Kentucky Fried Politics: A Colonel Sanders Timeline

I like the Bigfoot Party. Definitely one of the best names for a serious political party. Good to see Michelle Bachmann kicked out of the governor's mansion. Did Alex Kozinski get removed for sexual misconduct?

Good job on the chapter! I can't wait for the 2020 election. Since we’re only a few chapters away from the election I’m cheering for Charlotte Pritt as the Dem nomination and Harley Davidson Brown as the Republican nomination.

How long are you gonna take TTL gap80?
So I might be a little behind here...

Chapter 72: May 1995 – August 1995

I suspect Wenneker von Brunn will get picked up in the security sweep anyway.
Not a good look there Trump fleeing like that, will come back to haunt you I bet.
Quick catch of the sniper- nice work, if luck.
Bounce for Mayor Tom Bradley? Could having interesting butterflies.
Poor Dr. Krauthammer, but I can see his POV here.
RIP President Iacocca
Congrats President Dinger, hardly the way most want to get the top job.
Iacocca not buried in Arlington?
"Iacocca alternatively could have been rubbed out by MI6" - not impossible I guess, but they would not have grazed an ear...
NRA endorsing a Gun Control Bill? Ok
That Lincoln and Iacocca comparison is so typical.
If Iacocca's legacy is a debate, and action on mental health, that is not a bad legacy to leave.
If Iacocca's legacy is a debate, and action on thuggish hip-hop, that is not a bad legacy to leave.
General Kim Pyong-ryul's execution- wonder if N. Korea is about to explode?
Getting on with Japan is not a bad idea anyway.
Wenneker von Brunn arrested. Good call Evie.
Nice Olympic result for Canada there
I feel sorry for Kim Jong-nam here- poor chap just wants to make/like movies!
I can see Assad using this assassination to kick off something more insane in scope than just a limited war with Israel.
When Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Sudan and Palestine tell you you are on the wrong side, you are on the WRONG SIDE.
Return To The Planet Of The Apes sounds like fun - great cast there! Ignoring movie 2-4 is a bit of a risky move, but I guess soft reboot, or simply the bomb in 2 did not destroy the world after-all.
Bob Ross back on The Joy of Painting - well I hope he does well. Hope that VP slot comes up as well.
Good more people are talking about cancer - might lead to more cash and research.
Sorry Drake you will be going down.
Brainiac and Doomsday in the same Superman movie? Well that's going to be a busy film.
"Morgan Freeman as Martian Manhunter…" - now I want to see this flick!
Does not sounds like a fun summer in Michigan. Still if Chicago is suffering how are the neighbouring states and Canada coping?
1995 The Mutants movie - I can see that not looking particularly spectacular- probably lots of practical sfx compared to CGI so less 'super' overall. Wonder who the cast were?
Shame Chernomyrdin got in instead of Bukovsky.
Flooding in North Korea is probably not going to help the situation. Wonder if Kim is desperate enough to try something daft?
Too late for me to comment on VP pick methinks!

Chapter 73: August 1995 – November 1995

Meredith as VP? Would make for an interesting election ticket one thinks.
The Flintstones - ITTL me might have watched it or ignored it like the OTL me did.
Lynwood Drake is going to die in hospital I bet.
Kaplan is correct about not overdoing the incarceration rate- that way lies the prison-slavery complex OTL has.
Senator Nadar is of course probably right about Big Pharma
Hum.. want to do something about the recreadrugs Cartels? Legalise!
Edible fake N Korean money? Now that is v. darkly amusing.
Invention of the MLD means I guess we are all buying our movie collections again...
Yugoslavia, Greece and Turkey all working together to fix earthquake damage. Possible trade deal implications for the Balkans?
N. Korean dud? Not a surprise.
Hum... Dinger trying to change the Mars plan is a tick in the 'dislike' column.
Canada getting new political parties would be an interesting change.
Senator Glenn- democrat I presume?
Wenneker von Brunn - dead before release def.
20th Chicken Dinner Summit - good Legacy Colonel, good Legacy.
Albertan Party - DOA?
CRAVITS- glad JAWS still happened in some form.
Congrats VP Meredith!
Nice the Colonel's family are still invovled and invested in the Chicken Summits.
Honesty, what did the yakuza expect?
"legislation meant to discourage for-profit prisons and encourage for-profit sanitariums" - sounds sensible measures to me.
I see PM Lennon still does not like ties!
Good that Quantum Leap got a good run and a proper finale. Good show.
If the US will not let them in, then the other space agencies should team up and goto Mars themselves.
"I’ll never run for public office, not ever." Yes Mr Trump.
BLUTAGs have the right to marry- nice and early!
Don't know why anyone wants a Deadshot movie, hes a dull character, even played by Billy Zane.
Congratz PM Lennon on another term.
Presumably this is the broadcast rights for Count Duckula TKB have purchased?
Sonny Landham as Gov of Kentucky might be interesting. Other actors might get interested in running.
Kevin Smith as Apprentice to Spielberg? Wow.
Kim Jung-il - paranoid and bonkers then...
Bear’s Hot Dogs - seem like an interesting franchise, I suspect we will be hearing from them again.
That cast for The American President - wow - sounds like a very good movie indeed. Wonder if there is a Colonel Sanders cameo?
Congratz Congressman Cleo Fields - lets see how much you can advance your agenda.
Given the belligerence between Japan and USA recently I am somewhat surprised at the support for the change in the Japanese treaty, but given N. Korea is just next door I can see why this was a good idea.

I would have voted for John Glenn if I was not many months behind on this timeline!
Chapter 117: December 2018 – June 2019
Chapter 117: December 2018 – June 2019

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope.”

– Robert F. Kennedy Sr., June 1966 (OTL)

…The 2018 California wildfire season one of the most destructive wildfire seasons in California history, resulting in two waves of fires in August and November of 2018 that were each worse than the Santiago Canyon Fire of 1889. With over 20,000 structures damaged or destroyed in total, just under 1,000,000 acres, or almost 2% of the state’s roughly 100 million acres of land, were burned by the wildfires. …Combating the fires was an expensive and exhausting undertaking, with Cal Fire estimating that over $500million was spent on operations. A December 1, 2018 report on how the fires were successfully put out noted that quick and decisive action taken by the local, state and federal governments likely contributed to the fires’ low death toll of “roughly” 30 people…



The Daily Telegraph, UK newspaper, 2/12/2018


…Governor Maura Healey (D) today broke a 31-year tradition by not selecting Red Lobster to cater the upcoming gubernatorial inauguration festivities in Boston. [1] Every Governor of Massachusetts since 1979 (Dukakis, Murphy, Dukakis again, and now Healey) has had Red Lobster, founded in 1968, cater the event, even during the seafood restaurant’s period of decline (1995-2003) following the 1994 death of its founder.

Due to the tradition, Red Lobster’s parent company, Darden Restaurants (which also owns Olive Garden), which is a part of General Mills, did not put in a large bid for the catering job. This allowed representatives of SpongeBob’s Undersea Cuisine to swoop in with a slightly smaller bid at the last minute. The selection is already receiving from controversy from members of the Massachusetts senate, with Republican politician Gabel Gómez claiming that “only a company with Bostonian roots should have this privilege”…

The Boston Globe, 12/3/2018

JIM: Tasker.

TASKER, a type of Natural Audio Focus-Tracking Assistant (or Virtual Intelligence Personal Assistant (a “software agent”)): Yes, Jim?

JIM: Bring up the KB Toys site.

[chime sound]

JIM: Alright, let’s see here.

TASKER: Do you wish to add to your virtual shopping cart, Jim?

JIM: Yes, Tasker. For our son, put down um, uh…honey?!

MARTHA: What’s wrong now, Jim?

JIM: Nothin’s wrong. I just want to know if you remember the name of that new transformers toy.

MARTHA: Which one?

JIM: It’s the newest one, you know, the one from the movie posters. Blue, simple design, not too busy or cluttered.

MARTHA: Is it the one that turns into an electric sports car?

JIM: Yeah, an Opal Frosted. Man, they knew how to make cars back then.

MARTHA: “Back then”? It was 2001, Jim.

JIM: It’s been too long. Now do you remember the name or no?


JIM: Shoot. I don’t want to scroll. Hey, wait. Tasker?

TASKER: Yes, Jim?

JIM: List characters from the most recent Transformers movie. I know he shows up in the beginning somewhere.

[chime sound]

TASKER: James Cameron’s Transformers Two: The Rise of Megatron, premièred July 4, 2018. Characters In order of appearance: unnamed astronaut 1, Soundwave, unnamed astronaut 2, Al Pacino in a cameo, Arch Jumper, Mr. Jumper, Bumblebee, Prowl, Netsword –

JIM: Netsword! That’s the one! I was thinking netshield because of his hood-chest thing but it didn’t sound right. So put that down, and for Carolyn, add the green diamond Jenna Doll, it should be 20 bucks?

TASKER: Jenna Doll with green diamond dress expression edition $24.95, Jenna Doll with green diamond dress classic edition $19.95.

JIM: Express version. Why not? It’s Christmas, and it’s only five bucks more.

MARTHA: Don’t forget to add that Thunderhoof toy for Josephine.

JIM: The what?

MARTHA: I think it’s one of the more, I want to say, athletic member of the MLP cast.

JIM: What’s MLP.

TASKER: My Little Pony

JIM: That cartoon show from the 1990s? I thought that went off the air years ago.

MARTHA: They brought it back last year, dear. It’s much edgier than it was in the ’90s.

JIM: Huh. Well, I suppose it has its followers, like all shows.

MARTHA: That’s one way of putting it.

JIM: What?

MARTHA: Never mind, hun. Just add the toy to the cart.

JIM: Right. Uh, what’s it called?

MARTHA: Thunderhoof, I think. She keeps calling it an action figure though.

JIM: She takes after me, that’s why.

MARTHA: Get real, Jim. In high school, your Star Wars collection was only three figures.

JIM: Three mint-condition figures, Martha. And besides, you only had one action figure then. Compared to your lonely Leia figure, three is a lot.

MARTHA: Heh. Leia wasn’t the only “figure” I took care of back then. Remember?

JIM: Oh? Oh! Oh yeah, I remember. [chuckle] I remember a lot!

MARTHA: Good. So remember to add more Double-A batteries to the order.

JIM: Batteries?

MARTHA: For the toys.

JIM: Toys?!

MARTHA: The children’s Christmas toys, gutter-ball!

JIM: Oh, right! Right. Okay. And I’ll check the book section too, see if there’s anything there the kids might be interested in…

– transcript, Winger family security camera, 12/7/2018 (published with permission)


…Toy licensing is a perpetually-evolving business, especially in today’s increasingly tech-savvy world. The quickening pace of today’s markets means that mimicking the latest brand or flavor-of-the-month from major companies like Hasbro, Mattel and MGA Entertainment may prove to be a poor business model for toy companies. This is especially true when the time between sudden consumer demand and sudden consumer disinterest is shorter than a toy company’s production period. To combat this pressure, many toy companies rejecting many-company trends to pursue their own paths at their own pace, rather than attempt impossible-to-achieve product turnout rates. Many of these smaller companies are capitalizing on the nation’s health economy to invest in research and development to build their own Intellectual Properties (IP), revive old IP brands, or even create all-new brands from scratch…

–, 12/8/2018 e-article

“…In political news, the Attorney General of Wyoming, one of a handful of states to vote against the implementation Ranked Choice Voting for all future Presidential elections in last month’s National Initiative, and by the widest amount, has launched several legal court challenges to the initiative. The state’s attorney general department alleges that not only is the RCV implementation unconstitutional, but the National Initiative is as well. This litigation comes despite National Initiative supporters such as former Vice President Gravel spending the past several years pointing out that it is in fact constitutional for a national decisive to apply to all 52 states because we passed a constitutional amendment – the NIA – allowing for something like this to happen...”

– NBC News, 12/10/2018 broadcast

“This was the people’s choice, whether they like it or not. The Attorney General of Wyoming has every right to try and challenge it, but having the right to do something idiotic doesn’t make it any less idiotic.”

– Gov. Michael Gianaris (D-NY) to a reporter, 12/11/2018

Here we are Signature Tower in Nashville, Tennessee. The Signature Tower stands at exactly 1,000 feet tall, making it one of the tallest buildings in the US and the tallest in Tennessee, and as you can see…

[camera pans up from front entrance façade to the top of the building]

…it’s pretty fudgin’ tall. So now let’s check it out and see just how tall.

[cut to entering lobby, then an edited exchange at the directory desk, and then the elevator’s interior]


[hovers finger over light-screen display, camera pans over to window as elevator lifts up]

Whoa. Would you look at that view. That’s nice, isn’t it? Man.

[cut to elevator door opening, then cut to walking down the hallway]

And here we are on the 68th floor, the top floor. We went right by the office space and roughly 600 condos that make up the building, because you need a security pass to visit those floors, so we’re instead heading straight to the observation posts.

[cut to several panoramic views of Nashville]

So this building was developed by a one Tony Giarratana in 2004 as part of a local jobs initiative to help bring businesses back to the area after lots of companies either left or moved out of the area during the SARS shutdowns. Yeah, so it was part of the post-SARS ‘boom’ thing that happened back then, because, at least in the South, places like Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, they were hit hard by the pandemic of 2002, 2003. Um, and the building was, uh, built by Giarratana Development, L.L.C. – I hope I’m pronouncing that right, L.L.C. – in 2008, and it finally opened in 2012.

[cut to more panoramic views]

Man, it’s really, really something, isn’t it? Man.

– partial transcript of video “Let’s Check It Out: The Tallest Building In The American South,”, uploaded 12/12/2018

WSJ INDEX UPDATE 2018: Sweden, Japan Lead World In Innovation; Russia, China Exit Top 10, Australia Edges Back into Top 10

The WSJ Index of Innovative Countries analyses two dozen criteria with equally weighted metrics – including R&D, GDP, spending habits, fiscal policy, political stability, education, patents, labor relations, environmentalism, manufacturing abilities, and technological progress – to sort and rank the world’s nations by order of most and least “innovative.”

According to its most recent update, South America failed to stand out, with not a single nation from that continent reaching the Top 20. Meanwhile, [] has greatly improved from its [date] standing. Similarly, under Australia’s new leadership, The Land Down Under shot up from #15 in 2017 back to #10, knocking Israel out of the Top 10. Several Middle Eastern nations made up the “teens” and “twenties” parts of the list, while the highest-ranking African nations were Egypt (at #50), Cote D’Ivoire (at #44) and South Africa (at #27)…


1: Sweden
2: Japan
3: United Korea
4: United States
5: United Kingdom
6: Germany
7: Canada
8: Netherlands
9: Mexico
10: Australia
11: Israel
12: Singapore
13: Iceland
14: Oman
15: Ireland
16: Finland
17: Lebanon
18: Palestine
19: Denmark
20: Luxembourg

[show: 21-180]

–, 12/14/2018



[pic: ]
Above: Wellstone (left) and Crystal (right)

The Hollywood Reporter, 12/16/2018


…US Senator-elect Douglas Alastair Swanson (R-NV) is calling for his fellow anti-RCV Republicans to “brace” themselves for the changes that Ranked Choice Voting will have on the dynamics of future US Presidential elections… Swanson, b. 1959, served in the US Navy from 1977 to 1985 before entering business school. He operated a successful construction business, beginning in 1989, before serving as Governor of Nevada from 1995 to 2007, when he declined launching a US Presidential bid to instead join the boards of directors of two large construction companies…

The Washington Post, 12/19/2018


The highly-anticipated “Home Alone: The Reunion” reunites almost all of the original cast and crew of Home Alone (1990), Home Alone 2 (1992) and Home Alone (1993), including Brock Pierce as Kevin, Catherine O’Hara as Kate, and John Heard as Peter (to whom the film is dedicated, as he passed away soon after filming finished) and Daniel Stern as Marv, with Chris Columbus directing. Notably, Joe Pesci declined to come out of retirement to reprise the role.

The movie begins with Marv, now an old man, being released from prison for good behavior after the events of Home Alone 3. Going to a maglev station to head to Arizona, Marv accidently falls asleep on the wrong train and ends up back in Chicago, where Kevin spots him and comes to believe that Marv has returned to have his revenge. Meanwhile, Kate and Peter are organizing the family’s first Christmas together in years, but a multitude of family crises lead to Kevin being put in charge of the house while the rest of the adults head out to handle thing. With some help from his nieces, Kevin defends the old family homestead from real criminals just as Marv is arriving to try to make amends.

The result is a series of hilarious misevents with the kind of slapstick that made the first film such a classic. However, the film comes just short of recapturing the magic of the original trilogy, either purposely or intentionally, with some curious realism and self-awareness. For example, in one scene at a bar, where Marv is describing being electrocuted in the second film, the other bar patrons do not believe that Marv could have survived such events. In another scene, Kevin’s scenes don’t buy that a ten-year-old would have had the time to set up so many traps in just one evening.

On the other hand, the cinematography comes very close to recreating the “warmth” of early 1990s cameras. Scenes are wonderfully presented in a manner reflective of the feelings of the holiday season. Even background details are charming, such as the film-with-a-film “Angels With Filthy Souls” being shown to be going through a reboot via ads in the backgrounds of some scenes.

After the original trilogy concluded, the Home Alone franchise devolved into an anthology series following home invasion stories not otherwise connected to one another. The best of these non-Kevin installments is “Angels With Filthy Souls Part Four” (1998), presented as a sequel to three films that don’t actually exist. The rest, though, were less iconic: Home Alone 4 (1995) was set in Seattle, Home Alone 5 (1999) was set in Beverly Hills, Home Alone 6 (2001) took place in 1879 Chicago, and Home Alone: Lockdown (2009) occurs in Boston during the SARS quarantine period.

Thankfully, Home Alone: The Reunion focuses less on the tired premise and rehashed plot and more on the characters that millions of Americans enjoy watching every winter. With this fateful decision, the film manages to satisfy the nostalgic and entertain those unfamiliar with the McCallisters.

Plus, it’s violent, but not too violent. Just the right amount for today’s audiences and filmed in the humorous manner that only Chris Columbus can pull off.

Ultimate Rating: 4.5 stars out 5

Tumbleweed Magazine, movie review section, 12/23/2018


The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, also known as the Elm Street franchise, consists of several horror/slasher films, novels and comic books. The franchise began with the 1984 film A Nightmare on Elm Street, created by Wes Craven. The franchise revolves around a fictional child killer named Freddy Krueger, who, after being burned alive by his victims’ vengeful parents, returns from the grave to terrorize and kill teenagers in their dreams. New Lina Cinema capitalized on the first film’s success, and has credited the franchise for the company’s expansion in size and success during the 1980s.




A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – Freddy haunts, tortures and kills the teenagers of Springwood, Ohio to exact vengeance on the town where the parents of his victims murdered him.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985) – Freddy attacks the Walsh children for their parent’s role in his death.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Survivors (1987) – Freddy gains the ability to possess bodies after they fall asleep, leading to exorcisms.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dreamcatcher (1988) – The most surreal of the films, Freddy’s would-be victims enter the dreamworld for most of the film to try and trap Freddy there.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Demons (1989) – Freddy’s remains are destroyed in an effort to sever his connections to the physical world, only for it to free him from being only able to haunt the dreams of people somehow connected to Springwood; now able to invade the dreams of anyone, the protagonists investigate Freddy’s origins and end up confronting demonic hellspawns in their efforts to finally destroy Freddy.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 6: Land of Nightmares (1991) – Magic is heavily featured in first film of the franchise to not be directed by Wes Craven.

Elm Street: The Nightmare Child (1993) – Often considered the most disturbing of the Elm Street films, Krueger begins terrorizing the young children of the teenagers who survived the first film, who are reprised by the original cast.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Cosmic Dreamers (1996) – Often referred to as “Freddy In Space,” the teenagers learning to master their dream-travelling skills from previous films think they have trapped Freddy in a cosmic void. But as it turns out, they accidently sent him through a wormhole to the future. There, he invades the dreams of some of their descendants, who are cryogenically frozen onboard a “sleeper” ship heading out to a far-away colony.

Elm Street: Nightmare Realms (1999) – A sequel to Land of Nightmares that ignores the events of all the films after Land of Nightmares in an effort to reboot the franchise; characters travel into each other’s dreams in a convoluted plot.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy vs. Michael (2001) – A crossover with the Michael Myers character from the Halloween franchise, in which some of The Dreamworlders move in to the house where Michael previously lived, leading to Michael being pulled into the Dreamworld when he and Freddy strike at the same time.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy vs. Leatherface (2003) – Very similar to Freddy vs. Michael, Freddy does battle with the villains from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise in both the Dreamworld and in the real world via Freddy possessing people, including teenagers, law enforcement, and even Leatherface himself.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy vs. The Leprechaun (2005) – Often considered the worst of the Elm Street films, Freddy and the villain from the Leprechaun horror franchise fight for the souls of the Dreamworlders, using their wits, their sharp digits, and so many painful puns.

