Kentucky Fried Politics: A Colonel Sanders Timeline

Hmm, very few good picks for the Democrats. While an Aaron Sorkin presidency could be interesting, I’d imagine he’d have the exact same problem as Grammer did of appearing too intellectual and distant. Lisa Simpson becoming president is also fun but I think Backing Bob is the best choice this time around. I imagine getting a running mate with strong energy might help overcome his soft spoken appearance and bleed support/attention away from VP Brown.

Is Walter N. Iwachiw another Lee Harvey Oswald anagram situation?

Very worrying developments in Russia. Let’s hope it Nikolayev doesn’t become a Putin or gets kicked out before he does something too damaging.

And regarding the issue of the Harry Potter books, why not have the Books of Magic by Neil Gaiman take up that position in pop culture. Might need some slight alterations to have it be capable of standing alone from the rest of the DC universe but it would be interesting for the bespectacled boy wizard of this timeline to be Timothy Hunter. And it helps keep Rowling and TERF views from becoming well known

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Hmm, very few good picks for the Democrats. While an Aaron Sorkin presidency could be interesting, I’d imagine he’d have the exact same problem as Grammer did of appearing too intellectual and distant. Lisa Simpson becoming president is also fun but I think Backing Bob is the best choice this time around. I imagine getting a running mate with strong energy might help overcome his soft spoken appearance and bleed support/attention away from VP Brown.

Is Walter N. Iwachiw another Lee Harvey Oswald anagram situation?

Very worrying developments in Russia. Let’s hope it Nikolayev doesn’t become a Putin or gets kicked out before he does something too damaging.

And regarding the issue of the Harry Potter books, why not have the Books of Magic by Neil Gaiman take up that position in pop culture. Might need some slight alterations to have it be capable of standing alone from the rest of the DC universe but it would be interesting for the bespectacled boy wizard of this timeline to be Timothy Hunter. And it helps keep Rowling and TERF views from becoming well known
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Nope, Mr. Iwachiw is a real (but very obscure) person!:

We'll see what happens with Russia...

Interesting! But then what becomes of JKR? Maybe she works her way up to the top of Amnesty International, where she was working at before publishing HP!

I apologize if this has been asked before (which it likely has), but who exactly is Barry Golberg? Just curious.
A description of him ITTL can be found in the candidates-in-the-poll section; IOTL, he remained a radiologist.
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Barry Goldberg is the brother from The Goldbergs, IOTL he is a radiologist. Lisa J. Simpson is, in addition to a funny joke, a real person. IOTL she married a guy named Brown and was a candidate for the 5th District of Washington running as a Democrat, and was later named Washington Secretary of Commerce by Gov. Jay Inslee.
Barry Goldberg is the brother from The Goldbergs, IOTL he is a radiologist. Lisa J. Simpson is, in addition to a funny joke, a real person. IOTL she married a guy named Brown and was a candidate for the 5th District of Washington running as a Democrat, and was later named Washington Secretary of Commerce by Gov. Jay Inslee.
I see. Very interesting. Thanks!
Great updates. Sad to see Jack Kemp and Medgar die. Nice to see Grammer put VP Davidson in his place. Also liked seeing Grammer welcome the King of Laos to the White House. I can't believe Michael Moore is running for President! And Aaron Sorkin as well! Also nice to see former President Dinger chance his mind over drugs. Also I do have a question what are Jordan Peterson and Candace Owens doing in this TL? I really liked learning about serial killer culture in this TL btw :)
Chapter 111: December 2015 – June 2016
Chapter 111: December 2015 – June 2016

“The most important things are the hardest to say.”

– Stephen King (OTL/TTL)


The Washington Post, 12/1/2016


Washington, D.C. – Longtime US Senator Daniel K. Inouye, a Democrat from Hawaii and a highly decorated World War Two combat veteran who used his status as a powerful D.C. politician and one of the longest-serving senators in U.S. history to send billions of dollars to his home state, died yesterday evening at his home in Honolul, Hawaii. He was 91. A spokesperson for Inouye said the cause of death was natural causes. …From 2005 to 2011, Inouye was the Senate’s president pro tempore, which put him third in the line of succession for the presidency. This was because he was the longest-serving incumbent Democrat, having entered the US Senate nearly 53 years ago in January 1963. Republican Bob Dole, another World War Two veteran and a longtime friend of Inouye, succeeded him as Senate’s president pro tempore, after Republicans took back the Senate in the 2010 midterms. …He is survived by his son Ken, his second wife Irene, and five grandchildren…

The Washington Post, 12/2/2015


…Irene Hirano Inouye, b. 1948, will be sworn into her late husband’s seat next week…

– The Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Hawaiian newspaper, 12/5/2015

“Diversity of thought and culture and religion and ideas has been the strength of America.” [1]

– US Senator Gary Locke (D-WA), declared candidate for President, 12/6/2015 stump speech


…the densely populated Gaza Strip has long lacked sufficient drinking water, but a new project is helping to ease the shortage with a solar-powered process to extract potable water straight from the air. …The joint Israeli-Palestinian project is the brainchild of a Russian-Israeli billionaire, Michael Mirilashvili. The company he heads, Watergen, has developed the atmospheric water generators that can produce 5,000 to 6,000 liters (1,300 to more than 1,500 gallons) of water that can then be treated via sanitation plants to make it all drinkable… [2]

The Daily Telegraph, 12/7/2015


…“It seems people want me to run, and I don’t ever like to disappoint so many people,” said the former Vice President today in the speech with which he has launched an official late-entry campaign for President in response to a massive draft effort…

The Washington Post, 12/8/2015

LOCKE: I’m really surprised that Ross jumped in. I thought he was going to give a Shermanesque statement.

KIM: It’s going to upend the field composition significantly. Already there’s talk of two of Ross’s biggest supporters, Denise Juneau and Kwame Raoul, dropping out to get behind his candidacy.

LOCKE: Well, we’re not going to be doing that. Jumping into this race was a big decision for me and my family. I’m not going to just bow out after all that contemplation, all those nights sitting around the table weighing the risks and everything. I got in to win.

– audio-recorded conservation, Locke’16 campaign HQ in Seattle, WA; recorded 12/8/2015 (leaked 2/15/2017)

Ross – 28%

Locke – 19%

Moore – 18%

Franklin – 9%

Goldberg – 7%

Sorkin – 5%

Simpson – 2%

Others – 4%

Undecided – 8%

– Gallup poll for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination, published 12/11/2015


…US Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton was caught on a hot mic claiming that the wave of riots that plagued Spain in 2013 and 2014, highlighted by the bombing of a historic “megachurch” in Barcelona, was due to that country’s open borders policy. “Europe must curb immigration to stop rightwing populists,” [3] the center-left politician said in a conversation with an unidentified intern or assistant. The surprisingly conservative comment came shortly after Rodham-Clinton appeared at a private fundraiser for Kelsey Grammer’s re-election bid, where other attendees also raised the suggestion that the civil disobedience and rioting that immediately followed the Unlucky Recession were due to a rise populism in Europe connected to the continent’s open-borders immigration policy more so than due to poor regulation of fiscal policies...

The Washington Post, 12/12/2015

…The White House’s grounds more recent architectural additions include expanding two hallways with wider areas for art collections under First Lady Joan Mondale in 1974, a part of the primary basement being converted into a bowling alley in 1997 for Dinger, which was in turn converted into a gym under President Jesse Jackson in 2003. Furthermore, President Denton’s controversial “mini-chapel” constructed near the East Wing in 1983 was converted in 1989 to a medical center/digital computer hub for the White House staff...


COOKING IN THE WHITE HOUSE: An American Tradition 240 Years In The Making

…While First Lady Marissa Joan Hart-Grammer releasing a cook book covering the favorite foods of the First Family this week was not a groundbreaking publication, it does remind one of other famous cooking that has occurred at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…

…The White house actually has three kitchens: a large one for the main staff, the “executive” one on the second “residential” floor, and a small auxiliary kitchen on the side, near the main kitchen. In fact, the aux kitchen was built out of a butler’s pantry in 1965 in order to allow then-President Colonel Sanders the ability to make himself a bucket of his own Kentucky Fried Chicken without bothering staff of dirtying a kitchen that was closed for the night.

But the larger private kitchen in the upstairs residence was not built by the chicken-loving Colonel – it was actually built by Mondale. It is, surprisingly, a very little-known fact that Sanders was succeeded into office by another passionate cook. While not a professional, Mondale did cook, often with his wife, to relieve stress of the office of the US President.


[pic: ]

Above: President Mondale cooking a turkey in the White House auxiliary kitchen, photo undated but c. 1970s

Even now, 36 years after leaving office, Mondale's second-favorite hobby, after fishing, is cooking. As President, he would write down recipes on scraps of paper or backs of envelopes and then stuff them into a card file; now he saves it all on digital files.

“His first gastronomic success was fried fish, which he mastered while on fishing trips. Fritz loves to cook as a form of relaxation because it's so consuming," former Frist Lady Joan Mondale said in a 2012 interview. "Fran comes over with bags of groceries and they sort of go to work," she said of Mondale and his fishing partner and culinary mentor, Duluth, Minn., television station owner Fran Befera. "When the men are cooking they're on their own. It's much better that way. It's really a pleasure because it's a nontraditional activity, but more and more men are finding it a pleasure."

Joan also claimed that, as President, Walter liked to whip up a little "Fettucine a la Pimento Mondale" or "Minnesota Wild Rice" for himself, and some "Brunch Eggs a la Stan" and "Granny Mondale's Cinnamon Rolls" for their son, William.

Sometimes others joined in on Mondale’s kitchen activities in the Upstairs Residence. Second Lady Muriel Humphrey made beef soup, Betty Friedan made garlic soup, the wife of then-US Secretary of State Jimmy Carter's " 'Plains Special' Cheese Ring" and Mondale campaign chairman James A. Johnson's classic, "Hot Dogs and Tab" were all reportedly made and served to small collections of guests on the White House’s second floor by their aforementioned creators…


…However, cooking must be done carefully. Walter Mondale has a history of hypertension and his father had heart problems. During press conferences held in the 1970s and 1980s, Joan Mondale often said was trying to steer him toward healthy food, but that she did not always succeed.

