasoning behind the new federal rules calling for drones to stay above roads only, as drones must obtain a certain altitude to no longer be considered above one’s home – a height that, at the moment, most drone models cannot fly up to.

Naturally, the F.A.A.’s new operation rules and requirements are being challenged by several governors and state governments who claim that airway regulation should stay at the state level, and that the F.A.A. cannot impose regulations on private businesses and individual activities, which the Lieutenant Governor of Colorado saying yesterday, quote, ‘If we do not stay vigilant, the F.A.A. will soon outlaw kite-flying,’ end-quote. The comments come after several members of the F.A.A. also suggested that remote pilots, also known as drone pilots or drone operators, should require licenses, even if drones are used for private use, much like a license for a car, a speedboat, or a forklift, in adherence to the principle of one requiring licensing to confirm that one can use complex and potentially-dangerous machinery...”

– CBS Evening News, 2/24/2016 broadcast

“Remember – You never stop to switch motorcycles when you’re in the middle of a bike race! And we’re in the middle of one hell of a bike race right now!”

– Vice President Harley Brown campaigning for Kelsey Grammer in Manchester, New Hampshire, 2/26/2016


…on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, candidates on both sides of the political party are filling up their schedules with more stump speeches, more photo-ops and more vidcall fundraising drives…

–, 2/27/2016 e-alert


…the Oscar for Best Picture went to Steven Spielberg’s The Pyongyang Diaries, a coming-of-age drama centered on a young girl from Seoul who moves with her family to The Former North in the immediate aftermath of the Second Korean War…

The Hollywood Reporter, 2/28/2016

“I still can’t believe American Overdrive 3 was snubbed by those snobs. It’s one of the greatest works of cinema ever put to film, but it didn’t get a single Oscar nomination. The system is rigged against action films, people! I tell you, it’s rigged!”

– real estate developer/filmmaker Donald Trump, 2/29/2016


…In the Republican column, President Grammer received 54% of the vote, with 35% going to McAfee, 5% to Gramm, 3% to local politician Mary Maxwell, 2% to an obscure candidate named Walter Iwachiw, and the remaining 1% to several other candidates.

“This is more a loss for Grammer than a win for McAfee,” says one political analyst. “For an incumbent President to get only 54% in the first-in-the-nation primary suggests a lack of unity in the party, at least in the libertarian wing of the party. I think Grammer needs to address that immediately, because Presidents who face serious primary challengers typically do not win re-election”…

The Boston Globe, 3/1/2019


…desperate to keep his job in the face of a formidable primary opponent, the White House today revealed that the President has gotten onto a tour bus and has headed on down to the Peace State ahead of the Georgia primary on March 8. …The President must be feeling the heat now – already, one anonymous member of the White House staff has claimed that Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary results have been “a wake-up call” to President Grammer…

The New York Post, 3/3/2019

“…We weren’t concerned about the loss in the Granite State because our focus was connecting to minority voters in Nevada, Georgia and Maryland. We knew that even if we won just one of those states, we could gather enough momentum going into April to make it through. We were getting endorsements from all over the Democratic establishment, from Walter Mondale to John Glenn, but we knew weren’t the same as actual votes…”

– freshman US Rep. Alessandra Rose Biaggi (D-NY), Deputy National Operations Director for the Locke’16 campaign, KNN interview, 5/4/2019

…Even as the President stumped across Georgia, he could not shake off the fear that the momentum was on the side of McAfee. Indeed, at least three post-NH ontech polls suggested that McAfee could actually win the Peach state by a 5% margin…

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022


[pic: ]

– Bob Ross in a crowd of supporters in Atlanta, GA, 3/7/2016

…On March 8, Grammer proved those polls wrong by edging out McAfee by a 7% margin. Nevertheless, this margin marked the closest an incumbent President had come to losing a primary in nearly 30 years. The last time a President had faced such a serious challenge was in 1988, when Jack Kemp lost a bid for a term of his own, and, for an elected President, in 1964, when LBJ lost a few primaries to candidates Wayne Morse and John Patterson.

Bob Ross, meanwhile, narrowly edged out Locke and Moore in the state by highlighting his Floridian roots…

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022


The Washington Post, 3/9/2016

“…Minnesota Governor Alex Kozinski has been impeached by the state House for misuse of state funding to pay of business loans and to attempt to cover up improper sexual conduct claims…”

– Kennedy News Network, “Breaking News” segment, 3/10/2016 broadcast

BREAKING NEWS: Phil Gramm Has Ended His Long-Shot White House Bid

…the former US Congressperson received less than 5% of the vote in GOP primary held in Georgia on Tuesday…

–, 3/11/2016 “e-alert”

MCAFEE: “I think it’s really telling that, during these efforts to amend the process for electing the President, politicians in D.C. are backing Congressional District Allocation. It’s because they gerrymander the congressional districts, and both of the major parties are shamelessly guilty of gerrymandering.”

WILSON: “Yeah, I get that, and that’s why I back the Direct Popular Vote and Runoff proposal. It’s very easy to understand.”

MCAFEE: “Yes, but the two-round system could lead to more media attention placing emphasis on just the one election, the second round. That would again block out third-party candidates.”

WILSON: “Well isn’t that because the popular vote is not the only problem with the Electoral College.”

MCAFEE: “Yes, that’s why I back the Ranked Choice proposal that has the closest shot of actually getting passed. Because that venue for democracy has instant runoff, so you don’t have to have people vote more than once.”

– John McAfee and journalist Amy Wilson, TON interview, 3/12/2016


…in recent years, the former US President has occasionally been seen using a cane or other people’s shoulders in order to stand up or walk…

The Star Tribune, Minnesota newspaper, 3/13/2016

“Grammer hasn’t done enough to defend our recreadrug rights. Yes, he’s upheld Jesse Jackson’s decriminalizing of all recreadrugs at the federal level, but since taking office, the former Dr. Frazier Crane has just passively allowed the states to make up their own Mary Jane laws. Only 22 states have many recreational marijuana completely legal. I’m all for the tenth amendments and allowing the states to have the right and the freedom of self-determination, but not for policies that affect all the states like recreadrugs does.”

– John McAfee, rally in Las Vegas, NV, 3/14/2016

…While the March 15 Nevada contest was a decisive victory for Locke, with Ross coming in second place and Moore in a close third, Grammer secured a comfortable margin of victory over McAfee with a whopping 65%. Using his massive war chest to zigzag across the state had paid off – momentum was returning to the President’s campaign.

However, some in Grammer’s campaign still feared that their efforts to paint McAfee as a radical would be fruitless due to the former NASA Director embracing such comments. For example, McAfee proudly admitting to experimenting with hard drugs for decades, but saying he did so “smartly and responsibly,” appealed to young people tuning in the politics for the first time and being intrigued by his campaign themes of space exploration, drug legalization and the elimination of as much government red tape as possible.

Grammer was conservative-libertarian, but McAfee was even more libertarian, with a base of followers that was almost entirely Caucasian. As a result, Grammer, ironically, had to rely on an ad hoc coalition of social conservatives and minority conservatives to win in Nevada, and on that same coalition heading in April…

– Tim Alberta’s The Modern Republican Party, Harper Collins Publishers, 2022

“All Aboard the Grammer Gravy Train!”

– comment on article on President Grammer’s rising re-election odds, 3/15/2016


– The Carlsbad Current-Argus, New Mexico newspaper, 3/16/2016


…the writer-director flubbed on several questions concerning tax reform, attempting to give genetic comments and catchy one-liners only for the moderators to press him to actually answer the detail-oriented questions...

–, 3/17/2016


…Japan’s newest PM, the mononym-using Renho, is of Taiwanese descent on her father’s side, and has visited the island several times since becoming the leader of the opposition in 2013, and twice already since becoming PM in January. Renho [13] has lambasted her predecessors for not being “tough enough” on confronting the “increasingly oppressive” Chinese government on the world stage…

The Asahi Shimbun, Japanese newspaper, 3/18/2016


– The Beaver County Times, side article, 3/19/2016

TWENTY YEARS LATER: One Generation After KW2, United Korea Has Moved On But Cannot Forget

…March 21 marked the 20-year anniversary of the official conclusion of the War of Reunification, and with it came a range of mixed emotions. Mostly ebullient reflections and celebrations of the reuniting of long-lost family members came concurrent with somber vigils honor the thousands killed on both sides of the conflict. Views of the demise of Kim Il-Sung reached a record-breaking number on, while veterans from both sides of the conflict, linked arm in arm, march proudly down city streets in the capital of Seoul and the redeveloped city of Pyongyang. SK veterans grin at their liberating off the North, while NK veterans grin at their de-brainwashing and ability to now live in a land that, while imperfect, is wildly superior to the life he once knew… The war ravaged the peninsula for less than three months but nevertheless resulting in life-changing ramifications for the Korean people…

– Time Magazine, 3/21/2016

PRIMARIES UPDATE: Locke, Grammer Sail To Victories In Maryland

…Locke has received a comfortable plurality, while President Grammer has won roughly 80% of the vote in the GOP contest…

–, 3/22/2016

“…I favor legalizing most recreadrugs, but I also favor opening up more recreadrug addiction clinics. They go hand and hand, like more cars and more car repair shops and car service stations. But McAfee looks like he’s taken too many drugs and not enough visits to rehab clinics. Past employees have described him as erratic, maniacal, paranoid and sometimes delusional. If the Stardust Scandal had not broken out, President Grammer would have definitely fired him anyway, it just would have been a few weeks or months later than he did…”

– Former Gov. Kelley Ashby (R-NH), Grammer surrogate, 3/24/2016

“..If I’m so unstable, why did Grammer have just great things to say about me when he nominated me to head NASA? Doesn’t that suggest that Ol’ Kelsey has poor decision-making skills, that he put someone as allegedly crazy as me in charge of NASA? Are we sure that chick didn’t just endorse me?”

– John McAfee, 3/25/2016 rally

Black Woman Kicked Out Of McAfee Rally: “There’s So Many Racists In His Camp”

…her claims join others accusing the McAfee candidacy of attracting bigots, racists, sexists, and “dangerous radicals like perverts and sadists,” reported one former McAfee campaign worker...

–, 3/28/2016 article


The Boston Globe, 3/29/2016

LOCKE: “China’s history is marked by thousands of years of world-changing innovations: from the compass and gunpowder to acupuncture and the printing press. No one should be surprised that China has re-emerged as an economic superpower. I don’t blame Colonel Sanders for opening up to China, I blame the Chinese government for using unfair practices to oppress their own people and to try to hold the world economy hostage. Now, again, I am not appealing to the Chinese government when I say that we should try to promote people-to-people exchanges so that China and the United States can really join together, not just to solve the problems of China or the United States, but some of the big problems facing the entire world as well, from climate change to famine. I am saying that nobody will benefit from being unable to find a non-military way of resolving the issue regarding China’s increasingly discerning actions.” [14]


MOORE: “Here’s what I don’t think works: an economic system that was founded in the 16th century and another that was founded in the 19th century. I’m tired of this discussion of capitalism and socialism; we live in the 21st century; we need an economic system that has democracy as its underpinnings and an ethical code.” [15]

ROSS: “There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend. I guess I’m a little weird. I like to talk to trees and animals. That’s okay though; I have more fun than most people!” [16]


MODERATOR: “Governor Moore, in 1996, you said, and I quote, ‘I don’t support the troops being in Korea,’ unquote, and in 2007, you made similar comments about U.S. forces in the DRC. How can American voters be certain you will protect and defend the U.S. as President in light of decades of criticism of American foreign services, from the Libyan War to the US-led intervention in Sudan?”

MOORE: “I still stand by those misleading statement. I did not support the troops in Korea, I supported them coming home. I supported them being treated well.”


ROSS: “I support vocational programs in grade schools coast-to-coast because of the fact that there’s nothing in the world that breeds success like success, especially success, any kind of success, that is achieved at an early age.” [16]


ROSS: “If we’re going to have animals around, we all have to be concerned about them and take care of them.” [16]


ROSS: “Yes, I would support another Freedom of Information Act, and I hope everybody on this stage, and everybody in the GOP would support such an act because that is a bipartisan issue. It is not a good sign if your government has more secrets than the hanger seen at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie.”

MODERATOR: “Governor Moore?”

MOORE: “I believe that when you provide information to people, they become less fearful and they will engage more in their democracy if they are empowered with information. So yes, of course I’d back another Freedom of Information Act.” [15]


ROSS: “Ooh, if you have never been to Alaska, go there while it is still wild. My favorite uncle asked me if I wanted to go there, Uncle Sam. He said if you don't go, you're going to jail. That is how Uncle Sam asks you.” [17]


LOCKE: “While I dislike with the Balanced Budget Amendment and the havoc that it continually brings about, I will concede that as it is the law of the land, it must be followed, and under a Locke administration, it will be. …The federal budget for the 2017 fiscal year would put more money aside for Social Security and infrastructure, as opposed to the Grammer administration, which keeps allotting federal funds to the military, to union-busting, to gathering foreign intel, and away from the national safety net that is Social Security.”


ROSS: “From all of us here up on this debate stage tonight: God Bless, everybody.”

– snippets from the Democratic Primary Presidential debate, 3/30/2016

Ross – 34%

Locke – 29%

Moore – 21%

Sorkin – 5%

Simpson – 3%

All Others – 2%

Undecided – 6%

– Gallup poll for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination, published 4/2/2016

BELLAMY ENDORSES ROSS!: Praise Of VP Could Play A Decisive Role In The Upcoming Primaries

The Boston Globe, 4/3/2016

“If we want peace, why are we the most war-loving nation on the planet? Because instead of industries making weapons for war, we are making war for the weapon-making industry. If we have to build things and sell things to keep the capitalist system healthy, we have to build healthy things. …We need to direct our creative talents away from destructive industries towards constructive industries that benefit all, like medical research, and the space race. …If we build a permanent base on Mars, we won’t have the money to kill people overseas!”

– John McAfee, 4/4/2016 rally

...The first April Tuesday “Cluster” of primaries hosted a whopping ten contests on each side of the political aisle. Often proving vital for campaigns, this year’s First Cluster was no exception. On the Republican side, the closest McAfee got to a victory was in Arkansas, where he received 40% of the vote. For this sweep, Grammer later credited the surrogate campaigning of Vice President Brown, who helped convince socially conservative and religious voters to turn out for Grammer in droves, as McAfee made Grammer’s more libertarian views look downright hard-c conservative by comparison!

For the Democrats, election night was more complicated. Governor Moore won South Carolina, Alabama and Virginia with his populist rhetoric, while Gary Locke won Potomac over Senator Sharon Sayles-Belton, but only came in second place in most of the other contests of the night. Lisa J. Simpson’s campaign won Massachusetts, while Sayles-Belton secured her home state of Minnesota. This left Ross with victories in Arkansas, Iowa, Colorado, and Oklahoma…

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022


…the former NASA intern claims she was stalked, roofied and raped in 1979 by a man, wearing a custom-made boar mask, who had the same shape and build of McAfee. She says she now recognizes McAfee as the man who attacked her after that same mask allegedly appeared in the background of a VidCall interview McAfee held in his home in Memphis, Tennessee...

The New York Times, 4/8/2016


– The Chicago Tribune, 4/9/2016

“We are taking this claim very seriously and hope that McAfee complies with the investigation into this allegation.”

– Chief of Police for Memphis, Tennessee, 4/10/2016

“…The objective – the ultimate goal of the Ark Waves – was to make it so whenever an allegation of sexual pestering, sexual assault, or rape, is made, it makes the headlines and leads to consequences for the assailant every time. The rate of sexual pestering reports making it to the front pages has slowly dropped since the 1990s, either because such things are not tolerated like they were before the Ark Waves or because of something more nefarious in nature. But the fact remains that whenever someone is accused, nowadays, they are expected to resign, or withdraw from whatever it is they are doing, and most always do. Now McAfee wants to defy this social progress by staying in this race, but guess what? If he is guilty, it will not end well for him either way. If he is guilty, and I believe the ex-intern who says he is guilty, then he will be facing serious consequences…”

– Prof. Janice Fine, a prominent member of the Second Ark Wave, NBC interview, 4/11/2016

…In tonight’s presidential primaries, the Democratic Party saw Senator Gary Locke gather momentum by sweeping the contests held in American Samoa, Guam, the Virgin Islands and the Northern Mariana Islands, with former Vice President Bob Ross winning his home state of Alaska. Concurrently tonight, Republicans held Presidential primaries in those same states; President Grammer has been declared the winner of all five of them…

– CBS Evening News, 4/12/2016 broadcast

KOZINSKI FOUND GUILTY OF FUNDS MISUSE IN SENATE TRIAL; Lt. Gov. Michelle Bachmann Ascends to Governor’s Seat

– The St. Paul Pioneer Press, Minnesota newspaper, 4/14/2016


Price: $22.99 or Best Offer

Condition: Mint, Like-New

Seller: Ms.WondersheilaSupreme137

These Candy Cigars/Cigarettes replaced the real cigars offers to guests on board Air Force One in 1976 by President Walter Mondale to discourage smoking (and promote his re-election campaign at the same time).


[pic: ]

These treats were in turn replaced by Jolly Ranchers under President Kemp in 1988, but due to passengers wanting something chewable (and after President Bellamy expressed concern about the off-chance of a hard candy becoming lodged in someone’s throat during turbulence), those were replaced in 1989 by bags of dried fruit and trail mix, with President Jesse Jackson adding potato chips and skittles to the cupboards on board as well.

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> Comment 2:

How are they packaged, bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts?

> Comment 3:

Will I get into trouble if I bring some of those to school?

–, ontech shopping site, 4/15/2016 listing

LOCKEMENTUM: Gary Locke Rising In Polls As Critics Attack Ross’s “Dangerous Pacifism”

– The New York Times, 4/16/2016

…On April 19, Locke won the primary contests held in Puerto Rico and Oregon, along with the contest for the “Democrats Abroad” delegation slate. That same night, Ross secured a majority of delegates in Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and Kentucky, while Moore won Louisiana via a plurality. Senator Sharon Sayles-Belton withdrew from the race and endorsed Locke the next day…

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022


…With challenger John McAfee losing momentum after failing to win a single primary, the latest batch of winner-take-all contests has edged the President over the minimum number of delegates needed to win the GOP nomination at this summer’s RNC outright…

The Washington Post, 4/19/2016

…When McAfee was locked out of winning the nomination by RNC delegates, many technetters were quick to remind him of his “promise” to eat his own pinky toe on a live technet stream. McAfee responded by refusing to acknowledge the primary losses, suggesting voter fraud, and claiming he would challenge Grammer at that summer’s Republican National Convention…

– Tim Alberta’s The Modern Republican Party, Harper Collins Publishers, 2022


…While Moore predictably secured his home state of Michigan, Ross’s only victory of the night was in his birth state of Florida. Locke won the remaining three state contest of the night, adding Texas, Maine, and Pennsylvania to his accumulated delegate count…

Meanwhile, on the Republican side of the night, Kelsey Grammer once again secured victory in all of the GOP primary contests, with challenger John McAfee’s best performance being in Florida, where the former Director of NASA received 21.7% of the vote…

The Boston Globe, 4/26/2016

Bob’s surprise loss of the delegate-rich state of Texas shifted the momentum of the race back to Locke. In fact, Bob was so certain that Locke was now a shoo-in for the nomination that he told his inner circle that he was considering withdrawing from the race.

“I don’t want to divide the party,” he reportedly said bluntly. “I think we’ll just be burning up money if we keep going.”

However, Ross’s inner circles of advisors convinced him to stay in the race until at the May 3 primaries, arguing that it would be unfair to the voters in the upcoming primaries to withdraw so close to the election date…

– Julie Martinez’s Bob’s World: Stories of The Happy Painter, Sunrise Books, 2021


…in his concession speech, Moore made no endorsement, instead claiming that both Locke and Ross are too “establishment-friendly” and that he will endorse whoever is “for the people.”

However, but in the past, Moore has praised former Vice President Ross. “He may be very bitter right now,” argues political analyst Bob Beckel. “His campaign’s depleted funds had him running on empty at the end. Last week’s victory in Michigan was more due to his home state popularity than resurgence in general interest in his candidacy.”

Indeed, it seems that Moore’s victory in Michigan on the 26th was not reflective of his campaign’s deflating polling and fundraising numbers on the national level. Despite Moore’s best efforts, his overall poor debating style, and public arguments with US Senator Hanson Clarke (D-MI) over who was responsible for Michigan’s post-recession recovery efforts, bogged down his campaign...

The Chicago Tribune, 4/27/2016

ROSS: “My first act as President would be to cancel all the current student debt out there. All the colleges, all of it. Then I would focus on building up education at the grade school level, starting with vocational programs and improving the salary and working conditions of teachers. Vocational education is very personal to me because I worked as a carpenter before I joined the military, and I lost my one half a finger because I wasn’t careful. We need to teach our children the skills they want and the skills they need, and they need to get that education in a safe and supportive educational environment. When you have 30 or 40 students in one class, it’s too chaotic. Not everyone gets the help they need. We need to cut down classroom sizes by hiring more teachers, and paying teachers much more than they get paid right now. Vouchers aren’t enough. Our children deserve the best. We need to stop tying school districts to parental income. We need to get all children to have the same kind of education – high-quality education.”

LOCKE: “As President, I would expand student vouchers for private schools and colleges, significantly reduce the rate ceiling on student loans, significantly improve the quality found in public schools, which under this administration are abandoning the poor and growing the class divisions by punishing certain children just for being born into poor families! That is not right in the slightest, it is abhorrent, it has to end, and it will end under a Locke administration.”

– Education-themed Town Hall-style Democratic primary debate, Springfield, IL, 4/30/2016


…In tonight’s Democratic primary contests, Ross won Tennessee, while Locke won Illinois and Missouri... Also tonight, on the Republican side of the political aisle, McAfee received 28% in his home state of Tennessee and less than 10% in Illinois and Michigan n another round of easy wins for incumbent President Grammer…

The Columbus Dispatch, 5/3/2016

“I WON’T WANT TO FIGHT A FRIEND”: Ross Quits Race, Endorses Locke

…Ross said, “I’ve known Gary for many years now. We’ve worked on many legislative ideas, many programs and many proposals over the years, especially when I was Vice President for fours, one of the greatest honors of my lifetime.” After describing Locke’s candidacy as “historic and welcoming,” Ross concluded, “Gary Locke is a good man, and good family man, someone I’m happy to call my friend, and someone I’m happy to endorse”...

The Washington Post, 5/4/2016

…The only other candidates left in the race were Aaron Sorkin and Gary Larson, both of whom were still there seemingly for the publicity. For Larson, it was to simply prime the attention pump ahead of releasing a new collection of Far Side comics in March 2017. For Sorkin, it had been a vanity, which was now losing its credibility in the debates, where he came off as an out-of-touch idealist so caught up in own TV shows of yesteryear that he seemed oblivious to the complexities behind governing and passing laws in real life. However, Ross supporters nevertheless accused both of these two remaining candidates of siphoning votes away from the former VP...

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022

“…The Prime Ministers of Greece and Bulgaria today signed a major bilateral trade and defense treaty. Talks on strengthening ties between the nations – whose governments have had a mutually icy relationship ever since the 1971 Coup Plot damaged Bulgarian-Greek and Bulgarian-Turkish relations – began shortly after the overthrown of Bulgaria’s short-lived junta led by Volen Siderov, with the reinstated Bulgarian government blaming all the trouble in their capital on militants whom capitalized on the Bulgarian middle-class angry at declining life quality conditions in urban clusters across the Balkan country. The Prime Ministers of both nations are now vowing to promote collaborative trade enterprises, with the Prime Minister of Greece noting, quote, ‘bickering makes for many minds full of hatred and very few stomachs full of food,’ unquote…”

– BBC World News, 5/9/2016 broadcast

“...And finally, in political news, the states of North Carolina, Ohio, Arizona, Indiana and West Virginia all held Presidential primaries tonight for both the Democratic and Republican primaries, with presumptive nominees Gary Locke and Kelsey Grammer winning all of them against very minor opposition from lingering candidates such as Aaron Sorkin on the Democratic side and somebody named Walter Iwachiw on the GOP side…”

– Kennedy News Network, 5/10/2016 broadcast

“…With the Presidential primaries essentially over for both of the major parties, with President Grammer already clinching the GOP nomination and Senator Gary Locke just a dozen delegates away from having done the same in the Democratic primaries, the Grammer and Locke campaigns are shifting focus to the general election in November…”

– CBS Evening News, 5/12/2016 broadcast


…With incumbent President Sergei Gaidukevich of the Liberal Democratic party being constitutionally term-limited, the race to succeed him was wide open, but from start to finish, the favorite to win was Alyaksandr Kazulin (b. 1955), a longtime Social Democratic politician who began his career as a peace activist in the closing years of the Soviet era, even being imprisoned from 1981 to 1984 for peacefully protesting in Minsk. In tonight’s election, Kazulin easily defeated two major challengers, Independent businessperson Mikola Statkevich, and Tatsiana Karatkevich of the Transparency party, along with several minor candidates…

The Guardian, UK newspaper, side article, 15/5/2016

…The May 17 primaries were largely uneventful. In Idaho, about 10% of the voters wrote in the VPs name, pushing the descending McAfee to third place, while the President won Utah and Hawaii unopposed. On the Democratic side, Larson and Sorkin were again non-entities, while the Ross campaign posthumously won the Hawaiian primary in a major upset…

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022

…global-averaged temperatures in 2015 were 1.72 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the mid-20th century mean …and the year’s temperatures continued a long-term warming trend, according to analyses by top climate scientists at the Goddard Institute in New York… [18]

–, 5/18/2016 article


…PM Renho has successfully implemented a wider visa program for unskilled foreign workers that critics in the Diet claim will “open the floodgates” a lead to a rise in unemployment. …Renho is also focusing on reversing her predecessor’s deregulating of regional banks but not his lowering of lar phone charges, along with “digital transformation” and reforming supply-chain regulations harmful to small businesses…

– The Kyodo News Plus, 5/19/2016


…the President claimed, “Harley has proven himself to be a very valuable team player”…

The Idaho Press-Tribune, 5/20/2016

“Grammer/Brown – The Winning Team”

"Kelsey and Harley – The Winning Team"

“Tried And True”

– unofficial Grammer’16 slogans, c. May 2016

“A New Start”

“Gary for Glory, Greatness, and Greenery”

– unofficial Locke’16 slogans, c. May 2016


…Tonight’s Democratic primaries saw Locke come in first place in Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Rhode Island, but not in Mississippi, where locals tonight voted for Bob Ross – who withdrew his bid weeks ago – by a 2% margin. This marks the former VP’s second post-withdrawal primary victory…

The Clarion-Ledger, Mississippi newspaper, 5/24/2016

“The President will see you now,” I said to the freshman N.A.M. as I pressed the button opening the doors to the Presidential Inner Office.

“Um, thank you, ma’am.” As he entered the room, the political neophyte gulped, “Um, Mr. President? Uh, it’s an honor to meet with you.” The man approached the new Presidential desk in the center of the room. It was a large piece of furniture fashioned entirely out of Siberian timber, but contained a sleek, modern design – four flat sides void of any detail work or patterns. It matched the rest of the room – minimalist, bare-walled, almost cold to the eye. A rather fitting workroom for Vladimir Nikolayev.

Watching through the doorway from my desk seat, I could see that Roman Starovoit, age 44, a National Assembly Member still in his first term, was nervous, but was unwilling to let it dictate his actions. Not knowing what to do, he approached the wall-facing armchair from which he was certain the voice originated. “Sir?” Pushing the chair an inch, it swiveled enough for him to realize it was empty.

“Roman!” his name came from right behind him.

Starovoit made a flinch-like jolt and turned around to see the President of Russia standing less than two feet behind him. He must have wondered where in the room he had come from, for he looked curious and confused as well as startled.

“Sit down, Roman,” said Nikolayev as he made his way over to his armchair, sat down, and watched as his appointee took his place across from him.

“Mr. President, I was told you wanted to see me in this office ahead of the vote next week.”

Nikolayev looked at him. His searing light blue eyes seemed to gaze right into his soul. “Yes,” the leader of Russia answered. “I have to make sure everything is working out fine for you here. I want all the NAMs to feel comfortable working under my Presidency.”

“Um, everything’s alright, Mr. President.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that, Roman. You see, a little birdie told me that you are planning on voting in favor of a new bill to establish tighter regulations for the timber industry. Now, that’s a bit problematic, Roman.”

“Um, how so, sir. I’ve read the bill. It will crack down on wage theft and –”

“It will crack down on free enterprise!” He snapped. “That bill is nothing but bourgeois garbage meant to prohibit businesses from doing what needs to be done to grow their companies.”

“It-it protect workers.”

“It stifles growth, Roman! I will not tolerate such dictatorial legislation. Not during my administration!” Calming down a bit, the President flashed a smile and stood up. Walking over to a panel, a slight push popped out a handle, which, when turned, opened a small door containing old-fashioned glass cups and a selection of parlor drinks. “Care for anything?”

“Um, Vodka?”

“Don’t be so stereotypical, Roman. Have a shot of whiskey. Canadian. Very good stuff.” Nikolayev handed him a pour glasses, and with a clink, took a sip from his own before sitting on the edge of his desk and continuing. “You know, I have many friends in the timber industry. And many friends who are friends of the timber industry. And I know for a fact that in the timber industry, I worker can choose to leave anytime he wants to. Nobody forces a worker to work. If someone doesn’t want to work for minimum wage or less, what is stopping them from taking their skills elsewhere.”

With either stupidity or naivete, Starovoit answered, “The lack of any other jobs in town, blackmail, threats, and if the workers are immigrants, the threat of arrest or deportation. This bill would tighten their hiring and worker treatment policies and –”

“And create a police state, you idiot!” The President bellowed, prompting Starovoit to stumble out of his chair. “Oh,” Nikolayev switched back to his calm voice, “My apologies, let me help you up.” With his drink still in his hand, the President picked up the NAM by his arm but did not let go until after saying. “Listen, Roman, you are the deciding vote on that committee. If that bill passes, a lot of people connected to Russian timber will be very upset, and after meeting with me, they’ll be very upset with you. That is, unless you do the right thing here. And if you do, you can have any committee chair you want. How about that?”

“Y-you don’t have to be so rough on me, sir.”

“Heh. I didn’t build up the biggest seafood, meat processing and timber firms in Siberia by being a nice guy, Roman.”

Starovoit was either brave or foolish I picking that moment to stand up for himself. “You are not a businessman anymore, sir. The people of Russia will not tolerate a President who makes threats. The people didn’t elect that. The people –”

“The people elected me!” Nikolayev smashed his glass onto the hardwood floor with a crash that sent the remaining sips of whisky and multiple glass pieces flying about. The President lunged over to the National Assembly Member, grabbed the front of his shirt, and slammed him up against the wall. The President then held out his letter opener and lifted it right up to between their faces. Switching to a quieter, almost guttural voice, Nikolayev stared down Starovoit, a member of his own political party, and concluded, “They elected me. Get that through your head before this goes through your head. And get that bill killed in committee, Roman. Your country needs you to.”

He released his grip on the NAM, who hesitantly inched away before hurriedly scurrying over to the door.

Holding up the letter opener like a fencing instructor holds up his sword, the President ordered one last time, “Remember – that if the bill fails, you can expect the committee chair of your choice. But if you f#@k up this bill vote, I’ll want to see you in this office again.” He then motioned to the door, allowing Mr. Starovoit, scared for his life, to finally leave the room.

He did so with the speed of a marathon winner, stopping only when he saw the door had fully closed behind him. Then he stood at my desk, and muttered “The rumors are true. He is in bed with the mafia, isn’t he?” before walking away with a face paler than snow. I’m not sure if he had said the comment to himself or if he had asked it to me, but I would not have answered him if he had pressed me on it. I feared the repercussions of telling him any of what little I actually knew about my employer at the time.

– Marina Lebedev’s tell-all memoir My Time In The Nation of Nikolayev, Perspective Publishers, 2022


…the UK’s import limit for American beef was reached early this month, and as a result, PM Ed Balls has agreed to raise their national tariff by roughy 10% in exchange for more of his signature policies to be passed by parliament…

Associated Press, 5/28/2016


– 273towin, 5/31/2016 news “e-alert”

“…In a surprising turn of events, the Russian National Assembly has narrowly rejected a timber regulation law…”

– BBC World News, 2/6/2016 broadcast

“…This year’s Presidential primary season at last came to a close tonight, with the five states of North Dakota, California, Montana, New Jersey, and New Mexico all voting for President Grammer and Senator Locke, the nominees-in-waiting of the Republican and Democratic parties, respectively…”

– CBS Evening News, 6/7/2016 broadcast


[pic: ]


Gary Locke – 15,150,923 (44.9%) – 2,848 delegates – 33 contests

Bob Ross – 7,187,409 (21.3%) – 1,624 delegates – 15 contests

Michael Moore – 3,306,884 (9.8%) – 145 delegates – 6 contests

Lisa J. Simpson – 1,653,442 (4.9%) – 75 delegates – 1 contest

Sharon Sayles-Belton – 1,518,467 (4.5%) – 51 delegates – 1 contest

Aaron Sorkin – 2,058,365 (6.1%) – 16 delegates – 0 contests

Gary Larson – 742,362 (2.2%) – 4 delegates – 0 contests

Marcy Kaptur – 641,132 (1.9%) – 1 delegate – 0 contests

Shirley Franklin – 371,181 (1.1%) – 1 delegate – 0 contests

Joe Sestak – 303,693 (0.9%) – 0 delegates – 0 contests

J. P. Sarbanes – 269,950 (0.8%) – 0 delegates – 0 contests

Ben Ray Lujan – 168,719 (0.5%) – 0 delegates – 0 contests

Harvey Gantt – 134,975 (0.4%) – 0 delegates – 0 contests

All others – 236,206 (0.7%) – 0 delegates – 0 contests

Total: 33,833,706 (100%)

– [19]

…The Democratic primaries had not unfolded as initially expected. Prior to 2015, most pundits were certain that Ross would enter the race and win the nomination with ease. Instead, he jumped in at the last minute, at a time when Senator Gary Locke was already reaching out to donors and voters, and then withdrew in May, paving the path for Gary Locke to become the Democratic party’s first Asian-American presidential nominee…

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022


[pic: ]

Grammer – 20,059,755 (87.7%) – 2,524 delegates

McAfee – 2,104,329 (9.2%) – 27 delegates

Gramm – 297,350 (1.3%) – 0 delegates

Iwachiw – 114,366 (0.5%) – 0 delegates

Maxwell – 45,747 (0.2%) – 0 delegates

Jones – 22,963 (0.1%) – 0 delegates

All others – 228,641 (1.0%) – 0 delegates

Total – 22,873,152 (100%) – 0 delegates


PETERSON, “I’m a professional, ma’am. I started out as a corporate lawyer and became the youngest partner at my law firm before launching one of my own. I have handled so many high-profile cases from across Canada for decades now, and I am not kidding when I say that I will prove that my client, Mr. Darrel Stinson, had every right to evict the Patel family, and that their race had nothing at all to do with it.”

REPORTER: “Mr. Peterson, have you, by any chance, ever read The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell?”

PETERSON: “No. [20] I read books on law, ma’am.”

REPORTER: “You could learn a thing or two from it, is all.”

PETERSON: “And you could learn how to ask more professional questions.”

– exchange between controversial Canadian corporate lawyer Jordan Peterson and a Toronto Star reporter, 6/22/2016 [21]

Host KRYSTAL BALL: “We now welcome Cris Ericson onto the program for this evening. Ericson is a political activist and documentary filmmaker who is insisting that her latest project is not biased like many are claiming it is. Ericson, welcome to the show.”

ERCISON: “Thank you having me on.”

BALL: “So tell us a little about this latest controversial documentary of yours, which I believe is called ‘Feathers and Blood: The Myth of Colonel Sanders,’ if that is correct.”

ERICSON: “Yeah, that’s right. It’s the story of how a crude hillbilly who couldn’t hold down a job cheated his way into the Presidency.”

BALL: “And this is not a biased documentary?”

ERICSON: “Of course not! I interviewed people who had good things to say about Harland Sanders – I refuse to call him Colonel Sanders because he was not a real Colonel – and so I covered both sides of the argument. Thus, the film is unbiased.”

BALL: “Technically, but critics are claiming you speak negatively of The Co-uh, of Mr. Sanders, and challenge his supporters in every interview.”

ERICSON: “That’s what an investigator or journalist or reporter does, they challenge their subject to learn about them and get them to defend their views.”

BALL: “I see. Now, you said that, uh, President Sanders cheated his way into the White House. How did he do that?”

ERICSON: “I believe he is the one who began the ‘Draft Sanders’ campaign at the 1964 Republican National Convention. It was a contested convention because no candidate won a majority of delegates, but Barry Goldwater held a plurality. The nomination was rightfully his, only for some fake Colonel to conveniently swoop in a take it from him.”

BALL: “And how does your documentary prove this?”

ERICSON: “I interviewed dozens of people who knew people who attended the RNC or voted in the early primaries and none of them could tell me how the Draft Colonel movement started.”

BALL: “Because it was a grassroots movement that grew organically out of the national prominence of KFC at the C-of Harland Sanders being a nationally visible Republican figure.”

ERICSON: “Exactly! That is all too convenient!”

BALL: “Really? Huh! I thought it was the result of the RNC needing a compromise candidate who was willing to go up against a war-time President.”

ERICSON: “Everyone thinks that is the case, but nope!”

– TumblweedTV interview, 2/26/2016 broadcast


1960: Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California (Johnson/Humphrey nominated)

1964: Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall Convention Center, Atlantic City, New Jersey (Johnson/Humphrey re-nominated)

1968: International Amphitheater, Chicago, Illinois (Kennedy/Sawyer nominated)

1972: Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida (Mondale/Gravel nominated)

1976: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York (Mondale/Gravel re-nominated)

1980: The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia (Jackson/Butcher nominated)

1984: The Forum, Inglewood, California (Gravel/Jones nominated)

1988: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York (Bellamy/Litton nominated)

1992: Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, Ohio (Bellamy/Litton re-nominated)

1996: United Center, Chicago, Illinois (Glenn/Green nominated)

2000: Richmond Convention Hall, Richmond, Virginia (Jackson/Wellstone nominated)

2004: Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas (Jackson/Wellstone re-nominated)

2008: Hosea Williams Memorial Convention Hall, Atlanta, Georgia (Wellstone/Ross nominated)

2012: Kwame Kilpatrick Memorial Sports Arena, Detroit, Michigan (Wellstone/Ross re-nominated)

2016: Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona (Locke/TBD to be nominated)


1960: International Amphitheatre, Chicago, Illinois (Nixon/Judd nominated)

1964: Cow Palace, Daly City, California (Sanders/Scranton nominated)

1968: Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida (Sanders/Scranton re-nominated)

1972: Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri (Scranton/Stepovich nominated)

1976: Hilton Milwaukee City Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Reagan/Westmoreland nominated)

1980: Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan (Denton/Alexander nominated)

1984: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York (Denton/Alexander re-nominated)

1988: Centennial Park & Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Reagan/Lugar nominated)

1992: The Astrodome, Houston, Texas (Iacocca/Dinger nominated)

1996: Harland Sanders Convention Center, Louisville, Kentucky (Dinger/Meredith nominated)

2000: Vikings Megadome, St. Paul, Minnesota (Dinger/Meredith re-nominated)

2004: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada (Goetz/Bargewell nominated)

2008: Alamo Megastadium, San Antonio, Texas (Snowe/Johnson nominated)

2012: Lee Iacocca Memorial Convention Center, St. Louis, Missouri (Grammer/Brown nominated)

2016: Colonel Sanders Lexington University Stadium, Lexington, Kentucky (Grammer/Brown re-nominated)

–, c. 2016


…Tonight, during the fourth and final day of the Republican National Convention here in Louisville, the GOP Grammer/Brown ticket was formally renominated. A possible movement to draft McAfee for the nomination did not unfold, nor did an effort to remove Brown from the VP spot, given his popularity among the conservative bases of the party. …The DNC will be held next month; Senator US Gary Locke expected to announce his selection for running mate either at the convention or shortly beforehand…

The Louisville Courier, 6/28/2016

…Tellingly, McAfee lost more supporters over refusing to eat his pinky toe, as “promised,” than over the rape accusation. By the end of June, the calls ontech for McAfee to mount a third-party bid for President had subsided considerably as well…

– Tim Alberta’s The Modern Republican Party, Harper Collins Publishers, 2022

“We’ve wasted too much time already. We should have at least finalized the shortlist by now,” grumbled his Campaign Manager.

“We still have time,” Locke assured her, “We’ll pick a running mate soon enough.”

She reviewed the criteria one more time. “Someone from east of the Rockies who can appeal to progressives and can perform very well against Harley Davidson Brown. Getting along well with the administration, too. We can’t consider Moore because he’s too much of an attention hog.”

“And he burned several bridges too many in those debates,” Locke reminded her.

“Maybe we should pick a white person, maybe a white woman, because a ticket of two non-whites may scare off suburban voters.”

Locke nodded, “I suppose that makes the most sense.”

“Too bad Charlotte Pritt’s not available,” chimed in Kim, now the head of the VP vetting process, who was having trouble of her own in her efforts to find a suitable candidate. “She’s running for re-election.”

“How about Burwell, she’s like a discount Pritt,” replied the Campaign Manager.

“Maybe,” Kim answered. “There’s also US Rep. Roberta Achtenberg of California, age 66 – the Mayor of San Francisco from 2000 to 2008 and a member of Congress since 2009. She’s got deep pockets and is openly gay.”

The Campaign Manager shook her head, “She’s basically an unknown and she couldn’t really contribute much to the ticket, would she? There is a more visible option in Congresswoman Alexandra Lugaro, though. She just turned 35, so she’s eligible, and as a major ‘progressive darling’ or whatever they’re calling her, to could unite the party and bring in younger voters. Plus, ‘Locke/Lugaro’ has a nice ring to it.”

“Yes,” Locke replied, “But she’s too young and inexperienced. Like you said, she just turned 35.”

“Alright,” Kim offered another candidate, “Then how about Denise Juneau? She’s progressive and she’s gay; that’s very intersectional!”

“But too regionally close,” the Campaign Manager dismissed the suggestion. “Picking her would give up the South, the Rust Belt, the Hispanic South, and much of the Suburbs.”

“Janet Napolitano, the Head of West Point, in Virginia?” Kim asked.

“She’s an unknown,” answered the Campaign Manager.

“I’ll say,” added Locke, “I was about to say ‘who?’ before you described her bio.” The presumptive nominee for President sighed. “I’m not sure if we should pick someone connected to the Jackson and Wellstone administrations, seems the people want to move on from those hectic days.” Locke then made the same claim he had made behind closed doors before: that Republican obstructionism in the 110th and 112th Congresses was due to the inability too many progressive Democrats to compromise.

With Mayor Jimmy McMillan declining interested alongside Lisa J. Simpson of Washington, J. P. Sarbanes of Maryland, and several others, Kim was correct, if not a bit obvious, when she then observed, “Picking the right running mate is quite the conundrum this time around.” [22]

– Anna Garcia-Franklin’s Decision 2016: Grammer vs. Locke, Barnes & Noble, 2017


[1] This quote is from OTL, and it can be found here:

[2] Most passages here were pulled from this article:

[3] An OTL statement!:

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[5] OTL Bob Ross quote!

[6] Thank you @Kennedy Forever for helping me with this paragraph

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[18] It was 1.78 degrees Fahrenheit for 2016 in OTL, according to: temperatures in 2016,the mid-20th century mean.&text=The 2016 temperatures continue a,(GISS) in New York. Which means that here, earlier and more effective efforts to curb climate change has already lead to a difference from OTL of about .06 degrees Fahrenheit!

[19] Based on the results of the last chapter’s Democratic primaries poll, as they were on Sunday evening, E.S.T.

[20] Peterson’s political views were shaped by him reading this book while studying to be a corporate lawyer during his time in college, which began in 1979, roughly 47 years after this TL’s POD:

[21] Also @Kennedy Forever: Candace Owens was born in 1989 IOTL, so wouldn’t the odds be heavily against her being born in TL with a POD of 1932?

[22] Speaking of which, I made a poll concerning who Locke should pick to be his running mate:

And here’s a breakdown of the 20 candidates on said poll (results should appear on the next “page” after you click the “vote” button):

Gov. Hector Luis Acevedo of Puerto Rico, age 69 – A left-leaning centrist exiting office in 2017 after two successful terms, the former Mayor of San Juan has backed expanding education access and electoral reform throughout his lengthy lifelong political career; his selection could win over Hispanic voters.

US Rep. Roy E. Barnes of Georgia, age 68 – In office since 2005, Barnes has maintained a moderate voting record, opposing government corruption and Chairing several House Committees; a championed debater, he could “run circles” around VP Brown; his selection could win over suburban voters.

US Sen. Sherrod C. Brown of Ohio, age 64 – Serving in the Senate since 2007, the gravelly-voiced former Governor of Ohio (2003-2007) stayed out of the primaries but low-key preferred Ross to Locke; although his state’s Governor is a Republican who would appoint a Republican to his seat, Brown’s selection could win over progressive voters and former backers of Moore and Ross, and possibly help the party hold onto the increasingly Republican Rust Belt as well.

US Sen. Sylvia Mary Mathews Burwell of West Virginia, age 51 – The Greek-American former US Secretary of Health and Humane Services and former OMB Director won election in a “red” state in 2014; this “rising star” in the Democratic Party could appeal to immigrant voters, female voters, and the Rust Belt.

US Sen. Robert P. Casey Jr. of Pennsylvania, age 56 – In office since 2000, this popular moderate-populist politician has an impressive voting record and, if selected for the position of running mate, could appeal to former Michael Moore voters, win over suburban voters, and keep the Rust Belt in the Democratic column.

Fmr US Sec. of Transportation Rick Codey of New Jersey, age 70 – After serving as Governor of the Garden State on four nonconsecutive occasions and overseeing immediate cleanup efforts to Hurricane Sandy in the closing days of the Wellstone administration, Codey could appeal to Rust Belt voters.

Mayor of Detroit George Cushingberry Jr. of Michigan, age 64 – Entering office in 2010, Cushingberry has been credited with plateauing crime rates, albeit through some controversial methods, and was praised for peacefully quelling a riot concerning failing local banks in 2013; he could appeal to Black voters.

Gov. Shirley C. Franklin of Georgia, age 71 – While her Presidential campaign ended before the first Primary Cluster, Franklin would bring executive experience to the ticket; she could win over female voters, young voters, Black voters, and possibly help the ticket win some states in the South.

Gov. Barry N. “Big Tasty” Goldberg of Pennsylvania, age 47 – The young, energetic, bombastic and highly popular Governor of Pennsylvania could “destroy” Brown in the Vice Presidential debate, according to Locke’s optics team; he could win over Jewish voters, young voters, and Rust Belt voters.

US Sen. Christopher C. “Chris” John of Louisiana, age 56 – With many connections to donors, this wealthy legislator has maintained a moderate voting record since entering the US Senate; his selection would have the potential to win over voters in the South as well as voters in the suburban regions of the US.

US Rep. Monica S. Lewinsky of California, age 43 – With John McAfee’s rape accusation still on some people’s minds, one of the leading women’s rights advocates of the US House could help energize and mobilize female voters; her selection for running mate could also bring in younger voters as well.

DNC Chair Benjamin M. McAdams of Potomac, age 42 – A state senator from 2009 to 2011, then a US Representative from 2011-2013, this unsuccessful 2012 candidate for the US Senate took won the DNC Chair position in 2013 and was instrumental in Locke winning this nomination; the Democratic Utahn with the highest national profile could win over western voters and help the campaign make the necessary donor connections to achieve victory in the fall.

US Postmaster Gen. Ralph Nader of Connecticut, age 82 – After almost 50 years in various public offices, from EPA Administrator to US Labor Secretary to US Senator, maybe 2016 is the year that Nader finally joins a Presidential ticket; officially independent, he could appeal to independent and undecided voters.

Fmr Gov. Vincent B. Orange Sr. of Potomac, age 59 – During his successful time in office, from 2007 to 2015, Orange oversaw the reforming of his state’s parks and pursued efforts to address housing issues, which could win over the support of NYC Mayor Jimmy McMillan (I-NY); he could win over Black voters.

US Sen. Kwame Raoul of Illinois, age 52 – A former Bob Ross surrogate, this Haitian-American lawmaker has upheld a progressive record focused on civil justice, early childhood education, domestic violence prevention, voting accessibility and political reform; he could improve minority voter turnout.

US Sen. Sharon Sayles-Belton of Minnesota, age 65 – With a campaign style similar to Locke, and the two lawmakers having an amicable working relationship in the Senate, her selection could win over those to the left side of Locke who are concerned about community development, women’s rights, and education.

Gov. Adelaide A. “Alex” Sink of Florida, age 68 – In office since 2015, Sink served as the Chief Financial Officer of Florida from 2007 to 2015, and has focused on child protection and financial reform; by selecting a fellow Asian-American to be his running mate, Locke could put the state Florida into play.

Fmr Gov. Les Steckel of Virginia, age 70 – An NFL Quarterback for the Virginia Cavaliers before entering the state senate, Steckel was in office from 2010 to 2014, and is best known for his aggressive but effective management style, which could make him a formidable opponent in the VP debate against Brown.

Mayor of Chicago Deval L. “Al” Wintersmith of Illinois, age 60 – Hailed for getting the Chicago Spire built, the reform-and-development-minded Wintersmith (born with the surname Patrick, he changed it to his mother’s maiden name after his father left them) could win over Black voters and Midwestern voters.

US Rep. Shelli Renee Yoder of Indiana, age 48 – The former Miss America 1993 First Runner-Up has called for increasing recreadrug addiction treatment and reforming UHC to make elective surgery more affordable ever since entering office in 2013; she could appeal to female voters and young voters.

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Post 104
Post 104: Chapter 112

Chapter 112: July 2016 – January 2017

“The most successful people I know believe in themselves almost to the point of delusion. …If you don’t believe in yourself, it’s hard to let yourself have contrarian ideas about the future. But this is where most value gets created.”

– CEO Sam Altman of Open A.I. (OTL)

…Looking back on his numbers among progressive voters, Locke reflected, “I think that people always just assumed that I was liberal because I came from Southeast Seattle,” [1] when the truth of the matter that Locke was actually to the right of progressives such as Wellstone, Jackson and even Bellamy. But the moderate-leaning Senator appeared to be liberal in the eyes of the public. As a result of the continuing misunderstanding among those outside of The Beltway, his selection of a fellow moderate would appear to be him reaching out to moderate voters, when he would actually be doubling down on his own campaign; conversely, his selection of a progressive would be perceived as him doubling down instead of the uniting of the party that it would truly be. Thus, picking a progressive running mate would not be as affective – for neither the campaign nor for a Locke administration – as picking a moderate would be.

With this line of thinking, Locke again vetted the top two candidates for running mate – the progressive Monica Lewinsky and the moderate Bob Casey Jr. – and chose the latter.

Casey came from the Rust Belt, while Lewinsky, a fellow West Coast resident, would not geographically balance the ticket. Casey had served in the Senate from a Red State since 2000, while Lewinsky had served in the House from a Blue State since 2011. Lewinsky basked in limelight, while Casey was comfortable leading from “behind the scenes.”

The decision, while satisfying uninformed voters with the illusion of unity, was disquieting for party members who had backed the likes of Ross and Moore in the primaries, with former President Wellstone being the most critical. Former President Mondale and former Vice President Jerry Litton, however, considered Casey’s selection to be a “smart” move. Lewinsky’s speech at the DNC receiving more applause than Casey’s VP nomination acceptance speech, though, should have been seen as a sign that their road to the White House was going to be even tougher than they were expecting it to be.

The DNC’s platform contributed to this by allegedly lacking ambition, calling for higher government regulations to protect the environment and essentially continuing most of the policies of the Jackson and Wellstone administration, with the notable exemption of low military budgets. Considered more moderate than those of Jackson and Wellstone overall, Ross delegates were upset that the platform failed to fully embrace environmentalist polices; while Ross’s proposed G.R.E.E.N. Deal became a plank, the former VP’s proposed E.P.I.C. Projects did not…

– Tiffany Taliaferro’s Decision 2016: Grammar vs. Locke, Penguin Publishing, 2017

I just wanted to show you all what a real Seattle native sounds like! …I’m so proud of my Chinese ancestry, but I was born and raised in America, and I really believe in American values, our American system, our freedom, our liberties. …My dad, of course, like a lot of Asian parents, wanted me to be an engineer or doctor and never could understand why I would want to be a lawyer. And then, when I first said I wanted to run for office, he thought that was absolutely insane. …The constant influx of new cultures, new ideas and new ways of looking at old problems is a big part of the reason why America has been the most dynamic economy in the world for well over a century. …The U.S. tries to provide immigrants who grow up here with a world-class education and imbue them with the can-do attitude that has long defined American innovation.” [2]

– Gary Locke, accepting his party’s nomination for President, 7/7/2016


[pic: ]

– The Balloon Drop, the final night of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, 7/5-8/2016


[pic: ]

– DNC Chair Tony Villar (D-CA) rubbing his hands at the 2016 DNC, 7/8/2016; The Herring Network was quick to use this image often in its broadcasting

…The campaign to re-elect President Kelsey Grammer seemed to be fairly straightforward. An administration presiding over a successful time of prosperous economic growth and expansion with low unemployment and no troops overseas? It should have been a cakewalk. But the problem rested in the internal political world of the GOP, as tacit support from some members of the Religious Right and McAfee diehards threatened to tear the Republican Party apart in a rather self-destructive manner…

– Former White House Chief of Staff Susan Kennedy’s autobiography No Easy Task, Borders Books, 2019


…the officially-Independent Mayor said that he came to this decision after being dissatisfied with DNC platform for 2016, which he believes does not adequately address the nation’s rent problems…

The New York Times, 7/11/2016

...The Mayor’s actions on Rent Control in 2014 and 2015 had yielded mixed-to-positive results. Despite businesses not being friendly to his administration, McMillan was able to pass laws without their support. He had limited vacancy increases passed, he reduced permanent rent increases in buildings of 35 units or more for individual apartment improvements, and he set the maximum rent for a standard one-bedroom apartment to $2,000, but acknowledged that this maximum rent should be subject to change with adjustments for inflation. To ensure this, the Rent Maximum Price Bill, which McMillan signed into law in early 2015, established that the rent cap would be adjusted for inflation every two years...

– Maria Stevenson and John Capozzi’s TRITDH: The Jimmy McMillan Story, Vagabond Books, 2021

>MOTHER-POST: Just Announced: Milica Jovovich To Star In Jerrie Cobb Mini-Series

Another Space Show? I thought those went out of style. This isn’t the 2000s decade!

>REPLY 1 to REPLY 2:
To be fair, this decade’s pop culture has more or less been all over the place. Unless Globalization itself is a theme, you can blame globalization and the technet for every theme, idea and culture being on the landscape making for a lack of any one singular pop-culture “image” dominating the rest.

Looks good!

–, a public pop-culture news-sharing and chat-forum-hosting netsite, 7/19/2016 posting


…Governor John Carney of Delaware today announced that 50% of the state government’s electricity is now captured via renewable energy by arrays across the state, in a plan finally realized after over a decade of work. Begun under his predecessor, Governor Ruth Minner, the Clean Delaware Initiative project is the largest completed solar commitment by any state government in the United States and could serve as a reference point for similar statewide projects in the years ahead…

The Boston Globe, 7/21/2016


…Efforts to implement Instant-Runoff Ranked Choice Voting at the federal level are on the rise, but some experts believe that the system is too complicated for a majority of Americans to understand. These statement come despite RCV having already been implemented in several U.S. states at the city level.

Prove the critics wrong and educate yourself for a few minutes:

[video: /watch?v=8Z2fRPRkWvY ]

–, 7/22/2016


…under his leadership, the economy has significantly improved from the Unlucky Recession of 2013. …and most Americans approve of his handling of these subsequent economic windfalls…

– National Review, late July 2016 issue

…Virtual medical checkups became possible during the SARS Pandemic, when safezoning measures prevented many people from being closer than five feet to one another. As access to the technet and “technet literacy” rose, so did the use of virtual checkups. In 2016, an extensive study revealed that the rise in VMCs had contributed considerably to cutting down on UHC costs. This is because virtual work required far less real estate and renting of office space (due to there being, for example, no need for a corporeal waiting room, or other amenities…)...


CLAIM: Gary Locke was born in China and thus is not constitutionally eligible for the Presidency

Source of claim: several conservative radio shows and multiple conservative netsites, beginning in late 2015

VERDICT: 100% False


Gary Locke is eligible for the United States Presidency because he was born in the United States. More specifically, he was born in Seattle, Washington on January 21, 1950. His campaign has already released his birth certificate, found here. His father was born in the Republic of China (better known as Taiwan and not to be confused with the People’s Republic of China) with ancestral roots in Shanghai, PRC; his mother was born in Taiwan as well, with ancestral roots in Hubei (central PRC). Rumors claiming that he is not eligible for the Presidency are supported by people opposed to his campaign and aim to deceive voters away from his candidacy for a variety of reasons which are discussed in further detail here.

ADDITIONAL FACTOID: Gary Locke’s wife’s father’s half-sister is the granddaughter of Sun Yat-sen, who was the “father of the nation” of Taiwan and served as the 1st President of Taiwan in 1912.

–, 7/28/2016 entry

LOCKE: 45%

– Gallup poll, 7/29/2016


…In tonight’s Italian parliamentary elections, the NSA party, and with it, incumbent PM Bobo Craxi, lost majority control amid conservative backlash to Craxi’s allegedly “overreaching” large-government policies, with criticism focusing on emergency policies implemented at the height of the 2013 recession. The new Prime Minister of Italy is expected to be opposition leader Gianfranco Fini of the CAN party. …Italy took longer to recover from the 2013 recession than other nations such as the U.K., France and Germany, but their country market growth has nurtured criticisms of Craxi’s policies in recent months…

The Daily Telegraph, 7/30/2016

…Contrary to western media speculation, the main focus of China’s leadership in 2016 was not on the ascension of Gary Locke, the US’s first Taiwanese-American major-party nominee for President, but on a rising internal issue. The decades of lackluster environmental protection for the sake of manufacturing was beginning to clash with technet-based reports linking the nation’s pollution rates to health issues and a “deplorable” quality of life for those at the bottom rungs of Chinese society. The Green Marble Movement, a grassroots technet-based call for the PRC to reform its environmental policies such as join the Cairo Protocol, was small but rising in both prominence and popularity as the country’s environmental damage appeared to reach levels that could no longer be ignored, by neither the people nor their government. PRC Premier Yang Gang (b. 1953) oversaw the state respond to the GMM by tightening technet activities, allowing information to be released to the public concerning scientific data but censoring and prosecuting those who published editorials, “biased” articles, or even simplified descriptions of the scientific data, often accusing these “dissenters” of spreading anti-government misinformation…

– Carl Krosinsky’s Modern China: A Complex Recent History, Borders Books, 2020

“…Russian President Vladimir Nikolayev today signed legislation to deregulate his nation’s meat processing industry, claiming that the government red tape was, to quote the controversial leader, ‘communism in disguise,’ end-quote…”

– BBC World News, 3/8/2016 broadcast

…For running mate, McMillan doubled down and selected John James Capozzi Jr. of Potomac, another back of rent control efforts. A shadow member of the U.S. House for Washington, D.C. from 1995 to 1997, Capozzi won an actual US House seat from Potomac in 2008, and served from 2009 to 2011, losing re-election in 2010 and later mounting an unsuccessful bid for the Democratic nomination for Governor of Potomac in 2014.

Capozzi worked with several key members of the Mayor’s Presidential campaign. Sabrina Sojourner, a BLUTAGO-American activist, was the campaigns communications director, while Sekou Biddle and Veronica O. Davis worked on strategizing, fundraising, and volunteer mobilizing. All three of them were originally from Potomac as well...

…The “third party” banner of McMillan campaign had no official name; appeared in advertising as the “Rent Is Too Damn High” Party but appeared on the ballot as either the “Rent Control” Party, the “Rent Cap” Party, or even simply as just the “Rent” Party. In other cases, McMillan managed to win the ballot line of a state-level party, such as in Vermont, where he was the Liberty Union party’s nominee, and in other places still, McMillan was listed as an independent. Also on some tickets was a different running mate. The Liberty Union party selected one of their own for the bottom of the ticket, while in the state of Illinois, McMillan’s initial “placeholder” running mate (Steve Rauschenberger (R-IL), a former state senator (1993-2007) and two-time nominee for the U.S. House) appeared in the VP slot instead of Capozzi…

– Maria Stevenson and John Capozzi’s TRITDH: The Jimmy McMillan Story, Vagabond Books, 2021

A FIVE-RING CIRCUS: How To Watch The NYC Olympics

New York City, NY – Every four years, a certain section of the American population will become obsessed with a particular quadrennial event – the President race, the World Cup, maybe Cobain and Love’s latest spat or health crises. And then there’s the Olympics, those globally-watched measurements of mankind’s physical abilities, accomplishments and limitations. This time around, the games kicked off at 7:30 PM tonight with a grand Opening Ceremony at the Big Apple’s new Olympic stadium… Mayor McMillan did not attend the festivities…

The Grand Rapids Press, 8/5/2016

“Under Jesse Jackson, the Democrats got to expand the union from 50 states to 52 states. Now it’s the GOP’s turn. Now it’s the time to make new states out of places like American Samoa, the Virginia Islands, the conservative half of California, Cuba, Jamaica, whichever, you know what I mean.”