Tim Burton’s A Nightmare on Elm Street (2012) – An attempt to reboot the Elm Street franchise once again; the film received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Origins (2015) – A two-hour prequel to the original 1984 film that ignores all the films made after the original

A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Seventh Chapter (2020) – in preproduction as of December 2018


While the first three films were popular, the increasingly over-the-top and convoluted storylines of the next several sequels began to weight down the franchise. The seventh film, featuring gory scenes and images of eviscerated people under the age of 10, led to it being banned in many places. Backlash to the film resulted in the next several Freddy films being much lighter in tone and subject matter. This culminated in Freddy vs. The Leprechaun, a film that received so much backlash from fans that it led to New Cinema taking the franchise in a much more tonally darker direction.

–, c. January 2019


Washington, D.C. – US Rep. Larry Lee Householder (R-OH) was been elected to the position of Minority Leader in the U.S. House of Representatives. Householder, a libertarian-leaning politician with a moderate-to-conservative voting record in office since 2005, was seen as a “unifier” ahead of the vote. Householder won the race to succeed the retiring Speaker H. Dargan McMaster (R-SC) over just one challenger, the conservative populist Mike Pompeo (R-KS), in office since 2011. From the 204 Republicans in the House, Householder received 126 votes, while Pompeo received 77 votes, and another congressperson, the alleged LID (Liberal-In-Disguise) Dino Rossi (R-WA) voted for himself.

Pompeo made headlines in December 2016 for openly campaigning for a position in President Grammer’s cabinet. Pompeo reportedly tried to get a cabinet or cabinet-level position involved foreign affairs by “chumming it up” with Vice President Harley Davidson Brown (R-ID) during weekend luncheons and by attempting to meet often with other cabinet members. However, Grammer only offered him ambassadorships, allegedly due to Grammer viewing Pompeo’s congressional record and past comments as too hawkish for Grammar’s anti-interventionist policies. Pompeo declined the ambassadorship offers believing he would be “more helpful to the President” by stay in the House, Pompeo alleged in 2017…

The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio newspaper, 1/3/2019


…David Alan Stockman (R-MI) was a US Representative from 1977 to 1999, during which time he once served as Chair of the House Budget Committee (1993-1995) and as used President Denton, Kemp, Iacocca and Dinger on economic issues. After losing re-election in 1998, he served as the White House’s OMB Director from 1999 to 2001. ...President Grammer selected Stockman to become the US’s newest Labor Secretary roughly 14 months after US Labor Secretary Steven Craig Gunderson (R-WI) resigned from the post in 2017 in order to successfully run for a US Senate seat. The department had been led by the “acting” Undersecretary since then…

The Washington Post, 1/5/2019


…Only a handful of House Democrats are backing proposed GOP-conceived legislation to exempt slave descendants from income tax, with several Democratic leaders, including House Speaker Markey, expressing concerns that such legislation would lead to many perceiving the action as “racially-motivated favoritism.”

“It could do more harm than good by widening the divide already found between many communities,” says former Presidential candidate Gary Locke (D-WA). “So this proposal is essentially D.O.A.”

However, backers of the legislation believe that they can build up support for the legislation gradually. “We’ll probably have better luck in the upcoming presidential election cycle. Hopefully, many of the Democratic candidates will give this proposal a boost by endorsing it or, even better, running on it,” says US Rep. Troy Carter (D-LA)…

The New York Times, 1/7/2019 [2]

…2018 saw an unprecedented acceleration in national climate pledges and successes. According to a January 2019 UN report, 2018 saw United Korea become the second Asian country (the first being Japan in 2016) to set a goal of producing net zero emissions by 2050. More prominently, Brazil committed to net zero by 2050 as well, as did Argentina, Norway and Czechoslovakia. Globally, 2018 saw countries that collectively producing roughly 40% of global carbon emissions had net-zero targets that were considered to be, at the very least, “somewhat credible” by most major international anti-GCD groups…

– Manjit S. Kang’s Combating Global Climate Disruption: An Agricultural Perspective, CRC Press, 2021

…Uncertainty over How R.C.V. would actually work come November 2020 continued to rise in early 2019. The Herring Network and rural radio programs flamed the fires of trepidation and suspicion, with the network inching very close to violating the FCC Fairness Doctrine and former US Senator Bo Gritz (R-ID) promoting on his radio show the claim that RCV would be used by the Democratic Party to “manipulate” and steal the 2020 election.

But outside the realm of reactionary extremism, there were some legitimate issues with the system Americans had voted to adopt.

Firstly, the referendum did not specify if there were limits on how many candidates could be ranked. For example, in New York City, primary and special-election voters have the choice to rank up to five candidates, but no more than five, even if more than five candidates are on the ballot. This meant that a state legislature could limit the number of candidates that voters could rank on that state’s Presidential ballot to no more than just two candidates. The likelihood of some states doing just this was matched by the foreboding specifics of historic precedence. In the 2017 race for Mayor of Minneapolis, for instance, 31 candidates ran, but voters could rank only their three favorites. Critics observed how this was a major flaw in the city’s ranked-choice system, as many ballots were exhausted before the final round, resulting in the ultimate victor doing so with a majority of the final round of votes but a plurality of all votes cast.

This was the second major issue, that RCV elections has the ability to produce “plurality winners” just like the Electoral College did in 2008 and 2012. Let’s say 10% of ballots are exhausted by the time of the final vote tally between the top two vote-getters. That means that if 100 originally cast a vote, the final round includes 90 of those ballots. The winner can have a majority of the remaining ballots with just 46 votes, thus winning the election, while still falling short of the 51-vote majority based on the total votes cast. A large number of candidates can lead to more ballot exhaustion.

Proponents argue that ranked-choice winners still receive a majority more often than not, and that the average percentage of ballots exhausted is comparable to the percentage of voters who would not show up for a runoff election scheduled after the initial election.
Furthermore, under first-past-the-post systems previously established in places like New York City, one could win a special election with a very low share of the vote, if there were many candidates. In primaries, the first-place finisher could win with just 40% of the vote. As Tumbleweed Media previously reported, “according to an analysis done by Common Cause, just 35% of multi-candidate primaries in the city’s last three pre-RCV election cycles were won by a candidate that had won a majority of the vote. Furthermore, in that same time period, about roughly 30% of multi-candidate primaries for City Council were won with less than 50% of the vote.” Nevertheless, anti-RCV sources repeatedly pointed to exhausted ballots in the weeks and months following the nation’s first NI.

Thirdly, under RCV, a candidate can achieve a majority before there are only two left, but counting still continues. This person has already technically already won, but completing the rounds of vote counting ensures that the most number of people will have their votes count in the final round. Critics of RCV alleged that this “extraneous” process takes up too much time, delaying the election’s results by hours, if not days on some occasions, and thus having the potential to “severely disrupt and negatively impact the stock market and America’s foreign relations by shrouding the election winner in hours of uncertainty.”

And fourthly, THN and other sites repeatedly wondered if undecided voters would rank their candidates – randomly, in the order they appear on the ballot, et cetera. To answer this, supporters of RCV turned to citywide elections of the past, and suggested that undecided voters would lean to the former, rather than the latter, but anti-RCV talking heads continued to assert that there was an apparent lack of research on this point…

– Pat Sheffield and Rachel Joy Scott-Ireland’s Voices And Votes: The History of the National Initiative Amendment, Tumbleweed Publications, 2021 [3]


…the 67-year-old former Circuit Judge announced that she wanted to “enjoy [her] retirement” after nearly 13 years of overseeing arbitration cases on The Herring Network…

The Hollywood Reporter, 1/19/2019

...Courtroom TV began in the late 1940s with fictional drama shows based on real-life cases. The rise of Reality TV programs in the 1980s eclipsing with the real-world drama of the Lukens Hush Money Scandal of the late 1980s, though, led to the rise of arbitration-based reality court shows. These new programs differed from their predecessors by using legitimate judges and lawyers and covering actual lawsuits, rather than using actors or recreations. These shows included The People’s Real Court (a spinoff of The People’s Court), Tough Justice, Throw the Book, and Court Justice, but the most popular of them all was Judge Judy, hosted by Judy Sheindlin (Assistant US Attorney General under US President Carol Bellamy, 1991-1993) upon its premier in 1994.

Pirro won the Republican nomination for Westchester County’s US Congressional seat in 2004, but lost in the general election by a margin of 14%; she began working in television soon after, appearing on TON and KNN as a “counterpoint” contributor. Believing Judge Judy had a “liberal bias,” Pirro began working with THS. In 2006, the conservative-leaning network began to broadcast “Judge Jeanine,” which was promoted as an “alternative” to Judge Judy, and hosted by Pirro…



…Efforts led by the Attorney General of Wyoming to take the pro-RCV results of last year’s National Initiative to court have taken a debilitating hit. The NIA’s results confirmed that a clear majority of voters approved of changing presidential elections so they are determined by a nationally-held Ranked Choice Voting election, also known as an Instant Runoff Voting election, with the Electoral College serving as a backup…

…Meanwhile, North Carolina’s majority-Republican state legislature continues to process a recount in response to far-right political action groups claiming that the state did not “legitimately” vote in favor of implementing Ranked-choice voting in last November’s National Initiative. This result is highly unlikely to overturn the state’s results or even find evidence of wrongdoing…

The Washington Post, 1/22/2019

Co-Anchor Julie BIDWELL: “Now, could someone, for instance, put down their preferred candidate in second place and leave the first place spot blank as, like, some kind of protest?”

Guest Panelist and former NRC Communications Director Matt GORMAN: “You can, but if your candidate doesn’t win enough votes in the first round, he could be eliminated in the first round, rendering your ballot moot.”

Co-Anchor Hans VON SPAKOVSKY: “Now that point right there is the tragic thing about this new system. They’re called exhausted ballots. It can actually be a major problem next year because if you don’t vote for a major candidate, then you’re not involved in the final round of voting.”

Contributor Karl ROVE: “Yes, which is probably why the elitists of the country supported this thing from the get-go. It suppresses all the minor parties, like the Liberty party, the Values party, even the Bigfooters! For the first time ever, people voting for President will only have two major choices, or no choice at all, in the final election night results. That’s not democracy! I’m telling you, Americans got scammed on this!”

– THN, 1/23/2019 broadcast

“…and in the world of entertainment, the noted gun smuggler known as ‘Tommy Gun Thompson’ is reportedly in talks with Paramount Pictures to negotiate and finalize a movie deal based on Thompson’s best-selling autobiography…”

– TumbleweedTV, 1/24/2019 broadcast

JOHN MAHONEY IS DEAD: “Frasier” Actor Was 78


[pic: ]

Above: Mahoney with Kelsey Grammer during the filming of “Frasier”

The Hollywood Reporter, 1/25/2019


Washington, D.C. – Yesterday evening, we learned the saddening news that veteran stage and screen actor John Mahoney passed away yesterday morning from the effects of throat cancer at the age of 78. The actor was most famous for his role as Frasier Crane's dad Martin on the popular sitcom “Frasier.” Mahoney played the role alongside Kelsey Grammer for eleven years, from 1993-2004, before Grammer launched his political career.

While those that worked with Mahoney were paying tribute to the star ontech yesterday, Grammer made no official comment. However, this is not surprising, given that the President is known for paying his respects for the recently-deceased in official press briefings instead of through ontech social media posts.

Following this precedence, the President made a short but poignant comment on Mahoney’s passing at today’s White House Press Briefing. Leaving the subject until the end of the meeting, President Grammer appeared somber as the topic arrived, confirmed a report that he had spoken with Mahoney “two days ago” and with a deep sigh, cast his eyes downward, and simply noted, “He was my father. I loved him.” [4] Grammer then briefly paused, possibly holding back tears, and then politely concluded the meeting. Mahoney and Grammer had a deep friendship that stayed strong even after Grammer moved into political office and Mahoney’s health declined, with Mahoney attending both of Grammer’s Presidential inaugurations and the two men visiting and vidcalling each other frequently, according to a 2018 report by…

–, 1/26/2019


(May 20, 1947 – January 27, 2019)

St. Louis, MO – With his family by his side, Joseph A. “Joe” Buttigieg of Chesterfield, age 71, passed away peacefully on Sunday, January 27, at Memorial Hospital after an undisclosed illness. Joseph was born in Hamrun, Malta to Maria Concetta Portelli and Joseph Buttigieg, the eldest of eight siblings. After earning a Bachelors and a Masters degrees from the University of Malta and a B.Phil in Oxford, UK, Joseph moved to the US to earn a doctorate at NYU in 1976, and became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1979. In 1976, he accepted a faculty position at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where he met Donna Campbell. They were married on September 14, 1979, and in 1980 moved to St. Louis. Joseph then served on the faculty of St. Louis University as a professor of English from 1980 until he retired in 2017.

Joseph was an accomplished writer, publishing numerous treatises on a plethora of topics. Along with articles, essays, and textbooks, Joseph also wrote nonfiction books on Italian thinkers and extensively annotated translations of Italian books.

All who knew Joe will remember him as a brilliant and energetic man with a passion for academia. His wife Donna, daughters Maria and Bella (b. 1980 and 1982, respectively) remember him as a loving father and husband fond of travel and loyal to friends and family…

– The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri newspaper, obituaries section, 1/28/2019 [5]

To: Mahmoud

From: Ledington

Update: Sales Team shows another good year of growth. Improvement most likely attributed to improving sanitation standards (upcoming report: investing in hiring one additional custodian for every outlet in 2017 has improved customer satisfaction 50% and sales 25%!)

More at tomorrow’s in-place meeting.

– KFC internal memo, KFC HQ in Florence, KY, 1/29/2019

RUSSIA-ERITREA SCANDAL: Nikolayev-Appointed Review Board Claims Nikolayev Is Not Guilty Of Any Wrongdoing

The Chicago Tribune, 2/1/2019

RUSSIA IN TURMOIL: Moscow Police Clash With Protestors Demanding A “Real” Probe Into The Russia-Ertirea Scandal

–, 2/2/2019 news e-alert

…By 2019, Europe’s economy was overall back on its feet from the results of the Great European Recession of 2013. Soon, western businesses turned their attention to the increasingly prominent palm oil production competition occurring between two longtime-dominant producers and palm oil plant industry giants – Indonesia and Gabon. The palm oil plant is native to Gabon and some surrounding areas, and favorable weather patterns, coupled with both nations enjoying a stable government during much of the 2000s and 2010s decades, led to palm oil production booming to its best years in decades. 2018 alone beat several production records for the two nations, according to a February 2019 report. This success led to Gabon and Indonesia received more worldwide attention, but it also led to a rise in tension between the two nations, as each sought to dominate the other in the industry…



[Selected Subdivision: Economy, Midscale, {Upscale}, Luxury]

1 > Hilton Inn < (open)

2 > Embassy < (open)

3 > Sheraton < (open)

4 < Howard Johnson’s > (close)


Fun Fact: This multi-industry Howard Johnson Company brand is also known for its chain of roughly 100 restaurants of the same name being found across the US, down from its apex of 1,000 restaurants in the 1970s. For continuing the chain’s existence, we may be able to thank restaurant entrepreneur John Y. Brown Jr. for investing in the restaurant chain when HJC entered dire financial straits after with the recession of 1978. Brown became further involved in HJC in 1984, after Brown lost a bid for public office. Brown’s work during this era allowed the restaurants to rebound, leading to them still being around today.

Most comparative prices: Diodendro (the arguably classier alternative to Double Tree) and the midscale-class Oasis Inns. See locations here.

5 > Best Western < (open)

6 > Four Seasons < (open)

7 > Aloft Hotels < (open)

8 > La Quinta < (open)

9 > Quality < (open)

10 > Destination < (open)

–, c. February 2019

…Australia has officially become the sixth country in the world to completely legalize the sale and use of all forms of cannabis …The other nations with such laws are Uruguay, Hungary, Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. …In the United States, the sale and use of recreational and medical cannabis is legal in nearly half of their states, but was decriminalized at the federal level in 2006…

– BBC World News, 10/2/2019 broadcast

…We can now confirm reports that two African-American teenagers were shot and killed by Chicago police earlier today in what is being described by eyewitnesses as ‘a non-criminal incident,’…

– KNN Breaking News, 2/11/2019 broadcast

POLICE CHIEF: Cops Who Shot Teens Will Be Investigated, But Adds “They Were In a Tough Spot”

The Chicago Tribune, 2/12/2019

America in 1776: Die, Brit!
America in The 1800s: Die, Indian!
America in The 1900s: Die, druggie!
America Now: Die, robot!
Always America All The Time: die, Black!

– divisive lafpic that went fervid in late February 2019; first posted ontech 2/13/2019

“After days of protests over Chicago PD refusing to release the bodycam footage until the completion of ‘proper procedure,’ as they put it, Governor Giannoulias convinced them to change the policy and release the two videos, one from each cop. It was an attempt to show the Governor’s upholding of the ideals of transparency and accountability in government. But it resulted in renewed calls for police precinct reform. So soon after the videos were released on the 16th, those chaotic images of two jumpy fair-skinned officers firing into two scared and visibly confused teens ignited outrage. The fury was not just ontech, but out in the real world, with peaceful protests, student sit-ins, and picketing boiling out into violent skirmishes with community security forces in the days and even weeks that followed.”

– former employee of Governor Giannoulias’ office, 2022 KNN interview

“Yes, we are launching an investigation into the conduct of those officers.”

– Sharon Fairley, state Attorney General (D-IL), 2/20/2019 press meeting

…With the US’s Corporate Tax Rate currently set to 20%, the Republican-led Senate has just, effectively, ‘killed’ a bill passed in the Democratic-led House to raise said tax rate to 25%...”

– CBS Evening News, 2/21/2019 broadcast

EXPERTS WARN SOCIAL SECURITY WILL RUN OUT OF MONEY IN THE YEAR 2070: “We Can Fix It Now, Or 50 Years From Now, When It’ll Be Catastrophically Worse.”

…“President Grammer has got to be bolder on this front, and begin the process of gradually weaning Americans off of this luxury before it is insolvent,” suggests billionaire businessman and entrepreneur Harold Hamm…

The Wall Street Journal, 2/22/2019


…David Fincher secured another Oscar, this time for directing the psychological romantic thriller “The Matterhorn Murders” starring Eleanor Bron and Tom Frost. Tom Kenny won an Oscar for his supporting role in that same film, marking his first nomination for an Oscar win in nearly 20 years and his first win overall. Tom Kenny rose to fame in the early 1990s after portraying Buddy Holly in an Emmy Award-winning miniseries in the spring of 1990…

The Los Angeles Times, 2/24/2019

MOTHER-POST: Which John Candy film is the best?

Growing up, my favorite movies were ones with John Candy, even ones where he has just a small role like Home Alone. While his filmography is not without a few duds (Delirious, anyone?), pretty much all of his films were either hilarious, touching or both. Uncle Buck has got to be the best example of this, but I think his funniest is The Great Outdoors, where he starred alongside the gone-too-soon legend Dan Aykroyd. It’s close, but I think Uncle Buck’s his best film. Any thoughts?


I liked his performance in Uncle Buck Returns (2014), the often-overlooked sequel to the classic ’80s original, with all of the original cast. Wasn’t it one of his last films?

>REPLY 1 to REPLY 1:

It was, and you can really tell that he was on the decline. He was very mellow, kind of toned down, and it think that was because his weight kept fluctuating I don’t think the character was supposed to be like that. His health was slowly going out the door.

>REPLY 1 to REPLY 1 to REPLY 1:

It’s even worse in that movie he made right after his third heart attack. It was only a supporting role, but he looked like a wreck in that one. It’s very sad.


My favorite one is Bartholemew vs. Neff, 1993. Sylvester Stallone (Jack Neff) and John Candy (S. Stuyvesant Bartholomew IV) as rival neighbors in a star-studded action-dramedy. [6] Awesome movie, good stuff!


I have to say Uncle Buck


The Great Outdoors, definitely – it’s got so many great scenes!


Only The Lonely – his first real “serious” role; he should have won an award for it!

>REPLY 1 to REPLY 5:

Nah, he shoulda won an Oscar for Planes, Trains and Automobiles. He gave such an emotional and stellar performance in that one!


I agree, Uncle Buck was his best role. I’ve got a soft spot for it. But I’ve also got a soft spot for Who’s Harry Crumb? Part Two (1998). It was better than the first and it’s a good movie to put on from time to time, like most of his movies, but Splash is also my Number 1 favorite. But that’s just a personal preference.


Great Outdoors is the best John Candy film and I will fight whoever wants to fight me on this


Pocahontas, where he voiced Tom the Turkey :p


Iacocca, that dramatic psikological thriller from 2011. Weird movie, but his role as CIA Director Studeman was pretty good.

>REPLY 1 to REPLY 9:

I like Candy because he was able to make people laugh. I respect him because he was able to laugh at himself. His honestly and warm charm won people over. I’ve never met someone who hated him. He usually stuck to comedy while others like Belushi and Farley worked tirelessly to be taken seriously, taking all these serious roles, but ironically, Candy was taken seriously without needing to be in any dramas. The fact that he was in a few dramatic roles just shows how talented the man was, and the fact that he didn’t make it the main focus of his career just shows how humble he was about those talents.