"I tried once with salt," she
explained once in 1977, "and my great secret weapon was not to put salt and pepper on the dinner table. So the first night I tried that, he said, 'Where is the salt?'

"And so I said, 'You're not supposed to have salt.' So he left the table, went to the kitchen and got it and came back. So that's how he responded to that."

Mondale has been actively involved with food for many years.

"One of the first ways that Fritz exhibited his cooking skills was, I guess, about 15 years ago when Thanksgiving came around and I was so tired I could hardly move. And he said, 'Let me make Thanksgiving dinner
,'" Joan Mondale explained at the press conference in 2011. [4]

–, 12/19/2015 article

“Grammer For Ex-President”

“Bob’s The Best”

“Let’s Get Crazy” [5]

“Ross The Boss”

“Happy Little Times Are Here Again”

– unofficial Ross’16 slogans, c. December 2015

RENHO WINS! New C.D. Takes Control In Alliance, Trouncing S.D. Majority And Ousting PM Mizuho Fukushima

The Asahi Shimbun, Japanese newspaper, 1/2/2016

The Three Stooges

(2016 film)

Premiered: January 3, 2016

Genre(s): comedy/satire/slapstick

Directed by: Tom Hooper

Written by: James Bachman, Abigail Burdess and Tariq Anwar

Produced by: United Kingdom Film Council (UKFC) and Momentum Pictures

Distributed by: Momentum Pictures (UK, Australia and NZ) and Paramount Pictures (US and other territories)


John Oliver as Moe

Andy Zaltzman as Larry

Al Murray as Curly

David Mitchell as Shemp

See Full List Here


A British interpretation/version of/take on the beloved American comedy team from the 1940s sees Moe, Larry and Curly are ex-soldiers dishonorably discharged during World War Two, but upon going from trying to find jobs to inadvertently stumbling across a Nazi spy scheme, Moe sees the chance to redeem themselves and save England – and make some money along the way.


The film opened to lukewarm reviews from critics and “fair” replies from audiences. As it barely made just over the amount of money the production company was hoping it would, it was considered a box office success, but those who worked on the film declined any interest in making any sort of sequel.


“Our government is completely illiterate when it comes to cyber security. We are twenty years behind the Chinese, who, if provoked into a cyber war with us, would devastate us, at a scale so vast that it’s unimaginable to present-day us.”

“Privacy and security are not mutually exclusive. Privacy is fundamental right. It is what keeps the glue of society together. Without it, our society would crumble. Without the ability to keep our honest thoughts and our secrets to ourselves, we would become the hostile and judgmental creatures without friends or allies that we were in caveman times. Human nature leads to self-censorship; we do not need any kinds of governments adding to it with red tape.”

“As President, I would privatize the space race, modernize the American cyber warfare department, and improve cyber security for infrastructure by hiring young hackers so that they will be on our side instead of on the side of the Chinese.”

– John McAfee, 1/5/2016 rally

As 2016 dawned, KFC’s push into African nations continued, with an increasing awareness of the notion that it could make for stronger ties to the western world in those countries. Finance Prof. Murray Sabrin commented on these efforts in a January 2016 NYT article praising the company for its ambition, saying that it reminded him of American trade deals that US President Jesse Jackson had signed with the African nation of Ghana to promote the Kantanka Automobile car company, in that it could help Africa’s economy. In fact, it is very likely that FLG Inc. greenlit expanding into Africa because of previous business and trade deals with Africa yielding mutually-beneficial results in the preceding years…

– Marlona Ruggles Ice’s A Kentucky-Fried Phoenix: The Post-Colonel History of Most Famous Birds In The World, Hawkins E-Publications, 2020

…McAfee public denounced Grammer’s populist handling of the post-recession economy, but found most if not all the non-interventionists in the party rallying behind him to protests US involvement in Sudan. Their claims that Grammer was “playing the role of a dictator” were made in spite of the fact that the President had kept US troops out of Botswana despite politicians in nations such as France calling for him to intervene in military-related way.

Focusing more on domestic issues, McAfee also accused Grammer of being responsible for outsourcing American jobs despite that going against his own libertarian policy of open borders and free trade, leading to him later saying he wanted “American libertarianism for America, not for other countries.” Furthermore, McAfee pointed to incidents such as the ratification of the Cairo Protocol to claim that Grammer was making too many concessions to the Democrats… [6]

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022


…the former Governor had been failing to gain traction for months…

The Star-Ledger, New Jersey newspaper, 1/10/2016


The Sacramento Union, 1/13/2016


…despite the African nation’s leadership being accused of suppressing political opposition, financial advisors believe that resuming normal diplomatic US-Eritrea relations – which were suspended in 1996 after Eritrea’s government allied with that of the former nation of North Korea in the first days of the Second Korean War – will encourage American businesses to invest over there…

The Wall Street Journal, 1/16/2016

“…The World Health Organization has declared that the spread of poliomyelitis in several countries to be a major ‘Worldwide Health Emergency’ – not a pandemic but a Worldwide Health Emergency – and recommends anyone who has recently visited the nations of Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and Indonesia to seek medical testing to ensure they do not have this infectious viral disease, which attacks the central nervous system. The WHO also recommends anyone who has been on a cruise ship in the last three months to get themselves tested as well, just in case…”

– Ahmad Rashad, CBS Breaking News, 1/21/2016 broadcast



[pic: ]

…Steve Irwin is everyone's favourite Aussie crocodile hunter. And while he was never feted in his homeland like he is in the US, he was widely regarded with benign condescension. That is until last month, when he made the deadly error of alienating Australia's cultural establishment.

When Prime Minister
Jim Varvaris dropped in on Irwin's Australia Zoo on Queensland's Sunshine Coast on December 14, the naturally ebullient Irwin introduced him to the crowd as "the greatest leader Australia has ever had" and the "greatest leader in the entire world."

"I get to meet some extraordinary people and extraordinary leaders," Irwin said, "but meeting the Prime Minister is the proudest moment of my life."

Crikey! Irwin has wrestled crocodiles, snakes and spiders, but nothing could compare with the nest of vipers he had just strayed into.

Suddenly Irwin the likeable
wildlife wonder became Irwin the greedy "millionaire" Varvaris-lover. For some people, this was unforgivable.

The letters pages of newspapers exploded with venom and journalists sharpened their poison quills.

"After his public comment to the effect that
Jim Varvaris is the greatest prime minister this country has ever had, I no longer take him seriously as an apolitical or intelligent wildlife advocate," says one Canberra resident.

“I grew up watching his long-running show. I wouldn’t be surprised if his newest show sees a ratings drop after this,” suggests a younger resident.

A week later, one reporter from The Guardian questioned why Irwin had turned down an invitation to American President Kelsey Grammer’s inauguration in 2013, possibly due to the then President-Elect belittling him (calling him a “lovable digeridoo-drumming lunkhead”) in a controversial radio interview over a year beforehand. "Does it tell us more about Steve Irwin than he might want us to know?" he wrote. Irwin had "thick skin," the article went on to say. "There's no getting through to the heart or the soul. And let’s not make the mistake of going for the head."

Then there are the snide stories about Irwin's invitation to Canberra for a fancy "partisan barbecue" that Prime Minister Jim Varvaris hosted for visiting former US President Larry Dinger, complete with snaky references to the $25,000 cost.

And in the past there have been several stories attacking Irwin's character. "For crocodile hunter Steve Irwin charity really does begin at home, with the millionaire 'donating' $175,000 to himself," began one story in The Courier-Mail in Brisbane. This $364 a minute of taxpayers' money was supposedly for "one day's work" shooting a quarantine awareness TV ad in 2002, at the height of the SARS pandemic. The Federal Opposition and ABC Radio tried to whip up a crocodile-cash-for-comment scandal, linking the payment to Irwin's praise of Michael Ignatieff, who was the Prime Minister at the time. Irwin was forced to defend himself, issuing a statement explaining the money was for a whole year's work on the quarantine campaign, not one day, and that he had given every cent to a new koala hospital at his Queensland zoo.

In Tanzania, filming the latest episode of his latest reality TV show “Croc Chases,” Irwin went to bed early yesterday while his long-time manager and friend John Stainton, speaking from a crowded bar on his mobile phone, said he wasn't really surprised by the controversy.

"It's what happens in Australia. You stick your head up and you've got 10,000 shotguns pointed at you," Stainton said. Irwin is not a Liberal or Labor supporter. "He's just not political. I don't have a clue how he's going to vote and he probably doesn't either.
When Prime Minister Varvaris decided to pay an impromptu visit to his zoo, Steve was overwhelmed and proud, and talked in superlatives because that is the way he always talks.

The vilification of Irwin is a textbook lesson in how anti-conservative forces combine to denounce anyone suspected of holding unorthodox (in their eyes) views. And since the majority of Australians hold those "unorthodox" views, most of them have learnt to keep their mouths shut.

An unnamed (for obvious reasons) writer/director of my acquaintance says he and other actors, musicians and dancers he knows have to pose as left-wing
Varvaris vilifiers, or at least keep any conservative views hidden, in order to stay in work.

"The truth is we are politically a more eclectic bunch than most realise. But God forbid that we'd 'come out' and support
Jim Varvaris, our own Prime Minister, over anything, for to do so is instant isolation – no, persecution ...the self-appointed bullies who run the industry preclude from expressing [our] views, for fear of being labelled and ostracised. In many ways it's 1930s Germany, 1950s USA and Soviet Union all over again, minus the violence ...the arts Stasi are not to be underestimated," he said.

Chances are Steve Irwin won't be sipping green tea at Judy Davis's place in Birchgrove any time soon. But then, he probably prefers the crocodile farm
. [7]

–, 1/22/2016

“…the Viking Cruises vessel the ‘Forward’ has been ordered to not stay dockside for two weeks at Isle of Wright after the infectious disease poliomyelitis was reported to have broken out on cruise ship; the ship is receiving medicine and emergency supplies by helicopter, and people onboard in need of hospitalization are being carefully airlifted out…”

– Michael Strahan, NBC News, 1/24/2016 broadcast

CO-ANCHOR 1: “In his defense, Steve Irwin is a conservationist, not a politician.”

CO-ANCHOR 2: “But he’s even faced criticism when it comes to him being a conservationist, too. He’s in the past been accused of having an unsophisticated view of conservatism that’s closer to tourism than facing actual issues, and while those criticisms have subsided in recent years, his critics still persist that he does not full understand the complexities of conservation efforts in relation to Global Climate Disruption.”