– political analyst Bill Kristol, Grammer supporters, conservative radio interview, 8/9/2016; the comment was widely ridiculed by technetters on many ontech social media platforms

MOTHER-POST: Query: What’s with all the American nutjobs in Mexico and other places?

I’ve lived in Sonora, Mexico all my life and one trend I’ve noticed lately is that over the past many years the number of white people in town has steadily risen. They’re almost all either one of two kinds of Americans. They either are polite professionals who have moved here for a business project, or are annoying proudly-American nut-jobs walking around with useless weaponry, often times making true locals uncomfortable, especially when they butcher the Spanish language. Am I alone in witnessing this influx of Caucasians?

I’m aware of this trend, friend. Lots of gun-happy American nut-jobs are moving to Mexico because it’s much easier to get a gun down. In most of the US’s states, it’s actually not too hard to get your hands on a .22 caliber, revolver, single shot weapon, pistol, taser, bow/arrow, or crossbow for either self-defense or animal hunting. All you have to do is pass a background check and have an unexpired license, and after what is typically a two-week waiting period, you’re all set. But some Americans want to have and own semi-autos and even autos, full-on machine guns, cannons, and even grenade launchers. For those they need to go outside the US, and if you can afford buying that kind of weaponry, you can afford the relocating that can now come with it.

You’re not alone. I live in Mexico City. There were never so many whites around here twenty years ago – they are everywhere it seems nowadays.

–, a Mexico-based chat-forum-hosting netsite, 8/15/2016 posting (translated)


The first heavy vehicles to be powered by hydrogen in Australia have just become publicly available to own, rolling out of production in Port Kembla after the New South Wales government approved funding for the landmark project under the final Ignatieff government. The largest producer of hydrogen in the country, Coregas, is behind the plan to harness the power of two acquired hydrogen-powered prime movers and build a hydrogen refueling facility at its Port Kembla plant. Coregas’ ambitious project was green-lit in 2004, after it received half-a-million dollars in backing from the state government in a generous round of the Port Kembla Community Investment Fund

–, 8/20/2016 [3]


…The city if left with Olympic-sized stadiums and other facilities that will now have to be repurposed in order for them to remain economically beneficial to New Yorkers…

The New York Post, 8/21/2016

THE SWEET SIDE OF THE HOUSE: A Brief History of the Decades-Long Tradition of the U.S. House Candy Desks

Washington, D.C. – Inside the United States House of Representatives is a mother lode that to a young child is far greater than any treasure chest full of gold. It is the house Candy Desks, two traditional 19th-century pedestal desks found on the floor of the House chamber. Both desks – one manned by a Republican, the other by a Democrat – are filled with various sweets and confections, though the exact contents depend on their “holders,” the congresspersons assigned to the desks and tasked with keeping them full to the brim with tasty goodies, in order to supply their fellow lawmakers with what are known as sweets in the UK and lollies in Australia.

The tradition of the US House Candy Desks was begun by George Murphy in 1967, after the former song-and-dance man was elected to the House in 1966, after initially trying to enter politics by running for the US Senate in 1964. With the official US House rules and regulations forbidding food to be eaten on the House floor, the sweet-toothed Murphy began to sneak in candy and hide it in his desk, stealthily taking one now and again, before beginning to hand them out to his friends in the GOP. Murphy’s “desk of surprises” became an open secret within the House GOP until in 1968, when freshman Republican Congressman Philip G. Bixler of Illinois switched to the Democratic Party, and brought the secret to the other side of the aisle, which had long suspected of shenanigans by the occasional crinkling sounds candy wrappers and congregating of Republican staffers and lawmakers around George Murphy’s desk. With the House GOP’s secret revealed, House Democrats, reportedly “angry” of the Republicans for keeping the candy to themselves, conceived their own House Candy Desk.

The sweets then remained an open secret on Capitol Hill until 1986, when, in an effort to distance themselves from President Denton amid his possible impeachment, House Republicans publicly acknowledged the no-food “rule bending,” with House Democrats, not to be undone, releasing a similar statement a few days later.

However, the desks are not always a symbol of DC partisan division. In fact, one can tell how united the Congress is by how many House members walk around the room to reach the other party’s candy desk. For example, when President Iacocca was killed, both desks – typically placed randomly around the room every two years, at the beginning of each new congress – were pushed together and made open to all members. However, during the congressional gridlock against President Wellstone in 2011, not a single Democrat or Republican was reported to have crossed the aisle for 22 straight months.

The tradition of the Candy Desks has stayed alive and well over these many years due to its reported positive effects on lawmakers. Most notably, the inclusion of sugary sweets allegedly helped US House members stay awake and focused during the long hours of the investigations into Denton’s connection to the Lukens Hush money Scandal and the subsequent impeachment proceedings.

Filled with goodies to satisfy the taste buds of sweet-toothed lawmakers and energize them during long work hours, the Candy Desks reminds us all that the millionaire politicians sent to Washington can often behave like children in more ways than one.

– Time Magazine, late August 2016 issue


1967-1977: 1) George L. Murphy (CA, 1902-1992) – retired
1977-1985: 2) William L. “Bill” Dickinson (AL, 1925-2008) – lost re-election
1985-1993: 3) James M. “Jim” Ramstad (MN, b. 1946) – resigned to join Iacocca administration
1989-1999: 4) Hawkins H. Menefee Jr. (TX, b. 1945) – lost re-election
1999-2005: 5) Richard J. “Dick” Santorum (PA, b. 1958) – lost re-election
2005-2007: 6) Richard G. “Rick” Renzi (AZ, b. 1958) – relinquished duties
2007-2008: 7) William H. “Bill” Hudnut III (IN, b. 1932) – relinquished duties
2008-2011: 8) Eugene Clay (Clay) Shaw Jr. (FL, 1939-2013) – relinquished duties
2011-2015: 5) Richard J. “Dick” Santorum (PA, b. 1958) – lost re-election
2015-present: 9) Ramona Gail McIver Phillips (AK, b. 1944) – incumbent

Murphy passed the custom on to an ally of his, starting the tradition of the outgoing Candy Desk holder having sway over their successor. With a rich history of making puns, Menefee carved the motto “Cavity Emptor” onto the GOP Candy Desk in 1991 (and then purportedly called for a “move to filling-bustering”) [4]. Santorum’s ascension to the position led to the Hershey’s candy company of his home town of Pennsylvania to donate culinary supplies to the desk, leading in turn to congresspersons tied to candy companies gaining preference when selecting the next Candy Desk Holder.


1968-1979: 1) Joseph David “Joe D.” Waggoner, Jr. (LA, 1918-2007) – retired
1979-1991: 2) George Thomas “Tom” Turnipseed (SC, b. 1936) – lost re-election
1991-1999: 3) Robert Douglas “Bob” Bullock Sr. (TX, 1929-1999) – died in office
1999-2005: 4) Juanita Millender (CA, 1938-2007) – retired
2005-2009: 5) Jeffrey A. “Jeff” Merkley (OR, b. 1956) – resigned to join the Wellstone administration
2009-present: 6) Ronald I. Buxton (PA, b. 1949) – incumbent

While Waggoner filled the Democratic Desk strictly with hard candies, Turnipseed diversified its contents with gummy candies, jelly beans, M&Ms, and, after 1986, donations from candy stores from his home state, sparking a trend. Bullock diversified its contents even further by handing out cookies; according to an unconfirmed rumor, this led to US Representatives meeting behind closed doors to determine whether or not a cookie could be treated as a “candy” in this particular context; their inclusion was approved by an overwhelming majority, according to the rumor. Like the GOP’s Santorum, Buxton accepts donated sweets from Hershey to supply the Democrats’ Desk with chocolates.

–, c. August 2016


Associated Press, 8/29/2016

LOCKE: 43%

– Gallup poll, 8/30/2016

…DNC Chair Benjamin “Benjy” McAdams worked enthusiastically to get the Locke campaign to appeal to libertarians by emphasizing his western roots when meeting with wealthy potential donors from places such as Texas and Nevada. McAdams also sought to improve Locke’s standing among minority voters in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico, states won in 2008 but lost in 2012…

– Tiffany Taliaferro’s Decision 2016: Grammar vs. Locke, Penguin Publishing, 2017

“A LITTLE NOW OR A LOT LATER”: PM Balls Implements Controversial Plan To Combat Post-Recession Deflation Concerns

The Daily Telegraph, UK newspaper, 4/9/2016


Here’s a thread for discussing political figures who are underused, underrated, and underutilized in our TLs. People with unique personalities, positions, histories, etc., who, under the right circumstances, could have been interesting leaders in their respective countries. This thread could help new AH writers avoid clichéd figures in favor of unsung figures from history.

> POST 1:
How about Tony Blair for UK PM – he served in several cabinet positions under Lennon, but he feuded with him a lot. He’s an interesting and somewhat charismatic man in his own right, and he supported immediately joining the coalition forces at the start of KW2; if he was PM during that time, he could have been in office for as long as Lennon, if not longer even!
For the UK’s first PM, you could go for a better experienced MP like Barbara Castle, Margaret Thatcher, Mary McAlister or even Margaret Beckett.

> POST 2:
At some point, Mary Scranton could have run for President. She was the wife of the Vice President of Colonel Sanders, William Scranton, but she served in several high-profile positions, and ran for a US Senate seat in the late 1970s and again in the early 1980s. Had she won her first try, she could have ended up as a (somewhat old) President, or at least Vice President, in 1985, 1989 or 1993.

>> REPLY 1 to POST 2:
Didn’t she die recently?

>>> REPLY 1 to REPLY 1 to POST 2:
Yes, she died on December 26, 2015 at age 97.

> POST 3:
Four off the top of my head:
Jacob Coxey – a progressive Ohioan who lived from 1854 to 1951. He was sort of ahead of his time and jumped around from one political party to another, and apart from serving as the Mayor of Massillon, Ohio for the year of 1931, he was pretty much a perennial candidate for his entire life, but, man, what a candidate! A real missed opportunity.
George McGovern – not a relative of the heavily unappreciated Jim McGovern, this is the father of US Senator Teresa McGovern (actually, she would be a pretty interesting alternate President, too, but I digress). George here ran twice for the US Senate and lost, then served two two-year terms as Governor, from 1971 to 1975, before losing re-election. According to his clickopedia article he was a really progressive guy considering when he was most prominent
Gerald Ford – an alternate Jack Kemp? He was a US Congressman who got his start playing football. He ran for GOP House leader in 1965 but lost in the wake of The Colonel’s unexpected victory in 1964 and the GOP regaining many seats under the leadership of GOP leader Halleck. Then he lost a bid for higher office. Not too charismatic, but he could have gone places had things gone his way.
Jimmy Carter – arguably the best President we never had! He played a key role in ushering in the era of “Our Delicate Peace” in the Middle East; if he was able to do that as Secretary of State, imagine what he could have done as President!

>> REPLY 1 to POST 3:
I doubt Ford would have become President. He wanted to be House Speaker and only ran for the Senate because he was “cast out” – Halleck basically blacklisted him from his preferred committees to “punish” him for challenging him in ’65. The House Speakership is not a launchpad for the Presidency, or at least, it hasn’t been since 1844.

> POST 4:
Fulwar Skipwith (1765-1839) – the first, last and only leader of the short-lived Republic of West Florida in 1810, he was a distant cousin of Thomas Jefferson who married into Flemish aristocracy. His name alone merits more use!

>> REPLY 1 to POST 4:
JSYK (just so you know), there’s already an entire site to devoted to political leaders based solely on their unusual names:

> POST 5:
American dynasties are kind of hard to come by. How about, instead of John Adams and John Quincy Adams, some TL has Ambassador Joe Kennedy and his son Jack, or Florida governor LeRoy Collins and his son LeRoy Jr., or the aforementioned George and Terri McGovern?

–, 9/9/2016 thread

…Fundraising efforts for President Grammer received a boost after the RNC. A one R. Randolph “Randy” Brinson (b. 1957), a Republican physician and activist from Alabama, was leading a regional “get out the vote” drive across the South, getting young people and conservative people registered to vote ahead of election day, to the point of Brinson backing legislation to make registration automatic upon turning 18. The doctor’s efforts were proving to be very successful as the weeks went on. In September, Rev. Dale Huckabee gave Brinson’s efforts a boost by helping to get 12.1million people registered at churches across the Bible Belt…

– Tiffany Taliaferro’s Decision 2016: Grammar vs. Locke, Penguin Publishing, 2017


…this month marks the 30-year anniversary of the High Court of Australia’s landmark 1986 decision of Mulligan vs. Western Australia. Often referred to as simply the Mulligan Decision, the Mulligan High Court Decision overturned previous decisions that had declined to recognize native land claims, reversing decades-long policy and recognizing that some Indigenous Australians do have property rights and can claim them with a new legal term of “native title”…

Frankie, Australian magazine, September 2016 issue

Anchor Alisyn CAMEROTA: “The upcoming debates between Locke and Grammer are most likely going to focus on foreign intervention, renewable infrastructure projects, and the size and role of government, with less focus on social issues unless the moderators care to touch on Grammer’s pro-life views on abortion.”

Prof. Janice FINE: “If this was a debate between Ross and Grammer, it would not just be a debate over the size and role of government due to there being a lot of overlap on some points there. It would have been a sort of ‘Battle of Personalities.’ Grammer is charismatic, while Ross is personable, uplifting, and optimistic. Grammer’s supporters view him as reliable and charming, while Ross has this almost-infectious ability to see the best in everyone. Both men have witty senses of humor and quick with the retort and the sound bite, but Ross has that sunny disposition as well.”

CAMEROTA: “So what do you expect from the grammar-Locke debates.”

FINE: “I’ll be blunt – I fear the President will mop the floor with Locke. He’s personable and charming, but not at the level that Kelsey Grammer is at. Both men are good debaters – Locke’s much better, actually – he can easily defend his positions – but I’m looking at this from an optics point of view. And that view does not look pretty for Locke, but it does look pretty for the President.”

– Kennedy News Network roundtable discussion, 9/14/2016 broadcast

MELTING FLOWERS: The Nuking of El Dorado

Premiered: September 15, 2016
Genre(s): sci-fi/religious/hidden-history/fantasy

Directed by: Greg Sestero
Written by: Neil Breen and Jeff Nathanson
Produced by: Neil Breen

Manuel-Ramos Ruiz as Hupi
Yalitza Gutierrez as Ruha
Maria-Anna Melendez as Daya
See Full List Here

The City of Gold is located deep in the jungles of the Amazon. Hupi, an adolescent native, has no friends because he does not understand the ways of his generation; everyone is becoming increasingly greedy, selfish, and immoral. He decides to leave the city during the night after seeing his sister, Ruha, drunkenly enter the bed-hut of someone other than her fiancé. That night, their Gods (revealed to be aliens) detonate a nuclear device over the entire city to “clean off” the land, leaving nothing alive in its wake. The crater in the Earth left behind is then filled in by water from the nearby river. Hupi, with Daya, a girl who followed him out of the city, are the only survivors. Hupi determines that the Gods punished the City of Gold for their greed and decides to make a new life for himself with Daya in another village, marry, anachronistically converting to a Christianity-like religion, and deciding to tell their children the story of the loss of their once glorious home, the city made almost entirely out of gold.

Breen covered the cost of the film’s production; it remains Breen's most expensive film to make. The movie was filmed near Flagstaff, Arizona over the course of six weeks, with reshoots being extensive and production being put on hold twice due to food poisoning. Gutierrez later sued Breen for labor violations; the conflict was settled out of court.

The film was universally disliked. Nearly all critics panned it, and almost all audiences disliked its awkward combination of contradicting sci-fi and religious elements and themes at its "atrociously bad" special effects, with even fans of Breen’s previous films expressing disappointment in it.



…the father of businessman and SpongeBob’s Undersea Cuisine founder Stephen Hillenburg died at Robert King High Memorial Hospital yesterday afternoon at the age of 80 from undisclosed cause. Hillenburg was born on July 16, 1936, in Roanoke, Virginia, to Kelly N. Hillenburg Sr. and Anna Mae (Vest) Hillenburg. Kelly served his country in the US Army, attended the Virginia Military Institute, and was employed by Hughes Aircraft for many years. A member of several local community groups and organizations in his home town of Youngstown, Ohio, Hillenburg and his wife often spent the summers with their children in Florida, and had many great memories with friends and family. Hillenburg is survived by his loving wife of 57 years, Nancy (Dufour) Hillenburg; sons, Stephen Hillenburg and wife Carol of Miami, FL and Bryan Hillenburg and wife Isabel of New Smyrna Beach, FL; grandchildren, Clayton, Emma, James, Marcy and Hazel; a brother, Gregory Hillenburg and wife, Martha, of Perryman, MD; and several nieces and nephews. [5]

The Miami Herald, obituary section, 9/18/2016

…There is a world of difference between an incumbent running for re-election and his opponent trying to claim their office, other than the starkly different campaign war chest sizes, of course. An opponent only discusses action, while an incumbent can actually take action on something. An example of this phenomenon came about when the 2016 Democratic nominee claimed that he would be tougher on China’s government. White House officials soon reminded people, via a flurry of ads on TV and ontech, that the President had already had officials file an Unfair Trading case against the PRC at the World Trade Organization over allegations of wage theft back in June of 2016...

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022



[pic: ]

…The global company’s latest gimmick was announced today in a major presentation of the new products, available for a limited time only…

Comments Section:

Has it really come to this? I thought these guys were the best, you know? Like they were the top-quality brand?

Their food is still top-notch, but the same just can’t be said about their advertising department. Well, at least not anymore anyway. Not since The Colonel passed away.


(sitcom mom overacting, hands on hips, overly enthusiastic smile) Oh, is that you, Randy Quaid? Oh, you character you! :p

–, 9/22/2016

Political analyst BILL KRISTAL: “It is imperative that Grammer wins re-election. The economy cannot afford another four-term President.”

Anchor ANDERSON COOPER: “Okay, care to explain that?”

KRISTAL: “Studies and financial trends prove that politicians losing re-election over and over promotes instability, first political instability then economic instability. Kemp losing a bid for his own term in 1988 was followed by the early 1990s recession. Bellamy losing re-election in 1992 led to economic trouble for Lee Iacocca, Dinger losing re-election in 2000 led to all kinds of instability in the early 2000s, and Wellstone losing in 2012 may have contributed to the effects of the Unlucky Recession. But Grammer has to win re-election for reasons beyond politics. Grammer is leading this country’s culture toward a new a better direction that views small government more favorably because people are seeing that it is working. And regarding the 22nd Amendment, you know, what’s the point of having two terms if a President can’t win re-election?[7]

COOPER: “Hm, I see. Mr. Reich, you counterpoint?”

Former US Labor Secretary Robert Reich: “Bill, I’m impressed. You got the thesis right, but all the supporting facts were wrong. Yes, frequently changing governments can impede progress – you can see that sort of thing happen in many countries both nowadays and throughout history – but the early 1990s recession was due to the irresponsible fiscal policies of the Denton administration, the economic trouble under Iacocca was due to Iacocca’s trade wars, and the instability of the early 2000s was due to the recession of 1999 combined with the SARS pandemic!”

KRISTAL: “Well, um, that just shows what you know!”

REICH: “Yes. On that note, I agree with you.”

– CBS News, roundtable discussion, 9/24/2016 broadcast


The New York Times, 9/25/2016

“…hundreds of Southern Australians are without power as storms continue to roll across the region…”

– Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 9/26/2016

EX-WH STAFFER REVEALS: VP Brown Was “Inches Away” From Being Dropped From The 2016 Ticket

…President Grammer and his team of advisors and analysts were seriously contemplating replacing Brown with a less controversial nominee that would still appeal to conservatives while being much easier to work with while in the White House.” Being able to work with other conservatives, the names of US Senator Spencer Bachus (R-AL), Governor David Woods (R-AL) and US Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton (R-TN) were all floated for a possible “replacement” situation more than once…

The New York Times, 9/27/2016 exposé

“My fellow Americans ain’t dumb enough to fall for lies and garbage not even good enough for a third rate tabloid, so of course it ended up in the Times.”

– VP Harley Brown, claiming a recent NYT article’s claims are false, 9/29/2016

LOCKE: 46%

– Gallup poll, 9/30/2016


…Catholic Church Cardinal Peter Leo Gerety (born July 19, 1912 in California) was the oldest living Catholic cardinal in the world at the time of his passing, on September 20 at the age of 104. A revered former reverend and archbishop had been a strong ally of the Pope for decades. Pope Patrick I today honored him in a speech at the Vatican, praising his contributions to the church, beginning with his time as the Bishop of Portland, Maine…

The Boston Globe, 10/1/2016

The first Presidential Debate, which focus almost entirely on domestic issues, was held on October 4, and was considered to be cordial, but intense. Grammer was initially put on defense by Locke over his tax plan and social views, only for Grammer to counter with his record, stating that his handling of the 2013 recession was responsible for the economy being in a state of healthy growth at the time. When the moderators brought up the proposed E.P.I.C. Projects Program and G.R.E.E.N. Deal, Locke was hesitant to question the viability of the former being able to work, but praised the push to globally reduce emissions. Grammer gave a similar response that focused more on the private business side of things, saying that he would support variation of both proposals if he was certain that they would not curb “independent innovation” in both the power industries and the private sector.


Grammer replied, “Ending fossil fuel subsidies outright would kill the coal industry, at a time when it still employs thousands of American workers. It’d be like demolishing a condemned building before all the people can get out. The subsidies need to be weaned out to give coal workers ample time to find new jobs in the growing renewable energy industries.”


Grammer called for the national Inheritance Tax to be again lowered, this time by implementing a ratio rate of just 2% across the board, while Locke wanted more rich inheritors to pay a “much higher” rate than low-income inheritors. Locke took an even more assertive stance, however, on Corporate Tax rates and top Income Tax rates, which would be raised under Locke’s proposed economic plan.


Grammer was seen as the victor of the night by a majority of polls, and this was understandable – the economy was on the rise, Grammer appeared willing to work with Democrats to pass legislation that would benefit both parties as well as most Americans, and while military bases overseas were re-opening, the U.S. was not at war with a single country.

– Tiffany Taliaferro’s Decision 2016: Grammar vs. Locke, Penguin Publishing, 2017

…The Vice Presidential debate on October 11, between Bob Casey Jr. and Harley Davidson Brown, was viewed as a missed opportunity both beforehand and retrospectively. While Casey got some jabs in by condemning the VP for past comments and “jokes” for their ability to offend, Brown got in more cuts by lambasting Casey’s voting record, which, after 25 years in the Senate, was extensive and sometimes contradictory. Post-debate polls showed that undecided voters had found Brown’s assertiveness and defense of his own positions to be more encouraging of his leadership abilities than Casey’s arguably milquetoast praising of Locke while shying away from the most conservative parts of his voting record; as a result, Brown was declared the “winner” of the debate.


[pic: ]
Pictured: Vice President Brown explains his "plan of attack" for addressing natural disasters; the "President" half of the "Vice President" label on his iconic biker jacket is visible from under his left arm

Casey’s lackluster debate performance revealed that Casey was a good candidate for the long-term goal of Vice President, but a poor candidate for the short-term position of running mate. While someone more dynamic like Governor Goldberg, a progressive firebrand like Monica Lewinsky, for even a “middle lane” politician like Sylvia Burwell, could have allegedly “run circles” around Harley Brown, Casey failed to leave an impact. Another reason for this was partially due to the debate highlighting more similarities between the two men than differences. For example, during the debate, Brown pointed out that he supported “responsible fracking,” while Senator Casey had voted against a ban on hydraulic fracking in 2006 and again in 2010 before shifting to an anti-fracking stance in 2012; the prodding reinforced the reservations that some progressive Democrats had had about supporting Casey for running mate back when his selection was announced earlier that year…

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022


…Governor Barack “Rocky” McCain running on a more culture-based campaign theme this time around, touting his accomplishment in office but also backing socially conservative talking points such as “a strong country starts at home.” In one stump speech, McCain stated “if…we are honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that…too many fathers are…missing from too many lives and too many homes.” [8]

Comments Section:


Such a sellout smh

–, 10/14/2016


[pic: ]

– Gary Locke on the campaign trail, 10/15/2016

LOCKE: “I understand that the potential for any additional expense is never welcomed by American businesses no matter how well the economy is performing. But in long run, the expansion of worker rights will cut employment costs for U.S. businesses, not expand them.”


LOCKE: “Every year, some 12,000 high school students – many of them star students and leaders in their communities – are unable to go to college or get a good job because they have no legal status. We have to fix that.”


GRAMMER: “This administration has taken a strong stance on the world stage, refusing to ignore the human rights violations that were unfolding in Sudan and helping Europe recover from the 2013 recession. If you re-elect me, the last four years of successful foreign policy will be followed by four more years of successful foreign policy.”

MODERATOR: “Thank you. Senator Locke, same question.”

LOCKE: “China must play by the international rules, the international trading system from which they’ve benefited so much. But the President’s tough act will not benefit anyone when the inevitable time comes for him to fully address the issue of jobs being outsourced to places like China and India. If the Chinese can’t buy U.S. products, they’ll buy them from European countries and then develop stronger economic ties with France and Germany and perhaps side more with those countries when international issues flare up. That is why we need a foreign policy that is welcoming to international collaboration and trade, and only firm when American and Global interests and benefits are directly at risk.”


LOCKE: “We need the private sector to succeed, because if the private sector succeeds, America succeeds. Because it’s not the government that produces jobs, it’s the private sector. The Federal Jobs Guarantee program is not enough in ensure that the next generation is as innovative as the last several. There needs to be a balance of federal job creation and the federal government supporting the job creation found in the private sector.”

MODERATOR: “Mr. President, your response please.”

GRAMMER: “Gary, your policy makes no sense. You can’t support the private sector while at the same time suppressing it with red tape because that just doesn’t make any sense. Being pro-jobs and anti-business is like being pro-egg and anti-chicken!” [9]


LOCKE: “If it means bringing democracy to China, we should welcome Chinese investment in the United States with open arms.”

CROWD: [mix of cheers and jeers]

– snippets from the Second Locke-Grammer Presidential Debate, 10/18/2016 [10]


[pic: ]

– President Kelsey Grammer standing at his podium during the Second Grammer-Locke debate, 10/17/2016

“Senator Gary Locke has the experience, the ideas, and the drive to make a great President – one that we can all be proud of!”

– former US President Walter Mondale, surrogate campaigner for the Locke/Casey’16 ticket, Charlotte, NC rally, 10/19/2016

Attendee Gavin CATO: “Mr. President, as someone who is of Guyanese descent, I have experienced racism and have twice survived attacks on my life because of the color of my skin. Since Senator Locke became a prominent figure in this race in January, hate crimes against Asian Americans have increased 11%. How would you address hatred during a second term?”

GRAMMER: “There is no acceptable level of violence, not a bit. If one moves the barrier of inactivity a bit each time a small transgression – a sneer, a dirty look – it welcomes a bit more aggressiveness – slurs, threats – and then more aggressions until someone ends up hurt or worse. It must be nipped in the bud, and I believe it can be. All of us must take seriously even small hints of hate, because slurs can lead to threats can lead pestering can led to assault. My administration has been actively opposing rumors against my opponent’s racial background from the start, and has always promoted the American principle of equality, and that will continue into a second Grammer administration, if that is what the voters want. This wave of attacks is part of a larger, more deeply seated issue, and so it requires a united front among all groups, liberal and conservative, young and old, all the faiths, all the classes, all the races, and businesses and schools. Now, Gary has confronted this issue as well and I commend his efforts to create healthy relationships with anti-hatred groups, and as President I have urged such groups to work with law enforcement, including the US Justice Department, and with prevention groups. We all must resolve our differences with discussion and reason, through words, through understanding, and expose and denounce hate crimes by getting to the press and telling them what’s what, by getting the word out. Do not give in to apathy or fear, stand strong for your neighbors, stay united for your community. Because, for all of their alleged flag-waving, true freedom-loving Americans fight hatred and violence, not their fellow Americans. My administration denounces and is ashamed of anyone spreading lies about Gary here, or about anyone with Asian ancestry, because this isn’t about this one election, this is about common decency. Mistreatment begets mistreatment. We are not barbarians, we are not haters, we are Americans. And we are better at getting along than the haters hope we are.”

LOCKE: “May I also say something?”

MODERATOR: “The President referred to you in his answer, so yes.”

LOCKE: “Thank you. I just want to say that the President’s efforts to curb the rise in hate crimes is commendable. The Southern Poverty Law Center tracks hundreds of active hate groups consisting of only a handful of people with just technet access to spread their vitriol, but the fact remains that roughly 95% of hate crimes are from not groups but from individuals, people driven by propaganda and misinformation. People forgotten or rejected, people who suffer from feelings of isolation or from mental illness. They need to know that hatred is not the answer. They need to know this because we cannot accept the unraveling of America’s rich culture. And we need to promote that culture at the community, state and national levels, because we all need to stay vigilant. We need to move from ‘thoughts and prayers’ to bolder action. When a hate crime occurs and nobody speaks up, then you have to speak up. Don’t make excuses for ignoring another’s misery; don’t say you’re too busy with your own life to care about someone else’s, because that doesn’t help; if anything, that worsens the problem. One great promotion that I have seen work in many places across this great country of ours is dinner clubs where there are no speakers but there is one and only one rule – sit next to someone you don’t know. It encourages people of different backgrounds to learn something that haters want people to be blind to: that we all want the same thing – to do what’s right, to do best by our families, to try to have good lives, to have liberty, and to pursue happiness.”


Attendee Kevin Michael KOWALCYK: “Um, Mr. Senator, I will not be old enough to vote on Election Day, but will turn 18 on December 10, just 33 days afterwards, and before this election’s winner enters office. My home state of Wisconsin is holding a voter initiative this November; if passed, it will lower the voting age for state-level elections to 17. As President, would you support an adjustment to the 25th Amendment to allow people like me, who will turn 18 before the inauguration but not before the election, to vote in said election?”

LOCKE: “I would, because in America, the circumstances of your birth should never be held against you. In America, it should not matter where you were born or into what class you were born, or even when you were born. If you are an upstanding, law-abiding citizen, then a technicality like that should not inhibit your ability to participate in the democratic process.”

– snippets from the Locke-Grammer Presidential Debate/Town Hall Event, Saturday, 10/22/2016

POLL: Grammer Considered The “Winner” Of Yesterday’s Town Hall Debate, 48%-45%, 7% Unsure

– Gallup, 10/23/2016

FUNDRAISING SPECS: Locke, Closing In On Grammer, Still Lags Behind

–, 10/25/2016 e-report


…with the economy going strong and seemingly getting stronger, investors are returning to the stock market…

The Wall Street Journal, 10/26/2016

TULSI: Running For U.S. President To Break Up The U.S.?

…Tulsi Gabbard, the 35-year-old daughter of former Hawaiian Governor Mike Gabbard, is a usually-Republican perennial candidate from Hawaii who is of Samoan ancestry. For some reason, she is running for President this year on a pro-Samoa statehood ticket. Running almost exclusively in Hawaii and the west coast, where Samoan population is highest, Tulsi may be hoping to deadlock the Electoral College in order to play kingmaker in a contingent election, and give the Presidency to whichever candidate will pledge to hold a referendum on the subject. However, such trouble would probably all be for naught, as the latest poll concerning A.S. independence (taken in 2013, at the height of the Unlucky Recession) showed that only 17% of American Samoans supported the idea of independence. So perhaps she is running to try and increase those numbers...

–, 10/27/2016

LOCKE: 45%

– Gallup poll, 10/28/2016

HOME STRETCH: Candidates Touring Several Swing States In Election’s Final Days

Associated Press, 10/29/2016


[pic: ]

– American voters wait in line at dusk at a polling station in Little Rock, Arkansas to vote in the 2016 elections, 11/8/2016

“…As the first handful of states begin to close their polling stations, the US national voter turnout is projected to be about the same as it was in 2012, with an expected increase in Asian-American voter turnout likely cancelling out the many libertarians, progressives, and hardline sitting out the race. Both parties are hoping for this election to not end up having another 'second-place winner' situation…”

– CBS Evening News, 11/8/2016 broadcast


[pic: ]

…one state elector from New York publicly attempted to vote for the McMillan/Capozzi ticket but was not allowed to do so due to a state law…


Pres. A. Kelsey Grammer (CA) / VP Harley Davidson Brown (ID) (Republican) – 74,652,995 (49.21%)

US Sen. Gary F. Locke (WA) / Robert Patrick “Bob” Casey Jr. (PA) (Democratic) – 68,235,963 (44.98%)

NYC Mayor Jimmy McMillan (NY) / Fmr US Rep. John J. Capozzi Jr. (PO) (various) – 4,323,533 (2.85%)

Fmr Nat. Green Party Chair Richard “Rich” Whitney (IL) / Fmr state rep. Della Coburn (AK) (Green (endorsed by Natural Mind)) – 2,472,757 (1.63%)

Fmr US Rep. Steve Stockman (TX) / Ms. Joy Waymire (IA) (replaced Dr. Marc Allen Feldman (OH)) (Liberty (endorsed by Boulder)) – 1,016,409 (0.67%)

Dr. Bruce Maccabee (VT) / Dr. Steven Earl Jones (UT) (Bigfoot (Truth on 3 state ballots) (endorsed by Defense/Exposure)) – 394,428 (0.26%)

Fmr state Lands Dir. Walt Bayes (ID) / Mr. Tom Hoefling (IA) (Values-Salvation fusion ticket (endorsed by Country)) – 288,236 (0.19%)

Fmr state rep. Tulsi Tamayo (HI) / Mr. Patrick Anthony Ockander (TX) (American Samoan Independence) – 182,043 (0.12%)

All other votes – 136,537 (0.09%)

Total Votes – 151,702,896 (100.0%)

– [11]

"Huh. Maybe I should have picked Monica Lewinsky for Running Mate after all."

– Gary Locke, 11/9/2016 (allegedly)

…While some Democratic figures blamed Moore’s lack of enthusiasm for the Locke/CODEY ticket for its loss in Michigan, Moore blamed the collapse of Democratic support among the Midwestern states on Locke’s uninspiring campaign, which he claimed “was more about keeping things business-as-usual than about any actual improvements.” The Overmyer Network’s Kevin Jeys reported that the high turnout for third party candidates was the result of the ballot access reforms of the past decade combined with media outlets covering the more “catchy” elements of their campaigns…

…The distribution of former Goetzite voters was scattered across several candidates (primarily Bayes, Stockman, Grammer and even McMillan), while former Ross backers and Moore supporters who refused to vote for Locke and instead voted for McMillan and Whitney. This voting trend resulted in making this election the first in US history to see the top five candidates for President each receive at least 1million votes...

…Down ballot, the election night saw more state referendums favor voter reform, allowing RCV to inch closer to becoming a reality. However, the clear and decisive win that Grammer had received made EC Reform backers fear that momentum would be lost, with the aforementioned Jeys observing that “the process of the Electoral College did in fact work this time. …Never underestimate the sheer raw power of American Forgetfulness”...

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022


…Of the many “also-runs” covered on this site, perhaps the most peculiar one is The Bigfoot Party, a fringe spin-off of Jason Buck’s conservative Strong Party ticket from the 2012 Presidential election cycle. The Strong Party, which was itself a branch-off of the Boulder Party founded by former US Senator and Boulder, Colorado-based businessman Bernie Goetz founded in 2008, acquired the nickname “the party of Bigfoot” due to Buck’s running mate claiming to have spotted a UFO in 2006. In early 2016, after the collapse of the Strong Party in 2015, 29 former Buck supporters convened in Hurricane, West Virginia to establish a political party that fully embraced and politicized the paranormal in the hopes of raising awareness of what they called “troubling theories” of the world, such as “chemtrails,” UFO sightings, ontech rumors alleging China’s government was planning to take over the world, and the global power of the Kentucky Fried Chicken fast food franchise allegedly being linked to The Illuminati through the Freemasons.

The Bigfoot Party, named after the iconic humanoid creature allegedly roaming around in the American Pacific Northwest, contained a platform calling for the complete disclosure of all government and military secrets, the establishing of open trade relations with hospitable inhabited planets, and the funding of expeditions to remote locations on Earth, including the North and South Poles and the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to search for a variety of alleged lost items and places. Listed as the Truth ticket on three state ballots, the Bigfoot Party founders knew they would not win the White House, so they defined “victory” by the number of people they could reach and influence. A party fit for any conspiracy theorist, Bigfooters relied heavy on the technet for media attention and gathering donations.

Amid obtaining ballot access (ultimately in 23 states, with official write-in access being obtained and recognized in an additional 17 states) the party searched for a Presidential candidate and a Vice President candidate. Prominent ufologist and conspiracy theorist James Farrell Marrs Jr. of Texas endorsed the party but declined interest in running on either part of their ticket, citing a decline in health. With deadlines fast approaching, the lack of any prominent takers ultimately led to the party selecting its two most prominent co-founders – doctors Bruce Maccabee of Vermont and Steven Earl Jones of Utah – as their Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees, respectively.

Unsurprisingly, the party did not do well in the general election, receiving less than .5% of the vote. While some supporters of the party claimed that the low results were due to voter suppression, most dismissed these notions due to the Maccabee/Jones having made some appearances on some news outlets in September, when their campaign advertisements went fervid ontech…


November United States Senate election results, 2016

Date: November 8, 2016
Seats: 34 of 104
Seats needed for majority: 53

New Senate majority leader: Webb Franklin (R-MS)
New Senate minority leader: Midge Osterlund (D-PA)

Seats before election: 52 (R), 51 (D), 1 (I)
Seats after election: 58 (R), 45 (D), 1 (I)
Seat change: R ^ 6, D v 6, I - 0

Full List:

Alabama: Young Boozer (R) over incumbent Doug Jones (D)

Alaska: incumbent J. R. Myers (R) over Jacob Seth Kern (D)

Arizona: incumbent Jan Brewer (R) over Gary Swing (D/Green) and Kelli Ward (Bigfoot)

Arkansas: Adrienne Elrod (R) over Dan Whitfield (D); incumbent F. Winford Boozman III (R) retired

California: incumbent Mike Gravel (D) over Sarah Elizabeth Cupp (R) and James “Kamala” Harris (Green)

Colorado: Penfield Tate III (D) over Peggy Littleton (R); incumbent Mark Udall (D) retired

Connecticut: incumbent William Tong (D) over August Wolf (R)

Florida: incumbent Gus Bilirakis (R) over Bolley L. “Bo” Johnson (D)

Georgia: incumbent Herman Cain (R) over Robby Wells (D)

Hawaii: Colleen Hanabusa (D) over Cam Cavasso (R) and Joy Allison (Country); incumbent appointee Irene Hirano Inouye (D) retired

Idaho: incumbent Carlos Bilbao (R) over Walt Minnick (D)

Illinois: incumbent Sheila Simon (D) over Judy Koehler (R)

Indiana: Brian C. Bosma (R) over incumbent Evan Bayh (D)

Iowa: incumbent Robert Lee Vander Plaats (R) over Rob Hogg (D) and Ray Zirkelbach (I)

Kansas: incumbent Bob Dole (R) over Patrick Wiesner (D)

Kentucky: Charles Merwin “Trey” Grayson III (R) over Tom Recktenwald (D); incumbent Daniel Mongiardo (D) retired

Louisiana: Charles E. “Chas” Roemer IV (R) over incumbent Chris John (D)

Maryland: Rand Beers (D) over Kathy Szeliga (R); incumbent Barbara Mikulski (D) retired

Missouri: David A. Catania (R) over Susan Montee (D); incumbent Wayne Cryts (D) retired

Nevada: incumbent Dina Titus (D) over Tyrus O. “Ty” Cobb (R)

New Hampshire: incumbent Ted Gatsas (R) over Carol Shea-Porter (D)

New York: incumbent Allyson Schwartz (D) over Larry Kudlow (R) and Vito Russo (I)

North Carolina: incumbent Rand Paul (R) over Deborah Ross (D)

North Dakota: incumbent Kelly Schmidt (R) over Joel C. Heitkamp (D)

Ohio: incumbent Randy Brock (R) over Joyce Beatty (D)

Oklahoma: incumbent Evelyn Rogers (R) over Mike Workman (D) and Dax Ewbank (Liberty)

Oregon: incumbent Walter Leslie “Les” AuCoin (D) over Faye Stewart (R) and Shanti Lewallen (Working Families)

Pennsylvania: incumbent Bob Casey Jr. (D) over Lou Barletta (Country) and William Scranton III (R)

South Carolina: incumbent Sherry Sealy Martschink (R) over Laurie Funderburk (D)

South Dakota: Gordon K. Howie (R) over Bernie Hunhoff (D); incumbent Teresa McGovern (D) retired

Utah: Shawn Bradley (R) over Jonathan Swinton (D); incumbent Lyle Hillyard (R) retired

Vermont: incumbent William Sorrell (D) over H. Brooke Paige (R) and Cris Ericson (I)

Washington: incumbent Gary Locke (D) over Steve Litzow (R)

Wisconsin: incumbent Bronson La Follette (D) over Dick Linenkugel (R)


United States House of Representatives results, 2016

Date: November 8, 2016
Seats: All 441
Seats needed for majority: 221

New House majority leader: H. Dargan McMaster (R-SC)
New House minority leader: Ed Markey (D-MA) (incumbent Barbara B. Kennelly (D-CT) retired)

Last election: 225 (R), 216 (D)
Seats won: 232 (R), 209 (D)
Seat change: R ^ 7, D v 7


United States Governor election results, 2016

Date: November 8, 2016
Number of state gubernatorial elections held: 12

Seats before: 25 (R), 25 (D), 1 (I), 1 (G)
Seats after: 29 (R), 21 (D), 1 (I), 1 (G)
Seat change: R ^ 4, D v 4, I - 0, G - 0

Full list:

Delaware: Stephanie Hansen (D) over Lacey Lafferty (R); incumbent Jack Carney (D) retired

Indiana: incumbent John R. Gregg (D) over Allen Lucas Messer (R) and Thomas McDermott Jr. (Rent Regulation)

Missouri: Thomas A. “Tom” Schweich (R) over Chris Koster (D); incumbent Perry B. Clark (D) retired

Montana: incumbent Barack “Rocky” McCain (R) over Bill McChesney (D)

New Hampshire: Darryl W. Perry (R) over Andrew Hosmer (D); incumbent Rushern L. Baker III (D) retired

North Carolina: incumbent Helen Elizabeth “Beth” Garrett (D) over Clyde Robert Brawley (R)

North Dakota: Jasper Schneider (R) over Ryan Taylor (D); incumbent Heidi Heitkamp (D) retired

Puerto Rico: Raul Labrador (R) over David Bernier (D) and Manuel Cidre (I); incumbent Hector Luis Acevedo (D) retired

Utah: incumbent Robert Wood Young (R) over James “Jimmy The Greek” Dabakis (D)

Vermont: incumbent Jeffrey “Jeff” Weaver (D) over Bruce Lisman (R) and Bill “Spaceman” Lee (Liberty Union)

Washington: Krist Novoselic (D) over Susan Hutchison (R); incumbent Lisa J. Simpson (D) retired

West Virginia: incumbent Charlotte Pritt (D) over Erikka Lynn Storch (R)



…Colorado’s Mary Lou Makepeace (R) will be the US’s oldest-ever freshman Representative, entering office in January at the age of 76. …Robert Portman is returning to congress after losing re-election in 2014; he won his first term back in 2004, best incumbent Bob Taft in the GOP primary due to Taft facing years of financial scandals. …Voters in Oregon elected new Representatives: Gail R. Shibley (D), an openly BLUTAG progressive lawmaker; Rod Monroe (D), having staged an impressive political comeback; Steve Novick (D), a “New Jersey ex-pat” strongly backing RCV reform; and Vicki Walker (D), who won in an even greater landslide than expected. …In Indiana, the state’s next youngest Representative, Eddie Melton (D, age 35) is succeeding the oldest lawmaker in the House. Joe Newman (D, b. 1913), who turns 104 on January 13, 2017, was a champion of schools for the mentally ill who “directly assisted with the initial launch of…Social Security” and lived through the Great Depression; he leaves office after serving for 15 terms/30 years, having maintained a record of opposing “special interests,” defending Medicare and then UHC, and fighting to eliminate poverty for the wealthiest nation on Earth. …outgoing Mayor and former Public Safety Advocate Scott Lindsay (R) of Seattle wants to see higher-quality recreadrug addiction facilities nationwide…

The Washington Post, 11/15/2016

FRITZ’S FOODS: Mondale Family Publishes Family Recipes

The man loves to cook. It all started on fishing trips where his buddies taught him how to pan-fry his catch. He progressed onward and upward to such heights as Turkey Dressing and Pumpkin Bread for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Fritz says that for him cooking is a way to relax. The Mondale's winter holidays are traditional family affairs

The former President still, as always, makes the Turkey Dressing for these holiday get-together. It's an old-fashioned dressing of traditional style, and with some familial renown, mind you. His secret to stuffing greatness is dry, day old, hot dog buns. The buns are very important. Fritz says regular bread simply won't do.

Fritz's Turkey Dressing

1 1/2 doz. day old hot dog or hamburger buns
1 cup (two sticks) butter
3 medium onions, chopped
3 cups celery with tops, chopped
1 1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
2 to 3 tbsp. leaf sage, crumbled
2 chicken bouillon cubes
2 cups boiling water
2 eggs

The buns should be quite dry. Leave them out overnight or dry them in a very slow oven at about 250 degrees. Crumble the buns into a large bowl, there should be about twelve cups. Melt the butter in a large skillet and add the onions and the celery. Saute slowly until tender, about fifteen minutes. Add to the crumbled buns, along with the salt, pepper and sage. Add the bouillon cubes to the boiling water and stir until dissolved. Beat the eggs lightly in a small bowl and stir into the dressing. Add enough of the chicken broth to make a moist mixture. Stuff the turkey cavity lightly with the dressing. Spoon any extra dressing into a buttered casserole. Spoon a little extra chicken broth over the top and bake uncovered or covered with the turkey during the last half hour of roasting.

Fritz's Pumpkin Bread

1 1/2 cups sugar
1 tsp. soda
1/4 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. cloves
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
3/4 tsp. salt
1 2/3 cups flour, sifted
2 eggs
1/2 cup oil
1 cup canned pumpkin
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup chopped nuts
1/2 cup chopped dates

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Sift together the sugar, soda baking powder, spices, salt, and pre-sifted flour. Add the eggs, oil, pumpkin, and water and mix with a beater. Stir in the nuts and dates. Pour into two greased nine-by five inch pans and bake for about one hour and thirty minutes. Start testing after one hour. Loaves may be frozen up to two months.

–, 11/18/2016 article [12]


…Disney’s “Stoneflight” hits theaters June 30, 2017…

The Hollywood Reporter, 11/21/2016


…Representative-Elect Paul Babeu (R-MA), age 47, was elected to North Adams, MA City Council at the age of 18, then served as Berkshire County MA commissioner from 1992 to 1996, when he resigned to successfully run for a state senate seat in that year’s “red wave” of GOP victories. After roughly a decade in the state senate, he served as the Mayor of North Adams from 2006 to 2014. Babeu supports the movement to use the NIA to hold a national vote on implementing RCV in all 50 states for use in US Presidential elections… …Christopher R. Barron (R-ME), age 43, is the conservative political lobbyist who cofounded “GOProud” in 2009; he supports using congressional districts for the allocating of Electoral College votes in US Presidential elections…

The Huffington Post, 11/29/2016

“Americans are very easygoing people. If the added attention and great visibility that I have been able to generate can help open doors and expose more Chinese to American values and the American way of life, that is great.” [13]

– US Senator Gary Locke (D-WA) at the US-China Forum on Arts and Culture, Asia Society Center, Potomac, 12/7/2016


…PM Ed Balls, in office since 10 October 2015, was defeated in a landslide election tonight, with the Labour party losing majority and the Tories returning to majority control. This means that our next Prime Minister will be our former Prime Minister, Tory leader Alastair Goodlad. Goodlad led his party to victory over Balls as well as over Wera Hobhouse (leader of the Liberal Democrats), Blair Jenkins (leader of the Scottish People’s party), and Caroline Lucas (leader of the Green party), with all four of those parties losing seats…

The Guardian, 12/12/2016

…In international news, the incumbent President of United Turkestan has lost re-election amid underwater approval ratings. Roza Otunbayeva of the Social Democratic party, who entered office in 2011, lost her bid for a third three-year term to Muhammad Salih of Uzbekistan of the Prosperity party over growing disapproval of her subjectively high taxation policies. Salih, upon entering office on the fifth of January 2017, will be the nation’s first president from the region of Uzbekistan since would-be dictator President Islam Karimov served from 2006 until his assassination in 2008. However, in stark contrast to Karimov, and according to all major international election fraud watchdog groups who observed the election process, Salih ran a legitimate campaign and, for safe measure repeatedly, distanced himself from Karimov by condemning the former leader’s oppressive government multiple times while on the campaign trail…

– BBC World News, 14/12/2016 broadcast


…the moderate Republican was the GOP’s 1972 nominee for Vice President of the United States… …Stepovich passed away less than a month after his 98th birthday from natural causes [14]

The New York Times, 12/15/2016


…Dr. Luis A. G. Tagle (b. 1957), the President of the Philippines since 2015, will be taken on a tour of several agricultural and industrial centers across the United States…

The Washington Post, 12/18/2016

…The Sanders family reunion of Christmas 2016 was one of our more memorable get-togethers because on Christmas Eve, Cousin Darrell from the Winger side of the family finally proposed to his girlfriend-turned-fiancé, making Christmas more jubilant and exciting than usual for the adults. …Naturally, Josephine Wurster, the “head” of the family, was overjoyed with the union…

– Tabitha Louisa Sanders’ Growing Up Under Chicken, Sunrise Publishers, 2021

The Family Tree of Harland David Sanders

COL. HARLAND DAVID SANDERS (1890-1990), m. Josephine King (1909-1947, div.), then Claudia Price (1948-his death)

> Margaret Josephine Sanders (1910-2001), m. James Trigg Adams (1930-1975, div.)

> > Col. Harland Morrison Adams (1932-2014), m. Donna Smith (1954-his death)

> > > Tiffany Donna Adams (b. 1956), m. Winthrop Paul “Win” Rockefeller (1980-his death, 2006)

> > > > Jonathan Harmon Rockefeller (b. 1981), m. Pamela Ashley Brown (2008-present)

> > > > > Beverley David Thomas Rockefeller (b. 2009)

> > > Rhett James Adams (b. 1958), m. Isabella Gutierrez (1978-present)

> > > > Rockerby Buzzsaw Adams (b. 1979), m. Grace Bullock (1996-present)

> > > > > Thatch Yarborough Adams (b. 1997)

> > > > > > Grace Harmony Adams (b. 2015)

> > > > Eleanor Buttercup Adams (b. 1981)

> > Josephine Frances Adams (b. 1936), m. Col. John Joseph Wurster Sr. (1955-his death, 2011)

> > > Cindy Wurster Sjogren (b. 1955)

> > > John Joseph Wurster Jr. (b. 1957), m. Melissa Jackson (1985-present)

> > > > John Joseph Wurster III (b. 1987)

> > > Cynthia Josephine Wurster (b. 1959), m. Hal Heiner (1980-present)

> > > > Claudia Heiner (b. 1981)

> > > > > Sunshine Heiner (b. 2002)

> > > Harland James Wurster (b. 1961), m. Holly Garmen (1979-present)

> > > > Harland James Wurster Jr. (b. 1980)

> > > Christopher Francis Wurster (b. 1971), m. Brittany Murphy (1997-present)

> > > > Apollo Court Wurster-Murphy (b. 1999)

> > > > Artemis Fowl Wurster-Murphy (b. 2001)

> > James Trigg Adams III (b. 1939), m. Geraldine Brown (1963-her death, 2014)

> > > Maryanne Gladys Adams (b. 1964)

> > > William Scranton Adams (b. 1966), m. Sally Darrin

> > > > William Scranton Adams Jr. (b. 1991) m. Arista Newson

> > > > > Katherine Jasmine Adams-Newson (b. 2015)

> > > > Margaret Hillary Adams (b. 1994), m. John McKinney

> > > > Joan Marianne Adams (b. 1996), m. Ernest van der Poole

> Col. Harland David “Harley” Sanders Jr. (1912-2007), m. Evelyn Smith (1935-1949, div.), then Venus Ramey (1952-his death)

> > Harland David “Lando” Sanders III (b. 1939), m. Candy Smith

> > > Col. Harland David (“Lando Jr.,” later “Davey”) Sanders IV (b. 1959), m. Stella Haynes

> > > > Marlene Maureen Sanders (b. 1984), m. Joseph Patrick “Joe” Kennedy III (2006-present)

> > > > > Harland Sanders Kennedy (b. 2008)

> > > > > Mildred Marie Kennedy (b. 2011)

> > > > Harland David “Vinnie” Sanders V (b. 1985), m. Maria Gomez (2014-present)

> > > > > Harland David “Lando III” Sanders VI (b. 2014)

> > > Anna Mae Francis Sanders (b. 1961)

> > > Tabitha Louisa Sanders (b. 1964), m. Peter Huntsman (1989-present)

> > > > John Paul Huntsman (b. 1990), m. Sheila Smalls (2007-present)

> > > > > Jonathan Huntsman II (b. 2008)

> > > > > Jefferson Huntsman (b. 2011)

> > > > > Allen Davidson Huntsman (b. 2013)

> > April Sanders (b. 1940), m. Jefferson Davis Johnson (1967-2011, div.)

> > > May Donna Johnson (b. 1968), m. John Albert Chandler (2002-present)

> > > > June Frances Chandler (b. 1971), m. Nicholas Cage (1993-1997, div.), then Christopher Charles Cuomo (2001-present)

> > > > > Lois Lane Cage (b. 1994), m. Thomas Miller (2015-present)

> > > > > > John Wayne Miller (b. 2016)

> > > > > July Matilda “Julie” Cuomo (b. 2003)

> > > > > Lawrence Wetherby Cuomo (b. 2005)

> > > > John Albert Chandler Jr. (b. 1973), m. Holly Thompson (b. 1998)

> > > > > John Albert Chandler III (b. 1999)

> > Clarice Augustine Sanders (b. 1942), m. Marvin Winger (1967-his death, 2002)

> > > Chelsea Rachel Winger (b. 1968), m. Marcus LeMarr Allen (1992-2010, div.)

> > > > Tiberius Noonian Allen (b. 1993), m. Leslie Wall (m. 2013)

> > > > > LeMarr Colonel Allen (b. 2014)

> > > James Jones Winger (b. 1970), m. Martha Frank (m. 2011)

> > > > Harland Price Winger (b. 2012)

> > > Darrell Harvey Winger (b. 1977)

> Mildred Marie Sanders (1919-2010), m. John F. Ruggles Jr. (1937-1983, div.)

> > Marlona Ruggles Ice (b. 1938), m. Daniel Ice (1962-present)

> > > Harland Ice (b. 1964), m. Teresa Mayfield (1989-1995, div.)

> > > > Josephine Daytona Mayfield Ice (b. 1991)

> > > Samantha Matilda Ice (b. 1966), m. August Laffoon (1992-present)

> > > > David Denney Laffoon (b. 1993), m. Katherine Hardin (2015-present)

> > > > Sally Beatrice Laffoon (b. 1995)

> > > > Michelle Eliza Laffoon (b. 1998)

> > John F. Ruggles III (1942-2015), m. Vivian Rickman Whalen (1972-his death)

> > > Elizabeth Ruggles Murl (b. 1974), m. John Pitchford (1995-present)

> > > > Caetlyn Sistrunk Christian Pitchford Paz (b. 1997)

> > > > Katherine Grace Pitchford (b. 2000)

–, c. December 2016 [15]

When the Pinnacle was launched in 2008 during the christening ceremony the bottle of champagne that they christen a ship with during the launching bounced off of her side. The snipe had been in numerous smaller collisions such as going too fast in port and getting caught in a gust and scraping on another ship. What happened between Corsica and Sardinia was nasty due to it happening on January 13th, 2017. It was a Friday the 13th.[16]

– Marjorie Hollis, former passenger of the Pinnacle, BBC segment, 1/13/2022 anniversary report

…The strait of Bonifacio lies between the Mediterranean islands of Corsica and Sardinia. At 11km, or 6.835 miles in width, it was large enough for even the world’s largest shipping vessels to not have to pass through one at a time. And yet, just after 1:20 P.M. of January 13, 2017, two cruise ships from rival cruise line companies – the Carnival Pinnacle mega-ship, and a slightly smaller cruise ship, Spain’s Pullmantur Cruises Sirena – each attempted to do a “sail-by salute” (a ceremonial activity in which a boat sails very close to a shoreline to honk its horn in a tradition pleasing to cruise-takers) off the coast of Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinia, at the same time. The Pinnacle was sailing from east, and the Sirena was sailing west.

Wanting to get in front of the Sirena for a “clear” salute, the Captain instructs the helmsman to get 457 meters, or 1,500 feet, close to the shoreline. Concurrently, the Sirena’s Captain, not wanting to be outdone by a rival company out of fear that he could be reprimanded for costing the passengers a traditional salute, orders his ship’s helmsman to get in front of the Pinnacle…

…The Captain of the Pinnacle had previously worked on a fishing trawler for a company based in Somalia before joining the ship’s crew in 2010, and then quickly rose in rank, while its helmsman had initially worked in the engine room of a smaller vessel just five years earlier...

– Georgina Giannacoli’s Playing Cruise Chicken, Borders Books, 2020

FIRST OFFICER: “They’re trying to get in front of us. Slow our speed!”

CAPTAIN: “No, increase speed.”

SECOND OFFICER: “Captain, we could just do a drive-by at Porto Cervo; it’s the next coastal city we’re sailing past anyway!”

CAPTAIN: “And deny this snapshot moment to the ticket-paying people onboard? Think of the complaints, man!”

HELMSMAN: “Uh, aren’t ships supposed to pass each other on the right?”

SECOND OFFICER: “We’re coming in too fast and we’re getting too close to the coastline!”

NAVIGATOR: “Captain, we’re getting dangerously close to the shallow water line.”

FIRST OFFICER: “Slow our speed!”

CAPTAIN: “They’re really refusing to get out of our way. This is a game of chicken to them, isn’t it?”

SECOND OFFICER: “No Captain, they can’t get out of the way just like we can’t.”

CAPTAIN: “Yes we can! Alright, we’ll let them pass. Turn to 335! A Sharp turn to the left!”


CAPTAIN: “Right.”

HELMSMAN: “Right, okay.”


[grinding sound]

HELMSMAN: “Wait, our right or their right?”

FIRST OFFICER: “We’re about to hit them!”

SECOND OFFICER: "Brace for impact!"

CAPTAIN: “Starboard, you fool!”

HELMSMAN: “Starboard?”

[inaudible dialogue, shouting]

[Crashing sound]

HELMSMAN: “Whoops.”

– audio recording from security device onboard The Pinnacle, installed on the main deck in 2015 after an undisclosed incident, recorded 1/13/2017 (released 7/5/2020)

…Although they collided into each other at a slow speed, the impact significantly damaged both vessels. Almost immediately, the ships’ engine rooms reported that gigantic proportions of water were pouring into the lower decks from the impact zones (for each vessel, it was the starboard side of the bow that had practically scraped its way into that of the other vessel), and were soon followed by reports of engine failure.

Less than sixty seconds after a “double-header” collision in shallow rock-filled waters, damage to the lower decks causes incoming seawater to paralyze the engines, shutting down all power in both ships, including lights, water pumps and rudder control. The Pinnacle was taking on water in three compartments, the Sirena in four. They were sinking.

Both captains tacitly gave out the orders to abandon ship.

What happened in the minutes and hours that followed are filled with contradictory reports, which will be studied this book. The general themes of this infamous day, however, were panic, fear, chaos, and blame. Half the crew of the Pinnacle wanted to coordinate with the crew of the Sirena, while the Captain and others blamed the Sirena for the collision and refused to work with them during the crisis…

– Georgina Giannacoli’s Playing Cruise Chicken, Borders Books, 2020


…already, one of the ships is tilting slightly as it sinks to the bottom of the coastal waters. …Neither ship is small enough or far enough out to sea to sink below the water level…

–, 1/13/2017 “breaking news” e-alert

…with the Harbor Master of Santa Teresa Gallura stepping in to oversee the hectic and uncoordinated evacuation procedures on both vessels, nearly all of the passengers and crew departed the ships before both began to list. The Pinnacle would become stuck in the seabed at an almost perfect 45% angle, while the listing of the Sirena, which was 60% underwater, was to a notably less severe angle. Out of 3,300 Pinnacle passengers and 2,100 Sirena passengers, 12 died, all by drowning, and 71 suffered non-fatal injuries.

The Pinnacle-Sirena Collision was the largest cruise ship disaster since the Titanic. By the dawn of January 14, the crisis itself was over, but the investigations into the actions of the crew before, during and after the collision and evacuations were only beginning…

– Georgina Giannacoli’s Playing Cruise Chicken, Borders Books, 2020

“By making the present bright, we make the vision of the future an even brighter reality. …With a clear mandate from the people of America, it appears that our work in Washington, D.C. is only half-way done!”