>REPLY 10:

It’s only been five months, but I’m still glad to see that so many people remember him. He made so many smile. RIP, JC 1950-2018

>REPLY 1 to REPLY 10:

JC’s with JC now, laughing it up with Aykroyd and Radner. Peace, y’all.

–, a public pop-culture news-sharing and chat-forum-hosting netsite, 2/25/2019

…The White House was elated by the Treasury Department’s February 28 confirmation that, for the first time in 21 years, the US had a national surplus ($32billion, versus a federal budget of $4.9trillion) instead of an evenly balanced budget. Because the Balanced Budget Amendment’s wording is ambiguous as to what to do with budget surpluses, multiple groups began lobbying for federal funds almost immediately. Cabinet members that had previously dealt with small budgets in order to keep the feds in the red were calling in favors from previous times, quick to remind the President of times in 2013 and 2014, and even 2017 and 2018, when budget cutbacks needed.

Meanwhile, the President personally wanted to put the money into Social Security. Vice President Brown contrasted this idea with the suggestion, “How about we just give the money to the people? It’s their tax money, isn’t it? So let’s just Pull a New Jersey and start sending out little checks. Everyone gets a few hundred bucks, one-time-only deal.”…

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022


…former diplomat Romeo Dallaire (QC) won over initial favorite France Chretien Desmarais (QC), with Helen Joanne Leadbeater (ON), Peter Stoffer (NS), Niki Ashton (MB), Christy Clark (BC) and Pierre Ducasse (QC) all failing to gather much momentum after the first round of voting…

The Toronto Star, 3/3/2019

…By March, more market activities indicated economic woe for Russia. The nation’s consumers were spending less, which was hurting company cash flows. Talk of several large telecommunications companies in the NDRR laying off workers began to pick up.

In Moscow, President Nikolayev warned, “we should advise them to not do that. Laying off their workforce will contribute to the uptick in the unemployment rate and contribute even more so to the drop in consumer spending. Lower productivity is the problem, so tell them,” he ordered his labor advisors, “to raise production and temporarily drop prices on unnecessary items in order to incentivize people to spend money on them.”

“Why not drop the prices of basic commodities?” One of the advisors reportedly asked nervously.

The President eyed the speaker, and answered slyly, “People need basics, so they’re willing to pay for them. But they can go without extraneous frills.”

The rumors of impending major economic issues renewed Nikolayev’s interest in taking on the “strongman” persona that he believed his country had been lacking on the world stage for years. Contemplating his next move amid market concerns and opposition investigations into the actions of Russian military personnel in Eritrea, the President observed a troubling pattern in Russian history. “We were in shambles in the 1940s, but we got ourselves together and picked ourselves up in the 1950s and 1960s. And we were roaring, soaring, in the 1970s, only to collapse and be in shambles again the 1980s. But we got ourselves together and picked ourselves up again in the 1990s and 2000s, and now we were roaring and soaring in the 2010s…”

– Hanspeter Kriesi and Takis S. Pappas’ In The Shadow of The Great European Recession, ECPR Press, 2021


…The Dean of the University of Texas School of Law finally stepped down today to begin her retirement. Sarah Weddington, 74, had led the school for roughly 14 years. Prior to entering a career of academia, Weddington served as a progressive Democrat in the US House of Representatives from 1981 to 1985. After losing re-election in 1984, Weddington declined running for the Democratic nomination for Governor in 1986, then unsuccessfully sought the Democratic nomination for a US Senate seat in 1988. Weddington then worked as legal advisor on women’s rights for the US Justice Department under President Bellamy before joining the staff of the U of Texas School of Law in 1993…

–, 3/7/2019 [7]

NO GAS CARS FOR YOU! Governor Healey Signs Controversial Order Banning Gas Car Sales In Massachusetts By 2030

…oil companies are outraged at this new oppressive action, with former the former CEO of Chevron saying earlier today that “this kind of thing should be illegal. It violates the constitutional right to private enterprise to say you can’t sell something. Let the people decide if they want electric cars. Don’t make it their only option! The President’s Justice Department has address egregious action immediately.”…

The Wall Street Journal, 3/9/2019


…at a private fundraiser, the Vice President of the United States gave a speech in which he reiterated his opposition to the IRS and his proposal of abolishing it. During the speech, a hot mic caught him joke, “The difference between the IRS and a whore is that a whore will quit screwing you after you’re dead.” [H1] The comment has brought about a storm of disapproving comments ontech, mostly from people who believe the comment either is offensive to women, is offensive to sex workers, is inappropriate, is rhetoric unbecoming of the Vice President of the US, or all four. Supporters of Brown, however, are coming to the Vice President’s defense once more, and are again using the rebuttal “it’s just a joke”…

–, 3/10/2019

“As an American, I often choose to vigorously exercise my God-given right to free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment. Lots of people have got a problem with that, but it’s ironic because they’re exercise the same right to free speech that I have to tell me I shouldn’t exercise it. As a former stand-up comic and stag party master-of-ceremonies, I am certain of my God-given talent to make people laugh and therefore classify Harleyisms to be good, both good and positive, not to mention outrageous.

Because here’s the thing, people – telling jokes is a great ice-breaker, and the laughter you hear in the tape shows that I wasn’t alone in thinking that my jab at the IRS was funny. And that’s the thing I wanted to say – I was not insulting any ladies-of-the-evening or whatever they want to be called. I was not going after them, I was going after the IRS. Anyone with a sense of humor would understand that.”

– US Vice President Harley Davidson Brown (R-ID)’s 3/12/2019 “apology,” Washington DC press meeting [9]

…TON’s answer to the UK’s Pop Idol was American Idol, which reached peak popularity during the SARS pandemic of 2002-2004. This was due to the fact, similar to animation and voice acting, the show’s production format was not significantly impacted by safezoning measures. The same was true to Jeopardy and many other game shows where the judges stood opposite from contestants. …CBS’s NCIS, ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, and CBS’s survivor dominated the post-SARS TV scene, with ABC’s Grey Anatomy, and the USA Network’s Get A Clue finishing off the decade.

American television at the start of the 2010s saw TumbleweedTV’s Undercover Health Inspector top the charts, while NBC’s Louisville Medical siphoned viewers away from other medical dramas. The TV show Child’s Play was considered an “innovative” game-changer upon its premier in the mid-2010s, and joined CBS’s Blue Bloods in being dominating the programming scene in the late 2010s. Concurrently, NBC’s America’s Got Talent competed against America’s Funniest Home Videos, but failed to pull in enough viewers, resulting in its cancellation in March 2019…

–, 2021 e-article


…ahead of the NASCAR Cup Series in November, NASCAR and The Overmyer Network (TON) have agreed to an extended and expanded contract in order to sanction an agreement with all tracks…

–, 3/18/2019

Maria de Lourdes Hinojosa Ojeda
(b. 1961) is a Mexican-American news anchor and journalist. She has been the host and producer of the bilingual radio program Latino USA on NPR since 1992, and has headed TV programs on CBS, NPR, and KNN. Hinojosa’s coverage of the “recreadrug wars” in South America and Central America (and, later, Mexico), during the 1980s and 1990s propelled her career and made her a well-known figure in Mexico. The rise in fame from the coverage has led to her often being considered one of the most influential Hispanic women in media in both the US and Mexico since the late 1990s. After hosting her own news segment on Telemundo from 2008 to 2018, she was selected to be co-anchor of TON’s most-watched program, TON Nighttime News, in March 2018…

–, c. March 2019

…In Olympia, the capital of Washington state, Governor Novoselic was fuming over his own party’s difficulty in reaching an internal quorum during a recent fiscal crisis. His comments, the most critical of several choice words that he had shared about his own party yet, sparked rumors that he was considering running for re-election not on a Democratic ticket, but as a proposed “Libertarian Grange” nominee. Uncertainty over Novoselic’s political future was soon compounded by Kurt Cobain expressing interest in running for President in a March 2019 Tumbleweed Media interview, saying “If I did [run], it’d be on a mental wellness platform, and I’d maybe ask Krist if he wanted to be my running mate.”…

– Marianne Halperin’s Uncharted Waters: Dynamics and Destiny in The 2020 Election, Penguin publishing, 2021


…The Litton family’s spokesperson did not specify the former Vice President’s cause of death, only mentioning that it was “related” to recent hospital visits. Those visits had led to speculation that Litton was suffering either from a return of cancer, or from the long-term effects of SARS. Litton survived cancer in 1995 and again in 2008, and had tested positive for SARS in early 2003 but had seemingly recovered…

The Washington Post, 3/28/2019


[pic: ]


“Eritrea could learn something from the Yemens. South Yemen, which is farther north than North Yemen and should be called East Yemen, and North Yemen, which should be called West Yemen, given how they are on the map, are divided, but they are stronger because of it. Sure, the occasional war breaks out over where their borderlines should be, but once that’s finally settled the fighting should stop. But what I want to say is that the non-communist Yemen, North Yemen, got rudimentary free markets in the post-SARS era, so it’s a decentralized version of its former self, and it’s only benefited its government and its people. And their people are able to vote on which communists are elected to their congress, The Supreme People’s Council, thanks to an Election Board that almost always accepted the people’s choices. Almost always. But still, they’re better off than Eritrea’s dictatorship, which has neither basic free markets nor free elections! Meanwhile, North Yemen, the one near Djibouti, makes profit as a transportation hub for ships passing through the Red Sea. Eritrea’s dictatorship could also pick up on some of that trade cash cow if some explained the profitability of international commerce to their leader.”

– contributor Bill Kristol, KNN segment on the Russia-Eritrea Scandal, 3/30/2019 broadcast


The Motherland Times, Russian newspaper, 4/4/2019


…Cabinet and cabinet-level departments of the federal government received slices of the surplus pie after weeks of members of Grammer’s cabinet reportedly meeting repeatedly with the President. The remaining $15billion left of the $32billion surplus from late February will be allotted to the OASDI program, invested into Social Security to extent its “depletion date” feared by conservative analysts and pundits, including SBA Administrator Dave Ramsey (R-TN). The exact distribution will be laid out in the congressional budget for the 2019-2020 fiscal year, which congress has scheduled to be released in June of this year...

The New York Times, 4/5/2019

…Republicans in congress locked horns with another country in April 2019 when US Senator Mae Beavers called for denying Iraq “Most Favored Nation” Status due to “their history of cultural, ethnic, and religious controversies.” Iraqi Prime Minister Hussain al-Shahristani called the proposal “hypocritical,” saying “every nation on Earth would be justified in doing the same to America on the exact same grounds!”

In international economic relations and international politics, most favored nation (MFN) is a status or level of treatment accorded by one state to another in international trade. The term means the country which is the recipient of this treatment must nominally receive equal trade advantages as the "most favored nation" by the country granting such treatment (trade advantages include low tariffs or high import quotas). In effect, a country that has been accorded MFN status may not be treated less advantageously than any other country with MFN status by the promising country. [10]

In order to avoid accusations of favoritism within the Middle East from sprouting up, Grammer vidcalled al-Shahristani and apologized for the Senator’s “unprofessional” remarks, even though Beavers herself never apologized for voicing her “isolationist” proposal…

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022


…Clyde Kusatsu (b. 1948, D-CA), former National VP of thru SAG-AFTRA L.A. Local from 2013 to 2018, is a former actor and trade union leader of Japanese descent who believes that Japan “can and will” play fairly if granted more tariff-free trade options…

The San Francisco Chronicle, 4/12/2019


…Democrats in the Senate managed to scrape away enough GOP votes to pass the bill, only for the President to buck Congress’ effort to turn it into national law. “The President’s veto will very likely not be overridden; we just don’t have enough votes for it,” explains US Senate Minority Whip William Tong (D-CT). “Grammer claims that the veto is to stand up for libertarianism, but it’s clear that he is actually just doing this to oppose and obstruct the actions and progress of the Democratic party, similarly to how former Speaker McMaster used to.”…

The Washington Post, 4/14/2019

Prosecutor-General Launches Probe Into Chief Justice Chaika’s Former Business Connections

…the announcement comes just two days after the Prosecutor-General released a copy of the report made by the justice department’s controversial review board earlier this year. The cop instead is controversial for omitting multiple paragraphs, which the Kremlin spokesperson stated was due to said passages containing “classified contents and other sensitive” information…

The Motherland Times, Russian newspaper, 4/17/2019


…with Tommy Gun Thompson working on a movie deal, it was inevitable that his beans would be spilled! It turns out that criminal-turned-collaborator T.G.T. is neither a Tommy nor a Thomspon; the notorious gun smuggler was born Matthew Bevan Cox on July 7, 1969 in Florida [11]. Thompson/Cox began his life of crime as a manipulator of documentation. FBI documents leaked ontech shows that he was suspected of committing bank fraud, ID theft, and passport fraud, and was about to be put under surveillance when he seemingly disappeared in 1992. Thompson/Cox did not describe his early life in his best-selling autobiography, instead describing how he entered the gun smuggling game in 1992 at age 23, because “my post-college income, working as an insurance agent, was low, and the job itself was boring.” Thompson/Cox claims that this led to him becoming a travel agent, and eventually made contact with the criminal underworld amid ongoing drug smuggling in Nicaragua, Colombia and Mexico during this time period... It is currently unknown how these revelations will impact film production going forward…

The Los Angeles Times, 4/19/2019


Premiered: April 20, 2019
Genre(s): sci-fi/fantasy/horror/hidden history/action

Directed by: Uwe Boll
Written by: Norman Morrill and Uwe Boll
Produced by: Dean Heyde and Uwe Boll

A. J. Clutterbuck as Richard Schirmacher
Gotz Otto as Capt. Alfred Ritscher
Raoul Bova as Ernst Hermann
Vincent Ricotta as Hans
Michael Cullen as Schultz
Peta Sergeant as Herzog

See Full List Here


Believing the “Hollow Earth” theory is real, Hitler sends out a team of explorers to search Antarctica for an opening to the subterranean world described in Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s “Vril.” Reaching Queen Maud Land in 1939, the team, led by Capt. Alfred Ritscher (loosely based on the real person), quickly lays a claim to “New Swabia” and begin survey flights of the surrounding areas.

That evening, Ritscher explains to his First Mate, Richard Schirmacher (also loosely based on the real person) that their mission is based on reports of children with green skin coming from a sunless land being documented in Woolpit, England and Banjos, Spain [12]. Through a flashback, he explains how he was part of a secret team of Nazis who visited the site of the latter sighting during the Spanish Civil War, and discovered a cave containing a map of tunnel networks indicating large openings at the Earth’s poles. From this, Hitler and other Nazis hypothesized that earthquakes are really the shockwaves of “excavation bombs” going off during the construction of such tunnels. Schirmacher is hesitant to agree with this theory.

The film jumps to 1942, where the two men and a team of others are now on an undocumented second voyage to New Swabia at the height of World War Two. On one unspecified day, one of the survey planes is lost and the team follow the trail made by its leaking fuel line. They follow it to a large tunnel in the group that the team spelunkers down and uncover a long dark tunnel. Continuing further downward into the tunnel, they team, led by its speleology experts, find the remains of the plane and pilot, but Ritscher, believing this is indeed the entrance to the Hollow Earth that they are looking for, forces the team, almost at gunpoint, to continue to travel into the tunnel.

After a montage showing the length and depth of the tunnel, and that it has taken the crew days to traverse it, the men are growing concerned of the passage becoming smaller and smaller. One of the team members, Ernst Hermann, panics and attempts a mutiny, leading to he and Schirmacher fighting over a shotgun that is accidently fired. Ricocheting off the rocks, the bullet causes the ground beneath them to give way, causing them to fall down a great distance before entering what seems to be a dead end. Furious, Ritscher angrily pushes on a rock that falls back, revealing light behind it. The team crawls through the narrow opening and enter a subterranean world with a small bright orb in its “sky,” which Ritscher dubs a “mini-sun.”

Exploring the vegetation, the men soon come across the fresh corpse of a human-like creature twice their size and wearing a militaristic uniform. Climbing a nearby ledge for a better view of what sounds like a battle raging on in the distance, they discover that this world is dominated by 12-foot-tall demon-like humanoid creatures of uncertain origin in the middle of a very destructive war, with steampunk-like aerial and land-based vessels firing upon one another and large mushroom-shaped explosions going off in the far distance.

Horrified by the thought that if the team, and their entrance into the hollow earth are discovered by these giants, they will break out and take over the surface world. With Hermann’s help, Schirmacher mutinies again Ritscher (who believes that the seemingly-emotionless “Man-Gods” and the Nazis will rule the surface “and the galaxy…together”), knocking him unconscious and returning to the tunnel with a large technologically-advanced device pulled from the corpse of the soldier giant. The film cuts to a larger section of the tunnel, where Schirmacher detonates one of the giant’s explosives in order to seal in the entrance. In doing so, the device is destroyed and the team is almost killed as the explosion is larger than they expected it to be.

Upon reaching the surface, Ritscher swears he will have Schirmacher hung for treason upon their return to Berlin. The subsequent skirmish causes a rockslide that buries the entrance to the tunnel. When the team finally arrives in Europe, they discover that it is 1945 and must seek asylum in Spain as the allies seek out remaining Nazis. They conclude that time must “run faster” the subterranean world, as they believed that they had only been gone for three months, not three years. Nevertheless, with the war lost, along with seemingly all evidence of the subterranean world being gone as well, Ritscher threatens to “somehow” have Schirmacher put on trial on fabricated allegations of sabotage, but the rest of the team comes to Schirmacher’s defense, and the captain finally relents, though not after a one-on-one shootout.

The film ends with Schirmacher attending Ritscher’s funeral in 1963. A sliver of the technologically-advanced device, the only piece not lost during the trip, is placed on his tombstone. The device fragment begins to glow like it had before just before the screen cuts to black and the end credits roll.


The film was heavily criticized for its historical, geographical, and scientific inaccuracies. The film also inaccurately portrayed major aspects of the Vril and Hollow Earth ideas. Critics panned the “nonsensical plot” and confusing ending, and criticized the poor acting and CRI effects. Critics and audiences complained about the film spending too much time in poorly-lit caves and tunnels, and not enough time exploring the land of the giants, with Richard Roeper remarking “this is not even interesting enough of a film to be one of those movies that is ‘dumb but in a good way’” and calling its plot “a poorly-researched hodgepodge of pseudo-scientific gobbledygook.” Audiences complained that the film was “a letdown even by Boll standards,” and criticized the character’s actions as “nonsensical,” especially “the protagonists just agreeing to travel back to Berlin with the captain they just mutinied against because they think they can win him over during the trip - a trip we don’t even get to see,” as one top-liked ontech reviewer put it. The film was considered a box office bomb, with the production studio reportedly losing “millions” on its release.

Trivia Facts:

Trivia Fact No. 1:

The film has developed a very small cult following among white supremacists, leading to the film being banned in Germany and even its director distancing himself from the project, calling the movie “the only mistake I’ve ever made.”


MICHAEL CHE (Weekend Update co-host): “US Treasury Secretary Gary Johnson today praised President Grammer’s vetoing of a bill to expand the Endangered Species Act, with a bizarre ramble on T.O.N. about the importance of keeping nature both alone and in line, and about how certain animals are simply destined to die. For more on this, here’s Secretary Gary Johnson!”

Richard ROXBURGH (guest star, portraying GARY JOHNSON): “Hey, [pant] great to [pant] be here.”

CHE: “Oh, you okay? You sound out of breath.”

ROXBURGH: “Well, I did [pant] run all the way [pant] here from D.C., Michael.”

CHE: “Right, because you’re a health nut.”

ROXBURGH: “No, because I refuse to take public transportation.” [during pause for laughter, takes gulp from a Beachrat Energy drink. “Yeah, that’s the stuff. Now don’t get me wrong, Michael, I do love to cycle and run. Why do you think I don’t have any eyebrows? I’m more aerodynamic without them! But the maglev trains of the eastern seaboard are a slippery slope. First it’s trains on only one rail, then it’ll be cyclists on only one bicycle. Then all cyclist will have to share. And sharing isn’t libertarian!”

CHE: “Well, then how about backing the expanding of the Endangered Species Act to protect the libertarianism of animals? Animals don’t pay taxes, thus animals are libertarian.”

ROXBURGH: “Because maximum government means minimum freedom, Michael. Regulations don’t make people responsible, it just takes people super-good at getting around red tape. We can’t let environmental oppression happen, because if it does, both humans and animals will suffer the consequences of excessive government intervention.”

CHE: “But Gary, species may die without proper protection.”

ROXBURGH: “No protection?”

CHE: “Nope, none.”

ROXBURGH: “Then here’s the answer – arm the animals. Strap knives to the wings of geese. Wire pistols to the antlers of deer. That should keep their homes and themselves protected from hunters and developers. And it'll be a boost to gun sellers, too! That’s what you call libertarianism! Whoo! I am so pumped up!”

MICHAEL CHE (Weekend Update co-host): “That guy’s been hanging out with Harley Brown for too long.”