CO-ANCHOR 1: “That is true. Back when we had him on this program in 2008, we asked him about overgrazing, salinity and erosion, and he commented, and I quote, ‘Cows have been on our land for so long that Australia has evolved to handle those big animals,’ end-quote.” [8]

CO-ANCHOR 2: “Hm, and it’s comments like that coming back into public consciousness is probably why he’s been silent on this controversy since it started. He’s possibly trying to wait it out…”

– Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1/29/2016 broadcast


…The National Prayer Breakfast, an annual event held at the Washington Hilton in Northwestia, Potomac, consists of a series of meetings, luncheons and dinners is a day-long forum for political, social, and business elites assembled for discussion and prayer…

The Washington Post, 2/2/2016


...After finishing in second place in the first round of voting on 16 January, State Minister Pekka Haavisto (b. 1958) was elected President of Finland earlier tonight. A member of the Green party, Haavisto is a former member of Finnish Parliament and former Environment Secretary under President Puska; he won over Laura Huhtasaari in an election closely watched by the rest of Europe. Laura Huhtasaari (b. 1979), a 35-year-old parliament member and nationally famous conservative radio show host of the conservative Finns Party, had defeated early anti-Pekka favorite Alexander Stubb (b. 1968), former PM, of the National Party, to advance to the runoff election. Incumbent President Pekka Puska, with his popularity at an all-time high, was term-limited. Haavisto won the election by a margin of roughly 14% of the vote...

The Guardian, UK newspaper, 6/2/2016



[pic: ]

Above: Wellstone at his Wellstone’12 re-election campaign headquarters in St. Paul, c. 2012

– The Duluth News Tribune, Minnesota newspaper, 2/11/2016

MODERATOR: “This next question is for all the candidates, and we will begin on the left side of the debate stage. Governor Moore, the first 100 days of a US Presidency is a major benchmark for success for modern Presidents/ What would the first 100 days of your Presidency look like?”

MOORE: “In my first 100 days, I would pass legislation to stop US corporations from using cheap labor in other countries to make themselves rich. Outsourcing and corrupt billionaires are killing this country by taking money from their fellow Americans to line their already-deep pockets. It is horrendous, it is immoral, and it should be illegal. …The justice department will not be lazing about under the Moore Presidency.”


ROSS: “When it comes to cap and trade, we have to focus more on the cap and less on the trade. Moving around the emissions is like moving around broken glass instead of gathering it all up and carefully throwing it out. If you just leave it there, people are going to get hurt. We have to move on to a new and better way of making energy to run the planet. As President, I would start this off with the Globally Reducing Emissions to Empower Nature Deal, or the GREEN Deal, for short. We also must introduce a wide range of public works projects to eliminate poverty and unemployment. I’m talking about a wide range of public works projects like President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal, but with an emphasis on renewable energy and environmental protection. A movement to improve our transportation, health, and communities. These would be the projects I would implement as President. I’d called them the ‘Empowering People to Improve their Communities’ Projects, or EPIC Projects, for short.”


LOCKE: “I have overseen and supervised effective responses to KW2 refugees and subsequent race riots in Seattle, massive earthquakes, major floods and forest fires. I just try to be as even-keeled and calm as possible. After all, that works fine for Bob, here, doesn’t it?” [9]


SESTAK: “I for one am very concerned by this current administration’s willingness to turn a blind eye to several countries so unstable that it should be troubling to more people. Tajikistan is in the throes of a militant dictatorship. The Ka-Ren people of Myanmar have been experiencing ethnic genocide for decades. Eritrea is a barely-functioning dictatorship no matter what the President says about it. Sierra Leone is a lawless wasteland, and Saudi Arabia is an oppressive anti-labor, anti-women country and we should be ashamed of our connections to them. As President, I would take a strong stance against these violators of human rights, with military forces if necessary…why are you booing? I’m speaking the truth here!”


ROSS: “We have reach out to the people. As President, I would follow the diplomatic advice of Harland Sanders – it is the people, not the leaders, that are innocent, because leaders always influence people. But dictators go too far, they want their people to live in a bubble. But by exposing the benefits of democracy and freedom to the people, we can pop that bubble from the inside out.”

SESTAK: “Ma’am, can I comment on that?”

MODERATOR 1: “30 seconds, sir.”

SESTAK: “Bob, the only time in recent modern history that we truly popped a dictatorial bubble, as you call it, was almost exactly 20 years ago with KW2. Your idea of peacefully ending dictators cannot work.”

ROSS: “What about the Soviet Union? Didn’t it collapse not because of a nuclear war but because the Russian people came to realize that without democracy and liberty, they were getting a raw deal?”

SESTAK: “That was different, Bob. And it was a different time.”


LOCKE: “China’s own recent history proves that when it opens itself, there is nothing its people cannot accomplish. A more open China will lead to a more prosperous and stable China. That’s good for China, the United States and, indeed, the entire world.” [9]


ROSS: “I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I think I’m probably the most pacifist candidate on this stage tonight.”


MOORE: “I differ from the other candidates up here by understanding the regulations cannot be applied to every single thing in existence. You can’t regulate child labor. You can’t regulate slavery. Some things are just wrong. Those things can’t be regulated because they must be eliminated!”


ROSS: “I can’t think of anything more rewarding than being yourself to others through painting. Exercising the imagination, experimenting with talents, being creative; these things, to me, are truly the windows to your soul. It’s why I care so much about funding early education programs – so the next generation of children can have the ability to reach their true and full potential, and achieve the kind of possibilities that past generations could only write about in sci-fi and fantasy books.” [10]


MOORE: “Since we’re on the subject of electability, let me just point out that unlike Bob here, who hasn’t won an election on his own since 1990, 26 years ago, and unlike Gary here, who comes from a safely Democratic state, I have repeatedly won elections in the increasingly Republican-leaning state of Michigan. In fact, I was one of the first 18-year-olds in the United States elected to public office, shortly after 18-year-olds got the right to vote under President Sanders. I ran for the Board of Education and I haven’t lost an election since.” [11]


ROSS: “I have often said that talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you’re willing to practice, you can do. And I have practiced politicking for almost 28 years now.” [10]


MOORE: “I made it so people who work in my state get paid parental leave. That’s not called capitalism, that’s called being a Christian and someone who believes in democracy and that everyone should get a fair slice of the pie.” [11]


ROSS: “Anytime you learn you gain. So be bold. Be brave. Go out on a limb – that’s where the fruit is! That’s life. It’s interesting. It’s fun!” [10]

– snippets from the Democratic Primaries Presidential debate, 2/16/2016

Anchor ANDERSON COOPER: “So how negative do you think this campaign is going to get, when compared to past Presidential elections?”

Contributor JANIC FINE: “Oh, it certainly can get more vitriolic, but most of that would likely come from McAfee, as Grammer, Locke and especially Ross seem very reluctant to do any mudslinging. With that in mind, I don’t think we’re going to be seeing anything as bitter as the 2004 primaries. And, while we’re on the subject, McAfee’s current methods and tactics for attacking his former boss actually reminds me of when Republicans tried to tie Wellstone to ‘The Corg,’ short for the ‘Cooperative Organization’ a Maoist/Marxist-Leninist political group was briefly existed in Minneapolis and Sati Paul in the 1970s [12] back during the election cycle of 2007 and early 2008…”

– CBS News, roundtable discussion, 2/17/2016

Disapprove: 53%

Approve: 41%

Uncertain: 6%

– Aggregate approval rating for Australian PM Varvaris, 2/19/2016

“If I don’t win this primary season, I will cut off, cook, and eat my own left pinky toe and livestream it. Why? Because I can! Because in this country, you can, or at least you should be allowed to, do whatever you want to do with your own body.”

– John McAfee, 2/22/2016 rally

“…The federal government tonight announced that it will allow small drones owned and operated by individual citizens and private businesses to fly over streets at night, but not over private homes or residential property of any sort except when making a delivery to that property. The head of the F.A.A. says that this shift in federal policy is a significant step toward widespread commercial deliveries made with drones. The remotely-manned aerial vehicles, or objects or devices – whichever term you prefer, really – has been the source of security concerns for many private citizens worried of privacy violations. Furthermore, delivery labor unions oppose the widespread use of drones over employment concerns, while others have voiced worry over light pollution at night. These and air traffic concerns are the likely reasoning behind the new federal rules calling for drones to stay above roads only, as drones must obtain a certain altitude to no longer be considered above one’s home – a height that, at the moment, most drone models cannot fly up to.

Naturally, the F.A.A.’s new operation rules and requirements are being challenged by several governors and state governments who claim that airway regulation should stay at the state level, and that the F.A.A. cannot impose regulations on private businesses and individual activities, which the Lieutenant Governor of Colorado saying yesterday, quote, ‘If we do not stay vigilant, the F.A.A. will soon outlaw kite-flying,’ end-quote. The comments come after several members of the F.A.A. also suggested that remote pilots, also known as drone pilots or drone operators, should require licenses, even if drones are used for private use, much like a license for a car, a speedboat, or a forklift, in adherence to the principle of one requiring licensing to confirm that one can use complex and potentially-dangerous machinery...”

– CBS Evening News, 2/24/2016 broadcast

“Remember – You never stop to switch motorcycles when you’re in the middle of a bike race! And we’re in the middle of one hell of a bike race right now!”

– Vice President Harley Brown campaigning for Kelsey Grammer in Manchester, New Hampshire, 2/26/2016


…on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, candidates on both sides of the political party are filling up their schedules with more stump speeches, more photo-ops and more vidcall fundraising drives…

–, 2/27/2016 e-alert


…the Oscar for Best Picture went to Steven Spielberg’s The Pyongyang Diaries, a coming-of-age drama centered on a young girl from Seoul who moves with her family to The Former North in the immediate aftermath of the Second Korean War…

The Hollywood Reporter, 2/28/2016

“I still can’t believe American Overdrive 3 was snubbed by those snobs. It’s one of the greatest works of cinema ever put to film, but it didn’t get a single Oscar nomination. The system is rigged against action films, people! I tell you, it’s rigged!”