– US President Kelsey Grammer, 1/20/2017 inauguration


Vice President: former Governor Harley Davidson Brown (R-ID)


Secretary of State: campaign advisor and former Dean of Stanford University’s Institute for International Studies Richard L. Morningstar (R-NY)

Secretary of the Treasury: former US Senator William Floyd “Bill” Weld (R-MA)

Deputy Secretary of the Treasury: former Democratic Party of Maryland Treasurer Osman “Oz” Bengur (D-MD)

Secretary of Defense: USAA Chairman, US Air Force Colonel (ret.), retired NASA astronaut and former US Air Force test pilot Eileen Collins (I-TX)

Deputy Secretary of Defense: Lawyer and general counsel for the US Veterans’ Affairs Department Ivan Kenneth Fong (I-PO)

Attorney General: former state Attorney General, former District Attorney and former Assistant District Attorney Susana Martinez (R-NM)

Deputy Attorney General: lawyer and state attorney general Boyd Rutherford (R-MD)

Postmaster General: former US Attorney General, former US Senator, former Administrator of the National Roadways Safety Administration, former US Transportation Secretary, former EPA Administrator and former US Labor Secretary Ralph Nader (I-CT)

Secretary of the Interior: former Governor Gary Johnson (R-NM)

Secretary of Agriculture: former Deputy Secretary of Agriculture and former US Representative Martha Bueno (R-FL)

Secretary of Commerce: US Senator and former Governor Hillary Rodham-Clinton (R-TN)

Deputy Secretary of Commerce: state Attorney General and former state Inspector General Timothy L. DeFoor (R-PA)

Secretary of Labor: former US Representative Steven Craig Gunderson (R-WI)

Secretary of Education: former Dean of Texas A&M and former state Secretary of Education Margo Spellings (R-TX)

Secretary of Health and Humane Services: former US Representative Michelle Eunjoo Park Steel (R-CA)

Secretary of Transportation: US Representative Tim Scott (R-SC)

Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs: Dean of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine Dr. Julie Story Byerley (I-NC)

Secretary of Energy and Technology: outgoing US Ambassador to United Korea, historian and former Oberlin College professor Sheila Miyoshi Jager (I-OH)

Secretary of Community Development: physician and former Marstronaut Patricia Consolatrix Hilliard “Doc” Robertson (R-PA)


Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA): Deputy CIA Director and former CIA operations officer Evan McMullin (R-UT)

Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): outgoing CIA Director and US Marine Corps Commander (ret.) Winsome Sears (R-VA)

US Trade Representative: US Representative Allen Fung (R-RI)

Administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA): former Governor Dave Ramsey (R-TN)

Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Administrator of the California Environmental Protection Agency Terry Tamminen (D-CA)

Administrator of the Overwhelming Disaster Emergency Response Coordination Agency (ODERCA): former Gov. Martha Rainville (R-MS)


White House Chief of Staff: Deputy WH Chief of Staff and former gubernatorial Deputy Chief of Staff Patricia Clarey (R-CA)

Deputy White House Chief of Staff: Counselor to The President and former campaign Chief of Staff Paul Wachter (I-PO)

Counselor to the President: former US Representative and attorney Nancy Lord (R-SC)

Chief Domestic Policy Advisor: healthcare advocate and former nurse Renee Amoore (R-NY)

Chief Economic Policy Advisor: venture capitalist and former securities analyst Mary Meeker (I-IN)

Chief Foreign Policy Advisor: Kansas-born Iranian-American energy lecturer Rob Sobhani (R-MD)

Chief National Security Advisor: Seattle Chief of Police, former Los Angeles Chief of Police, and former Boston Police Commissioner William J. Bratton (D-WA)

Director of the Office of Management and Budget: Harvard University economics professor Kenneth Rogoff (I-CT)

Director of the Domestic Policy Council: former US Deputy HHS Secretary and former Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Resources Claude Allen (R-PA)

Other Counselors, Advisors, and Key Personnel: speechwriter Peter Grigsby and John Decker; finance professor Murray Sabrin (R-NJ); political advisor, newspaper columnist/publisher, and former US Senator Ron Paul (R-TX); attorney Jason Ravnsborg (R-SD); economist Frederic Mishkin; staffers Mona Mohammadi, Karen Baker, Daniel Zingale, and Gary Delsohn

White House Communications Director: campaign communications director Amy Michaels (I-PO)

Deputy White House Communications Director: campaign communications deputy director Roberta Sussman (I-PO)

White House Appointments Secretary: campaign appointments secretary and hemophilia awareness advocate Ryan Wayne White (R-IN)

White House Press Secretary: campaign Chief of Protocol Charlotte Schultz (I-CA)


Solicitor General (representative of the Federal Government before the Supreme Court): attorney and constitutional law professor Pasquale Cipollone (R-KY)

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: former US Secretary of the Army and former Governor Hudson Holliday (R-MS)

US Navy Admiral and Commander of the US Pacific Fleet Derwood Clayiborne “D.C.” Curtis (I-IL)

Secretary of the Army: Governor David Woods (R-AL)

Secretary of the Navy: US Navy Admiral James George Stavridis (I-PO)

Federal Reserve Chairman: outgoing Solicitor General and former US Representative Tom Campbell (R-CA)

Director of NASA: Deputy NASA Director Jeffrey Bezos (I-AZ)


To the United Nations: outgoing US Ambassador to Russia, former Los Angeles Chief of Police and libertarian political activist Norma Jean Almodovar (L-CA)

To Argentina: former Treasurer of the US Bay Buchanan (R-VA)

To Australia: former US Representative and former Crabb, TX Mayor Brian Christopher Zimmerman (R-TX)

To Brazil: former RNC Chair Ralph Reed (R-GA)

To Canada: former Chair of the US President’s Auto Industry Task Force Harry J. Wilson (R-NY)

To China: former Federal Reserve Chair, former US Representative, and former Chair of the US International Trade Commission John Kasich (R-OH)

To Cuba: outgoing US Ambassador to the UN, former US Ambassador to Belgium and US Navy Commander (ret.) Theodore Roosevelt IV (R-FL)

To Egypt: US Senator Don Stenberg (R-NE)

To France: former President of the Minaret of Freedom Institute libertarian think tank Imad-ad-Dean “Dean” Ahmad (R-MD)

To Germany: former Governor Mary Starrett (R-OR)

To India: former US Ambassador to China and former US Assistant Secretary of State Winston Lord (R-NY)

To Iran: former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan and husband of Zeyno Baran Matthew James Bryza (I-PO)

To Italy: former US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX)

To Japan: former Governor Kenneth James Fanning (Liberty-AS)

To Korea: outgoing US Deputy Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs and former US Representative Rodney Alexander (R-LA)

To Mexico: businessman, inventor, entrepreneur and professional survivalist John Ellis “Jeb” Bush (R-FL)

To New Zealand: businessman, political activist, former US House nominee and US Army Brigadier General (ret.) Keith Russell Judd (R-AZ)

To Poland: former FBI Director, former IRS Commissioner and former state Lieutenant Governor Wilford V. Oveson (R-UT)

To Russia: outgoing US Secretary of Energy and Technology and former businessman Harold Glenn Hamm (R-OK)

To South Africa: addiction treatment advocate and former Deputy Director for the Office of Nation Recreadrug Policy Andrea Barthwell (R-IL)

To Spain: former Governor Kelley Ashby (R-NH)

To Turkey: scholar, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute think tank, and wife of Matthew James Bryza Zeyno Baran (I-PO)

To the U.K.: investment bank director, lecturer, and former Deputy Director of Central Intelligence George John Tenet (R-NY)

To Yugoslavia: outgoing US Ambassador to South Africa Jenean Michelle Hampton (R-MI)


[1] OTL Quote! Also: The selection of Bob Casey as running mate was based on the previous chapter's poll results as of yesterday morning (Friday, roughly 7:00 A.M. EST; Casey had a plurality while Lewinsky was in a close second place)
[2] All non-italicized passages are OTL statements made by Gary Locke and are found here:
[3] Italicized parts pulled from this OTL article:
[4] Puns taken from here:,670042&dq=candy-desk+senate
[5] He passed away roughly a decade earlier in OTL.
[6] This is an OTL thing!:
[7] This punchline is provided by @Kennedy Forever
[8] OTL Quote:
[9] This is a variation of a line used by Tim Pawlenty in the first GOP Presidential debate back in 2011 in OTL!
[10] All of the italicized bits in this segment are OTL quotes:
[11] This is not at all meant to look like a parallel to OTL’s 2016 election, btw; it just unintentionally turned out similarly in regards to popular vote share
[12] The recipes, and the italicized passages above them, were all pulled verbatim from here:
[13] OTL quote, pulled from here:
[14] In OTL, he died on 2/14/2014 from a head injury after a fall; something as random as that would definitely be butterflied away, right?
[15] Per @GrandMaster ’s request “I want to see what Colonel Sanders’ family tree looks like in this timeline”; most names are real, though some dates for OTL births/marriage are only rough estimates given the lack of public information available concerning these private families; most marriages are not shown/visible; not all siblings/children are visible, either.
[16] Passage written by @ajm8888 ; thanks for the contribution, dude!

The next Chapter’s E.T.A.?: Not sure, but April 10 at the very latest!

Wendell said:
Not sure I buy Virginia being Democratic and Pennsylvania Republican in this election.
VA has twice as many Asian-Americans as PA, both in TTL and in OTL; VA's GOP is not as strong as PA's is; VA has reliably voted Democrat for the past several election cycles, but the same can not be said for PA at some levels; PA is a bit more conservative than VA in this TL as well due to butterflies (the POD was 84 years ago at this point; notice the electoral college has not stayed identical to OTL's for decades now).
Post 105
Post 105: Chapter 113

Chapter 113: January 2017 – June 2017

“Experience must be our only guide. Reason may mislead us.”

– John Dickinson (1732-1808), 1787

Kelsey and I got the new congress to sign off on several new law ideas before January 2017 was even over. Senate Leader Webb fully backed the push for transportation maintenance in light of his own home state having a problem with interstate tolls not being enough to pay for improving Mississippi’s road conditions. Speaker McMaster backed the idea of education reform, to further regulate the nation’s schooling agenda to allow teachers to have more say in curricula and overall making education responsibilities be at the state level, while still encouraging schools to continue to offer vocational training programs. For a lot of students, those kind of classes prepared them for the real world better than any calculus class.

Urban repair funding legislation was also one of the first things introduced that month. It was something that Kelsey had more interest in. That’s another way that you could tell that our administration covered all bases. He cared about things like renewing Jack Kemp’s Z.E.D. program to help out decaying cities, while I cared about ensuring farmers got the mental and financial help they needed to cut down on their suicide rates and high mortgage and debt concerns. He was welcomed across the North and the East, and I was praised across the South and the West. Only haters and morons rejected our administration. The 2016 landslide election results should prove that more than any fancy speech.

– Harley Brown’s Riding Through Hell (a.k.a. Congress): The Political Career of Harley Davidson Brown (So Far), Simon & Schuster, 2020

…According to a 2016 study by researchers at the University of California-Berkeley, roughly 25% of front-line fast-food workers rely on at least one public assistance program to support their families. “Because of this industry’s business model of low wages, non-existent benefits, and limited work hours, fast-food businesses cost taxpayers an average of $1.5billion every year,” according to the head of the research team [1]. …It is clear that workers need higher salaries to cover paying for food and basic necessities. This report also highlights how the taxpayer burden for low-wage workers would be even more costly to taxpayers – as high as $8million per year – if the US did not have UHC.


…While McDonald’s alone costs American taxpayers a plurality of that $1.5 billion annual amount – at roughly $900,000 a year – by paying its workers insufficient wages, the leading multinational billionaire corporation found to give all of their employees living wages is KFC and its parent company, Finger Licking’ Good, Incorporated. No doubt, FLG will capitalize on this report and milk it for the good publicity it is worth. However, in their defense, FLG Inc., a public company, has managed to over the years address both the labor conditions of those on the bottommost rungs of their companies to the demands of their largest stockholders and shareholders in a manner beneficial to consumer confidence and labor rights movements...

– SUPER-SIZING PUBLIC COSTS: How Low Wages at Top Fast-Food Chains Leave Taxpayers Footing The Bill, National Employment Law Project, 2018 report

“…as you can see by the hardworking efforts to the cleanup crew here, the extent of the damage to the Pinnacle is to the entire front and in a ripple effect runs all along the starboard side of the ship. It is a miracle that the lifeboats were able to be deployed before the ship listed, or tilted, too severely, but the fact remains that this ship can never sail again. Thus, it is of no surprise that Carnival is planning to carefully set it upright and haul it back to its home port to be salvaged for scrap metal, though that whole process may take more than a year due to this ship’s size making it the largest maritime salvaging operation in decades. Amid the loss of life and damage each ship gave the other, it is unconfirmed but very likely that the Sirena can never sail again, either…”

– BBC World News on-the-scene reporter, 1/26/2017 broadcast

…In late 2016 the West African nation of Burkina Faso launched a territorial war against The Fulani Republic, the doubly-landlocked neighbor to their north which had broken away from Burkina Faso in a 2008-2011 war for independence. With both nations in the throes of a bloody conflict, Secretary of State Eileen Collins was expecting the President to want to “pull a Sudan” and intervene in the warfare. To her surprise, Grammer made it clear in a late January 2017 cabinet meeting that this time he was sticking to his libertarian principles.

“We got a lot of flak for Sudan,” the President explained.

Secretary of State Dick Morningstar agreed, saying “Intervening in localized incident would be a misuse of government resources.”

“And if our troops are not welcomed by the locals fighting one another, how will I explain to any next of kin that some of our soldiers died playing referee to two obscure lands instead of defending America’s interests abroad?” Indeed, apart from some gold ore deposits not dug up under Burkina Faso’s 1990sdictatorships, both that nation and The Fulani Republic had economies predominantly based around livestock. Both lands suffered from food insecurity, and were already receiving assistance from the EU, several charities, and West African Monetary and Economic Union.

“Bellamy,” referring to former US President and former UN Secretary-General Carol Bellamy, “is still heavily involved in the World Bank. Maybe we can get her to organize some more charity drives for them,” the President suggested.

The Defense Secretary was not convinced that the warfare overseas could be ignored. Meeting with the President again at “the Tank,” the Pentagon’s most secure room, Collins made the case that “active participation” in resolving foreign conflict such as the one in Burkina Faso could open up economic opportunities for both the US and the region. “We’d be putting a klieg light on the area,” Collins observed, “bringing their plight to the attention of the rest of the world, but we’d be there first.”

The President was still not convinced. “There’s less than 20 million people living in both nations. North Sudan had more than twice that many people.”

Rob Sobhani, the President’s Chief Foreign Policy Advisor, added his two cents. “We can encourage the warring parties to seek try and negotiate a peace deal, but like with Sudan, it would be more appropriate if some country like South Africa oversaw the actual peace process.”

White House Chief of Staff Patricia Clarey agreed, adding “It’s just bad optics to be continually interfering with regional conflicts, Eileen.”

“I disagree very strongly with that,” said Collins.

“Well let’s take a vote on it.” The President ordered. “All in favor of dedicating even more military resources and energy towards a relatively minor conflict?”

Collins and several military advisors, but not all of them, raised their hands.

“Evan, you’re in favor of it, too?” Vice President Brown lowered his hand in confusion.

“What benefit would it serve the US?” Asked CIA Director McMullin.

“How about ‘saving people from getting killed by their own idiot third-world governments is good publicity’?”

“Will the media see it that way when soldiers come home in coffins? Will the Gold Star families see it that way? Will the libertarian wing of the party see it that?”

“Not with that attitude!” Brown answered.

“Alright, alright, and all in favor of backing South Africa or one of the other stable African countries in offering peace talks?”

A narrow majority of the room raised their hands.

“I think we have a quorum.” The President spoke to Collins directly, “We’ll hold off on intervening for the time being.”

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022


NO: 77%

YES: 12%


– Gallup poll, 1/28/2017

…debate soon began over a federal bill proposal that if passed would outlaw autoguns (automatic weapons such as semi-auto machine guns) from even being available for use at gun ranges. Vice President Brown was livid at the idea, saying in a Potomac radio interview, “Yeah, there’s no practical use for that kind of weapon outside of a war zone, but if you’re not even owning it, you’re just using one that’s at a gun range, where’s the harm? Where’s the danger? If we start banning things that aren’t practical, we’re going to end up banning a lot of things that are fun and that are American, like fast cars and motorcycles. Why ride a bike when public transportation’s all the rage. Why allow people to drink expensive coffees when cheap caffeine patches are more practical? Why allow women to wear whatever they want to wear when making everyone wear the same uniform is more practical? It’s a slippery slope, people!”

However, Brown’s rant was rendered most by the fact that Republicans controlled the Senate 58-to-46, and the House 232-to-209. The bill was viewed as “excessive, even among some Democrats, and it ultimately died in committee…

– Kathryn Millstone’s The Grammer Administration, Borders Books, 2021


…with conditions in the nation arguably hit worst by the 2013 recession finally making a full recovery, Germany is rejoining the rest of the continent in relishing in the post-recovery economic boom…

The Guardian, UK newspaper, 2/2/2017


Marietta, GA – The home of The Big Chicken is seeing its most iconic landmark – a giant mechanical depiction of a chicken, an unmissable part of Marietta’s most popular KFC outlet – receive a renovating procedure that will cost KFC roughly $5million, a spokesperson for the global chain announced early today. Locals are enthusiastic over the announcement, as the 7-story structure has not received a major “paint job” since 1993…

The Louisville Times, Kentucky newspaper, 2/5/2017


…a “G.R.E.E.N. Deal”-like piece of legislation was also introduced the week, with US Senator Denise Juneau (D-MT) joining US Senator Warren Mosler (D-CT) in backing the proposals popularized by the former VP during his White House run last year…

The Washington Post, 2/7/2017

Former US Energy and Technology Secretary Harold HAMM: “I think this E.P.I.C. Jobs proposal will, uh, will fail to pass, uh, because, uh, the private sector does a better job creating innovation and change.”

Prof. JANICE FINE: “What are you talking about? E.P.I.C. Jobs would mean the reshaping of the entire US power industry, promoting the established and rising renewable energy industries such as electric, solar, wind, wave and hydrogen, to phase out the fossil fuel industry completely within most of our lifetimes.”

HAMM: “And what about the workers, then, huh? How are they gonna make a living after that?”

FINE: “Workers will be rehired and retrained to combat in the newer industries. This would cancel out the unemployment concerns and defy the growing trend of automation in American’s workplaces.”

HAMM: “Oh, that would never work, so many workers can only learn one skill and get used to only that one skill. Many would sooner retire!”

FINE: “Well, wouldn’t that lead to more jobs becoming available for young people?”

HAMM: “It won’t work, I say. Nature will get better just as easily through everyone doing their part, like what they say in those commercials.”

FINE: “Those commercials, the ones telling consumers to change their own habits themselves, are run by industries who refuse to change their habits. Study after study proves that things cannot change unless they are changed from the top down.”

– KNN roundtable discussiom, 2/10/2017

“Tonight on Oprah – survivors tell their harrowing experiences onboard last month’s cruise ships that played chicken in the Mediterranean – with fatal results…”

– The Oprah Winfrey Network, 2/13/2017 promo

“Kelsey Grammer Falls Off Stage”

[vid: youtube, watch?v=Eu-BqOsvj00 ]

Description: On February 16, 2017, US President Kelsey Grammer, attending a political fundraiser in Foggy Bottom, Potomac, began to speak of his experience collaborating with Disney Studios back in the 1980s when he accidently fell off the edge of the stage. In a move that some compared to President Teddy Roosevelt’s 1912 “Bull Moose” moment, Grammer, despite receiving a massive scrape/cut up most of the side of his leg, got up and continued speaking despite the cut causing him to be bleeding by the time he was done speaking. [2]


>Comment 1:

The stage tried to assassinate him.

>Comment 2:

Our President, people. Smh.

>>Reply 1 to Comment 2:
Didn’t you read the description?! He hurt himself bad enough to end up bleeding, but nobody remembers that, let alone talks about it, except for only his supporters smart enough to actually remember the reports noting that! It’s like if there’s no pictures showing the blood, then there is no blood! You are a part of the problem here – while the blood bit actually makes him sort of a badass, the moment is mocked because the totally-leaked footage failed to capture the badass part! Argh!!!

>Comment 3:

I remember when this happened. I heard a few days later that Grammer actually had to get his leg either stitched up or just bandaged up because of how bad the cut was. But you know what? Even with the context that he actually hurt himself kind of badly here, it’s still funny!

>>Reply 1 to Comment 3:
I love how he says “Oh, good Lord” instead of cursing. It’s so polite! And it’s in one of those moments when it would be perfectly understandable for you to swear, so the fact that he doesn’t just makes it even more polite!

>>>Reply 1 to Reply 1 to Comment 3:
Yeah, it’s such an unintentional “Dr. Crane” moment!

>>>Reply 2 to Reply 1 to Comment 3:
Kinda shows how religious he is, doesn’t it, that in a split second of panic he thinks of the Lord instead of swearing. This guy’s got a good soul.

>Comment 4:

*voice of Futurama’s Bart Farnsworth* Man… fall down… funny…

>Reply 1 to Comment 4:
*voice of others hooked on TV* Mmmmmm….

>Reply 2 to Comment 4:

>Reply 1 to Reply 2 to Comment 4:
It’s even funnier once you remember that Grammer was in that episode (Dr. Schwarzschild cameoed at the beginning of it!)

– video uploaded to, a video-sharing netsite, 8/9/2019


…John S. Wold, a Republican from Wyoming who had served in the Senate since 1965, passed away earlier today at the age of 100. Wold (b. 1916) was elected over incumbent Democratic Senator Gale McGee in 1964, was re-elected eight times, and served under 11 US Presidents. Now that he has passed away, after just over 52 consecutive years in office, the longest-serving incumbent US Senator is now Bob Dole, a Republican from Kansas, who has been serving in office since 1969…

The Washington Post, 2/19/2017

“…Growing, changing, and evolving technology is unavoidable, and it cannot be stopped. But what can be stopped is the rich exploiting that technology to further consolidate wealth to the detriment of the working classes. Workplaces can adjust to automation if governments protect workers during such industrial shifts, but with the President showing no signs of wanting to further the federal government’s role in combating this major national crisis, politically addressing the needs of the workers must be at the state level. But organizations can still work nationwide to raise awareness and mobilize…”

– former US Labor Secretary Robert Reich, 2/21/2017


…the raise from 1% to 15% is meant to “motivate” landlords into filling empty units, the plan being that it will cut down on homeless and encourage landlords to more actively encourage more people to move to New York City…

The New York Times, 2/22/2017


…In a revolutionary breakthrough, chemists at MIT have discovered a way to drastically reduce the time required to generate artificial and synthetic proteins that are used in the fight against diabetes, cancer, arthritis and other diseases. These proteins are often required in large quantities and take quite a while to generate. The team has designed a tabletop automated flow synthesis machine that can play a major role in the search for cures to these diseases going forward…

–, 2/23/2017 [3]

“…In the continuing fallout of the Pinnacle-Sirena Cruise Ship Double-Collision, the Spanish government investigating the Carnival cruise line’s claims that the Sirena is ‘entirely’ to blame for the maritime disaster, with Carnival claiming that their ship had the right-of-way. However, the company of the other ship is making the exact same claim…”

– ABC Morning News, 2/24/2017 broadcast


…Pizza Hut hired Barry Gordon for CEO in 2007 upon CEO Greg Creed announcing his retirement to pursue other ventures. Gordon, a former S.A.G. President and former two-term US Congressman (D-CA) who also performs voicing acting work intermittently, oversaw the company expand its pickup-only locations after their popularity rose during the SARS pandemic of the mid-aughts. After ten years leading the multinational corporation, Gordon aims to retire in six months. It is most likely that the company will select Peter Rokkos, Greek-American businessman and former prosecuting attorney who is second-in-command at the company, to be the next CEO of Pizza Hut…

The Wall Street Journal, 2/25/2017



[pic: ]

..the former Governor of New Mexico is expected to be sworn in as the new US Secretary of the Interior next week...

The Washington Post, 2/26/2017


…After over twenty years in development, Chicago Mayor Al Wintersmith today presided over the official opening of the Windy City’s third airport. The long-awaited Peotone Airport, located roughly 40 miles south of Chicago, finally began receiving commercial aircraft today. Peotone was built in order to serve the southern suburbs of the Chicago metro area, and to decongest air traffic at Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports, in a development project begun under Mayor Richard M. Daley in 1998. The long-proposed and controversial construction of a third Chicago Airport has faced opposition from locals in Protons, along with many claiming the airport is too costly and too expensive to operate…

– The State Journal-Register, the only local daily newspaper for Springfield, IL, 2/27/2017

…And in Europe, the nations of Austria, Poland, and Czechoslovakia were all the target of a massive cyberattack over the weekend, with thousands of ontech bank accounts being breached and made vulnerable to identity theft in a major failing of financial firewalls…

– ABC Morning News, 3/1/2017

…concurrent with debate over the merits of foreign intervention in Burkina Faso came calls for a “safer technet,” though the term had a multitude of meanings ranging from promoting wholesomeness on all sites, to shielding the underage from adult elements Intec, to sites themselves cracking down on nefarious site members, to even returning to the draconian proposals of the late 1990s, a.k.a. the technet’s “Dark Ages” period. With data breaches becoming increasingly prominent in public discussions and increasingly problematic behind the scenes, hackers targeted the vulnerable or the “technologically illiterate” to use ID theft to buy fancy items, or in some occasional cases, to pay off bills. Ontech anonymity still on a site-by-site basis, but in Europe, talk of limiting anonymity to curb negative ontech behavior was growing into a major debate issue, pitting people promoting privacy against pushers for the more publicly-oriented “personalization” of the technet...

– Kathryn Millstone’s The Grammer Administration, Borders Books, 2021

is an American live-action comedy TV series written by, co-produced by, and co-starring Trey Parker and Chet Martin, and also starred David Krumholtz, Sarah Hyland, Tyler Okonma, Calum Worthy, Michael Cuccione, and Pratyusha Banerjee, along with Tawdry Teal, Dian Bachar and Jason McHugh, plus many guest stars. The plot followed a devout Mormon missionary who, after reluctantly joining the adult film industry, inadvertently stumbles into the world of superheroes, and joins several fictional crime-fighters in defending the world from evildoers.

After Parker initially developing the concept for it in 1995, the series was greenlit in either late 2000 or early 2001. After several delays, finally premièred on September 4, 2003 and concluded on March 2, 2017 after 12 seasons and 296 episodes. Originally meant to be a sex comedy that parodied superhero tropes and superhero movies that were highly popular during the 1990s and 2000s decades, the final seasons included “slice-of-life” comedic storylines that were more syndicated in nature and focused more on the development of the character within the series. The show also became more experimental over time, with its 2014 Halloween Special receiving several awards for its nontraditional means of storytelling.

Similar to Parker’s earlier long-running series “Time Warped,” Orgazmo developed a strong cult following.


“I think it’s messed up how the President gets to pick and choose, you know, which African country we go into and which ones we don’t. It’s kinda racist, like the days of colonizing, and imperialism, they never went away. White people are still messing around with Africa like it’s still the 1960s.”

– Tupac Shakur, radio interview, 3/3/2017

“Mr. Shakur grossly oversimplified the complexities behind American foreign policy in his comments yesterday. He either overlooked or willingly ignored several key facts. First of all is the fact that President Jesse Jackson intervened in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Secondly, the more important fact that the situation in Sudan was bringing about a humanitarian crisis that could not go unaddressed, while the current ongoing conflict between Burkina Faso and the Fulani Republic is a localized issue that can most likely be resolved through local negotiations that American diplomats are capable of help with if the local parties involved wish us to become involved.”

– White House Press Charlotte Schultz, new briefing, 3/4/2017

…Despite Schultz’s best effort to douse the social media fire that had been spurred into a raging blaze by Shaker’s words, Grammer’s approval ratings continued to slide within the African-American community. To counter the claims that the President was “racist” for not intervening in the warfare in West Africa, Grammer resurrected a decades-old proposal.

“Maybe we should push for a variation of reparations for slavery in the form of income tax exemptions. It would be in keeping with this administration anti-tax themes,” the President ran the idea by his Chief Domestic Policy Advisor, the African-American healthcare advocate and former nurse Renee Amoore.

“It could makes amends,” she observed with a slight nod of approval.

“I don’t think the congress would go for it,” Vice President Brown shook his head. After four years presiding over the senate, he had gotten a good “feel” of the place. “I don’t think any Republicans will go for it, and I can think of at least ten Democrats that would say ‘Hell no’ to it.”

“One way it could work would be to pair it up with Webb’s proposed budget cuts,” Grammer suggested. “He wants to cut down on all those frivolous social programs so the BBA won’t be such a nuisance for the next fiscal year.”

After a quick moment, Amore replied, “With the tax exemptions, African-Americans could afford to pay for things covered by those programs. So it would be like cutting out a middleman between those communities and their necessities.”

“Yeah,” Brown grinned with a nod, “We can describe it like that.”

“You are going to have to describe it like that if you want to win over the more fiscally conscious people in Congress,” warned Amoore.

“Okay, okay,” Brown said in a defensive manner, “That should take care of them, but it will do no good for those who think that you shouldn’t get special treatment just because your dead ancestor were shit on. Even I’m on the fence on that point.”

Indeed, the talk of income tax exemptions for only the descendants of slaves but not for the descendants of other maligned groups, such as the Native American, the Mexican, and the Jews, was debated on for the next several weeks. Even within the African-American community, the proposal was controversial. While polling showed that an overwhelming majority of African-Americans supported the notion, several prominent individuals from across the political spectrum, such as Tupac Shaker, Senator Herman Cain, and actor Samuel L. Jackson, considered the proposal to be “like a bribe,” as Shaker called it in an NPR interview. “They want us to shut up and stop calling them racist for how they treat Black people in Africa and Black people over here. …You can’t put a price on us. You can’t silence us. You can’t give us Hush Money like you’re some Buz Lukens wannabe.”

Nevertheless, the President believed the proposal was in line with libertarian principles, and, if implemented, would be overall beneficial for the country…

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022

With the “Trump-Wiseau” film trilogy complete, many believed that Donald would found his own film studio. Instead, the Don decided to return to his roots, and shift back to real estate. Donald cited the recent construction of the Chicago Spire, the tallest building in the US, as inspiring him to get “back into the construction game” during an NBC interview.


[pic: ]

Above: MLB pitcher-turned-real estate developer Donny Trump wears his glasses as he looks over floorplans for his latest real estate venture, c. early 2017

– Kate Bohner’s The Art of The Don: The Unofficial Biography of Donald Trump, Times Books, 2020 edition

BREAKING NEWS!: Cyberattack Leaks Info On Over 1,000,000 Private US Bank Accounts!

– Kennedy News Network, 3/22/2017 broadcast

“Heh. Told you so.”

– former NASA Director John McAfee, reply-comment posted on, a popular social media netsite, 3/23/2017

“Although the attack had several of the characteristics of a state-sponsored act of cyber-terror, the US intelligence agencies could not confirm that this act was such an attack,” said the latest NBC News anchor. “All that could be confirmed was that the hackers behind the assault of 1.1million bank accounts originated from inside Russia, and was similar in strategy to an earlier, smaller cyberattack reportedly originating from inside China.”

“Mute,” The President instructed the remote, turning off the screen. “I can’t believe the cyber-terrorism is a still new ‘field scenario’ for American intelligence. Still! Even after the technet became a prominent aspect of global commerce and trade 25 years ago!”

“I’m more angry at the Chinese and Russian governments than our own,” the Vice President grumble. “There’s no evidence it was government-sanction, but there’s enough circumstantial evidence, and if that’s good enough for corrupt cops, it’s good enough for me!” Brown looked around the secured room, at all the leading members of the US intelligence community, much of the Grammar Cabinet, and a few members of the White House inner circle. “This was a threat to our national security! Why aren’t we calling out the Russian bastards for this? They violated American enterprise. They betrayed American goodwill. They practically invaded us, are we’re just going to do nothing but go on defense?!”

“Well of course it’s going to sound bad when you put it that way,” State Secretary Morningstar spoke up. “But this wasn’t exactly a remake of Pearl Harbor. Responding to this sort of this…requires nuance.”

“Nuance,” the Vice President sounded disgusted by the word leaving his mouth.

The White House Chief of Staff looked to the President, who, with a slight gesture of his hand, waved her down. He wanted to hear where this was going.

“We can condemn the Russians for not doing more to prevent this, but we can’t condemn them for supporting it or even accuse them of being behind it because they were clever enough to cover up any government connections, if any. So the best we can do is come together with our allies and try to use multinational solidarity to pressure Russia into submission.”

“You really think guilt and shame can make the Russians cut it out?” Brown said flalty, clearly unconvinced.

“We’ll have our Ambassador to the U.N. call out Russian Intelligence for their ‘irresponsible, negligent and abysmal’ job performance, and claim that it reflects poorly on President Nikolayev.”

Brown grumbled, “Well, it’s a start, at least. I mean, after all, Rome didn’t fall in a day.”

President Grammer seemed to ignore the comment to contemplate further. “We need to figure out how to take more defensive measures to prevent any further attacks from causing such damage. Hell, we need to stop them from happening in the first place, but that could take a lot of diplomacy. It also would take up a lot of time. Time that too many can’t afford to waste. So in the meantime, what we need to do is set up defensive measures. Secure vital technet-based infrastructure, such as power grids, banking systems, healthcare centers and hospitals, and encourage businesses and residential areas go in for additional backup generators. And maybe even encourage businesses pay extra for anti-virus firewalls.”

Hillary Rodham-Clinton, the nation’s newest US Secretary of Commerce, lamented, “So much of our infrastructure is in the hands of the private sector. If we had the kind of oppressive big government that Beijing is overseeing we could easily clamp down on this, and force businesses to use anti-virus software.”

“Well that’s the trade-off you get with small government, I’m afraid,” Secretary Weld said to Rodham-Clinton in a sympathetic manner. “Sometimes you go in alone.”

“Not necessarily,” Defense Secretary Eileen Collins suggested. “If a government can do something to ensure freedom, it has to do so. It may be paradoxical, but in cases like this, maybe government involvement can better ensure freedom, because we wouldn’t be ensuring freedom from government interference – we’d be ensuring freedom from external threats, threats are much more sinister, and, believe it or not, much more heartless than IRS auditors.”

The President replied, “Well, for the time being, we are going to work with the private sector on this. We’re going to have to come up with some specs on how to modernize our cyber defenses, and deepen private-public partnerships. And soon, say, by the end of the year?” He looked around the room.

“That sounds doable,” Weld nodded. Rodham-Clinton concurred as well.

Brown nodded as well, “Yeah, the hackers gained access to private sector groups and two federal agencies, so we’re all on the same bike here.”

Rodham-Clinton inquired, “Isn’t it ‘all in the same boat here’?”

The Vice President groaned, “If you like that better, sure, whatever!”

Osman “Oz” Bengur, the Deputy US Secretary of the Treasury, then began the meeting’s brainstorm with “How about we raise the cost of Russia doing business with the U.S.?”

“You mean tariffs, or encouraging businesses to raise their prices and demands?” Rodham-Clinton asked.

“If necessary, maybe both.”

Weld opined, “Maybe that, or, perhaps, some economic sanctions on Russia?”

“No, no, any of that may hurt American businesses more than it hurts them,” Rodham-Clinton shook her head.

“Then how about we just fight fire with fire? Each time they hack us, we hack them.” Brown bellowed, “Give them a taste of their own medicine!”

Grammer mulled, “Hmm… Maybe.”

“But Kelsey,” Morningstar objected, “There’d be the risk of that blowing up in our faces.”

Grammer replied, “True, true. Alright, how about this – we focus first and foremost on defending American technet accounts, all private info held by banks, netsites, the works. That should be the top priority. Then we focus on the rest.”

– Kathryn Millstone’s The Grammer Administration, Borders Books, 2021


…With Boston about to go through its first RCV Mayoral election, “endorsement-splitting” is becoming the new political strategy, both for the City as well as for other parts of the country… The Boston Globe’s endorsing of the two leading progressives in the race is telling, as promoting more than one candidate can help to promote an ideology shared among similar candidates instead of limiting one’s support to just one option. Multi-endorsing thus may play a key role this November…

–, 3/28/2017

…On March 29, 2017, NASA Director J. Preston Bezos announced the planned launch of the Blue Moon Carrier, a robotic space cargo carrier and lander for making cargo deliveries to the Moon, as a part of the building of the Lunar Bot Hub. The first lander to be sent to the moon, Bezos announced it would land on the moon in August 2018. Capable of carrying 9,000 pounds to the lunar surface or LBH, this cargo/payload vehicle had great potential in Bezos’ eyes. The Director had begun developing the idea after conceiving its design in 2008 after groundbreaking breakthrough was made in Vertical Landing Technology earlier that year. The BMC would be the first time that the new VL technology was used on the lunar surface, and was scheduled to travel there on a NASA New Grissom sub-orbital rocket, with further plans on a manned mission to Moon to oversee development of the LBH’s completion in May 2021…

– researcher R. Cargill Hall’s Impact: The History of NASA, Dover Publications, 2018 edition

TOP RUSSIAN DIPLOMAT: N.D.R.R. Should Lead “Constructive Assistance” In “Troubled” African Nations

...Sergey Lavrov, the former Russian Ambassador to India who in the past has been praised for overseeing post-SARS renewal efforts, has been Russian President Nikolayev’s Chief Foreign Affairs Advisor since 2015… The comments come after US foreign policy officials expressed disinterest in addressing conflicts in Eritrea and Burkina Faso with “direct and immediate military intervention,” instead backing a plan for promoting “locally-sourced negotiations”…

The New York Times, 3/30/2017


…the new state law stipulates that in the event of a vacancy in the US Senate, whoever is appointed by the governor to serve until the next election must be from the same political party as that of the vacating senator. Amid both bipartisan support and bipartisan opposition, the bill barely prevailed in state congress last week…

The Charleston Gazette-Mail, West Virginia newspaper, 4/2/2017


…The King of Afghanistan is praising WHO workers for assisting his efforts to eradicate the strain from his country …the global organization is now currently aiming to completely eradicate polio by 2020 as the virus is now at-large in only one country: Pakistan…

The Daily Telegraph, 4/4/2017 [4]


…The First Lady’s newest addition to the Grammer Family, Alicia Charlotte Grammer, is the President’s ninth child overall…

The Washington Post, 4/5/2017


…Deputy NASA Directors Ronald McNair and Dr. Dava J. Newman reported that they are “pleased” by the findings of the Space Probe Inquisitor, which returned to Earth last month after conducting geological science on Mars for two years, drilling for deep-layer soil samples at the Red Planet’s south pole, where underground glacial lakes were discovered in 2001. “The probe’s findings give us further geological evidence that Mars’ ancient planet-wide groundwater system was connected to a larger Martian ocean during the Planet’s early history,” says Dr. Newman, who worked for Mission Control Houston during the historic Marstronaut Mission of 2003...

–, 4/7/2017


…when the progressive multimedia empire Tumbleweed Media selected the relatively obscure independent actor/filmmaker known by the moniker Bagel Pizzazz [5] to star as Peter Kropotkin in a high-budgeted movie about the Russian philosopher’s life, many were taken aback. Pizzazz, best known for producing surrealist avant-garde projects and promoting his work almost entirely ontech, is fairly unknown; this was Pizzazz’s first-ever serious film role. Thus, a lot was riding on Pizzazz being able to transition him acting skills into this dramatic vehicle. To our surprise, the pseudonymous thespian pulled it off!


[pic: ]

Above: Pizzazz (l) and Kropotkin (r)

…While its obscure subject matter may make many moviegoers hesitant to watch this 2-hour-long biopic, the film itself is good overall, with decent camerawork, a superb soundtrack and, apparently, a close dedication to historical accuracy. Though its script may leave the audience wanting more, we recommend this flick for its stellar dramatic performances…

The Hollywood Reporter, film review section, 4/10/2017

…By 2017, Tommy Gun Thompson, the infamous weapons smuggler from several armed conflicts, had already survived two attempts on his life, reportedly via contracts issued by former associates he had named in his 2015 best-selling all-tell autobiography “With Cold, Dead Eyes: A Gun Runner’s Confessions.” The conviction of three major gun running leaders were directly tied to the book’s publication…


HOST: “…For more on the new Guggenheim Guadalajara Museum set to open soon, we are joined now by Angelica Araujo Lara, one of the leading architects overseeing construction of the museum. Senora Araujo Lara has been working on the museum since Mr. Jorge Vergara became personally invested in the project. Senora Araujo Lara?”

ARAUJO LARA: “Good morning, and hello, everyone. I’m glad to be here.”

HOST: “We’re glad to have you on. So, tell, this Guggenheim Guadalajara Museum, it has been in development for a long time, with the initial proposal being announced all the way back in 2004. Why has it taken over a decade to get built?”

ARAUJO LARA: “Well, first of all, you can thank Mr. Vergara for getting it built in the first place.”

HOST: “You mean Mr. Jorge Vergara, the famous billionaire film producer and owner of the nutrition company Omnilife?”

ARAUJO: “Yes, that very same Mr. Vergara. He is a very important and influential figure in Guadalajara, and he ensured the museum got the funding needed for it to get built. The Guggenheim foundation had wanted to open this branch for a long time, and originally, they proposed an architectural project similar to the Guggenheim Bilbao, which cost about 85 million pesos to build. Right from there, the project slowed because of financial issues.”

HOST: “So there were monetary concerns?”

ARAUJO LARA: “Yes. The project was already expensive before groundbreaking even began, with a 1-million-peso feasibility study for the branch happening in 2004. But the state and local governments really wanted this to be a tourist destination for the benefit of the people of Jalisco, especially in the wake of the SARS pandemic drying up the tourist industry over there. But the city government wanted it to be affordable, too. They were willing to pay no more than 50 million pesos altogether, but the Guggenheim wanted an architecturally significant building, so they would not go any farther down in cost than 75 million pesos, and the foundation refused to have the museum be scaled down any farther than they already had been by 2006. The dispute lasted for another two years, until 2009, when Mr. Vergara finally stepped in to cover the outstanding cost with a personal donation in exchange for a wing of the building to be named after him.”

HOST: “Well that was very considerate of Mr. Vargara; he sounds like a great man. And now a word from this program’s sponsor, Omnilife – live your best life with Omnilife nutrition products…”

– Azteca Uno, Mexican TV channel, 4/21/2017 broadcast (translated) [6]


The Washington Post, 4/22/2017


…With shouts of “loonie,” “liar” and “got ahold of the wrong end of the stick, you have,” Danny Dyer, Labour MP from London, was asked to leave of the floor of parliament after beginning a shouting spat with Tory MP Andy Burnham over Burnham’s support for the new Conservative government’s tax reform proposal. Labour leaders have in the past week claimed that the proposed reform, which is being backed by PM Goodlad, will only benefit the wealthy and hurt the middle and lower classes…

–, 4/24/2017 e-article


The country’s National Energy Reliability Council is appealing to Zimbabwean consumers of electric power to reduce and limit their usage during peak demand hours of 2-to-7 pm after reserve capacity fell below 5,000 megawatts last week. This could impact business operations if Zimbabwe is involved in anyone’s work. Just an FYI post.

>Comment 1:

I got relatives over there, so thanks for the notice.

>Comment 2:

This is not the first time they’ve had energy issues. They’ve had it much worse before. It’s sort of the reason why investments into in-place bicycles hooked up to independent generators is at an all-time high in Zimbabwe.

>Response 1 to Comment 2:
It’s not a bad idea. Those things are popping up all over the place here in Cape Town. They’re quite good. They’re reliable during storm and energy shortages, and they work well even when the power is not out and you just want to exercise at home, or just cut some money off your next power bill!

>Response 1 to Response 1 to Comment 2:
Yeah, but you really have to save up to buy it. But the price for one of the kits is going down a bit each year, so some day I’ll probably get one of them too!

–, popular social media site endemic to South Africa but downloadable globally, 4/25/2017

…On April 26, US Attorney General Susana Martinez announced that the US Justice Department was pressing charges against three individual members of the People’s Republic of China’s military, alleging that they directly hacked, or directly ordered the hacking of, several computer networks of several American companies last year, stealing intellectual property and even some trade secrets. The indictment was the first of its kind to be brought by the U.S. publicly against possibly state-sponsored hackers.

However, journalists were quick to point out that it was very likely that the defendants would never see the inside of a U.S. courtroom, which in turn fueled questions on whether the indictment strategy for intimidating Russia and China into ceasing and desisting the technet hacks would be a success or a failure.

“This is pitiful,” former NASA Director John McAfee opined in an April 27 THN interview. McAfee, who had designed software for NASA for decades, claimed the indictments were “meaningless,” saying “They do not actually stop them from getting other government-sponsored hackers to continue the hacking.” McAfee alleged that those accused were directed directly by PRC Chairman Yang Gang.

Meanwhile, Adam Segal, director of the Digital and Cyberspace Policy Program at the Council on Foreign Relations, a non-profit think tank founded in 1921, took an even more defeatist attitude. “Even if they allow their own to be exposed, if we catch such individuals hacking our systems, or if we admonish them for it, it’s just a few government workers. Peons are a dime a dozen to them when compared to the billions of dollars in business projects and secrets that they steal. They don’t care, because we depend on them for manufacturing.”

To Segals’ claims of imbalanced trade relations, Robert Reich made a counterpoint in a CBS interview the next day. Reich, the former US Secretary of Labor, stated that “Commerce works both ways. If we indeed depend on the Chinese for manufacturing, then they depend on us for a customer base. If you can convince American consumers and businesses to stop buying from China, their government may see that the underhanded undermining of international commerce is no longer worth it. They need to see economic consequences.”

In Reich’s defense, such leveraging happened once before in 1988, when a band of US-based businesses drummed up a boycott of China to protest their mistreatment of Uyghurs in western China. However, national dynamics have altered dramatically since then. The People’s Republic of China was now much stronger economically on the world stage than it was then, and so there was no guarantee that such a retreat would hold up in the economic world stage of 2017 and sway China’s opinion toward reconsidering their current alleged practices. But with Russia, there was some greater chance at persuasion, albeit slight…

– Kathryn Millstone’s The Grammer Administration, Borders Books, 2021

Ali Ahn, Voice Actress, Lands Occurring Role On Futurama Ahead of Season 23 Premier

…the “rising star” of the voice acting community is set to play Janey Lee, a distant relative of Lisa Wong, a major character on the long-running series. The character will be introduced to Futurama fans in the premier episode of Season 23, which is scheduled to air on September 3rd, 2017…

–, 4/30/2017 e-update

…By May 2017, President Grammer was mentioning to his States and HHS Secretaries that he was considering withdrawing US funding contributions to W.H.O. in order to make federal ends meet for the 2018 budget, in order to not violate the Balanced Budget Amendment. It was either that, or shave off the WHO equivalent from the military. Vice President Brown opposed the latter option, believing that due to the rise in “agitation” from Russia and China in the form of cyber attacks, the military could not afford such cuts.

However, in a 2021 radio interview, then-former Secretary of Defense Eileen Collins stated that “Harley [Brown] did not initially understand how cyberwarfare worked. He thought that it could easily lead to a regular, more conventional form of warfare, and wanted to be prepared. And even though both he and the President sat in on weekly briefings, Grammer was the brighter student; he picked up on things quicker, and could see that the budget could be cut away from both the Defense and State department to make up the difference and bringing the budget out of the red.”

Grammer reportedly did not discuss the 2018 budget with his Vice President, instead sending his “first mate” of sorts on a V.I.P. tour of Saudi Arabia during the week that the budget was finalized, assigned with returning on a report on US-Saudi relations…

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022

…In light of the rise in cyberattacks, FLG Inc. CEO William Kirk Hannon and KFC Head executive David C. Novak sought to establish greater parameters to better protect the accounts and investments of FLG’s stockholders and the contracts of their business partners concerning materials, manufacturing, processing and transportation. On the lighter side of matters, though, Hannon and Novak assured stockholders that there was no danger of arguably the most famous culinary trade secret in world history – The Colonel’s legendary 11 Secret Herbs and Spices blend – falling into the possession of foreign or domestic hackers.

“The recipe itself is written on paper. It has never once touched the surface of a printer or comp-scanner,” Novak described the situation during one meeting with investors that was held in early May 2017. “We use two or more different and unrelated suppliers to prepare the 11 spices and herbs in order to ensure that no single entity has the whole thing. We use two or more different and unrelated companies to actually make the actual recipe for us – one makes the one part, the other company makes another part, and then a state-of-the-art computer processing system carefully blends the parts together. However, not even the computer itself knows what the ingredients are; all the culinary elements are labelled ‘Ingredient A,’ ‘Ingredient B,’ Ingredient C,’ et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. If the computer’s in the dark, and our firmly-secured computer software system is hacked, the computer can tell the hackers nothing because it knows practically nothing.” After the blending process is completed, the parent company then ships the final product – the secretive blend – to KFC outlets to preserve the recipe's secrecy.

With The Colonel famously claiming that the ingredients “stand on everybody's shelf,” maintaining and publicly announcing such activities heighten the allure of cracking the code and uncovering the special blend. This has made for a fantastic marketing ploy, as whomever wants to try and reverse-engineer the blend must purchase from KFC in order to reverse-engineer it and compare the conclusion of their own endeavors against The Colonel’s own creation. The allure also leads to more people learning how to cook – or, at the very least, learn how to cook fried chicken – which is always a plus in any endeavor…

– Marlona Ruggles Ice’s A Kentucky-Fried Phoenix: The Post-Colonel History of Most Famous Birds In The World, Hawkins E-Publications, 2020



[pic: ]

…Sidney MP Jenny Leong, b. 1977, was a member of the Greens until 2012, and was a member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly from Sidney from 2009 to 2013. A member of Parliament since 2013, she is the first female MP to rise to the position of leader of the Labour Party, making her PM Varvaris’ Opposition Leader. Her ontech media presence, progressive proposals, and inspiring oratory skills and rhetoric account for her quick political rise…

The Canberra Times, Australian newspaper, 5/5/2017


…Leotard still insists that his political party’s funds for his re-election bid were only “temporarily resting” in his personal account…

– The Montreal Gazette, Quebec newspaper, 5/11/2017

BEZOS MEANS BUSINESS: NASA And The Privatization of Space Exploration

…In light of increasingly limited funding for NASA coming from the federal government – a part of President Grammer’s creed of “minimum government, maximum freedom” – the administration’s director, J. Preston Bezos, has teamed up with Rob Myerson of the private space company Glenn Horizons to collaborate on the “Sustained Orbital Gateway.” Better known as the “Lunar Bot Hub,” the SOG, an idea put into motion by the previous NASA Director, John McAfee, is an ambitious plan that Bezos aims to have completed – that’s designing, launching and assembling in space – within just the next five years.

Glenn Horizons is not the only private space exploration enterprise, but it is one of the largest. Other big dogs in the arena of space-centric businesses are Atlas, Space Launch Systems, and Vulcan Enterprises. They too have been strengthening ties to NASA in recent years in the for of several long-term business contracts. Along with Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grunman and Draper Labs, closer relations to these companies as a part of Bezos’ effort to “open up” space to private enterprise in order to “shake some of the responsibilities of expanding to other worlds off of the shoulders of NASA and other government agencies,” as the Director described at a press meeting last year.

NASA’s newfound support for the private sector means that the agency is now engaging in an “industrial partnership” to work on multiple projects. The most ambitious of these scientific endeavors is developing greater fuel cell power with the assistance of Vulcan Enterprises in order for such cells to better endure the frigid temperatures of “lunar night” when installed on a LBH. “Working with our friends at Glenn Horizons to assemble the Sog, partly on Earth, partly in orbit, and partly on the lunar surface for maximum stability, will allow for a greater, wider and more diverse pooling of resources and ideas that will benefit us all in the long term.”…

Time Magazine, mid-May 2017 issue

…Bulgarian President Angel Marin of his nation’s Socialist party today announced that that the Bulgarian National Assembly had compromised on reforms for their national court system with the opposition, getting their National Court Justices to be voted by national elections in exchange for voting down a proposed law to ban indoor smoking in public buildings nationwide. The compromise is reportedly similar to one made last year to shut down the controversial Belene Nuclear Power Plant in northern Bulgaria in exchange for deregulating the nation’s patent office to encourage private enterprise.

Marin, who has spoken favorably about controversial President Nikolayev of Russia for him supporting Marin’s government during the 2015 Bulgarian coup attempt, also met with the Russian diplomat Sergei Lavrov in Sofia this week to discuss improving Bulgaria’s relations with both Eastern and Western Europe, saying that innovation on both sides of the continent can benefit the Bulgarian people…

– BBC World News, 5/17/2017 broadcast


…Star City, the nation’s astronaut training facility in Moscow Oblast, has announced the names of the ten applicant finalists selected for a 2021 “moonshot” plan, which, if successful, would be the first time in 13 years that humans have stepped on the moon, and the first time since the 1970s that Russian cosmonauts have walked on the lunar surface…

Kommersant (The Businessman), Russian newspaper, 5/20/2017

The Place to Be

Premiered: May 21, 2017 (Sundance)
Genre: drama
Cast: see list


The movie opens on a young adolescent boy holding his hands over his ears as his two parents shout loudly on the other side of a living room; the boy looks out the window with tears in his eyes as the shouting intensifies.

The film then cuts to a middle-aged man tossing and turning in bed and the sound of some kind of commotion intensifies, and ends with him waking up in a cold sweat.

In the next scene, the young boy from before, revealed to be named Jeffrey, is attending school when he meets the man from before, who is Mr. DeForest, a new English teacher at the school who is on “bathroom duty,” signing students in and out of the bathroom to ensure student safety after a bullying incident last year. Jeffrey notices scars on DeForest’s upper lip. After leaving, he mentions them in class, and another student, Sid, says he heard a rumor that he got them in KW2, “the Reds got so desperate for meat they ate the dogs and brainwashed some people into thinking they were dogs, and those guys bit him.” An unnamed student claims he was an aide to TV’s survivalist Jeb Bush and got bit by a coyote while filming an episode in Alaska.

The next morning, DeForest looks at his face in the bathroom mirror when shaving and has a flashback of when his upper lip was bitten by a neighbor’s dog. The audience is then introduced to Zeynep, the daughter of Turkish immigrants, on who Jeffrey has a crush. A flashback to Jeffrey’s family life shows that his family is racist, which suggests he is too afraid of his parents berating him for being attracted to her and the reason why he is reluctant to ask her out. Hanging out with his two friends after school, we learn Jeffrey is only allowed to stay after school for two hours for free tutoring sessions, but does not need them; he tells his parents he does in order to spend time with friends, as he is not allowed over to anyone’s homes and nobody is allowed over at their home. A cut to later in the day shows how Jeffrey’s mother watches her children shower from the bathroom doorway every time they come home, and that she will “intervene” if they are not “doing a good job” in order to ensure that they are properly “decontaminated” from the outside world; it is suggested that she has been psychological traumatized by the SARS Global Pandemic.

The next day, Jeffrey stops by DeForest’s homeroom, where is desk is “decked out” with UFO and doomsday paraphernalia. Jeffrey thinks to himself, via voice-over, “I can’t figure this guy out – he’s fascinated with the end of the world, and yet appreciates and optimistically loves this crap life we got on Earth.” After Jeffrey discussing his grades and skills in other classes, DeForest suggests he take up writing.

The movie then shifts in tone and presentation to show the story that Jeffrey begins writing after school:

A boy named Jack is a popular kid in High School and is about to talk to a girl at a party when The End of The World begins. He finds his next-door neighbor, retired US Army General Winchester DeKerry, leaving the house and into a taxi to board a plane with his family. Jack somehow “sneaks aboard the taxi.” The story then jumps ahead to the plane taking off as a tsunami destroys an airport and Jack narrates that they are travelling through a hurricane to “special bunkers in Colorado. On my techslab, I watched helplessly as someone livestreamed explosions going off in –.”

Jeffrey’s writing is interrupted by a teacher informing him that the after-school buses are about to leave.

Back at his family’s house, Jeffrey’s parents are violently arguing, and Jeffrey laments via voice-over his living “too far away for the neighbors to hear.” Putting his shoulder to one ear and using his recessive hand to cover the other ear, Jeffrey uses his free hand to continue to work on his story:

“– explosions going off in an escalation of long-dormant tensions.” He writes that the President has flown to safety, with Jack overhearing DeKerry claim that the President is now in Denver, but that the Vice-President’s helicopter has crashed and he is assumed dead.

A sharp transition to the next day shows Jeffrey’s friend from before, Matt, is reading the story up to now. He tells Jeffrey that the story is overly complex because Jeffrey is trying to combine too many interesting theories.

Jeffrey continues writing after school more intently, hiding from everyone in an empty classroom:

Jack’s plane enters the ash cloud caused by Yellowstone erupting; the plane crashes 27 miles outside of Denver.

Jeffrey has difficulty writing this part, so he skips over it.

Suddenly, planes from overhead start bombing the area behind them. Jack explains, “They were trying to impede the spreading of the lava flow, and – ”

Jeffrey suddenly realizes that he’s missed the bus, and hurriedly runs all the way home in a rainstorm. As soon as he opens the door, his mother grabs him and violently scolds him for being “missing” for nearly an hour. Jeffrey tries to make up a lie, but his mother severely beats him before he can even explain himself. That night, Jeffrey tells himself he should give up writing.

The next day, DeForest sees that Jeffrey appears to be distraught, and he tells him “whenever something’s bothering you, and you can’t talk about it, write about it. Write it out.”

Jeffrey adds a scene to his story in which the survivors of the plane crash walk through the ash cloud on a road filled with abandoned cars. One survivor is very annoying to the rest of the group, leading to DeKerry shooting her “in a way that made it look like an accident.”

Jeffrey realizes that this is too dark, so deletes that part (represented in the “Jack” story by the film “rewinding”) and instead has DeKerry scold the character instead, shutting her up.

“They eventually make it to the airport, with DeKerry having clearance.”

Jeffrey then leaves for the after-school buses.

That night, Jeffrey’s mother bursts into his room to complain about her stubbing her toe, blaming her son for her clumsiness by claiming she was distracted by her thinking about his tardiness the other day. Jeffrey remarks “That’s ridiculous,” and in voice-over complains about how his mother is always trying to find ways to blame things others. His mother hits him, angering Jeffrey; they have a complex and intense argument that lasts for five minutes until the father comes home. The mother than tells the Father that Jeffrey is “out of control” for talking back to her, but proceeds to argue with the husband when he says he will “deal with it later.” Jeffrey stays up that night to continue writing.

DeKerry is only allowed 5 people into the special bunker, but they have 6 in their party. Jack decides to stay behind and let the woman and DeKerry’s family into the bunker, along with a girl named Zoe that Jack had apparently brought with him from the party (suggesting a rewrite/retcon has occurred). Zoe kisses Jack on the cheek and they part ways.

The next day, after school, Jeffrey, in a parallel to real life imagines he is Jack wandering the roads on a nearby abandoned town, finally going into an abandoned hotel (the high school) to watch as unmarked planes bomb the remains of Denver. Unmarked paratroopers land, chase Jack/Jeffrey and he commits suicide by jumping off the roof. The book ends with character waking up as it was all a dream, but then sees how DeKerry is his new neighbor just like at the beginning of the dream (complete with repeating the same dialogue as before).

Jeffrey shares his notebook with his two friends during school the next day, and after DeForest notices them discussing it in the hallway during their Lunch period (his friends find it confusing but interesting; Jeffrey appreciates their supportive replies), Jeffrey gives a copy to DeForest. After school, DeForest reads his story and seeks Jeffrey out to tell him of his writing potential. During the conversation, DeForest describes how his scars do not define him; they are a sign of his past, not a sign of his future. After a philosophical “carpe diem” speech about how he’d like to meet aliens some day and will never give up looking for them, Jeffrey walks away, looking inspired and more self-confident.

The next day, Jeffrey sheepishly asks Zeynep out on a date, but shows bravery and respect in front of her intimidating and protective older brother, and she says yes (possibly out of sympathy). Jeffrey tells her that because his parents are “kind of strict,” he has to be home at the same time the after-school buses drop off students. Zeynep is clearly wary of these “cloak-and-dagger” maneuvers, but Jeffrey swears that he can make it work.

Jeffrey and Zeynep are then seen rollerblading down a street. Arriving at Jeffrey’s home just as the buses arrive, Zeynep departs with Jeffrey’s rollerblades. Indoors, his parents are still fighting, but Jeffrey seems to either be blocking them out better, or is slowly losing his hearing (it is purposely left vague, given the dark and anxious tone of the final moments of the scene).

The final scene in the film sees DeForest throwing out the trash at his home when a bright light suddenly is cast onto him. He looks up, and a cut to a wide shot confirms it is a UFO. DeForest, both shocked and elated that he is finally experiencing a close encounter, remarks “So, where we going tonight, boys?” And the film ends with a sudden flash of light.


The film was a “sleeper hit” with most critics and audiences, ultimately yielding a net profit after initially underperforming at the box office; the film has developed a small cult following. Most reviews noted its blending of drama and sci-fi elements, with one reviewer describing it as “a showcase of the best and absolute worst humanity can offer, and centered around an even more tragic Walter Mitty.”



…Wesson, a 65-year-old Democratic city lawmaker, won the runoff election in a landslide after winning roughly 48% of the vote in the city’s blanket primary on May 7… Wesson will be the first African-American to serve as Mayor of Los Angeles since Tom Bradley left office in 1993...

The Sacramento Union, 5/23/2017


…the cruise liner company is losing money and stockholders as sponsors pull funding and investors distance themselves from them. The Spanish cruise line company received infamy earlier this year from the double-liner collision off the coast of Sardinia that occurred this past January between a Carnival ship and a Pullmanter Cruises ship…


>Comment 1:

Serves them right. They got people killed.