– transcript segment, “Weekend Update” sketch, SNL, Saturday 4/27/2019


[pic: ]

– thumbnail for a video covering the 2017 Pinnacle-Sirena Collision and the then-ongoing legal proceedings stemming from it, uploaded to by The Technet Historian, 28/4/2019


The burger accompaniments known as fries has always been a welcomed addition to pretty much any meal, or even as the center of attention of one’s taste buds. However, their versatile use in dishes, diverse ways of being made, and wide array of complimentary condiments make for not all fries being equal. But, after analyzing the fries of the top ten fast food chains that sell them – from Arby’s to Zantigo – we can confidently present the following ranking list:

1 – McDonald’s – Sometimes, you just can’t beat the classics; this fast food giant’s Shoestring Fries have become the iconic go-to image of what any fry looks like; but decades-long brand recognition does not trick people into thinking these are delicious; it’s the real deal here.

2 – Arby’s – The chain’s glorious Curly Fries may be too fancy for some squares, with their heavenly internal fluff and coat of orangey spice; well, that’s just their loss and everyone else’s gain.

3 – Chick-fil-A – Their circular Waffle Fries pair up nicely with pretty much anything, and the ridged texture allow them to retain much of whatever you dunk them into, be it a dip, sauce, condiment or even smoothie.

4 – Zantigo – This taco chain’s classic and beloved Nacho Fries are known for being hard to resist; plowing through a biodegradable cup of these is a common side effect of eating here.

5 – Whataburger – Their Whatafries go great with the chain’s beefy burger, but the simple and savory sticks compliment any item on their menu.

6 – Culver’s – Crinkle Cuts are distinguishable from other fries with the unique seasoning blend infused into them, allowing them to taste great with the chain’s cheese curds, frozen custard, and other concoctions.

7 – KFC – Secret Recipe fries, offered alongside Secret Recipe Potato Wedges and the much older Classic Potato Wedges, were not part of Colonel Sanders’ original design for the menu but are a welcomed addition to it, even by “purist” KFC fans; introduced only a year ago, it turns out that applying The Colonel’s classic 11 Secret Herbs and Spices to fries is a brilliant idea – probably the company’s best ideas in years.

8 – White Castle – This chains Crinkle-Cuts, while similar to Culver’s fries, differ in regards to quality control; you can always rely on White Castle to serve up these servings of deep fried goodness, but them almost always serving up a least one underdone fry in each serving bumps them down on this list.

9 – Popeyes – One can’t go wrong with Cajun Fries, the somewhat-spicy pepper-flecked sheen of orangey culinary transcendence sold at this chain.

10 – Wendy’s – This “sister” of KFC sells perfectly pleasant “Thick Cut” Fries that harness the power of sea salt to offer delightful dining delicacies, but their reputation for fries with some flimsiness to them puts them at a disadvantage when compared to those on the rest of this list.

–, 4/29/2019

…Governor Flores today reversed former Governor Randy Quaid’s 2016 state law denying heating and air conditioning to confirmed sexual predators serving time in Nevada jails…

– KELY (1230 kHz) news/talk AM radio, Ely, Nevada, 4/30/2019 broadcast


…the longtime US Senator and 1988 Republican nominee for Vice President passed away from complications of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy…

The Washington Post, 5/1/2019

SURVEY: KFC Customer Base Is “Diverse,” “Bipartisan”


[pic: ]

…both Democrats and Republicans sink their teeth or dentures into the soft birds at KFC…

–, 5/4/2019

(released in the U.K. as DIMENSIONAL HUSKS)

Premiered: May 7, 2019
Genre(s): action/sci-fi/time-travel/philosophy/dramedy

Directed by: Lee Toland Krieger
Written by: Salvador Paskowitz and David X. Cohen
Produced by: Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall and Mark Canton

Cast: See Full List Here


Guy Vernon (Mandy Patinkin) is a scientist in an intense rivalry with fellow scientist Petros Andros (Lee Evans) at an unnamed university. Andros may be promoted after his latest work wins several accolades and awards. Enraged and fueled by their bitter rivalry, and after years of research and testing, Vernon unlocks the secret to time travel and immediately uses it to go back in time to split up his rival’s parents so that his rival is never born. However, when he travels back to the present, he has a new rival (Vivica A. Fox) who is of different gender, ethnicity, appearance and background, but has the exact same personality, morals and ideas as his rival in the original timeline. He tries to alter the timeline again by travelling back through time again and splitting up this new rival’s parents, only for another rival (Jim Gaffigan) to have taken Andros’ place in this third timeline. Similarly, but not fully focused on, his assistant (Maddie Blaustein) keeps trying to show him something important.

After several more trips back through time, Vernon speculates about the nature of fate and destiny, as each time he travels back into time he tries to make it so he doesn’t have a rival, only for Divine Intervention to always course-correct history, probably because his rivalry is what drove him to discover time travel in the first place. He speculates further that his rival exists in some form or another because “we are all destined to be born, in one body or another. Just because you remove the mortal husk doesn’t mean you remove the soul from coming into existence.” On another trip back into time, Vernon kills his rival at the age 20. But when he returns to the present, his rival is twenty years younger, which Vernon then speculates is because “the soul just inhabited a newer newly-formed husk.” The trip after this exhausts him, prompting him to retire for the day. Returning home, he discover that his friendly neighbor (Jane Lynch) now despises him, because in this new timeline, she has three children instead of two, with the new third child being Vernon’s rival.

Vernon returns to his office the next day, defeated, and determined to resign from the university in disgrace for tampering with time travel and predetermination. However, before he can do so, his assistant finally manages to reveal to him evidence she discovered proving that his rival had plagiarized his latest work, which is what his assistants across the timelines kept discovering and trying to show him the whole time (it was never explicitly shown if his assistant was a different person each time, due to their face being obscured or the camera not focusing on them until this point in the film). Vernon presents this evidence to the school, leading to his rival (the last version being portrayed by Steve Buschemi) being fired.


The film experienced a modest performance at the box office and received lukewarm-to-positive reviews from critics, with its witty writing often being singled out for its ability to successfully balance sci-fi elements with philosophical contemplation. It currently has a cult following that is “small, but growing.”


“…With bipartisan support and bipartisan opposition, congress has struck down a proposed bill to lower the National Minimum Drinking Age from 22 to 18. The drinking age, established in the 1980s under President Denton, has in recent years been scrutinized heavily by libertarian Republicans such as Senator Rand Paul of North Carolina, who have in the past proposed removing the national limit altogether and letting drinking ages be established at the state level. This latest bill to lower the NMDA, however, was introduced by Democrats who argued that its limit was 22 is no longer necessary, in light of the rise in semi-self-driving cars and historic drops in drunk-driving incidents due to a rise in public transportation use in many urban areas. However, the combination of progressive Democrats, libertarian Republicans, and pro-States Rights Republicans were unable to convince other lawmakers, especially many in the GOP who credit the NMDA for the slight drop in alcohol-related incidents on college campuses across the US over the past three decades..”

– CBS Evening News, 5/11/2019 broadcast


…Don McLean is the singer-songwriter best known for his 1971 hit single “American Pie,” an 8.5-minute folk rock song with abstract lyrics of unspecified meaning. Considered an iconic song of the era, the original manuscript for it, containing the lyrics and sheet music, was sold today at Christie’s New York for a whopping $2.1m. …Most believe McLean’s single concerns the loss of innocence of the early rock and roll generation at the turn of the 1960s decade, with the deaths of Buddy Holly, Richie Valence and The Big Bopper in a plane crash working almost as a prelude to the chaos and innocence lost in The Cuba War of the 1960s and the shoutnik movement that was born out of it. However, the song also touches on the music scene of the rest of the 1960s and on the Ms. Arkansas Scandal’s subsequent 1970 Arkwave. For example, the lyrics describing a Queen checkmating a King may refer to the Ms. Arkansas Scandal being described at the time as upending male dominance in American society, and the line refering to “dirt under the board” may be a reference to the social movement exposing acts of sexual pestering…

–, 5/15/2019


…the exclusive $3.5billion contract to help NASA return to the front of the space industry with the planned launch of a “Lunar Bot Hub” was finalized after NASA Director J. Preston Bezos and the private space company negotiated contract specifics for weeks, after Glenn Horizons won an intense bidding process...

–, 5/19/2019


…Poland’s President-elect Jaroslaw Leszek Walesa (b. 1976), a “pragmatic” politician of the Solidarity Party was sworn into office today. …On May 2, Walesa won the race to succeed the increasingly unpopular incumbent President Krystyna Bochenck of the Civility Party. Walesa’s final challenger was Jerzy Szmajdzinski (b. 1954) of the Democratic Left Alliance, after all other candidates failing to achieve more than 4% of the total national vote…

The Daily Telegraph, 5/23/2019


[pic: ]

– actor/writer/comedian/producer/filmmaker Bagel Pizzazz announcing the formation of Liberty Bell Studios, an independent film company, 5/25/2019 (Pizzazz was criticized for using an outdated 50-star flag at the announcement); Liberty Bell Studios, formed in response to the problems Pizzazz and others had with “the fakeness and greediness” of Hollywood, was established as a means of supporting independent actors and filmmakers, but would develop a distribution partnership with the larger Tumbleweed Media company in early 2021

JAPAN’S TAKUMA SATO WINS INDY 500; US’s Alex Rossi Comes In Second, France’s Simon Pagenaud In Third

The Indianapolis Star, 5/26/2019

THE FUTURE IS NOW: The First 3D-Printed Car Enters Production!

…the expensive European sports car will not exactly be dominating American highways systems any time soon, but the feat nevertheless demonstrates the limitless capabilities of this technology…

–, 5/28/2019

…In May 2019, after roughly five years at the helm, Director Bezos informed the President of his decision to leave NASA to take over as the head of Star Vapor, a space company co-founded by Martin Eberhard, a years-long ally of his. Bezos explained that this position would give him a greater ability to influence the private sector aspect of the future of space travel. Grammer was reluctant to see him. Bezos had helped restore the reputation of the Administration after the controversial McAfee years, and had successfully overseen numerous programs and projects. But ultimately, Grammer accepted Bezos’ decision, and anticipated Bezos’ resignation, which was not announced until roughly two months later, allowing ample time for the administration to search for a suitable and qualified replacement…

– researcher R. Cargill Hall’s Impact: The History of NASA, Dover Publications, 2018 edition

Merchant’s New Hit “Summer Conditions” Reaches No. 1 On The US Billboard Hot 100

…Natalie Merchant was a prominent member of the Riot Grrrl scene of the early-to-mid 1990s [13], composing and singing several hits in the alt-rock genre. Though active in music since 1981, she was best known for a string of hits released in the mid-to-late 1990s, and for being a major part of the American efforts to replicate the UK’s “The Scene That Compliments Itself” music scene. Later she branched out into pop rock, “bubble,” and even folk rock with songs like “These are the days,” bringing in new fans and followers...

–, 6/1/2019

“Never stop fighting for what you believe in. Take every avenue for change that there is. Support unions; confront and challenge or coordinate with legislators; march with the marginalized communities; donate to and volunteer for positive and pragmatic organizations; encouraging others to read literature that will open their minds, open their hearts and open their ears to your views.”

– Janie Fine, Harvard University commencement speech, 6/3/2019

Greg KELLY (Co-Host): “Just us now for the in-studio analysis we have Minister Mark Burns. Hello, Mark, how are you?”

Minister J. Mark BURNS (guest): “I’m already. I’m doing better than American values are doing in Maine, at least.”

KELLY: “Yes, what do you think of Maine Governor Dill’s efforts to have religious organizations pay taxes the same way that non-religious groups do?”

BURNS: “I think it’s a sad sign of what’s happening in places across the country and that this sort of thing could have been nipped in the bud years ago. I used to work with the late, great Billy McCormack, who ran for President in 1988, when it appeared that America had lost its moral compass. He was good friends with a man named Pat Robertson, who operated many Christian organizations and was a prominent member of McCormack’s presidential campaign’s inner circle. [14] And Robertson and I agree that this all began in the early 1990s, and that only by electing truly Christian people to public offices can we fight back against this anti-Christianity tide.”

– THN, 6/7/2019 broadcast

“I’ve been involved in efforts to restore the middle-class to its former glory for years now, and I’ve seen so many ideas and projects to make it happens during my work with labor unions across this great country of ours, especially in the Midwest and in the suburbs. Take malls, for example. Across the country, they are being repurposed into churches, office complexes, hotels, apartments, even ‘malltels’ – motels inside of functioning malls. They’re being turned into affordable housing units, indoor sports centers, edutainment centers, R&D testing centers, factories, warehouses, production facilities, art galleries, theater complexes. We can do that all here in Ohio. Or we could just demolish them. But guess what? The people have a say in the matter. They have a choice. They can control what gets done for their communities. They can do that by voicing their opinion. And in an election, your vote is your voice. So vote, vote, vote!”

– Andrew Yang (D-OH), speech excerpt, 6/10/2019 rally

15 June 2019: On this day in history, the US’s NASA launches the space probe Examiner to study solar wind in an effort to discover how such streams of charged particles work in space and how they may relate to space travel in the future; being massive in size (16m long, 5.3m wide, and almost exactly 15,000kg heavy), it is the largest non-manned object that NASA has ever launched into space.



[pic: ]

– US President Kelsey Grammer, temporarily returning to the clean-shaven look, smiles while looking upward to the probe Examiner being launched, Cape Canaveral, Florida, 6/15/2019

…as the 2020 election neared, the undeclared Democratic candidates for President were often quick to chime in on the issues of the day, from the legalization of all recreational drugs, to tighter FDA inspections for food production, to police precinct reform and Justice Departments investigating in-field police misconduct. The strength and pull of foreign policy bona fides took a back burner as these domestic issues garnered more news coverage during the summer of 2019...

– Marianne Halperin’s Uncharted Waters: Dynamics and Destiny in The 2020 Election, Penguin publishing, 2021

“When I got into politics, I was initially very frustrated by how everyone wanted me to go pussyfooting around, tiptoeing around like everybody was fragile, like nobody’s ever heard of colorful language before. But soon I realized that you can still be your honest self while still making yourself look good, you know, look professional. So I was careful not to swear in front of children and to not say, for example, Jewish jokes in front of Jewish people. And the same thing for other groups too. I figured that, well, people probably don’t say mean things about bikers to their faces because it ticks us off; that’s probably what I had been doing to a lot of people, tickin’ them off. Now I usually never mean to do that, but too often people take things the wrong way. My Harleyisms aren’t for everyone. But, more to the point, the things, I think the constant talk about my personality is distracting people from knowing what great things I have done for my state and for my country, for the great achievements that I have accomplished during my life, in Korea, in Boise, and in Washington. So when I make my presidential candidacy official in a short while, I want you to all to know that I am going to focus on the issues, and avoid efforts by the liberal media leaders to goad me into making off-the-cuff Harleyisms and gaffing things up.”

– Harley Davidson Brown (R-ID), private meeting with major Republican donors, 1 Observatory Circle, 6/21/2019

“…charges will be brought against the two police officers who shot and killed two 17-year-old high school students back in February…”

– CBS Evening News, 6/25/2019 broadcast

…After two years of finding the best location, hiring the best contractors, and performing additional duties (or, more often than not, handing them over to his assistants, Don broke ground on “the future site of the Trump Megatower.” Found in Fairfield, Connecticut, Don wanted to expand into an area between New York City and Boston, where high-end urban dwellers could escape to upscale apartments, hotel rooms, and offices with a lovely view of the shoreline. Furthermore, with The Trump Organization’s newest real estate project being planned to cap out at exactly 700 feet, Trump MEGA-Tower will be the tallest building in Connecticut, surpassing the state’s City Place I, which is only 537 feet tall. “This is just one of those things where Don knows he can’t run with the big dogs, so he’s setting this up so he can at least be a big fish in a small pond,” ranted Don’s ex-wife Sarah…

– Kate Bohner’s The Art of The Don: The Unofficial Biography of Donald Trump, Times Books, 2020 edition

President Grammer’s Approval Ratings:

Vice President Brown’s Approval Ratings:

– Gallup, 6/28/2019 poll

NIKOLAYEV SCANDAL BOMBSHELL LANDS WITH A BANG!: Eritrea’s Former National Security Advisor Alleges Nikolayev And Ephrem “Were In Full Control Of The Situation”

The New York Post, 6/30/2019

[1] I based this idea on the fact that Massachusetts’ Legal Sea Foods (a fish market founded 1950 and that expanded into a casual dining seafood restaurant in 1968) has been serving their clam chowder at every Presidential inauguration to represent Massachusetts since 1981 in OTL (and since 1977 ITTL)!
[2] based on the last chapter’s poll’s results.
[3] Italicized lines were pulled from here:
[4] Grammer’s OTL comment:
[5] Some phrases and partial parts of passages were politely pulled from his OTL obituary:
[6] Previously mentioned in Chapter 67.
[7] Weddington was previously mentioned in 1969 and 1984.
[8] OTL joke from the “Harleyisms” page of his 2014 website:
[9] Italicized parts are OTL quotes pulled from here:
[10] Entire italicized paragraph pulled from here:
[11] This guy:
[12] Both OTL claims: and
[13] Yeah, I definitely could have and should have mentioned her way back in the 1990s chapters.
[14] So, yeah, Pat’s less prominent here.

Also, @PNWKing:
“I suspect Lando Sanders is Steve Jobs, just based on the clue that he was adopted, as Steve was” – Steve was born in 1955; it’s been stated that Lando was born in 1959; two of Lando’s children are adopted, he himself was not.
Rebecca Sugar – would they still be born in 1987, 55 years after TTL’s POD?
Lily Singh – would they still be born in 1988, 56 years after TTL’s POD?
Rachel Scott – mentioned briefly in Chapter 115 (she’s the co-author of one of the “sources,” a book on the US’s NIA)
Rupert Murdoch – mentioned before in the 1990s chapters as having a feud with Robert Maxwell until the latter’s death several years later than in OTL; Murdoch’s influence is mostly confined to Australia, NZ, Canada and the UK, due to the US restoring the FCC Fairness Doctrine during the 2000s.
Lewis Black – politically-involved comedian/writer, similar to OTL; he was a third-party candidate for governor of Florida in November 2018 (he was on list of gubernatorial election results in the Chapter 116)
Carly Simon – pretty much the same as in OTL; were there any specific songs you were interesting in knowing about?
Adam Schlesinger – award-winning songwriter and record producer involved in the alt-rock, razor rock, reeflex rock and “bubble” scenes of the 1980s and 1990s; he’s not as prominent as he was then, but he’s still active and successful in the music scene behind the scenes.
Gene Shalit – still a film critic and book critic on NBC from 1970 to 2010, pretty much like in OTL
Siskel and Ebert – very similar to OTL, with Siskel getting a slightly earlier diagnosis of cancer and living lost enough to help Ebert through the early months of his own cancer problems upon being diagnosed in late 2001. Siskel passed away in mid-2002 but from the cancer, not from SARS as some initial reports claimed. Due to America having UHC ITTL, Ebert’s June 2006 happens a bit earlier and is done in a way that does not cause a carotid artery to burst, and so he does not lose his voice until 2011, from other complications, and he passes away in 2015, age 73, shortly after reviewing the third Trump-Wiseau film and giving it his last “two thumbs down.”

And @Ogrebear:
Iacocca wanted to be buried in his home state, similarly to how RFK wanted to be buried in Massachusetts IOTL.
NRA leadership never got taken over by radicals ITTL, and so they still focus much of their time on gun safety here.
According to my research, the neighboring states and Canada were not as severely impacted by the heat wave as Chicago was; it was bad, but for The Windy City it was worse.
The 1995 Mutant basically had a bunch of “unknowns” in the cast along with 1990s staples such as Edward Norton, Matt Frewer, Geena Davis, Ken Wahl, Angela Bassett, Robert Davi, and Harley Jane Kozak.
Yes, Turner-Kennedy Broadcasting purchased the rights to Count Duckula among other shows in competition with T.O.N.
Since the Colonel’s been dead for five years at this point: archival footage of Colonel Sanders is shown on a TV monitor near the beginning of the film, along with a photoshopped image showing the main character shaking his hand.
Thank you for the comments, they’re very much appreciated; better late than never I guess!

The Next Chapter’s E.T.A.: May 30 at the very latest!
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Liking the look at how Nightmare on Elm Street played out in this timeline. Not gonna lie, I would have liked to see those "vs" movies, if only to laugh at how bad they are.

On a more serious note, I see we've reached the equivalent of the start of the last few years' BLM mass protests. Hopefully they're less extreme/less prone to being twisted out of context by the far right.

Also, I see that the switch to RCV is already being used by the right to sow doubts about election legitimacy. Hoping that it doesn't lead to anything like the storming of the Capitol.

[pic: ]

– thumbnail for a video covering the 2017 Pinnacle-Sirena Collision and the then-ongoing legal proceedings stemming from it, uploaded to by The Technet Historian, 28/4/2019
It's just a weird as I hoped it would be.