– real estate developer/filmmaker Donald Trump, 2/29/2016


…In the Republican column, President Grammer received 54% of the vote, with 35% going to McAfee, 5% to Gramm, 3% to local politician Mary Maxwell, 2% to an obscure candidate named Walter Iwachiw, and the remaining 1% to several other candidates.

“This is more a loss for Grammer than a win for McAfee,” says one political analyst. “For an incumbent President to get only 54% in the first-in-the-nation primary suggests a lack of unity in the party, at least in the libertarian wing of the party. I think Grammer needs to address that immediately, because Presidents who face serious primary challengers typically do not win re-election”…

The Boston Globe, 3/1/2019


…desperate to keep his job in the face of a formidable primary opponent, the White House today revealed that the President has gotten onto a tour bus and has headed on down to the Peace State ahead of the Georgia primary on March 8. …The President must be feeling the heat now – already, one anonymous member of the White House staff has claimed that Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary results have been “a wake-up call” to President Grammer…

The New York Post, 3/3/2019

“…We weren’t concerned about the loss in the Granite State because our focus was connecting to minority voters in Nevada, Georgia and Maryland. We knew that even if we won just one of those states, we could gather enough momentum going into April to make it through. We were getting endorsements from all over the Democratic establishment, from Walter Mondale to John Glenn, but we knew weren’t the same as actual votes…”

– freshman US Rep. Alessandra Rose Biaggi (D-NY), Deputy National Operations Director for the Locke’16 campaign, KNN interview, 5/4/2019

…Even as the President stumped across Georgia, he could not shake off the fear that the momentum was on the side of McAfee. Indeed, at least three post-NH ontech polls suggested that McAfee could actually win the Peach state by a 5% margin…

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022


[pic: ]

– Bob Ross in a crowd of supporters in Atlanta, GA, 3/7/2016

…On March 8, Grammer proved those polls wrong by edging out McAfee by a 7% margin. Nevertheless, this margin marked the closest an incumbent President had come to losing a primary in nearly 30 years. The last time a President had faced such a serious challenge was in 1988, when Jack Kemp lost a bid for a term of his own, and, for an elected President, in 1964, when LBJ lost a few primaries to candidates Wayne Morse and John Patterson.

Bob Ross, meanwhile, narrowly edged out Locke and Moore in the state by highlighting his Floridian roots…

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022


The Washington Post, 3/9/2016

“…Minnesota Governor Alex Kozinski has been impeached by the state House for misuse of state funding to pay of business loans and to attempt to cover up improper sexual conduct claims…”

– Kennedy News Network, “Breaking News” segment, 3/10/2016 broadcast

BREAKING NEWS: Phil Gramm Has Ended His Long-Shot White House Bid

…the former US Congressperson received less than 5% of the vote in GOP primary held in Georgia on Tuesday…

–, 3/11/2016 “e-alert”

MCAFEE: “I think it’s really telling that, during these efforts to amend the process for electing the President, politicians in D.C. are backing Congressional District Allocation. It’s because they gerrymander the congressional districts, and both of the major parties are shamelessly guilty of gerrymandering.”

WILSON: “Yeah, I get that, and that’s why I back the Direct Popular Vote and Runoff proposal. It’s very easy to understand.”

MCAFEE: “Yes, but the two-round system could lead to more media attention placing emphasis on just the one election, the second round. That would again block out third-party candidates.”

WILSON: “Well isn’t that because the popular vote is not the only problem with the Electoral College.”

MCAFEE: “Yes, that’s why I back the Ranked Choice proposal that has the closest shot of actually getting passed. Because that venue for democracy has instant runoff, so you don’t have to have people vote more than once.”

– John McAfee and journalist Amy Wilson, TON interview, 3/12/2016


…in recent years, the former US President has occasionally been seen using a cane or other people’s shoulders in order to stand up or walk…

The Star Tribune, Minnesota newspaper, 3/13/2016

“Grammer hasn’t done enough to defend our recreadrug rights. Yes, he’s upheld Jesse Jackson’s decriminalizing of all recreadrugs at the federal level, but since taking office, the former Dr. Frazier Crane has just passively allowed the states to make up their own Mary Jane laws. Only 22 states have many recreational marijuana completely legal. I’m all for the tenth amendments and allowing the states to have the right and the freedom of self-determination, but not for policies that affect all the states like recreadrugs does.”

– John McAfee, rally in Las Vegas, NV, 3/14/2016

…While the March 15 Nevada contest was a decisive victory for Locke, with Ross coming in second place and Moore in a close third, Grammer secured a comfortable margin of victory over McAfee with a whopping 65%. Using his massive war chest to zigzag across the state had paid off – momentum was returning to the President’s campaign.

However, some in Grammer’s campaign still feared that their efforts to paint McAfee as a radical would be fruitless due to the former NASA Director embracing such comments. For example, McAfee proudly admitting to experimenting with hard drugs for decades, but saying he did so “smartly and responsibly,” appealed to young people tuning in the politics for the first time and being intrigued by his campaign themes of space exploration, drug legalization and the elimination of as much government red tape as possible.

Grammer was conservative-libertarian, but McAfee was even more libertarian, with a base of followers that was almost entirely Caucasian. As a result, Grammer, ironically, had to rely on an ad hoc coalition of social conservatives and minority conservatives to win in Nevada, and on that same coalition heading in April…

– Tim Alberta’s The Modern Republican Party, Harper Collins Publishers, 2022

“All Aboard the Grammer Gravy Train!”

– comment on article on President Grammer’s rising re-election odds, 3/15/2016


– The Carlsbad Current-Argus, New Mexico newspaper, 3/16/2016


…the writer-director flubbed on several questions concerning tax reform, attempting to give genetic comments and catchy one-liners only for the moderators to press him to actually answer the detail-oriented questions...

–, 3/17/2016


…Japan’s newest PM, the mononym-using Renho, is of Taiwanese descent on her father’s side, and has visited the island several times since becoming the leader of the opposition in 2013, and twice already since becoming PM in January. Renho [13] has lambasted her predecessors for not being “tough enough” on confronting the “increasingly oppressive” Chinese government on the world stage…

The Asahi Shimbun, Japanese newspaper, 3/18/2016


– The Beaver County Times, side article, 3/19/2016

TWENTY YEARS LATER: One Generation After KW2, United Korea Has Moved On But Cannot Forget

…March 21 marked the 20-year anniversary of the official conclusion of the War of Reunification, and with it came a range of mixed emotions. Mostly ebullient reflections and celebrations of the reuniting of long-lost family members came concurrent with somber vigils honor the thousands killed on both sides of the conflict. Views of the demise of Kim Il-Sung reached a record-breaking number on, while veterans from both sides of the conflict, linked arm in arm, march proudly down city streets in the capital of Seoul and the redeveloped city of Pyongyang. SK veterans grin at their liberating off the North, while NK veterans grin at their de-brainwashing and ability to now live in a land that, while imperfect, is wildly superior to the life he once knew… The war ravaged the peninsula for less than three months but nevertheless resulting in life-changing ramifications for the Korean people…

– Time Magazine, 3/21/2016

PRIMARIES UPDATE: Locke, Grammer Sail To Victories In Maryland

…Locke has received a comfortable plurality, while President Grammer has won roughly 80% of the vote in the GOP contest…

–, 3/22/2016

“…I favor legalizing most recreadrugs, but I also favor opening up more recreadrug addiction clinics. They go hand and hand, like more cars and more car repair shops and car service stations. But McAfee looks like he’s taken too many drugs and not enough visits to rehab clinics. Past employees have described him as erratic, maniacal, paranoid and sometimes delusional. If the Stardust Scandal had not broken out, President Grammer would have definitely fired him anyway, it just would have been a few weeks or months later than he did…”

– Former Gov. Kelley Ashby (R-NH), Grammer surrogate, 3/24/2016

“..If I’m so unstable, why did Grammer have just great things to say about me when he nominated me to head NASA? Doesn’t that suggest that Ol’ Kelsey has poor decision-making skills, that he put someone as allegedly crazy as me in charge of NASA? Are we sure that chick didn’t just endorse me?”

– John McAfee, 3/25/2016 rally

Black Woman Kicked Out Of McAfee Rally: “There’s So Many Racists In His Camp”

…her claims join others accusing the McAfee candidacy of attracting bigots, racists, sexists, and “dangerous radicals like perverts and sadists,” reported one former McAfee campaign worker...

–, 3/28/2016 article


The Boston Globe, 3/29/2016

LOCKE: “China’s history is marked by thousands of years of world-changing innovations: from the compass and gunpowder to acupuncture and the printing press. No one should be surprised that China has re-emerged as an economic superpower. I don’t blame Colonel Sanders for opening up to China, I blame the Chinese government for using unfair practices to oppress their own people and to try to hold the world economy hostage. Now, again, I am not appealing to the Chinese government when I say that we should try to promote people-to-people exchanges so that China and the United States can really join together, not just to solve the problems of China or the United States, but some of the big problems facing the entire world as well, from climate change to famine. I am saying that nobody will benefit from being unable to find a non-military way of resolving the issue regarding China’s increasingly discerning actions.” [14]


MOORE: “Here’s what I don’t think works: an economic system that was founded in the 16th century and another that was founded in the 19th century. I’m tired of this discussion of capitalism and socialism; we live in the 21st century; we need an economic system that has democracy as its underpinnings and an ethical code.” [15]

ROSS: “There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend. I guess I’m a little weird. I like to talk to trees and animals. That’s okay though; I have more fun than most people!” [16]


MODERATOR: “Governor Moore, in 1996, you said, and I quote, ‘I don’t support the troops being in Korea,’ unquote, and in 2007, you made similar comments about U.S. forces in the DRC. How can American voters be certain you will protect and defend the U.S. as President in light of decades of criticism of American foreign services, from the Libyan War to the US-led intervention in Sudan?”

MOORE: “I still stand by those misleading statement. I did not support the troops in Korea, I supported them coming home. I supported them being treated well.”


ROSS: “I support vocational programs in grade schools coast-to-coast because of the fact that there’s nothing in the world that breeds success like success, especially success, any kind of success, that is achieved at an early age.” [16]


ROSS: “If we’re going to have animals around, we all have to be concerned about them and take care of them.” [16]


ROSS: “Yes, I would support another Freedom of Information Act, and I hope everybody on this stage, and everybody in the GOP would support such an act because that is a bipartisan issue. It is not a good sign if your government has more secrets than the hanger seen at the end of the first Indiana Jones movie.”