>Comment 2:

I guess this works against the conspiracy theory that claims that the rival shipping companies were in cahoots to sink “outdated” ships (i.e., three years) to collect the insurance money?

>Reply 1 to Comment 2:
It blows that theory...right out of the water!

>Reply 1 to Reply 1 to Comment 2:
Get out.

–, 5/24/2017 e-article

…In late May, Congress responded to the rise in concerns over cyber security issues by introduced the Technology Defense Act to reorganize the US Department of Energy and Technology so that it contained greater powers for addressing and combating technet-based criminal acts and prevention by creating for it a new subdivision, the Undersecretary of Cybersecurity. The TDA also emboldened the powers of the State and Defense Departments, along with the FBI and CIA, in manners concerning cyber-terrorism. With all but the most libertarian of Republicans, and even some Democrats, backing its contents, the legislation was expected to pass with ease.

In the Executive branch of the government, President Grammer rejected creating a new position called “Chief Technet Policy Advisor” to instead hire someone for the pre-existing position of Deputy National Security Advisor for Emerging Technology. The “tech czar” position had been vacant since its incumbent left the administration in February for a think tank position, and so the situation was ripe for a new “tech czar” to take over.

Unfortunately, the person chosen for the position was the controversial US Army General (ret.) Ronald L. Kovic. Kovic, age 70, previously in charge of the DET’s anti-cyberbullying division, attempted to quell concerns over his qualification for the job later that month with a press conference, where he spoke in detail on the “grueling task” at hand. “Cyberattacks can be carried out by government, either directly or by sponsoring hackers. But such sorts of attacks are more often carried out by individuals…. We must increase cybersecurity control systems. We must protect America’s transportation systems, electronic voting systems, and international commerce. This administration will be working with governments around the world in what we hope will be a global, multinational effort to keep the technet safe from all malicious agents”...

– Kathryn Millstone’s The Grammer Administration, Borders Books, 2021

James Brendan Patterson
(born March 22, 1947) is an American author and philanthropist whose books have sold over 400 million copies; he was the first person to sell 2 million e-books, doing so in May 2017. Among his best works are the Alex Cross, Mothers’ Murder Club, The Robot Diaries, Max Einstein, LAPD Red, and Martin X series, along with many stand-alone thrillers and romance novels, as well as some non-fiction books, too. Additionally, several of his books, such as Susan’s Day, The Hawk Family, A Dog’s Survival, and The President Faked His Death, have been made into TV shows and films.

A prolific writer considered one of the most successful of contemporary American writers – alongside the likes of Stephen King, Danielle Steel, Jacqueline Wilson, and Octavia E. Butler – Patterson has won several awards. He has won been praised for his efforts to making reading and literature “top national priorities,” using his wealth to donate millions of dollars in grants and scholarships to universities and colleges in the US and the world. As of 2020, he is one of the highest-paid American authors currently still writing, with an estimated total yearly income of roughly $80million...

–, c. 2020


…Prime Minister Renho tonight led the Constitutional Democratic Party to victory over opposition leader and former Deputy PM Akie Matsuzaki of the Centrist Party. The plurality-holding C.D.s gained 22 seats, and the Social Democrats, with whom the C.D. party is allied, gained 12 seats, as support for the Centrists continues to fall…

The Asahi Shimbun, Japanese newspaper, 5/30/2017

G.R.E.E.N. DEAL LEGISLATION KILLED IN SENATE VOTE, 58-46; Minority-Holding Democrats Swear: “We Will Keep Introducing It Until It Passes!”

…the landmark proposal was rejected on partisan lines by the majority-holding Republicans despite polls finding that as many as 74% of Americans support the implementation of a “national deal” to “Globally Reduce Emissions to Empower Nature” proposal…

The Washington Post, 6/1/2017


…The Tennessee Governor was quickly removed from the 1980 Democratic Presidential ticket amid the scandal and replaced with diplomat Jimmy Carter in an effort to salvage Scoop Jackson’s campaign…

The New York Times, side article, 6/2/2017

INTERVIEWER: “So then, how did you get into the music scene?”

Brittany PRESSLEY: “Well, I originally started out in voice acting. Not in cartoons, though. It was more like radio commercials and briefly appearing in TV ads, never the main focus of any of the TV spots. Then when I got started getting gigs narrating books on tape, I mean for downloading sites, I started to, you know, make more contacts, develop more connections, and eventually, Jermaine Dupri, the record producer, contacted me after he listened to this one audiobook where one character does a singing bit. He was impressed by how I sang the bit, and got me to sign on. Before I knew it, I had my first album.”

Interviewer: “And your newest album, Bells Don’t Ring For Me, comes out on the Fourth of July, correct?”

PRESSLEY: “That’s right. I spent a lot of time on it, and I think a lot of people will enjoy it. It’s a mix of a lot of genres, but it all runs together in a very smooth way, I think.”

Interviewer: “Well, then, I wish you thru best of luck at the Grammys next year.”

PRESSLEY: “Thanks. I really think that, this time around, I’m actually going to win one with this batch of songs. For sure!”

– interview, Tumbleweed Magazine, early June 2017 issue


…the key piece of information – the mask seen in VidCall footage streamed inside of McAfee’s home – could not be found following a police inspection of his home. …McAfee is suing the Memphis police department for property damage, and claimed one police officer harassed his wife, who is Black, during the inspection of his home…

– The Knoxville News Sentinel, 6/6/2017

TED KACZYNSKI: The Genius Maniac You Never Heard Of

In a frozen wilderness of western Alaska, a man lied dead in shack he built by his lonesome self, surrounded by preserved goods, a Bob Ross original, an old-fashioned typewriter, and thousands of pages documenting his thoughts. Through documentation, and with his next-of-kin’s open permission, we are learning more and more about the curious antics of one Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski, a man who gave up a promising career in academia to live the life of a radical environmentalist and a reluctant technet-based cult leader.

Ted Kaczynski died in the harsh winter of 2015-2016 from a viral infection, having refused to seek medical treatment for a myriad of conspiratorial beliefs regarding America’s universal healthcare system. Based on the hand-written journals found after his death and the testimony of his closet supporters, we are uncovering more information about the thoughts of this fascinating fanatic. Who exactly was Ted Kaczynski, a.k.a. “The Unifier,” the mysterious leader of the ontech-based anarcho-primitivistic cult “The Forest Fellowship”?

Ted Kaczynski was born in Chicago in May 22, 1942 in Chicago. After testing an IQ score of 167, he skipped the sixth and eleventh grades, and graduated from high school at the age of 15. He attended Harvard College, then earned a master’s degree in 1964 and a doctoral degree in 1967 after being accepted into the University of Berkeley, California, in 1962. At the age of 25, he became that school’s youngest-ever assistant professor, teaching mathematics despite being uncomfortable taking questions from students.

Rather abruptly, Kaczynski resigned from his teaching position at Berkeley in 1969 and, two years later, after hearing then-Presidential candidate Mike Gravel praise his home state’s natural beauty in 1971, moved to Galena, Alaska. Beginning to record his observations in journal entries at this point, Kaczynski expressed disappointment in how non-Native American locals and the state government treated the state’s ecosystems, but praised Mike Gravel for making a compelling case for The Last Frontier, writing “there is still hope for this corner of the planet.”

Determined to live a self-sufficient life, Kaczynski built himself a small log cabin for himself on property north of Galena; he purchased the land with the money from his teaching position. Ted suffered pneumonia in his first winter and had to amputate his own left pink toes due to frostbite, but in his second winter, he was much better prepared to live a minimalistic life of simplicity. He soon taught himself survival skills such as tracking game and sustainable organic farming, though express sadness in having to kill animals. In his journals, he describes in detail his humane treatment of game, writing “I kill them quick so they do not have to suffer.” Ted bought sled dogs in his third year in Galena, and became involved in efforts to get more books for the Galena Library in his seventh year there (1978).

By 1980, Kaczynski had become cemented in his worldview – that individual liberty and self-sustainability could be achieved by rejecting modern technological progress. Essentially living the life of an areligious Amish frontiersman, he wrote about his contempt for the “cramped” living conditions of urban centers, blaming their “deplorable…small-scale” living conditions for rises in crime, poverty, and health issues.

Known by locals as a quiet and impersonal young man, some believed he suffered from some form of mental illness, while others believed he was simply an eccentric. In his journals, though, Ted confesses to having violent tendencies. In 1983, for instance, he writes that a hunter broke his leg outside his cabin, but he kept his fire out and the door locked to avoid communicating with him. Ted wrote that the stranger’s calls for help were “satisfying” because “people like him are killing this land, killing the animals unnecessarily, without consideration for the wildlife populations.” Ted later wrote that the hunter survived the trip into town, and felt “no regret” for pretending that his cabin was abandoned. In a more violent incident, Ted confessed in a 1987 journal entry to sabotaging a nearby pipeline with a small explosive device that interrupted the line’s operations for nearly a week. In a 1988 entry, Ted writes that he even considered assassinating Tom Fink, the unpopular Governor of Alaska at the time, over his mishandling of the Great Chevron Oil Spill. However, Kaczynski’s “urge… to kill him” subsided upon Fink being recalled out of office. Ted later praised then-Governor Bob Ross for his natural preservation strides in 1989, and even sent Ross food grown on his property along with an essay on how to maintain nature that called for rejecting modernism.

Kaczynski’s fascination with Bob Ross grew upon him getting back a letter of thanks and a Ross original, which the governor would often make for “folks who put in a lot of effort to show that they care.” These gifts, which Kaczynski held onto until his dying day, sparked an obsession with the politician, with Ted repeatedly sending Ross letters of support and even meeting him during his campaigns for President in 2000 and 2016 (though prior to Ross entering each race, Kaczynski supported Harry Braun in 2000 and Gary Larson in 2016). Kaczynski left the state of Alaska for the first time in 38 years in 2009, to travel to Washington, D.C. to meet with Vice President Ross; an effort of his to meet with Ross at his private D.C. residence without having an appointment, however, resulted in an altercation with Secret Servicemen. The incident seemed to have had an effect on Kaczynski, as he does not mention Ross in his journal entries again until 2015.

His actions in the late 1990s, though, was Kaczynski’s true claim to fame. Having been writing anti-technology treatises since the late 1970s, including op-eds for state newspapers beginning in the 1980s, some of his writings had found their way onto alternative media (“underground”) netsites. In 1995, his monthly visit to the Galena Library led to him learning, to his surprise, that he had ironically developed a very small group of ardent supporters ontech calling themselves the “Forest Fellowship.” He also discovered that one of these FF members, a 27-year-old who went by the username Alexander Supertramp, had been partially inspired by Kaczynski’s “manifestos,” and had in 1993 left the lower 48 and successfully relocated to a relatively new rural community called Gravel, Alaska, located near Galena.

Never owning a computer, Kaczynski soon met with Supertramp and gave him permission to publish additional essay. In his 1995 essay “To Destroy And To Use,” Kaczynski conceded that the emergence of the technet had the potential to help “give a voice to small groups,” but was reluctant to accept “the hypocritical fame” of “requiring” the technet to condemn the technet. As a result, he allowed what small number of supporters he had to “blog” and post his articles and op-eds on netsites with his reluctant permission. They soon subbed him “the Unifier” for his writings’ ability to bring together a wide and diverse variety of people enthusiastic for having simpler and freer lives.

In early 2000, Kaczynski garnered more followers after correctly predicting that “sinister government forces will not allow Y2K to cleanse the Earth,” alleging that Y2K would not lead to worldwide computer malfunctions because “the military-industrial complex would perish in the ensuing chaos, and sinister government forces would never allow that treasured complex to perish.” The strength of the Forest Fellowship reached its apex immediately after the worldwide SARS pandemic, when middle class families began moving out of cities in droves to acquire more spacious abodes elsewhere.

In 2014, several of his articles circulating ontech were found by the FBI to have sufficient pro-violence tendencies to merit him being investigated after one of his more fanatic supporters, a one Eric Robert Rudolph of Florida, bombed a technet services store in Silicon Valley, severely injuring five. Kaczynski was reportedly placed on the Bureau’s “watchlist,” but was never formally charged with or arrested for any wrongdoing.

Now that Ted Kaczynski is gone, his brother Daniel Kaczynski is conflicted on how to feel. “My brother was a very distant man, emotionally. He could get riled up over technology and humans suffering as a group, but whenever family visited him, and given where he lived, that was only once in a very long while, he had a personality colder than that tundra he surrounded himself in,” Daniel says. “But he was my brother, and I think he meant well, despite all the trouble caused by some of his followers.” The discovery of his journals reveals the depth of his philosophy, and as a result, these personal passages are proving to be highly sought after items by his small “cult” of followers. According to Kaczynski’s next of kin, his brother Daniel, Ted will be remembered as “the last of an exceedingly rare breed of American – the truly rugged woodsman.”

As Kaczynski is buried in a small grave in Galena Cemetery, the legacy of this little-known hermit radical touches on more than just the urge to lead a simple life. It highlights the rising feelings of discontent found among low-income urban dwellers, many of whom would agree with libertarian-extremist creed scribbled onto the final page of the final handwritten journal of “The Unifier” – “The only way to be free is to rebel. Never be anyone’s slave. Always be your own master, no matter the cost. It is better to die as a human being than live as some cog in some awful massive machine.” [7]

–, 6/10/2017


...In an effort to curb urban congestion, the city of Boston is implementing an “Earth-friendly” taxation plan loosely based on a system introduced in Singapore back in 1975. The city government aims to use the “tolling” plan to pay for road repair, road expansion and several urban renewal projects. The system uses open road tolling to gather tolls without requiring vehicles to stop or even to slow down to pay them.

…In Congress, libertarian Republicans are “outraged” by the plan’s approval, claiming that it “directly violates individual rights and individual choice,” according to US Rep. Larry Householder (R-OH). The White House, however, has officially been silent on the matter, apart from President Grammer discussing the issue of states’ rights in a broad context last week, and Vice President Brown calling the proposal “horrific” two weeks ago…

The Washington Post, 6/14/2017


…back in the 1990s, the nation of Guyana experienced a movement that saw its people call for their South American country to become a U.S. territory. The social movement received much media attention – and even tepid support from some NASA officials interested in building a launch base there – but the movement never truly went anywhere and ultimately died out. Now, though, rising discontent with the national government – amid a series of corruption scandals and economic issues – has led to a rise in calls for Guyana to become a U.K. commonwealth, noting the rising number of Guyanans living and working in the U.K. and the two nation’s close modern and historical ties. If the past “state-to-territory” movement is anything to go by, this social idea will ultimately fizzle out, but as the future is not yet written, we may just have to wait and see if this time, thing will be different…

–, 6/15/2017


[pic: ]

– NYC Mayor Jimmy McMillan reacting to his latest social program (providing additional tax credits for single mothers regardless of employment status) narrowly being passed by the New York City Council, 6/16/2017

…Amid fears of India’s national economy entering a period of stagnancy, so soon after getting through the global ripples of Europe’s economy tanking just four years earlier, India’s Prime Minister returned to an old idea. In office since 2010, N. Chandrababu Naidu (TD), a left-of-center technocrat and former businessman, launched the “International India” movement. First proposed in 2010, Naidu sought to bring in additional national revenue via more lucrative trade deals with Australia, Japan, South Africa and several other nations. The push to invest more into private sectors at home and into foreign markets abroad was, behind closed New Delhi doors, viewed as an effort to compete more successfully against the People’s Republic of China, in the raising of tensions between those two nations. The making of “miniature Cold War” threatened to worsen Sino-Indian relations, but had the potential to work as a “distraction” of sorts to the benefit of US markets and businesses…

– David Tal’s US Strategic Arms Policy After the Cold War: Globalization & Technological Modernization, Routledge, 2020

(released as The Polymath In the UK)

Premiered: June 21, 2017

Genre (s): biopic/drama/action/adventure

Directed by: Ron Howard
Written by: Akiva Goldsman
Produced by: Brian Grazer, Neil Canton and Todd Hallowell


Nicholas Cage as Daniel Hausel

Danny DeVito
Brenda Song
Randall Park
James Hong

See Full List Here


A biopic covering the storied life and career of Dan Hausel (b. 1949 in Salt Lake City), a polymath who became a leading expert in the fields of martial arts, geology, astronomy, and mineral exploration, along with becoming a successful author, artist, public speaker and rock musician [8].


The film received overall favorable reviews from critics and audiences, and made a modest profit at the box office.

Trivia Facts:

Trivia Fact No. 1: Confusion for Buckaroo Bonzai

Given the similarities between the real-life exploits of Hausel and the complex plots of the Buckaroo Bonzai film franchise (1983-1996), many have incorrectly assumed that Buckaroo Bonzai is loosely based on Hausel. This is not the case, as Buckaroo Bonzai was developed in the late 1970s prior to the first Buckaroo Bonzai film premiering in 1983, while Hausel did not become known as a notable and accomplished polymath until the 1990s. Nevertheless, Hausel is still often referred to as “the real-life Buckaroo Bonzai.”



The 2017 Mississippi Flag Referendum was a legislatively referred state statute that appeared on a June 24, 2017 special election ballot, which was held specifically for this state-level referendum.


State lawmakers began the legislative process in the aftermath of statewide protests and calls for the state flag to be replaced. These protests immediately followed the nearly-fatal knife attack on the life of an 81-year-old Korean-American in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in August 2016, which was a part of the rise in anti-Asian sentiments that had followed the nomination of Taiwanese-American politician Gary Locke (D-WA) for President of the United States. Along with renewed calls for hate crime legislation, Mississippian residents protested outside government offices demanding the state flag be removed amid claims that it promoted white nationalist sentiments.

After the Commission to Redesign the Mission State Flag was constituted in September 2016, state lawmaker Lauren Stennis, granddaughter of former US Senator John Stencils, proposed the Stennis flag after the commission failed to agree on a single public submission, which had been accepted from October to December 2016. The selection of the Stennis Flag was finalized in February 2017.


Voters were asked to choose between two propositions concerning the state flag. Proposition A would retain the incumbent flag, which was the last state flag in the Union to feature the Confederate battle flag in the canton. Proposition B would replace the incumbent flag with the Stennis Flag


[pic: ]
Above: the Stennis Flag



Proposition B – 579,364 (59.2%)

Proposition A – 399,291 (40.8%)

Total – 978,656 (100%)


“THIS COULD SAVE COUNTLESS LIVES”: Small Enough To Fit Inside A First Aid Kit, Hawaii University Tech Students Make Breakthrough In Designing “Affordable” Device To Make Saltwater Drinkable

–, 6/27/2017 e-article


…the famous NASA astronaut passed away from natural causes just three weeks before he could celebrate 96th birthday on July 18... Glenn became famous for the February 20, 1962 Friendship 7 mission that made him the first American to orbit the Earth... After retiring from NASA, Glenn entered politics, and served in the US Senate, as a Democrat from his native Ohio, from 1971 to 2001. After running for President in 1984 and 1988, Glenn was nominated in 1996 at the age of 75; he lost to Larry Dinger, an incumbent with high approval ratings due to the success of the then-recent KW2...

The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio newspaper, 6/28/2017


Premiered: June 29, 2017

Genre(s): drama/historical/biopic/black comedy/crime
Directed by: Martin Scorsese
Written by: Terence Winter and Benicio del Toro
Produced by: Riza Aziz


Heath Ledger
Leo DiCaprio
Wilmer Valderrama
Roselyn Luna
Gloria Garcia
See Full List Here


Gregor MacGregor (Heath Ledger) was a Scottish soldier and adventurer, and the mastermind of one of the most shameless confidence tricks in world History.

MacGregor fought as a British General alongside the Venezuelans against the Spanish in 1812, during the Venezuelan War of Independence. He quickly rose to the rank of General, but after seven years of various operations, MacGregor ended up abandoning British volunteer troops under his command during a calamitous military operation. While in hiding, MacGregor contemplated how to avoid punishment for abandoning his post when he returned to Britain, and soon hatched an idea.

Upon returning to Britain in 1821, MacGregor claimed that he been elected “Cazique,” or “monarch,” of “Poyais,” a fictional Central American territory he described as a developed colony with a community of British settlers. Over the next several months, he tricked hundreds of people across Britain and France into providing funds for the development of Poyais. As his popularity grew, he told increasingly captivating tales of Poyais’ glorious resources and amenities. The deception was initially limited to Poyaisian government bonds and phony land certificates until 1822, when MacGregor convinced 250 Scottish investors to travel to Central America, secretly hoping that they would build up a colony from scratch, thus making Poyais a real place after all. However, the would-be settler found an uninhabited jungle at Poyais’ alleged location, and instead of staying, soon returned to Europe; more than half of them perished during the total trip.

MacGregor was tried a French court but acquitted in 1826 when others who still believed in Poyais defended him as character witnesses; they also accused the traveler’s guides of taking them to the wrong location. Soon after, though, MacGregor tried a similar scheme in London and was nearly imprisoned again. With his reputation disintegrating, MacGregor returned to Venezuela, where he had remained popular for aiding them during their war for independence. MacGregor died in Caracas soon after, and was buried with full military honors.


The film received generally favorable reviews from critics and audiences, with critics praising the performances of Ledger and Valderrama in particular. The film was also a major box office success, nearly tripling the amount of money put into it.

– [9]

…by the end of June, the President’s efforts to exempt the ancestors of slaves from income tax for the 2017 fiscal year had gone nowhere. While the justices of a DC court had spoken highly of it, the majority-holding Republican leadership in both the House and the Senate had essentially shot the idea down.

But Grammer was persistent. With energy and determination, he decided to bring it up again ahead of the 2018 midterm primaries to try to bring Republican candidates more favorable to this and other proposals of his from the campaign trails to the floors of congress...

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022

[1] This number is actually over 50% in OTL, and the cost to taxpayers is over $7million in OTL, according to this article:
[2] According to this interview:
[3] Based on an OTL article:
[4] Based on this OTL article:
[5] This is what he went by before legally changing his name to Vermin Supreme!:
[6] IOTL, this museum was cancelled instead of being built because Mexico couldn’t afford it, but because Mexico has been doing better in TTL than in OTL, they can afford it here:
[7] A variation of an OTL quote of his.
[8] All OTL!:
[9] Based on OTL!:

The next chapter’s E.T.A.: May 15 at the earliest, May 22 at the latest!

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Post 106
Post 106: Chapter 114

Chapter 114: July 2017 – December 2017

“Writing isn’t about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting laid, or making friends. In the end, it’s about enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enriching your own life, as well.”

– Stephen King (OTL)

…we now return to our coverage of the terrible tragedy that occurred in the Golden State this morning. Independence Day celebrations in Crescent City, California were marred and disrupted by a knife attack earlier today that left six people hospitalized for injuries, including the stabber, and at least three people dead from stab wounds. The knife attack, which occurred in a public park at an event billed as family-friendly, has left friends and relatives frightened and a community in shock…

– NBC News, 7/4/2017 broadcast


…the German automaker has announced its plan to have “100%” of their vehicle sales to be that of electric and/or solar-powered vehicles. “We are making the future now instead of waiting for it later,” said one of the company’s spokespersons. “We are embracing the benefits and the inevitability of e-mobility”…

– RNS: Real News Service, 7/7/2017 e-article


…the administration received the Ascertain land rover’s final communication early yesterday after a successful number of year’s documenting Mars’ southern hemisphere…

–, 7/8/2017 e-bulletin

HOISTED BY HIS OWN LEOTARD?: Incumbent President and Green Party Candidate Advance To Runoff In French Election

…in the first round of voting, the scandal-riddled incumbent President of France, Francois Leotard of the Republican Party, came in first place with a plurality of 36% over divided opposition.

With France’s Socialist Alliance seemingly falling apart, the left wing of the nation’s body politic failed to rally behind a single candidate. As a result, the liberal vote was divided among four challenger – Joseph “José” Bové (Green), Benoit Hamon (Socialist Alliance), former Socialist Alliance member Dominique Voynet (Democratic Socialist) and Francois Bayrou (Democratic Union). With Bové performing exceptionally well in pre-election debates, the Green party candidate has edged out Hamon for the position of second place by a margin of 1%.

Other prominent candidates included Jean-Christophe Napoleon (Centrist) and Jeremie Renier (Independent), while the remaining minor candidates were Jacques Cheminade (National Front), Laurent Fabius (Sensible) and Romain Duris (Action).

Early hypothetical polling taken three weeks ago that matched Bové with Leotard showed the former losing by a sizeable margin. However, the most recent polling shows the race to be neck-and-neck, which is more likely due to Leotard’s declining popularity than to Bové’s impressive political rise…

The New York Post, 7/9/2017

A TASTE OF ISRAEL: Saudi Arabia’s Go-To Spots For Jewish And Israeli Cuisine

– Arab News, 7/10/2017 e-article


–, 7/12/2017


Despite human beings traveling into outer space for decades, there is no global space agency, with only prominent nations like the US and Russia, or major united “blocs” of nations like the Middle East, being capable of operating manned missions to the I.S.S., to the Moon, and to Mars.

That all may change in the near future, as UN Secretary-General Surakiart Sathirathai of Thailand today endorsed a UN resolution to form such an entity. With the unoriginal title of United Nations Outer Space Exploration Agency (UNOSEA), the agency would operate missile launches via the voluntary collaborations any and all nations. The UN having its own Space Agency could in theory allow smaller nations to pool in their resources and better coordinate multinational efforts to venture into outer space.

The idea, first proposed by Jan Woerner, head of the multinational E.U.-centric European Space Agency, in 2015, shortly after Russia’s President Nikolayev entered office and began eyeing a return to lunar exploration for his country in 2021. Nikolayev’s talks of reviving the proposed Orbital Piloted Assembly and Experiment Complex (OPSEK) for their own nation’s ventures into the stars [1] may have also played a role in several nations coming forward since then and expressing support for a truly “global” space agency.

The proposed new agency should not be confused for the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, which merely promotes peaceful space use and space exploration, and focuses more on the legal side of space-based matter. In fact, the UNOOSA was only created in order to assist the UN’s Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCPUOS), which is only tasked with responding to legal issues concerning space exploration...

The Guardian, UK newspaper, 14/7/2017

…In the summer of 2017, the horrific images of the Independence Day Stabbings – the blood-splattered “Happy July 4” banner with the first victim dead on the grass beneath it, the brave father of three tackling the wild-eyed assailant to the ground, the partially-hidden face of a frightened little girl refusing to come out from behind an overturned table – caught national attention, and with it came calls for law enforcement and politicians to do something about. As had become expected, some conservative talking heads – such as occasional contributor Bill Krystal of The Overmeyer Network, and several police officers chiming in to THN – soon enough claimed that the crime occurred due to President Jesse Jackson’s police precinct efforts, regardless of how truthful or untruthful their statements were. In Washington, D.C., Republicans and Democrats sparred over how to best respond to the grisly images being shared across the technet.

“This is ridiculous. What exactly do the technetters think can be done about this?” Vice President Brown offered his two cents at a meeting with several high-ranking US Senators. “We already have Mental Health Laws in place, and some of them are, to be honest, already way too restrictive. Hell, if I lived in California, I myself would have probably been committed as soon as their state MHL went into effect back at the start of the century.”

US Senate Majority Leader Webb Franklin (R-MS) explained as best he could. “I think they want more regulations on who purchases certain knives, since that killer’s weapon of choice was a butcher knife, and not something like a butter knife.”

“State or fed?” Brown inquired.
“Excuse me?” Franklin requested clarification.

Brown clarified, “Are the technetters calling for ridiculous knife protection laws at the state of federal levels?”

“We’re not sure,” answered Franklin’s second-in-command, Jackie Walorski (R-IN), “since different technet groups are calling for either the one of the other. So, generally-speaking, um...both?”

“Hold on, someone show me exactly what they’re proposing.” Brown leaned over to his interns. Never much of a software expert, the only technology he cared for was the internal workings of motorcycle. Which made for a technet-illiterate VP who, ironically, had a strong ontech political following. Usually dictated his ideas to interns who would post them onto social media netsites for him (verbatim, complete with divisive rhetoric, swear words and run-on sentences), Brown was shown a brief rundown of the most circulated proposals. He chuckled a little, then frowned. “Well how in God’s name is any government supposed to run like that? ‘Monitor all purchases of all people with even mild mental issues?’ You don’t even have to read ‘1984’ to know that’s oppressive.”

“And it would make it easier for anyone with a grudge to accuse another of mental issues for more ulterior motives. Is someone at work more likely to get promoted to a position you want? Call them crazy? Want to claim your inheritance early? Have your estranged parents committed. Want your spouse’s lover out of the picture? Claim you saw them walking around with a knife and that’s that,” Senator Allen West (R-FL) gave an alarmist summation of the proposal.

“Even I think that’s too far, and I voted for Kathleen Brown’s MHL when I was in the state senate,” noted US Rep. Steve Knight (R-CA).

“On the other hand, sir,” observed Brown’s Chief of Staff, Lisa Marie, “I think left-leaning people ontech are finally beginning to question the effectiveness of California’s mental health law.”

“Well, that would be a good thing,” Brown replied, “It could spark a movement to get that thing repealed.”

“It’s more than just this one incident, though,” countered US Senator Tom Suozzi (D-NY), “People are scared by things like this every time. They want to live in a society that’s not afraid of dangerous people. These tragedies remind them that they don’t.”

“All people want to be safe. It’s the same in every nation. But dangerous people are a part of every society. A knife is meant to cut meat and rope and things like that, but not people. But knives don’t kill people, people kill with knifes. So let’s not blame knives for what people do with them,” Brown remarked.

“Yeah, some of these technetters’ ‘demands’ are too much even for me,” noted US Senator Tony Pollina (D-VT).

“Really?” Asked Franklin.

“I’m from a progressive state, but it’s rural state, too. No sane hunter would agree to needing a special permit to owning a knife.”

“Well what about just keep a register of people who own knives?” Suozzi parroted one technet-based proposal.

Walorski shook her head at the idea. “Tracking would need to be implemented, inflating whichever government they’re attacking, and opening up the door to other kinds of social restrictions.”
In a dramatic fashion, West added, “Never since the days of SARS have people ontech been so supportive of being enslaved by their own government.”

On this point, US Senator Bill Tong (D-CT) chimed in to the conversation with, “No, I agree with you, Allen. This knife attack is not at all reflective of typical knife use or of knife death stats. 55%, a majority, of knife-related deaths are suicides, while roughly 15% are accidental and the remaining quarter or so are homicidal.” [2]

“Are knives the leading method of choice for suicides?” Walorski asked.

“Them and razor blades, I believe, yes, with poison, carbon monoxide, and ledges being the next most common ones, followed then by firearms due to accessibility issues for the mentally troubled,” Tong said coldly but accurately.

“That makes sense,” Walorski commented, “our gun rights are so restricted nowadays it’s no wonder the leading method of suicide is a messy wrist-slash instead of a clean gunshot to the head.”

“Well those kind of statistics are another part of the debate ontech,” Suozzi noted. “Some backers of further knife restrictions claim too many people take to knives to kill themselves.”

“didn’t you hear Tong? If somebody is so messed up in the head that they are adamantly bent on killing themselves, they’ll seek out any means of doing so. No knife? They’ll drink the stuff under the kitchen sink. They’ll walk out onto the highway during rush hour. They’ll leap off a bridge or a tall building. Are we supposed to outlaw all of those things – cleaning fluids, roads, bridges and buildings? No – we just promote state government programs that aim to help those in need to address their mental issues,” Senator West said, “So maybe we should give more funding to the Veterans’ Administration.”

Brown nodded, before saying almost to himself, “I never realized how many psychiatrists my fellow Americans need. Things are more messed up than I thought.”

Midge Osterlund (D-DE), US Senate Minority Leader, also countered fellow Democrat Tom Suozzi by stating “Elderly Americans can buy knives despite them often hurting themselves when cooking with them. We can’t outlaw old people owning knives. If they have serious problems, that’s what assisted living facilities are for, and they’re to be used voluntarily, via a family decision, not a government decision.”

Seeking a compromise of some sort to wrap up the discussion, Tong proposed, “So how about we just promote more responsible knife ownership.”

“‘Responsible knife ownership’? What next, ‘responsible car ownership’?” Brown made sort of snort-chuckle sound. “How would it even work? Are we going to be taking away everybody’s kitchen knives? Is there going to be a limit of how many knives you can own? What about chefs and restaurants, will they need a special permit to have so many knives at one location?”

Tong clarified what he believed would address the issue better than any restrictions. “I mean Knife Safety Education. Knowledge is power. So let’s inform the masses of the basics, offer safety courses at Adult Education Centers and cooking classes and the like. We’ll tell people how to not let dangerous or troubled people get their hands on any knives.”

“So let it be the people’s problem, not the government’s problem,” Franklin nodded in what was becoming another demonstration of bipartisanship.

Suozzi misread the room again to say, “Well if you describe any aspect of life in that way it sounds bad. Let a stubbed toe be your own problem, not the government’s problem. See what I mean?”
Brown surmised, “The creation and maintenance of databases or any other kind of oppressive thing would be costly to implement and way too un-American and draconian – am I using that word right – for real Americans to tolerate.”

“So instead, we’ll introduce a law to provide more funds for states to promote more public awareness of knife safety,” West nodded.

The Senate leaders agreed upon the notion, and soon enough, such a bill was introduced in the US Senate…

– Kathryn Millstone’s The Grammer Administration, Borders Books, 2021


…the achievements of West Virginia’s progressive Governor Charlotte Pritt were on display this summer, as it was reported that a historically high number out-of-state visitors dropped by The Mountain State for Independence Day celebrations. This could be a very clear sign that Pritt’s efforts to shift West Virginia’s economic focus from coal to tourism and technology is already working.

“This is a beautiful state that is located conveniently close to major population centers like Potomac and Philadelphia. We are already seeing more people permanently move out here the more we promote its natural beauty, potential, and possibilities,” Pritt boasted last week in a state radio interview.

The promotion of a “new” West Virginia additionally seems to be slowing the trend of the state’s population declining, as the rate and number of people moving out of the state are at the lowest they have been in decades, even though they are still on the decline.

…Controversially, Pritt recently commented that “Strengthening unions is becoming much easier in West Virginia because the mining corporations are abandoning our state as mines dry out. They are not staying around to hire our workers. Got the companies are got, but the workforce remains. And the workers of that workforce, um, it is the government’s responsibility that they get jobs working in the new and growing industries of this state.”…

Time Magazine, mid-July 2017 issue


…the bill, if passed into law, would further shield “organized religions” and “legitimate religious groups” from taxes, grant such groups several additional tax breaks, and grant them easier access to other tax exemptions on a controversial “percentile-based” qualification system…

The Washington Post, 7/17/2017


Paris, FRANCE – In tonight’s French Presidential runoff election, Joseph “José” Bové of the Green Party defeated the controversial and increasingly unpopular incumbent President Francois Leotard of France’s Republican party in a 52%-to-48% rejection of the past seven years of conservative leadership.

President-Elect Joseph “José” Bové (b. 1953) began his career as political activist in 1976, soon afterward becoming a sheep farmer and cheese producer near Hérault in the south of France. He co-formed a local farmers’ union and began to oppose GMOs in the early 1990. The “syndicalist” socialist gained national attention and notoriety in 1999 when he peacefully occupied and dismantled a McDonald’s outlet that was under construction near Rodez, Aveyron, to protest US restrictions on imports, claiming that they were harming French farmers and forcing consumers and other businesses owners to give up domestic products for foreign ones. The incident reportedly left an impact on French trade laws; furthermore, the positive feedback to the incident convinced Bové to run for office, leading to him serving as a member of the European parliament (European Greens) from 2003 to 2009 before being elected to French parliament in 2009…

The Daily Telegraph, UK newspaper, 23/7/2017


The Washington Post, 7/26/2017

…When the UK announced that a “minor hack attack” that had struck London’s cargo rail systems on July 27 was “most likely” of Russian origin, China’s Premier Yang Gang condemned the attack, claiming that, if the attack was government-sanctioned or not, “this kind of behavior is inexcusable in either case.” The statement, made at the UN, received both cheers and jeers alongside the smattering of applause. American diplomats were not alone in being more than aware of the high level of hypocrisy put on display by Yang’s comments; shortly following Yang’s remarks, the French delegation suggested that any and all governments suspected of supporting cyberwarfare in any way should be investigated by the International Court. The offended looks on the PRC’s delegates match those of the Russian diplomats…

– Lee Kim’s Keyboard Campaigns: The Worlds of Cyberwarfare, Created Space Independent Press, 2020

“The growth model China has relied on for the last 30 years – one predicated on low-cost exports to the rest of the world and investment in resource intensive heavy manufacturing – is unlikely to serve it well in the next 30 years.” [3]

– US Senator Gary Locke (D-WA), 7/30/2017 interview

BROWN: “Haha, yeah, well, at least this next bill will do some good.”

GRAMMER: “Uh, which one?”

BROWN: “You know, the Religious Freedom bill. Back in ’05, Jackson and the Democrats in power passed a 0.5% property tax on all religious organizations. The greedy church-traitor. This bill will repeal that earlier unjust bill. I was talking to, uh, Senator Beavers yesterday, she had a lot of good things to say about this new bill.”

GRAMMER: “Well, she would.”

BROWN: “What do ya mean?”

GRAMMER: “I mean, um, well she’s not libertarian-minded, she’s a member of the Religious Right. I mean, she co-wrote the bill for Pete’s sake, so of course she backs it. Naturally.”

BROWN: “Whoa, wait, what does libertarianism got to do with it?”

GRAMMER: “Well, Harley, the bill would actively empower certain religious institutions to an extent – a biased extent – that I don’t think the Founding Fathers would have supported. Tax exemptions is one thing, but showing open preference to Christian institutions at the federal level is just, well it goes directly against the libertarian idea of minimizing government involvement in personal issues like, well, like faith.”

BROWN: “Heh, but, you see, Kelsey, the main focus of the bill is the outlawing of taxing all religious groups.”

GRAMMER: “Yes – on a percentile, so the larger religious groups get more exemptions and less privileges. And the largest religious groups in this country are Christian. So unless it’s meant to incentivize non-Christian groups doing a better job recruiting members, it’s effectively pro-Christian.”

BROWN: “Sure, sure.”

GRAMMER: “Harley, but it’s basically just extra tax breaks and privileges for evangelicals. It makes them exempt from any income tax by making it so even income from businesses tangentially owned by churches will not be subject to federal taxation.”

BROWN: “And that’s a good thing because it’s anti-tax.”

GRAMMER: “No, it’s a bad thing because it shows federally-sponsored religious bias.”

BROWN: “What?”

GRAMMER: “It’s not a good bill, Harley, not for this administration. It’s not a good look and –”

BROWN: “I can’t believe you, Kels. Thought you had my back on this. Especially after I had to meet with all those Senators over that knife legislation.”

GRAMMER: “You keep saying you want to be elected President someday. Think of that kind of stuff as practice!”

BROWN: “Wait, Kelsey, are you saying you’re not gonna back this bill?”

GRAMMER: “I have some reservations about doing so.”

BROWN: “But this bill will defend our First Amendment right to religion!”

GRAMMER: “Right to religion for people, not for religion itself. There’s a difference between an individual person’s religion and a religious organization.”

BROWN: “How can you say that? I thought you were a religious man like me!”

GRAMMER: “I am religious! I overcame drug addiction through the power of Jesus! [4] I read parts of The Bible every night! But religious bias in our law system can’t be tolerated because it goes completely against the idea of separating church and state!”

BROWN: “What separation?! We’re all sworn into office on bibles! We got ‘in god we trust’ on our money! Over 3/4ths of Americans identify as Christian!”

GRAMMER: “Exactly! We can’t ignore or marginalize that other one-fourth.”

BROWN: “How would this bill do that?”

GRAMMER: “I just explained why!”

BROWN: “Oh it’s impossible to talk logic into your head!”

GRAMMER: “What?! My head?!”

BROWN: “Oh, to hell with this, I’m leaving!”

GRAMMER: “Fine, we’ll talk about this later!”

BROWN: “Yeah, maybe or maybe not!”

GRAMMER: “Or maybe so!”

[sound of door opening and closing as Brown exits and another person enters]

SECRET SERVICEMAN: “You okay, Mr. President?”

GRAMMER: “I’m fine. I’m doing better than he is, at least.”

– transcript of White House audio recording, possibly from an A/V security device, recorded 8/1/2017 (leaked 4/7/2021)

BROWN SEEMINGLY SPLITS WITH GRAMMER OVER “RELIGIOUS FREEDOM” BILL; VP Claims The President Is “Just Plain Wrong” On The Status Of Religious Institutions In The US


[pic: ]

Above: Vice President Brown During a TON-TV Interview Earlier Today

–, 8/3/2017


…turning the plastics pollution problem on its head, the team of engineers have unlocked the secret to repurposing massive amounts of used plastics into building materials. Kenya’s Environmental Management Agency reports being “overjoyed” at the breakthrough, seeing as how recent studied show that over 50% of cattle near urban areas in Kenya have small plastic pieces in their stomachs …Kenya’s government hopes that this new technology will help to end the cattle crisis by turning plastic into strong building materials for a variety of products, including housing… [5]

–, 8/4/2017 e-article

…In August 2017, the Hasbro toy company was found guilty of violating Federal Trade Commission regulations, concluding a months-long investigation into allegations of union-busting, threatening workers, and firing other laborers attempting to organize a worker’s union. President Grammer commented on the indictments and courtroom drama with the slip “managers have rights, but so do workers.” Polling conducted by the White house found that his comment upset Democrats sympathetic to the President, but did not significantly impact his standing within the GOP…

– Kathryn Millstone’s The Grammer Administration, Borders Books, 2021

THE MAXIMUM FREEDOM BILL: Proposed Reform Would Cut Taxes At A Historic Rate

National Review, early August 2017 issue

…Grassroots initiatives to restore native forests of the high altitude of South America’s High Andes are bearing fruit, as the government of Chile today announced that over 25,000 hectares of High Andean forests have been restored from the effects deforestation in the ten years since restoration efforts began…

– BBC World News, 8/9/2017 broadcast

…In a vein similar to the “Playhouse Theater” programs of 1950s TV, “Child’s Play” was an interactive entertainment program on both TV and the technet, where viewers voted ontech on story ideas sent in and posted by people confirmed to be between the ages of 5 and 15. The show’s writers then contacted and worked with the winners of the poll to write out the script. Next, the show would film the story with cheap effects and a cast featuring at least one celebrity of some kind to pull in more viewers. Each episode was either ten, twenty or forty minutes long, each one was self-contained, and different actors were used for each of them.

Child’s Play isn’t remembered for being this state-of-the-art show or for being ahead of its time. It wasn’t at all costly at first (its season 1 budget was even smaller than that accumulated for Tommy Wiseau’s The Room. Yeah, that Tommy Wiseau). And even though it was described by The Overmeyer Network, in collaboration with, as a “social entertainment project,” the idea of combining TV broadcasting with direct audience involvement had in fact been around for decades. It had even been tried with technet activities many years before – especially in Bollywood, where the lengthy municipal lockdowns brought on by the SARS pandemic of 2002-to-2005 was a boon to technet-based engagement that soon found its way to the entertainment industries of the west by the end of that decade.

Instead, Child’s Play caught on and was best remembered for its imaginative and over-the-top ridiculousness, which was brought on by technetters testing the commitment of its writing staff. They wanted the people of the technet to vote on what show to put on, and the technetters almost always voted for the most surreal, the most ludicrous, the most balls-to-the-walls insane stories that could be found on the polls.

The first episode premiered on 11 August 2017. Its ten-minute story, sent in by a 7-year-old boy from Kenosha, Wisconsin, was about traveling to an island made entirely out of ice cream; the writing team expanded on it to be about a mad doctor attempting to use lactose to combat Global Climate Disruption, only for his 7-year-old nephew to become stranded after his machine malfunctions, and the nephew must be rescued before “Ice Cream Island” melts away into the ocean. The episode had a very quick pace and very hammy acting, but little kids loved the premise and older kids loved its aesthetic. The sight of guest star Terry Crews worriedly knee-deep in CGI “Strawberry Swirl” quicksand became an iconic image practically overnight, and spurred interest in the series.

The initial popularity of its first season, consisting of ten episodes of varying length and quality and ranging in themes and appropriateness, from kid-friendly to dark, led to critics failing to figure out how to categorize the show. A bigger budget was granted for season 2, allowing the show to air 2 episodes a month from August 2018 to March 2019. Season Three aired from September 2019 to May 2020, and had an even bigger budget.

Perhaps too big a budget. The abstract, nearly avant-garde fun ended with The Overmeyer Network cancelling the series in December 2020. They were mid-way through airing Season 4, with the final episodes being released earlier this year for remaining fans of the show. The official explanation was that the show’s began to fall sharply. As it turned out, its supporters were loud in sound, but small in number.

Retrospectively, it became known as a platform where many celebrities got their start; the show was praised for its level of audience interaction and for its sense of self-awareness, going for broke whenever an over-the-top idea won a poll and capitalizing on its time length flexibility.

Fans are still furious of Child’s Play’s fanfare-free finale, refusing to bid farewell to such a trippy and thematically-diverse concept. The CP community ontech is more of a niche community today, but it is a very passionate one. Already, they are demanding that T.O.N. greenlight a fifth season, but will the network actually do it? Probably not. The show was already expensive in its third and fourth season, and T.O.N. seems uninteresting in returning to what some former CP writers claim was a logistical nightmare behind the scenes.

With that in mind, maybe the show’s premise and concept should stay right where it currently is – not in the compost bin of history, but securely in the hands of its fans. Already, CP fans are compensating for the anthology series’ cancellation by sharing and circulating home videos, scripts, even comic book pages depicting stories based on the winners of polls conducted on their own, with an even smaller shoe-string budget than that of CP Season 1 in a renewed sense of community among these enthusiastic – and imaginative – technetters...

– transcript of video essay What on Earth Was “Child’s Play?” uploaded to on 6/6/2021

GOP PASSES PARTISAN ALTERATIVE TO E.P.I.C. JOBS BILL: Dems Call It “Weak” And “Watered-Down,” But “Still Better Than Nothing”

The Washington Post, 8/14/2017

…However, in order to avoid allegations of favoritism, President Grammer also travels to Iran that month as well. Flying to Tehran to meet with the Shah of Iran for a quick photo-op, the American President next sat down with Iranian Prime Minister David Samadi [6]. A conservative ex-physician, Samadi rose to power after being praised for overseeing SARS vaccination efforts while serving as the Mayor of Tehran in the later half of the 2000s decade. Samadi capitalized on the sit-down, as it was ahead of the September 2017 Chicken Dinner Summit, to reaffirm Iranian commitment to maintaining “peace in the region and dominance in the cosmos,” referring the Middle Eastern Bloc’s space projects. President Grammer also took the opportunity before the cameras to again emphasize American support for “lasting peace for all who live in the Middle East”…

– Madawi al-Rasheed’s The History of Modern Saudi Arabia, Sunrise Books, 2019 edition

…we can now confirm that another terrible maritime tragedy concerning a cruise ship had unfolded, as a United Korea cruise ship is sinking off the coast of the Philippines. With roughly 800 passengers onboard, the relatively small cruise vessel is slowly taking on water ten miles off the coast of the city of Surigao, and local government officials are attempting to organize emergency rescue operations, redirecting nearby boats to the sight of the incident. While we cannot confirm the exact cause of the ship’s water breach, our panel of experts still believe that it is not due to Chinese hacking or Russia cyber-warfare, which is what many technetters are claiming in baseless and unsubstantiated false claims…

– BBC World News, 17/8/2017 broadcast

MOTHER-POST: Breaking!: Steve Irwin production company has hired former “SpongeBob” animators for cartoon project

The Crocodile Hunter is venturing into the world of animation with plans for an animated TV series. The project will aim to “educate young children about the awesomeness of wild animals,” says Irwin, 55. See the full article here.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he switched to less extreme things like this. He is getting on in years.

>REPLY 1 to REPLY 1:
Yeah, this is probably because of that leg he broke a few years back. You watch his latest live-action show and if you compare it to his earlier work you can see that he’s starting to slow down a bit.

>REPLY 2 to REPLY 1:
He’s only 55? Dear God, I thought he was in his mid-60s!


It looks like it’s going to be for really little kids. I don’t get it.

>REPLY 1 to REPLY 2:
I think it’s because he’s getting on in years and he’s having trouble doing live-action stunts and tricks. But with the SB kind of stretchy and energetic animation he could still entertain people.

>REPLY 2 to REPLY 2:
I heard he’s planning on retiring in a few years and handing over his empire to his wife and kids.

>REPLY 1 to REPLY 2 to REPLY 2:
I don’t think he’s going to retire completely, he’ll still be involved – he IS The Crocodile Hunter, after all – but yeah, he’s already getting his sons and daughter more involved on his shows both behind and in front of the cameras, so I wouldn’t be surprised if something like that happened.

–, a public pop-culture news-sharing and chat-forum-hosting netsite, 8/18/2017 posting

21 August 2017: On this day in history, The Great American Eclipse of 2017, a total solar eclipse, was visible to the (protected) human eye in a path across the contiguous United States, with the eclipse “traveling” from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast; the Moon was just 3 days past perigee, so it was a relatively large eclipse; it was the first solar eclipse to be visible across the entirety of the United States since 1918, and the first total eclipse to be visible from anywhere in the mainland US since 1979; the experience was the first of its kind for many Americans, leading to parties and road trips to celebrate the path of totality.



The Washington Post, 8/22/2017


[pic: ]


Hurricane Harvey
was a record-breaking Category 4 hurricane that formed on August 17, 2017 made landfall in Texas, and dissipated on September 2, 2017, after laying waste to the US states of Texas and Louisiana, along with several other locations. It remains the wettest tropical cyclone on record in the US.

The hurricane caused severe floods across Texas, especially in Houston and southwestern Texas, killed 52 people in total, and inflicted roughly $100billion (2017 USD) in damages, making it the costliest hurricane to hit the US since Katrina swept through the state of Louisiana in 2005. Due to the extent of the record-breaking floods, which proved “catastrophic” to the local government of Houston, the name “Harvey” was retired later in the year and replaced with “Harold” for the 2023 hurricane season...


…The White House responded to the wrath of Harvey by trying to work with state governments and private enterprises to coordinate a more effective federal response. Grammer soon proposed an emergency funding bill to be passed through Congress by the end of the month.

In one vidcall with US Senator Mac Thornberry (R-TX), Grammer opposed Thornberry’s reservations on promoting “federal intervention” over concerns that it would “hurt the budget in 2018.” Grammer, who had heard Thornberry voice a similar concern on TON the day before, condemned the Senator’s priorities, saying “first of all, the economy is booming, and second of all, why are you more concerned about the BBA when people are literally drowning in your own home state. Mac, guess what? We can worry about the cost later! We don’t have loan sharks breathing down our necks; we’re the government – we breathe down other people’s necks! So listen – either get off your ass and help me send this help to your constituents or I promise I’ll remind them of your priorities the next time your name shows up on a ballot!”

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022

…Immediately, President Bové advanced his agenda through a parliament that only partially friendly toward his goals. Implementing a tax on foreign exchange transactions was the first proposal, but stalled to the point that the raising of tariffs on several foreign imports occurred before the tax passed through parliament in late August. From there, Bové took to the French court in opposition to the fossil-fuel companies…


…Bové’s relationship with some world leaders was different than it was with others. The anti-globalist got along well with US President Grammer, the Canadian Prime Minister, and even with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, but often found himself publicly opposing UK PM Alastair Goodland and the leaders of Spain, Italy and Ireland, along with UN Secretary-General Surakiart Sathirathai and the leaders of several global brands and corporations…

– Marie Luneau and Francois Dufour’s France Is Never For Sale, Verso Books, 2022


…however, the President is still urging private businesses to contribute to charity drives to help provide basic needs for the victims of Hurricane Harvey…

The Washington Post, 8/31/2017

INTERVIEWER: “Dolph Lundgren, you’ve just been cast against type in a new science drama on the Trojan Tower Disaster miniseries! What can your fans and other TV watchers expect from you in this new vehicle?”

LUNDGREN: “I think they’re going to be in for a very good time, a very eye-opening time. I’ve read the script, and it’s a good script, very informative and very exciting. I mean, it’s based on a real event, a very tragic event, but it was an event steeped in drama and suspense that I think will really keep people on the edges of their seats even if they already do know what’s about it happen here and there.”

INTERVIEWER: “Did you have to do any special training for this role?”

LUNDGREN: “I like to do research for projects I’m invested in, but the thing is, I already have a master’s degree in chemical engineering, so I actually know what I’m talking about in this role. I’m already familiar with the material.”


LUNDGREN: “Yes, I studied chemical engineering at Washington State University, at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and at the University of Sydney” [7]

INTERVIEWER: “Fascinating. So will you have any action scenes at all in this series, in any episodes?”

LUNDGREN: “My character is one of the inspector scientists who worked to determine the deadliness of a potential meltdown at the Trojan Tower Nuclear Plant and repeatedly warned the plant owners of their need to shut down. I won’t be running into the building itself, trying to manually turn off valves or trying to cool the reactor core.”

INTERVIEWER: “Well, rewrites are possible, so you never know.”

LUNDGREN: “That is true.”

People Magazine, early September 2017 issue

Republican Senators Just Passed a Massive Tax Cut Bill. Here Are The Social Programs It Hits Hardest.

–, 9/3/2017


…Prince Albert, Duke of Cambridge, at age 35, will marry Anne Panter, a former professional field hockey player, age 33, at St. George’s Chapel, in England, UK. Second in line to the throne after his father, Albert, named after his grandfather, is a bachelor no more, as people around the world are set to tune in to watch the marriage ceremony. The BBC expects an estimated global audience of 1.6 billion will watch the royal wedding...


[pic: ]
Above: Anne Panter

…The soon-to-be-Princess Anne, born in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England, first met Prince Albert at the 2011 Commonwealth Games but did not begin to date one another until re-meeting in 2014 for a multisports charity event in London…

The New York Times, 9/4/2017


The Toronto Star, 9/5/2017 “wedding special”

The Family Tree of Charles, Prince of Wales

CHARLES, Prince of Wales (b. Prince Charles of Edinburgh, 1948), m. Sarah, Princess of Wales (b. Elizabeth Sarah Lavinia “Sarah” Spencer, 1955) 1981-present

> Son Albert, Duke of Cambridge (b. Prince Albert of Wales, 1982), m. Anne Panter (b. 1984) 2017-present

> Daughter Rosemary, Duchess of York (b. 1984), m. Thomas Henry Robin Kingston (b. 1978) 2015-present
> > Granddaughter Elizabeth “Bethie” (b. 2016)

> Daughter Emily “Emmy,” Duchess of Gloucester (b. 1987)

> Son Aloysius “Lou,” Duke of Sussex (b. 1989)

> Son Alexander “Lex,” Duke of Kent (b. 1991)

–, c. September 2017

…several American and Mexican studies published in 2017 strong indicated that, due to both American intervention into Mexico’s recreadrug crisis at its peak in the 1990s followed by post-SARS economic expansion, the stabilization of Mexico’s markets and “community security” (1995-2005), roughly 17,000 of American workers from both lower and upper classes had gradually moved from the US to Mexico between 2005 and 2015…

– Novelist, researcher and former journalist John Clay Walker’s Recreadrug Lords And The Cartels of Today, 2019

Hurricane Irma
was a powerful that caused widespread destruction in September 2017, especially in the northeastern Caribbean and the Florida Keys. Irma was the first Category 5 hurricane to strike the Leeward Islands on record, with Hurricane Maria being the second, hitting the islands two weeks later. Irma was one of the most powerful hurricane on record in the open Atlantic region, outside of the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico until Hurricane Dorian beat its records two years later. It was also the third strongest Atlantic hurricane at landfall ever recorded, just behind the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane and Hurricane Dorian, and the most intense hurricane to strike the continental United States since Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana in 2005. Technetters labelled the storm “Irmageddon” as a way of describing the extent of its intensity and the damage it left behind.

Irma developed from a tropical wave on August 30, and weather patterns and conditions allowed the storm to alternate between rapidly intensifying and plateauing in strength as it travelled along its path, fluctuating between Categories 2 and 3 for several days before becoming a Category 5 hurricane on September 5. Peaking on September 6 with record-breaking 1-minute sustained winds of 180 mph (285 km/h).

Despite Irma briefly weakening to a Category 2 storm while making landfall on Cuba, the storm returned to being a Category 4 Hurricane just as it crossed the warm waters of the Straits of Florida and making landfall in the United States on September 10. The system then degraded into a remnant low over Alabama and ultimately dissipated on September 13 over Missouri.

The storm caused catastrophic damage across several nations, and caused at least 79 deaths overall…


…In the US’s Virgin Islands, residents and tourists were “shocked” by the extent of the storm and its deadly damage to the territory. The US government responded relatively swiftly. Almost immediately, the USS Dinger amphibious assault ship traveled to the USVI to provide supplies, assess damage, and assist in evacuations and rescue operations. Three other warships docked in Texas to assist that US state with post-Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, were sent to the USVI a day later. ODERCA airlifted in supplies for residents and rescue workers over the course of the next several days, in coordination with the National Guard and the Coast Guard...

– [8]

IOC Session No. 132

Date: September 14, 2017

Location: Lima, Peru

Subject 1 of 1: bidding for hosting the 7/26/2024-8/11/2024 (or XXXII) Summer Olympics

Results Breakdown:

Jakarta, Indonesia – 14 (Round 1) – 15 (Round 2) – 18 (Round 3) – 21 (Round 4) – 25 (Round 5) – 36 (Round 6) – 52 (Round 7)

Paris, France – 11 (Round 1) – 12 (Round 2) – 15 (Round 3) – 20 (Round 4) – 28 (Round 5) – 32 (Round 6) – 45 (Round 7)

Casablanca, Morocco – 17 (Round 1) – 18 (Round 2) – 19 (Round 3) – 19 (Round 4) – 23 (Round 5) – 29 (Round 6)

Guadalajara, Mexico – 10 (Round 1) – 12 (Round 2) – 15 (Round 3) – 19 (Round 4) – 21 (Round 5)

Tokyo, Japan – 15 (Round 1) – 16 (Round 2) – 17 (Round 3) – 18 (Round 4)

Baku, Azerbaijan – 12 (Round 1) – 14 (Round 2) – 13 (Round 3)

St. Petersburg, Russia – 7 (Round 1) – 10 (Round 2)

Nairobi, Kenya – 7 (Round 1) (withdrew ahead of Round 2 to avoid a “side vote” to break the tie between Nairobi and St. Petersburg)

Doha, Qatar – 4 (Round 1)

End Result:

Jakarta, Indonesia won hosting duties on the 7th round


“…A leadership election for the Progressive Conservative party has been called after a motion of no confidence was made against Prime Minister Rogers over his poor handling of implementing his party’s tax plans…”

– CBC, Canadian TV channel, 9/15/2017 broadcast

16 September 2017: On this day in history, Hurricane Irma, which formed on August 30, dissipates after creating a path of destruction across the Caribbean; on the island of Barbuda, every single building is damaged by the storm to some degree, seven are killed – including the former PM, who is the son of former PM Vere Bird; because the storm’s destruction matches the description of a prediction made by convict Arthur Nibbs, a diehard cult worshipping him sprouts up virtually overnight



The Washington Post, 9/17/2017

…In September 2017, a Russia separatist group in the Caucasus Mountain region of the region called The Circassian Liberation Front (dubbed and popularized as “the CLF” by the US’s CIA) increased their more violent activities in the Russian “republics” of Adygea, Cherkkessia and Kabardino, three tiny pockets in southwestern Russia that were more ignored by the rest of the NDRR than even Ingushetia. While investigating the reasons behind the rise in CLF support in the region, INTERPOL operative uncovered links that prominent members of the CLF had to weapons smugglers operating in Tajikistan and Eritrea. This was when it was first suggested that the CLF “terrorist” group was trying to acquire nuclear weapons.

While INTERPOL kept the links under wraps, UN rules dictated that relevant world leaders be informed of such probes. During the subsequent VidCall, Nikolayev condemned such activities and compliantly answered any questions that came his way. His cooperativeness prompted a majority of the members of the UN Security Council to believe him when he said that he had no connections to the CLF. The fact that two businessmen associated with two former business acquaintances from Nikolayev’s days in the logging industry being implicated in the possible weapon smuggling scheme was purely circumstantial...