We will probably be seeing the potential presidential candidates putting out the feelers soon. Even with the election a year away, the sooner the Democrats can get themselves sorted out, the sooner they can capture the momentum away from Brown.
Nice to see Australia in TTL has legalized the sale and use of all forms of cannabis and was 10th on that list :) Sad to hear about the death of VP Litton and Fraser actor Mahoney. I liked how you wrote Grammer's reaction to his death. Brown's hot mice moment reminded me of Biden's "This is a big deal" at the signing of the Affordable Care Act. That Home Alone Movie sounds interesting. Nice to see TTL's version of BLM. Hopefully thry aren't as violent or political as in OTL.
Very good chapter. Love it.

By the way, I'd also like to see what happens to the following (apologies if that's too many, or if I'm being a bother, but that's what happens when you know so many topics like I do):
  • Mel Blanc
  • Russi Taylor
  • Roseanne Barr
  • Brittany Murphy
  • Joe Alaskey
  • Widescreen/HD
  • The Chipmunks
  • Caillou
  • The Magic School Bus
  • Dr. Seuss
  • 4Kids Entertainment
  • Ronald McDonald and McDonaldland
  • The Looney Tunes (including The Bugs Bunny Show, Animaniacs and Tiny Toons) and Mickey Mouse franchises
  • Greg Burson
  • Wayne Allwine
  • Horror hosts like Elvira or Svengoolie
  • Alex Trebek
  • Bob Barker
  • Dale Earnhardt
  • Aaron Fechter
  • Derek Savage
  • Chris Savino
  • Bill Watterson
  • John Kricfalusi
  • Any films based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Mel Brooks (and whether or not we get a Spaceballs II)
  • Seltzer and Friedberg (two of the worst filmmakers ever)
  • Jerry Springer
  • Code Monkeys (a criminally underrated show)
  • The COPS TV series
  • What US coins, stamps and paper money look like (the half dollar probably still has Ben Franklin on it due to JFK never becoming President ITTL)
  • The rest of Pixar's works
  • What consoles companies like Sega or Nintendo made
I wish I can guarantee this would be the last set of suggestions, and I would... if not for the fact that, once again, I'm interested in many, many things.
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Nice update.

As a big fan of John Candy I'm glad he lived longer and got to do more movies.

I am curious about what happen with the following TV shows.

Law & Order
Perry Mason
Happy Days
Andy Griffin
Murder, She Wrote
Party of Five
Wonder Years
Facts of Life
Homicide Life on the Street
Saved by the Bell
Family Matters
Hey, I'm new here.
Anyway, I heard the timeline's ending soon, so I better say this now.
I don't have much I want to know about, because I don't want to bother you with a kajillion things, but I just want to know about one thing:
What happens with Phineas and Ferb? Assuming it even exists, of course.


All I'm here to say, is that The Colonel is the icon of the American Dream. He was born to a farm family. He quit school at the age of 8 to provide for his family. Everything he tried failed. But then, at an age when most people would have given up, he finally found success. IOTL, of course with his million-dollar corporation that is the center of a Fortune 500 regular. (All I'm saying is that there is a reason YUM! Brands is headquartered in Louisville), but ITTL, he becomes President. It seems almost fitting that the living symbol of the American Dream became President. The Colonel was everything that Donald Trump said he was, but for real.
Chapter 118: July 2019 – December 2019
Chapter 118: July 2019 – December 2019

“The highest form of appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

– John F. Kennedy (OTL/TTL)

…As the pre-primary season began in America, a multitude of issues began to be discussed in earnest by the Presidential hopefuls. Pension reform, repealing Taft-Hartley, lowering military spending back to Jackson-Wellstone levels, defend and protecting labor unions, improving LOSHA (passed under President Sanders but amended extensively over the years), income inequality, and collective bargaining all had their moments on major network television and on the campaign trail…

– Marianne Halperin’s Uncharted Waters: Dynamics and Destiny in The 2020 Election, Penguin publishing, 2021

…At the start of the campaign, I wanted to go after the Federal Reserve, but Lisa Marie, who took charge of my campaign from the get-go, thought it was much more important that we galvanize the voters that felt ignored and disaffected. Voters that Republicans had failed to notice and that Democrats had been ignoring. A part of that was my image, but another, more cerebral part of that was my campaign’s tax plan. I’ll admit it, I’m not much of a numbers guy unless we’re talking about sports stats, motorcycle stats, or military stats, but luckily, Presidents don’t run the Treasury Department. The US Secretary of the Treasury does that. So when my campaign wrote up my tax plan, I went over it with the best fiscal experts the GOP has, and they approved it, so I approved it. Basically, it calls for a flat tax, clear across the board, plus eliminating the national payroll tax. It’s kind of like what libertarians often say, “Minimum taxation, maximum freedom,” or however it goes…

– Harley Brown’s Riding Through Hell (a.k.a. Congress): The Political Career of Harley Davidson Brown (So Far), Simon & Schuster, 2020


…Governor Kumar Barve (D-MD) signed legislation into law establishing maximum limits on working hours per week for employees working in the state of Maryland, saying “government has responsibilities too large for any one individual or local community to oversee on their own. Combating wage theft, like protect communities and preserving our natural resources, requires constructive intervention at the state and federal levels.”…

The Wall Street Journal, 7/10/2019


...the debate, formatted similarly to a roundtable discussion, was held far early than is typical for the Presidential season due to the high number of Democratic candidates who have formally launched their bids unusually early this season.

After a random drawing, Congressperson Lewinsky began the debate’s opening statements with the forward-thinking message, “We need to prepare for the world of tomorrow!” Governor Pritt piggybacked off this with the comment, “It’s not enough to prepare our children for the jobs of tomorrow. We also need to help people who are working right now to adjust to the changing ways of our economy so they don’t get left behind and so America doesn’t fall behind other rising global powers like China and India.”

All of the candidates agreed that the nation’s Top Marginal Tax Rate needs to be risen, but differed on how greatly. The candidates also disagreed on specifics concerning how to pay for federal spending on “green” infrastructure projects, debating to feasibility of applying new technology to highways, bridges, country roads, public transit, EVs and Maglevs, airports and seaports. Half of the candidates voiced support for using private contracts, while the other half favored better tax reform.

Governor Weaver responded to a question on workforce development with the one-line reply “Should the private sector fail, government must prevail.” The comment was criticized by Senator Suozzi, who called it a “superficial buzzline” before promoting his own record on backing R&D in government and in the private sector. The candidates also discussed manufacturing and small business woes, with Governor Moore swearing that unemployment rates would drop even further by rejuvenating the Federal Jobs Guarantee and “crack[ing] down” on outsourcing. The FJG was defunded under President Grammer, “making businesses pick up the slack, but the smaller the businesses, the more slack they have to pick up,” Moore observed…

The Washington Post, 7/12/2019

…We can now confirm that Russia’s economy has indeed crashed; the markets have collapsed, and after two consecutive fiscal quarters of economic decline, we can say that Russia is in a state of recession…

– KNN Breaking News, 7/15/2019 broadcast

…Nikolayev was conflicted about how to respond to the economic “dip” as he called it. All he knew was that with the nation’s eyes now being fixed to the economy and no longer on the “alleged” scandals surrounding his administration, the man could breathe easier. “A weight is now off my chest,” he apparently informed his secretary, “And if we fix the economy and bounce back from this quickly enough, the people will forget all about all of that Eritrea nonsense.”…

– Victor Cherkashin’s Relentless: The Leaders of Post-Soviet Russia, Basic Books, 2020

…Upon closer analysis, it became apparent that the Russians were, essentially, living off borrowed time. The NDRR had not survived the 2013 recession practically unscathed as was initially believed. The recession’s effects on the NDRR economy had nearly been delayed by closed-market factors such as food price control kept stable during the crisis to minimize drops in consumer confidence. But this was a false confidence; six years later, the recession had finally caught up with them…

– Kathryn Millstone’s The Grammer Administration, Borders Books, 2021

CO-ANCHOR 1: Welcome back to our continued coverage of former Vice President Ross’s controversial and divisive rhetoric over the years. Before the commercial break, we were discussing the implication of the following quote: “It’s so important to do something every day that will make you happy.[1] Our panel concluded that this was clearly Ross promoting drug use in schools, since that’s where children are almost every day. But now, let’s look at an even more offensive comment. Roll the clip.

BOB ROSS (archive footage): “We want happy paintings. Happy paintings. If you want sad things, watch the news.” [1]

CO-ANCHOR 2: Oh, now that is just an outright attack on us.

CO-ANCHOR 1: Yes, that is obviously Mr. Ross promoting his decades-long support of censorship. If Ross decides to run for President again, he is going to have to explain these assaults on the free press of this nation. And can we see the other clip?

BOB ROSS (archive footage): “That’s a crooked tree. We’ll send him to Washington.” [1]

CO-ANCHOR 2: Oh my goodness! What kind of thing is that for a politician to say? He’s a former Vice President!

CO-ANCHOR 1: Exactly! He was sent to Washington! Thus, this is a very clear admission from Bob Ross himself, admitting to anyone who cares to listen to him, that he is crooked – that he is a corrupt elitist and he doesn’t care who knows it!

CO-ANCHOR 2: Definitely!

CO-ANCHOR 1: And now, we are legally obligated to adhere to the FCC’s unfair and unconstitutional Fairness Doctrine, and once more present the “Alternate Viewpoint” segment of our program, where we allow some Beltway blaggard to try and fail to defend these comments. Once again, if you want to change the channel or mute the screen or take a snack break or bathroom break, now’s the time to do so. You have 2 full minutes, 120 seconds, we won’t blame or judge you. And now, “Alternate Viewpoint.”

GUEST 1: Wow. Where do I even begin? First off, all of those clips were from his painting show in the 1980s, before he even entered politics. You can tell because his voice doesn’t have that little gravelly sound in the back from the affects of aging…

– The Herring Network, 7/19/2019 broadcast

A NEW LEADER FOR A NEW DECADE: PRC’s Most Powerful Female Politician Is a Leading Candidate To Replace Premier Yang

The Vice Premier of the People’s Republic of China, Guo Jianmei, is the highest-ranking female politician in the PRC. Formerly the PRC Minister of Health, Jianmei rose to her current position in 2007 for her work in gender equality both nationally and worldwide, and for her coordination efforts to combat SARS earlier in the decade. With Premier Yang Gang expecting to leave office in September (Chinese premiers are limited to a single twelve-year term), Jianmei has become the frontrunner to replace him, as she is popular within the Chinese Communist Party and among the Chinese general population…

– Associated Press, 7/22/2019

RADICAL FEMINISTS: Finally, a female dictator!

ELENA CEAUSESCU: Am I a joke to you?


– text of lafpic posted 7/23/2019

“CALVIN AND HOBBES: THE MOVIE”? Comic Series Creator Finally Agrees To Movie Deal!

…Tumbleweed Media has convinced Bill Watterson, the highly reclusive creator of the beloved comic strip series Calvin and Hobbes, to allow for a limited-theatrically-release/ontech downstreamable film of Calvin and Hobbes with final say over the final product. “The theme is going to be childhood, its innocence, its adventure, and its insanity,” says a representative for Watterson. “The conflict will be adulthood-based issues interrupting a family camping trip, causing Calvin to have to face some harsh realities.”

One rumor ontech claims the film will feature the main characters, a rambunctious little boy named Calvin and his talking toy tiger Hobbes, becoming lost and separated in the woods; another rumor states that the film will finally address the ambiguity of how much control Hobbes has over his own actions, thus questioning the power of imagination.

Calvin and Hobbes was in syndication from 1985 to 1995, and was wildly popular for its humor and wholesomeness, which was paired with social commentary and philosophical observances. Its creator, who views comics as an art form, has held off on allowing his iconic cartoon characters to be depicted on screen for decades due to his negative views on licensing, along with other issues, saying in a 2001 interview “I want the characters to have whatever voice the reader wants to give them. The pacing of what they’re saying, the way that they’re saying them, are no longer controlled by the readers when something like Snoopy switches from the paper to the screen.” Due to these reservations, technetters believe the unsubstantiated claim that Watterson will either have final say on casting, or will allow people to vote ontech on which auditionees are hired for the roles…

The Hollywood Reporter, 7/27/2019


[pic: ]

– US Vice President Harley Davidson Brown (R-ID) visits a hospital for disabled veterans in Atlanta, GA, 7/30/2019

…one of the largest pieces of immigration legislation in over a decade was attempted in the summer of 2019, with the Democratic-held House attempting to pass a bill to lower legal fines and penalties for immigrants who violated the rules and requirements of their work visas. Grammer agreed to sign it in exchange for Democrats approving of a slashed budget for border/customs officials to make up the funding losses that such changes would bring about. However, a majority of Democrats did not believe this was a good deal, and negotiations stalled. The situation was rendered moot in August, when the Republican leaders of the GOP-held Senate announced their opposition to the proposed bill. With an insufficient number of Republicans being willing to cross the aisle to pass the bill in the Senate, the proposed legislation died in a House committee…

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022


…Kim Jong-nam’s “Regime of The Fire Nebula,” a magnum opus two decades in the making, hit theaters worldwide yesterday. Starring Yu Nan, Ni Dahong and Miki Yeung, with Kim’s 24-year-old son Kim Han-sol in a minor role, this story of a cosmic conflict between unapologetic villains, imperfect heroes, and suspicious allies is filled with homages to various sci-fi franchises, from “Dune” and “Valerian and Laureline” to South Korea’s “Viva Freedom!” (1946), most obviously, the “Star Wars” franchise, too…

…After the fall of his family’s dictator in KW2, Kim maintained a low profile, serving as a technical supervisor for the PRC’s state-run media and publishing memoirs and newspaper op-eds on global issues. He also made a living off a stipend from the United Korean government in exchange for helping them to “un-brainwash” Northern radicals. In the 2000s, he attended film schools in Europe and worked with archivists and historians in both the PRC and United Korea. Kim’s actual filmography, though, begins in 2008, when he co-wrote a low-budget Steven Segal vehicle under a pseudonym. Three years later, the first screenplay he penned under his own name was a French-Korean fantasy horror film; he directed a film for the first time in 2013, for a Korean drama he co-wrote about an ex-con wracked with guilt…

The Los Angeles Times, 8/5/2019

In 2019, Ollie’s Trolleys and Ollieburgers experienced a second rebound, thanks largely to the people of the late 2010s and the 2020s developing much nostalgia for paraphernalia from the 1990s. This trend included nostalgia for the first rebound that the niche burger chain had in the 1990s.

After all this time, Oliver Gleichenhaus is still not viewed as another “Colonel,” but many do still consider him to have been a great and wonderful chef. And to the supporters of his Ollieburger – his greatest legacy, providing good food for so many people – being a great chef makes him a “Colonel” in their eyes. As much of an honorary Colonel as was The Colonel himself.

–, 2022 article

…In August, another police shooting incident unfolded in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, when police opened fire on an alleged shoplifter, killing the suspect and severely injuring three bystanders in the process. Of the four shot, three were African-American, and a fourth, who was shot in the knee, was a white business owner.

With Bob Ross living nearby, the former Vice President immediately visited to comfort the survivors of the shooting at the local hospital, offering kind words to them and their families. As word of the shooting spread, Ross spoke to a crowd outside the hospital and called for people to “honor the wounded” with peace. Refraining from using some catchy pun like “beat a paintbrush, don’t beat a person” or anything to that effect, Ross instead spoke bluntly about how peaceful protests and sit-in would be more effective than violent rioting.

NYC Mayor Jimmy McMillan, who was born and raised in New Smyrna Beach, criticized the comments, claiming that his improved speech was “rife with elitist talking points.” But the fact remained that after the speech went fervid ontech, none of the coast-to-coast protests turned ugly and violent…

– Marianne Halperin’s Uncharted Waters: Dynamics and Destiny in The 2020 Election, Penguin publishing, 2021

Report: Ex-Diplomat Mike Leavitt Considering Primary Run Against VP Brown

…Since leaving politics eight years ago, Leavitt, who served as the US Ambassador to New Zealand under President Wellstone and as a Republican US Representative from Utah from 2003 to 2009, has served as the head of several NGOs and charitable organizations primarily aimed at combating the effects of Global Climate Disruption… “I don’t think Harley has what it takes to lead our country into the next decade. He loves the great outdoors, as do I, but I don’t think he takes our planet’s climate crisis serious enough,” Leavitt quickly said to reporters…

–, 8/9/2019

…The second doubly-landlocked nation in Africa, and the third doubly-landlocked nation in the world, came into existence on September 12, 2019. The Arab-majority region of Birao, which made up most of the northern half of the Vakaga Prefecture, which itself made up the northern tip of the Central African Republic, broke off to form the Federation of Birao. Years of intermittent fighting had led several regimes taking advantage of the region’s oil reserves, and the locals had had enough of it. Though surrounded by the landlocked nations of Darfur, Chad, and the C.A.R., it contained enough resources and diplomatic recognition to maintain trade with other nations. Naturally, the C.A.R.’s government at the time refused to recognize the declaration of independence and declared war on the “treasonous” region.

Remembering the backlash his administration received that last time a nation in Africa fell into a state of regional warfare, President Grammer immediately called for the leaders on both sides of the conflict to sit down and negotiate, or face “severe economic ramifications.” The two countries ignored the bluff and continued fighting. Grammer then replied with recognizing Birao to the surprise of political pundits.

“The C.A.R. government is not respecting any international groups or authorities,” US Secretary of State Richard Morningstar later explained. “The United States is not in the business of tolerating these kind of oppressive regimes, and to turn our back to Birao would be a grave irony, given the history of how our own country was formed.”

Framing the struggle of the people of Birao as an “underdog” combating a “big dog” was effective, but misleading. The Central African Republic was even less regionally important than Burkina Faso and The Fulani Republic, with a total population of just under 4.5 million, a weak economy, and an even weaker military – one that was exhausted and leaderless after several decades of irregular and sporadic warfare, and rampant assassinations of military leaders.

As a result of this administration’s improving handling of foreign policy developments, and the 2020 Presidential primary season beginning at home, American media concentrated less on Birao and more on domestic concerns, much to the relief of President Grammer…

– David Tal’s US Strategic Arms Policy After the Cold War: Globalization & Technological Modernization, Routledge, 2020

Below: Bob with his first wife, Vivian “Vicky” ridge, and their son Steve, many years ago


[pic: ]

…The worrisome possibility of running for President only for his long-dormant cancer to return plagued Bob. “My mean old friend went away, but he could come back at any time, so I stay alert,” Bob once explained in a 2019 interview. “I still have so much to live for, just like how everyone has something to live for whether they know it or don’t, but if you do everything to keep the mean old friend away, and he comes back anyway, then it’s your time. I’ve made my peace with that, but that lack of a definite date still worries me a bit. It makes me want to do the most I can while I still can, but it still worries me a bit.”

– Kristin G. Congdon, Doug Blandy, and Danny Coeyman’s Happy Clouds, Happy Trees: The Bob Ross Phenomenon, University Press of Mississippi, Second edition, 2021

…unemployment in Russia has just eclipsed the percentage rate it had at the height of the SARS pandemic in late 2002…

– NBC News, 8/15/2019 broadcast

“Americans can’t afford to let another Democratic Presidency re-implement restrictive government regulations and an over-taxation of the economy. Republicans need to win next year, and when they do, they need to utilize the tax code to incentivize economic expansion. At lower tax rates, the economy expands, and collections into the Treasury actually increase. Ronald Reagan saw how this low-rate incentive worked and repeated its success as Governor. It is a travesty that it has never been tried out at the national level.”

– prominent conservative Canadian economist Robert Mundell, TON News, 8/17/2019 interview

“We have the ability and the resources to eliminate poverty in this country. We can’t turn our back to our fellow Americans calling out for rescue. It is our patriotic duty to save them from hunger and war, and to then hand them the tools to control their own destiny – training programs, vocational schools, employment and education opportunities that the generations of yesteryear could only dream, of but are a reality and are right here and right now.”

– US Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO), 8/21/2019


…former Sanitation Minister and former Gauteng Premier Mosima G. “Tokyo” Sexwale (b. 1953) won over Sherry Chen, a female politician born and raised in China who served in several positions under Presidents Kgositsile and Balindlela, and was initially the race’s frontrunner…

The Guardian, UK newspaper, 25/8/2019

…After the two-year anniversary of the Independence Day Stabbings passed, President Grammer began ramping up his Justice Department’s efforts to go after domestic hackers. With a greater amount of intensity, and with US Attorney General Susana Martinez reassigning dozens of agents, the number of hackers who were successfully tracked down and arrested rose significantly. Just 10 were arrested in all of 2018, while that number of “technet terrorists” were arrested in just the first month of the new policy being in effect (August 2019).