MODERATOR: “Governor Moore?”

MOORE: “I believe that when you provide information to people, they become less fearful and they will engage more in their democracy if they are empowered with information. So yes, of course I’d back another Freedom of Information Act.” [15]


ROSS: “Ooh, if you have never been to Alaska, go there while it is still wild. My favorite uncle asked me if I wanted to go there, Uncle Sam. He said if you don't go, you're going to jail. That is how Uncle Sam asks you.” [17]


LOCKE: “While I dislike with the Balanced Budget Amendment and the havoc that it continually brings about, I will concede that as it is the law of the land, it must be followed, and under a Locke administration, it will be. …The federal budget for the 2017 fiscal year would put more money aside for Social Security and infrastructure, as opposed to the Grammer administration, which keeps allotting federal funds to the military, to union-busting, to gathering foreign intel, and away from the national safety net that is Social Security.”


ROSS: “From all of us here up on this debate stage tonight: God Bless, everybody.”

– snippets from the Democratic Primary Presidential debate, 3/30/2016

Ross – 34%

Locke – 29%

Moore – 21%

Sorkin – 5%

Simpson – 3%

All Others – 2%

Undecided – 6%

– Gallup poll for the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination, published 4/2/2016

BELLAMY ENDORSES ROSS!: Praise Of VP Could Play A Decisive Role In The Upcoming Primaries

The Boston Globe, 4/3/2016

“If we want peace, why are we the most war-loving nation on the planet? Because instead of industries making weapons for war, we are making war for the weapon-making industry. If we have to build things and sell things to keep the capitalist system healthy, we have to build healthy things. …We need to direct our creative talents away from destructive industries towards constructive industries that benefit all, like medical research, and the space race. …If we build a permanent base on Mars, we won’t have the money to kill people overseas!”

– John McAfee, 4/4/2016 rally

...The first April Tuesday “Cluster” of primaries hosted a whopping ten contests on each side of the political aisle. Often proving vital for campaigns, this year’s First Cluster was no exception. On the Republican side, the closest McAfee got to a victory was in Arkansas, where he received 40% of the vote. For this sweep, Grammer later credited the surrogate campaigning of Vice President Brown, who helped convince socially conservative and religious voters to turn out for Grammer in droves, as McAfee made Grammer’s more libertarian views look downright hard-c conservative by comparison!

For the Democrats, election night was more complicated. Governor Moore won South Carolina, Alabama and Virginia with his populist rhetoric, while Gary Locke won Potomac over Senator Sharon Sayles-Belton, but only came in second place in most of the other contests of the night. Lisa J. Simpson’s campaign won Massachusetts, while Sayles-Belton secured her home state of Minnesota. This left Ross with victories in Arkansas, Iowa, Colorado, and Oklahoma…

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022


…the former NASA intern claims she was stalked, roofied and raped in 1979 by a man, wearing a custom-made boar mask, who had the same shape and build of McAfee. She says she now recognizes McAfee as the man who attacked her after that same mask allegedly appeared in the background of a VidCall interview McAfee held in his home in Memphis, Tennessee...

The New York Times, 4/8/2016


– The Chicago Tribune, 4/9/2016

“We are taking this claim very seriously and hope that McAfee complies with the investigation into this allegation.”

– Chief of Police for Memphis, Tennessee, 4/10/2016

“…The objective – the ultimate goal of the Ark Waves – was to make it so whenever an allegation of sexual pestering, sexual assault, or rape, is made, it makes the headlines and leads to consequences for the assailant every time. The rate of sexual pestering reports making it to the front pages has slowly dropped since the 1990s, either because such things are not tolerated like they were before the Ark Waves or because of something more nefarious in nature. But the fact remains that whenever someone is accused, nowadays, they are expected to resign, or withdraw from whatever it is they are doing, and most always do. Now McAfee wants to defy this social progress by staying in this race, but guess what? If he is guilty, it will not end well for him either way. If he is guilty, and I believe the ex-intern who says he is guilty, then he will be facing serious consequences…”

– Prof. Janice Fine, a prominent member of the Second Ark Wave, NBC interview, 4/11/2016

…In tonight’s presidential primaries, the Democratic Party saw Senator Gary Locke gather momentum by sweeping the contests held in American Samoa, Guam, the Virgin Islands and the Northern Mariana Islands, with former Vice President Bob Ross winning his home state of Alaska. Concurrently tonight, Republicans held Presidential primaries in those same states; President Grammer has been declared the winner of all five of them…

– CBS Evening News, 4/12/2016 broadcast

KOZINSKI FOUND GUILTY OF FUNDS MISUSE IN SENATE TRIAL; Lt. Gov. Michelle Bachmann Ascends to Governor’s Seat

– The St. Paul Pioneer Press, Minnesota newspaper, 4/14/2016


Price: $22.99 or Best Offer

Condition: Mint, Like-New

Seller: Ms.WondersheilaSupreme137

These Candy Cigars/Cigarettes replaced the real cigars offers to guests on board Air Force One in 1976 by President Walter Mondale to discourage smoking (and promote his re-election campaign at the same time).


[pic: ]

These treats were in turn replaced by Jolly Ranchers under President Kemp in 1988, but due to passengers wanting something chewable (and after President Bellamy expressed concern about the off-chance of a hard candy becoming lodged in someone’s throat during turbulence), those were replaced in 1989 by bags of dried fruit and trail mix, with President Jesse Jackson adding potato chips and skittles to the cupboards on board as well.

> Comment 1:

Do you have any more of those misprinted Doozybot action figures from the early 90s? I tried to get one from you before but I think you sold out. PrivTalk me please.

> Comment 2:

How are they packaged, bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts?

> Comment 3:

Will I get into trouble if I bring some of those to school?

–, ontech shopping site, 4/15/2016 listing

LOCKEMENTUM: Gary Locke Rising In Polls As Critics Attack Ross’s “Dangerous Pacifism”

– The New York Times, 4/16/2016

…On April 19, Locke won the primary contests held in Puerto Rico and Oregon, along with the contest for the “Democrats Abroad” delegation slate. That same night, Ross secured a majority of delegates in Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and Kentucky, while Moore won Louisiana via a plurality. Senator Sharon Sayles-Belton withdrew from the race and endorsed Locke the next day…

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022


…With challenger John McAfee losing momentum after failing to win a single primary, the latest batch of winner-take-all contests has edged the President over the minimum number of delegates needed to win the GOP nomination at this summer’s RNC outright…

The Washington Post, 4/19/2016

…When McAfee was locked out of winning the nomination by RNC delegates, many technetters were quick to remind him of his “promise” to eat his own pinky toe on a live technet stream. McAfee responded by refusing to acknowledge the primary losses, suggesting voter fraud, and claiming he would challenge Grammer at that summer’s Republican National Convention…

– Tim Alberta’s The Modern Republican Party, Harper Collins Publishers, 2022


…While Moore predictably secured his home state of Michigan, Ross’s only victory of the night was in his birth state of Florida. Locke won the remaining three state contest of the night, adding Texas, Maine, and Pennsylvania to his accumulated delegate count…

Meanwhile, on the Republican side of the night, Kelsey Grammer once again secured victory in all of the GOP primary contests, with challenger John McAfee’s best performance being in Florida, where the former Director of NASA received 21.7% of the vote…

The Boston Globe, 4/26/2016

Bob’s surprise loss of the delegate-rich state of Texas shifted the momentum of the race back to Locke. In fact, Bob was so certain that Locke was now a shoo-in for the nomination that he told his inner circle that he was considering withdrawing from the race.

“I don’t want to divide the party,” he reportedly said bluntly. “I think we’ll just be burning up money if we keep going.”

However, Ross’s inner circles of advisors convinced him to stay in the race until at the May 3 primaries, arguing that it would be unfair to the voters in the upcoming primaries to withdraw so close to the election date…

– Julie Martinez’s Bob’s World: Stories of The Happy Painter, Sunrise Books, 2021


…in his concession speech, Moore made no endorsement, instead claiming that both Locke and Ross are too “establishment-friendly” and that he will endorse whoever is “for the people.”

However, but in the past, Moore has praised former Vice President Ross. “He may be very bitter right now,” argues political analyst Bob Beckel. “His campaign’s depleted funds had him running on empty at the end. Last week’s victory in Michigan was more due to his home state popularity than resurgence in general interest in his candidacy.”

Indeed, it seems that Moore’s victory in Michigan on the 26th was not reflective of his campaign’s deflating polling and fundraising numbers on the national level. Despite Moore’s best efforts, his overall poor debating style, and public arguments with US Senator Hanson Clarke (D-MI) over who was responsible for Michigan’s post-recession recovery efforts, bogged down his campaign...

The Chicago Tribune, 4/27/2016

ROSS: “My first act as President would be to cancel all the current student debt out there. All the colleges, all of it. Then I would focus on building up education at the grade school level, starting with vocational programs and improving the salary and working conditions of teachers. Vocational education is very personal to me because I worked as a carpenter before I joined the military, and I lost my one half a finger because I wasn’t careful. We need to teach our children the skills they want and the skills they need, and they need to get that education in a safe and supportive educational environment. When you have 30 or 40 students in one class, it’s too chaotic. Not everyone gets the help they need. We need to cut down classroom sizes by hiring more teachers, and paying teachers much more than they get paid right now. Vouchers aren’t enough. Our children deserve the best. We need to stop tying school districts to parental income. We need to get all children to have the same kind of education – high-quality education.”

LOCKE: “As President, I would expand student vouchers for private schools and colleges, significantly reduce the rate ceiling on student loans, significantly improve the quality found in public schools, which under this administration are abandoning the poor and growing the class divisions by punishing certain children just for being born into poor families! That is not right in the slightest, it is abhorrent, it has to end, and it will end under a Locke administration.”