– Victor Cherkashin’s Relentless: The Leaders of Post-Soviet Russia, Basic Books, 2020


–, 18/9/2017


The Washington Post, 9/19/2017

[vid: ]

–, 9/22/2017

…In response to the damage and crisis Hurricane Maria has unleashed upon the US state of Puerto Rico, with the storm essentially retracing most of Hurricane Irma’s path of destruction just a few weeks ago, President Grammer and Vice President Brown have called for an immediate emergency session of congress to pass a federal assistance and relief bill for the island’s citizens…

– KNN Breaking News, Saturday 9/23/2017 broadcast

GRAMMER VISITS SAN JUAN; Pres. “Shocked” By Damage Extent

…in a showcasing of his libertarian streaks, the President is urging all private businesses to contribute to emergency relief efforts…

The Miami Herald, 9/25/2017


…covering the cost of transporting 1.6 million gallons of water, 23,000 cots, and several dozen generators to Puerto Rico, the resolution concludes several intense days in the Beltway as federal agency leaders met with congressional leaders and communicated with community and emergency services organizers on the ground in Puerto Rico. The bill also offers tax credits for private businesses and enterprises that make donations to charities and other groups attempting to get the 52nd state back up onto its feet…

The Washington Post, 9/29/2017


…the company that produced the faulty engine that exploded onboard the United Korean vessel The Floating Petal in August has been issued the most expensive fine in Korea’s history… Trials and investigations are still ongoing to determine precisely how much both the CEO of the company and the United Korean shipbuilders who ordered the engine actually knew concerning the cheap product’s explosive internal issues…

The Asahi Shimbun, Japanese newspaper, 10/1/2017

Mikhael Mirilashvili [9]

Born: May 1, 1960; Kulaski, Georgian SSR

Education: qualified medical doctor specializing in pediatrics, St. Petersburg University

Background: This Israeli-Georgian businessman originally worked in medicine before joining his family’s real estate business, which he grew into a multinational corporation by developing casinos and shopping malls in Russia and other parts of the world. In the early 2000s, he expanded into the renewable energy sector and into the media industry, promoting social networking sites such as BuddyTalk and Vkontakte. Developing a net worth of over 4.5billion (as of late 2016), Mirilashvili has also become a generous philanthropist for the scientific community, offering grants at his alma mater and at the University of Moscow. His major contributions to projects in Israel, via his real estate, tech innovation, and construction companies, such as Kitaim, Flarium Global, Joshes Argaman, and Be’er Isaac Energy, have all contributed to transforming southern Israel from a sparely populated desert to a bustling center of living and commerce for that nation…

Scientific American, monthly popular science news magazine, “innovator” profile, October 2017 issue

…Audio description technology has come a long way since MIT created DOTSYS software in the 1960s. The current “fifth-generation” CRAVITS (Computer-Reading Assistant for Visually Impaired Technetters System) provides voice description for any netsites its users visit, assuring technet accessibility for the blind. Even video-hosting sites such as ourvids are compatible thanks to Raymark, one of the most popular debugging/antivirus company, partnering with longtime contributor Reed Hastings to assure A.D. software flexibility…

– Joy Lisi Rankin’s Computers: A People’s History of the Information Machine, Westview Press, 2018

…Over the years, one internal debate that repeatedly arose without a proper resolution was whether or not KFC should allow other countries to alter the recipe. While Colonel Sanders was using vegetable oil for frying chicken at the time of his death in 1990, economic factors were leading to a push to change to recipe yet again, with many KFC outlets in places such as Canada and the UK repeatedly requesting that the parent company allow them to use a blend of palm and soybean oil.

In October 2017, Finger Lickin’ Good, Inc. CEO William Kirk Hannon, in office since January of that same year, made the historic decision to review and approve of KFC-Japan’s request to amend the recipe for their outlets. The oil used in KFC in Japan became the more expensive cottonseed and corn oil, as KFC Japan believes that this offers superior taste quality. Soon after, KFC-UK’s request to use their palm-soybean blend at their outlets was reviewed and approved as well.

The decision from the head office established a precedence of KFC outlets outside of the US selling food made with recipes amended for either economic or culinary reasons. Internal responses to this major policy shakeup was mixed. Some execs, such as Jan Fields (the Head Executive of FLG’s Smokey Mountain BBQ Steakhouse and a former McDonald’s executive) embraced the notion as a way of trying out alternate recipes in markets abroad. Fields reportedly told former KFC CEO Adrien McNaughton “this way, if we see something bringing in revenue, we can try it out at home [in the US] with minimal fear of it performing poorly. On the opposite side of that coin, a different recipe performing poorly oversees will do well to warn us not to try it out over here.”

Others, however, were more wary of the policy change. “I think decentralizing KFC’s kitchens may lead to a decline in quality control,” Vipul Chawla, Wendyburger COO at the time, wrote to the famous Hatton Salt later that month, “I can clearly image a tourist trying KFC in one country, then in another, and being surprised and disappointed by the lack of uniformity in how our food taste. It will make many customers who can travel around begin to question our commitment to maintain top-notch standard for all of our products at all of our locations.”…

– Marlona Ruggles Ice’s A Kentucky-Fried Phoenix: The Post-Colonel History of Most Famous Birds In The World, Hawkins E-Publications, 2020 [10]

AUTOMATION: Good For Business In The Short Run Only?

…more studies are finding that customer loyalty drops the more automated a company becomes... Financial experts and business leaders disagree on how businesses should react to this phenomenon in the upcoming years…

The Wall Street Journal, 10/12/2017


…The University of Texas announcing earlier this month that the state of Texas is now receiving more energy from wind than from coal comes just a few years after wind power capacity in Texas surpassed coal production in the Lone Star state. Wind farms have been popping up across Texas for roughly two decades now, with more than 60,000 acres being owned by several thousand landowners and being dedicated to wind farm usage. Additional reports from Texas A&M and Texas Tech show that wind turbines generated 35.2% of Texas’ power during the last two fiscal quarters, while coal generated only 27.9%, according to ERCOT. “Credit for the rise in wind turbine use must be given to recent advancements in battery technology to extent energy storage,” says the head of the Texas A&M study, who cited recent improvements in the 100-megawatt lithium-ion battery used by a plurality of wind farms located in Texas…

Time Magazine, mid-October 2017 issue

…Another major cyberattack occurred on October 14, 2017. Striking several western and Scandinavian banking accounts and personal business files, the attack revealed in detail how several European companies that sought to benefit during the 2013 recession with tactics such as buying or selling certain stocks and other financial investments and actions. The hackers also leaked to the presses the offshore financial activities of several northern European law firms, politicians, corporate giants, and business leaders in an event described by the UK’s Daily Telegraph as “shaking Scandinavian society to its core almost into the ground in a near-crushing moral blow to the citizens of these countries.” With faith in and approval of several institutions across Norway, Sweden and Finland dropping almost to 2013-era levels as the press gobbled up the grim and grisly details found throughout the leaked documents and the court dragging them even further for public display, the CIA became convinced that the attackers were anti-capitalist in nature.

“Whoever did this wants to take down the freedom-loving Western World,” as America’s spritely young CIA Director, the effervescent Evan McMullin, put it during a meeting with Grammer and others. “So this must have been the work of the Chinese.”

“We’ve got to reiterate our goals,” the President moved on from the culprits to the solutions. “We have better encourage private companies and businesses to take advantage of our cybersecurity departments’ resources. We’re offering assistance to state and local governments to impede the effectiveness of the kind of cyber-attacks from both foreign and domestic elements.”

“And we’ve put to ramp up our anti-attack software systems,” Secretary of Defense Collins nodded. “The Norwegians didn’t see it coming, but we’re staying vigilant.”

“Right,” the Deputy National Security Advisor for Emerging Technology, US Army Gen. Ron Kovic (ret.), bellowed out. “Enhance encryption and multifactor authentication! Protect all potential targets – aerospace tech, biotech, telecommunications, medical systems, and energy systems in the business sectors. All those places got hit in Scandinavia, all of them might be targets over here!”

The US DET’s Undersecretary of Cybersecurity concurred…

– Kathryn Millstone’s The Grammer Administration, Borders Books, 2021

Donald R. Katz
(b. January 30, 1952) is the founder and the CEO of Audible, Inc., which were both founded in 1995 and are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. In 2001, Katz was awarded the Fritz & Newsom Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Illinois. Named one of's “25 Most Influential People in Illinois” in 2014, Katz was also recognized as one of America's Top 25 Disruptive Leaders by “Living Cities” for his work on behalf of urban transformation in southern Chicago, Illinois.

Katz was born in Chicago, Illinois on January 30, 1952. He graduated from New York University in 1974, where he studied with Ralph Ellison, who had been made Albert Schweitzer Professor of Humanities. Katz credits his decision to work in the field of audiobooks to his studying under Ellison, with his emphasis on literature being “something more than text [and] something that should be heard and performed,” according to Katz in a 2001 interview. Katz also said, in that same interview, “I studied literature with Ralph as much as I read his work and talked about writing… Audible is a testament, in many ways, to what I learned from him.” Before founding Audible, Katz was an author and journalist for twenty years.

Katz founded in early 1995. The netsite exploded in use and popularity in 2004, amid the post-SARS exercise craze. has served millions of listeners nationally and worldwide since its founding; the netsite currently offers over 500,000 downloadable audiobooks, audio editions of periodicals, audio description software, and other audio programs and services. also commercialized portable digital audio players, contributing to the ontech downloading culture of the late 1990s. operates seventeen global outlets, including websites in the UK, Spain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Germany and most recently Mexico.

[notice: this article is cluttered; editing is welcomed] [notice: the article is a stub; further sources and information is welcomed]

–, c. October 2017 [11]


…the announcement, which Hegyes described as a “painful decision,” comes two weeks after being spotted apparently collapsing on the set of “Windigo 4” in Chihuahua, Mexico, in what was described as a “health-related incident” at the time… Hegyes, 66, is suffering from “the long-term effects of” Type 2 diabetes, and says he has “got only a few more years left, and I want to spend them with my family.” …Hegyes is arguably best known for portraying Juan Epstein, the multiethnic “sweathog”-turned-cop-turned-teacher of the “Welcome Back, Kotter” TV/film franchise. …Upon hearing of the announcement, actor John Travolta, a WBK co-star of Hegyes whose career reached its apex in the 1980s before a sex scandal in 1986 to cost him several prominent roles, leading to his career prospects not picking back up again until the late 2000s, posted his condolences onto social media condolences. Following suit soon after were WBK co-stars Gabe Kaplan (D-NY) and Ronald Polillo (D-CA). Kaplan, best known as the titular Mr. Kotter, is a former US Senator who ran for President in 2000, while Polillo is a prominent BLUTAGO-Rights activist who unsuccessfully ran for a US Congressional seat once…

The Hollywood Reporter, side article, 10/21/2017

“…the field of PC MPs running to try and unseat the increasingly unpopular PM became less crowded today when Jean-Francois Archambault announced that she would not challenge Prime Minister Rogers for the leadership role. This now leaves only four challengers: three MPs – Peter Stoffer, Pierre Ducasse, and current frontrunner André Bachand – and 17-year-student Noah Ryan Scott, who is running a ‘protest’ candidacy. Two other MPs, Jim Prentice and Mario Beaulieu, initially expressed interest in running, but in the end decided to support Rogers’ efforts to preserve his administration…”

– CBC, Canadian TV channel, 10/22/2017 broadcast

GRAMMER: “I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, Harley. I’m only meeting with you today because Marissa insisted I bury the hatchet.”

BROWN: “Not into my back, right?”

GRAMMER: “Oh come now, let’s not be so boorish over some piece of legislation.”

BROWN: “The legislation, Kelsey, could do a lot of good for a lot of people.”

GRAMMER: “What an excellent rendition of one of the vaguest law descriptions ever uttered.”

BROWN: “There you go again with the fancy talk. Turn off the Frasier switch and answer one question – do you still think that churches should pay some taxes, period?”

GRAMMER: “A small amount of taxes, yes.”

BROWN: “Second question, then – a follow-up question, actually, so it still counts as part of the first.”

GRAMMER: “Sure.”

BROWN: “Do you still plan on opposing, or possibly even vetoing, this bill?”

GRAMMER: “No, actually.”

BROWN: “Wait, really? What changed your mind?”

GRAMMER: “I took a look at the bill’s margin of victory in both sides of the house. Overwhelming majorities in both chambers. It’s a clear mandate. It is what is wanted. If I deny what so many want, I may have a difficult time passing anything next year. Spite is a very powerful thing in D.C., you know.”

BROWN: “Yeah, yeah, I know.”

GRAMMER: “Especially in our party.”

BROWN: “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

GRAMMER: “And in this room.”

BROWN: “I get it, I get it, but you’ve got to admit, you’re a stubborn fella, too.”

GRAMMER: “Alright, I admit it: I can be stubborn at times.”

BROWN: “Okay. And, in the spirit of honesty, I’ll tell you, my wife wanted me to make amends with ya, too.”

GRAMMER: “She’s a smart woman.”

BROWN: “Yours ain’t too bad, either.”

GRAMMER: “Mm. So, are we good?”

BROWN: “I guess.”

– transcript of White House audio recording, possibly from an A/V security device, recorded 12/6/2017 (leaked 4/22/2021)

…By October 2017, the rift between the President and Vice President began to mend in the wake of the Religious Freedom Bill making its way from congressional committee with President Grammer making only some changes to it. With the help of the retiring US Senator Olympia Snowe and other party members whose identities are still not yet disclosed, some provisions that were slyly attached to the taxation reform during its final pre-vote revision was the retaining of Jesse Jackson-era property tax codes for religious organizations that own more than 500,000 acres of land, among other retentions…


[pic: ]

A briefly clean-shaven President Grammer sits in the White House, watching the Senate vote on the Religious Freedom Bill of 2017 on a video monitor...

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022

Religious Freedom Act Passes Senate, 55-47

…the fact that not all Republicans voted “yea” of the bill hints at the rift between the libertarian and deeply-conservative wings of the Senate GOP, and sheds light on the question of religion’s place in the modern Republican party…

The Washington Post, 10/24/2017

FREE LOVE: The Utopia of John Noyes

Rated: OEO (Over Eighteen Only)
Premiered: October 25, 2017
Genre(s): drama/romance/erotic thriller

Directed by: Payton Reed
Written by: Jeremy Garelick and Erika Mitchell
Produced by: Tumbleweed Media

Johnny Depp as John Humphrey Noyes, the leader of an unconventional community
Debralee Scott as Harriet Noyes, the “den mother” of the community
James Franco as Charles
Sasha Alexander as Mary
Betsy Brandt as Maybelline
Harland Page as Clemson Stout
Rashida Jones as Omara, a “mixed race” escaped slave struggling to find a place in society where she belongs
See Full List Here

In 1848, American preacher and liberal religious philosopher John Humphrey Noyes (1811-1886), with several followers, flees from arrest warrants in Vermont and settles in Oneida, New York, to found The Oneida Community, a utopian proto-socialist commune described as “The Kingdom of God on Earth.” The group’s highly unusual practices lead to conflict with nearby settlers, primarily over Noyes’ invention of a practice called “free love.” Oneida’s social structure is stable, but privately creates tension, suspicion, and heartbreak among the main characters over the course of many years. Focus on “perfecting” the commune slowly leads to it becoming corrupted by eugenics talking points. Escalating conflict between the commune members mirrors rising hostilities from local authorities, culminating in an almost-fatal confrontation. In 1879, Noyes is forced to dissolve the community and flee to Canada to avoid arrest, living there until his death. His son, Pierrepont Noyes, later co-founds the Oneida silverware cutlery company.

The film saw decent success at the box office, but face criticism for its “dramatization” of historical material.

Trivia Facts:

Trivia Fact No. 1: Historical Omissions and Inaccuracies From The Get-Go

While the film includes the fact that John Humphrey Noyes’s father, John Noyes, was a former US Congressman from Vermont, the film fails to mention the fact that his mother was an aunt of President Rutherford B. Hayes (1877-1881), whom the film alleges pushed to have Noyes arrested in 1879.

– [12]


…King Constantine II of Greece, age 76, has ruled from a disputably shaky throne ever since his ascension to it following the death of his father just over 50 years ago. Constantine II’s lukewarm popularity has in recent years been joined by weakening health. These developments in the monarch’s well-being have fueled rumors that the King will advocate any day now. His personal charm, and his leadership during the recent near-invasion from Bulgaria’s short-lived junta certainly boosted his personality, would certainly make such a transition easy.

However, Greece’s male-preference primogeniture states that the King’s oldest child, Princess Alexia, will be passed over in favor of her younger brother, Prince Paul. Alexia, age 53, is much more popular among the Greek people than Paul, age 50, with the former being one of the most-followed individuals on Greek social media due to her many charitable and philanthropic works, while her younger sibling, arguably best known for his yachting ventures, received controversy in early 2003 for crashing his personal yacht into a fisherman’s boat, and again in 2014 for accidently sinking another yacht off the coast of Mykonos.

As a result of this law preventing Alexis from becoming King should her father abdicate, calls to change the monarchy’s succession laws have garnered support among the Greek populace, with many more active members of the nation’s populace demanding action. So far, the King, the royal family, and Greek PM Ioannis Plakiotakis (b. 1968) have all declined to comment on the calls. Nevertheless, the demand for amending the royal line of succession is interesting in that already polls show that supporters and opponents of such reform fall on “gender lines” – a large majority of women polled by Greek poll companies expressed support for Alexia succeeding her father, while an overwhelming majority of men polled expressed support for Prince Paul…

The Daily Telegraph, UK newspaper, 10/26/2017

“It’s been roughly five years exactly since Hurricane Sandy, and the implementing of storm barriers has still not occurred. Despite the Grammer administration’s support for state-level projects, can’t the federal government do anything to help this process along, given the fact that New York City is a financial center vital to the national economy, not a state-level economy?”

“While there are many more immediate and pressing issues to address first, we will provide any help that we can to the area once the state and municipal agencies agree to a project proposal that works them and does not interfere with the decision-making of said state and municipal agencies. Regional problems require regional solutions, not federal interruptions. It is up to the state governments to find a solution, and it is up to the federal government to assist without interfering with their laws.”

– exchange between a reporter and the spokesperson for the US Department of Community Development, 10/29/2017

“…Turning now to political news – several off-year elections are to be held next week, including two US Senate seats, and polling shows that even this close to Election Day, the winner for many major races is pretty much anyone’s guess, as both the Republican party and the Democratic party share very similar approval/disapproval ratings…”

– CBS Evening News, 10/30/2017 broadcast


…Prime Minister George Rogers will exit office on the eleventh, after failing to challenge a motion of no confidence from several members of the Progressive Conservative party. Rogers’ raising of taxes alienated many Canadian voters and politicians given that the top campaign issue that he ran on in 2013 was “lower all taxes, not lowering some taxes and raising others,” as his former Deputy PM observed last week… Our next Prime Minister, the 23rd Prime Minister overall, and the leader of tonight’s leadership contest will be André Bachand of Quebec. Bachand was the Mayor of Asbestos, Quebec from 1986 to 1997, and has served in parliament since 1999…

The Toronto Star, Canadian newspaper, 11/1/2017


…Glenn K. Rieth (R, b. 1957), the former Dean of West Point, Virginia, served in the US Army from 1980 to 2008, reaching the height of Adjutant General of New Jersey and Commander of the New Jersey Army and Air National Guard in 2002 before retiring in 2006 to protest President Jesse Jackson’s slashing of the US military budget. Rieth was strongly supported by former US Deputy Attorney General Chris Christie. Both Christie and Rieth were raised in Livingston; their families knew each other, and the two have been close allies with the Garden state’s Republican Party… Lieutenant Governor-Elect Anna Campbell Little has already received congratulatory vidcalls from Democratic nominee Stephen M. Sweeney (b. 1959) and his running mate, Shavonda E. Sumter (b. 1974)…

The Star-Ledger, New Jersey newspaper, 11/7/2017

…In tonight’s gubernatorial contest in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Democratic nominee Anne Bright Holton has just been declared the winner. Holton has defeated Republican nominee Jill Vogel in a narrow contest, with a margin of less than 3% separating the two major-party candidates…

– CBS Evening News, 11/7/2017 broadcast

“THE DOCTOR IS IN”: Voters Pick “Medicine Manny” For HRC’s Seat

…In tonight’s U.S. Senate Special Election, voters selected Republican nominee Dr. Manny Sethi to finish the six-year term that Hillary Rodham-Clinton was re-elected to in 2012 but vacated early this year to become the US Secretary of Commerce…

The Commercial Appeal, Tennessee newspaper, 11/7/2017


…in a dramatic demonstration of the growth of Nebraska’s urban areas, an African-American female Democratic US Representative has won a US Senate seat from the deeply conservative and consistently Republican-voting state of Nebraska. Faust-Goudeau’s surprise rise in the political arena can also be due to her support for policies and programs and protect and aid elderly Americans, who came out droves across the state to back the moderate Democratic lawmaker…

– The Omaha World-Herald, Nebraska newspaper, 11/7/2017

…Election Eve 2017 was The Moment of Truth 2.0, the test to see if the people of New York City were truly satisfied with Mayor McMillen’s allegedly “radical” changes to the Big Apple’s “rental-industrial complex,” from raising vacancy costs on landlords to capping rent and restructuring zoning laws… [snip] …At 3:05 A.M. on November 8, the Democratic/Liberal nominee, city councilperson Trisha Ellen Meili, conceded the race to McMillan; Republican/Conservative nominee Richard A. “Bo” Dietl followed suit an hour later. In the face of a multitude of media attacks from establishment-friendly liberals and conservatives critical of his attacks on landlords and police precincts, the people of New York City stood firm alongside their mayor. McMillan, officially running as an Independent endorsed by the Working Families party, secured a second and final term with 51% of the vote – a majority of first-preference votes, thus avoid any instant-runoff counting from occurring, much to the consternation of some Democratic and Republican psephologists who were certain that McMillan’s implementation of RCV in 2016 would be his own undoing. Trisha Ellen Meili came in second place with 30% of the vote, and Bo Dietl came in third place with 17% of the vote, while several minor candidates receiving the remaining 2% of the vote…

– Maria Stevenson and John Capozzi’s TRITDH: The Jimmy McMillan Story, Vagabond Books, 2021


…In a “David-vs-Goliath”-like fight for the Mayor’s seat, incumbent Mayor George Cushingberry Jr. lost a bid for a third term (which would have been his sixth nonconsecutive term in total) to city councilman Coleman Alexander Young II, the progressive son of former Mayor Coleman Young. Young faced an uphill climb against Cushingberry, a longtime staple of Detroit politics who was reportedly on Gary Locke’s running mate shortlist last year. However, Young was able to mobilize a coalition of supporters ranging from active technetters to voters nostalgic for the good times Detroit had under his Mayorship, allowing for “Young the Younger” to best Cushingberry by a 7% margin despite being outspent by a margin of more than 2-to-1…

The Detroit Free Press, Michigan newspaper, 11/7/2017


…the Democrat’s victory in tonight’s election comes over a month after winning a plurality of 47% in the city’s blanket primary on October 3rd…

– The Albuquerque Journal, 11/14/2017

“…in the aftermath of a 7.3-magnitude earthquake striking the nations of Iran and Iraq, the Shah of Iran is offering US$5million worth of emergency provisions to their neighbor in light of the roughly 200 dead and roughly 30,000 made homeless on both sides of the border, but mostly on the Iraqi side. The offering is either an honest act of goodwill, or a political maneuver to try and bring Iraq closer into Iran’s sphere of influence and farther away from Saudi Arabia’s sphere of influence…”

– BBC World News, 15/11/2017 broadcast

…The “off-year” elections of 2017 were a surprisingly mixed bag for an overall popular Presidential administration. In the Mayoral elections, the truth found in the old term “all politics is local” was on full display, as several election defied the pro-Republican trends found at the national levels.

In Los Angeles, the incumbent Mayor Herb Wesson (D) defeated the more centrist Mitchell Schwartz (D). In Albuquerque, New Mexico, progressive activist Richard Romero (D) secured easy victories in the October 3 primary and November 14 general elections. In Detroit, Michigan, voter backlash to lackluster moderates overall saw the city’s longtime political staple, Mayor Cushingberry, finally lose a citywide election.

Farther South, Houston voters chose progressive reformist Dwight Boykins (D) over Adrian Garcia (D) and incumbent Gene L. Locke (D) in their Mayoral election held on November 7; Locke reportedly came in third place largely due to his allegedly “horrid” handling of Hurricane Harvey hitting Houston, according to the Houston Chronicle, which endorsed the more moderate Garcia.

In Louisiana, Mitchell J. “Mitch” Landrieu (D) was an exception to the overall anti-establishment sentiments reverberating across the country’s cities in the autumn of 2017. Landrieu, the child of one former Mayor and the younger sibling of another former Mayor, won the October 14 and November 18 primary and general elections by wide margins, though many credited these easy victories more on name recognition than on his “progressive but vague” platform…

– Kathryn Millstone’s The Grammer Administration, Borders Books, 2021


…The President most likely waited until after the November elections in order to minimalize the effects that signing the legislation could have on voting tendencies and turnout in said political races…

The Boston Globe, 11/17/2017

CARNIVAL IN HOT WATER: U.S. Cruise Ship Parent Company To Face Legal Charges For Negligence In Italian Incident, International Court Rules


[pic: ] a landmark ruling pertaining to a massive multinational class-action lawsuit, the multinational cruise liner company is allegedly responsible for the actions of those under its employ, including the captain and senior officers onboard the Pinnacle during the Pinnacle-Sirena Disaster of January 2017. However, it is not known if the United States Justice Department will recognize the International Court of Justice’s jurisdiction… If found guilty of negligence, the US-based Carnival company could lose millions of dollars in litigation and other fees, fines and payments…

– The New York Times, 11/19/2017


…celebrating Thanksgiving at a Washington, D.C. political function, it seems that the ice between POTUS and the VP has thawed…

–, 11/22/2017 e-article


…the elevation of Fotini “Fofi” Gennimata and the left-wing PASOK (an acronym for the Panhelenic Socialist Movement) political party over incumbent PM Ioannis Plakiotakis comes amid a rising wave of feminism in Greece…

The Guardian, UK newspaper, 25/11/2017

“…Governor Raul Labrador of Puerto Rico is praising President Grammer’s ‘swift and effective’ response to Hurricane Maria ravaging his state in September, posting onto PalChat to thank Grammer for his ‘pragmatic efforts to aid the most vulnerable and the worst hit.’ The Governor has in recent days credited Grammer, a fellow Republican, and his home state’s emergency services for the island’s speedy recovery from the damage received in what Labrador calls ‘one of the worst hurricane seasons in recent memory’...”

– ABC Morning News, 11/27/2017 broadcast


…for assisting law enforcement officers in arresting other arms smugglers, T.G.T. has had his sentenced reduce in a move that is leading to a mixture of public outcry and public support for the infamous gun runner…

The Chicago Tribune, 12/1/2017

…The expensive Guggenheim Guadalajara Museum finally held its grand opening in Mexico today, after over 12 years in development. Wealthy local philanthropist and businessman Jorge Vergara presided over the ceremonies…

– NBC News, 12/2/2017 broadcast

“…moving on to political news, where Lisa Borders, where the Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia was won a second term. Borders, the former President of the WNBA, won a blanket primary on November 7 after winning praise for her city’s smooth applicating of ‘police precinct reform measures’ introduced by Georgia Governor Shirley Franklin all the way back in 2011…”

– CBS Evening News, 12/5/2017 broadcast

Katherine DENTON: “Alright, all current former First Ladies gather round now.”

Joanne KEMP: “We’re not sheep, dear, you don’t have to corral us in.”

Sheila WELLSTONE: “I’m keeping the minutes!”

Paula DINGER: “Wait, where are the Iacocca sisters?”

DENTON: “They were unable to partake in organizing these festivities due to prior engagements.”

Jacqueline JACKSON: “That’s what they say every time we all try to work on something here.”

DINGER: “Well, their track record when it comes to visiting their former abode does strongly support the notion that the White House is just too sad and tragic a place for them to visit.”

JACKSON: “I get that. I just would like to hear it from their words just once. You can’t get over a problem without admitting you got one, and those girls have got one.”

DENTON: “So do we. While Katy and Lia visit their relatives in Italy, we still have to come up with one last thing – the theme for the main Christmas tree, the main focus of the decorations.”

WELLSTONE: “What’s wrong with ornaments showing how Christmas is celebrated around the world again?”

Karen GRAMMER: “Too international.”

DENTON: “Ah, Karen, so good for you to finally join us after such a long, long, long delay.”

Marissa Joan HART-GRAMMER: “Whoops, sorry for being tardy again, Mrs. Denton, ma’am. Should we go to the principle’s office now or later?”

JACKSON: “Heh-heh.”

DINGER: “What was that you said coming in, Karen?”

Karen GRAMMER: “A global theme would be too international. The administration wants to avoid the notion of America trying to influence the globe or having some sort of claim to it.”

KEMP: “What hogwash.”

DENTON: “But it’s the hogwash that this White House wants to avoid, Joanne. Now let’s concentrate of this, ladies. What would best represent Christmas and America?”

HART-GRAMMER: “How about humanitarianism at home and abroad? That’s not too similar, is it?”

KEMP: “Well, we already sort of did that last month.”

WELLSTONE: “Yeah, remember? We all pitched in to help organize all those charity drives for the victims of The Big Three.”

JACKSON: “That was one wild Hurricane season, I was having Katrina flashbacks all summer long.”

WELLSTONE: “Yeah, even Katy and Lia helped out with that to deal with homelessness and other problems.”

DINGER: “And Marissa, you did a wonderful job working with all those woman Senators, Reps, and Governors to get all those feminist activist causes off their keisters.”

HART-GRAMMER: “Aw, thanks.”

DENTON: “Mm. Obvious brownnosing aide, can anyone think of any positive to say about our current dilemma?”

JACKSON: “I would suggest the theme of bipartisanship, but as one of only two Democrats here, I’ve got the feeling that that would get voted down.”

KEMP: “Well, Katherine – you said the tree should represent Christmas and America, right?”

DENTON: “Uh, another obvious thing. I mean, yes.”

KEMP: “Well then why not have it be about this Christmas and this year in America. Have each ornament highlight the high-points of America in 2017, from humanitarianism, like Marissa suggested, strides in civil rights – there you are Jacqueline – and this administration’s standing on the world stage – uh, if you want to, Karen.”

HART-GRAMMER: “That might work!”

DINGER: “We still have time to get custom ornaments from that, um, that place, right?”

DENTON: “The tree’s to be revealed in 16 days. Even if we finalize the order today we’ll be cutting it close, but…definitely close enough.”

GRAMMER: “Alright, so let’s wrap this up already before we waste any more time. All in favor of going with the theme of ‘2017’?”

WELLSTONE: [tapping] (quietly) “seven”

GRAMMER: “All opposed?”

WELLSTONE: [tapping] (quietly) “zilch”

DENTON: “So it’s agreed. Alright. Meeting adjourned, then.”

– transcript of White House audio recording, possibly from an A/V security device, recorded 12/6/2017 (leaked 4/22/2021)

“We have seen more and more trucking jobs disappear every year, and this year saw the numbers climb to numbers that cannot be ignored for much longer. The more trucking jobs that are lost, the more common that strikes and protests are going to pop up in states across the country. Towns reliant on truck stops, and families reliant on these incomes are going to go hungry without direct action of some kind from some place. They need help paying for bills, because automation cannot be stopped, and at this point it cannot even be slowed, but it can be prepared for. Because the fourth industrial revolution is here. It’s happening now. It’s been happening for years. And it affects all of us because it’s been ongoing everywhere, in every region, in every state. Labor leaders like Mary Kay Henry and Janice Fine have the right idea in demanding that management provide ‘ramp-off’ programs to teach their workers new skills prior to their current job being automated away. Members of the IBT, the SEIU, and the AFL-CIO all need to revisit the CBA table. We need to expand the NITR and pass more Federal Aid Dividend-like programs statewide if not federally, and we have to better teach our current workers, not just our future workers, how to survive in our increasingly robot-run worlds.”

– prominent businessman Andrew Yang, TumbleweedTV interview, 12/9/2017


…Brenton Harrison Tarrant, 27, jaywalked in a move that the car did not anticipate. “Tarrant broke a rule of the road, something that someone behind the wheel of a car would not have even had the time to react to and hit the break in time. This automated car stopped immediately, but even as it was traveling at a below-limit speed, the limitations of friction and physics could not prevent the car from hitting this jaywalker,” says one of the company’s representatives.

Nonetheless, the fatal incident will likely lead to a court case, and could very possibly damage the self-driving car’s reputation of being safer than human drivers…

The Southland Times, New Zealand newspaper, 12/12/2017


…continued use by China and India is being offset by major reductions and slowdowns in use elsewhere, most notably in Europe, New Zealand and North America…

The Boston Globe, 12/14/2017


Released: December 15, 2017

Director: Clint Eastwood
Producer: Zach Snyder


Top-Liked Review (5 out of 5 stars):

While this movie is best known for the on-set fighting that often exploded between Eastwood and Snyder, it really must be viewed on its own merits. Despite problems with budgeting and deadlines, the film itself holds up very well to scrutiny. A dramatic acknowledgement of a little-known real-life confrontation between American forces and a Nazi German U-boat off the coast of Rhode Island at the close of WW2, the film is not only historically accurate – an aspect of the story that Eastwood achieved despite Snyder’s attempt to “dramatize” it – but it is an entertaining and well-paced action flick that makes the most of its two-hour runtime. With a talented ensemble cast and a brilliant use of suspense, this movie had me on the edge of my seat!



…the voters of United Korea have chosen Roh Hoe-chan of the Social Democratic Party to be the sixth President of the reunified peninsula. Roh defeated four other prominent candidates in a competitive contest that Roh won with a plurality of 38%. In second place was Moon Sung-hyeon (DLP) with 21% of the vote, followed by Chung Dong-young (CDP) with 17% of the vote, Park Won-soon (GNP) with 14% of the vote, and Lee Jae-oh (Populist) with 9% of the vote; the remaining 1% of the vote was split among several minor candidates…

The Asahi Shimbun, Japanese newspaper, 12/19/2017

“…In Sacramento, California Governor Cruz Bustamante today signed into law a bill that gives tax breaks and write-offs to Golden State high schools, universities, and adult education centers that teach knife safety programs, with specifications ranging from mandatory or voluntary inclusion in home economics curricula and in security guard/police officer training courses. The bill aims to help educate people on how to uphold knife safety, better detect mental health ‘red flags,’ and how to safely defuse knife-related crises…”

– KNN, 12/20/2017 broadcast

…The Culver’s chain continued to rise in the late 2010s thanks to another economic factor – a dairy surplus brought on by 2017 being an above-average year for dairy farms in the Midwest. With farmers having more milk than they could sell, Culver’s was the first fast food chain to purchase the excess products in bulk, leading to the company soon heavily promoting “with cheese” items, milkshakes, yogurt special, and their iconic Butter Burgers.


[pic: ]

Above: A Culver’s Butter Burger

Sales spiked soon after the December 21, 2017 announcement that the typical price of a Culver’s butter burger was to be “slashed” (reduced) by 25% from December 21 to January 21, with similar price drops being announced for other products in the days that followed. Other fast food chain reacted to the resulting “rush” on Culver’s locations by mimicking their actions – purchasing surplus from dairy farms, temporarily reducing prices, and launching advertising campaigns to lure in more customers with said price drops – in a move that intensified the Burger Wars of the 2010s…

– Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals, Sunrise Publishers, 2021


…Starring Jennifer Bini as the main character of this dive into the formative years of our 36th President, “Before The Colonel” is a religious drama film following the life of Margaret Ann “Maggie” Dunlevy, the mother of Harland David “Colonel” Sanders. Marrying Wilbur David Sanders (played by James Corden) in 1889, the couple relied on each other during economic hardships and health crises until Wilbur’s abrupt death in 1895. Corden, who plays a serious role surprisingly well, gives a (midwestern?) American accent his best shot, and though it slips at times, he keeps it up fair enough. Now alone with three young children, Maggie turns to her faith in God and family to support her daughter and two sons, and teaches her oldest, The Colonel, important lessons he vows to uphold throughout his life.

The film’s unique story focuses on how the future President’s upbringing impacted, influenced and molded his morals and ideas, led by the most prominent person of his early life, his mother. Along with stellar performances from supporting players such as the well-known character actor Brad Dourif and the prolific Robert Clotworthy, the cinematography and directing alone makes this religious movie stand out among other offerings produced by the conservative Faith Flix film studio. The sweeping views of rural Indiana and Bini’s success at reflecting the stress felt by widowed single mothers – especially during one scene set appropriately at Christmas – must be singled out for their ability to be dramatic without falling into hammy “soap opera” territory. However, its heavily religious and pro-Christian undertones do make the film’s pacing screech to a halt at times. 3.5/5 stars.

– Variety, 12/22/2017 review

I was wrong about spending Christmas with Great-Aunt Josephine. Everything here is so huge! The tree inside the living room is taller than our house! Everything is bigger – the presents, the turkey, everything! I got the latest Skullkicker VidGame and a new bicycle and I got to ride it around Great-Aunt Josephine’s backyard (Ma calls it an “estate.” Whatever). She’s got so much on her property. I don’t get why we don’t visit all the time. Something about our wing of the family not getting along with the rest of the family. The word “blacksheep” comes up a lot. I just thought it’s because she lives in Florida, we live in Oregon, and the rest of the “extended family” live mostly in Lewieville and Florence, Kentucky.

But anyway, the backyard has this trail along the side of this stream, and bigger pathway-thing through what I think were tennis courts. The pathway links back up to the side place on the estate, so I was just cycling around and around until I threw up a bit of the turkey. Fun times!

– Darrell Harvey Winger Jr., private journal, 12/25/2017 entry

…I was in the room. I took notes. Granted, I was later ordered to destroy them and their copies, and under watchful eyes, I had to do so before I could make any extra copies, but the fact remains that I took them. So what I profess to be the truth is in fact the truth: Nikolayev did in fact have contact with the Eritrean dictator Sebhat Ephrem throughout the year 2017. But then, in late December, my boss ordered that I and the rest of the technet support team remove all records of vidcalls from his schedule and his computers' logdrives that had anything to do their direct discussions. A clean sweep…

– Marina Lebedev’s tell-all memoir My Time In The Nation of Nikolayev, Perspective Publishers, 2022

[1] OTL thing!
[2] IOTL, 60% of gun-related deaths are suicides, while less than 10% are accidents!:
[3] An OTL comment:
[4] OTL!
[5] Based closely on this OTL article!:
[6] David Samadi was 15 when his family fled Iran in 1979 IOTL; here, he stays and enters politics as well as medicine
[7] OTL!:
[8] Some passages here were lifted directly from this hurricane’s OTL wiki article
[9] This is a real-life person, BTW:
[10] Italicized snippets were pulled from here!:
[11] Some passages here were pulled directly from his OTL Wikipedia article, others are edited passages, and the rest is original:
[12] Based on the OTL thing:

The next chapter’s E.T.A.: April 30 at the very latest!

Trevor807 said:
Hello, I'm new here. I've been on this forum reading this TL for a while now and I have to say, this is incredible! Very accurate and detailed, and even the premise of a fast food mogul becoming a politician is nicely handled.
It'd be nice if some topics such as game shows, other TV series such as The Muppet Show and Sesame Street, other defunct restaurants including Howard Johnson's, toys, including Transformers, My Little Pony (yes, I'm one of those people), licenses, action figures and more, motorsports, including NASCAR and IndyCar, and those old pizza place animatronics from Chuck E. Cheese's, ShowBiz Pizza Place, etc. to be covered, but if you're unfamiliar with any of these, it's fine. Not everyone's familiar with them; I wasn't even familiar with pizza joint animatronics until a few months ago, and I'm not demanding. It'd also be nice if the voice casts for these animated series such as The SpongeBob Zone and Life in Heck were covered as well.
That being said, I'm looking forward to future updates!
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Sure thing! And welcome to the site!
Post 107
Post 107: Chapter 115

Chapter 115: January 2018 – May 2018

“No man becomes wise without stepping on the soil of fools.”

– Larry (Michael Weston), Lucky Numbers, 1:10:50 mark (OTL)

“…And with the New Year comes a new goal for the lawmakers of this chamber – a goal that I believe with be a well-deserved rebuke to the multimillionaire corporations that are willingly and willfully harming the health of this planet...”

– US Sen. Colleen Hanabusa (D-HI), calling for the passage of the GREEN (Globally Reduce Emissions to Empower Nature) Deal bill introduced last year, speech of the floor of the US Senate, 1/2/2018


…US Senator-Elect Oletha A. Faust-Goudeau (D-NE), the first African-American woman ever elected to the US Senate from The Cornhusker State, was finally sworn into office today. Under state and federal law, the official election results from her victory in last November’s special election needed to be certified before she could be sworn in. Typically, this takes only a few weeks. However, one week after Faust-Goudeau was declared the winner by nearly all news sources, the office of Nebraska’s Secretary of State announced that the state’s typically-early deadline for the counting of all military and overseas ballots coming in would be extended to December 21. Additionally, deadlines for counties to certify their results were extended to December 28, and the deadline for the state to certify the results was pushed back until January 3, stalling the swearing-in of the Democratic Party’s “rising star,” nicknamed “OFG” by her supporters ontech, by several weeks.

The move is being considered partisan by Democratic leaders, with US Senator Tony Pollina (D-VT) claiming “this was the Nebraska GOP’s way of minimizing her seniority in the US Senate by as much as possible. This pitiful action is petty, pathetic, and unprofessional, and the people of Nebraska deserve better”…

The Washington Post, 1/5/2018

“BIG-STATE” REPUBLICANS JOIN DEMOCRATS TO VOTE “YEA” IN N.I.A. ADVISORY VOTE: Action Clears Path For America’s First-Ever National Initiative

…The Legislative Advisory Vote was completed with a narrow bipartisan vote approving the measure. The action comes 89 days after the Deliberation Committee delivered the initiative to both federal legislative bodies. With this major step complete, in accordance with the rules and parameters of the US Constitution’s National Initiative Amendment, the Electoral Trust is now tasked with forming and publishing a schedule for the election of the initiative. The initiative will be the first time ever that a “ballot measure”-like issue will be voted on in every single state and territory. The issue – reforming how we vote for President by introducing a Ranked-Choice Instant-Runoff Voting system that will render the Electoral College “vestigial,” or “ceremonial” as some have described it.

“We are very proud of the politicians who voted in favor of Americans playing a far greater and direct role in the formation of the national laws by which we live,” Tom Atlee, spokesperson for and former director of the Electoral Trust, the independent agency responsible for overseeing National Initiative procedure, confirmed the completion of this penultimate step. “The Electoral Trust is going to announce its schedule for the election very soon.”

Out of hundreds of proposed initiatives, ones concerning reforming the Electoral College received the most headway in the aftermath of the controversial 2012 election, which saw Kelsey Grammar be elected President despite incumbent President Paul Wellstone winning the popular vote, in a reversal of the fates that befell Wellstone and US Senator Olympia Snowe in 2008. And out of all of those proposals, the RCV proposal gathered the most momentum and garnered the most amount of support.

“This calls for a national celebration,” says US Senator Mike Gravel (D-CA), the former US Vice President who led the charge for the creation of the N.I.A. for decades. “Now we’ll finally get to see the National Initiative in action. ...Registration roll certification could a few years, but I have to commend everyone involved for the pace of the hearings and quality of the committee report, along with how the House responded to it.”

Indeed, many political pundits expected US House Speaker McMaster to successfully drag out the process for as long as possible. Instead, the longtime legislator “seems to have dropped the ball on fighting this,” observes NBC Correspondent and former Hollywood actor Joe Scarborough. “It seems he spent more of 2017 working on tax cuts and kept combating the N.I.A. on the back-burner for too long.”…

– The New York Times, 1/7/2018

“There’s a big debate on the rise right now. It’s the healthy economy versus the rising automation. On one hand, markets are expanding, and Wall Street fat cats are happier than pigs in mud. But after another round of layoffs swept through the trucking industry this week, calls for a nationwide trucker strike are reaching record-breaking heights, both on the technet and out here in the real world. Now, if this proposed strike happens, understand this, it will severely impact these greedy corporations and their nefarious machinations. It will inhibit commerce and cost shipping agencies millions. It will strike at the very hearts of these S.O.B.s – their bank accounts. The time is coming. It’s only a matter of time before this powder keg goes off, and when it happens, I am going to wheel my way right out there and cheer those workers on as they fight for better job security. What about you? Will you back your fellow workers? Or will you do what the corporations want you to do – just stay lazy and ignorant, and lay back and do nothing while your fellow Americans suffer? Will you allow it, or will you fight it?”

– Disabled rights activist and political commentator Alexander E. “Alec” Jones, 1/9/2018 podcast

“…President Grammer today signed into law a bill that will transfer more responsibilities from cabinet departments to independent federal agencies, cutting taxpayer money currently being used to subsidize federal departments such as Agriculture, Commerce and the Interior...”

– CBS Evening News, 1/11/2018 broadcast

…In early January, the President met with the nation’s three Black Republican US Senators, Herman Cain of Georgia, Allen West of Florida, and Randy Brock of Ohio, to discuss his idea for implementing tax breaks for slave descendants. Many anti-taxation Republicans, and many more Republican candidates for congress, backed the notion of implementing tax exemptions or tax breaks for anyone who could prove that a blood-related ancestor was the slave of an American within the borders of the United States prior to the abolishing of slavery in the US in 1865.

“It’s a narrow definition that excludes many Black people,” Cain touched on the proposal’s parameters. “My ancestors were slaves in Mississippi, but there’s thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Black people in America whose grandparents did not come here until after 1865. Just look at Rocky McCain, the governor of Montana. His father wasn’t the descendent of slaves, he was a Kenyan national. Hell, his father probably owned slaves over there. He wouldn’t qualify for tax breaks because he doesn’t have Slave Blood in him. But he’s Black. He’s faced prejudice. That’s the thing – all Black people experience prejudice at some point, but this tax exemption would not help all of them.”

“I think it worsen things, frankly,” West shook his head. “I can see it dividing communities, friendships, and couples. An internal division, the Black communities of this country torn and split between those with Slave Blood and those without slave blood. Those with it will boast about it, and expect extra credit, and extra privileges and respect on account of it. This could open up a host of further problems.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with you two,” Brock opposed his colleagues’ comments. “Check the polls. Our brothers and sisters are firmly in favor of the proposal, as am I, Mr. President.”

“Thank you, Randy,” Grammer nodded appreciatively.

“If we pass such a thing, it will worsen Black-and-non-Black relations,” West responded. “Black people aren’t the only kind of people who become poor. Low-income white people will become jealous, and they will become angry, before we know it, they’ll be saying that blood is on our hands.”

“I really have to question that idea, Allen,” said Brock. “Would anyone really get that riled up over tax breaks?”

“Do you want to risk it?” Cain answered.

“There’s nothing to risk,” Brock replied. Turning back to the President again, he added, “You’ve got my support, sir.”

The President again thanked him for his allegiance.

“Heh, Uncle Tom,” Cain quietly muttered...

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022

“…the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed today at 28,565, after its worst week since the economic recession of 2013. The drop, called a ‘mini-bump’ by Commerce Secretary Rodham-Clinton earlier this evening, comes just three months after the DOW posted its second-largest ever one-day point gain of 1,032 points, back in late October 2017...”

– KNN Evening News, 1/14/2018 broadcast

“…with the support of French President José Bové, a French court has made the bold move of heavily fining the cruise ship company Carnival for emitting roughly eight times more Sulphur Oxide off of Europe’s coastlines than all of that continent’s 210million fossil-fuel-powered cars. Carnival, one of the largest cruise corporations in the world, is expected to challenge the fines at the International Court of Justice in New York City, New York…”

– BBC World News, 1/16/2018 broadcast

…King Constantine II of Greece stood firm against public calls for him to use the powers of his office to change Greece’s order of succession to one based on Salic law. Conservative-minded, the King supported the use of male-preference primogeniture to determine secession. However, the King sought to lower disapproval of his decision by allowing his daughter Alexia to take on a more active role in national affairs and by having his son Pavlos (Paul), the Crown Prince, take on more official roles in order to both prepare him for the throne. The idea was that Pavlov would publicly prove himself to be capable of taking over once he ascended to the throne, and thus improve his approval ratings among the Greek populace…

– John Koliopoulos and Thanos M. Veremis’s The Greek Modern Greece: A History since 1949, Atlantis Publishers, 2022

…PAVS – Partially-Autonomous Vehicles – also known as semi-self-driving cars/trucks, had been a boogeyman-type talking point for labor leaders for years, but in January 2018, the albatross finally landed. Ever since the latest version of Chrysler’s EPIC, or Electric Powered Interurban Chariot, rolled onto the streets in 2017, only to be followed soon after by Ford’s Ranger Surplus EV and the Volkswagen Firefly, tension and trepidation among the workers of the transportation industry were at historic heights.

On January 19, management at the California-based freight transportation company Bay-to-Bay Trucking announced the firing of over 2,000 part-time truck drivers and forklift operators to cover the company’s purchase of 15 Ford PAV trucks for “long haul” transportation routes and the automation of several small warehouses. The immediate protests from the workers to the mass layoffs soon led to the discovery that their CBA contained a loophole that did not protect part-time workers from being fired in such a way.

For enough unionized members of the transportation industry, this was the last straw. With contact between the Teamsters and the non-unionized Bay-to-Bay workers soon established, truck drivers and other workers in California and other locations performed a mass walk-out on January 22. The laborers refused to return to work until managers at Bay-to-Bay Trucking, and the top three largest trucking/shipping agencies of the US, agreed to re-negotiate the CBAs with their “worker representatives.”


[pic: ]

Above: Teamsters on strike in Los Angeles and San Diego, in a coordinated effort to end “unjust firings” through CBA negotiations and public pressure

The multistate strike impacted deliveries nationwide. Within hours, people were either voicing support for the workers – with some even expanding on their protests to call for other concerns, such as wage theft, to be addressed as well – while others complained of delayed shipments. Ontech delivery sites scrambled to minimize damage. Shipping agencies and companies offered above-average wages to temporary truck drivers. Conservative pundits accused the strikers of holding the economy hostage, while California Governor Cruz Bustamante suddenly insert himself into the CBA debate by throwing his support toward the workers on January 24, the third day of the strikes…

– Gloria Skurzynski’s Sweat and Blood: The History of Labor Strikes in The United States, Borders Books, 2021

…Even with the warfare between Burkina Faso and the Fulani Republic entering its second year, President Grammer steadfastly stuck to his libertarian “guns” and refused to intervene militarily, even as the number of technetters accusing him racism rose. Condemning the accusations, Grammer reportedly ranted to his Vice President, “When Wellstone intervened in Sudan, people in both parties called him racist because they saw it as neo-imperialistic – whatever that means – to stop Black people from killing each other. They say the US is trying to govern the world. But when we don’t intervene in Burkina Faso, people in both parties call us racist because Black people are killing each other.”

“I keep tellin’ ya, Kels, you just gotta ignore the technet,” Brown allegedly stated.

“Don’t they understand that American involvement would just complicate things, turn a two-sided war into a three-sided war, and only lead to more people being killed?” Grammer continued.

“There is some good news, though,” the White House Chief of Staff then told the President, “at least according to the latest polls. It seems Americans still back non-intervention by a wide and bipartisan margin.”

“So we shouldn’t expect too many losses in the 2018 midterms, right?” Asked Brown.

“Well, the six-year itch is upon us, but we anticipate retaining both chambers going into 2019. The slavery-reparations-through-tax-exemptions idea is winning over a small but growing number of Black voters.”

Meanwhile, the L.A.-based trucker strike was intensifying as both workers and managers refused to make any concessions. The Commerce Secretary feared that the situation could soon reach “major crisis” levels…

– Kathryn Millstone’s The Grammer Administration, Borders Books, 2021

…Businessman Andrew Yang was an unconventional choice for mediating negotiations to end the Teamsters strike. The son of Taiwanese immigrants, Yang’s father was a patent-winning researcher for IBM and General Electric for decades while his mother was a systems administrator for Columbia Law School, from which Andrew Yang graduated. After briefly working as a corporate attorney, Yang co-launched the celebrity-affiliated philanthropic fundraising netsite StarGiving. The effects of the SARS Pandemic led to Yang becoming more involved in philanthropic work, founding the medical research company CureSeekers in 2003. By 2010, Yang had published two best-sellers on how, based on his experience with StarGiving and other netsites and Silicon Valley-based companies, automation was “America’s next grave challenge.” In 2012, he began working for TumbleweedTV as a commentator of various topics, and soon made a name for himself. This strike, however, was what truly thrusted him into the national spotlight.

Yang had been on the corporate and management side of business, but he was passionately dedicated to preventing the mass layoffs that analysts predicted automation would yield. He presented himself as a man who could bring both sides of the strike together. And after a few days of internal debate, both sides agreed to give the noted philanthropist and TV figure a chance to essentially lead and moderate discussions.

“So what exactly can be done about automation?” Asked Bay-to-Bay COO Dan Case, brother of former AOT Inc. President Steve Case, in an early February sit-down between Yang, and Teamsters representative Jane Barden, and himself. “Because you can’t stop progress, you know.”

“Yes, but you, and I mean you specifically, Dan, you yourself can help stop disaster. You can help prevent the economic crisis that you know can come about from mass layoffs.” Yang said gently but assertively.

“How?” Case asked with a slight chuckle in his voice.

“Improve work retraining program options. Offer better retirement benefits. Create new jobs elsewhere,” Barden bluntly blurted out her bullet points, her eyes locked on Case.

“Janice, a mechanic working on an old Peterbilt is not the same as an IT specialist working on a PAV,” Case reply matter-of-factly.

Yang broke the sudden tension by referring back to the proposals of International President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Mary Kay Henry. “What we mean is management should provide ‘ramp-off’ programs to teach their workers. They should be taught new skills prior to their jobs being automated away. You didn’t do that with these workers.”

“Well if we’re going to get philosophical here, let me tell you both one thing – whether you like or not, and something tells me neither of you do, it actually is not the responsibility of an employee to teach their workers how to work. Lots of companies do this, yes, but it’s not illegal to hire people who already have the skills your company needs. Bay-to-Bay is not a charity, and it’s not a vocational school. It’s a business. You want these laypersons to pick up more modern-day technet-reliant skills, tell ’em to go back to school.”

“But that’s the thing Dan. Education and training are currently not set for the speed of change that we are seeing in the modern economy. Most schools are still based on a one-time education model, with school providing the foundation for a single lifelong career. With content becoming obsolete faster and rapidly escalating costs, this system may be unsustainable in the future. To help workers more smoothly transition from one job into another, for example, we need to make education a more nimble, lifelong endeavor. And that could start at Bay-to-Bay. Your company could be a leading company in that major shift in workplace training and education.”

Case shook his head, “I’m in the trucking business, not the education business.”

Yang replied, “So your company can be one of the first to look for more customized skills and take a larger role in education, providing on-the-job training for specific capabilities. You could partner with community colleges to create apprenticeship-style learning, where students work part-time in parallel with their education.”

“Are you seriously telling me how to run my company?”

“No, I’m brainstorming ideas with you,” Yang answered defensively but convincingly.

Barden was surely holding back a slew of swears; she reportedly dug her nails so deep into her chair’s arms they cut through the upholstery. Gritting her teeth and restraining her temper, she replied “If you train your workers so they can perform more than one job, you can keep them around when economic conditions evolve. Turnover rates are costly, Dan. If you refuse to think of the workers, maybe think of the costs.”

“Alright, alright,” Yang sought to keep Barden from driving Case away from the negotiations table. “We’re off-topic, we’re off-topic now. Let’s get back to the meat of why we’re here – the workers want more employment protection. No more layoffs that pop up unexpectedly. They want to at the very least be given fair warning, at least enough time to try and transfer over to a new field within your company if they so choose. The workers dedicate their lives and livelihoods to you, and –”

“You’re supposed to be impartial here, Yang,” Case interrupted.

“You’re right, sorry. I’m just trying to figure out how to show you that I get where you are coming from. I’ve run companies and organizations, so I know what it’s like to have all those responsibilities swimming around. Responsibilities to the workers, to stockholders and stakeholders, to investors and customers. And I understand that you can’t stop the inevitability of evolution. Nobody should try to. But with jobs and roles in response to this evolution shifting, so should the social contract between the stakeholders. In the very near future, business leaders are going to have to take on some of the roles traditionally played by other parties in order to stay afloat. Like the schools, businesses are going to train workers. Like the government, businesses are going to contemplate the risks of economic proposals to combat unemployment—in part because of businesses having a greater agility in adapting to change than schools and government.”

After continuing this discussion for a little while longer, Yang reiterated the workers’ and Teamsters’ demands before the meeting adjourned inconclusively. The next day, Case agreed to a new CBA, and the day after, the three met again to iron out the new CBA’s details, starting with the closing of the part-time workers loophole. And, secondly, Yang convinced Case to sign on to a new Automation Adjustment Assistance clause, which formed a retraining program for truck drivers willing to learn how to work on computer software for a living.”

When Barden presented the new CBA to the workers as a victory they should accept – despite said new CBA only slightly improving upon its predecessor’s wording on wage theft – they followed her advice, ending the strikes after 15 days of slowed, delayed and/or cancelled deliveries for millions across the continent.

According to Yang, President Grammer called him soon after to “essentially praise” him for leading the negotiations…

– Gloria Skurzynski’s Sweat and Blood: The History of Labor Strikes in The United States, Borders Books, 2021 [1]

…As the Burkina Faso-Fulani Republic War continued to descend into chaos and anarchy, the images of ethnic-based massacres led to continued claims that non-intervention was a passive form of racist. In February 2018, Grammer attempted to counter these technet-based claims by again calling for reparations for slavery in the form of income tax exemptions. However, the idea was still opposed by party leaders, with House Whip Webster claiming that slave descendants benefited more from the Negative Income Tax Rebate law implemented in the early 1970s more so than any other demographic, and that further reparations would worsen racial relations...

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022

“As our nation’s cybersecurity systems are of top quality, there is little reason for anyone to believe that another hacking attack on private netsite accounts will succeed.”

– Australian PM Nick Varvaris, 2/3/2018

…On February 5, 2018, Australia's Parliament was hacked by agents working out of either Russia or China in the largest cyber security breach in Australian history. Thousands of classified documents and hundreds of thousands of private messages were “dropped” ontech. Practically overnight, the private and personal paraphernalia of political people across the country were publicly viewable, in a move that significantly lowered Australia’s trust in the government – or at least, in their then-current government…

– Lee Kim’s Keyboard Campaigns: The Worlds of Cyberwarfare, Created Space Independent Press, 2020

…On February 6, House Speaker McMaster announced that he was retiring from Congress, telling his colleagues on the hill, including the President, and then reporters that he would not run for re-election but would not resign, planning on instead simply finishing out his term.

The announcement framed McMaster almost as a “wise elder statesman” retiring, after roughly a decade in the Speaker’s chair, in order to pass the office and its responsibilities over to a “new generation” of Republican House leadership. In reality, McMaster’s popularity with the House GOP was waning, and he decided to leave on his own accord, rather than be forced out of office, like what had happened to Speaker Robert Smith Walker.

While Vice President Brown was visibly sad to see McMaster retire, President Grammer’s relationship with the outgoing Speaker was reportedly more tenuous. While not exactly ecstatic to see him go, Grammer was not saddened by it either, only apathetically asking McMaster if he would reconsider. This reaction was likely due to the very conservative McMaster often being at odds with the increasingly libertarian administration and GOP House…

– Kathryn Millstone’s The Grammer Administration, Borders Books, 2021


…the most expensive space probe to ever be launched by France’s National Center for Space Studies, President Bové reportedly had to be convinced to not cancel the project because its funding had already been spent by the time he entered office. Bové’s predecessor, Francois Leotard, signed off on the project back in late 2012…

The Guardian, UK newspaper, 7/2/2018


…Jenny Leong (Labor) performed better than expected, winning 85 seats against incumbent PM Nick Varvaris (Liberal), who won 62 seats, while Bob Katten (The Outsiders) retained three seats. This is being considered a landslide rejection of an incumbent government that is during its tenure been plagued by gaffes, controversies, and numerous foreign and domestic policy failures…

– The Canberra Times, Australian newspaper, 2/8/2018

Winter Olympics In United Korea Open Today With Cheers, Reflection

The New York Times, 2/9/2018


…with approximately 12,480 locations in 14 states and with a self-reported annual sales of more than $5billion annually, the fast food chain’s spokesperson says they are awarding employees more than $100million in bonuses across the “lower half” of company’s payrolls as a means of thanking their employees for their service “doing their part to help out during last year’s crises.” The company managed pull back from the brink of financial disaster last year, during last year’s hurricane season. However, in a humanitarian gesture, Whataburger locations in Texas, Louisiana and Puerto Rico offered free food to Hurricane survivors and, in some cases, served as emergency shelters for displaced families. “We are grateful to all our employees, from managers to cashiers and delivery personnel, who went above and beyond the typical responsibilities of the hospitality industry to help customers and local citizens in their time of need.” Whataburger locations in many flooded regions were praised by local news outlets for going “that extra mile to serve guest with care and concern, which are cornerstones to success and the heart of this company,” stated the spokesperson at today’s press briefing...

–, 2/12/2018 e-article

…Europe was also dragged into this new era of cybersecurity threats on February 15, when the EU’s European Parliament and Council of Ministers were hacked in a cyber-attack originating from somewhere in northeastern China. The EU responded with the subsequent formation of the Data Protection Directive of 2018. Stronger than and essentially replacing the Data Protection Directive of 1993, the “second” DPD gave EU residents more personal control over privacy plans for their personal data, regulated and capped costs on such “modern security requirements,” and simplified the regulatory environment for international business with the EU. This simplification was done unifying the regulation with the EU’s General Data Privacy and Protection Regulation Council…

– Hanspeter Kriesi and Takis S. Pappas’ In The Shadow of The Great European Recession, ECPR Press, 2021

US HOUSE RULE REPEALED: Food Can Now Be Eaten on The Floor of The House, Albeit “Carefully And Respectfully”

…the original rule was put into place to maintain decorum and minimize distractions during legislative debate. Furthermore, in order to satisfy hungry lawmakers, US Senators have access to a dining hall inside the US Capital Building called the Senate Cafeteria, best known for serving Senate Bean Soup every day [2]. However, the no-food rule has not been truly enforced for nearly a century. Indeed, it seems very unrealistic to tell lawmakers to not bring snacks to work. Point of fact: members of the US House have had a pair of desks filled with candy for decades in an open and willful disregard of the rules. While the introduction of the House Candy desks back in the 1960s did lead to health-conscious senators successfully lobbying for more “Heart Smart” meals in the Senate cafeteria, it did not lead to a call for the repealing of the rule barring food on the House floor until fairly recently.