However, many activists and technetters soon began accusing the administration of going after anti-government whistleblowers, and with each passing month and its rising number of arrests, the criticisms increased. Politically active technetters soon enough began claiming that Grammer and Martinez were essentially running a low-key police state, despite many of the arrested hackers being released on bail, or being cleared of wrongdoing later on in court…

– Kathryn Millstone’s The Grammer Administration, Borders Books, 2021

“No, I’ll tell you what I’m angry about. The Bigfoot Party. Who knew conspiracy theorists had the balls to step onto my turf with a joke as big as that one? Have you seen their platform? It’s way better than my fake political party. I called it the ‘Wine Party,’ that’s w-i-n-e, not w-h-i-n-e, though its members do that, too. Both of those things. Very heartily. The fictional Wine Party is the ultimate form of left-wing elitism, supporting social justice reform the same way your friend tells you ‘Oh don’t worry, we’re right behind you,’ right before you try and fail to fight someone twice your size. You turn around and see them on the other side of street cheering you on. But could the UFO-seeing, third-eye-having, cactus-juice-drinking, ghost-chasing people of America let me have that turf? No! They had to go and create a party that is such a good joke, it got 11% of the vote in Arizona’s 2016 Senate race! You can’t make up stuff like that, which pisses me off, because now I have to work even harder to try and make jokes that are funnier than reality itself. I’m dealing with existentialist stuff now over here! Gives me a headache. I need some wine, hold on a sec...”

– actor/stand-up comedian Roy Wood Jr., “The Roy Wood Jr. Program,” 8/29/2019

“A True Gentleman”: Biaggi Is Dead At 101

…the retired icon of New York state politics passed away less than two months shy of his 102nd birthday…

The New York Post, 9/1/2019


[pic: ]



…two independent orders of the Catholic Church have cleaned house after separate investigations into allegations of abused minors concluded that, despite strides over the years to make the church more transparent and ethical, sexual pestering is still a major problem. Several ex-clergymen face criminal charges, and may join the many other members of the cloth convicted in recent decades…

– Associated Press, 9/5/2019


[pic: ]

– A Presidential candidate, Governor Charlotte Pritt (D-WV), while canvassing early in an early primary state, discusses her campaign platforms with five people on a street near Reno, Nevada, 9/1/2019; Pritt’s campaign started with poor name recognition in many western states, but this quickly changed as the campaign season continued on


Price: $229.99 or Best Offer

Condition: Good

Seller: YardSaleMan654

Description: The complete series of the American TV comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000, containing every episode ever made, from its 1988 pilot to its 2005 finale…

–, ontech shopping site, 9/9/2019 listing

…The issues of this election currently seem to be more on the domestic side of things, especially for registered Democrats. Their party leaders claim that the recent drop in worker wages is not the result of immigrants but from automation, deregulation, and anti-union policies. Hopefully, independent voters know better than that. Said voters may also understand the hidden negative aspects of the Democratic proposals of guaranteed vacation time and government-controlled maternity/paternity leave…

– John A. Nichols’s article “The (Proposed) Federal Freedom Fund: A Brief History,” The Nation, 2019 issue


The Washington Post, 9/14/2019

(redirected from “Conan the Barbarian 3”)


Premiered: September 16, 2019

Genre(s): action/epic/fantasy/adventure

Directed by: John Milius

Written by: John Milius, Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway

Produced by: Raffaella De Laurentiis


Arnold Schwarzenegger
Vivica A. Fox
Dina Meyer
Jake Busey
Eric Marlon Bishop
Gerry Lopez
Valerie Quennessen
Harland Williams
David Bautista

See Full List Here


Taking place decades after the events of the second film, Conan the Destroyer (1984), the retired Conan picks up his sword to once more do battle and defend his family and kingdom from an army of evil forces.


The film received mixed-to-positive critical reviews, and generally positive responses from critics. The film performed modestly at the box office, and it has since developed a strong cult following.

Trivia Facts:

Trivia Fact No. 1:

Despite typically working on non-horror projects, Aaron Fechter, the engineer behind the animatronics of the fast food chain “SpongeBob’s Undersea Cuisine,” worked on some the practical effects for this movie, as well as for several other independent films.


The way my style is, I tell it from my heart with the bark on. You know, I’m not politically correct. I tell the truth and don’t varnish what I say. But, you know, Lisa Marie, my campaign manager and Chief of Staff, she is on me for using some adjectives that would make a sailor blush, so I got to clean up my act that way. But other than that, expect the same Harley Brown you saw riding in 2012, b*tches – babies, whoops, sorry, I meant to say babies.” [2]

– Harley Brown to a male reporter, 9/19/2019

Anonymity [3]

Premiered: September 22, 2019

Genre(s): action/spy thriller/thriller

Directed by: Tony Gilroy

Written by: Shawn Christensen

Produced by: Allison Shearmur and Simon Emanuel


Robert Pattinson
Julia Cumming-Harden-Smith
Regina Hall
Andy Garcia

See Full List Here


…“Kitchen Table” issues dominated the pre-primary phase of the 2020 election cycle. Senator Lugaro called for clean drinking water and broadband accessibility for all Americans via a return to the electrical infrastructure/power projects begun under President Wellstone. Mayor Warren advocated for affordable housing, Representative Teachout championed public school/early-learning centers/community colleges/vocational schools, and pledged to dismantle the practice of their funding being linked to its area’s income level. Governor Moore always had disparaging remarks to make about America’s largest tech company, the e-commerce behemoth that is and its reluctance to allow their workers to unionize, saying for instance in September 2019 that “Unions have a shameful reputation of covering up abuses, but collective bargaining is a right that comes with the territory of running a business. If the people a haggle had any business acumen they would know this, and if they had any business ethics they would accept this!”

Many Democratic candidates backed the proposals of free Pre-K, taxing the top 1%, and implementing paid family leave and paid sick leave, but disagreed on how to implement such changes. Only some candidates strongly backed free school lunches at the national levels…

– Marianne Halperin’s Uncharted Waters: Dynamics and Destiny in The 2020 Election, Penguin publishing, 2021

…The latest Chicken Dinner Summit in Jerusalem was not as exception as other ones in recent years, failing to reach the level of attention or even attendance level as the 2013 and 2017 summits. Nevertheless, the convergence of local community leaders from across the region continued the tradition of keeping open the channels of communication between trade partners. This annual celebration of regional unity continues to demonstrate Saudi Arabia’s commitment to working alongside others, even Israel and Iran, to keep the Middle East a powerful bloc and a nexus for innovation on the world stage…

– Madawi al-Rasheed’s The History of Modern Saudi Arabia, Sunrise Books, 2019 edition

…In September, roughly 1,00 unemployed Russians organized a sit-in outside the office of St. Petersburg’s Mayor. The incident resulted in the Mayor promising to redirect funds to the city unemployment office and to local homeless shelters. The Mayor also pledged to work with the city council and landlords to organize a temporary halting of rent payments in order to keep families out of the cold and off of the streets, but this policy would not be put into effect until late November…

– Victor Cherkashin’s Relentless: The Leaders of Post-Soviet Russia, Basic Books, 2020

“This is not some vanity project. I’m not doing this for the fame. I’m not here for the money. God pays for his plans. I running to win. Where God guides, he provides. And this is something from what God told me long ago, and I’m letting him foot the bill because when I do become President of the United States it’s gonna give tremendous glory to God. I’m a military man. The norms of military service are duty, honor and country. But can you tell me the three R’s of politics? Raises, Revenge and Re-election. But that all changes when I become Commander-in-Chief, just you wait and see.” [2]

– Harley Brown, 10/2/2019

Co-Panelist Van JONES: “Do you think Ranked-Choice Voting will encourage rural towns and states to try and get more people to move in to such communities?”

Guest Panelist, political analyst and former Gov. Karl ROVE (R-UT): “They’ll have to! It’s now the only way to ensure farmers have more of a voice in Presidential politics from here on out!”

Guest Panelist Alisyn CAMEROTA: “Yes, especially farther down the line as people become used to the RCV –”

ROVE: “Because who has more value in society, ten I.T. guys or one farmhand? Not all jobs are equal, but farming is necessary for us to have food to eat so we can live, and, you know, not die, so maybe all of these candidates should really focus on that, because more attention is needed on agricultural issues.”

The Overmyer Network, roundtable discussion, 10/4/2019


…currently going with the title “Harry and Marv,” a Home Alone prequel movie is in the works, with Robert Smigel and Drew Pearce co-writing the script, Smigel confirmed on social media earlier today… The titular main characters are to be recast for a film that aims to show their origin story. Smigel did not specify any expected release date…

– The Hollywood Reporter, 10/6/2019

“Just imagine what this country would look like if we put more money to our national education budget than our national defense budget. If we spent more money on schools than war. It is shameful that we can only imagine it, and not live it, at this point in time. Especially since the federal government did care more about education than warfare under Presidents Jackson and Wellstone. We have to bring back that kind of America, and make it even better than it was back then.”

– Gov. Charlotte Pritt (D-WV), campaign stop in Laconia, NH, 10/8/2019


[pic: ]

– Before speaking at a rally for KY Governor Hal Heiner’s re-election bid, Harley Brown talks to supporters among the crowd, 10/10/2019; here, he is standing in the back of the crowd listening to the KYGOP Chair speak, a few minutes before Brown’s turn at the podium

…Inside the GOP, prominent leaders were still having a semi-serious debate over whether or not some major party member should run against Vice President Brown. Former RNC Chair Ed Rollins reported noted, during a DC think tank meeting in October 2019, that “Outside of Wellstone, no VP has ever won a Presidential election in over 180 years.” Indeed, even in the modern area, all such attempts between 1948 and 2008 had ended in failure (Nixon in 1960, Humphrey in 1968 and 1972, Scranton in 1972, Gravel in 1980 and 1984, Polonko in 1992, Litton in 1996 and 2000, and Ross in 2016). These Republicans were concerned because Brown was very popular within the party, but they were not confident that he could reach out to independents and undecided voters and was instead limited to his admittedly-large base of libertarians, populists, and religious conservatives.

However, few Republicans prominent enough to mount a meaningful bid were willing to do so out of fear of reprisals from within the party should they fail. “Nobody with a promising career was going to put it on the line for something like that,” explained Michigan Governor Brian Calley in a late 2020 interview describing his decision to not challenge Brown for the nomination. “It’s what you call risk assessment.”

Instead, the most prominent anti-Brown Republican to declare themselves a candidate by October 2019 was former US Congressman Kevin Mannix of Oregon. Mannix’s first critiques of the VP, however, came about in a gaffe-filled rant in a radio interview, where criticized President Grammer’s knife buyback policy. “It will lead to further restrictions on guns,” Mannix complained, “And only way to truly exercise the Second Amendment is to join a militia, and because it has to be a well-regulated one, they’ll make you actually do stuff besides shooting stuff! That’s ridiculous!”

A political gadfly at the start of his career, Harley Brown still had a dynamic presence over the party, practically reeking of anti-establishment despite becoming a part of it in 2012. Critics excoriating his “jokes,” or “Harleyisms” as he called them, did little to discourage Republicans from backing the second-in-command for their party’s nomination for commander-in-chief…

– Marianne Halperin’s Uncharted Waters: Dynamics and Destiny in The 2020 Election, Penguin publishing, 2021


…In a boon for women’s rights in China, PRC Vice Chair Guo Jianmei (b. 1961) entered office today as the first female head of state in modern Chinese history. Guo succeeded Premier Yang Gang (b. 1953), who was term-limited to a single twelve-year term, after a close internal party fight between her and three more conservative ministry members who failed to form a united front against her ascension to the top spot. To placate party conservatives, Zhu Xiaodan was selected to become China’s new Vice-Chair…

…Guo Jianmei, the nation’s former Health Minister and a party member from Hua province, won international accolades and several awards for championing human rights and promoting safezoning measures during and after the SARS pandemic. Guo’s selection to succeed Gang Premier of the People’s Republic, and the official Chair of the PRC’s Communist Party, may have additionally been in response to a pro-reform “Green Stars” movement, a small-but-growing movement inside China that opposes the country’s rising pollution rates, which are impacting life quality at “un-ignorable levels” (which this newspaper covered last month). Guo is supportive of “better” regulations of pollution levels, and is highly popular among ontech supporters of the “Green Stars” movement. Furthermore, she is very popular among the international community – or at least, is more popular than Yang Gang…

The Boston Globe, 10/15/2019

…The Grammer White House immediately congratulated Guo for the job promotion, with President Grammer hoping to soon begin talks with the new PRC premier in hope that this reform-minded leader would reverse, or at least curb, her country’s cybersecurity attacks. Grammer offered to sit down with Guo for an in-person discussion on “bilateral security measures,” and sought to have it happen as soon as possible…

– historian Jane Mackaman’s What Principles Endure: An Examination of The Grammer Presidency, Vintage E-Books, 2022

…And in Russia, the Mayor of Vladivostok has been arrested on corruption charges. The Mayor of that city is an associate and ally of Russian President Nikolayev, but local police can neither confirm nor deny any connection between the corruption and the President at this time. Nevertheless, the fact remains that one of Nikolayev’s biggest regional supporters has possibly fallen from grace in a development that may refuel anti-Nikolayev protests across Russia…

– NBC News, 10/22/2019 broadcast

“Before October was even over, we began the process of reaching out to Guo’s inner circle to see if we could agree to sign an accord of some kind. We wanted them to not conduct or promote cybersecurity attacks or hacks or any other kinds of technet-based economic espionage. If we reached that kind of deal, we understood that it would be a great improvement over our ineffective and damaging response from roughly two years prior, when the US Justice Department charged several members of the PRC’s military of being cyber hackers. That didn’t do much of anything but worsen tensions at our embassies. But a redefining of US-Chinese relations, now, we knew that would do much more good for us.”

– Former US Secretary of State Dick Morningstar, 6/18/2021 interview

…“Obviously, optics play a vital role in any visual, and that includes campaigning. How you keep your hair and face, what you wear, how you walk and talk, even how you eat,” explained professional stuntman Thomas Mopather in a December 2020 interview, “Because [Presidential candidate Amanda] Bearse is only 5-foot-4, she had to wear high-heeled footwear and have podiums and chairs inspected by her staff prior to her using them. In October, her campaign hired me, the best stuntman in the business, to give her some height illusion tips.”…

– Marianne Halperin’s Uncharted Waters: Dynamics and Destiny in The 2020 Election, Penguin publishing, 2021

CDC: SARS Cases This Year At Their Lowest Ever

…the SARS virus, once an economy-halting plague that struck fear into the hearts of billions worldwide, has become a seasonal allergy, but while it is not as common as the flu, it is more deadly and damaging than the flu. …the record-low for the past ten months is certainly a sign of progress, especially when compared to when the virus evolved once again in 2017, leading to thankfully-brief public health scare…

–, 10/28/2019

Kentucky General Election Results, 11/5/2019:

For Governor:

Inc. Gov. Hal Heiner (Republican) – 919,375 (57.56%)

Fmr St. Auditor Adam Edelen (Democratic) – 656,309 (41.09%)

Fmr St. Rep. Everett Corley (Independent) – 20,285 (1.27%)

Mr. Blackii Effing Whyte (Liberty) – 1,277 (0.08%)

Total votes cast: 1,597,246 (100.00%)


TONIGHT’S ELECTION: Gray Wins A Second Term!

…truck driver-turned-union leader-turned-Governor of Mississippi Robert Gray won re-election tonight with 51% of the vote and a new Lieutenant Governor, the former state Attorney General Jamie Franks…

The Clarion-Ledger, Mississippi newspaper, 11/5/2019

YANG WINS! Will Become Columbus’s First Asian-American Mayor

…Yang, who earned a Juris Doctor from Columbia Law School in 1999 and has lived in the city since then, was joined by his wife Evelyn and their three children in thanking voters and congratulating Yang’s opponents for running “clean” campaigns focused on “the real issues.” …Yang promises to implement his signature “Democracy Dollars” program proposal within a year of taking office…

– The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio newspaper, 11/5/2019

…Local elections using RCV/instant-runoff processes, such as the Mayoral elections held in Boston, Massachusetts and Aurora, Colorado, as well as most mayor races held in Kentucky, gave psephologists another batch of election results to study, in turn giving media outlets the latest examples of the RCV process ahead of the 2020 Presidential election.

…Many of these new results were examined to better understand how undecided voters cast their ballots in the wake of rising anti-RCV scrutiny. RCV critic and former RNC Communications Director Matt Gorman expressed concern that, in the Denver, Colorado Mayoral Election, a small post-election survey found a majority of “the truly undecided” ranked the main party candidates interchangeably; he and others frequently claimed that this observation put the integrity of the entire upcoming election into question. Gorman would never mention, though, that the number of undecided voters who made such comments were noted in the survey as being just 23 – out of 205,145 votes cast. And that the margin of victory in the final round was 7,251.

Confronted by this in a KNN roundtable discussion, Gorman denied taking the survey comments out of context, but eventually entered a shouting match with the interviewee, who countered, “That is not how facts work, Matt!” The moment went fervid and quickly became a lafpic ontech. Both talking heads eventually agreed that American voters needed to be better educated about the candidates and which ones aligned with their own beliefs; KNN’s interviewer encouraged voters visit the netsite, while Gorman suggested visiting THN’s home-page instead...

– Pat Sheffield and Rachel Joy Scott-Ireland’s Voices And Votes: The History of the National Initiative Amendment, Tumbleweed Publications, 2021


…“The Coruscant Chronicles,” which is planned to be both a world-building anthology series and a syndicated series following the adventures of several character both old and new, will be the first live-action Star Wars series to air since Star Wars: Renegade (2008-2015, 2017-2018) finally concluded last year…

The Hollywood Reporter, 11/9/2019

MOTHER-POST: Was The Colonel Truly A Good Person?


[pic: ]

Above: The Colonel at some indoor crowd, c. 1961

I know a lot of people are going to e-snipe me for this, but was he really as great as so many make him out to be? Democrats often point to him as the kind of Republican can would support, and some Republicans worship him like a God, and KFC outlets are the shrines and alters. But didn’t he start a whole bunch of wars and promote state-sponsored censorship? And, most obviously, the guy was a pervert, wasn’t he? So was a good person overall, and for the country, and for the world, and for the GOP, or is everyone looking back on his administration through rose-colored glasses?


He didn’t start those military conflicts so much as he inherited them from the Johnson and Eisenhower administrations; Cuba was pretty much over by the time he got in, so the wars in question were the Indochinese wars in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. To put it in the quickest way possible, Sanders studied the problems and spent two years laying out the groundwork for the invasion of Hanoi, which ended the conflict; he used diplomacy to get the King of Laos to work with US forces to drive out the communists from there; the messiest war was in Cambodia, but once the dictator Pol Pot was killed, the regime collapsed. Those wars had casualties, yes, but they were victorious under his watch.

But @OP he was a pervert, per se. He got called out for being gropey in his younger years, but unless others who would deny, deny, deny, he confessed and apologized for it. That wouldn’t be enough nowadays, but back then, it was damn progressive. And there’s ample evidence to support the notion that he did feel genuinely remorseful about it. I think it’s up to each of us individually to decide if he can be forgiven for not being absolutely perfect.

REPLIES 1-7 to REPLY 1 to REPLY 1 (show|hide)


His rhetoric brought populists into the GOP, but it also invited in sexists.

What are you talking about? How? Before the Ms. Arkansas Scandal, The Colonel won a large majority of the female vote in the 1964 and 1968 elections because KFC was a quick go-to solution for mothers wanting to put dinner on the table in a hurry. It’s how he swept the suburbs! And he restored his reputation after the scandal, so if anyone invited sexists into the party, it was the likes of Bob Packwood and Buz Lukens.


No, he end conflict that were already escalating by the time he enter office, and but you are right about the censorship. He firmly opposed swear words from being printed (making him a hypocrite, given his own legendary swearing history), and thought comic books were too violent and bloody for young people to be reading. That’s why he supported the USIA, America’s now-defunct propaganda department. And yes, everyone forgets about that.

Except for comic book experts. Some of those guys hate The Colonel for that reason and pretty much that reason alone. But they’ll still eat KFC. Interesting.


I’d say he was good for the GOP overall. He indirectly got a lot of baddies out of the woodwork. His opposition to racists kept the worst kind of conservatives at bay, keeping them from becoming active in the party in earnest until Denton came to power, and even then, that element is not so tightly woven into the GOP as you would think. And the first Arkwave contributed to the women’s rights movement.


The Colonel was good for the world because he ended the Cold War! He was the one who met with the Chinese in 1968, further dividing the Sino-Soviet split and creating a domino effect that ended with the USSR collapsing in 1984! He ended a decades-long period of people being scared out of their minds by the very real possibility of dying in a nuclear WWIII! Who even cares about his negative qualities when his positive qualities more than wake up for them??!!!

–, a public pop-culture news-sharing and chat-forum-hosting netsite, thread began 11/12/2019

Democrats Win Back Governor’s Seat In Louisiana Election

…state senator Caroline Fayard (D) won over former state senator Clay John Schexnayder (R) by a comfortable margin…

– The Houston Chronicle, 11/16/2019

…Another factor is The Pendulum Effect. Historically, people tend to vote for the opposite of the incumbent, be it major policies or shallow optics such as age, gender or place of origin. The latter is especially true for elections held after the rise of television. In 1972, Sanders was 82, and was succeeded by Mondale, who was 44. In 1981, Mondale – who was from the North, was succeeded by Denton – who was from the South. Eight years later, Kemp, a sports-loving he-man near-stereotype, was succeeded by Bellamy, a feminist icon; and it was the reverse in 1993. In 2000, Dinger, who was pro-war, lost re-election to Jackson, who was pro-peace. And in 2012, Wellstone, who was viewed as part of the DC establishment, lost re-election to Grammer, who was from outside The Beltway.