– Education-themed Town Hall-style Democratic primary debate, Springfield, IL, 4/30/2016


…In tonight’s Democratic primary contests, Ross won Tennessee, while Locke won Illinois and Missouri... Also tonight, on the Republican side of the political aisle, McAfee received 28% in his home state of Tennessee and less than 10% in Illinois and Michigan n another round of easy wins for incumbent President Grammer…

The Columbus Dispatch, 5/3/2016

“I WON’T WANT TO FIGHT A FRIEND”: Ross Quits Race, Endorses Locke

…Ross said, “I’ve known Gary for many years now. We’ve worked on many legislative ideas, many programs and many proposals over the years, especially when I was Vice President for fours, one of the greatest honors of my lifetime.” After describing Locke’s candidacy as “historic and welcoming,” Ross concluded, “Gary Locke is a good man, and good family man, someone I’m happy to call my friend, and someone I’m happy to endorse”...

The Washington Post, 5/4/2016

…The only other candidates left in the race were Aaron Sorkin and Gary Larson, both of whom were still there seemingly for the publicity. For Larson, it was to simply prime the attention pump ahead of releasing a new collection of Far Side comics in March 2017. For Sorkin, it had been a vanity, which was now losing its credibility in the debates, where he came off as an out-of-touch idealist so caught up in own TV shows of yesteryear that he seemed oblivious to the complexities behind governing and passing laws in real life. However, Ross supporters nevertheless accused both of these two remaining candidates of siphoning votes away from the former VP...

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022

“…The Prime Ministers of Greece and Bulgaria today signed a major bilateral trade and defense treaty. Talks on strengthening ties between the nations – whose governments have had a mutually icy relationship ever since the 1971 Coup Plot damaged Bulgarian-Greek and Bulgarian-Turkish relations – began shortly after the overthrown of Bulgaria’s short-lived junta led by Volen Siderov, with the reinstated Bulgarian government blaming all the trouble in their capital on militants whom capitalized on the Bulgarian middle-class angry at declining life quality conditions in urban clusters across the Balkan country. The Prime Ministers of both nations are now vowing to promote collaborative trade enterprises, with the Prime Minister of Greece noting, quote, ‘bickering makes for many minds full of hatred and very few stomachs full of food,’ unquote…”

– BBC World News, 5/9/2016 broadcast

“...And finally, in political news, the states of North Carolina, Ohio, Arizona, Indiana and West Virginia all held Presidential primaries tonight for both the Democratic and Republican primaries, with presumptive nominees Gary Locke and Kelsey Grammer winning all of them against very minor opposition from lingering candidates such as Aaron Sorkin on the Democratic side and somebody named Walter Iwachiw on the GOP side…”

– Kennedy News Network, 5/10/2016 broadcast

“…With the Presidential primaries essentially over for both of the major parties, with President Grammer already clinching the GOP nomination and Senator Gary Locke just a dozen delegates away from having done the same in the Democratic primaries, the Grammer and Locke campaigns are shifting focus to the general election in November…”

– CBS Evening News, 5/12/2016 broadcast


…With incumbent President Sergei Gaidukevich of the Liberal Democratic party being constitutionally term-limited, the race to succeed him was wide open, but from start to finish, the favorite to win was Alyaksandr Kazulin (b. 1955), a longtime Social Democratic politician who began his career as a peace activist in the closing years of the Soviet era, even being imprisoned from 1981 to 1984 for peacefully protesting in Minsk. In tonight’s election, Kazulin easily defeated two major challengers, Independent businessperson Mikola Statkevich, and Tatsiana Karatkevich of the Transparency party, along with several minor candidates…

The Guardian, UK newspaper, side article, 15/5/2016

…The May 17 primaries were largely uneventful. In Idaho, about 10% of the voters wrote in the VPs name, pushing the descending McAfee to third place, while the President won Utah and Hawaii unopposed. On the Democratic side, Larson and Sorkin were again non-entities, while the Ross campaign posthumously won the Hawaiian primary in a major upset…

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022

…global-averaged temperatures in 2015 were 1.72 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the mid-20th century mean …and the year’s temperatures continued a long-term warming trend, according to analyses by top climate scientists at the Goddard Institute in New York… [18]

–, 5/18/2016 article


…PM Renho has successfully implemented a wider visa program for unskilled foreign workers that critics in the Diet claim will “open the floodgates” a lead to a rise in unemployment. …Renho is also focusing on reversing her predecessor’s deregulating of regional banks but not his lowering of lar phone charges, along with “digital transformation” and reforming supply-chain regulations harmful to small businesses…

– The Kyodo News Plus, 5/19/2016


…the President claimed, “Harley has proven himself to be a very valuable team player”…

The Idaho Press-Tribune, 5/20/2016

“Grammer/Brown – The Winning Team”

"Kelsey and Harley – The Winning Team"

“Tried And True”

– unofficial Grammer’16 slogans, c. May 2016

“A New Start”

“Gary for Glory, Greatness, and Greenery”

– unofficial Locke’16 slogans, c. May 2016


…Tonight’s Democratic primaries saw Locke come in first place in Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Rhode Island, but not in Mississippi, where locals tonight voted for Bob Ross – who withdrew his bid weeks ago – by a 2% margin. This marks the former VP’s second post-withdrawal primary victory…

The Clarion-Ledger, Mississippi newspaper, 5/24/2016

“The President will see you now,” I said to the freshman N.A.M. as I pressed the button opening the doors to the Presidential Inner Office.

“Um, thank you, ma’am.” As he entered the room, the political neophyte gulped, “Um, Mr. President? Uh, it’s an honor to meet with you.” The man approached the new Presidential desk in the center of the room. It was a large piece of furniture fashioned entirely out of Siberian timber, but contained a sleek, modern design – four flat sides void of any detail work or patterns. It matched the rest of the room – minimalist, bare-walled, almost cold to the eye. A rather fitting workroom for Vladimir Nikolayev.

Watching through the doorway from my desk seat, I could see that Roman Starovoit, age 44, a National Assembly Member still in his first term, was nervous, but was unwilling to let it dictate his actions. Not knowing what to do, he approached the wall-facing armchair from which he was certain the voice originated. “Sir?” Pushing the chair an inch, it swiveled enough for him to realize it was empty.

“Roman!” his name came from right behind him.

Starovoit made a flinch-like jolt and turned around to see the President of Russia standing less than two feet behind him. He must have wondered where in the room he had come from, for he looked curious and confused as well as startled.

“Sit down, Roman,” said Nikolayev as he made his way over to his armchair, sat down, and watched as his appointee took his place across from him.

“Mr. President, I was told you wanted to see me in this office ahead of the vote next week.”

Nikolayev looked at him. His searing light blue eyes seemed to gaze right into his soul. “Yes,” the leader of Russia answered. “I have to make sure everything is working out fine for you here. I want all the NAMs to feel comfortable working under my Presidency.”

“Um, everything’s alright, Mr. President.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that, Roman. You see, a little birdie told me that you are planning on voting in favor of a new bill to establish tighter regulations for the timber industry. Now, that’s a bit problematic, Roman.”

“Um, how so, sir. I’ve read the bill. It will crack down on wage theft and –”

“It will crack down on free enterprise!” He snapped. “That bill is nothing but bourgeois garbage meant to prohibit businesses from doing what needs to be done to grow their companies.”

“It-it protect workers.”

“It stifles growth, Roman! I will not tolerate such dictatorial legislation. Not during my administration!” Calming down a bit, the President flashed a smile and stood up. Walking over to a panel, a slight push popped out a handle, which, when turned, opened a small door containing old-fashioned glass cups and a selection of parlor drinks. “Care for anything?”

“Um, Vodka?”

“Don’t be so stereotypical, Roman. Have a shot of whiskey. Canadian. Very good stuff.” Nikolayev handed him a pour glasses, and with a clink, took a sip from his own before sitting on the edge of his desk and continuing. “You know, I have many friends in the timber industry. And many friends who are friends of the timber industry. And I know for a fact that in the timber industry, I worker can choose to leave anytime he wants to. Nobody forces a worker to work. If someone doesn’t want to work for minimum wage or less, what is stopping them from taking their skills elsewhere.”

With either stupidity or naivete, Starovoit answered, “The lack of any other jobs in town, blackmail, threats, and if the workers are immigrants, the threat of arrest or deportation. This bill would tighten their hiring and worker treatment policies and –”

“And create a police state, you idiot!” The President bellowed, prompting Starovoit to stumble out of his chair. “Oh,” Nikolayev switched back to his calm voice, “My apologies, let me help you up.” With his drink still in his hand, the President picked up the NAM by his arm but did not let go until after saying. “Listen, Roman, you are the deciding vote on that committee. If that bill passes, a lot of people connected to Russian timber will be very upset, and after meeting with me, they’ll be very upset with you. That is, unless you do the right thing here. And if you do, you can have any committee chair you want. How about that?”

“Y-you don’t have to be so rough on me, sir.”

“Heh. I didn’t build up the biggest seafood, meat processing and timber firms in Siberia by being a nice guy, Roman.”

Starovoit was either brave or foolish I picking that moment to stand up for himself. “You are not a businessman anymore, sir. The people of Russia will not tolerate a President who makes threats. The people didn’t elect that. The people –”

“The people elected me!” Nikolayev smashed his glass onto the hardwood floor with a crash that sent the remaining sips of whisky and multiple glass pieces flying about. The President lunged over to the National Assembly Member, grabbed the front of his shirt, and slammed him up against the wall. The President then held out his letter opener and lifted it right up to between their faces. Switching to a quieter, almost guttural voice, Nikolayev stared down Starovoit, a member of his own political party, and concluded, “They elected me. Get that through your head before this goes through your head. And get that bill killed in committee, Roman. Your country needs you to.”

He released his grip on the NAM, who hesitantly inched away before hurriedly scurrying over to the door.

Holding up the letter opener like a fencing instructor holds up his sword, the President ordered one last time, “Remember – that if the bill fails, you can expect the committee chair of your choice. But if you f#@k up this bill vote, I’ll want to see you in this office again.” He then motioned to the door, allowing Mr. Starovoit, scared for his life, to finally leave the room.

He did so with the speed of a marathon winner, stopping only when he saw the door had fully closed behind him. Then he stood at my desk, and muttered “The rumors are true. He is in bed with the mafia, isn’t he?” before walking away with a face paler than snow. I’m not sure if he had said the comment to himself or if he had asked it to me, but I would not have answered him if he had pressed me on it. I feared the repercussions of telling him any of what little I actually knew about my employer at the time.