The rule change comes roughly 29 months after the US Senate voted to change another longstanding rule, this one banning newborns from being brought onto the Senate floor during votes. Said rule change, voted through by nearly unanimous consent, was done to accommodate federal legislators with newborn babies, especially ones that breastfeed said newborns, allowing them to be able to bring a child under 14 months old onto the floor. That change in policy came after several young US Congresswomen spearheaded the push in 2015. [3]

Like with the “breastfeeding” rule change, this “eating food” rule change comes with strict parameters, establishing small fines for infractions. In the new food rule’s case, lawmakers can be fined for leaving “excessive crumbs” on the carpeted chamber floor, or failing to properly clean or sanitize any place where food is eaten. Amazingly, one fineable offense is eating food that is “too loud” and proves distracting to any other lawmakers…

The Washington Post, 2/19/2018


…while the widow of cult leader Jim Jones has repeatedly apologized for the destructive actions of her husband, she still received criticism for twice accepting a Hosea Williams Humanitarian Award… After her husband died, Jones, a registered nurse, returned to the healthcare industry in her native Indiana, and, once her children had grown, became a researcher of mental health for the Indiana University South Bend. …Marceline was known by her friends and coworkers for having a gentle and reflective personality, and for having a kind demeanor to everyone who met and knew her. She never remarried, but filled her off-work hours by volunteering at children’s hospitals and homeless shelters. However, despite her love for her community, she kept a low profile. “Her past kept her at bay,” says one Sally Wilson, a friend and fellow researcher at IUSB. “She just feared so much that people would recognize her as the widow of a nut-job instead of as the woman who read to the blind every Saturday.”

– The Evansville Courier & Press, Indiana newspaper, 2/22/2018


…the Closing Ceremonies also showcased the innovate strides and successes made by the nation of Korea in the years since the 1996 “War of Reunification”…

The Los Angeles Times, 2/25/2018

List of Summer Olympics locations (since >1960<):

1960: Rome, Italy

1964: Tokyo, Japan

1968: Mexico City, Mexico

1972: Munich, West Germany

1976: Los Angeles, United States

1980: Moscow, Russia

1984: Athens, Greece

1988: Brisbane, Australia

1992: Barcelona, Spain

1996: Egypt, Cairo

2000: Manchester, United Kingdom

2004: Beijing, (the People’s Republic of) China

2008: Berlin, Germany

2012: Cape Town, South Africa Tehran, Iran

2016: New York City, United States

2020: Santiago, Chile

2024: Jakarta, Indonesia

List of Winer Olympics locations (since >1960<):

1960: Squaw Valley, United States

1964: Innsbruck, Austria

1968: Grenoble, France

1972: Sapporo, Japan

1976: Ryazan, Soviet Union

1980: Lake Placid, United States

1984: Calgary, Canada

1988: Falun, Sweden

1992: Zagreb and Belgrade, Yugoslavia

1994: Lillehammer, Norway

1998: Munich, Germany

2002: Toronto, Canada

2006: Budapest, Hungary

2010: Athens, Greece

2014: Ankara, Turkey

2018: Pyongyang, United Korea

2022: Almaty, United Turkestan

–, c. early 2018

…On February 27, just two days after the conclusion of the year’s Winter Olympics, a Russian hacker launched yet another cyberattack onto America. But this time, the US’s cybersecurity leaders would cut the onslaught short with anti-virus technology and coordination.

The swift American action gave China’s own cyber agencies pause. Premier Yang was surprised by their effective firewalls, and seemed to have informed his agency leaders to “make note of it,” according to Wen Jiabao.



[pic: ]

Above: the PRC military’s “control center” in Beijing, alleged “headquarters” for China’s cyberwarfare operations, according to a February 2018 CIA report.

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022

“Back in The Colonel’s day, the only networking tools he had to work with were word of mouth, radio, paper-mail, yard signs, door-to-door canvassing, and (if you were fortunate) local television drop-ins [4]. But now, we have so much more. Modern tools at your disposal include yard signs, net-mail, community events, tv/radio ads and net-ads, podcasts, public net-forums, ProfilePocket and other business-centric netsites, Ourvids and other A/V-sharing netsites, BuddyTalk and other communication-centric netsites, net search-engines, peer-to-peer referrals, vidcalling technology, social networking lar phone apps, and virtual tour apps. Utilize these tools, and withy your help, our company can reach a wider range and a larger number of potential customers than even The Colonel himself ever thought possible.”

– Jan Fields, head executive of FLG’s Smoky Mountain BBQ Steakhouse, in a training video for new KFC marketing employees, first used c. March 2018


The Washington Post, 3/5/2018


...True to his Marxist loyalty, the one-term Senator and two-time Presidential Candidate passed away on March 8, the 101st anniversary of the Russian Revolution of 1917. He is survived by his wife, Doris Lake (b. 1935); their four children, Aaron, Jessica, Ian, and Paula; several grandchildren, including Owen M. Diamondstone-Kohout, and a great-grandson, appropriately named Karl.

Diamondstone was known as a perennial candidate for decades – running for public office every other year from 1970 to 2016, with the sole exception of 2002 – until winning a US Senate seat in 1998 in a poll-defying outcome many dubbed “the upset of the century.” His subsequent Presidential bids in 2000, during which he called for the nationalizing of all industries and the outlawing the US military, arguably made fellow candidate Jesse Jackson more appealing to some voters by making him seem more moderate by comparison. Diamondstone lost re-election to the Senate in 2006, but continued to run for the office, as he had always.

Diamondstone’s passing, unofficially from the results on unspecified heart ailments, is a major blow to the Liberty Union party, a small third-party organization he co-founded in the late 1960s and had unofficially been the leader of for decades. Several prominent members of the LUP (Dennis J. Morrissey, Murray Ngoima, Rosemary Jackowski, Ben Bosley, the widow of Richard F. Gottlieb (1935-2012), Jerry Levy, Mary Alice Herbert, Jane Newton, Matthew Andrew (b. 1981), and Martha Abbott (b. 1931) are set to attend and speak at Diamondstone’s memorial service tomorrow.

The most famous and successful member of the Liberty Union party, Diamondstone’s political legacy will likely be continued by his family. His wife, who was nominated by the party for Vermont at-large congressional seat in 1971 and again in 2002, is a radical progressive much like her husband. Their daughter Jessica “Jessy” Diamondstone, age 51-52, is even more politically involved, working on her father’s many political campaigns and currently serving on the Brattleboro City Council; as a result, she is expected to pick up where her father left off, and run for higher office later this year…

– The Brattleboro Reformer, Vermont newspaper, 3/11/2018

…France’s President José Bové stirred up more trouble for international businesses when he tried to get American companies to leave France with higher tariffs and taxes on foreign businesses and slashing taxes and fees for domestic product producers. These new laws were passed despite polls finding that a majority of French citizens “approved” of foreign businesses existing within their borders.

However, one could see the French people’s attitudes toward the alleged “Americanization” of urban centers more directly in ontech discussions and interactions. Even a quick glance at a BuddyTalk-France thread, and one can see how the French approved of KFC, and that most simply wished that their goods – the sources of the food served at KFC-France outlets – be locally sourced better. Bové, a decades-long critic of global chains, wanted to make the “French market [be] for French workers, French businesses, and French customers,” but in doing so, he made it more difficult for French farmers to sell their wares to international businesses who operated in France.


[Pic: ]

KFC-France outlet in Paris (left) and one on the French-administered island of Martinique (right), demonstrating the range of both KFC and President Bové restrictive international trade policies.

KFC-France took a two-pronged approach to the tariffs. The company’s legal team challenged Bové in the Paris courts, with the threat of bringing the matter all the way up to the International Court of Justice if necessary. Concurrently, the company’s R&D department sought to work around the new tariffs by testing a switch to ingredients pulled entirely from French markets…

– Marlona Ruggles Ice’s A Kentucky-Fried Phoenix: The Post-Colonel History of Most Famous Birds In The World, Hawkins E-Publications, 2020


The Washington Post, 3/19/2018


Although guest artists had been entertaining at the White House for more than a century, President and Mrs. Johnson made the White House a true showcase for the performing arts and their creativity and dedication provided a model for succeeding administrations to the present day. Performances at the Johnson White House comprised such a large cast that they were held outdoors on a special stage or indoors in the East Room on a portable stage donated by the Harkness Ballet in 1961. Music in the White House during the Sanders administration reflected the First Family’s diverse preferences, with the First Lady favoring piano and classical music while The Colonel was most supportive of southern, western and “country” styles, with Elvis’ rock-and-roll classics being a notable exception.


The administrations of Presidents Sanders and Mondale showcased a wider segment of American culture than ever before, with the appearance of jazz, gospel, ragtime, and popular song, as well as classical concert and vocal forms. In 1972, following an official state dinner, Pearl Bailey, with First Lady Claudia Sanders at the piano, sang for President Mitterrand of France. The Captain and Tennille performed for the Queen of England, President and Mrs. Mondale, and their guests. Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, Sarah Vaughn, and Dizzy Gillespie entertained Shah Reza Pahlevi of Iran under Mondale, too.

The most important musical event of this period, though, arguably was the first of five hour-long PBS programs. Broadcasted nationally and throughout Europe from the East Room, the series was initiated by President Mondale in 1978, after discussing “cultural promotion ideas” with his Secretary of State, Jimmy Carter. The first series comprised of Vladimir Horowitz, Leontyne Price, Mikhail Baryshnikov with Patricia McBride, Mstislav Rostropovich, and Andres Segovia.

Music in the White House during this period reflected a wide segment of American culture. The birthday dinner and Medal of Freedom presentation to Duke Ellington turned into a massive jam session with jazz luminaries.
First Lady Joan Mondale was especially successful in matching the musical programs to the interests of the many heads of state who visited the United States, demonstrating that “Joan of Art” was a champion of music as well as the visual art medium. The high point of this was in 1979, when Van Cliburn interpreted Chopin, Schuman and Debussy during the first White House entertainment for a reigning Japanese emperor.


Called "In Performance from the White House," the PBS programs
from the Mondale White House spilled over into the years of Jeremiah Denton, where First Lady Katherine Denton broadened the program to include not only classical and country styles sampled under the Sanders and Mondale administrations, but Broadway, jazz and much more gospel as well, and with creative theatrical flair to boot. The music of George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Johnny Cash, Rodgers and Hart, and the Beach Boys all performed at the Denton White House, as did the casts of various Broadway musicals, complete with their festive costumes and dance.

The Kemp White House retain Katherine Denton’s enthusiasm for celebrated and distinguished American symphony orchestras, such as the Boston Pops Orchestra and New York’s Mostly Mozart Festival Orchestra. Whether to enliven parties for children, holiday fetes, or Congressional picnics, music was vital to the Kemp White House. However, First Lady Joanne Kemp departed from Katherine’s approach to music by hosting more informal events, often charity drives and benefit performances, on the White House lawns. By 1989, Pinchas Zuckerman, Frank Sinatra, Jessye Norman, Lionel Hampton, and many others had contributed to the long White House tradition of after-dinner concerts held in the East Room to honor important heads of state.


President Bellamy’s lack of a spouse left the office of First Spouse vacant at first, only for the President to soon sign off on a rotation of several White House hosts and hostesses. This created a White House with arguably the widest selection of musical performances ever, with the likes of Frank Zappa, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Tony Bennett, Wayne Brady, Anita Johnson, Diana Krall and even Eartha Kitt all serenading guests and visitors at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Upon President Iacocca assuming office, though, the new President promoted more “America-friendly” talents. Iacocca publicly described music as “a supreme American gesture, a vital symbol of American life as it underscores every important national event, social cause and ceremonial mood” in the White House. The subsequent collection of music was relatively retained upon his successor entering the White House. Dolly Parton famously performed at the White House in 1996.


Expanding the White House’s music selections to more non-white performers, President and Mrs. Jesse Jackson hosted a Juneteenth 2001 celebration of the music of Stevie Wonder, Festiva Latina, Selena, Martina McBride, India Ariel, Esperanza Spalding,, and many members of the African-American and Hispanic-American music scene. That same year, President Jackson presented to Mr. Wonder the second annual Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, an award that honors artists “whose creative output transcends distinctions . . . , brings diverse listeners together, and fosters mutual understanding and appreciation.”

Festiva Latina, a concert dedicated to Hispanic musical heritage, took place on the South Lawn of the White House
in 2002. Performers included Marc Anthony, Jimmy Smits, Eva Longoria Parker, Pete Escovedo, Gloria Estefan, José Feliciano, George Lopez, Thalía, Tito "El Bambino", Aventura, and Los Lobos.


[pic: ]

Above: the Chicano rock band Los Lobos performs during the "In Performance at the White House: Fiesta Latina" concert on the South Lawn of the White House.

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza


As a former professional thespian, President Grammer welcomed music of all kinds into the White House, with performers ranging from Kenny Rogers to KISS. President and Mrs. Grammer hosted a celebration of accomplished musicians in 2013, and welcomed back the Festiva Latina in 2014...

– [5]


…This satisfyingly dark and suspenseful work had this reviewer on the edge of their seat not because of it being too dark to see (like Predator 6), but because of the director knowing how to stage good suspense scenes. Returning to the franchise’s roots, the film follows UN peacekeeping forces in Cameroon trying to maintain civil order at the height of the SARS Pandemic when Predators begin their hunt. In a nod to War of The Worlds, initial efforts to kill the Predators with germ warfare fails spectacularly. The film presents the subsequent mayhem that is easy to follow, utilizing sweeping panoramic views to showcase the extent of the carnage, horror and action sequences... …While the Predator film from 1987 remains a classic, and Predator 2 (1991) is a decent sequel, Predator 3 (1993), a “crossover” film in which Carl Weathers’ character from the first two films must help professional boxer Rocky Balboa fight off a team of Predators, underperformed at the box office. The third installment’s letdown put the franchise on hold until James Cameron was hired to direct a fourth Predator film in 1999, which, while considered on par with the first film by audiences, received negative reviews from critics. A “trilogy” of Cameron-directed Predator films was nevertheless attempted, but after Predator 5 (2002) went over-budget and also underperformed, Current Century Fox fired Cameron from the franchise and the trilogy was completed in 2007 after many delays. Predator 6: Genesis (2007), which concerns “wormholed” astronauts of the fourth and fifth films, finally fighting a Predator in its own home star system, is still considered the worst in the franchise…

Variety, 3/24/2018 film review


–, 3/27/2018

ALIEN (franchise)

Alien is a science-fiction horror/action media franchise centered primarily on the film series depicting security officer-turned-outlaw-turned-General Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and her encounters with a form of extraterrestrial life called a Xenomorph, the franchise’s titular “alien.”

The franchise is produced and distributed by Current Century Studios, previously known as 20th Century Studios, beginning with the film series starting in 1979. This series has led to numerous novels, comics, vidgames, and a TV series, along with spinoffs and crossovers.






Alien (1979) – a commercial cargo ship responding to a distress signal is invaded by a quickly-growing alien dubbed a Xenomorph; Ripley kills the creature, but only after the rest of the crew is killed and the ship is destroyed, trapping Ripley in hypersleep.

Aliens (1983) – Almost immediately after the events of the first film, Ripley awakens from hypersleep after a facehugger stowaway creates and fire that causes her escape pod to crash, destroying the facehugger. Due to the lack of substantial evidence backing her story, Ripley is accused of murdering the crew of the first film; in an effort to clear her name, she travels to the planetoid colony where the ship’s remains were taken. Discovering the colony has just been wiped out by the Xenomorphs, Ripley leads the survivors back to the ship she took hostage to travel there, but only her and a few others survive.

Alien III (1995) – After 92 years in hypersleep, Ripley and the survivors are awakened by an alien-worshipping cult who plan to impregnate Ripley with an alien queen and sacrifice the others. They discover that Xenomorphs have “invaded” multiple human colonies in the time that has passed. When Xenomorphs come to the cult’s planet, though, the woshippers are killed, and Ripley and Company steal their documents and a ship to escape, but are soon arrested by galactic police. After successfully aborting the alien growing inside her, Ripley must convince them of their innocence, but only one officer believes her, and soon claims that the stolen documents hold the key to defeating the Xenomorphs.

Alien IV (1997) – Ripley is pardoned by the Governor of Planet Colony Cobb 17, introduced in the previous film, who is revealed to be a descendent of Engineer Parker, a character from the first film, and believes Ripley is innocent. In order to avoid impeachment, her pardon comes with the stipulation that she join the army and participate in a recon mission to the Xenomorph’s suspected home world as part of a larger plan to locate and destroy the “primary queen.” During the mission, however, the primary queen is killed, and it does not stop the aliens. However, Ripley’s growing ability to understand aspects of the aliens due her previous impregnation leads to her discovering a major chemical weakness held by the aliens. For her heroism in saving the crew, she is promoted in rank.

Alien V (1998) – Revealing that combining alien acid with a rare human blood type (which Ripley has) is fatal to the aliens (explaining why the alien fetus was slow to evolve inside her and why the fetus growth time has fluctuated over the course of the series), Ripley leads an army of soldiers, equipped with new weapons technology, to wipe out the aliens “infesting” Exoplanet Ergos, the site of the worst “infestation” of Xenomorphs. The success leads to her being promoted to General. In her new position, she soon learns of a scheme between mercenaries and a radical faction of the military to save some aliens in order to exploit them for their own nefarious purposes. Locating the captive Xenomorphs at an underground base beneath Cobb 17’s military HQ, Ripley and her team do battle with the radical militants while Xenomorphs escape at the same time. Both the radicals and the aliens are vanquished, but not without much destruction, numerous casualties.

Alien VI (2019) – also known as James Cameron’s Alien Menace, this film is current in preproduction; it will reportedly feature Ripley tracking down a mutated Xenomorph in the aftermath of the alien race being repelled from all but a few infestation sites.


Aliens: The Ripley Chronicles (2011-2017) – a “world-building” midquel series set between the second and third films, following the lives of Ellen Ripley’s daughter Maura (mentioned in the second and third films), portrayed by Chrysanthemum “Chrissy” Turner. Maura is a young security officer for an Hoffmium Energy Station on a remote exoplanet who, with the help of her friend and researcher Janey Urban (portrayed by Kelly Marie Tran), start out defending their home planet from Aliens before venturing out to other locations, including Earth, in an effort to stop the menace about which her mother tried to warn humanity.


Aliens: Retribution (2002-2006) – a net-based comic series that aimed to “flesh out” the world and character of the films and TV show, along with showing how life on Earth has changed over the course of the series, and how the aliens live and grow on their home world, in greater detail. Current Century Fox considered the series to be “canon,” but several directors and writers involved in the Ripley Chronicles TV series did not, leading to some minor plotholes and retcons in said TV series.


The first film was surprise hit, standing out among the other spacefaring films that were made in the wake of the successful and wildly popular first Star Wars film. The second film received lukewarm reviews. The third, fourth and fifth films (together making up an unofficial “trilogy”), though, are considered by some fans to be the best in the franchise, possibly even better than the first, though Alien V was the least commercially successful of the three.


Alien won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. Aliens also won that award along with Weaver three nomination (Art Direction, Film Editing and Sound Effects Editing). Weaver finally won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Ripley in Alien III. Alien IV and Alien V were each nominated for Best Visual Effects awards and Film Editing awards, but did not win them.

–, c. 2018

…Ahead of the General Election in August, opposition leader Olivia Chow worked to unite the Progressive Liberal party. Endorsements from the Trudeau brothers, Michel and Justin, both actors engaged in political activism but not elective politics, soon joined other voices of support. MPs Alison M. Redford, Pierre Paquette, Naheed Nenshi, Christy Clark, and Jacques Duchesneau, plus Provincial leaders Jean-Yves Duclos and Lisa Raitt, all expressed support for the PL leader soon enough. However, who won in August would depend on who could pull in enough support in the competitive regions, who has strength where, and their level of experience with both campaigning, and internal and intraparty political processes...

– Richard Johnston’s The Canadian Party System: An Analytic History, UBC Press, 2021 edition

…The Eritrean Liberation Front achieved its goal in the mid-1970s. After years of fighting, the Addis Ababa Peace Treaty of 1977 was signed by the leaders of Ethiopia, Somalia and the ELF, making Eritrea an independent nation on New Year’s Day 1978. Setting up a parliamentary system with Isaias Afwerki (1946-1982) as Prime Minister, the new nation started off on shaky ground. Domestically, infrastructure developments were slow and rife with corruption from the start. In regards to foreign policy, Afwerki promoted maintaining a neutral position on the world stage, and possibly allying with Yugoslavia in that endeavor, but was inhibited by other members of parliament and the military who believed the nation was better off under either western, Soviet or Chinese spheres of influence. Political infighting worsened in 1980, and in 1981, Afwerki was removed from office. His successor, however, was even less effective, and was soon overthrown in a military coup led by former ELF leader Osman Saleh Sabbe (1932-1987). Sabbe oversaw a communistic regime, but wisely allied himself closer with China than with the Soviet Union, allowing him to stay in power after the USSR collapsed in 1984.

Upon Sabbe’s unexpected demise from cancer in 1987, his brother Mahmoud Saleh Sabbe succeeded him until he was overthrown by his own military in 1989. The nation has been ruled by General Sebhat Ephrem (b. 1951) ever since….

– Emanuel Biedemariam’s Eritrea: A History of Triumph and Betrayal, Aksumite E-Press, 2021

…April 5, 2018 began as just another hectic day for President Grammer. Amid stable low-50s approval ratings, government deregulation efforts going smoothly in the GOP-majority congress, and the GOP’s party factions being overall complacent for the time being, the President was mainly dealing with foreign policy concerns. Russia’s Nikolayev was unpredictable, China was continuing their cyber-warfare campaign, and several central African countries were refusing to get off their respective warpaths at their own respective volitions. But on this day, a new foreign policy issue arose.

Grammer loosened his tie as he watched the news report on the latest batch of hacked documents leaking onto the technet. The Situation Room was not exactly quiet, but he could still hear the anchors’ discuss this newest “doc drop,” with the assortment receiving the most amount of attention being the leaked documents pulled from the servers of the small African country of Eritrea. The documents revealed that the Eritrean military government was planning to test a nuclear missile, already in their possession, within a week.

“Well, at least this leak actually helps us,” Grammer murmured. “This thing almost snuck up on us.”

“Alright, so first off, we have to find out how serious this is – if it’s even legitimate,” Secretary of State Dick Morningstar advised. “Do they really have The Bomb?”

“It could be some dumb joke,” Vice President Brown suggested.

The Secretary of Energy and Technology, Sheila Miyoshi Jager, shook her head “I just spoke with our experts. They’re sure those aren’t doctored docs.”

“Then we have to figure out how in God’s name the Eritreans got ahold a nuclear device! The country is so small you could claim it wasn’t real and people would believe you without batting an eye!” The President exclaimed.

“So, wait, they didn’t make that bomb themselves?” asked White House Chief of Staff Patricia Clarey.

“No, definitely not” Secretary of Defense Eileen Collins answered.

“Why didn’t they build up their own nuclear program?” was Clarey’s follow-up.

“Because when North Korea tried that shit, we wiped off of the map before they could complete it!” Brown proclaimed, smiling from the wave of nostalgia suddenly rushing over him.

“It must have been sold to them,” Morningstar surmise confidently, “They must have bought it off either some other government, or from some private enterprise, some weapons trafficker, maybe one of the mafias.”

“But who?” Brown asked.

“We’re still working on finding the missile’s source, sir,” Morningstar continued to speak to the President. “There’s not much for us to go on, but judging by the leaked images, it’s most likely we’re dealing with an old Russian model. Tech is trying to find a digital trail to follow.”

“But it’s not just the supplier that matters here, Mr. President,” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Hudson Holliday interjected, “The age of the bomb can affect its detonation, so when they got it is important too. And like you said, Dick, it’s likely an old model. Could be a lot more sensitive than others.”

Collins nodded, “And if they’ve got one to spare in a test, I can guarantee that they have other mushroom makers, too.”

“So,” Grammar asked his experts, “What should we do about this and how? Do we tell the dictator of Eritrea that we say he can’t set it off? Throw a bunch of UN laws at him and hope for the best? Do we launch a global boycott like what President Kemp did in the 1980s? Or do we do something much more drastic, and invade them over this?”

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022

…While no international agreement or convention explicitly banned the possession, manufacturing and/or use of nuclear weapons, the International Court of Justice’s advisory opinion of 1996 was that nations who did all three posed a serious international risk that “could” be considered a threat to humanity. In regards to worldwide diplomacy, only five nations are recognized of having “nuclear weapon possession” status – the US, Russia, China, India, and Pakistan – and only the first three of them have thermonuclear weapons (hydrogen bombs and missiles, et cetera).

However, it was impressive that no countries had conducted explosive nuclear tests since the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was signed in 1999 (while the US signed onto it under President Jesse Jackson, it was never ratified). The main issue with Eritrea’s behind-the-scenes activities was that the nation’s government and military had never made it known to any international organizations of their efforts to become a nuclear power. This was most likely due to the outspokenness of North Korea establishing a potential precedence.

Thus, on April 6, the US Ambassador to the UN, diplomat Norma Jean Almodovar, joined other western nations in condemning Eritrea, demanding that its leader, General Ephrem, postpone the testing of the nuclear device until the UN National Security Council could inspect their facilities and ensure that the tests would be conducted safely.

It was not too surprising when Ephrem replied the next day with the refusal to “bow to the whims of imperialists,” and stated that no other nations or organizations could “push around” any other nations “less than a war.” The belligerent response did not flinch the UN Security Council, who confirmed on April 8 that Eritrea did not notify any international organizations of their nuclear possessions despite the leaked documents suggesting that the Eritrean military had them to in their possession for no less than six weeks – which was “ample time” to report it, as Almodovar observed in a White House Press Briefing on April 9. These breaches of international safeguards, agreed to under the CNTBT of 1999, which Eritrea signed onto but didn’t ratify, raised tension among world leaders uncertain of how to proceed further.

Then, another leak occurred on April 11. Despite Eritrea’s efforts to troubleshoot hacking attempts, another firewall penetration led to the reveal that Individuals of uncertain origin and allegiance stole five Russian nuclear missiles made in the early 1980s and smuggled them to Eritrea in December 2017. These documents seemed to confirm allegations that Eritrea had not in fact “legitimately purchased” these devices. Ephrem responded by denying the new allegations and claiming that both batches of information were somehow doctored if not entirely fabricated in a contradictory April 14 speech.

– Kathryn Millstone’s The Grammer Administration, Borders Books, 2021

NIKOLAYEV REPORTEDLY IN TALKS WITH EPHREM! Swears He Will Resolve The Eritrean Incident Peacefully

Kommersant (The Businessman), Russian newspaper, 4/15/2015

Nikolayev’s sudden entrance into the controversy caught the Americans by surprise. Nikolayev was simply faster than Grammer in establishing lines of communication with General Ephrem’s people. On April 17, Nikolayev and Ephrem traveled to the neutral location of Kuwait City, Kuwait to establish an “understanding.” The meeting was a sensation for media outlets who presented Nikolayev’s active and “firsthand” reaction to the alleged possible threat of Eritrea’s shady activities having an ulterior motive like invading or holding hostage some regional country like Ethiopia or Saudi Arabia.

On April 21, the two men attended a joint press briefing in which they announced that they had negotiated a resolution to the controversy. “Ephrem has clarified the misunderstanding with the improperly purchased items,” said Nikolayev, who proceeded to claim that the members of the Eritrean Army in charge of the missile’s purchasing had been identified and arrested for procedure violations. Ephrem than announced that he was returning the nuclear devices to their “rightful place,” Russia’s arsenal. However, he did not clarify if this meant that he was cancelling his nuclear program, or if he would seek out other pathways to nuclear possession in the future.

Either way, the declaration of resolution was celebrated by news outlets in and out of Russia. Nikolayev went from being seen as a man surrounded by allegations of corruption to being a successful negotiator and world leader; internal approval ratings showed the President’s approval ratings show up from the low 40s to the high 70s. The ascension of Nikolayev into an nearly idolized politician seemed too good to be true…

– Victor Cherkashin’s Relentless: The Leaders of Post-Soviet Russia, Basic Books, 2020


Pssst. The secret's out at KFC. Well, sort of.

Colonel Harland Sanders' handwritten recipe of 11 herbs and spices
was removed from safekeeping at KFC's corporate offices in Florence, Kentucky, for the first time in decades. The temporary relocation allowed the global chain’s headquarters to revamp security around a yellowing sheet of paper that contains one of the country's most famous corporate secrets.

The brand's top executive admitted his nerves were aflutter despite the tight security he lined up for the operation.

"I didn't want to be the Head Executive who lost the recipe," KFC leader Roger Eaton said. "Imagine how terrifying that would have been."

So important is the 78-years-old concoction that coats the chain's Original Recipe chicken that only two company executives at any time have access to it. The company refuses to release their name or title, and it uses multiple suppliers who produce and blend the ingredients but know only a part of the entire contents.

Louisville-based KFC, part of
the fast-food “umbrella” parent company Finger Lickin’ Good, Inc., hired off-duty police officers and private security guards to whisk the document away to an undisclosed location in an armored vehicle for an undisclosed number of days. The valued document was then carefully placed in a briefcase and handcuffed to security expert Bo Dietl for the ride.

"There's no way anybody could get this recipe," said Dietl, a former New York City police detective. His security firm is also handling the security improvements for the recipe at headquarters, but he wouldn't say what changes they're making.

For more than 20 years, the recipe has been tucked away in a filing cabinet equipped with two combination locks in company headquarters. To reach the cabinet, the keepers of the recipe would first open up a vault and unlock three locks on a door that stood in front of the cabinet. Vials of the herbs and spices are also stored in the secret filing cabinet.

"The smell is overwhelming when you open it," said one of two keepers of the recipe in an interview at company headquarters.

The biggest prize, though, is a single sheet of notebook paper, yellowed by age, that lays out the entire formula -- including exact amounts for each ingredient -- written in pencil and signed by Sanders. Others have tried to replicate the recipe, and occasionally someone claims to have found a copy of Sanders' creation. The executive said none have come close, adding the actual recipe would include some surprises.

Sanders developed the formula in 1940 at his tiny restaurant in southeastern Kentucky and used it to launch the KFC chain in
the early 1950s before launching a successful career in politics. Sanders died in 1990, but his likeness is still central to KFC's marketing.

"The recipe to him, in later years, was everything he stood for," said Shirley Topmiller, his personal secretary for about 12 years.

Larry Miller, a restaurant analyst with RBC Capital Markets, said the recipe's value is "almost an immeasurable thing. It's part of that important brand image that helps differentiate the KFC product."

–, 4/23/2018 [6]

“The legislation I propose today would finally address the silent scourge of wage theft. …tens of billions of dollars are stolen from low-skill workers every year. Compare that to the dollars stolen in all cases of larceny, burglary, auto theft and robbery, which make up less than a third of the total amount of money illegally obtained in the US each year according to an average of several independent studies...”

– US Senator William Tong (D-CT), in a speech of the floor of the US Senate, 4/24/2018


…Saudi Arabian Space Center, or Markaz Alfada Alsaeudii (MAA) in Arabic, with the collaboration of space agencies in Iran and United Turkestan, today launched astronauts Hazza Al Mansouri (b. Dec 1983) and Sultan Al-Neyadi (b. May 1981) of the United Arab Emirates in the manned rocket Perseverance in a trip to the International Space Station. The launch and voyage marks the first time that the MAA has launched astronauts since 2008, and marks the time that Emirati astronauts have ever gone to space. The successful voyage could give Middle Eastern space agencies the confidence to re-enter the space industry at its pre-2008 levels…

The Houston Chronicle, 4/25/2018

UN REPORT: Standards of Living Finally Improving In Several Sub-Saharan African Nations

…the extensive report credited the Great Green Wall project, begun in late 2003, for improving the quality of life in the countries of Mali, Senegambia, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Mauritania, Cameroon, and Ethiopia. However, the multinational GGW endeavors have been less successful in nations such as Burkina Faso, The Fulani Republic, Darfur, Sudan, and Eritrea…

The Boston Globe, 4/29/2018

Prof. Janice FINE: “The Grammer administration should go forward on the proposed executive order to start a knife buy-back program similar to the knife-surrender programs the United Kingdom have had over the past several decades. A federal buy-back program would be much easier and cheaper to get set up than passing some sort of federal legislation. And, furthermore, the UK’s programs have helped lower knife crimes over there, and –”

Contributor Alec JONES: “No, economic reform to keep unfair business practices at bay lowered knife crime rates over there. Poverty and unemployment are linked to domestic, ‘home-grown’ acts of violence, so instead of the government telling people something as ridiculous as they can’t own knives, the government should be funding more anti-poverty measures to nip these trends in the bud.”

Reporter Jennifer RUBIN: “I don’t know, you guys, the Grammer administration seems pretty keen on following the UK example. The President’s reportedly talked about it with Prime Minister Goodlad several times by now.”

JONES: “Well if they try it, they’ll have to figure out how to say ‘we don’t trust you to own a knife’ in a way that isn’t so insulting.”

RUBIN: “Yes, I too am interested in how this wouldn’t come off as infringing upon one’s personal freedoms.”

JONES: “Well, I mean, they probably aren’t exactly going to say anything obviously dumb like, ‘you don’t need a bread knife when you can buy sliced bread’.”

FINE: “Heh. Unless Harley Brown heads the program. He’d probably say something like that. [chuckle]”

– KNN roundtable discussion, 5/2/2018 broadcast


The Hawaii Tribune-Herald, 5/3/2018

The Top 10 Best Sesame Street moments

Sesame Street has cemented itself as an instrumental part of early education for millions of children around the world. Since episodes of the highly-praised children’s series began airing in November 1969, there have been countless tender, wholesome, hilarious and even controversial moments in the show’s nearly-50-year history, as the show addressed real-world topics and issues with humor and heart. …We conducted an open-ended survey ontech, and discovered that the following Sesame Street moments are considered to be “the best” ones in the show’s run:

1 – It Ain’t Easy Being Green (1969) – a simple bit in which Kermit the Frog sings a graceful and touching song about his green skin in a lauded segment that subtly addresses the issues of race, individuality and self-acceptance, and still holds up to this day.

2 – Galopy Revealed! (1972) – the adults on Sesame Street finally meet Mr. Galopagus; Galopy was first introduced in 1970 as a metaphor for workplace pestering, as nobody believed Big Bird until his friends supported him and get the adults to believe him after over a year of skepticism.

3 – Rubber Duckie, You’re The One (1970) – first performed 48 years ago, this segment has been redone many times due to how popular it is with young children.

4 – The Perils of Distance (1975) – a classic Grover sketch in which he runs himself ragged demonstrating the differences between distances; a simple premise that resonated with audiences, the sketch regained relevance with a 2002 re-do covering safezoning distances during the SARS pandemic.

5 – Farewell, Mr. Hooper (1983) – when the actor portraying Mr. Hooper, Will Lee, died from a heart attack at age 74, the writers confronted his demise by killing off his character to make it a learning experience for young audiences in what is one of the saddest moments in the show’s history.

6 – Love Is Love (2001) – the show addressed BLUTAGO Rights with the introduction of Lily, an openly BLUTAGO muppet; the episode begins with her introduction, with the poignant reveal that she is married to a woman being near the end of the episode.

7 – “What’s ‘assassinated’ mean?” (1995) – this tear-jerker of an episode has the adults on Sesame Street address the assassination of President Iacocca, an event that dominated the news cycle and discussions at homes across America for months.

8 – Elmo In Quarantine (2004) – a sketch centered on a young character loved by millions, Elmo struggles to adapt to ontech “remote classroom” learning and the isolating effects of quarantine, but finds strength from his family and friends.

9 – Bridging Borders (1998) – walking a tightrope and using delicately-worded lines to address the rise in racial violence at the height of the War on Recreadrugs and the aftermath of the Second Korean War, this segment and other like it was praised for its anti-hatred stance.

10 – “C” Can Be For Carrot (1979) – Cookie Monster was introduced in 1971 at a time of heightened national health concerns; presented originally as a recurring character, he was a sympathetic cautionary tale of addiction before “cleaning up” and joining the regular cast in this episode, cementing his role as a promoter of healthy eating who struggled to not give in to his more unhealthy cravings too often. He still teaches important lessons like moderation, patience, and self-control, and always with hilarious results.

…The genius of Jim Henson, who passed away last week at the age of 81 from an unspecified ailment, was not limited to Sesame Street. Other TV series that he spearheaded included Sam And Friends (1955-1961), The Wizard of Id (1969-1970), The Muppet Show (1976-1982), Fraggle Rock (1983-1989), Muppet Babies (1984-1993), The Dark Crystal Chronicles (1987-1992), The Storytellers (1994-1995), and The New Muppet Show (1997-2001), and The Jim Henson Show (2005-2006) and The Muppets (2011-2017). Henson famously voiced dozens of his Muppet characters until his voice’s decline in quality led to him retiring from voice-work in 2003…

Time magazine, early May 2018 issue

Lava Devours Homes, Spews Globs 300 Feet Into The Air As Flow Spills Across Big Island

–, 5/7/2018


The Honolulu Star-Advertiser, 5/11/2018

“…So the New York Times published a report concerning the long-term effects of New Jersey’s F.A.D.-like program. Essentially, money brought in by tourism and companies based in the state contribute to a monthly dividend for every New Jersey citizens, even for official residents who work in places like New York City and Philadelphia, which is probably where a lot of them spend a lot of that money, too. But, anyway, according to the report, the F.A.D. allows many working mothers to stay home and spend more time with their children, and that’s the same for families that move to New Jersey, too. Apparently, the type of family dynamic, where there’s kids and both parents work, has plateaued in the Garden State, while it’s risen in New York and Philadelphia, over the past forty years. As result, with example of microcosmic socialism is actually viewed by most conservatives in the state in a positive light. To them, it’s not a handout, but a ‘traditional family stipend’ of sorts, upholding values and all that jazz. As a result, the monthly checks are highly popular among liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans in the state, and so its untouchable by politicians. NJ folk expect those checks, and they demand those checks; they all collectively pay high taxes for them, anyway. It’s their money after all. And in my experience with the state, any anti-dividend folk are usually considered to be hypocrites because they back low inheritance taxation and private schools, but not stimulus checks and farming subsidies. But the real interesting thing about this – the report and how much New Jerseyans like their monthly checks – is that it’s only gradually catching on in other states. In 2010, only five states had something like this – Connecticut, Alaska, Wyoming, New Jersey, and Maine. Now that numbers gone up to only 12, with Oregon and our very own state of Colorado adopting monthly dividend programs last year after state referendums were held on the matter in 2016…”

– KXKL Radio Denver’s The Ken Hamblin Show, local talk/news program, 5/12/2018 broadcast


[pic: ]

– “Harley on his Harley”; US Vice President Harley Davidson Brown (R-ID), spotted outside a bar near Reno, Nevada, during a trip to the state for a political fundraiser, 5/13/2018

…After graduating from MIT with degrees in computers sciences and mathematics, Reed Hastings worked for Adaptive Technology creating debugging software tools. Meanwhile, in 1991, entrepreneurs Raymond Peck and Mark Box, both keen on capitalizing on the rise of the technet in the early 1990s, co-founded Raymark, a debugging/antivirus company.

In 1993, Hastings was assigned the task of comparing business models of rival companies to try and determine a possible cause for their drop in sales and stockholder confidence. During the project, Hastings concluded that offering services at a flat rate would incentivize customers to maintain their services for longer periods of time and bring in more revenue. However, Hastings’ idea was not adopted, and in 1996 he was fired alongside 500 other workers laid off by the company hemorrhaging money.

In 1996, Hastings presented his flat rate idea to Raymark, which adapted it and hired him as a creative consultant. Hastings has since worked for several computer companies, and was the leader of the team who co-created ShieldPiece Systems technology in 2003, contributing further to anti-virus efforts…

–, c. 2018

…As the 1990s began, an increasing number of average American family households began owning computers and accessing the technet, leading to the ability to share videos ontech. Wanting to capitalize on this, companies that typically published mail-order catalogues develop ontech versions, including Bloomingdale’s and Victoria’s Secret. The rise of e-commerce soon effected home video rental store companies when minor chains such as Texas’ I-Heart-Films and the larger Value Videos established netsites to offer sending MLDs directly to customer’s home through the mail.

However, the ability to watch films directly on PCs became increasingly possible as bandwidth technology improved. In 2001, Paramount studios became the first studio to, for a fee, allow people to watch their films on; this attempt to promote older films soon led to other studios following suit. By 2004, film distributors establishing partnerships with film productions to release films on ontech downloading sites, such as PopcornTime, and the more popular Netfilms founded by Marc Randolph in 2001, in a manner similar to how Micro-LaserDiscs were rented or sold at video stores in the 1980s and 1990s.

Similar to how MLDs outpaced VHS tapes in popularity and use by the start of the oughties, with the SARS pandemic being the final nail in its coffin, ontech downloading and other vide-streaming services soon eclipsed MLDs. By the mid-2010s, ontech film-watching had become more popular due to easier accessibility, increasingly cheaper costs, and physical storage no longer being necessary in the wake of digital storage capabilities. …As of May 2018, most studies show that a majority of Americans who watch movies at home primarily do so on their computers or compTVs via the technet/via streaming (55%), compared to how many primarily watch films on MLDs (35%) or on more “traditional” TV channels such as KTB’s Cinema Classics channel (10%)…

–, c. 2018


…the number of politicians being accused of improperly spending government funds meant for public works projects has now risen to 14... “This is perhaps the most severe crisis of faith in government in years if not in decades,” says Opposition leader Olivia Chow (PL-ON). ...Several high-profile MPs in both the Progressive Conservative and Progressive Liberal parties are involved, and the spending scandal seems to have discredited all of them…

The Regina Leader-Post, Saskatchewan newspaper, 5/16/2018


–, 5/17/2018

> Since 1980 <

Year – location – fatalities – description

5/2-3/1983 – Moscow, U.S.S.R. – 31 – dissenting protests turned to deadly riots against increasingly oppressive military state in USSR’s capital

7/17-18/1983 – Shalkar, Kazakhstan, U.T./U.S.S.R. – 230 – civilians killed by Soviet Army platoon for aiding seceding Kazakhs

2/20/1984 – Grahamstown, South Africa – 14 – white radicals shot upon unarmed blacks as the Apartheid system was collapsing

8/9/1984 – Pacoa, Colombia – 300-400 – recreadrug lord ordered a hit on a rival’s farm/base

10/10/1986 – Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka – 129 – Tamil Tigers held monks at a bus stop and executed them once police arrived, leading to a deadly shootout

4/6/1987 – Findlay, Ohio, U.S. – 16 – local man later diagnosed with mental health issues shot up his local post office

11/29/1987 – Concord, North Carolina, U.S. – 5 – personal revenge incident in which a landowner fired into a crowd containing his neighbor at a mini-mall

7/8/1989 – Ypsilanti High School, Ypsilanti, North Dakota, U.S. – 5 – student opened fire indiscriminately before committing suicide, motive still unclear

8/21/1990 – Rreshen, Albania – 4 – anti-Yugoslavian radical fired into a crowd in reaction to rising calls for the struggling Albanian republic to join Yugoslavia

11/12/1991 – Tirana, Yugoslavia – 12 – anti-Muslim extremist fired into a primary school in response to Albania becoming a part of Yugoslavia

6/29/1992 – Sudharmono Mansion, Jakarta, Indonesia – 17 – security police opened fire on protestors outside the President’s manor

9/30/1993 – Tema, Ghana – 7 – police shot rioters amid period of social unrest

3/3/1994 – Rugasha, Rwanda – 300-600 – Hutu militia orchestration; part of an ethnic cleansing campaign against Tutsis

2/2/1995 – W.J.B. Dorn High School, Greenville, South Carolina, U.S. – 6 – troubled freshman targeted and fatally shot students who allegedly were bullies

3/1/1995 – Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, U.S. – 4 – anti-BLUTAG student targeted and fatally shot specific students alleged to be BLUTAG-American

8/15/1995 – Las Virginias, Chihuahua, Mexico – 3 – recreadrug gunmen ambushed and killed US federal agents

2/3/1996 – Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia – 62 – joint US/Colombian forces raiding Pablo Escobar’s compound led a gunfight in which Escobar was killed

2/22-26/1996 – Tokchon Prison, North Korea – 1,000-1,200 – imprisoned civilians were slaughtered in the closing weeks of the Second Korean War

9/18/1997 – El Paso, Texas, U.S. – 17 – gunfight between border agents and cartel smugglers

10/4/1999 – Palmyra, Syria – 50 – splinter military faction ambushed Syrian Army soldiers; part of the 1997-1999 Syrian Civil War

11/11/1999 – Qingdao, Shandong, People’s Republic of China – 21 – knife attack in public marketplace, motive unknown

12/1/2000 – Bagiata, Alania – 22 – domestic political radicals shot up the schoolyard of the school that the President’s grandchildren attended

10/3/2001 – Atlanta, Georgia – 13 – police raid on a high-crime neighborhood led to locals protesting police brutality

9/19/2003 – The Cactus Jack, Zanesville, Ohio, U.S. – 17 – arson attack against the BLUTAG bar’s patrons

5/5/2004 – Qurgonteppa, Tajikistan – 55 – riots over empty shelves at stores due to government corruption and mismanagement led to military opening fire

12/12/2005 – Shabunda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo – 1,000-1,100 – Tutsi civilians killed by two converging anti-Tutsi militias

1/8/2006 – Bagirma, Darfur, Sudan – 250-300 – part of the Sudanese government-sponsored ethnic cleansing campaign

6/7/2006 – Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India – 173 – a Hindu mob attacked a Muslim community amid false rumors of them hoarding a cure for SARS

3/30/2007 – Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India – 350-500 – police opened fire on rioters demanding a SARS vaccines be created faster

4/24/2009 – Juba, South Sudan – 142 – part of the armed fighting in Juba’s streets following the South Sudanese coup attempt on the nation’s President

1/11/2011 – Jebel Marra, Darfur – 400-500 – local Darfur civilians were slaughtered by members of the Sudanese Armed Forces

2/12-19/2014 – Tun-Nyu and Loikaw, Myanmar – 500-800 – mass executions of members of the Ka-Ren ethnic group, carried out by the Myanmar Army

5/6-7/2015 – Derbent, Dagestan, Russia – 10 – separatist radicals took civilians hostage and began executing them as the police breaching the compound

11/9/2016 – Mitsiwa, Eritrea – 138 – civilian protests demanding government reform led to guards opening fire

5/19/2018 – Kaya, Fulani Republic – 300-900 – The Burkina Faso Army attacked the community in response to local militia attack as week before

– clickopedia/list_of_events_named_massacres, c. May 2018

“So, I just saw the new Friday the 13th movie, and I’ve got to say, given this franchise’s history, this was a refreshing change of pace. Let me explain. See, the first movie came out in 1980, and the franchise took a different direction by focusing on Jason instead of Mrs. Voorhees the first sequel, Friday the 13th Part 2, which premiered in 1981. Part 3 came out in 1982 and Part 4 came out in 1984. Both were descent, but they didn’t make as much money as the studio wanted them to. So with Part 5: The Next Chapter, initially called the Final Chapter, premiering in 1986, they raised the stakes by having Jason stealing a silencer from a dead recreadrug lord in the first five minutes of the film. Part 6: Voorhees’ Vengeance premiered in 1989, and seemingly closed the franchise, only for the network to sense that the drop in the popularity of the Nightmare on Elm Street films meant that there was an opening for new Jason fans. So we got Friday The 13th Part 7: Jason’s Return in 1997. After disappointing results, with that movie, though the franchise was rebooted with the 2005 film Friday The 13th – no subtitle, just Friday The 13th. A prequel to the reboot, Friday The 13th: The First Friday, which ignores Parts 1-to-7 in a continuation of the reboot Jason universe, came out in 2010, but this was also a box office bomb. So, the network’s gone back to the original “Part” timeline with Part 8. Also known as the movie I just watched. And…it’s certainly an improvement, I can say that much. Better than part 7, but not as good as the original. Which can be said about all the sequels, since I want to be honest when reviewing this here…”

– transcript of “Friday The 13th: Part 8 – Reviewtime,” video uploaded to, a video-sharing netsite, on 5/19/2018

MOTHER-POST: Halloween Continuity Question

So the first Halloween film in seven years is coming out soon, but I’ve only seen the first two films, plus Freddy vs. Michael. Do I have to watch all the other movies in the franchise to understand this one?


The franchise’s breakdown is pretty straightforward. Movies that have a Roman Numeral in their title are part of the primary/original timeline, and ones that don’t are either spinoffs or failed reboots.

Halloween (1978) – the original classic

Halloween II (1981) – the almost-as-good follow-up where Michael presumably dies in an explosion

Halloween: Season of the Witch (1983) – the studio’s attempt to make the franchise an anthology series; it’s not connected to the primary timeline as Halloween and Halloween II are shown to be movies within this movie; the film is basically three stories in one vehicle, connected together only with their shared theme of witchcraft

Halloween: Horrorville (1984) – a second anthology installment with just one plot, but it’s a very convoluted plot; often considered the worst film in the franchise; while it has its fans nowadays, at the time it did so poorly that the network returned to the original timeline

Halloween III: Michael Returns (1989) – turns out Michael survived that explosion in Halloween II; he gets captured at the end of this one

Halloween IV: Michael’s Revenge (1991) – starts with Michael escaping a mental hospital and ends with him being decapitated

Halloween V: Michael’s Resurrection (1995) – turns out the guy beheaded in the last movie wasn’t Michael; an overall lukewarm film

H20: Halloween 20 Years Later (1998) – ignores all the films made after the first movie, and suggests that magic and a family curse is responsible for Michael’s pure evil and seemingly superhuman abilities; it underperformed at the box office and got a “meh” from fans

Halloween VI: (2011) – set in October 2002, during the SARS Pandemic, where people wearing masks were common; it ignores the events of Freddy vs. Michael (2001), and ends in a way that satisfied a lot of fans.

Rob Zombie’s Halloween (2018) – set to come out this October, Zombie’s version is apparently going to be a reboot of the whole franchise, giving Michael a new backstory and retelling the events of the first film in the present to incorporate modern technology and make the show more relatable to modern audiences…which never works out and just ages and dates the film, so I have my reservations about it.


So, I don’t have to watch any of the previous films to understand this one?

REPLY 1 to REPLY 1 to REPLY 1:


REPLY 2 to REPLY 1 to REPLY 1:

Unless they decided to litter the film with “easter egg” references to the previous films…

–, a public pop-culture news-sharing and chat-forum-hosting netsite, 5/20/2018 posting


…the program is only eligible for large knives such as hunting knives. Small knives such as butter knives and plastic knives will not be accepted, nor will novelty swords of replicas of fictional weapons, including (but not limited to) the franchises of Highlander, Thundercats, Lord of the Rings, Conan The Barbarian, Hagar The Horrible, Xena Warrior Princess, Skullkickers and He-Man. …The program is to be funded by the department of the Deputy Secretary of Domestic Security, a subdivision of the Department of Defense. This executive order also complements the bill signed into law late last year that provides more federal funds for states that establish public awareness programs on knife safety…

The Washington Post, 5/21/2018


The New York Times, 5/22/2018

…with the debate now coming down to how America would vote in its first nationwide initiative, Gravel was “elated but cautious” when compared to the reactions of “ecstatic” RCV supporters and “incensed” RCV opponents. Leaders on each side of the debate were quick to promote their own talking points and discredit their opponents’ ahead of people taking to the polls in November…

– Pat Sheffield and Rachel Joy Scott-Ireland’s Voices And Votes: The History of the National Initiative Amendment, Tumbleweed Publications, 2021


…roughly 30 members of a small knife-advocacy group called the Kansas City Knife Knights gathered around a metalworks business in Sacramento today to demand they cancel a commission they have accepted. The business is working on a memorial honoring the victims of last year’s Independence Day Knife Attack in Crescent City, California. “We think a statue is unwarranted and will do more harm than good by promoting the idea that even a small blade, like a helpful tool that could save someone’s life in an incident or help them with a skill or project, is a bad thing to have. It will give children wrong ideas about real and proper gun use,” says one protestor.

Another protestor present at today’s protest, which ended unceremoniously when the business closed up shop at the end of the day on schedule, is more critical of the sculpture’s design. The Crescent City memorial will be a sculpture of a heart-shaped tree, symbolizing the heart of the community, that will be molded out of knives donated in a “knives for cash” drive held late last year in Crescent City. The drive saw hundreds of blade weapons be donated, including katana swords and switchblades. “I think it does more the honor attacker to use his weapon of choice,” he says. “And, the ironic thing, is that this business is using blades and other sharp tools to make a monument opposing the use of sharp tools.”

The memorial is set to be completed in time for its unveiling on the one-year anniversary of the attacks, in which the assailant killed three and injured five…

The Seattle Times, 5/24/2018


…“In a rapidly growing region like Asia, it is unwise to rely so heavily and on only the People’s Republic of China,” Leong explained in today’s speech on the floor of parliament. Leong went to describe how her government is “looking into” doing “better” deals with other nearby nations such as India, Indonesia, South Africa, New Zealand, and the rising star that is Bangladesh. Leong also announced that the government would work on creating trade deals to invest more into developing countries in Asia and Africa in order to provide basic needs to the citizens of those nations in exchange for “a sliver” of the profits yielded in their growing sectors.

“Basically, she wants to use our country’s current national surplus to turn Australia into the loan shark of the world,” the Leader of the Opposition claims…

The Barrier Daily Truth, NSW Australia daily newspaper, 5/25/2018

NIKOLAYEV ALLOWED NUKE SMUGGLING! Whistleblower Alleges Plot to Boost Russian President’s Popularity

…a former member of Russia’s Domestic Security department claims that Russian President Nikolayev orchestrated the “theft” of Russian weapons and the release of sensitive information onto the technet in a staged hacking. “He wants to play a bigger and stronger role on the world stage. He worked with Eritrea’s General Ephrem to establish a deal,” the whistleblower alleges. “Ephrem is a paranoid despot desperate to hold onto power, and with American forces liberating countries across Africa, Ephrem probably fears he is next. Ephrem wants protection, and Nikolayev offered it to him. So Ephrem went along with it. Nikolayev would guarantee him protection in the event of some western imperialist aggression, and in exchange for it, Nikolayev would get to play the role of a hero. Be celebrated by millions. Win re-election in 2020. Stay in power and extend that power to who knows what extent.”

The New York Times, 5/26/2018

…Nikolayev vehemently denied the allegations, calling the whistleblower a liar and a traitor. But it was very telling how, very soon afterwards, he began firing dozens of people en masse on suspicion of betraying him to the press. Now why would an innocent person do such a thing?…

– Victor Cherkashin’s Relentless: The Leaders of Post-Soviet Russia, Basic Books, 2020

“WE NEED TO KNOW!” Russian Parliament’s Opposition Leader Demands An “Investigative Query” Into Nikolayev’s Role In “The Eritrean Incident”

The New York Times, 5/30/2018

[1] The lines in this segment that are in italics were pulled from here:
[2] OTL! Also, here’s an OTL article that I found, thought was really interested, and just want to share with y’all:
[3] Some passages in this paragraph were lifted from here:
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Post 108
Post 108: Chapter 116

Chapter 116: June 2018 – November 2018

“To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

– Nelson Mandela (OTL)


…the deadly confrontation sparked a brief turf war inside the prison between rival prison gangs consisting of former members of rival Yakuza syndicates. The conflict ended when the prison security forces deployed knockout gas, allowing masked personnel to quickly subdue the prisoners and avoid a possible riot…

The Asahi Shimbun, Japanese newspaper, 6/1/2018


The Daily Telegraph, UK newspaper, 2/6/2018

3 June 2018: On this day in history, the Volcan de Fuego, an active stratovolcano in Guatemala, erupted with such speed and intensity that there was essentially no time to evacuate nearby areas; subsequently, the quickly-moving lahars, pyroclastic flows and volcanic ash clouds killed no less than 197 people, making it Guatemala’s deadliest volcanic eruption since 1929


KING VS. CZAR VS. CHEF: Drive-Thru Ordering At Three Major Burger Joints

…after carefully weighing the differences in wait-time and order accuracy, I have to say that, in my experience, the underdog that is Burger Czar is prevailing over the bigger chains in regards to customer service and wait-line movement efficiency…

–, review section, 4/6/2018


…the rare species of blue calamintha bee, once thought to be extinct, has been rediscovered in Florida, roughly five years after it was last spotted. First identified in 2009, these rare blue bees made headlines for their specific habitat needs, foraging strategies, and beautiful indigo coloring. The bees’ reemergence was confirmed by Chase Kimmel of the Florida Museum of Natural History…

–, 6/5/2018 e-article [1]


…economics expert Guy Standing bested fellow MPs Polly Toynbee and Aravella Simotas in a landslide leadership election…

The Daily Telegraph, UK newspaper, 6/6/2018


…the alert was issued for the higher areas of the island due to freezing rain and ice falling as a result of the continuing lava flow plowing a path through a large section of Big Island. The quantity of lava reaching the ocean via this flow is creating large plumes of steam. These plumes are so massive, they are rising high enough into the atmosphere, where they are condensing and freezing before falling back down onto the island…

The Hawaii Tribune-Herald, 6/7/2018

…US President Kelsey Grammer’s working relationship with PM Bachand was on display in early June 2018, when the two leaders participated in a bilateral meeting on renewable energy trade between the US and Canada. The meeting was held at Niagara Falls, and while the two agreed on fiscal policy positions generally-speaking, Bachand had a personality that just did not seem to “click” with Grammer’s at the event. This professional but impersonal relationship contrasted sharply with the friendship Grammer formed in his first year in office with PM Rogers, which the Canadian magazine The Walrus dubbed a “bromance.” With Rogers no longer in office, it appeared the head of state closest to Grammer was UK PM Goodlad; the two men had a reputation for being “classy,” yet pragmatic individuals, and the two spoke often after Goodlad’s ascension on strengthening economic and social ties between not just the US and the UK, but between the US and the British Commonwealth.

On the more domestic side of things, Bachand got along better with Australian PM Jim Varvaris than with Grammer; the two of them famously – or infamously, depending on who one asks – spent a weekend fishing off the coast of Queensland in early 2017. When Varvaris was replaced by Jenny Leong, she and Bachand struggled to not have a less tenuous relationship. But with conflicting ideologies and personalities, Leong and Bachand failed in this endeavor before the end of 2018...

– Richard Johnston’s The Canadian Party System: An Analytic History, UBC Press, 2017


The Washington Post, 6/10/2018

11 June 2018: On this day in history, the ontech sales of popular singer-songwriter Calypstica’s hit single “Calypstica” broke several records…



Florence, Kentucky – For the first time in eight years, since the death of Mildred Saunders Ruggles, a direct descent of The Colonel sits as the Chair of KFC’s Board of Directors. Honorary Kentucky Colonel Harland David “Davey” Sanders IV (b. 1959), son of industrial designer Harland David “Lando” Sanders III (b. 1939) and grandson of US Senator Harland David “Harley” Sanders Jr. (1912-2007), has served on the board since his great aunt’s death, but only is moving up the corporation’s leadership ladder, and it seems he may have plan for how to keep the company “at the top.”

Sitting down with Davey in his Florence HQ office, the short and graying 59-year-old, looking more like his great-grandfather every day, explains, “I spent my free time being with my family, helping my kids, especially my son Vinnie.” He refers to Harland David “Vinnie” Sanders V (b. 1985). “But he’s beaten his drug addiction, and now that he and his wife have another little Harland to handle on their own,” as in Harland David Sanders VI (b. 2014), “I figured that this was the best time for me to get more involved in my great-grandfather’s company.”

I ask him to explain further. He replies cryptically with “I think it’s time for a sort of rebirth of KFC…”...

The New Yorker, 6/12/2018 article


…This old hound dog won’t hunt. The latest Elvis single, his first in four years and yet another collaborative work, this one with Vanilla Ice, fails to live up to its own hype. But the two musicians aren’t handling it well. Each are saying that the negative reviews ontech “don’t reflect the real people,” as Mr. Ice put it on the 11th. On the 12th, Mr. Presley suggested that the harsh comments are “being planted by our rivals” without offering any further specifications or clarification…

– Variety magazine, 6/14/2018


[wikibox pic: ]

William Mark Fagerbakke (FAY-ger-bah-kee) (born October 4, 1957), also known by the nicknames “Bill the Fang” Fagerbakke, “Fingerbang” Fagerbakke and “Fake-and-Bake” Fagerbakke is an American actor and retired award-winning professional football player. Born in California but raised in Idaho, Fagerbakke began his athletic career in college football at the University of Idaho (1976-1979), and then played in the NFL as a lineman, first for the Houston Oilers from 1979 to 1983, then for the Minnesota Vikings from 1983 to 1998. Fagerbakke retired from the NFL in 1998 at the age of 40.