So now another question whether or not the pendulum will swing away from the incumbent administration in 2020. And if it does, in what way?...

– Tumbleweed Magazine, 11/20/2019

…the fields of candidates are large and diverse on both sides because each major party sees the next election as winnable. Grammer is still very popular among Republicans, while Democrats believe that after eight years of “small government” policies, people want change...

–, 11/24/2019

Late Night (NBC)
David Letterman (1982-1993)
Greg Kinnear (1993-1999)
Craig Kilborn (1999-2005)
Dave Chapelle (2005-2015)
Andy Samberg (2015-present)

The Late Show (TON)
Joan Rivers (1986-1989)
Arsenio Hall (1989-1993)
Jay Leno (1993-2014)
Jimmy Fallon (2014-present)

The Tonight Show (NBC)
Steve Allen (1954-1957)
Jack Paar (1957-1962)
Johnny Carson (1962-1993)
David Letterman (1993-2015)
Greg Giraldo (2015-present)

The Night-Time Show (CBS)
Arsenio Hall (1993-2008)
Jimmy Fallon (2008-2014)
Tina Fey (2014-2019)
Jessica Williams (2019-present)

Politically Incorrect (TON)
Bill Maher (1993-present)

The Daily Show (CBS)
Jon Stewart (1999-2017)
Wyatt Cenac (2017-present)

The Late Late Show (CBS)
Tom Snyder (1995-1999)
Bernie Mac (1999-2004)
Craig Ferguson (2004-2012)
Samantha Bee (2012-2018)
Patton Oswalt (2018-present)

– [4]


...Putin, who uses a wheelchair, was reportedly “knocked out” of his chair by police and “dragged” into a police van. A longtime critic of the Russian government’s political establishment, claiming that all Presidencies since 1995 have been “rife with corruption,” Putin’s arrest has sparked additional protests across eastern Russia, where President Nikolayev is becoming increasingly unpopular…

The Guardian, UK newspaper, 1/12/2019


…the anti-establishment NYC Mayor’s unique brand of bipartisan populism could be a wild card in the November election…

– The Washington Post, 12/4/2019

“Our pre-primary focus was winning over former Bob Ross backers in New Hampshire and Georgia. Being next door to the Granite State was no guarantee, and if we couldn’t gather momentum in or after the Peach state, we knew we’d be DOA for the First April Cluster. So we highlighted Jeff’s track record on preserving Vermont woodlands. We tried to replicate the social media presence that the Bob backers seemed to have, and bolster Jeff’s own ontech presence. We tried to appeal to young people by focusing on his success in school problems in Vermont, and we worked on winning over suburban areas as well.”

– Adam Parkhomenko (D-VA), former National Field Director of the Weaver2020 campaign, 2021 interview

…Bob turned off his TV and went out for a walk, his Secret Service team staying not too far behind. His mind must have been swimming with conflicting thoughts, for he traveled for quite a while, strolling across town into Ocala, until he found himself at the Bob Ross Nature Reserve just north of the Ocala National Forest. As he entered, he continued to ruminate about mounting a third Presidential bid. Deep in contemplation, he rested for a moment at a small pond, and looked out over the beauty that laid before him. He smiled warmly, probably thinking about how he had helped keep this old patch of nature around for his children and grandchildren…and great-grandchildren.


[pic: ]

Bob looked up to the dusk-filled sky. “Hey, Jane,” he whispered, “did you hear the news, Audrey’s expecting. Twins. I’m going to be a great-grandpa.” He chortled softly, then paused, and sighed, “What do you think I should do, honey? I’m old, I’m tired, and I’ve done more than what I think God wanted me to do down here. But then again, maybe they’re seeing something in me that I’m not. Maybe I could win it this time. Maybe. Maybe.”…

– Kristin G. Congdon, Doug Blandy, and Danny Coeyman’s Happy Clouds, Happy Trees: The Bob Ross Phenomenon, University Press of Mississippi, Second edition, 2021


…with a selling partnership with Palin Drones, Inc., is now selling drones large enough to hold the weight of an average 200-lb person sitting on it. These all-new, state-of-the-art drones can reach speeds of up to 80 miles an hour, but they are more expensive than the average four-seater car…


Comments Section:

Of course they’re more expensive than a car – they’re more valuable than a car!

Are these things going to be street-legal? Because either way, these things are going to become a nuisance.

Yeah, this is a troubling development. Still a fun one though.

And just in time for the winter shopping holiday rush! How convenient.

–, 12/9/2019

PRITT: “FDR was right when he proposed an economic bill of rights in 1944. He understood that employment, food, clothing, and spare time were not luxuries but rights.”

HEALEY: “All workers, from customer services to factory workers to farmers to retail to medical care, share the right to fair and just incomes. All small business owners deserve freedom from unfair competition and monopolies.”

BURWELL: “I back Mayor-Elect Andrew Yang’s proposal of a Federal Freedom Fund because we have the money to do it. And I served as the Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget under President Jackson, so you know I have the experience to and the track record to oversee its implementation. At this point in history, with automation on the rise, a Federal Freedom Fund is the most effective and straightforward way to guarantee Americans the right to adequate basics like food, clothing, and shelter.”

CLODFELTER: “I think the Triple-F proposal would drive up inflation and damage the national and global value of the American dollar. If the American people want to get no-strings-attached free money at the start of every month, they can vote for it in a National Initiative. That way, it can be implemented regardless of who is the President.”

WEAVER: “I agree with how Charlotte views the role of the federal government. The federal government has the power, the ability, and the responsibility to guarantee all Americans their basic rights – rights that include, in the paraphrased words of FDR, ‘the right of every farmer to raise and sell their products at a return which will give them and their family a decent living; the right of every business owner, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad; the right of every family to decent housing; the right to adequate protection from the economic fears of aging, sickness, accidents, and unemployment; and the right to a good education.” [5]

– snippets from the Democratic Primaries Presidential debate, 12/14/2019

Anchor Anderson COOPER: “Okay, and in your respective opinions, what are the odds of Democrats or Republicans winning the race for the White House next year? Robert?”

Guest and former US Secretary of Labor ROBERT REICH: “It’s very good for the Democrats, I think after eight years of ineffective government, people are more than ready for change.”

COOPER: “Alright. Max?”

Guest and political consultant Max A. BOOT: “The economy and the stock market are in great shape right now, even with Russia’s economy slipping into the toilet, because the Grammer administration learned from the 2013 recession and is keeping America protected from its effects. The White House can definitely be kept in GOP hands next year, but some Republican LIDs are less certain that Harley Brown can deliver the party that very deliverable thing.”

COOPER: “Okay, and Alec?”

Guest and political activist Alec JONES: “The age of cowardice is coming to an end. The age of strength will return.”

COOPER: [pause] “Um, so, uh, are you saying either party has a shot.”

JONES: “It all depends on the nominees, Anderson, it all depends on the nominees.”

– CBS News, roundtable discussion, 12/17/2019


[pic: ]

– Christmas being celebrated in Japan with Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC-Japan advertisement, 12/22/2019

List of United States Cities by Population


1: New York City, NY
2: Los Angeles, CA
3: Chicago, IL
4: Houston, TX
5: Phoenix, AZ
6: San Antonio, TX
7: Philadelphia, PA
8: Dallas, TX
9: San Diego, CA
10: Austin, TX
11: San Jose, CA
12: Columbus, OH
13: Fort Worth, TX
14: Charlotte, NC
15: San Francisco, CA
16: Denver, CO
17: Seattle, WA
18: Jacksonville, FL
19: Indianapolis, IN
20: Louisville, KY



The globalization of music in the 2000s splintered off into the personalization of music in the 2010s, resulting in multiple subgenres rising and falling in popularity and prominence throughout the decade. Nostalgia for the Razor Rock and country music stylings of the early 1980s saw soft-pop and country songs dominate global charts during the first half of the decade, while vaporwave became a highly prominent subgenre during the second half. The genre Country Rock also continued to be prominent, and rose in popularity in parts of Asia and Africa.


After the lukewarm reception of “Poison Ivy: The Injustice Gang” (2010), superhero films enter a nine-year slump; the “dry spell” led to comic book enthusiasts correctly hoping that the 2020s decade would see a resurgence in comic book interest. Traditionally animated films began to have a “renaissance” period in 2019 that continued into the 2020s, but animated films overall remained predominantly CRI.

Theaters continued their steady decline in use as ontech viewing became the most common form of film-watching. By 2019, the number of theaters in the US was almost half of what it was in 2001, before SARS led to people discovering the benefits of watching films at home. Ontech viewing in the aughts spurred advances in media distribution technology; the 2010s saw the development of greater and more stable infrastructure for this technology.


Late-night talk shows began to change and adjust formats to adopt to modern forms of joke-telling and joke-framing developed ontech, with the rise in prominence of “side-away” moments and “lafpic” humor, especially in western countries. Korean dramas became more popular internationally, while TV shows from India’s Bollywood entered a “golden age,” especially in Europe in the years after Great European Recession of 2013.


–, c. 2022


…roughly 5,000 Russian citizens stood outside a Moscow jail where political activist Vladimir Putin is being held indefinitely. Putin’s request for bail to be set is still “being processed” by local officials, nearly a month after his initial arrest for “disturbing the peace of the public” with an anti-government protest…

The Guardian, UK newspaper, 26/12/2019


…over a decade before James Meredith was appointed Vice President, Mike Gravel selected this African-American US Congressman and noted civil rights activist from North Carolina to be running mate in the 1984 Presidential election…

The Washington Post, 12/27/2019

TINA FLINT SMITH BOWS OUT: Former Governor Drops Long-Shot Presidential Bid

…describing her short-lived campaign as having “drowned in a sea of candidates,” the announcement comes one week after California Governor Cruz Bustamante bowed out amid low showings in polls, and one month after Governor Lisa J. Simpson declined a second bid for similar reasons…

…even on the Republican side, the field is crowded, with Brown being challenged by former Congressmembers, and incumbent Senators threatening to oppose him as well. With so many candidates on both sides of the contest only two months ahead of New Hampshire, it is still not clear who the major parties will nominate next year [6]

The Washington Post, 12/29/2019

[1] OTL Bob Ross quote!
[2] Italicized segments found here:
[3] I’m surprised that there is no movie with this title (at least, according to Wikipedia) in OTL!
[4] Conan O’Brien was passed over for the more famous Greg Kinnear, like how he almost was in OTL; here, Conan serves as a writer for Futurama for a bit longer than his OTL stint writing for The Simpsons, then lands his own Talk Show on The Overmyer Network. Rivers left over creative differences and Arsenio Hall left to head his own show, The Arsenio Hall show, until concluding it in 2017. Bernie Mac passed away four years earlier than he did in OTL due to the effects that SARS (which he catches during the pandemic) has on his already-compromised health (lung inflammation problem, OTL/TTL). Also, in OTL, Stephen Colbert’s father and two of his brothers were all killed in a plane crash; here, that didn’t happen, so Colbert didn’t turn to comedy as a coping mechanism; instead, he followed his father into medicine but got into comedy to cope with the “shellshock” of the SARS pandemic; he began appearing in movies and TV shows in minor and recurring roles in the late 2000s/early 2010s, but began to take on major roles by the late 2010s.
[5] Italicized pieces pulled from here:

[6] Ahead of the 2020 Democratic primaries, here’s a preference poll for y’all!:

And here’s a quick breakdown of all 25 candidates, both declared and undeclared, found on the poll:

Ms. Amanda Bearse of Florida, age 62 – The Hollywood writer/director and political activist best known for her acting career in the 1980s and 1990s, Bearse “unmasked herself” and revealed she was BLUTAG in 1993, four years before the less-famous Ellen Degeneres did so in 1997; Bearse, a prominent proponent of BLUTAGO-American Rights for decades, is pulling a page out of Sorkin’s playbook and running on police reform and protecting families and minority groups, but with a more fiery and anti-establishment kind of rhetoric.

Fmr US Pres. Carol Bellamy of New York, age 79 (undeclared) – Many in the party still hold a candle for the former President due to her lifetime devotion to improve life quality; in her post-POTUS years, she’s been praised for contributing to the fight against SARS, for improving international relations as the UN Secretary-General (1997-2007), and for working to end child poverty as the Head of UNICEF (1993-1997, 2007-2017); despite declining bids in 1996, 2000, 2008, and 2016, some still hope that she will finally relent to calls for her to seek a second term.

US Sen. Sylvia Mathews Burwell of West Virginia, age 55 – Elected the US Senate in 2014, this Greek-American “darling” of suburban Appalachia previously served as President Wellstone’s HHS Secretary and as President Jesse Jackson’s OMB Director and HHS Undersecretary; her campaign seeks to capitalize on her regional appeal, and popularity among swaths of immigrant voters, female voters, and other groups.

US Sen. Dan Clodfelter of North Carolina, age 70 – The lawmaker serving in the US Senate since 2015 has a lengthy resume, starting out as a Rhodes Scholar and law clerk before serving on Charlotte’s City Council from 1987 to 1993, and then as the city’s Mayor from 1994 to 1998; a member of the state senate from 1999 to 2014, he is running on a job-centric platform, calling for better upward mobility and better employment opportunities to help people pursue better living quality and higher take-home pay.

US Rep. Diana DeGette of Colorado, age 63 – Representing District 1 (Denver) since 1997, DeGette is known for being a fierce defender of Women’s Rights, BLUTAGO Rights, and America’s UHC system; her campaign focus on children’s health, food safety, medical research (including renewing Wellstone-era levels of federal involvement in stem cell research), plus OurVid snippets of her singer in her church choir, may bring in a wide and diverse group of supporters.

Fmr US Interior Sec. Larry J. Echo-Hawk of Idaho, age 72 – After serving as Governor from 1999 to 2007 and in the Wellstone Cabinet from 2009 to 2013, this Pawnee-American Mormon Marine Corps veteran believes his unique background, and his connections to and understanding of the people of the VP’s home state, are the key to besting Harley Brown in November 2020; his signature proposal is making rural America “superhubs” for renewable energy projects.

US Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau of Nebraska, age 61 – In office since January 2018, this African-American “rising star” with deep roots to community activism is running on a platform of defending families, farmers, seniors, and students, but also has GOP overlap in backing ZEDs; she also promotes easing America’s workforce shift from manufacturing to services, investing in medical research, and working with governors to implement civil justice measures.

Gov. Al Giannoulias of Illinois, age 44 – first elected governor in 2014 at the age of 38, this Greek-American former professional basketball player served as state Treasurer from 2007 to 2015; his gubernatorial tenure has seen state government direct more funds to combating child illness, improving disaster relief programs, and curbing urban and rural poverty, along with the implementation of securities lending programs and “creative” green energy projects.

Fmr Gov. Barry Goldberg of Pennsylvania, age 51 – Barreth Norman “Barry” Goldberg was Governor from 2011 to 2019, and was on Gary Locke’s shortlist for running mate in 2016; with an ebullient personality appealing to middle-class and suburban voters, Goldberg’s optimistic campaign is running on the slogan “Jobs, Technology, Progress,” or JTP for short, and is highlighting his successes as governor (such as being able to stop and then reverse the state’s economic “bleeding” during the 2013 recession, resulting in there being more jobs in the state when he left office than there was when he entered).

Gov. Maura Healey of Massachusetts, age 49 – Her home state’s first openly-BLUTAG Attorney General (2011-2015) before becoming Governor in 2015, Healey who also was previously a professional basketball player and law clerk, has spearheaded several initiatives as Governor concerning civil rights, criminal justice, antitrust, police reform, renewable energy, and urban development; her campaign is already winning over large swaths of the youth vote.

US Sen. Lisa Perez Jackson of New Jersey, age 58 (undeclared) – Developing an interest in environmentalism after the Trojan Tower Disaster, Jackson began working for the EPA in 1987, and served as the agency’s Director from 2004 to 2013, where she worked to combat carbon dioxide levels, CO2 emissions, and successfully getting congress to set stricter smog pollution limits; elected to the US Senate in 2014, many of her supporters believe that she needs to bring her experiences and skills confronting Global Climate Disruption to the Oval Office.

US Rep. Brenda Lawrence of Michigan, age 66 – A longtime supporter of education, Lawrence has been serving in the House since 2015, after serving as Mayor of Southfield from 2001 to 2015; involved in Racial Justice, Government Oversight, Transportation, and Housing activities, Lawrence is heading a campaign focused on “bread-and-butter” issues, and could appeal to voters in urban, suburban and rural areas.

US Rep. Monica Lewinski of California, age 47 – Representing a “competitive” seat since 2011, the feminist Lewinski was almost picked to be Gary Locke’s running mate in 2016, but was not selected due to not being from a swing state; however, with the electoral college being reformed, the race’s dynamics have changed, and with her being from the union’s most populous state, she could lead the party to victory with her campaign and its emphasis on promoting women’s rights and reversing President Grammer’s tax reforms.

US Sen. Alexandra Lugaro of Puerto Rico, age 39 – This young Latina “firebrand” served in the House from 2011 to 2019, and in the US Senate since January 2019; a strong advocate of education, economic development, and job creation, she is running on a pro-labor platform that includes calling for the protection of workers from wage theft, “unjust” automation-related layoffs, immigrant abuse, and anti-union endeavors.

Mr. Bear McSavory of New Jersey, age unknown – The founder and CEO of Bear’s Hotdogs since 1971, this mysterious businessman has launched a low-key campaign that may just be a bizarre promotion of his chain of hotdog stands (his generic and vague campaign netsite has an autolink to the stand closest to one’s location on literally every page); despite his political positions being unclear (apart from backing small businesses and startups) and allegations of being a “joke” candidate, he has already gathered enough signatures and spent enough money to get his moniker on the ballot in several early primaries.

Fmr Gov. Michael Moore of Michigan, age 66 – Despite serving in various public offices since the age of 18, this former Governor (2011-2019) has developed an anti-establishment record and reputation; with his unique brand of populism, and using the same “anti-capitalist, pro-democracy” mantra he ran on in 2016, Moore is running on his job creation and community development successes made as Governor.

Gov. Krist Novoselic of Washington, age 55 (undeclared) – With streaks of libertarianism in his record, the reformist Governor of Washington since 2017 may forego re-election to run for President, as a Democrat if not as some third-party candidate; a hypothetical candidacy by the semi-retired guitarist whose political views cannot be easily categorized would focus on grassroots organization, ensuring fair tax distributions, and protecting individual rights.

Gov. Charlotte Pritt of West Virginia, age 72 – Intermittently serving in state offices since 1984, the pragmatic Pritt has become a “darling” of the Appalachian, Midwest, and Rust Belt regions in recent years; since entering office in 2013, Pritt, who calls herself an “FDR Democrat,” has transformed her home state, launching urban beautification, land reclamation, air quality and “green suburban” infrastructure plans, and diversifying the state economy to include tourism and wind energy; labor unions, nutritionists, educators, environmentalists and feminist groups are backing her candidacy.

US Sen. Kwame Raoul of Illinois, age 56 – Elected in 2008 and again in 2014, this charismatic Haitian-American lawmaker is retiring from the Senate to run for the White House on a liberal-to-progressive platform; similar to his unsuccessful 2016 run, he is calling for recreadrug policy reform to combat abuse through education, prevention, and assistance programs, and for stronger police precinct reform and civil justice (in connection to recent riots over police shootings).

Fmr US VP Bob Ross of Alaska, age 78 (undeclared) – The Happy Painting Warrior hasn’t held public office since 2013, he hasn’t won an election since 2008, and he hasn’t won an election on his own since 1990, but darn it, he’s Bob frickin’ Ross, and Ross The Boss is still wildly popular among a section of the party for his longtime of promoting peace, love, environmental protection, humanitarianism, and the arts; since leaving office, he has actively participated in numerous charities, and was a source of comfort and support to survivors of hurricanes in 2017, and of a police shooting in the summer of 2019.

US Sen. Tom Suozzi of New York, age 58 – A US Senator since 2007 who is third in line for Senate leadership, this enthusiastic Italian-American candidate was previously the Executive of Nassau County, NY from 2002 to 2006, and the Mayor of Glen Cove from 1994 to 2001; he is running on the proposal of creating jobs by establishing more hydrogen power projects and revitalizing urban centers nationwide.

US Rep. Zephyr Teachout of New York, age 49 – In office since 2015, this advocate of campaign finance reform and government transparency started out in academia, as a college professor and law firm associate; her platform calls for reversing President Grammer’s tax cuts for the wealthy, investing in transportation and technet infrastructure, implementing anti-corruption measures, and centralizing America’s education system.