– Marina Lebedev’s tell-all memoir My Time In The Nation of Nikolayev, Perspective Publishers, 2022


…the UK’s import limit for American beef was reached early this month, and as a result, PM Ed Balls has agreed to raise their national tariff by roughy 10% in exchange for more of his signature policies to be passed by parliament…

Associated Press, 5/28/2016


– 273towin, 5/31/2016 news “e-alert”

“…In a surprising turn of events, the Russian National Assembly has narrowly rejected a timber regulation law…”

– BBC World News, 2/6/2016 broadcast

“…This year’s Presidential primary season at last came to a close tonight, with the five states of North Dakota, California, Montana, New Jersey, and New Mexico all voting for President Grammer and Senator Locke, the nominees-in-waiting of the Republican and Democratic parties, respectively…”

– CBS Evening News, 6/7/2016 broadcast


[pic: ]


Gary Locke – 15,150,923 (44.9%) – 2,848 delegates – 33 contests

Bob Ross – 7,187,409 (21.3%) – 1,624 delegates – 15 contests

Michael Moore – 3,306,884 (9.8%) – 145 delegates – 6 contests

Lisa J. Simpson – 1,653,442 (4.9%) – 75 delegates – 1 contest

Sharon Sayles-Belton – 1,518,467 (4.5%) – 51 delegates – 1 contest

Aaron Sorkin – 2,058,365 (6.1%) – 16 delegates – 0 contests

Gary Larson – 742,362 (2.2%) – 4 delegates – 0 contests

Marcy Kaptur – 641,132 (1.9%) – 1 delegate – 0 contests

Shirley Franklin – 371,181 (1.1%) – 1 delegate – 0 contests

Joe Sestak – 303,693 (0.9%) – 0 delegates – 0 contests

J. P. Sarbanes – 269,950 (0.8%) – 0 delegates – 0 contests

Ben Ray Lujan – 168,719 (0.5%) – 0 delegates – 0 contests

Harvey Gantt – 134,975 (0.4%) – 0 delegates – 0 contests

All others – 236,206 (0.7%) – 0 delegates – 0 contests

Total: 33,833,706 (100%)

– [19]

…The Democratic primaries had not unfolded as initially expected. Prior to 2015, most pundits were certain that Ross would enter the race and win the nomination with ease. Instead, he jumped in at the last minute, at a time when Senator Gary Locke was already reaching out to donors and voters, and then withdrew in May, paving the path for Gary Locke to become the Democratic party’s first Asian-American presidential nominee…

– researcher Ed Romano’s debut book Defending Democracy: The Grammer Years, Borders Books, 2022


[pic: ]

Grammer – 20,059,755 (87.7%) – 2,524 delegates

McAfee – 2,104,329 (9.2%) – 27 delegates

Gramm – 297,350 (1.3%) – 0 delegates

Iwachiw – 114,366 (0.5%) – 0 delegates

Maxwell – 45,747 (0.2%) – 0 delegates

Jones – 22,963 (0.1%) – 0 delegates

All others – 228,641 (1.0%) – 0 delegates

Total – 22,873,152 (100%) – 0 delegates


PETERSON, “I’m a professional, ma’am. I started out as a corporate lawyer and became the youngest partner at my law firm before launching one of my own. I have handled so many high-profile cases from across Canada for decades now, and I am not kidding when I say that I will prove that my client, Mr. Darrel Stinson, had every right to evict the Patel family, and that their race had nothing at all to do with it.”

REPORTER: “Mr. Peterson, have you, by any chance, ever read The Road to Wigan Pier by George Orwell?”

PETERSON: “No. [20] I read books on law, ma’am.”

REPORTER: “You could learn a thing or two from it, is all.”

PETERSON: “And you could learn how to ask more professional questions.”

– exchange between controversial Canadian corporate lawyer Jordan Peterson and a Toronto Star reporter, 6/22/2016 [21]

Host KRYSTAL BALL: “We now welcome Cris Ericson onto the program for this evening. Ericson is a political activist and documentary filmmaker who is insisting that her latest project is not biased like many are claiming it is. Ericson, welcome to the show.”

ERCISON: “Thank you having me on.”

BALL: “So tell us a little about this latest controversial documentary of yours, which I believe is called ‘Feathers and Blood: The Myth of Colonel Sanders,’ if that is correct.”

ERICSON: “Yeah, that’s right. It’s the story of how a crude hillbilly who couldn’t hold down a job cheated his way into the Presidency.”

BALL: “And this is not a biased documentary?”

ERICSON: “Of course not! I interviewed people who had good things to say about Harland Sanders – I refuse to call him Colonel Sanders because he was not a real Colonel – and so I covered both sides of the argument. Thus, the film is unbiased.”

BALL: “Technically, but critics are claiming you speak negatively of The Co-uh, of Mr. Sanders, and challenge his supporters in every interview.”

ERICSON: “That’s what an investigator or journalist or reporter does, they challenge their subject to learn about them and get them to defend their views.”

BALL: “I see. Now, you said that, uh, President Sanders cheated his way into the White House. How did he do that?”

ERICSON: “I believe he is the one who began the ‘Draft Sanders’ campaign at the 1964 Republican National Convention. It was a contested convention because no candidate won a majority of delegates, but Barry Goldwater held a plurality. The nomination was rightfully his, only for some fake Colonel to conveniently swoop in a take it from him.”

BALL: “And how does your documentary prove this?”

ERICSON: “I interviewed dozens of people who knew people who attended the RNC or voted in the early primaries and none of them could tell me how the Draft Colonel movement started.”

BALL: “Because it was a grassroots movement that grew organically out of the national prominence of KFC at the C-of Harland Sanders being a nationally visible Republican figure.”

ERICSON: “Exactly! That is all too convenient!”

BALL: “Really? Huh! I thought it was the result of the RNC needing a compromise candidate who was willing to go up against a war-time President.”

ERICSON: “Everyone thinks that is the case, but nope!”

– TumblweedTV interview, 2/26/2016 broadcast


1960: Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California (Johnson/Humphrey nominated)

1964: Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall Convention Center, Atlantic City, New Jersey (Johnson/Humphrey re-nominated)

1968: International Amphitheater, Chicago, Illinois (Kennedy/Sawyer nominated)

1972: Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida (Mondale/Gravel nominated)

1976: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York (Mondale/Gravel re-nominated)

1980: The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia (Jackson/Butcher nominated)

1984: The Forum, Inglewood, California (Gravel/Jones nominated)

1988: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York (Bellamy/Litton nominated)

1992: Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, Ohio (Bellamy/Litton re-nominated)

1996: United Center, Chicago, Illinois (Glenn/Green nominated)

2000: Richmond Convention Hall, Richmond, Virginia (Jackson/Wellstone nominated)

2004: Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, Texas (Jackson/Wellstone re-nominated)

2008: Hosea Williams Memorial Convention Hall, Atlanta, Georgia (Wellstone/Ross nominated)

2012: Kwame Kilpatrick Memorial Sports Arena, Detroit, Michigan (Wellstone/Ross re-nominated)

2016: Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona (Locke/TBD to be nominated)


1960: International Amphitheatre, Chicago, Illinois (Nixon/Judd nominated)

1964: Cow Palace, Daly City, California (Sanders/Scranton nominated)

1968: Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, Florida (Sanders/Scranton re-nominated)

1972: Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri (Scranton/Stepovich nominated)

1976: Hilton Milwaukee City Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Reagan/Westmoreland nominated)

1980: Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan (Denton/Alexander nominated)

1984: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York (Denton/Alexander re-nominated)

1988: Centennial Park & Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Reagan/Lugar nominated)

1992: The Astrodome, Houston, Texas (Iacocca/Dinger nominated)

1996: Harland Sanders Convention Center, Louisville, Kentucky (Dinger/Meredith nominated)

2000: Vikings Megadome, St. Paul, Minnesota (Dinger/Meredith re-nominated)

2004: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada (Goetz/Bargewell nominated)

2008: Alamo Megastadium, San Antonio, Texas (Snowe/Johnson nominated)

2012: Lee Iacocca Memorial Convention Center, St. Louis, Missouri (Grammer/Brown nominated)

2016: Colonel Sanders Lexington University Stadium, Lexington, Kentucky (Grammer/Brown re-nominated)

–, c. 2016


…Tonight, during the fourth and final day of the Republican National Convention here in Louisville, the GOP Grammer/Brown ticket was formally renominated. A possible movement to draft McAfee for the nomination did not unfold, nor did an effort to remove Brown from the VP spot, given his popularity among the conservative bases of the party. …The DNC will be held next month; Senator US Gary Locke expected to announce his selection for running mate either at the convention or shortly beforehand…

The Louisville Courier, 6/28/2016

…Tellingly, McAfee lost more supporters over refusing to eat his pinky toe, as “promised,” than over the rape accusation. By the end of June, the calls ontech for McAfee to mount a third-party bid for President had subsided considerably as well…

– Tim Alberta’s The Modern Republican Party, Harper Collins Publishers, 2022

“We’ve wasted too much time already. We should have at least finalized the shortlist by now,” grumbled his Campaign Manager.

“We still have time,” Locke assured her, “We’ll pick a running mate soon enough.”

She reviewed the criteria one more time. “Someone from east of the Rockies who can appeal to progressives and can perform very well against Harley Davidson Brown. Getting along well with the administration, too. We can’t consider Moore because he’s too much of an attention hog.”

“And he burned several bridges too many in those debates,” Locke reminded her.

“Maybe we should pick a white person, maybe a white woman, because a ticket of two non-whites may scare off suburban voters.”

Locke nodded, “I suppose that makes the most sense.”

“Too bad Charlotte Pritt’s not available,” chimed in Kim, now the head of the VP vetting process, who was having trouble of her own in her efforts to find a suitable candidate. “She’s running for re-election.”

“How about Burwell, she’s like a discount Pritt,” replied the Campaign Manager.

“Maybe,” Kim answered. “There’s also US Rep. Roberta Achtenberg of California, age 66 – the Mayor of San Francisco from 2000 to 2008 and a member of Congress since 2009. She’s got deep pockets and is openly gay.”