After feeling “unfulfilled” coaching football at his alma mater, Fagerbakke moved permanently to California in 2001 to begin a modest acting career. In early roles, he was typecast as either tough brutes or idiot sidekicks before proving he could do serious film roles in the late 2000s decade. He cameoed in the 2010 “Orca” remake starring Liam Neeson, and starred as a retired football coach in the award-winning TV series “Endzone” from 2011 to 2015, a spiritual successor to the 1990s TV series “Coach” (starring Craig T. Nelson and John “Tooz” Matuszak); Endzone maintains a small but strong cult following. Fagerbakke was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in the 2018 film drama “Crashing Plume,” but lost out to 27-year-old Sophie J. L. North. He has since maintained a modest celebrity status, most often appearing in numerous medium-budget films and occasionally lending his talents to commercials for various products. Fagerbakke has more recently begun doing voice acting, most notably voicing the arrogant and dimwitted Troll King in the New Line Animation fantasy film “Rocklickers.”

– clickopedia, c. early 2021


…Estevan “Steve” Montenegro, born in 1981 in El Salvador, at a time of economic renewal for El Salvador, is this Central American nation’s latest conservative-leaning leader…

The Washington Post, 6/19/2018

LEBANON VOTERS PICK NEW PRESIDENT: Boutros Harb Wins Over Soleiman Franjieh Jr.

The Guardian, side article, 23/6/2018


…The Land Down Under has had no extradition arrangements with Russia since 2000…

The Daily Telegraph, UK newspaper, 27/6/2018

“…In financial news today, Chevron announced that it will finance and facilitate over $2trillion over the next five years to back GCD solutions and sustainable development programs as the oil giant seeks out their own slice of the growing ‘go-green’ pie. Chevron executives have been very wary of their global corporation’s impact on the environment ever since the Chevron Oil Spill of the 1980s that devastated the Alaskan coastline and created a PR disaster that rival oil companies capitalized on throughout the 1980s and 1990s…”

– CBS Evening News, 6/28/2018 broadcast

THE SPONGEBOB ZONE (TV series; 5 seasons, 1997-2002)


> Main Cast <

Tony Hale as SpongeBob (pilot)

Carlos Alazraqui as SpongeBob (Seasons 1-5)

Don Cornelius as Squidward

Charlie Adler as Mr. Krabs and Patrick Star

Brooke Burns as Rosie the Squirrel

Domenick Jack Irrera as Bubble Bass

Dougie Osowski as Mr. Barnacle

Linda Wallem as Pearl the Waitress

Robert Clotworthy as Fred Legg (Seasons 2-5)

Matt Battaglia as King Neptune (Seasons 1-2, 5)

Kevin Meaney as Sheldon Plankton (Seasons 2-5)

Levi L. Knebel as Dr. Flotsam (Seasons 3-5)


FUTURAMA (1994-present)


> Main Cast <

Rob Paulsen as Markey Marvin “Key” Martin

Katey Sagal as Taranga Leela

Billy West as Professor Cramble Xenoba Farnsworth and Dr. John Bleep Zoidberg

Kathy Soucie as Bartokovski Dennis “Bart” Farnsworth

John DiMaggio as Bender Rodriguez and Willie the Janitor

Lauren Tom as Lisa Wong

Marvin Katzoff as Houseley Penfield Grubbs

Phil Hartman as Captain Zapp Branigan

Christina Applegate as Patty Martinez

Phil LaMarr as Hermes Kingston

> Recurring Cast <

LeVar Burton as Police Chief Clancy Corvallis

Harry Shearer as NNYC Mayor Homer Seymour Simpson (and several minor characters)

Robyn Petty as Maggie Johannesburgopolis

Ali Ahn as Janey Lee

Patricia Alice Albrecht as Patty the Robot

Robert Clotworthy as Lrrr (and several minor roles)

Dougie Osowski as Volkor the Amoeba

Irene Tedrow as Earth President-in-exile Marjorie Wiggum (1994-1995)

Tress MacNeille as Earth President-in-exile Marjorie Wiggum (1995-present)

Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Whitemarsh Telesphore Cherubusco Schwarzchild

Rob Paulsen as Dr. Nicholas Devlin Percival McCrackenthorpe III




> Main Cast <

Patrick Pinney as Binky Notarabbit, the father of the Notarabbit family

Debra Clinger as Sheba, Binky’s wife

Christine Cavanaugh as Bongo, Binky’s teenage son from a previous marriage

Dana Hill as William and Abe, Binky and Sheba’s young twin sons

Frank Welker as Snarla, the family cat

Joel Kenney as Jeff

Joe Alaskey as Akbar

Dan Castellaneta as Krusty the Clown, a retired clown who is the Notarabbits’ neighbor

Maggie Roswell as Selma Simpson, the only employee at their town’s only employment agency



…Miguel Angel Osorio Chong (PRI), age 53, is of Chinese descent on his mother’s side. …Osorio won in an upset over the PAN candidate that many assumed would win due to the popularity of the term-limited incumbent President Santiago Creel (PAN). ...Earlier this year, Osorio surprised political pundits by besting Lilia Marodio Reza (b. 1978) in the PRI primary, a race that was even closer than tonight’s general election, and gained much more media attention than typical party primaries, because of its intensity between the two candidates and their differing ideas over direction the party should take in the years ahead. Osorio promoted stability and bipartisanship, while Reza championed for radical social changes that energizer young voters but alienated older and more conservative members of the PRI…

–, 7/1/2018

“Heat Dome” brings dangerously high temps, humidity to much of Canada and the states

The Toronto Star, Canadian newspaper, 7/2/2018


[pic: ]

– Former Vice President Bob Ross doing some fishing, c. summer 2018

DEATH TOLL LIKELY HIGHER THAN REPORTS SUGGESTS: Heat Wave Deaths Are High, But Not In The Way You Think They Are

…The apparent concentration of heat wave-related deaths in the past several days being in Quebec is not the fault of province mismanagement, nor is it the result of some GCD-related anomaly. The perceived concentration is due to Quebec being the province with the loosest rules and regulations for attributing deaths from heat in official medical reports. ...This summer’s heat wave is surely one for the history books…

– The Cape Breton Post, Nova Scotia newspaper, 7/7/2018

“…When lava flows over vegetation, the burning plant life create methane gas as a byproduct. And as you can see by the blue flames shooting out from the lava over there, there is a lot of methane gas being produced and released here. The flames are not emerging directly in the lava because the methane gas seeps into subsurface voids and then explodes from the heat, so they emerge from cracks in the ground several feet away from the lava itself. This is a serious safety concern, so officials have established a very generous evacuation zone…”

– Kennedy News Network, “Breaking News” segment, 7/8/2018 broadcast

…Another fiscal crisis concerning the federal budget arose in July 2018, and it stemmed from the expensive damage that the 2017 Hurricane wrought upon the southern United States. The Grammer administration initially received praise for federal responses to the hurricanes, with praise coming especially from the Governors of Texas and Puerto Rico (Rick Perry and Raul Labrador, respectively), both of whom were Republican Party loyalists. Both in hindsight, it was apparent that Grammer’s fiscal conservativism had restricted the extent of federal assistance. Most notably, the annual budget for ODERCA (Overwhelming Disaster Emergency Response Coordination Agency) was in 2017 roughly 40% of what it was in 2011. …As more statistics came out over state governments lacking federal help during the 2017 Hurricane season, more American citizens demanded more federal funds be allocated to services such as ODERCA.

However, this would require restructuring the 2018-2019 federal budget just weeks ahead of the deadline established by the BBA. Ergo, Grammer held an emergency closed-door cabinet meeting on July 15.

“The media’s giving us the beating of a lifetime over the shrinking of the federal government – as if they don’t know that that is what being libertarian means!” The President allegedly remarked.

In the meeting, Grammer went around the room and discussed with each cabinet member which department could afford cutbacks in order to increase ODERCA’s “shoestring” budget. As expected, the heads of State, Treasury, Defense, and the Justice department all made excuses and alleged that their budgets were already smaller than they “should” be. Postmaster General Ralph Nader reluctant was resistant to have his department be a sacrificial lamb for another fiscal shortfall; Grammer had already proposed merging the responsibilities of his “final job in Washington” into the department of Energy and Technology. As a result, Nader joined with Secretary Jager and the heads of Agriculture, the Interior, Commerce, Labor, Education, HHS, Transportation, VA, and Community Development in voicing great reluctant to let go of additional funding.

“Look, people, please!” Grammer displayed impatience with the bickering. “There’s fifteen of you. Surely a flat-across-the-board .5% sliver from each one of you would suffice, right?”

The President’s “budget gurus” all nodded. The President’s Secretaries all grumbled and then nodded in compliance.

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022

Reporter Brian SCHWARTZ: “Extensive polling has found that bipartisan majorities fid ranking choice voting to be easy in states and cities already using it. One extensive poll, asking the simple question ‘Which would you more likely support: A) a leader elected by a majority of the vote or B) a leader elected by a plurality of the vote’ resulted in 90% of Americans polled supporting Option A), 3% support Option B) and 7% going for Option C), unsure.”

Guest panelist, political researcher and former CEO of Gehl Foods Katherine GEHL (pro-RCV): “Yes, and that study also revealed that on partisan lines, sentiments are almost even among Democrats and Republicans, with 93% of Democrats and 87% of Republicans voting for Option A.”

Guest Panelist, CEO and President of The FairVote Institute Rob RICHIE (pro-RCV): “More than 76% of people polled by Gallup said that R.C.V. is either somewhat easy to understand. 12% said it was very easy, 10% said it was somewhat difficult, and just 2% said it was very difficult. On partisan lines, 16% of Republicans called it very or somewhat difficult, while just 8% of Democrats found it very or somewhat difficult.”

Guest Panelist, former DNC Committeeman Robert ZIMMERMAN (anti-RCV): “In other words, 12% of Americans find this difficult? That’s too high a number.”

Former NRC Communications Director Matt GORMAN (anti-RCV): “Yeah, I agree, nobody should be able to accept suppressing, or at least discouraging, the will of 12% of any population.”

Guest Panelist, Senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation Hans VON SPAKOVSKY (anti-RCV): “This instant-runoff proposal is unnecessarily complicated. We should just implement a two-round voting system similar to the one that the French have.”

Guest Panelist, professor of political science at UMSL David KIMBALL (pro-RCV): “But that would be more expensive than RCV.”

– Kennedy News Network, roundtable discussion, 7/19/2018

The Positives And Negatives of Ranked-Choice Voting: A Guide

…Ranked Choice Voting is nothing new. It was invented in 1870 and Australia has been using it for lower house elections since 1918. Proponents of this voting process claim it could streamline the election process, making it less expensive, more efficient, and fairer. Studies of its use at the state and local levels, such as for mayoral elections, suggest that Ranked-Choice Voting systems lead to the election of more moderate representatives who better reflect voter preferences rather than rewarding ideological extremists. The system also prevents a “spoiler effect” in which a third (or fourth or fifth) candidate splits the vote of the most-popular candidates by making elections less of an either-or proposition. …US Senator Mike Gravel (D-CA), a leading proponent of the N.I.A., also says it leads to less negative campaigning, stating that “since each voter can potentially vote for a candidate as well as their opponent, candidates shy from negative campaigning that would alienate the supporters of other candidates, instead trying to appeal to those voters as their second or third choice.”…

–, 7/20/2018 e-article [2]

“I want to see everyone vote ‘No’ on RCV. It is not at all a democratic approach. It will not solve our election problems; it will instead create more election problems. Ranked-choice voting is the flavor of the day. And it will turn out to have a bitter taste.”

CO-HOST: “Its advocates believe RCV is, at least, more democratic than the Electoral College occasionally determining the winner.”

“Its advocates want to replace real democracy, in which a majority picks the winner, with something akin to a game show method of selection. The result could be more like Family Feud than a decision about one of the most important choices people can make.”


“The thing about RCV, the thing that its proponents always ignore, is the fact that it doesn’t actually lead to a candidate who represents the majority of voters. This is because an easily exhausted electorate doesn’t always rank all the candidates on a ballot. Especially in the U.S., where most people do not even bother to even learn about third-party candidates, or even that much about the major party candidates, either, for that matter. And as a result, some voters will end up with their ballots eliminated before the final round of voting, and thus will no say in the final outcome. For example, say there were five names on a ballot and you only ranked three, who were all eliminated, your now-blank ballot wouldn’t be counted in the final vote at all. You will not have expressed any choice about the two leading candidates.”

CO-HOST: “Well then maybe people will strategically pick more popular or electable candidates for their second and third choice.”

Contributor JANICE FINE: “Which is exactly what the establishment may want us to do!”

“Either way, RCV is clearly not a solution. It may just be another complication, and of that we should be very wary, because there are legitimate reasons for skepticism when it comes to RCV. But the thing is, the larger element that is broken in American politics, and therefore what should be focused on, is election procedures, not our well-established and only occasionally-imperfect election processes.”

– Former US Rep. Gordon Weil (R-ME), head of the political activist group “Ranked Is Wrong: Vote No On RCV,” CBS News, 7/21/2018 segment [3]


…the rise in reported cases of the virus has the potential to be worse than the 2013-2014 Kivu Ebola outbreak, but the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s President is confident that his administration will “avoid the mistakes” of his predecessor, telling his nation’s press today that “our communities are working together to keep each other safe and sanitary in the weeks and months ahead”…

– The Cape Times, South African newspaper, 7/23/2018

“…Torrential rains have triggered massive floods in Japan, displacing thousands and killing at least seventy people…”

– BBC World News, 7/25/2018 broadcast


…After tackling a missile incident and now facing a fiscal crisis in D.C., President Grammer must have been ecstatic to get away from the Beltway and spend some fun in the sun with the First Family…


[pic: ]

Above: The President spending quality time at Santa Monica Beach with one of his sons, while vacationing with his wife and his four youngest children (photograph provided by Splash News, our coast-centric division)

The Hollywood Reporter, 7/28/2018


…Today, Mars made its closest approach to Earth since 2003, four days after reaching “opposition.” This event was marked by former NASA Director John McAfee declaring it to be a “gravely missed opportunity” for the US and the world. “We should have planned a second Marstronaut mission for this second window instead of just sending out more probes,” said McAfee in a THN interview.

Incumbent NASA Director Bezos, on the other hand, took the moment to give an optimistic speech at NASA’s HQ in Virginia, in which he promoted Project Postman, the “Lunar Bot Hub” endeavor that is still in development.

McAfee, however, also commented on Bezos’ speech, saying “If Bezos hadn’t spent so much time working with private businesses to decentralize American space travel, we would have built it by now. And that would have allowed marstronauts to only take five months to travel to the Red Planet instead of seven.”

Saudi Arabia’s space agency announced in 2001 their own plan to go to Mars in 2018, but the mixed results of their 2008 moonshot led to the country’s government cancelling the project. Earlier this week, they launched a robot space probe, the Glory 5, to the planet Mars instead…

–, 7/31/2018

“…new polling shows that President Grammer’s approval rating is down to its lowest numbers since 2014, with the recent gradual dip most likely stemming from controversies concerning his apparent response to last year’s Hurricane Season being ‘insufficient’ according to multiple reports…”

– ABC News, 8/2/2018 broadcast


The Los Angeles Times, 8/3/2018

…The rise of the California wildfires as a major issue led to the White House immediately pledging to help California combat them. President Grammer discussed the matter with the state’s Governor, Cruz Bustamante, would had previously served as Grammer’s lieutenant governor; as a result of this previously-established relationship, the process of coordinating a federal response went smoothly.

Meanwhile, the White House inner circle hoped that combating the fires would reverse the sinking approval ratings of both Grammer and the GOP. They also believed that a successful response to the fires would “finally shake off the narrative spun by liberals in the media,” as the WH Communications Director later put it, “that ‘libertarian’ means ‘irresponsible’ or simply ‘irresponsive.’”…

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022

5 August 2018: On this day in history, a 6.9m earthquake struck the island of Lombok, Indonesia, destroying homes and building, displacing thousands, and killing over 400 people…


ERITREAN SCANDAL UPDATE: Nikolayev Unwilling To Green Light Investigation

…inquiries into allegations of Russian President Nikolayev allegedly staging a missile crisis with Eritrean President Ephrem are being met with fierce resistance at the Kremlin. The President’s loyal Prosecutor-General is refusing to “humor the lies and waste our valuable time” directing the Justice Department to address “this baseless rumor.” Meanwhile, the leaders of the National Assembly’s Majority coalition (National with Strong Arm and Motherland) seem very reluctantly to launch any probes into the Kremlin or the military, likely fearing that such action will collapse the coalition o the detriment of their political careers. However, Vlad Chub, Leader of the National Assembly Opposition/Minority coalition (Democratic with Green and Protectionist) claims the inaction from the ruling party leaders is due to a “fear of reprisals from the madman holed up inside the Kremlin.”…

The Guardian, UK newspaper, 8/8/2018


…The PCs lost a considerable number of seats, becoming just three seats shy of losing majority control. In the event of this event happening, along with Chow’s PLs still failing to gain a majority of seats, Bachand likely would have tried to form a coalition government with the Quebec Party to stay in power…. Opposition leader Olivia Chow (PL) conceded earlier tonight, as did Pierre Paquette (Quebec), while Ken Melamed (Green) and Tim Hudak (New Maple) are expected to concede soon...

–, 8/10/2018

Agafia (2017-2018)
was a Canadian digitally-streamed miniseries based on real events in which a family was isolated from the rest of humanity for over 40 years. The series follows the incredible survival of the Lykov family in the isolated wilderness of the Russian Taiga, and of the four geologists who discovered their existence there in 1979. Each episode ran for 40 minutes on average. The series received good reviews, and concluded with a series finale at the end of Season 2, totaling 20 episodes.


Yuliya Snigir as Agafia Lykov
Konstantin Khabensky as Yerofei Sedov
Oleg Tabakov as Karp Lykov

[see full list here]

Season One: Episode 1 – “A” Story (1979): while surveying land in a helicopter, four Soviet geologists (Yerofei, Petros, Vlad and Ivan) stumble upon a human settlement in a remote mountainside in the Abakan Range of the Taiga, a dense boreal forest area, 150 miles away from the nearest human settlement; the inhabitants inside, and the geologists, are concerned about how to respond to seeing each other. “B” Story (1936): The Lykov brothers are members of a fundamentalist Russian orthodox sect that had been persecuted since the days of Peter the Great in the 18th century called “the Old Believers.” Fearing religious persecution for practicing religion in communist Russia, Karp Lykov wants to stay in the Ural while his brother wants to flee father east, but when his brother is killed, Karp flees with his wife Akulina and their children, Savina and Natalia, into the forests of the Western Sayan mountains with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Episode 2 – “A” Story (1979): the geologists make firm contact with the Lykovs, starting up a dialogue with them, and the family members learn about developments such as World War Two, the Cold War, and television for the first time. One geologist, Yerofei Sedov, soon establishes a friendly relationship with the family’s youngest daughter, 34-year-old Agafia. Yerofei soon realizes her peculiar speech pattern is the result of a lifetime of isolation, not mental impairment. “B” Story (1937): Karp and his family survive their first winter in the taiga by eating their shoes, and with their basic shelter receiving extensive damage from blizzards and the freezing cold.

Episode 3 – The geologists debate whether they should report the existence of the Lykov family. Yerofei and Petros believe they shouldn’t while Ivan and Vlad believe they should; they also disagree on telling the family about Mikhail Suslov, the rising civil unrest they have witnessed, and their own lack of confidence/uncertainty in how the Soviet government would respond to the family’s existence. In the end, they take a blind vote among the four of them, and they unanimously vote to not telling anyone of the family’s existence. Meanwhile, the Lykovs show their visitors how they have adapted to the tundra.

Episode 4 – “A” Story (1979): two of the geologists are intrigued by Dmitri, Afagia’s older brother who is a strong man and who lives in the forest “like a Russian Tarzan.” Meanwhile, back at their base in the Oblast’s capital of Abakan, Yerofei is caught trying to bring some dresses to the girls, but gets away with it by saying they belong to his ex-girlfriends. “B” Story (1961): it snows in June, destroying the family’s crops, and making the mother worry.

Episode 5 – “A” Story (1980): the geologists find a recording device in their office and soon tell the family they will have to not visit them for a while, upsetting Agafia and troubling Yerofei. “B” Story (1961): Karp’s wife dies feeding the children, and the family reacts to it with grief, anger and sadness.

Episode 6/7 (two-parter) – “A” Story (1980): the family hears a low rumble in the distance but no clouds; the geologists return to finally tell the family of the growing political unrest and of the Aktau Disaster (a major nuclear power plant meltdown), then must calm them of their fears that it is the end of the world. During the geologists’ stay, Agafia encounters love and sin with Yerofei (who has not told Agafia that he is married), while the rest of the geologists contemplate moving up there with them in case a nuclear war really is to occur and destroy Russia. “B” Story (1961): after burying the mother and all hope being seemingly lost in the wake of the lost crops, Agafia finds a single rye grain growing in the remains of the family’s garden. The family guards the grain with their lives, protecting it from animals and the elements. When the grain grows, the Lykovs celebrates the endurance of life.

Episode 8 – “A” Story (1980): Ivan is shot and killed by Soviet officials for trying to smuggle food onto the department’s helicopter, and Petros and Vlad must survive interrogations, as their higher-ups believe they are planning some sort of treasonous act. Meanwhile, Yerofei walks in on his wife having an affair, leading to a sad but mutual separation. “B” Story (1950): a young Agafia is frightened of the woods before they become her home.

Episode 9 – Traumatized by the interrogations, Vlad burns their department’s headquarters to the ground to keep the Lykov family safe, and then flees with Petros and Yerofei to the Kykovs. They travel by boat with lots of supplies, but Yerofei and Vlad still arrive in weak condition from the effects of the trip. The Kykovs then helps them build a separate cabin near the family’s “homestead.”

Episode 10 – In late 1981, Agafia deals with her feelings for Yerofei while Yerofei deals with the Lykov family’s strict and conservative religious observances. Meanwhile, Petros and Vlad spend time learning about the family and how to survive in the area, while Dmitri’s increasing interest in the outside world worries Karp. In the final minutes, Yerofei asks Karp if he can marry his daughter, but the screen cuts to black before Karp responds.

Season Two: Episode 11/1 – “A” Story (1985): Agafia and Yerofei are married and have a son. Petros and Vlad return from a trip back to Abakan to report that the Soviet Union has collapsed. Believing it is safe to return to civilization, the geologists plan to leave, though Yerofei is reluctant to do so. After some arguing, Karp allows Dmitri to travel with Petros and Vlad back to civilization while Yerofei stays behind. “B” Story (1959): Karp and his wife wonder if they should return to civilization and risk persecution, and ultimately decide against it.

Episode 12/2 – “A” Story (1985): the family again refuses to leave their home despite the hardship, and argue when Petros and Vlad decide to return premanently to civiliation. However, the geologists do get the Kykovs to agree to tell the world of their existence. “B” Story (1983): Agafia deals with childbirth and her child becoming sick, leading to arguing after Yerofei suggests he should venture out for medicine. Right before he leaves, the baby’s fever breaks, and it is revealed to the audience that Petros gave the baby medicine from a secret stash he has in his hut. “C” Story (2014): Agafia deals with Yerofei’s failing health while their daughter is living “far away,” and Agafia discovers a lump on her breast.

Episode 13/3 – In 1986, the geologists meet with journalist Vasily Peskov. The subsequent publication of treatises and photographs of the family in Russian newspapers make the Lykovs national celebrities. After much convincing, Karp finally agrees to tour the country with the rest of his children, finding good and bad things in the world of modernity. During the trip, we learn that Russian President Vlad Volkov pardoned the geologists for burning down their department headquarters due to nobody being hurt by the fire, and that the Russian government has paid for the Lykov family to tour the country for a month, during which time Agafia sees airplanes, horses, cars and telephones for the first time. Agafia is both frightened and fascinated by the unfamiliarity of Moscow and St. Petersburg. When they return home after four weeks of travel, though, Dmitri begins to not feel well.

Episode 14/4 – In 1986, Dmitri is suffering from pneumonia, and there is debate if the trip out of the homestead damaged his immunity. The father refuses to send him to a hospital, but when his situation deteriorates, he relents and Dmitri is airlifted to Abakan. However, the “illness” has already become too severe, and he passes away at the hospital. Agafia fears for her children’s health; the final minute reveals that Agafia is now pregnant with her second child.

Episode 15/5 – “A” Story (1986): Vlad, the geologist who was most supportive of Dmitri’s travelling aspirations, is reeling with guilt over Dmitri’s death, and, after attempting suicide, announces he is permanently moving to St. Petersburg to seek therapy. After a misunderstanding, Agafia, thinking Yerofei is leaving to, refuses to leave the homestead and pushes Yerofei away in reaction to the fear of being alone. She and Yerofei make up in the end after saving Petros from drowning in a separate incident. “B” Story (2014): Agafia still refuses to leave the homestead despite unprecedented floods, and she and Yerofei barely survive the destruction of one of the property’s huts downhill from the main building. Agafia only agrees to seek medical attention for her breast lump.

Episode 16/6 – In 1986, Natalia dies from some sort of illness, and the father is also suffering from pneumonia-like symptoms. At the same time, Karp is furious to learn about the contents of a book on the family that has been airlifted to them, demonstrating the negative aspects of celebrity status. However, Karp’s attitude improves after communicating with other Old Believers over the property’s new solar-powered telephone.

Episode 17/7 – “A” Story (1988): Agafia is diagnosed with a tumor, leading to her traveling to hospital while Petros looks after the ailing Savina. Upon her return from the hospital, though, she and Yerofei are saddened to learn that Savina died while they were gone. “B” Story (1948): Karp and his wife Akulina deal with three of their four children being sick, but they deal with it together.

Episode 18/8 – In late 1989, the 6-year-old daughter of Agafia and Yerofei questions the family’s religious practices after Yerofei admits doubting some of it, causing an argument that ends when Karp feels sick and his health declines yet again.

Episode 19/9 – In early 1990, Karp dies, traumatizing both Agafia and her daughter. Petros returns after not visiting the Taiga for over a year to give the family gifts and to try to liven up the mood.

Episode 20/10 (double-length) – “A” Story (2001): the 18-year-old daughter of Agafia and Yerofei announces that she wants to leave the family home to get an education in civilization. Yerofei and Agafia go with her for the first few days. The daughter has trouble at first, but adjusts to modern life better than Agafia did in the 1980s. “B” Story (2016): Yerofei has been dead for months. Agafia’s daughter returns to her mother’s bedside (pneumonia) after years of rarely visiting, and her brother comforts his sister in explaining why Agafia refused to abandon the Homestead, her home. A text crawl explains Agafia recovered from pneumonia and was still alive, and still at “the Homestead,” at the time of the episode’s airing on October 19, 2018.


…Mexico’s economy is continuing to rise healthily, as the stock market in Mexico City closed today with its healthiest numbers in decades…

– ABC Morning News, 8/20/2018 broadcast


…Star Parker (b. 1956), an African-American political official (R-CA) with a focus on education and urban renewal, was hired by the Grammer administration’s department of Community Development in 2015. A self-declared “anti-welfare” conservative, Parker served in the US House of Representatives from 2011 to 2015, winning election in 2010 and 2012 before losing re-election in 2014. …Parker says she has stepped down over “multiple disagreements” that she has had with the incumbent administration, alleging that the incumbent US Secretary of Community Development – physician and former Marstronaut Patricia Consolatrix Hilliard “Doc” Robertson – is doing “an abysmal job. She never took up any of my ideas”…

The Washington Post, 8/21/2018

HOST 1: “So did you see this news bit? Apparently our Governor’s dad, retired Admiral John McCain, just got a terminal cancer diagnosis, and so his son Barack and his daughter Naomi are going to be spending some time with him down in Florida.”

HOST 2: “Yeah, the Governor’s basically putting everything on hold because of a family crisis.”

HOST 1: “You know, its moments like this where you can see why Rocky is so popular. He’s a family man. He loves his dad, he loves his wife, his sons and daughter, he’s a guy who cares, you know? Remember that video that went fervid ontech a few years back where he calms down a supporter’s baby?”

HOST 2: “Yeah, yeah, but it’s also touching, his backstory I mean. McCain’s dad is a war hero, and they’ve reportedly had a strong family bond for decades, even after his parents divorced, so this diagnosis has got to be heartbreaking for Barack.”

HOST 1: “I know I’d cry if it happened to my Dad. And I’m not ashamed to say that, either.”

– KCAP (950 AM) Helena, Montana news/talk radio station, 8/24/2018 broadcast

“The [N.D.R.R.] Supreme Court has ‘original jurisdiction’ in certain special national cases, as authorized by the 1985 [N.D.R.R.] Constitution. Those include the challenging of individual acts of the National Assembly and challenging, questioning, and determining the legalities of the decrees of the President. The military’s refusal to investigate just how it misplaced nuclear devices or release documentation concerning it on the orders of the President merits scrutiny, and the Prosecutor-General knows this. He knows of this, he knows of all of this.”

– Russian Supreme Court Chief Justice Yury Chaika, 8/26/2018

“…Tonight in London, a free trade deal between the UK, India, Australia and South Africa was signed into law by the heads of state of these four nations. The deal will very likely leave on impact on much of the world’s commerce as economic allegiances shift to adjust for financial windfalls resulting from this major multinational trade decision…”

– BBC World News, 28/8/2018 broadcast

William Nealon, Supreme Court Associate Justice, Is Dead At 95

…appointed to the seat by US President Walter Mondale, William Joseph Nealon Jr. (7/31/1923-8/30/2018) had served as a moderate-to-liberal voice in the US Supreme Court since June 29, 1974. His eventful tenure on the bench, at roughly 44 years, 2 months and a day, makes him one of the longest-serving federal judges in US history…

The Washington Post, 8/30/2018

Nealon’s vacancy created a Supreme Court consisting of five left-leaning justices (Delgado-Colon, Sandel, Chin, Schroeder, and Chief Justice Page) and three right-leaning justices (Thompson, Garza, Bacon). This meant that Nealon’s demise did not “endanger” the “liberal majority” of the court. However, incidentally, the three conservative justices each represented a faction of the GOP – Thompson was a far-right conservative, Garza was a “Colonel conservative” type, and Bacon was a Snowe-like centrist. Thus, there was one major political philosophy found in the Republican Party but not on the Supreme Court – libertarianism.

Deciding to make the court “more reflective of America,” Grammer both made a strategic gesture and upheld of his own principles when he carefully began vetting for a potential Supreme Court seat appointee by reviewing several libertarian and libertarian-leaning judges and law experts. According to his former White House Communications Director, “race and gender were not deciding factors. The court was already made up of two Hispanic justices, two Black Justices, a Chinese-American justice, and a Jewish justice, so the bench was already ethnically diverse – majority-nonwhite, in fact. And three of the justices were women.” Despite this, many media outlets reported that, among the names being considered, were Filipino-American Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Tani Cantil-Sakauye (b. 1959), Chinese-American Federal Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Dolly Maizie Gee (b. 1959), and Indian-American Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Amul Thapar (b. 1969). Freshman Republican US Senator Rand Paul of North Carolina (b. 1963) was also rumored to be in consideration, but he publicly declined interest in the position on September 1.

During White House discussions, Grammer slowly narrowed down the options to a shortlist of five potential nominees. Chicago Law School Professor Gene Healy (b. 1970) was an accomplished academic and an expert on federalism and US law. Georgetown University Dean Randy E. Barnett (b. 1952) was an even more seasoned teacher and writer of constitutional law, but was 66 years old. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Robert Patrick Murphy (b. 1976), on the other hand, was a spritely 42. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Norman Stephen Kinsella (b. 1965) had not been in his seat for very long, as Grammer himself had appointed him to it in 2015, but he had made a name for himself by being a passionate proponent of Hans-Hermann Howe’s theory on augmentation ethics. Finally, Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Martinez Guzman (b. 1961) had a libertarian-leaning record in a conservative state.

As deliberations continued, the list took up an almost RCV-like composition, with the libertarian ideologue Murphy taking first place, the alleged “diversity” option in second, in case Murphy failed to be nominated, and Barnett as the “safe” option.

– Linda Greenhouse and Morton J. Horwitz’s Sustaining Liberty: The Supreme Court Under Our Current Chief Justice, Sunrise Publishing, 2020

KILAUEA ERUPTION DECLARED OVER; Crisis Ends After Lava Lake In ‘Ahu‘Aila‘Au Recedes Below Surface

– 9/5/2018


…Hawaiians are lauding Governor Doug Chin’s handling of orderly evacuation procedures that kept civilians safe as the Kilauean Lava Slow overwhelmed a wide swath of Big Island on its way to the ocean. Only six major injuries and zero deaths were reported…

– The Hawaii Tribune-Herald, 9/7/2018


…Murphy was appointed to a California District Court in 2011 before Grammer appointed him to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in 2013…

The Washington Post, 9/8/2018


…The underworld kingpin who killed his way to the top must serve a minimum of 30 years before being eligible for parole, at which point he will be 80 years old. Evangelos Goussis, age 50, began his adult life with great promise, becoming a professional athlete and even competing in the 1988 Olympics. His life took an unexpected turn when he was banned from the sport and the 1992 games for alleged steroid use. After that, the disillusioned Goussis entered the world of crime, starting out in drug trafficking and using his own fitness and training equipment supply business as a cover. Upon switching to the more lucrative recreadrug-smuggling business, he found himself locking horns with competition such as the Russia Mafia and several yakuza syndicates, leading to him orchestrating the murder of several rivals from 1994 to 2009. By 2001, Goussis’ own “cartel” of allies made him one of the most powerful criminals in central Asia, allowing him to transfer narcotics from Afghanistan and Tajikistan across United Turkestan and into Russia and China. He established a “barrier” of allies in Uzbekistan, making himself nearly untouchable to law enforcement by making himself popular in the region with gestures such as paying for schools and hospitals, along with distributing masks and other supplies during the SARS pandemic of 2002-2004. His criminal career reached its apex with the ascension of alleged ally Islam Karimov to the U.T. Presidency in 2006, and ended abruptly with Karimov’s assassination in 2008. Karimov’s successor launched an anti-corruption crusade that targeted hundreds of underworld figures including Goussis. The recreadrug smuggler’s power and influenced gradually eroded away as the U.T.’s Justice Department worked their way up from small offenders to major influencers, until Goussis was finally arrested in 2015. UT officials revealed in 2017 he was caught a sting operation in which he confessed in front of a hidden camera to ordering the recent killing of five ex-allies out of fear that they would speak to police. That reveal put an end to rumors that the gun smuggler-turned-author known as Tommy Gun Thompson had collaborated with U.T. police, which he reportedly did not…

The Guardian, UK newspaper, 9/9/2018


…the iconic star of dozens of comedic film and TV roles passed away suddenly in his sleep from a heart attack, a spokesperson for his family announced. Candy had suffered from health issues intermittently for years, and had survived three health years already (in 1993, 1999, and 2016)...

The Los Angeles Times, 9/10/2018

11 September 2018: On this day in history, Hurricane Florence, a powerful and long-lived Cape Verde hurricane that caused catastrophic damage across the eastern North American continent, especially in the U.S.’s North Carolina, reaches peak intensity, with 1-minute winds of 210 km/h [4]; the hurricane, responsible for 17 direct fatalities, formed on 31 August and dissipated on 18 September.



[pic: ]

– A deer wades through a flooded suburban street in North Carolina during the final days of Hurricane Florence

GRAVY GRAVEYARDS: Top 12 Defunct Fast-Food Chains From Yesteryear

A restaurant chain going out of business always weighs heavily on the hearts of its most die-hard fans. And years later, even fast-food joints scuttled for poor sanitation conditions or general incompetence can still be thought back on with nostalgia for its best years. To honor the one-year anniversary of the final Chuck-E-Cheese outlet locking its doors for the last time, here are the Top 12 restaurant chains that America has said goodbye to over the last few decades.

1: Pizza Toppings – This knockoff of Pizza Hut founded in 1987 and slowly grew to a string of outlets across the West Coast. By the mid-1990s, it was a popular place for teenagers to hang out after school. However, its own internal mismanagement got to it before its competitors could. Several outlets were shutdown in 1996 and 1997 for severe health code violations, damaging their reputation. One of the chain’s founders had relatives that kept tipping their hands into the till and pestering some employees, and another co-founder was arrested for crack possession in 1998, at the height of the Recreadrug Wars. Later that year, amid multiple legal issues, the chain was sold to a larger company that eventually shut down all of its remaining locations by 2003.

2 (tie): Chicken In The Rough/Chicken-To-Go – These two chicken-selling chains were friendly rivals to KFC during The Colonel’s early years. Despite Chicken-To-Go’s “Texas-sized” pieces being larger than KFC’s, it folded quickly in the early 1960s. Similarly, Chicken In The Rough closed its doors for the final time in 1963. Both simply failed to compete in the growth period the fast-food industry experienced in the late 1950s, even with The Colonel himself trying to convince Chicken In The Rough’s founders to fight harder to keep up with the competition. Sanders allegedly argued, “we [KFC] can’t be the only chicken sellers in town; people will think we’re the best by default instead because it’s true.”

3: Taco Bell – A dispenser of “Mexican-inspired” taco, burritos, and other items, its founder slowly and gracefully build it up across the states, but then brought the chain to the front of national new cycle with an independent bid for the Presidency in 1988. The media attention soon led to the company becoming the center of several scandals. While investigations into the chain’s wage theft practices and mistreatment of undocumented workers wasn’t enough to significantly impact its base, the allegations of the company having a toxic workplace environment was the final nail in its coffin. By the mid-1990s, Chi-Chi’s and Zantigo’s had taken Taco Bell’s place in the Mexican-American fast food game. Taco Bell’s final location shut down in 1999, but not before three avid loyalists chained themselves to the building and had to be removed by police. Thus the company’s history ended up reflecting its food – its entrance (into the fast-food industry) was smooth, but its departure was more than a little messy.

4: Long John Silver’s – Before founding SpongeBob’s – the oddly-named family-friendly seafood “dining experience” that practically redefined the term “dinner and a show” by launching a TV series based on the chain’s mascots – Stephen Hillenburg of Ohio originally worked for Long John Silver’s. In the late 1980s, LJS’s was losing seafood-hungry customers to Boston Sea Party and Red Lobster, but Hillenburg’s superiors dismissed his rebranding ideas. In 1990, he left the chain to found SpongeBob’s Undersea Cuisine. And soon enough, the sponge – much like the gluttonous nematodes pulling apart a rival restaurant’s foundation in an episode of the iconic ’90s series – joined the lobster and the sea party in pulling apart LJS’s customer base. Long John Silver’s filed for bankruptcy in July 1998, and officially entered the annals of history during the “mini-recession” of 1999.

5: T.G.I. Friday’s – Founded in 1965 as a place for single adults to mingle, the bar-centric chain expanded quickly before priority was shifted to it’s casual dining aspects. However, financial struggles in the late 1970s led to the chain plateauing and changing hands several times. Its focus was switched to a sports bar but reverted into a family-friendly atmosphere a few years later. The chain was on its way out when an obvious knockoff chain, Burger Hut Thursdays, took off in popularity. Instead of trying to replicate BHT’s superior business model, TGIF’s newest owners spent millions taking BHT to court, suing them for unfair competition. Litigation from 1992 to 2000 drained their finances. Then, the New York Supreme Court ruled in favor of BHT, stating that the similarities ended at the similar names of the establishment and some similar menu options. The ruling was seen as establishing loose guidelines for how much imagery one can rip off from something when one opens up a business in New York. Efforts to bounce back from this embarrassing defeat ended when the SARS pandemic essentially killed off the chain’s remaining outlets. Most of its former locations now belong to former finals such as BHT, Arby’s, and Steak-&-Ale (also known as The Jolly Ox in some markets).

6: Chuck E. Cheese’s – The “real cool place to be a kid” began to decline in popularity in the late 1990s, a slip worsened by the effects of the 1999 mini-recession and the SARS pandemic. It seems children grew tired of its mediocre food, creepy animatronics and lackluster games. With indoor dining pausing abruptly during the pandemic and home-consul videogaming surging, the company never fully recovered and shut down all but one store in 2009 [5]. The final location closed in 2017. Essentially, Chuck E. Cheese’s failed to modernize; they learned the hard way that it is exponentially more difficult to use a robotic rat-man to impress young people who have lar-phones and techslabs for entertainment.

7: Sambo’s – This jungle-themed breakfast eatery reached its apex of over a thousand locations in 1978, just before that year’s markets enter recession. Financial shortfalls soon combined with sanitation inspectors shutting down several locations, and with protests over their mascot (a dark-skinned, half-naked Indian boy, with a name considered pejorative to African-Americans, who is riding a tiger), resulted in them closing up shop in 1989.

8: Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream – not to be confused with Steve’s Ice Cream, which still has locations across 32 states, Ben and Jerry’s began after Bennett Cohen’s chain of bagel-and-coffee outlets, called Ben’s Bagels, went belly-up in 1979. Two years later, Cohen met up with his childhood friend Dr. Jerry Greenfield, MD, who was practicing medicine in Youngstown, Ohio. The two men soon launched Ben’s newest entrepreneurial enterprise in the area, and by 1991, Ben and Jerry’s was an award-winning company involved in numerous charity and community development projects across the US, especially in the Midwest. However, the co-founders’ increase in progressive political activism took its toll of the company; by 2001, their ice cream was losing so many customers to rivals such as Steve’s Ice Cream that B&J outlets began closing. But Cohen was inspired by President Jackson. Cohen’s humanitarianism ultimately culminated in him launching a bid for Governor of Ohio in 2005, only for the two men to die in a plane crash in early 2006. Interestingly, Cohen and Greenfield had sold the rights to the ice cream company for multinational use to a large parent company ahead of the primary deadline, but had not sold any of their trademarks for use before they died. As a result, under new management, the remaining stores were soon closed.

9: Beefsteak Charlie’s – Clocking in at 105 years of operation, the first restaurant of this chain was founded in 1910, but its final location was closed forever in 2015. After rising in popularity in the 1970s and 1980s, head executive Larry Ellman sold it in 1987 to what would become one of several owners until its final parent company there in the towel. Its businessmen management turnover rate was due to it defying financial spreadsheet basics with gigantic prices and rock-bottom prices. With that and an all-you-can eat salad bar, and free refills for all alcoholic beverages, it is a wonder how it stayed afloat for so long!

10: Minnie Pearl’s Chicken – On July 29, 1963, Colonel Sanders demonstrated on live TV how he made his famous chicken, doing so in front of Tennessee Ernie Ford and Minnie Pearl from “Hee Haw.” Six years later, Nashville attorney and would-be politician convinced her to lend her name and likeness to a chicken chain that would try and compete with the “monopolistic” KFC. The subsequent restaurants sold chicken in hatbox-shaped containers dotted with yellow daisies and featuring a picture of “Cousin Minnie” present a drumstick. The chicken, reportedly salty but serviceable, came with biscuits, honey packets and moist towelettes. The restaurant venture opened a total of 523 outlets before the US SEC investigated Hooker for stock price manipulation and accounting irregularities, culminating it the sudden demise of Minnie Pearl’s Chicken in 1979.

11: Don Pablo’s – Taking its cue from the success of Taco Bell, this full-service Tex-Mex chain was founded in Lubbock, Texas, in 1985 and boasted 260 outposts at its height. Don Pablo patrons appreciated how the burritos, chimichangas, salsa and tortillas were all made from scratch. Also, the restaurants were visually striking. You felt like you were in an old Mexican village on a movie studio lot. Don Pablo’s may have just been unlucky. Ownership changed hands several times, and the companies that had big plans to expand it were prone to bankruptcy. Fans still mourn its 2011 demise.

12: Royal Canadian Pancake House – While noticeably more subdued in presentation than other flashy restaurants, both at the time and on this list, this small NYC-based chain had a cult following. Oddly, its menu had little to do with Canadian breakfast staples or methods of preparation. The chain was most famous for pancakes the size of large pizzas – in fact, leftovers went home in a pizza box! Other favorites included the Womlette, an omelet-topped waffle, and the Canadian Cracker, a waffle topped with fried eggs and cheese. The chain closed in 1998, not long after the owner was indicted for ethics violations.

–, 9/15/2018 [6]

Stephen McDannell Hillenburg
(b. August 21, 1961) is an American philanthropist and the CEO of SpongeBob’s Undersea Cuisine, a chain of family-friendly seafood restaurants found across North America and Europe…


…Hillenburg founded the first “SpongeBob’s” restaurant in 1991, and the company quickly grew. In 1994, Hillenburg began work on hybrid live action-animated TV commercials to advertise the chain; these commercials were so popular, Hillenburg was convinced to create a TV series centering on his restaurant’s mascots. The TV show “The SpongeBob Zone” ran from 1997 to 2001, with an additional collection of episode “specials” airing in 2002...


…In the 2000s and 2010s, Hillenburg used the wealth he had amassed from SpongeBob’s to expand his interests to other areas such as marine research and food distribution. Hillenburg’s humanitarianism and community activism, his treatment of workers at his restaurants, and his maintenance of management transparency has received praise from various groups. Hillenburg has also received criticism from other groups for keeping his restaurant chain privately-owned, refusing to take the company public over his mistrust of “the intention of stockholders.” …In 2018, political activist Tulsi Gabbard accused Hillenburg of cultural misappropriation for operating a tropics-themed chain despite he himself not being from the tropics. However, the incident did not develop any farther, with thousands of technetters coming to Hillenburg’s defense ontech…

–, c. 2021

Guest Panelist, political analyst and former Gov. Karl ROVE (R-UT): “So, would this referendum make it so each state does Ranking Choice Voting separately or is it at the National Level? Or somehow both?”

Co-Panelist Ana NAVARRO: “It’d be a national law, Karl, so it would be the law of all the lands – as in all the states would have to comply with it, like how all the states have to comply with the US Constitution, Karl, as a matter of principle.”

ROVE: “Nah, nah, I don’t like that. Maybe some states are already planning on doing that, rendering this useless. Or maybe an incentive that should have been added to this would be that it allows states to run their primary races, and races for the US Senate, US House, and governor races however they want to. That would be the trade-off. Is it too late for them to add that sort of thing to this?”

NAVARRO: “Well, given that this was a years-long process and the election’s less than two months away, I’m going to say no, you’re a bit too late to the party here, Karl.”

The Overmyer Network, roundtable discussion, 9/20/2018


…the national spending scandal may have just worsened for the Prime Minister. According to recent reporting, Bachand rejected the proposal of creating a special commission to investigate federal spending discrepancies out of fear that it would lead to a high-profile item for the media to follow. Bachand hoped that a referral to the RCMP would “keep it [the scandal] out of the news”...

The Toronto Star, Canadian newspaper, 9/21/2018


…the National Congress’ narrow vote will make Chile the 30th nation to legalize same-sex marriage…

The Guardian, UK newspaper, 9/22/2018


The Washington Post, 9/23/2018


Chief Justice (since July 2001): Alan Page (D-MN, liberal) – succeeded Frank Johnson – appointee: J. Jackson

Associate Justice Seat 1 (since March 1999): Larry Thompson (R-GA, conservative) – succeeded Leon Higginbotham – appointee: Dinger

Associate Justice Seat 2 (since May 2000): Emilio Garza (R-TX, conservative) – succeeded Ed Levi – appointee: Dinger

Associate Justice Seat 3 (since April 2008): Aida Delgado-Colon (D-PR, progressive) – succeeded Joseph Sneed III – appointee: J. Jackson

Associate Justice Seat 4 (since September 2018): Robert Murphy (R-CA, libertarian) – succeeded William Nealon – appointee: Grammer

Associate Justice Seat 5 (since November 1971): Sylvia Bacon (R-PO, centrist) – succeeded John Harlan II – appointee: Sanders

Associate Justice Seat 6 (since May 2002): Michael Sandel (D-CT, liberal) – succeeded Herb Fogel – appointee: J. Jackson

Associate Justice Seat 7 (since July 2009): Denny Chin (D-CA, liberal) – succeeded Miles Lord – appointee: Wellstone

Associate Justice Seat 8 (since October 1990): Mary Murphy Schroeder (D-CO, progressive) – succeeded William Brennan – appointee: Bellamy


28 September 2018: On this day in history, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake strikes Sulawesi, Indonesia, causing a tsunami that kills at least 4,200 people and injures over 10,500 others…


RUSSIAN LEGAL SHOWDOWN: Prosecutor-General Aleksandr Matovnikov Clashes With Russian Supreme Court As Probes Struggle To Make Headway

The New York Times, 9/29/2018

“…Rock-and-roll icon Elvis Presley, having recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, today announced that he is undergoing treatment to fight the cancer, but did not confirm reports that he is set to receive a lung transplant. The move to stay private about his latest health scare is possibly in response to the controversies surrounding a highly-publicized heart transplant he had in the year 2000, in which a fan donated their heart to him that was touching to many but concerning to others. Transplant or no transplant, Presley has stated that he believes he, quote, ‘can and will beat this thing,’ end-quote…”

– ABC News, 10/1/2018 broadcast


…Kathryn Jane Maury Denton served as First Lady of the United States from 1981 until her husband’s resignation in December 1986. She was married to Jeremiah A. Denton from 1946 until Jeremiah’s death last year...

– The Atmore Advance, Alabama newspaper, 10/3/2018

BROWN BACKS BROWN: Actress Endorses Governor Hopeful

…state senator Yvette McGee Brown (D) is aiming to become Ohio’s first African-American female Governor, and she is getting some help from some Hollywood heavyweights. Actress Yvette Nicole Brown mirrored Halle Berry-Williams and Arsenio Hall last month in endorsing the liberal politician…

The Hollywood Reporter, 10/5/2018

Rodger Albert Bumpass
(born November 20, 1951) is an award-winning American actor, director, producer, and voice actor. Bumpass has since appeared in over 70 films, including Heavy Metal (in a minor voice role), National Lampoon’s Vacation (as a minor character), The Goonies (as a police officer, a minor character), Vampire’s Kiss (as the main character), Shakes the Clown (as a secondary character), Forrest Gump (as the main character), The Blood-Red Butterfly (as a main character), Highway to Hell (as a major character), Godzilla 2000 and its three sequels (as a major character), Ghost Rider 4 (in the main antagonist role), Killionaire: The Loaded Assassin (as the main character), and Stormwrecker (as a major character). Bumpass has also appeared in, or has performed voice acting for, almost 50 TV shows, including CatDog, Jimmy Neutron, Roseanne Returns Yet Again, CSI, NCIS, and The Arizona Trail.


[pic: ]

Rodger Bumpass was born in 1951 to Virginia and Carroll Bumpass of Bumpass Cleaners and Dryers. He was raised and educated in Arkansas before moving to California to pursue an acting career...


…Bumpass’s rise to fame began with the release of the 1979 National Lampoon film “Fin” (also titled “Jaws 3, People 0”), in which he starred as the main character. In the film, Bumpass has a love scene with Bo Derek, who eventually married Bumpass...


…Bumpass began directing and producing films in 1999 with the high-budget film Kneel Before Ed, starring Chris Farley as a kindhearted-but-clumsy man who receives God-like powers…


...Bumpass has received dozens of awards for his work. In 1994, he won an Oscar for Best Actor, for his performance as the titular role in the film Forrest Gump. Actor Tom Hanks later expressed regret at declining the role over an issue with the script, remarking that he thought it was too unrealistic that the character would go into space…

–, c. 2018

…I would say it was on a cold day in October, but this was in Moscow, where every day in October is cold. However, I will say that it was in the dead of night, during The Witching Hours. And that it was a private moment, held in the den of the President’s private residence between Nikolayev and a few of his friends from Siberia.

“Their insolence is astounding,” the Russian President loudly and angrily grumbled with a sneer of contempt on his face. “I should threaten to nuke Australia for taking in that little snitch. And if they call my bluff? Hey, I’m a man of my word!” As he exclaimed, he threw his hands up dramatically.

To the remark, one of his mafia friends – a well-built bald man with a small nose, one-and-a-half chins, and a nearly all-black suit – meandered over to the seat across from Nikolayev’s armchair beside the giant window. The blinds were drawn so one could look out over the capital’s nocturnal ambiance. The Bashnya Rossiya was visible on the President’s side, standing tall above the rest of the financial sector. “Vladimir, you’re going to have to access some sort of hit in order walk away from it. Butting heads is getting you nowhere but deeper into a hole.”

“And what would you have me do?” Nikolayev asked, either dumbfounded or insulted.

The Bald Man answered candidly, “Orchestrate an investigation. Control all aspects. Make a patsy out of someone. Ever heard of a kangaroo court? Put ’em through one if you want. Or, if you want a more permanent solution, there’s always our guys.”

“Even saying that this is worthy of an investigation acknowledges their suspicions. It legitimizes the attacks on my Presidency. Why should I give my enemies the satisfaction?”

“Because you struttin’ about like you own the place is worsening your own government’s reputation. This and your temper. Which reminds me, what’s this we hear about you roughhousing National Assembly Members?”

“I was just putting them in their place, like you would with any disloyal customer.”

“Well, word on the street is that the only reason why the assembly isn’t impeaching you is because of us. Remember that. We got you here and we’re keeping you here. you’re welcome.”

Nikolayev smirked, “Last time I checked, the President is the leader of Russia. That’s me. I control the military, I appoint the justices, I can influence the legislation. You can only try to do any of that by proxy. And I’m that proxy.”

“You don’t have to be,” the Bald Man said ominously.

The President made a snort-like chuckle, and remarked sarcastically, “Oh, sure! I forgot! You definitely don’t need me!”

“You really think you’re untouchable, don’t you?”

Nikolayev answered, “Well I do have a security staff. They’re like yours, only they have a better dental plan.”

“Don’t be smart with me Vlad, be smart out there!” The Bald Man angrily bellowed and pointed out the window. “The people of the world are watching you. Be smart here, you’re acting like a moron. Listen,” he leaned in closer, and I just barely heard him say “We didn’t sign on to a moron President. Remember how you got here, my friend. Because we do.”

The following Monday, Nikolayev public reversed course by announcing that Prosecutor-General Matovnikov would lead a “corruption review board” to study the matter concerning “unwanted agents” committing acts of espionage for the benefit of Eritrea. Matovnikov made his nose browner by remarking that he was “certain” that the board would find “not a shred” of evidence connecting the President to the weapon smugglers and military members in question…

– Marina Lebedev’s tell-all memoir My Time In The Nation of Nikolayev, Perspective Publishers, 2022


…The transformative new procedure has just been cleared by the last of several federal boards… Because the human optic nerve goes directly to the brain, surgery on it is incredibly difficult, requiring a level precision thought impossible until now thanks to the development of neuro-nanobots. Microscopic robots that make repairs too small for human hands to perform are now able to help surgeons. The damaged nerve can now be repaired, restoring eyesight.

“This new procedure has the potential to help millions,” says the head of the research team, “especially once it stops being so incredibly expensive an operation.”

The research team also note that for optic nerves too damaged to repair, it is currently still very risky “but not completely impossible” to have neuro-nanobots carefully “break down and remove” the “dead” optic nerve” and replace it with a new one. Due to the nerve’s connection to the brain, this step is still in the hypothetical stage of development.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that the new procedure for repairing damaged optic nerves may be the first step to unlocking mental health repair efforts, “correcting brain damage brought on by accidents, genetics, or disease,” as the head of the research team explains...

–, 10/9/2018

10 October 2018: On this day in history, Hurricane Michael hit Mexico Beach, Florida, making for one of the most intense hurricanes to hit the mainland U.S. since Camille in 1969…



Host: “How did you get your start in the world of cooking?”

Borboa-Firro: “When I got out of High School in 1984, I got a job working at a fast food place. Chicken George. It’s a chain that’s still around, but just barely, which is a shame because it was at one point the largest chain under African-American ownership, serving chicken, gumbo, biscuits and other soul foods. It was so big, the character Chicken George in the 1977 ABC miniseries Roots is a reference to the chain. I learned a lot from working there, from the coworkers, from the cuisine, and I was inspired to try out, like, actual cooking, to see how you can combine different cultures and their respective flavors to make something new and enticing.”


Host: “So what in your opinion is the best family-friendly restaurant around right now.”

Borboa-Firro: “Well, my personal favorite would have to be one that’s real gimmicky, but it’s also real good. You ever hear of G. G. Ritzy’s Luxury Grill and Ice Creams. That place is decidedly cool. The striking art deco logo harked to the Gatsby era. The hexagonal tile floor that somehow mesmerizes me every time I walk in. The kids’ meals that, I remember, they come in little cars made out of biodegradable cardboard. The perfectly seared burgers, the shoestring fries. It all makes for a real good time, especially if you like the distinctive novelty of the 1920s as much as I do.”

Host: “That’s interesting, because last month you celebrated your grandson’s second birthday with him at a ShowBiz Pizza Place.”

Borboa-Firro: “Well, yeah. The little tyke loves that place. And, listen, that chain is a lot less annoying that it used to be. You know how only some restaurants can pull off the animatronics gimmick? Self-aware ones like SpongeBob’s, Chi-Chi’s, and Casa Bonita? ShowBiz Pizza Place wasn’t one of those places, and they realized it, and they fixed it. They didn’t dig in their heels like the stubborn idiots at Chuck E. Cheese's [5]. The people in charge at ShowBiz Pizza Place got rid of most of the noisy arcade games. They were able to adapt to changing times and evolve with their customer base, reducing the number of old-fashioned arcades and replacing them with the latest Trix multiplayer techsports, the latest vidgames, even VR headset games.”

Host: “And the food?”

Borboa-Firro: “Do you really want to get me started on that? Because I have a lot of things to say on that subject. Not all of it’s negative, but not all of it’s positive, either.”

–, 10/12/2018


…with a construction period that seemed to go on without end, the office building aptly named Tour Sans Fin (French for “Tower Without Ends”) is now open for business, with French President Bové attending the Grand Opening ceremony in Courbevoie, Paris, France earlier today. Standing taller than the Eiffel Tower, the newest addition to the city of Paris’s skyline stands at 1,396 feet tall and with 103 floors in a long and narrow cylindrical shape that gives the allusion of disappearing into the sky on cloudy days. Construction of this, one of the tallest skyscrapers in Europe, has been consistently intermittent. Work on it stalled during the economically poor periods of 1991, 1999, 2002 and 2013, but work resumed after each period and ultimately delaying its completion by 24 years…

The New York Times, 10/14/2018


These are the primary goals that we pledge to set out to do once YOU elect us into public office

Total Government Transparency – If we are the greatest country on earth, why does our government hide so much behind the phrase “that’s classified”? Why would the greatest country on Earth have so much to hide? The whole point of government is to have leadership reflective of the people. And the people demand to know everything that their government does!

Defend All From Government Oppression – President Grammar’s libertarianism does not go nearly far enough. We will ensure that government does not infringe onto the properties, the privileges and the rights of the people.

Use The Government To Help, Not Harm – We will keep the government out of people’s personal lives by implementing public works programs and improving UNC services to cut down on long lines and remove whatever is left of the once-dominant Big Pharma.

Sensible Taxation – If you fly a helicopter to work, your taxes won’t go to paying for roads you don’t use; the more you voluntarily donate to charity, the less amount of your taxes go to social assistance programs, and visa versa.

Limitations on Superwealth – No single human individual can own more than 0.5% of the entire national economy. Pure and simple common sense.

Environmental Protection – It will be our administration’s responsibility and duty to support, protect and defend the environment, and all species of all planets, including cryptids and the unexplained, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, animal, vegetable and mineral.

Scientific Innovation – We will use funds that the government currently wastes on war to invest in the scientific study, research and development of alternate energy and lost technology, including alternative medicine, the energy fields of the Egyptian pyramids, and Atlantean interstellar travel capabilities.

Peace on Earth and Elsewhere – Our administration will promote holistic and wholesome goodwill to all nations. We will have peaceful relations with all people in all nations, on all planets, and in all planes/dimensions of existence.

No Nukes on Earth – We will ban the military use and development of nuclear weapons, but permit “constructive” nuclear uses such as destroying Earth-bound meteors or using them in science experiments carried out in uninhabited sections of Deep Space.

–, c. October 2018


…the journalist, who had stated ontech to be following a “lead” relating to the Nikolayev-Ephrem Scandal on October 20, apparently committed suicide, according to a statement by city police…

The New York Times, 10/22/2018

NEW MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH: Has A Cure For Both Glaucoma And Paraplegia Been Found In Mustard And Starfish Trials?