Fmr Gov. William Thiebaut Jr. of Colorado, age 73 (undeclared) – A former state senator and former Governor (2011-2019), this father of 15 has floated the idea of running for months now, and may do so on a platform emphasizing his strong support of consumer rights, unions, community, ontech ID protection, and seniors; he could win over Republicans and Independents by leaning on the “family values” themes that got him elected Governor in the first place.

Rochester Mayor Lovely Ann Warren of New York [not Massachusetts as mistakenly stated on the poll, sorry :( ], age 43 – In office since 2014, the Mayor of Rochester gained national attention in recent years for her apparent success at police precinct reform, neighborhood development, and expanding education opportunities for her city’s youth and vocational opportunities for the city’s workers; she is running on a platform focused on consumer protection, economic renewal, and social safety net improvements.

Gov. Jeffrey P. Weaver of Vermont, age 54 – Active in statewide politics since the 1980s, he began his career working on local voter registration drives before being elected St. Albans City Ward 4 alderman in 1987, then Mayor of St. Albans in 1990; he served in the state House (1995-2001), then briefly left politics to open a comic book and gaming store in Burlington before serving in the state senate (2007-2011) and as Lieutenant Governor (2011-2015); since becoming Governor in 2015, Weaver has combatted income inequality and public utility issues; he has been endorsed by media mogul Bern Sanders.

If there’s no clear poll winner after 3 days, I’ll post a second poll with the top 15, 10, or 5 vote-getters, depending on how exactly things play out here.

Also, since I’m curious how popular Brown is, here’s a preference poll for y’all for the 2020 Republican primaries!:

And here’s a quick breakdown of all 14 candidates, both declared and undeclared, found on the poll:

US Sen. Gus Bilirakis of Florida, age 57 (undeclared) – In office since 2011, the Greek-American son of former US Senator Mike Bilirakis has been an outspoken critic of the Vice President’s demeanor, calling his actions and gaffes “uncouth” and “unbecoming of someone in his position”; if he yielded to those calling for him to primary the VP, he would run on a platform supportive of the President’s tax cuts and regulation policies.

Fmr Lt. Gov. Lewis Kevin Billings of Utah, age 64 – A technocratic conservative Mormon with strong ties to Japan, Billings served as the Mayor of Provo from 1998 to 2010, and was elected Lieutenant Governor in 2012 but lost re-nomination in 2016; he is campaigning on his experience in economic development and his reputation for eloquent public speaking skills, claiming the Vice President is too inexperienced and divisive to win the general election.

US VP Harley Davidson Brown of Idaho, age 66 – What a character America has for a Vice President; the brutally honest biker-turned-KW2 War Hero can tout an impressive resume over his opponents, having previously served in the US House, as the Mayor of Nampa, and as a Governor; supportive of BLUTAGO-Americans “before it was cool,” Brown’s campaign is an inimitable combination of libertarianism, interventionism, and Christian Values, with his colorful language, rural roots, and brazen personality reminding many GOP voters of another (albeit less controversial) Republican politician - Colonel Sanders.

State Sen. Edward A. Buchanan of Wyoming, age 53 – Starting out as an attorney before serving in the state House (2003-2013) and state senate (since 2013), Buchanan believes Brown is giving their shared geographical region, and their political party, “a bad rap,” and, because Governor McCain of Montana declined to do so, Buchanan is running as a “more tolerant and tolerable” alternative to Brown.

Min. Mark Burns of South Carolina, age 41 – An evangelical minister and televangelist already endorsed by former US Rep. Marion Hammer (R-SC), this African-American conservative who passed up a run for Congress in 2018 believes that the Vice President is damaging the reputation of Christian activists despite Brown being highly popular among religious conservatives; Burns also disagrees strongly with Brown’s support for trans rights.

Fmr US Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell of Colorado, age 87 – This Cheyenne-American former member of the US Olympic Judo Team (1964) held several political offices from 1983 until his retirement from the US Senate in 2005, and previously ran for President in 2004; Campbell is running to keep the election focused on “the real issues at hand” (backing green energy and proper land use, curbing immigration, and cutting taxes and regulations), as he believes Brown would, as President, fail to implement certain policies and spend too much time “bickering with everybody.”

Fmr US Rep. Raymond J. “Chip” Cravaack of Minnesota, age 61 – This Libya War veteran served in the US House from 2011 to 2015, and lost re-election in an upset he blamed on a third-party conservative candidate on the ballot allegedly spoiling the race for him; with a military background, he considers himself to be a “sensible alternate” to the Vice President, and is running on a platform of “opening up” large sections of preserved land to developers and mining.

US Sen. Steve Gunderson of Wisconsin, age 69 (undeclared) – Gunderson has served in multiple offices since 1975, most notably as the US Secretary of Labor from early 2013 to late 2017, and has been in his current office since 2019; Gunderson has been openly BLUTAGO since 1995, when he revealed he was in a relationship with a fellow congressman, Harvey Milk (D-CA), which ended amicably in 2002; Gunderson has openly disapproved of Brown’s decorum and style on numerous occasions despite, and may run against them despite their very similar policy positions.

Fmr US Amb. to New Zealand Mike Leavitt of Utah, age 69 – A pro-EPA Mormon who started out in the insurance business, Leavitt was Lieutenant Governor under Governor Huntsman, from 1993 to 2001, and after losing a bid for Governor in 2000, served in congress from 2003 to 2009; he was the US Ambassador to New Zealand under President Wellstone from 2009 to 2011, stepping down to head a major international organization determined to reverse Global Climate Disruption; he is running due to his belief that Brown would not do enough as President to confront GCD.

Fmr US Rep. Kevin Mannix of Oregon, age 71 – Developing a moderate-to-conservative record while in congress from 2009 to 2019 (he lost re-election in 2018), Mannix is supportive of ballot measures, and worked on the victims’ rights legislation passed under President Grammer; he is running to “restore prestige to the Republican party,” cut taxes, strengthen the economy, and encourage partnerships between businesses and colleges.

US Sen. Rand Paul of North Carolina, age 58 (undeclared) – Taking a medical residency in North Carolina led to this technocratic “constitutionalist” libertarian ophthalmologist running for a US Senate seat from there in 2010 and again in 2016; several individuals, including his father, former US Senator and former Presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-TX), believe he should run in order to “save libertarianism’s reputation” from Brown, and return America’s focus to the troubling issues of cybersecurity and the size of the federal government.

Gov. Darryl W. Perry of New Hampshire, age 48 (undeclared) – This “radical” libertarian, who considers other libertarians like Rand Paul to be “weak moderates,” served as the Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama (2007-2011), then moved to New Hampshire in 2012 and served as a state senator (2015-2017) before being elected Governor in 2016 and 2018; his controversial gubernatorial tenure includes minimizing vehicle license requirements (possibly explaining a recent spike in NH car accidents) and decriminalizing all recreadrugs; supporters ontech want him to bow out of his re-election bid to run for President.

Fmr Gov. William S. Scranton III of Pennsylvania, age 73 – The son of the late Vice President Scranton already ran for President back in 1992, after being elected Governor in 1986 and 1990, but he is coming out of retirement and returning to the political arena to challenge Brown from the left with a moderate campaign focused on implementing a flat tax and a less isolationistic foreign policy; already, many in the party are calling him a LID (liberal in disguise).

Fmr WH Chief Foreign Policy Advisor Rob Sobhani of Maryland, age 60 – President Grammer’s former “go-to” man for oversees issues is an Iranian-American born in Kansas with deep ties to Iran (even being friends with Shah Reza Pahlavi) dating back to the 1970s, when he and his parents lived in Iran but moved back to the US to escape political turmoil; he is running to oppose Brown’s “aggressive” tendencies and “hawkish” approach to international diplomacy.

Mel Blanc – pretty much the same as OTL, surviving a car wreck, voicing Hanna-Barbera cartoons as well as Warner Bros. cartoons; he quit smoking in 1981 and passed away in 1997, having retired from voicing certain characters due to how aging had affected his voice.
Russi Taylor and Wayne Allwine – both still ended up voicing Mickey and Minnie like in OTL and both married each other like in OTL; however, due to the US having UHC here, he lives long enough to coach/train Bret Iwan and give a few tips to Chris Diamantopoulos, retiring from voicing duties in 2016 amid declining health, and passed away from diabetes in 2018 at the age of 71, with Taylor passing away in September 2019 (there was no Martin Prince character, but she did voice minor characters on Futurama and many other shows).
Roseanne Barr – similar to OTL; star of “Roseanne” (1988-1995, cancelled), “Roseanne Returns” (2004-2006, cancelled), “Roseanne’s Nuts” (2011-2012, cancelled), and “Roseanne Returns Yet Again” (2014-2018, cancelled); got into politics in the late 1990s in opposition to the War on Recreadrugs, and was the Democratic nominee for Governor of Hawaii in 2002 (she lost the election to Mike Gabbard, as mentioned in the November 2002 chapter).
Joe Alaskey – voice actor like in OTL; mentioned in Chapter 116 as voicing Akbar on “Life In Heck,” and ITTL he died from cancer in early 2019, age 66.
4Kids Entertainment – still around, but has been primarily involved in various anime projects since the late 1990s.
Ronald McDonald and McDonaldland from McDonald’s – I previously mentioned McDonaldland in March 1994 as being showcased in McDonald’s commercials in the 1970s and being the inspiration for the “Waikiki Sea” and worldbuilding done for SpongeBob’s Undersea Cuisine; McDonaldland remained a popular gimmick until the 1990s, when McDonald’s sought to copy the popularity of SpongeBob’s hybrid animated-live action commercials by making Ronald McDonald and friends animated, but the premise continued to fall out of favor; commercials that had Cartoon Ron (1995-2002) interacting with celebrities also failed, resulting in the premise of McDonaldland being scrapped as a marketing tool; however, in recent years, some technetters have voiced support for the idea of McDonald’s bringing it back, either in commercials, or even as its own TV show, similarly to the SpongeBob show of the 1990s.
The Bugs Bunny Show – pretty much the same as OTL, except here it ran from 1948 to 1978, and the 1965-1972 episodes were noticeably less violent than the rest of them due the Sanders administration looking down on the depiction of violence in children’s programming; the closest thing this TL has to Space Jam would be Kareem Abdul-Jabbar playing a universe-jumping superhero in a live-action/animated hybrid film called “Toon Slam,” a “spiritual successor” to Who Framed Roger Rabbit made in 2001 that parodied the superhero films coming out at the time, produced by Warner Bros and also starring Brendan Frasier and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
The Looney Tunes – Without Space Jam, there is no Lola Bunny; instead, after the Arkwave of 1970, a recurring female character, the tough-but-lovable Bonnie Bunny, was created and introduced on the Bugs Bunny Show in early 1972; Looney Tune shows like Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Baby Toons, and Duck Dodgers still come about in the 1990s/2000s, along with a new road-runner series called “Coyote Falls,” and a surprisingly mature series on the fastest mouse in all of Mexico called “Speedy.”
Greg Burson – got sober in 1999 but relapsed in 2002 due to the isolating effects of the safezoning shutdowns brought on by the SARS pandemic; he took a lengthy leave of absence in 2003 to enter rehab and returned to voice acting in 2004; passed away suddenly in 2018 from diabetes complications.
Alex Trebek – pretty much the same as OTL
Bob Barker – also pretty much the same as OTL
Dale Earnhardt – still alive, still racing.
Derek Savage – the poet? OTL. The footballer? Also OTL. EDIT: Wait, you meant Derek Chauvin, didn’t you? If you did: served in KW2 and became Cottage Grove’s youngest Sheriff in 2006 at the age of 30, but he resigned in 2009 in protest of Governor Johnson’s efforts to reform police precincts across Minnesota; after working for a security guard training agency, his record as sheriff came under scrutiny by Minnesota’s Attorney General, leading to him being acquitted on two counts of abuse of power in 2013 but guilty on a third one in 2014; he was pardoned by outgoing Governor Bachmann in 2019, and currently teaches law enforcement at Northern Arizona University.
Chris Savino – lead storyboard artist for several animated TV shows in the 1990s and directed several direct-to-MLD movies in the aughts and 2010s.
John Kricfalusi – taken down in the Arkwave of 1986 and failed to get his career back off the ground under pseudonyms; currently teaches social studies at Seneca College in Toronto and was recently reprimanded after being caught drinking on the job; he plans on retiring to Florida in 2022.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film adaptations – the one starring Gene Wilder was still made, and a remake directed by Chris Columbus was released in 2005 (MLD sales of the original film just prior to the SARS quarantine renewed interest in the original).
Mel Brooks – When Spaceballs came out in 1988 in OTL, it was initially criticized for being a few years too late for satirizing the series, but I saw it as possibly keeping Star Wars fans entertained enough to give Lucas time to work on the prequels. So here, it comes out about a year early with pretty much the same cast; after the third prequel film is set for 2001, Brooks begins work on Spaceballs II in earnest in order for the film to not come out too “late,” only for the SARS pandemic to delay the film’s release until the summer of 2004; starring most of the original cast, including Pullman, Candy and Zuniga, it’s considered to be not as good as the original classic but still a funny and fun self-aware parody film.
Jerry Springer – he was already mentioned as being a US Congressman in 1970 and as being the Governor of Ohio from 1987 to 1995; after an unsuccessful bid for a US Senate seat (he’s not eligible for the Presidency in OTL/TTL!), he began hosting a talk radio show before landing a TV deal with The Overmyer Network in 1998, leading to The Jerry Springer Show, a serious issues-oriented political talk show, premiering in 1999; the show did better in ratings the more it focused on younger viewers and addressing major controversial topics, but with his reputation on the line – he’s even offered an ambassadorship in 2009, and serves as a special UN Ambassador in 2011 – he refrains from making his show “smutty” or what have you; he ended his show in 2015 and then worked on Locke’s presidential campaign; he currently is an advisor for the Burwell campaign, and could be selected for DNC Chair in 2021.
Code Monkeys – never heard of it; I’ll cover it in the next chapter
US Coins, Stamps and Paper Money – The half dollar still has Ben Franklin on it, though calls for the mint to add Colonel Sanders and/or the assassinated Lee Iacocca to the currency still persist to this day; Eisenhower dollars were still minted from 1971 to 1978 like in OTL, and a copper-nickel half-dollar coin of LBJ was printed from 1981 to 1999. Iacocca was on the silver 1-dollar coin in Ecuador from 1997 to 2017, and on a commemorative nickel in the U.A.E. in 2005; commemorative 1-dollar coins were introduced in 2014 to honor the 90th birthday of Lee Iacocca, and soon after, coins were made honoring Eisenhower, LBJ, and the Colonel, with special coins being made depicting Kemp and Denton soon after their respective deaths. The only major change to paper currency was replacing Jackson for Tubman on the 20-dollar bill (announced in 2005, printing began in 2007). I have no idea how stamps would be different ITTL.
List of Pixar films – will be included in a 2020 chapter, along with a list of Disney animated theatrical films
I’ll address “Mickey Mouse franchises,” Horror hosts Elvira and Svengoolie, Seltzer and Friedberg, and the COPS TV show in the next chapter.

Law & Order – still got created, but has even more spinoffs, prequels and other related shows and international versions than in OTL, including one strictly covering real-life cases, one called “Night & Day,” an X-Files rip-off called “Law & Order: Paranormal,” and several more “localized” versions such as “Law & Order: Louisville” and “Law & Order: Las Vegas.”
Perry Mason – original version aired from 1957 to 1968; a continuation in 1976 performed poorly in the ratings; a second TV series ran from 1983 until Raymond Burr died in 1993; a fourth series, a reboot starring Glenn Close as Perry Mason, ran from 2004 until its cancellation in 2010.
Friends – Runs from 1994 to 2005, with production halting temporarily in 2002 to write the SARS pandemic into the series; I’m not at all sure if the cast stays the same (Tea Leoni for Rachel? Janeane Garofalo for Monica? Who’d replace Matthew Perry if he even could be replaced at all – Jason Bateman, William Ragsdale, Scott Waara (if he’s not too old)? I think Kudrow may still play Pheobe instead of Megan Mullally, Ross was written specifically for Schwimmer, and I can’t picture anyone playing Joey better than Matt Le Blanc); Chandler was kept a gay character as he was originally going to be, and ends up marrying a recurring character played by Ron Palillo in 2004; Monica ends up with Joey, which is funny given his reckless impulsiveness and her fidgety cleanliness habits (diagnosed as mild OCD in a serious episode, that showcases Matt’s caring nature, in 2000), and they marry in 2002, but Joey struggles to adjust to married life until Monica gets pregnant in 2003 and he enters Dad Mode in 2004; There are more prominent African-American recurring characters, played by Victoria Rowell, Karen Malina White, and Jason Bernard (who survives a 1996 heart attack and dies in 2012); Phoebe’s tragic backstory (abandonment, homelessness, etc) gets a bit more focus and she ends up founding and heading a major charity organization after helping with community assistance efforts during the SARS pandemic (and survives SARS in a serious 2003 episode); an annoying recurring character from Season 1 that didn’t really “fit” into the show disappeared after that season and it was releaved in Season 6 that he joined the army and was killed in KW2; Season 9 (2003) has Joey trying and failing to skydive off the WTC; Ross and Rachel finally settle down in Season 11, but, beforehand, Rachel also married and divorced two people which made her a hypocrite for insulting Ross for doing the same earlier on in the series; Gunther dates Phoebe in Season 4, and in Season 10 marries Janice, which the show suggests he already regrets.
Happy Days – not sure; how much of the 1960s did that show depict in OTL? Since the turbulence of the 1960s happened much earlier ITTL, it’s possible the show keeps the characters in the 1950s a la That 70s Show, or simply wraps up earlier than it did in OTL, I don't really know.
Andy Griffith – The Andy Griffith Show still airs from 1960 to 1968 like in OTL; same goes for Matlock, 1986-1995.
Murder, She Wrote – pretty much the same as OTL, except it runs from 1984 to 2001, and episodes after season six more often depict her stumbling across murders outside of her hometown, while visiting various locations that are high in crime.
Party of Five – similar to OTL
Wonder Years – Airing from 1988 to 1994 and taking place from 1968 to 1974, it initially (Season 1, 1968-1969) focuses more on the coming-of-age side of things before focusing more on the changing social events of the time period it covers (Seasons 2-6, 1969-1974), especially women’s rights in Seasons 2 and 3; the series ends with the main character starting a spontaneous cross-country road trip to celebrate graduating from high school. Also: Boy Meets World is cancelled after season three due to the show becoming way too serious, costing them viewers.
Facts of Life – basically the same as OTL; same goes for Diff’rent Strokes.
NYPD Blue – similar to OTL, airing from 1993 to 2004; it was criticized by Jesse Jackson for its depiction of violence, nudity, and racist stereotypes, continued allegations of racial insensitivity led to the show being rebranded to try and address the concerns, but this instead alienated viewers; these missteps combined with controversial statements made by some cast and crew members in regards to Jackson’s police precinct reform efforts and the Goetz campaign led to the show being cancelled in 2003, with the final episodes airing in early 2004.
Homicide: Life on The Street – also similar to OTL, airing from 1993 to 1997, with many people who worked on TTL’s Popeye Doyle (TV show starring Ed O’Neill, 1986-1992) working on its early seasons.
Saved by the Bell – “Good Morning, Miss Bliss” begins airing in 1988, but after three seasons, the show evolves into an anthology-like series with new student and teacher character entering the series and then leaving after a few seasons, similar to a real school; the series concluded with a 10-year-anniversary (Season 1) “class reunion” episode in 1998, but a feature-length TV special was later made in 2017.
Family Matters/Urkel – Given it was a spinoff of another ’80s series and Urkel, the character that made the show so popular, was originally supposed to be a minor role and doesn’t even appear until episode 4, I’m honestly not sure what happened with this show/character, or if they even come into existence at all. Any ideas or suggestions?

According to what I’ve read online, the premise of Phineas and Ferb was based on Povenmire’s mother telling him to never waste a single day of summer vacation, so I think the show would exist. Both Povenmire and Marsh met when they worked across from each other as layout artists for The Simpsons, so here, if they meet, it may be because they both end up getting hired for work the layout for Life In Heck. Then they work on Rocko’s Modern Life and Futurama together. Around this time, they develop ideas for the show, though I don’t know if they still come up with the “Triangle Kid” doodle or pick a platypus instead of some other animal. The two pitch the show to several networks in 2002, when animation was one of the few industries to not be severely impacted by the SARS pandemic, thus creating a rush to produce animated content to placate the masses stuck indoors. Phineas and Ferb, if it’s even called that here, gets greenlit during this time, and receives a limited run during the summer months of 2003 and 2004. In 2005, the show begins airing more regularly, and concludes after five seasons and three movies, with three spinoff shows (airing in 2007-2008, 2012-2017, and 2014-2018) being made as well.

The next chapter's E.T.A.: June 8 at the very latest!
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Great update. I really enjoyed the discussion about Sanders in the context of modern time. I really appreciate how deeply Bob Ross is contemplating running for President. He truly does care about everyone 😊 I also thought it was ironic Putin is leading a protest in TTL considering OTL... Even though she has declared she's running I hope Carol Bellamy does run. I also support Monica and Alexandra Lugaro. So many good candidates