The Campaign Manager shook her head, “She’s basically an unknown and she couldn’t really contribute much to the ticket, would she? There is a more visible option in Congresswoman Alexandra Lugaro, though. She just turned 35, so she’s eligible, and as a major ‘progressive darling’ or whatever they’re calling her, to could unite the party and bring in younger voters. Plus, ‘Locke/Lugaro’ has a nice ring to it.”

“Yes,” Locke replied, “But she’s too young and inexperienced. Like you said, she just turned 35.”

“Alright,” Kim offered another candidate, “Then how about Denise Juneau? She’s progressive and she’s gay; that’s very intersectional!”

“But too regionally close,” the Campaign Manager dismissed the suggestion. “Picking her would give up the South, the Rust Belt, the Hispanic South, and much of the Suburbs.”

“Janet Napolitano, the Head of West Point, in Virginia?” Kim asked.

“She’s an unknown,” answered the Campaign Manager.

“I’ll say,” added Locke, “I was about to say ‘who?’ before you described her bio.” The presumptive nominee for President sighed. “I’m not sure if we should pick someone connected to the Jackson and Wellstone administrations, seems the people want to move on from those hectic days.” Locke then made the same claim he had made behind closed doors before: that Republican obstructionism in the 110th and 112th Congresses was due to the inability too many progressive Democrats to compromise.

With Mayor Jimmy McMillan declining interested alongside Lisa J. Simpson of Washington, J. P. Sarbanes of Maryland, and several others, Kim was correct, if not a bit obvious, when she then observed, “Picking the right running mate is quite the conundrum this time around.” [22]

– Anna Garcia-Franklin’s Decision 2016: Grammer vs. Locke, Barnes & Noble, 2017


[1] This quote is from OTL, and it can be found here:

[2] Most passages here were pulled from this article:

[3] An OTL statement!:

[4] All italicized bits are from OTL!:

[5] OTL Bob Ross quote!

[6] Thank you @Kennedy Forever for helping me with this paragraph

[7] All of the italicized pieces of all of these passages were pulled from this OTL article:

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[18] It was 1.78 degrees Fahrenheit for 2016 in OTL, according to: temperatures in 2016,the mid-20th century mean.&text=The 2016 temperatures continue a,(GISS) in New York. Which means that here, earlier and more effective efforts to curb climate change has already lead to a difference from OTL of about .06 degrees Fahrenheit!

[19] Based on the results of the last chapter’s Democratic primaries poll, as they were on Sunday evening, E.S.T.

[20] Peterson’s political views were shaped by him reading this book while studying to be a corporate lawyer during his time in college, which began in 1979, roughly 47 years after this TL’s POD:

[21] Also @Kennedy Forever: Candace Owens was born in 1989 IOTL, so wouldn’t the odds be heavily against her being born in TL with a POD of 1932?

[22] Speaking of which, I made a poll concerning who Locke should pick to be his running mate:

And here’s a breakdown of the 20 candidates on said poll (results should appear on the next “page” after you click the “vote” button):

Gov. Hector Luis Acevedo of Puerto Rico, age 69 – A left-leaning centrist exiting office in 2017 after two successful terms, the former Mayor of San Juan has backed expanding education access and electoral reform throughout his lengthy lifelong political career; his selection could win over Hispanic voters.

US Rep. Roy E. Barnes of Georgia, age 68 – In office since 2005, Barnes has maintained a moderate voting record, opposing government corruption and Chairing several House Committees; a championed debater, he could “run circles” around VP Brown; his selection could win over suburban voters.

US Sen. Sherrod C. Brown of Ohio, age 64 – Serving in the Senate since 2007, the gravelly-voiced former Governor of Ohio (2003-2007) stayed out of the primaries but low-key preferred Ross to Locke; although his state’s Governor is a Republican who would appoint a Republican to his seat, Brown’s selection could win over progressive voters and former backers of Moore and Ross, and possibly help the party hold onto the increasingly Republican Rust Belt as well.

US Sen. Sylvia Mary Mathews Burwell of West Virginia, age 51 – The Greek-American former US Secretary of Health and Humane Services and former OMB Director won election in a “red” state in 2014; this “rising star” in the Democratic Party could appeal to immigrant voters, female voters, and the Rust Belt.

US Sen. Robert P. Casey Jr. of Pennsylvania, age 56 – In office since 2000, this popular moderate-populist politician has an impressive voting record and, if selected for the position of running mate, could appeal to former Michael Moore voters, win over suburban voters, and keep the Rust Belt in the Democratic column.

Fmr US Sec. of Transportation Rick Codey of New Jersey, age 70 – After serving as Governor of the Garden State on four nonconsecutive occasions and overseeing immediate cleanup efforts to Hurricane Sandy in the closing days of the Wellstone administration, Codey could appeal to Rust Belt voters.

Mayor of Detroit George Cushingberry Jr. of Michigan, age 64 – Entering office in 2010, Cushingberry has been credited with plateauing crime rates, albeit through some controversial methods, and was praised for peacefully quelling a riot concerning failing local banks in 2013; he could appeal to Black voters.

Gov. Shirley C. Franklin of Georgia, age 71 – While her Presidential campaign ended before the first Primary Cluster, Franklin would bring executive experience to the ticket; she could win over female voters, young voters, Black voters, and possibly help the ticket win some states in the South.

Gov. Barry N. “Big Tasty” Goldberg of Pennsylvania, age 47 – The young, energetic, bombastic and highly popular Governor of Pennsylvania could “destroy” Brown in the Vice Presidential debate, according to Locke’s optics team; he could win over Jewish voters, young voters, and Rust Belt voters.

US Sen. Christopher C. “Chris” John of Louisiana, age 56 – With many connections to donors, this wealthy legislator has maintained a moderate voting record since entering the US Senate; his selection would have the potential to win over voters in the South as well as voters in the suburban regions of the US.

US Rep. Monica S. Lewinsky of California, age 43 – With John McAfee’s rape accusation still on some people’s minds, one of the leading women’s rights advocates of the US House could help energize and mobilize female voters; her selection for running mate could also bring in younger voters as well.

DNC Chair Benjamin M. McAdams of Potomac, age 42 – A state senator from 2009 to 2011, then a US Representative from 2011-2013, this unsuccessful 2012 candidate for the US Senate took won the DNC Chair position in 2013 and was instrumental in Locke winning this nomination; the Democratic Utahn with the highest national profile could win over western voters and help the campaign make the necessary donor connections to achieve victory in the fall.

US Postmaster Gen. Ralph Nader of Connecticut, age 82 – After almost 50 years in various public offices, from EPA Administrator to US Labor Secretary to US Senator, maybe 2016 is the year that Nader finally joins a Presidential ticket; officially independent, he could appeal to independent and undecided voters.

Fmr Gov. Vincent B. Orange Sr. of Potomac, age 59 – During his successful time in office, from 2007 to 2015, Orange oversaw the reforming of his state’s parks and pursued efforts to address housing issues, which could win over the support of NYC Mayor Jimmy McMillan (I-NY); he could win over Black voters.

US Sen. Kwame Raoul of Illinois, age 52 – A former Bob Ross surrogate, this Haitian-American lawmaker has upheld a progressive record focused on civil justice, early childhood education, domestic violence prevention, voting accessibility and political reform; he could improve minority voter turnout.

US Sen. Sharon Sayles-Belton of Minnesota, age 65 – With a campaign style similar to Locke, and the two lawmakers having an amicable working relationship in the Senate, her selection could win over those to the left side of Locke who are concerned about community development, women’s rights, and education.

Gov. Adelaide A. “Alex” Sink of Florida, age 68 – In office since 2015, Sink served as the Chief Financial Officer of Florida from 2007 to 2015, and has focused on child protection and financial reform; by selecting a fellow Asian-American to be his running mate, Locke could put the state Florida into play.

Fmr Gov. Les Steckel of Virginia, age 70 – An NFL Quarterback for the Virginia Cavaliers before entering the state senate, Steckel was in office from 2010 to 2014, and is best known for his aggressive but effective management style, which could make him a formidable opponent in the VP debate against Brown.

Mayor of Chicago Deval L. “Al” Wintersmith of Illinois, age 60 – Hailed for getting the Chicago Spire built, the reform-and-development-minded Wintersmith (born with the surname Patrick, he changed it to his mother’s maiden name after his father left them) could win over Black voters and Midwestern voters.

US Rep. Shelli Renee Yoder of Indiana, age 48 – The former Miss America 1993 First Runner-Up has called for increasing recreadrug addiction treatment and reforming UHC to make elective surgery more affordable ever since entering office in 2013; she could appeal to female voters and young voters.

Please vote!

The next chapter’s E.T.A.: March 31 (hopefully)
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Great update! Thank you so much for answering my question about Jordan Peterson and Candace Owens. I'm also happy you used my suggestion for that paragraph. Happy to help mate :) Wasn't expecting Bob Ross to decide to just give up. He really is too nice. I liked that whole section about Steve Irwen. I kinda feel bad for him coping all that criticism. I really liked Moore in the debates. Ross mentioning being friends with trees x'D I can imagine people watching the debate hearing him say that would have rolled their eyes. As for the running mate candidates hmmm a lot to choose
Wasn't expecting Bob Ross to decide to just give up. He really is too nice.
I have a sneaking suspicion gap80 rigged the vote because Locke has more usable presidential looking photos then Ross (I'm kidding of course....or am i? ;))
Burnwell and Casey seem like the best choice for VP but Locke/Lewinsky does have a certain appeal
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I have a sneaking suspicion gap80 rigged the vote because Locke has more usable presidential looking photos then Ross (I'm kidding of course....or am i? ;))
Burnwell and Casey seem like the best choice for VP but Locke/Lewinsky does have a certain appeal
Actually I was kind of rooting for Ross TBH! :) but hey the people wanted Locke, so the people got Locke!
Not sure what surprised me more - Ross ultimately bowing out, or Grammer winning the primaries virtually unanimously (I mean, I figured he'd win regardless, but not by that much).
Host KRYSTAL BALL: “We now welcome Cris Ericson onto the program for this evening. Ericson is a political activist and documentary filmmaker who is insisting that her latest project is not biased like many are claiming it is. Ericson, welcome to the show.”

ERCISON: “Thank you having me on.”

BALL: “So tell us a little about this latest controversial documentary of yours, which I believe is called ‘Feathers and Blood: The Myth of Colonel Sanders,’ if that is correct.”
ah we have finally reached it