…a combination of drugs (and elements found in more natural items such as mustard seed (lutein and other carotenoid compounds)), when combined with the regenerative properties found in starfish, seem to be able to “alter” human DNA strands from the central nervous system – which hosts both the optic nerve (the “cable” of nerve fibers that allows one to see) and the spinal cord. The alteration was able to cause both segments to regenerate after injury. …Experiments conducted not on detached human tissue but on paraplegic mice yielded positive results as well. The mustard-starfish serum caused damaged spinal cords to regenerate, returning partial mobility to a majority of the mice in the study. …“This is still in its infancy, and much more testing needs to be done,” says the head of the project, “but at the point is, we’re definitely getting there, and that is giving us high hopes that we are onto something that can help millions.”…

–, 10/24/2018

MIDTERM POLLS: Republicans “Likely” To Retain House And Senate; Voters “Evenly Split” On National Initiative’s R.C.V. Question

The Washington Post, 11/1/2018

November United States Senate election results, 2018

Date: November 6, 2018

Seats: 34 of 104
Seats needed for majority: 53

New Senate majority leader: Webb Franklin (R-MS)
New Senate minority leader: Midge Osterlund (D-DE)

Seats before election: 58 (R), 45 (D), 1 (I)
Seats after election: 55 (R), 48 (D), 1 (I)
Seat change: R v 3, D ^ 3, I - 0

Full List:

Arizona: incumbent Grant Woods (D) over David Schweikert (R)
California: incumbent appointee Jane Kim (D) over Malia Cohen (D)
Connecticut: incumbent Warren Mosler (D) over Matt Corey (R)
Delaware: incumbent Dan Frawley (D) over Rob Arlett (R)
Florida: incumbent Allen West (R) over Alan Grayson (D) and Douglas Scott Rogo (Bigfoot)
Hawaii: incumbent Mazie Hirono (D) over Ron Curtis (R)
Indiana: incumbent Jackie Walorski (R) over Mike Braun (D)
Maine: Mike Michaud (D) over Max Linn (R) and Joe Brooks (Independent); incumbent Olympia Snowe (R) retired
Maryland: incumbent Carl Stokes (D) over Tony Campbell (R)
Massachusetts: incumbent Kathleen Hartington Kennedy-Roosevelt (D) over Curt Schilling (R)
Michigan: incumbent Hansen Clarke (D) over Tagg Romney (R)
Minnesota: Farheen Hakeem (D) over Leonard J. Richards (R); incumbent Skip Humphrey (D) retired
Mississippi: incumbent Webb Franklin (R) over Mike Espy (D)
Missouri: incumbent Sarah Steelman (R) over Travis Gonzalez (D)
Montana: Stan Jones (R) over incumbent Denise Juneau (D)
Nebraska: incumbent Oletha Faust-Goudeau (D) over Charles Herbster (R)
Nevada: Doug Swanson (R) over Jan Laverty Jones (D); incumbent Patty Cafferata (R) retired
New Jersey: incumbent Upendra Chivukula (D) over Alison McHose (R)
New Mexico: incumbent Debbie Jaramillo (D) over Mick Rich (R)
New York: incumbent Tom Suozzi (D) over Chris Gibson (R)
North Dakota: David Dean Andahl (R) over Earl Pomeroy (D); incumbent John Hoeven (R) retired
Ohio: incumbent Sherrod Brown (D) over Jim Renacci (R)
Pennsylvania: Luke Ravenstahl (D) over Cam Bartolotta (R); incumbent H. J. Heinz III (R) retired
Potomac: incumbent Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) unopposed
Puerto Rico: Alexandra Lugaro (D) over incumbent Luis Fortuno (R)
Rhode Island: incumbent Myrth York (D) over Martha McSally (R)
Tennessee: incumbent Mae Beavers (R) over Roy Herron (D) and Stephen Fincher (Rational Republican)
Texas: incumbent Kay Granger (R) over Ricardo Sanchez (D) and Joaquin Castro (La Raza Unida)
Utah: Spencer Cox (R) over James Singer (D); incumbent David Marriott (R) retired
Vermont: incumbent Tony Pollina (D) over Jasdeep Pannu (R), B.J. Peacock (Independent), Folasade Adeluola (Independent) and Reid Kane (Liberty Union)
Virginia: Tom Perriello (D) over incumbent Denver Riggleman (R/Bigfoot)
Washington: incumbent Norm Rice (D) over Hong Tran (R)
West Virginia: Jesse Johnson (D) over incumbent Betty Ireland (R)
Wisconsin: S. C. Gunderson (R) over incumbent Russ Feingold (D) and Robert Welch (Values)
Wyoming: incumbent appointee Curt Meier (R) over Mike Massie (D)


United States House of Representatives results, 2018

Date: November 6, 2018

Seats: All 441
Seats needed for majority: 221

New House majority leader: Ed Markey (D-MA)
New House minority leader: Larry Lee Householder (R-OH)

Last election: 209 (D), 232 (R)
Seats won: 237 (D), 204 (R)
Seat change: D ^ 28, R v 28


United States Governor election results, 2018

Date: November 6, 2018

Number of state gubernatorial elections held: 37

Seats before: 29 (R), 21 (D), 1 (I), 1 (G)
Seats after: 28 (R), 24 (D), 1 (I), 1 (G)
Seat change: R v 1, D ^ 3, I v 1, G v 1

Full list:

Alabama: Twinkle Cavanaugh (R) over Artur Davis (D); incumbent Richmond M. Flowers Jr. (D) was term-limited
Alaska: incumbent Lesil L. McGuire (Liberty-Republican-Alliance) over Anna MacKinnon (Democratic), Craig Campbell (I) and Jeffrey Brown (Green)
Arizona: Barry Hess (R) over Marco Lopez Jr. (D/LRU); incumbent Tina Flint Smith (D) was term-limited
Arkansas: incumbent Connor Eldridge (D) over Tim Griffin (R)
California: incumbent Cruz Bustamante (D) over Steve Knight (R), Malia Cohen (Green), Oliver Stone (Bigfoot) and Mary “The Fringe Centerfold Candidate” Carey (Natural Mind) (runoff avoided)
Colorado: Mark A. Callahan (R) over Bernie Buescher (D), A. Harlan Romanoff (G) and J. A. Garcia (La Raza Unida); incumbent Bill Thiebaut (D) retired
Connecticut: Ted Kennedy Jr. (D) over Prasad Srinivasan (R); incumbent Nancy Lee Johnson (R) retired
Florida: Jenny Johnson (R) over incumbent Alex Sink (D), Danny Whitney (Country) and Lewis Black (Liberty Union)
Georgia: Ben Lewis Jones (D, endorsed by the Country and Bigfoot parties) over Newt Gingrich (R) and Dewey McClain (Teamwork); incumbent Shirley Franklin (D) retired
Hawaii: incumbent Doug Chin (D) over Ray L’Heureux (R)
Idaho: incumbent Butch Otter (R) over Michelle Stennett (D)
Illinois: incumbent Al Giannoulias (D) over Jeanne Ives (R) and Christopher Fleming (Bigfoot)
Iowa: incumbent Kim McFadden (R) over Cathy Glasson (D)
Kansas: incumbent Susan Wagle (R) over Pam Horton Curtis (D)
Maine: Cynthia Dill (D) over Emily Cain (R), incumbent Patty LaMarche (Green) and Justin Alfond (Independent)
Maryland: incumbent Kumar Barve (D) over Jonathan Bartlett Jennings (R)
Massachusetts: incumbent Maura Healey (D) over Gabriel Gomez (R) and Scott Lively (Boulder)
Michigan: Brian Calley (R) over Abdul El-Sayed (D); incumbent Michael Moore (D) retired
Minnesota: Melvin Carter (DFL) over incumbent Michele Bachmann (IRL)
Nebraska: incumbent David K. Karnes (R) over Steve Lathrop (D)
Nevada: Lucy Flores (D) over incumbent Randy Quaid (R) and Rory Reid (Compromise)
New Hampshire: incumbent Darryl Perry (R) over Andru Volinsky (D)
New Mexico: Javier Gonzales (D) over Aubrey Dunn Jr. (R) and Hector Balderas Jr. (Independent Democratic); incumbent Allen Weh (R) retired
New York: incumbent Mike Gianaris (D) over Mike Ranzenhofer (R)
Ohio: Yvette McGee Brown (D) over incumbent Jim Petro (R)
Oklahoma: T. W. Shannon (R) over Anastasia Pittman (D); incumbent Rebecca Hamilton (R) retired
Oregon: incumbent Tina Kotek (D) over Vicki Berger (R)
Pennsylvania: Paul Mango (R) over Jo Ellen Litz (D); incumbent Barry Goldberg (D) retired
Potomac: incumbent Linda Washington Cropp (D) over Martin Moulton (R)
Rhode Island: Henrique Radonski-Capriles (R) over incumbent Marilyn Ann Briggs (Independent) and Matt Brown (D)
South Carolina: Gresham Barrett (R) over Keisha Waites (D); incumbent Andre Bauer (R) retired
South Dakota: Brendan V. Johnson (D) over incumbent Brock L. Greenfield (R)
Tennessee: incumbent Rand McNally (R) over Ron Littlefield (D)
Texas: Rick Perry (R) over Annise Parker (D/La Raza Unida); incumbent Bill Owens (R) retired
Vermont: incumbent Jeffrey P. Weaver (D) over Ethan Sonneborn (Independent), Keith Stern (R) and Brenda Siegel (Humanitarian)
Wisconsin: Cory Mason (D) over Mark Neumann (R) and Wendell Harris (DSA/Socialist); incumbent Mark Green (R) retired
Wyoming: incumbent Cynthia Jo Hill (R) over James W. Byrd (D)



…Our 76th and next Governor, Henrique Radonski Capriles, will be the first-ever Venezuelan-American Governor in US history. Capriles was born in Newport in 1972 to a wealthy mercantile family, but working at the family’s docks let him witnessing the daily struggles of the workers. …Capriles (R) won over incumbent Governor Marilyn Ann Briggs (I), a former adult film actress who was elected Lieutenant Governor in 2014 and became Governor after the unexpected death of Governor Bob Healey (I). The late Healey’s populist core message: “less government intervention, a strict reading of the US Constitution, and fiscal conservatism” were similar to Caprile’s campaign but differed greatly in style and presentation. Healey had been considered a possible running mate for NYC Mayor Jimmy McMillan during his third-party bid for President in 2016…

The Newport Daily News, 11/7/2018


…Los Angeles Mayor Herb Wesson, the city’s second African-American mayor, won his first full term in last night’s decisive mayoral election. In closest challenger, Rick Caruso (b. 1959), a billionaire businessman and philanthropist, lost to Wesson by a margin of roughly 10%. Melina Reimann (b. 1972), an activist and academic of Pan-African Studies, came in third place, ahead of fourth-place finisher Benjamin J. M. Novak (b. 1979), a B-list TV actor, and fifth-place finisher Curren Price Jr. (b. 1950), a city councilman. A sixth prominent candidate, city councilman Kevin Alexander “Kal” Leon (b. 1966), dropped out two days after early voting began after being accused of sexual pestering. All six were Democrats in an officially nonpartisan race. Wesson won with a majority of 51%, versus Caruso’s 31%.

In May 2017, Herb J. Wesson Jr. (b. 1951), a city council member at the time, won a special 18-month term after Mayoral and other city elections were “adjusted” so that they now coincide with national midterm elections, in order to improve voter turnout. The shift of mayoral elections being held in the spring of odd years came about via a 2016 city law, after much debate over the record-breaking low of only 15.4% voter turnout in the 2013 Mayoral election. Wesson is eligible to run for a second and final full term in 2022...

The Los Angeles Times, 11/7/2018

Co-Panelist Van JONES: “So in response to the question, ‘Should the United States use a “Ranked Choice/Instant Runoff” Method of Voting?’, a clear majority voted ‘yea.’ Now for those watching this who are unfamiliar with the N.I.A. process, this is not the passing of a Constitutional Amendment, and so will not require a second vote to affirm Tuesday’s vote, right?”

Reporter Kevin JAYS: “Right. This is because the initiative that made its way to a nationwide vote called for the retaining of the Electoral College for ‘emergency situations’ but is pretty much otherwise stripped of its effect on the election. This is because the new national law outlaws Presidential Electors from voting for the second-place finisher in a 2008 or 2012-style election without permission from a majority vote from a joint session of congress. And that can only happen if congress fails to certify the election results due to something like, say the vote margin being too narrow to call ahead of Inauguration Day, or something akin to the Presidential Election of 1876.”

Co-Panelist Ana NAVARRO: “So can we talk about how the states voted on this thing for a second? Here’s the map behind us –”


[pic: ]

NAVARRO: “And as you can see, 24 states voted ‘no,’ but 28 states voted ‘yes,’ and it’s interesting because it seems most people voted based on the population of their state more so than on party lines, with high-population states like Texas voting ‘yes’ and low-population states like Vermont and Oregon voting ‘no.’ Even Potomac voted against it, that’s surprising.”

Reporter Bob BECKEL: “That’s because of claims that the initiative would stifle the voices of people in ‘small’ states. I think a lot of people misunderstood that phrasing to mean small in size instead of small in population level. And, by the way, the margin in Potomac was fairly narrow.”

Guest Panelist Alisyn CAMEROTA: “It’s also interesting that West Virginia and South Carolina voted yes, because both states were expected to vote no. This result was most likely due to those two states are two of certain states where the population is going up and the economy improving. It looks like all states with those conditions voted yes, and I think that that is possibly due to citizens in these states believing that they are going to be high-population areas in the near future.”

Guest Panelist, political analyst and former Gov. Karl ROVE (R-UT): “I don’t like this. This is a move towards national centralization, the centralization of the government and the country at the national and federal levels. If I had been able to amend this initiative, I would have made it so each individual state will use the R.C.V. process, but however they choose to use it. But this National Initiative clearly states that this is at the national level, the popular vote winner is the winner of the election. That henceforth makes the states individually less significant and the vote of the nation as a whole the decider instead of key swing states.”

BECKEL: “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

ROVE: “It takes power away from low-population states like New Hampshire and gives more power to states like California. This is not a time for celebration. This is a sad day for small states like North Dakota and my home state of Utah. This is a tragedy for people such as the farmer of this country who already get ignored despite their vital role in society. I’m telling you, people were not educated enough about the negative ramifications of RCV, and soon enough, they are going to realize that this was a gigantic mistake.”

The Overmyer Network, roundtable discussion, 11/8/2018

…Nakheel Tower, next to Nakheel Harbor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, was originally designed to be exactly 1km tall (3,281 ft), only for projected financial issues to result in its size being reduced to 2,460 feet and for its grand opening to be delayed to November 12, 2018. This makes it the second-tallest building in the world, behind Dubai Tower (2,626 ft) but ahead of the US's Chicago Spire (2,000 ft) and Russia's Bashnya Rossiya (1,919 ft)....this massive superscraper is still an impressive architectural feat, with nearly all of its 120 floors being dedicated to luxury apartments…


[pic: ]


Heavy Winds Fueling CA Wildfire Resurgence

– AccuWeather, 11/19/2018 report

“Thanks to the heroic actions of state firefighters and the bravery of the National Guard, fire and rescue helicopters have maintained the spread of the wildfires at the town of Paradise. Only five fatalities have been reported by local hospitals.”

– CA Gov. Cruz Bustamante (D), 11/25/2018

[1] Based closely on this:
[2] Italicized parts from here:
[3] Italicized passages from here:
[4] It reached a peak of 240 km/h in OTL, but because of more effective efforts to combat “Global Climate Disruption” ITTL, the extremity of the climate is already starting to be chipped away at (well, a tiny bit at least)!
[5] Mentioned in a November 2011 segment as having gone defunct by then.
[6] Some phrases and/or passages are from here:

Also, here’s a quick poll for the next chapter, as the Democrats have retaken the House, but not the Senate (“Should House Democrats push for some sort of slave-reparations-via-income-tax-exemptions plan in 2019?” Yes / No):

The next chapter’s E.T.A.: May 17 at the latest!

I mentioned Denton passing away in August 2017.
Deukmejian passed away in office in 2018 but I may have forgotten to mention it. Gov. Bustamante appointed Kim to the seat.
Blue Sky said:

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Yes, he got kicked out of office in early 2016
We'll see how the polls go!
Until it finally catches up to the present
Post 109
Post 109: Chapter 117

Chapter 117: December 2018 – June 2019

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.”

– Robert F. Kennedy Sr., June 1966 (OTL)

…The 2018 California wildfire season one of the most destructive wildfire seasons in California history, resulting in two waves of fires in August and November of 2018 that were each worse than the Santiago Canyon Fire of 1889. With over 20,000 structures damaged or destroyed in total, just under 1,000,000 acres, or almost 2% of the state’s roughly 100 million acres of land, were burned by the wildfires. …Combating the fires was an expensive and exhausting undertaking, with Cal Fire estimating that over $500million was spent on operations. A December 1, 2018 report on how the fires were successfully put out noted that quick and decisive action taken by the local, state and federal governments likely contributed to the fires’ low death toll of “roughly” 30 people…



The Daily Telegraph, UK newspaper, 2/12/2018


…Governor Maura Healey (D) today broke a 31-year tradition by not selecting Red Lobster to cater the upcoming gubernatorial inauguration festivities in Boston. [1] Every Governor of Massachusetts since 1979 (Dukakis, Murphy, Dukakis again, and now Healey) has had Red Lobster, founded in 1968, cater the event, even during the seafood restaurant’s period of decline (1995-2003) following the 1994 death of its founder.

Due to the tradition, Red Lobster’s parent company, Darden Restaurants (which also owns Olive Garden), which is a part of General Mills, did not put in a large bid for the catering job. This allowed representatives of SpongeBob’s Undersea Cuisine to swoop in with a slightly smaller bid at the last minute. The selection is already receiving from controversy from members of the Massachusetts senate, with Republican politician Gabel Gómez claiming that “only a company with Bostonian roots should have this privilege”…

The Boston Globe, 12/3/2018

JIM: Tasker.

TASKER, a type of Natural Audio Focus-Tracking Assistant (or Virtual Intelligence Personal Assistant (a “software agent”)): Yes, Jim?

JIM: Bring up the KB Toys site.

[chime sound]

JIM: Alright, let’s see here.

TASKER: Do you wish to add to your virtual shopping cart, Jim?

JIM: Yes, Tasker. For our son, put down um, uh…honey?!

MARTHA: What’s wrong now, Jim?

JIM: Nothin’s wrong. I just want to know if you remember the name of that new transformers toy.

MARTHA: Which one?

JIM: It’s the newest one, you know, the one from the movie posters. Blue, simple design, not too busy or cluttered.

MARTHA: Is it the one that turns into an electric sports car?

JIM: Yeah, an Opal Frosted. Man, they knew how to make cars back then.

MARTHA: “Back then”? It was 2001, Jim.

JIM: It’s been too long. Now do you remember the name or no?


JIM: Shoot. I don’t want to scroll. Hey, wait. Tasker?

TASKER: Yes, Jim?

JIM: List characters from the most recent Transformers movie. I know he shows up in the beginning somewhere.

[chime sound]

TASKER: James Cameron’s Transformers Two: The Rise of Megatron, premièred July 4, 2018. Characters In order of appearance: unnamed astronaut 1, Soundwave, unnamed astronaut 2, Al Pacino in a cameo, Arch Jumper, Mr. Jumper, Bumblebee, Prowl, Netsword –

JIM: Netsword! That’s the one! I was thinking netshield because of his hood-chest thing but it didn’t sound right. So put that down, and for Carolyn, add the green diamond Jenna Doll, it should be 20 bucks?

TASKER: Jenna Doll with green diamond dress expression edition $24.95, Jenna Doll with green diamond dress classic edition $19.95.

JIM: Express version. Why not? It’s Christmas, and it’s only five bucks more.

MARTHA: Don’t forget to add that Thunderhoof toy for Josephine.

JIM: The what?

MARTHA: I think it’s one of the more, I want to say, athletic member of the MLP cast.

JIM: What’s MLP.

TASKER: My Little Pony

JIM: That cartoon show from the 1990s? I thought that went off the air years ago.

MARTHA: They brought it back last year, dear. It’s much edgier than it was in the ’90s.

JIM: Huh. Well, I suppose it has its followers, like all shows.

MARTHA: That’s one way of putting it.

JIM: What?

MARTHA: Never mind, hun. Just add the toy to the cart.

JIM: Right. Uh, what’s it called?

MARTHA: Thunderhoof, I think. She keeps calling it an action figure though.

JIM: She takes after me, that’s why.

MARTHA: Get real, Jim. In high school, your Star Wars collection was only three figures.

JIM: Three mint-condition figures, Martha. And besides, you only had one action figure then. Compared to your lonely Leia figure, three is a lot.

MARTHA: Heh. Leia wasn’t the only “figure” I took care of back then. Remember?

JIM: Oh? Oh! Oh yeah, I remember. [chuckle] I remember a lot!

MARTHA: Good. So remember to add more Double-A batteries to the order.

JIM: Batteries?

MARTHA: For the toys.

JIM: Toys?!

MARTHA: The children’s Christmas toys, gutter-ball!

JIM: Oh, right! Right. Okay. And I’ll check the book section too, see if there’s anything there the kids might be interested in…

– transcript, Winger family security camera, 12/7/2018 (published with permission)


…Toy licensing is a perpetually-evolving business, especially in today’s increasingly tech-savvy world. The quickening pace of today’s markets means that mimicking the latest brand or flavor-of-the-month from major companies like Hasbro, Mattel and MGA Entertainment may prove to be a poor business model for toy companies. This is especially true when the time between sudden consumer demand and sudden consumer disinterest is shorter than a toy company’s production period. To combat this pressure, many toy companies rejecting many-company trends to pursue their own paths at their own pace, rather than attempt impossible-to-achieve product turnout rates. Many of these smaller companies are capitalizing on the nation’s health economy to invest in research and development to build their own Intellectual Properties (IP), revive old IP brands, or even create all-new brands from scratch…

–, 12/8/2018 e-article

“…In political news, the Attorney General of Wyoming, one of a handful of states to vote against the implementation Ranked Choice Voting for all future Presidential elections in last month’s National Initiative, and by the widest amount, has launched several legal court challenges to the initiative. The state’s attorney general department alleges that not only is the RCV implementation unconstitutional, but the National Initiative is as well. This litigation comes despite National Initiative supporters such as former Vice President Gravel spending the past several years pointing out that it is in fact constitutional for a national decisive to apply to all 52 states because we passed a constitutional amendment – the NIA – allowing for something like this to happen...”

– NBC News, 12/10/2018 broadcast

“This was the people’s choice, whether they like it or not. The Attorney General of Wyoming has every right to try and challenge it, but having the right to do something idiotic doesn’t make it any less idiotic.”

– Gov. Michael Gianaris (D-NY) to a reporter, 12/11/2018

Here we are Signature Tower in Nashville, Tennessee. The Signature Tower stands at exactly 1,000 feet tall, making it one of the tallest buildings in the US and the tallest in Tennessee, and as you can see…

[camera pans up from front entrance façade to the top of the building]

…it’s pretty fudgin’ tall. So now let’s check it out and see just how tall.

[cut to entering lobby, then an edited exchange at the directory desk, and then the elevator’s interior]


[hovers finger over light-screen display, camera pans over to window as elevator lifts up]

Whoa. Would you look at that view. That’s nice, isn’t it? Man.

[cut to elevator door opening, then cut to walking down the hallway]

And here we are on the 68th floor, the top floor. We went right by the office space and roughly 600 condos that make up the building, because you need a security pass to visit those floors, so we’re instead heading straight to the observation posts.

[cut to several panoramic views of Nashville]

So this building was developed by a one Tony Giarratana in 2004 as part of a local jobs initiative to help bring businesses back to the area after lots of companies either left or moved out of the area during the SARS shutdowns. Yeah, so it was part of the post-SARS ‘boom’ thing that happened back then, because, at least in the South, places like Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, they were hit hard by the pandemic of 2002, 2003. Um, and the building was, uh, built by Giarratana Development, L.L.C. – I hope I’m pronouncing that right, L.L.C. – in 2008, and it finally opened in 2012.

[cut to more panoramic views]

Man, it’s really, really something, isn’t it? Man.

– partial transcript of video “Let’s Check It Out: The Tallest Building In The American South,”, uploaded 12/12/2018

WSJ INDEX UPDATE 2018: Sweden, Japan Lead World In Innovation; Russia, China Exit Top 10, Australia Edges Back into Top 10

The WSJ Index of Innovative Countries analyses two dozen criteria with equally weighted metrics – including R&D, GDP, spending habits, fiscal policy, political stability, education, patents, labor relations, environmentalism, manufacturing abilities, and technological progress – to sort and rank the world’s nations by order of most and least “innovative.”

According to its most recent update, South America failed to stand out, with not a single nation from that continent reaching the Top 20. Meanwhile, [] has greatly improved from its [date] standing. Similarly, under Australia’s new leadership, The Land Down Under shot up from #15 in 2017 back to #10, knocking Israel out of the Top 10. Several Middle Eastern nations made up the “teens” and “twenties” parts of the list, while the highest-ranking African nations were Egypt (at #50), Cote D’Ivoire (at #44) and South Africa (at #27)…


1: Sweden
2: Japan
3: United Korea
4: United States
5: United Kingdom
6: Germany
7: Canada
8: Netherlands
9: Mexico
10: Australia
11: Israel
12: Singapore
13: Iceland
14: Oman
15: Ireland
16: Finland
17: Lebanon
18: Palestine
19: Denmark
20: Luxembourg

[show: 21-180]

–, 12/14/2018



[pic: ]
Above: Wellstone (left) and Crystal (right)

The Hollywood Reporter, 12/16/2018


…US Senator-elect Douglas Alastair Swanson (R-NV) is calling for his fellow anti-RCV Republicans to “brace” themselves for the changes that Ranked Choice Voting will have on the dynamics of future US Presidential elections… Swanson, b. 1959, served in the US Navy from 1977 to 1985 before entering business school. He operated a successful construction business, beginning in 1989, before serving as Governor of Nevada from 1995 to 2007, when he declined launching a US Presidential bid to instead join the boards of directors of two large construction companies…

The Washington Post, 12/19/2018


The highly-anticipated “Home Alone: The Reunion” reunites almost all of the original cast and crew of Home Alone (1990), Home Alone 2 (1992) and Home Alone (1993), including Brock Pierce as Kevin, Catherine O’Hara as Kate, and John Heard as Peter (to whom the film is dedicated, as he passed away soon after filming finished) and Daniel Stern as Marv, with Chris Columbus directing. Notably, Joe Pesci declined to come out of retirement to reprise the role.

The movie begins with Marv, now an old man, being released from prison for good behavior after the events of Home Alone 3. Going to a maglev station to head to Arizona, Marv accidently falls asleep on the wrong train and ends up back in Chicago, where Kevin spots him and comes to believe that Marv has returned to have his revenge. Meanwhile, Kate and Peter are organizing the family’s first Christmas together in years, but a multitude of family crises lead to Kevin being put in charge of the house while the rest of the adults head out to handle thing. With some help from his nieces, Kevin defends the old family homestead from real criminals just as Marv is arriving to try to make amends.

The result is a series of hilarious misevents with the kind of slapstick that made the first film such a classic. However, the film comes just short of recapturing the magic of the original trilogy, either purposely or intentionally, with some curious realism and self-awareness. For example, in one scene at a bar, where Marv is describing being electrocuted in the second film, the other bar patrons do not believe that Marv could have survived such events. In another scene, Kevin’s scenes don’t buy that a ten-year-old would have had the time to set up so many traps in just one evening.

On the other hand, the cinematography comes very close to recreating the “warmth” of early 1990s cameras. Scenes are wonderfully presented in a manner reflective of the feelings of the holiday season. Even background details are charming, such as the film-with-a-film “Angels With Filthy Souls” being shown to be going through a reboot via ads in the backgrounds of some scenes.

After the original trilogy concluded, the Home Alone franchise devolved into an anthology series following home invasion stories not otherwise connected to one another. The best of these non-Kevin installments is “Angels With Filthy Souls Part Four” (1998), presented as a sequel to three films that don’t actually exist. The rest, though, were less iconic: Home Alone 4 (1995) was set in Seattle, Home Alone 5 (1999) was set in Beverly Hills, Home Alone 6 (2001) took place in 1879 Chicago, and Home Alone: Lockdown (2009) occurs in Boston during the SARS quarantine period.

Thankfully, Home Alone: The Reunion focuses less on the tired premise and rehashed plot and more on the characters that millions of Americans enjoy watching every winter. With this fateful decision, the film manages to satisfy the nostalgic and entertain those unfamiliar with the McCallisters.

Plus, it’s violent, but not too violent. Just the right amount for today’s audiences and filmed in the humorous manner that only Chris Columbus can pull off.

Ultimate Rating: 4.5 stars out 5

Tumbleweed Magazine, movie review section, 12/23/2018


The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, also known as the Elm Street franchise, consists of several horror/slasher films, novels and comic books. The franchise began with the 1984 film A Nightmare on Elm Street, created by Wes Craven. The franchise revolves around a fictional child killer named Freddy Krueger, who, after being burned alive by his victims’ vengeful parents, returns from the grave to terrorize and kill teenagers in their dreams. New Lina Cinema capitalized on the first film’s success, and has credited the franchise for the company’s expansion in size and success during the 1980s.




A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – Freddy haunts, tortures and kills the teenagers of Springwood, Ohio to exact vengeance on the town where the parents of his victims murdered him.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985) – Freddy attacks the Walsh children for their parent’s role in his death.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Survivors (1987) – Freddy gains the ability to possess bodies after they fall asleep, leading to exorcisms.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dreamcatcher (1988) – The most surreal of the films, Freddy’s would-be victims enter the dreamworld for most of the film to try and trap Freddy there.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Demons (1989) – Freddy’s remains are destroyed in an effort to sever his connections to the physical world, only for it to free him from being only able to haunt the dreams of people somehow connected to Springwood; now able to invade the dreams of anyone, the protagonists investigate Freddy’s origins and end up confronting demonic hellspawns in their efforts to finally destroy Freddy.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 6: Land of Nightmares (1991) – Magic is heavily featured in first film of the franchise to not be directed by Wes Craven.

Elm Street: The Nightmare Child (1993) – Often considered the most disturbing of the Elm Street films, Krueger begins terrorizing the young children of the teenagers who survived the first film, who are reprised by the original cast.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Cosmic Dreamers (1996) – Often referred to as “Freddy In Space,” the teenagers learning to master their dream-travelling skills from previous films think they have trapped Freddy in a cosmic void. But as it turns out, they accidently sent him through a wormhole to the future. There, he invades the dreams of some of their descendants, who are cryogenically frozen onboard a “sleeper” ship heading out to a far-away colony.

Elm Street: Nightmare Realms (1999) – A sequel to Land of Nightmares that ignores the events of all the films after Land of Nightmares in an effort to reboot the franchise; characters travel into each other’s dreams in a convoluted plot.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy vs. Michael (2001) – A crossover with the Michael Myers character from the Halloween franchise, in which some of The Dreamworlders move in to the house where Michael previously lived, leading to Michael being pulled into the Dreamworld when he and Freddy strike at the same time.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy vs. Leatherface (2003) – Very similar to Freddy vs. Michael, Freddy does battle with the villains from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise in both the Dreamworld and in the real world via Freddy possessing people, including teenagers, law enforcement, and even Leatherface himself.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy vs. The Leprechaun (2005) – Often considered the worst of the Elm Street films, Freddy and the villain from the Leprechaun horror franchise fight for the souls of the Dreamworlders, using their wits, their sharp digits, and so many painful puns.

Tim Burton’s A Nightmare on Elm Street (2012) – An attempt to reboot the Elm Street franchise once again; the film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Origins (2015) – A two-hour prequel to the original 1984 film that ignores all the films made after the original

A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Seventh Chapter (2020) – in preproduction as of December 2018


While the first three films were popular, the increasingly over-the-top and convoluted storylines of the next several sequels began to weight down the franchise. The seventh film, featuring gory scenes and images of eviscerated people under the age of 10, led to it being banned in many places. Backlash to the film resulted in the next several Freddy films being much lighter in tone and subject matter. This culminated in Freddy vs. The Leprechaun, a film that received so much backlash from fans that it led to New Cinema taking the franchise in a much more tonally darker direction.

–, c. January 2019


Washington, D.C. – US Rep. Larry Lee Householder (R-OH) was been elected to the position of Minority Leader in the U.S. House of Representatives. Householder, a libertarian-leaning politician with a moderate-to-conservative voting record in office since 2005, was seen as a “unifier” ahead of the vote. Householder won the race to succeed the retiring Speaker H. Dargan McMaster (R-SC) over just one challenger, the conservative populist Mike Pompeo (R-KS), in office since 2011. From the 204 Republicans in the House, Householder received 126 votes, while Pompeo received 77 votes, and another congressperson, the alleged LID (Liberal-In-Disguise) Dino Rossi (R-WA) voted for himself.

Pompeo made headlines in December 2016 for openly campaigning for a position in President Grammer’s cabinet. Pompeo reportedly tried to get a cabinet or cabinet-level position involved foreign affairs by “chumming it up” with Vice President Harley Davidson Brown (R-ID) during weekend luncheons and by attempting to meet often with other cabinet members. However, Grammer only offered him ambassadorships, allegedly due to Grammer viewing Pompeo’s congressional record and past comments as too hawkish for Grammar’s anti-interventionist policies. Pompeo declined the ambassadorship offers believing he would be “more helpful to the President” by stay in the House, Pompeo alleged in 2017…

The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio newspaper, 1/3/2019


…David Alan Stockman (R-MI) was a US Representative from 1977 to 1999, during which time he once served as Chair of the House Budget Committee (1993-1995) and as used President Denton, Kemp, Iacocca and Dinger on economic issues. After losing re-election in 1998, he served as the White House’s OMB Director from 1999 to 2001. ...President Grammer selected Stockman to become the US’s newest Labor Secretary roughly 14 months after US Labor Secretary Steven Craig Gunderson (R-WI) resigned from the post in 2017 in order to successfully run for a US Senate seat. The department had been led by the “acting” Undersecretary since then…

The Washington Post, 1/5/2019


…Only a handful of House Democrats are backing proposed GOP-conceived legislation to exempt slave descendants from income tax, with several Democratic leaders, including House Speaker Markey, expressing concerns that such legislation would lead to many perceiving the action as “racially-motivated favoritism.”

“It could do more harm than good by widening the divide already found between many communities,” says former Presidential candidate Gary Locke (D-WA). “So this proposal is essentially D.O.A.”

However, backers of the legislation believe that they can build up support for the legislation gradually. “We’ll probably have better luck in the upcoming presidential election cycle. Hopefully, many of the Democratic candidates will give this proposal a boost by endorsing it or, even better, running on it,” says US Rep. Troy Carter (D-LA)…

The New York Times, 1/7/2019 [2]

…2018 saw an unprecedented acceleration in national climate pledges and successes. According to a January 2019 UN report, 2018 saw United Korea become the second Asian country (the first being Japan in 2016) to set a goal of producing net zero emissions by 2050. More prominently, Brazil committed to net zero by 2050 as well, as did Argentina, Norway and Czechoslovakia. Globally, 2018 saw countries that collectively producing roughly 40% of global carbon emissions had net-zero targets that were considered to be, at the very least, “somewhat credible” by most major international anti-GCD groups…

– Manjit S. Kang’s Combating Global Climate Disruption: An Agricultural Perspective, CRC Press, 2021

…Uncertainty over How R.C.V. would actually work come November 2020 continued to rise in early 2019. The Herring Network and rural radio programs flamed the fires of trepidation and suspicion, with the network inching very close to violating the FCC Fairness Doctrine and former US Senator Bo Gritz (R-ID) promoting on his radio show the claim that RCV would be used by the Democratic Party to “manipulate” and steal the 2020 election.

But outside the realm of reactionary extremism, there were some legitimate issues with the system Americans had voted to adopt.

Firstly, the referendum did not specify if there were limits on how many candidates could be ranked. For example, in New York City, primary and special-election voters have the choice to rank up to five candidates, but no more than five, even if more than five candidates are on the ballot. This meant that a state legislature could limit the number of candidates that voters could rank on that state’s Presidential ballot to no more than just two candidates. The likelihood of some states doing just this was matched by the foreboding specifics of historic precedence. In the 2017 race for Mayor of Minneapolis, for instance, 31 candidates ran, but voters could rank only their three favorites. Critics observed how this was a major flaw in the city’s ranked-choice system, as many ballots were exhausted before the final round, resulting in the ultimate victor doing so with a majority of the final round of votes but a plurality of all votes cast.

This was the second major issue, that RCV elections has the ability to produce “plurality winners” just like the Electoral College did in 2008 and 2012. Let’s say 10% of ballots are exhausted by the time of the final vote tally between the top two vote-getters. That means that if 100 originally cast a vote, the final round includes 90 of those ballots. The winner can have a majority of the remaining ballots with just 46 votes, thus winning the election, while still falling short of the 51-vote majority based on the total votes cast. A large number of candidates can lead to more ballot exhaustion.

Proponents argue that ranked-choice winners still receive a majority more often than not, and that the average percentage of ballots exhausted is comparable to the percentage of voters who would not show up for a runoff election scheduled after the initial election.
Furthermore, under first-past-the-post systems previously established in places like New York City, one could win a special election with a very low share of the vote, if there were many candidates. In primaries, the first-place finisher could win with just 40% of the vote. As Tumbleweed Media previously reported, “according to an analysis done by Common Cause, just 35% of multi-candidate primaries in the city’s last three pre-RCV election cycles were won by a candidate that had won a majority of the vote. Furthermore, in that same time period, about roughly 30% of multi-candidate primaries for City Council were won with less than 50% of the vote.” Nevertheless, anti-RCV sources repeatedly pointed to exhausted ballots in the weeks and months following the nation’s first NI.

Thirdly, under RCV, a candidate can achieve a majority before there are only two left, but counting still continues. This person has already technically already won, but completing the rounds of vote counting ensures that the most number of people will have their votes count in the final round. Critics of RCV alleged that this “extraneous” process takes up too much time, delaying the election’s results by hours, if not days on some occasions, and thus having the potential to “severely disrupt and negatively impact the stock market and America’s foreign relations by shrouding the election winner in hours of uncertainty.”

And fourthly, THN and other sites repeatedly wondered if undecided voters would rank their candidates – randomly, in the order they appear on the ballot, et cetera. To answer this, supporters of RCV turned to citywide elections of the past, and suggested that undecided voters would lean to the former, rather than the latter, but anti-RCV talking heads continued to assert that there was an apparent lack of research on this point…

– Pat Sheffield and Rachel Joy Scott-Ireland’s Voices And Votes: The History of the National Initiative Amendment, Tumbleweed Publications, 2021 [3]


…the 67-year-old former Circuit Judge announced that she wanted to “enjoy [her] retirement” after nearly 13 years of overseeing arbitration cases on The Herring Network…

The Hollywood Reporter, 1/19/2019

...Courtroom TV began in the late 1940s with fictional drama shows based on real-life cases. The rise of Reality TV programs in the 1980s eclipsing with the real-world drama of the Lukens Hush Money Scandal of the late 1980s, though, led to the rise of arbitration-based reality court shows. These new programs differed from their predecessors by using legitimate judges and lawyers and covering actual lawsuits, rather than using actors or recreations. These shows included The People’s Real Court (a spinoff of The People’s Court), Tough Justice, Throw the Book, and Court Justice, but the most popular of them all was Judge Judy, hosted by Judy Sheindlin (Assistant US Attorney General under US President Carol Bellamy, 1991-1993) upon its premier in 1994.

Pirro won the Republican nomination for Westchester County’s US Congressional seat in 2004, but lost in the general election by a margin of 14%; she began working in television soon after, appearing on TON and KNN as a “counterpoint” contributor. Believing Judge Judy had a “liberal bias,” Pirro began working with THS. In 2006, the conservative-leaning network began to broadcast “Judge Jeanine,” which was promoted as an “alternative” to Judge Judy, and hosted by Pirro…



…Efforts led by the Attorney General of Wyoming to take the pro-RCV results of last year’s National Initiative to court have taken a debilitating hit. The NIA’s results confirmed that a clear majority of voters approved of changing presidential elections so they are determined by a nationally-held Ranked Choice Voting election, also known as an Instant Runoff Voting election, with the Electoral College serving as a backup…

…Meanwhile, North Carolina’s majority-Republican state legislature continues to process a recount in response to far-right political action groups claiming that the state did not “legitimately” vote in favor of implementing Ranked-choice voting in last November’s National Initiative. This result is highly unlikely to overturn the state’s results or even find evidence of wrongdoing…

The Washington Post, 1/22/2019

Co-Anchor Julie BIDWELL: “Now, could someone, for instance, put down their preferred candidate in second place and leave the first place spot blank as, like, some kind of protest?”

Guest Panelist and former NRC Communications Director Matt GORMAN: “You can, but if your candidate doesn’t win enough votes in the first round, he could be eliminated in the first round, rendering your ballot moot.”

Co-Anchor Hans VON SPAKOVSKY: “Now that point right there is the tragic thing about this new system. They’re called exhausted ballots. It can actually be a major problem next year because if you don’t vote for a major candidate, then you’re not involved in the final round of voting.”

Contributor Karl ROVE: “Yes, which is probably why the elitists of the country supported this thing from the get-go. It suppresses all the minor parties, like the Liberty party, the Values party, even the Bigfooters! For the first time ever, people voting for President will only have two major choices, or no choice at all, in the final election night results. That’s not democracy! I’m telling you, Americans got scammed on this!”

– THN, 1/23/2019 broadcast

“…and in the world of entertainment, the noted gun smuggler known as ‘Tommy Gun Thompson’ is reportedly in talks with Paramount Pictures to negotiate and finalize a movie deal based on Thompson’s best-selling autobiography…”

– TumbleweedTV, 1/24/2019 broadcast

JOHN MAHONEY IS DEAD: “Frasier” Actor Was 78


[pic: ]

Above: Mahoney with Kelsey Grammer during the filming of “Frasier”

The Hollywood Reporter, 1/25/2019


Washington, D.C. – Yesterday evening, we learned the saddening news that veteran stage and screen actor John Mahoney passed away yesterday morning from the effects of throat cancer at the age of 78. The actor was most famous for his role as Frasier Crane's dad Martin on the popular sitcom “Frasier.” Mahoney played the role alongside Kelsey Grammer for eleven years, from 1993-2004, before Grammer launched his political career.

While those that worked with Mahoney were paying tribute to the star ontech yesterday, Grammer made no official comment. However, this is not surprising, given that the President is known for paying his respects for the recently-deceased in official press briefings instead of through ontech social media posts.

Following this precedence, the President made a short but poignant comment on Mahoney’s passing at today’s White House Press Briefing. Leaving the subject until the end of the meeting, President Grammer appeared somber as the topic arrived, confirmed a report that he had spoken with Mahoney “two days ago” and with a deep sigh, cast his eyes downward, and simply noted, “He was my father. I loved him.” [4] Grammer then briefly paused, possibly holding back tears, and then politely concluded the meeting. Mahoney and Grammer had a deep friendship that stayed strong even after Grammer moved into political office and Mahoney’s health declined, with Mahoney attending both of Grammer’s Presidential inaugurations and the two men visiting and vidcalling each other frequently, according to a 2018 report by…

–, 1/26/2019


(May 20, 1947 – January 27, 2019)

St. Louis, MO – With his family by his side, Joseph A. “Joe” Buttigieg of Chesterfield, age 71, passed away peacefully on Sunday, January 27, at Memorial Hospital after an undisclosed illness. Joseph was born in Hamrun, Malta to Maria Concetta Portelli and Joseph Buttigieg, the eldest of eight siblings. After earning a Bachelors and a Masters degrees from the University of Malta and a B.Phil in Oxford, UK, Joseph moved to the US to earn a doctorate at NYU in 1976, and became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1979. In 1976, he accepted a faculty position at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where he met Donna Campbell. They were married on September 14, 1979, and in 1980 moved to St. Louis. Joseph then served on the faculty of St. Louis University as a professor of English from 1980 until he retired in 2017.

Joseph was an accomplished writer, publishing numerous treatises on a plethora of topics. Along with articles, essays, and textbooks, Joseph also wrote nonfiction books on Italian thinkers and extensively annotated translations of Italian books.

All who knew Joe will remember him as a brilliant and energetic man with a passion for academia. His wife Donna, daughters Maria and Bella (b. 1980 and 1982, respectively) remember him as a loving father and husband fond of travel and loyal to friends and family…

– The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri newspaper, obituaries section, 1/28/2019 [5]

To: Mahmoud

From: Ledington

Update: Sales Team shows another good year of growth. Improvement most likely attributed to improving sanitation standards (upcoming report: investing in hiring one additional custodian for every outlet in 2017 has improved customer satisfaction 50% and sales 25%!)

More at tomorrow’s in-place meeting.

– KFC internal memo, KFC HQ in Florence, KY, 1/29/2019

RUSSIA-ERITREA SCANDAL: Nikolayev-Appointed Review Board Claims Nikolayev Is Not Guilty Of Any Wrongdoing

The Chicago Tribune, 2/1/2019

RUSSIA IN TURMOIL: Moscow Police Clash With Protestors Demanding A “Real” Probe Into The Russia-Ertirea Scandal

–, 2/2/2019 news e-alert

…By 2019, Europe’s economy was overall back on its feet from the results of the Great European Recession of 2013. Soon, western businesses turned their attention to the increasingly prominent palm oil production competition occurring between two longtime-dominant producers and palm oil plant industry giants – Indonesia and Gabon. The palm oil plant is native to Gabon and some surrounding areas, and favorable weather patterns, coupled with both nations enjoying a stable government during much of the 2000s and 2010s decades, led to palm oil production booming to its best years in decades. 2018 alone beat several production records for the two nations, according to a February 2019 report. This success led to Gabon and Indonesia received more worldwide attention, but it also led to a rise in tension between the two nations, as each sought to dominate the other in the industry…



[Selected Subdivision: Economy, Midscale, {Upscale}, Luxury]

1 > Hilton Inn < (open)

2 > Embassy < (open)

3 > Sheraton < (open)

4 < Howard Johnson’s > (close)


Fun Fact: This multi-industry Howard Johnson Company brand is also known for its chain of roughly 100 restaurants of the same name being found across the US, down from its apex of 1,000 restaurants in the 1970s. For continuing the chain’s existence, we may be able to thank restaurant entrepreneur John Y. Brown Jr. for investing in the restaurant chain when HJC entered dire financial straits after with the recession of 1978. Brown became further involved in HJC in 1984, after Brown lost a bid for public office. Brown’s work during this era allowed the restaurants to rebound, leading to them still being around today.

Most comparative prices: Diodendro (the arguably classier alternative to Double Tree) and the midscale-class Oasis Inns. See locations here.

5 > Best Western < (open)

6 > Four Seasons < (open)

7 > Aloft Hotels < (open)

8 > La Quinta < (open)

9 > Quality < (open)

10 > Destination < (open)

–, c. February 2019

…Australia has officially become the sixth country in the world to completely legalize the sale and use of all forms of cannabis …The other nations with such laws are Uruguay, Hungary, Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. …In the United States, the sale and use of recreational and medical cannabis is legal in nearly half of their states, but was decriminalized at the federal level in 2006…

– BBC World News, 10/2/2019 broadcast

…We can now confirm reports that two African-American teenagers were shot and killed by Chicago police earlier today in what is being described by eyewitnesses as ‘a non-criminal incident,’…

– KNN Breaking News, 2/11/2019 broadcast

POLICE CHIEF: Cops Who Shot Teens Will Be Investigated, But Adds “They Were In a Tough Spot”

The Chicago Tribune, 2/12/2019

America in 1776: Die, Brit!
America in The 1800s: Die, Indian!
America in The 1900s: Die, druggie!
America Now: Die, robot!
Always America All The Time: die, Black!

– divisive lafpic that went fervid in late February 2019; first posted ontech 2/13/2019

“After days of protests over Chicago PD refusing to release the bodycam footage until the completion of ‘proper procedure,’ as they put it, Governor Giannoulias convinced them to change the policy and release the two videos, one from each cop. It was an attempt to show the Governor’s upholding of the ideals of transparency and accountability in government. But it resulted in renewed calls for police precinct reform. So soon after the videos were released on the 16th, those chaotic images of two jumpy fair-skinned officers firing into two scared and visibly confused teens ignited outrage. The fury was not just ontech, but out in the real world, with peaceful protests, student sit-ins, and picketing boiling out into violent skirmishes with community security forces in the days and even weeks that followed.”

– former employee of Governor Giannoulias’ office, 2022 KNN interview

“Yes, we are launching an investigation into the conduct of those officers.”

– Sharon Fairley, state Attorney General (D-IL), 2/20/2019 press meeting

…With the US’s Corporate Tax Rate currently set to 20%, the Republican-led Senate has just, effectively, ‘killed’ a bill passed in the Democratic-led House to raise said tax rate to 25%...”

– CBS Evening News, 2/21/2019 broadcast

EXPERTS WARN SOCIAL SECURITY WILL RUN OUT OF MONEY IN THE YEAR 2070: “We Can Fix It Now, Or 50 Years From Now, When It’ll Be Catastrophically Worse.”

…“President Grammer has got to be bolder on this front, and begin the process of gradually weaning Americans off of this luxury before it is insolvent,” suggests billionaire businessman and entrepreneur Harold Hamm…

The Wall Street Journal, 2/22/2019


…David Fincher secured another Oscar, this time for directing the psychological romantic thriller “The Matterhorn Murders” starring Eleanor Bron and Tom Frost. Tom Kenny won an Oscar for his supporting role in that same film, marking his first nomination for an Oscar win in nearly 20 years and his first win overall. Tom Kenny rose to fame in the early 1990s after portraying Buddy Holly in an Emmy Award-winning miniseries in the spring of 1990…

The Los Angeles Times, 2/24/2019

MOTHER-POST: Which John Candy film is the best?

Growing up, my favorite movies were ones with John Candy, even ones where he has just a small role like Home Alone. While his filmography is not without a few duds (Delirious, anyone?), pretty much all of his films were either hilarious, touching or both. Uncle Buck has got to be the best example of this, but I think his funniest is The Great Outdoors, where he starred alongside the gone-too-soon legend Dan Aykroyd. It’s close, but I think Uncle Buck’s his best film. Any thoughts?


I liked his performance in Uncle Buck Returns (2014), the often-overlooked sequel to the classic ’80s original, with all of the original cast. Wasn’t it one of his last films?

>REPLY 1 to REPLY 1:

It was, and you can really tell that he was on the decline. He was very mellow, kind of toned down, and it think that was because his weight kept fluctuating I don’t think the character was supposed to be like that. His health was slowly going out the door.

>REPLY 1 to REPLY 1 to REPLY 1:

It’s even worse in that movie he made right after his third heart attack. It was only a supporting role, but he looked like a wreck in that one. It’s very sad.


My favorite one is Bartholemew vs. Neff, 1993. Sylvester Stallone (Jack Neff) and John Candy (S. Stuyvesant Bartholomew IV) as rival neighbors in a star-studded action-dramedy. [6] Awesome movie, good stuff!


I have to say Uncle Buck


The Great Outdoors, definitely – it’s got so many great scenes!


Only The Lonely – his first real “serious” role; he should have won an award for it!

>REPLY 1 to REPLY 5:

Nah, he shoulda won an Oscar for Planes, Trains and Automobiles. He gave such an emotional and stellar performance in that one!


I agree, Uncle Buck was his best role. I’ve got a soft spot for it. But I’ve also got a soft spot for Who’s Harry Crumb? Part Two (1998). It was better than the first and it’s a good movie to put on from time to time, like most of his movies, but Splash is also my Number 1 favorite. But that’s just a personal preference.


Great Outdoors is the best John Candy film and I will fight whoever wants to fight me on this


Pocahontas, where he voiced Tom the Turkey :p


Iacocca, that dramatic psikological thriller from 2011. Weird movie, but his role as CIA Director Studeman was pretty good.

>REPLY 1 to REPLY 9:

I like Candy because he was able to make people laugh. I respect him because he was able to laugh at himself. His honestly and warm charm won people over. I’ve never met someone who hated him. He usually stuck to comedy while others like Belushi and Farley worked tirelessly to be taken seriously, taking all these serious roles, but ironically, Candy was taken seriously without needing to be in any dramas. The fact that he was in a few dramatic roles just shows how talented the man was, and the fact that he didn’t make it the main focus of his career just shows how humble he was about those talents.

>REPLY 10:

It’s only been five months, but I’m still glad to see that so many people remember him. He made so many smile. RIP, JC 1950-2018

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JC’s with JC now, laughing it up with Aykroyd and Radner. Peace, y’all.

–, a public pop-culture news-sharing and chat-forum-hosting netsite, 2/25/2019

…The White House was elated by the Treasury Department’s February 28 confirmation that, for the first time in 21 years, the US had a national surplus ($32billion, versus a federal budget of $4.9trillion) instead of an evenly balanced budget. Because the Balanced Budget Amendment’s wording is ambiguous as to what to do with budget surpluses, multiple groups began lobbying for federal funds almost immediately. Cabinet members that had previously dealt with small budgets in order to keep the feds in the red were calling in favors from previous times, quick to remind the President of times in 2013 and 2014, and even 2017 and 2018, when budget cutbacks needed.

Meanwhile, the President personally wanted to put the money into Social Security. Vice President Brown contrasted this idea with the suggestion, “How about we just give the money to the people? It’s their tax money, isn’t it? So let’s just Pull a New Jersey and start sending out little checks. Everyone gets a few hundred bucks, one-time-only deal.”…

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022


…former diplomat Romeo Dallaire (QC) won over initial favorite France Chretien Desmarais (QC), with Helen Joanne Leadbeater (ON), Peter Stoffer (NS), Niki Ashton (MB), Christy Clark (BC) and Pierre Ducasse (QC) all failing to gather much momentum after the first round of voting…

The Toronto Star, 3/3/2019

…By March, more market activities indicated economic woe for Russia. The nation’s consumers were spending less, which was hurting company cash flows. Talk of several large telecommunications companies in the NDRR laying off workers began to pick up.

In Moscow, President Nikolayev warned, “we should advise them to not do that. Laying off their workforce will contribute to the uptick in the unemployment rate and contribute even more so to the drop in consumer spending. Lower productivity is the problem, so tell them,” he ordered his labor advisors, “to raise production and temporarily drop prices on unnecessary items in order to incentivize people to spend money on them.”

“Why not drop the prices of basic commodities?” One of the advisors reportedly asked nervously.

The President eyed the speaker, and answered slyly, “People need basics, so they’re willing to pay for them. But they can go without extraneous frills.”

The rumors of impending major economic issues renewed Nikolayev’s interest in taking on the “strongman” persona that he believed his country had been lacking on the world stage for years. Contemplating his next move amid market concerns and opposition investigations into the actions of Russian military personnel in Eritrea, the President observed a troubling pattern in Russian history. “We were in shambles in the 1940s, but we got ourselves together and picked ourselves up in the 1950s and 1960s. And we were roaring, soaring, in the 1970s, only to collapse and be in shambles again the 1980s. But we got ourselves together and picked ourselves up again in the 1990s and 2000s, and now we were roaring and soaring in the 2010s…”

– Hanspeter Kriesi and Takis S. Pappas’ In The Shadow of The Great European Recession, ECPR Press, 2021


…The Dean of the University of Texas School of Law finally stepped down today to begin her retirement. Sarah Weddington, 74, had led the school for roughly 14 years. Prior to entering a career of academia, Weddington served as a progressive Democrat in the US House of Representatives from 1981 to 1985. After losing re-election in 1984, Weddington declined running for the Democratic nomination for Governor in 1986, then unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination for a US Senate seat in 1988. Weddington then worked as legal advisor on women’s rights for the US Justice Department under President Bellamy before joining the staff of the U of Texas School of Law in 1993…

–, 3/7/2019 [7]

NO GAS CARS FOR YOU! Governor Healey Signs Controversial Order Banning Gas Car Sales In Massachusetts By 2030

…oil companies are outraged at this new oppressive action, with former the former CEO of Chevron saying earlier today that “this kind of thing should be illegal. It violates the constitutional right to private enterprise to say you can’t sell something. Let the people decide if they want electric cars. Don’t make it their only option! The President’s Justice Department has address egregious action immediately.”…

The Wall Street Journal, 3/9/2019


…at a private fundraiser, the Vice President of the United States gave a speech in which he reiterated his opposition to the IRS and his proposal of abolishing it. During the speech, a hot mic caught him joke, “The difference between the IRS and a whore is that a whore will quit screwing you after you’re dead.” [H1] The comment has brought about a storm of disapproving comments ontech, mostly from people who believe the comment either is offensive to women, is offensive to sex workers, is inappropriate, is rhetoric unbecoming of the Vice President of the US, or all four. Supporters of Brown, however, are coming to the Vice President’s defense once more, and are again using the rebuttal “it’s just a joke”…

–, 3/10/2019

“As an American, I often choose to vigorously exercise my God-given right to free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment. Lots of people have got a problem with that, but it’s ironic because they’re exercise the same right to free speech that I have to tell me I shouldn’t exercise it. As a former stand-up comic and stag party master-of-ceremonies, I am certain of my God-given talent to make people laugh and therefore classify Harleyisms to be good, both good and positive, not to mention outrageous.

Because here’s the thing, people – telling jokes is a great ice-breaker, and the laughter you hear in the tape shows that I wasn’t alone in thinking that my jab at the IRS was funny. And that’s the thing I wanted to say – I was not insulting any ladies-of-the-evening or whatever they want to be called. I was not going after them, I was going after the IRS. Anyone with a sense of humor would understand that.”

– US Vice President Harley Davidson Brown (R-ID)’s 3/12/2019 “apology,” Washington DC press meeting [9]

…TON’s answer to the UK’s Pop Idol was American Idol, which reached peak popularity during the SARS pandemic of 2002-2004. This was due to the fact, similar to animation and voice acting, the show’s production format was not significantly impacted by safezoning measures. The same was true to Jeopardy and many other game shows where the judges stood opposite from contestants. …CBS’s NCIS, ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, and CBS’s survivor dominated the post-SARS TV scene, with ABC’s Grey Anatomy, and the USA Network’s Get A Clue finishing off the decade.

American television at the start of the 2010s saw TumbleweedTV’s Undercover Health Inspector top the charts, while NBC’s Louisville Medical siphoned viewers away from other medical dramas. The TV show Child’s Play was considered an “innovative” game-changer upon its premier in the mid-2010s, and joined CBS’s Blue Bloods in being dominating the programming scene in the late 2010s. Concurrently, NBC’s America’s Got Talent competed against America’s Funniest Home Videos, but failed to pull in enough viewers, resulting in its cancellation in March 2019…

–, 2021 e-article


…ahead of the NASCAR Cup Series in November, NASCAR and The Overmyer Network (TON) have agreed to an extended and expanded contract in order to sanction an agreement with all tracks…

–, 3/18/2019

Maria de Lourdes Hinojosa Ojeda
(b. 1961) is a Mexican-American news anchor and journalist. She has been the host and producer of the bilingual radio program Latino USA on NPR since 1992, and has headed TV programs on CBS, NPR, and KNN. Hinojosa’s coverage of the “recreadrug wars” in South America and Central America (and, later, Mexico), during the 1980s and 1990s propelled her career and made her a well-known figure in Mexico. The rise in fame from the coverage has led to her often being considered one of the most influential Hispanic women in media in both the US and Mexico since the late 1990s. After hosting her own news segment on Telemundo from 2008 to 2018, she was selected to be co-anchor of TON’s most-watched program, TON Nighttime News, in March 2018…

–, c. March 2019

…In Olympia, the capital of Washington state, Governor Novoselic was fuming over his own party’s difficulty in reaching an internal quorum during a recent fiscal crisis. His comments, the most critical of several choice words that he had shared about his own party yet, sparked rumors that he was considering running for re-election not on a Democratic ticket, but as a proposed “Libertarian Grange” nominee. Uncertainty over Novoselic’s political future was soon compounded by Kurt Cobain expressing interest in running for President in a March 2019 Tumbleweed Media interview, saying “If I did [run], it’d be on a mental wellness platform, and I’d maybe ask Krist if he wanted to be my running mate.”…

– Marianne Halperin’s Uncharted Waters: Dynamics and Destiny in The 2020 Election, Penguin publishing, 2021


…The Litton family’s spokesperson did not specify the former Vice President’s cause of death, only mentioning that it was “related” to recent hospital visits. Those visits had led to speculation that Litton was suffering either from a return of cancer, or from the long-term effects of SARS. Litton survived cancer in 1995 and again in 2008, and had tested positive for SARS in early 2003 but had seemingly recovered…

The Washington Post, 3/28/2019


[pic: ]


“Eritrea could learn something from the Yemens. South Yemen, which is farther north than North Yemen and should be called East Yemen, and North Yemen, which should be called West Yemen, given how they are on the map, are divided, but they are stronger because of it. Sure, the occasional war breaks out over where their borderlines should be, but once that’s finally settled the fighting should stop. But what I want to say is that the non-communist Yemen, North Yemen, got rudimentary free markets in the post-SARS era, so it’s a decentralized version of its former self, and it’s only benefited its government and its people. And their people are able to vote on which communists are elected to their congress, The Supreme People’s Council, thanks to an Election Board that almost always accepted the people’s choices. Almost always. But still, they’re better off than Eritrea’s dictatorship, which has neither basic free markets nor free elections! Meanwhile, North Yemen, the one near Djibouti, makes profit as a transportation hub for ships passing through the Red Sea. Eritrea’s dictatorship could also pick up on some of that trade cash cow if some explained the profitability of international commerce to their leader.”

– contributor Bill Kristol, KNN segment on the Russia-Eritrea Scandal, 3/30/2019 broadcast


The Motherland Times, Russian newspaper, 4/4/2019


…Cabinet and cabinet-level departments of the federal government received slices of the surplus pie after weeks of members of Grammer’s cabinet reportedly meeting repeatedly with the President. The remaining $15billion left of the $32billion surplus from late February will be allotted to the OASDI program, invested into Social Security to extent its “depletion date” feared by conservative analysts and pundits, including SBA Administrator Dave Ramsey (R-TN). The exact distribution will be laid out in the congressional budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year, which congress has scheduled to be released in June of this year...

The New York Times, 4/5/2019

…Republicans in congress locked horns with another country in April 2019 when US Senator Mae Beavers called for denying Iraq “Most Favored Nation” Status due to “their history of cultural, ethnic, and religious controversies.” Iraqi Prime Minister Hussain al-Shahristani called the proposal “hypocritical,” saying “every nation on Earth would be justified in doing the same to America on the exact same grounds!”

In international economic relations and international politics, most favored nation (MFN) is a status or level of treatment accorded by