Keeping The Peace: A (sort of) Kaiserreich TL

Title, Author's Note & Summary
Keeping the Peace
Den Frieden Bewahren
A ridiculous, bizarre and outrageous consortium but featuring original concepts

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Left: Emperor Wilhelm II, Emperor of the German Empire / Kaiser Wilhelm II, Kaiser Des Deutsche Reiches

Right: Empress Hermine Reuss, Empress Consort of the German Empire / Kaiserin Hermine Reuss,
Kaiserin Gemahlin Des Deutsche Reiches

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Official Flag of the German Empire

Heil Dir Im Siegerkranz, Anthem of the German Empire


The German Empire emerges out of the fires of the Weltkrieg as a new world power. However, with the Rise of Syndicalism and the slow decline of the German Stock Market,
Can Germany maintain its global hegemony and preserve its empire?

The "construction" of this entire TL was inspired by @Zagan's Turtledove Award winner "We Will Conquer the Entire World!", basically about Romania during WW2. However, this will not be ASB. This will be mostly based (or loosely at some parts) on the Kaiserreich Timeline, but modifications are made by myself. Soo.. yeah. Happy reading!

No. Surrender is Death will not be aborted. I plan to continue BOTH stories at the same time. This "exercise" of mine will be meant as a refresher to a larger project that I'm currently making, which I will introduce under the code name "Project Battleaxe". This story was first thought of a year ago, and has gone under extensive modifications and research. I even wrote a draft of the entire TL on 25 bond papers. And yes, like my other TLs, will include maps. I may even attempt to make battle maps if I can.

Now, about Project Battleaxe. I will only say an entire sentence that will describe this project:

"I'm currently planning to write a book for the Sea Lion Press"
You heard me right. Questions are acceptable, but I will not comb through the entire project just yet. This is still a concept stuck in my mind, and may or may not happen. I'm still considering, as it's the first time I write a book. And plus, we have Covid. So, I might not execute it yet.

For now, enjoy this TL. Questions, Suggestions and Comments are welcome.

The Introduction will be released very shortly.
Interjection: Lands of the German Empire
Remember when I said the Introduction will be released? You'd be wrong.

Since this TL will cover the entire world, this Interjection is meant to describe the different lands of the German Empire in 1936. It will be described accordingly to its size, industry and importance to the overall function of the Deutsches Weltreich.

The introduction either comes tonight or tomorrow morning, Pacific Standard Time.

Another note: Every Territory is ruled by the same Emperor.


Lands of the German Empire
• German Empire (Berlin)
this is the part of the German Empire that is actually "Germany" proper. It is the most important constituent of the Deutsches Weltreich and also the home to the capital, Berlin. Within its borders and overseas possessions, the Kaiser has direct control over this constituent. It's also the smallest of the constituents, but has absolute power over the rest of the Empire. The reason for overseas possessions is that the Kaiser gets to exploit the resources of these regions. It is made of:

Germany, Luxembourg, Wallonia, Austria, Djibouti, Madagascar, Ceylon, Tamil India (as a sponsor state), the island of Hainan and a strip of the mainland, a strip of East China (Qingdao) and East Timor.

Deutsch Mittelafrika (Dar Es Salaam)
This is the largest constituent. It is the Imperial German Administration that is responsible for maintaining and enforcing the Imperial constitution over Africa. While its size is its prime feature, it is also the greatest drawback. It is the most unstable region of the Empire, and may implode upon itself at any moment. The current Kolonialminister is Hermann Göring. It is made of:

All former British, Belgian, Portuguese and French colonies in Central and Southern Africa, including Togoland, Kamerun, Tanganyika and Namibia.

Deutsch Indien (Pondicherry)
A state sponsored by the German Empire located at the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent. It is also the center of Germany's trading hub in the Indian Ocean, which is an important region that links Europe and Asia together. A strong military presence, usually consisting of the Nationale Indische Armee, a German trained force that serves as German India's army. It is protected by the Kaiserliche Marine in the sea. It's made of:

The southern tip of India, notably the Pondicherry trade hub.

Deutsch Öst Asien (Singapore)
what seperates this colony from the rest of the Empire is the fact that its governed by the Kaiserliche Marine's Pacific Fleet, the only colony to have this special administration. The head of state is the Admiral of the Pacific Fleet, Karl Dönitz. It comprises:

Malaya, ex Dutch East Indies, various Pacific Islands, New Guinea and the Bismarck Archipelago.

Deutsche Südchinesische Verwaltung (Chongqing)
Created by the Germans as a mandate for concessions in China. It is the center of German influence in the region and the institution for the Kaiser's demands and orders for the various Chinese Warlords, most notably the Qing Empire. It is made of:

The center part of China (what are those regions again?).

The light grey States in Europe are Germany's puppets.
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Introduction: Preparation
Berlin, German Empire
January 7 1936


It was another fine morning, the birds flying and chirping, and the sun is shining. Prussen Gloria is on the morning radio. Another day in the German Century, in the German Empire.

Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor of the German We Weltreich, sat on his sofa in the Imperial Palace. He was sipping a wine glass that he had ordered from the staff of the Palace. Hermine Reuss was away at the marketplace buying whatever she wanted, and also food for the incoming days ahead. She enjoyed going to the market alone and without escorts, as she stated: "It's fun being a normal woman sometimes."

He stammered a small giggle, remembering the time, followed by a brief puff on his corncob cigarette. He was enjoying the lovely instrumental of Prussen Gloria on his favorite morning radio station, Guten Tag Deutschlandl

Then, Crown Prince Wilhelm III, Wilhelm's chosen successor, entered the room from the main hallway. He was wearing his widely known royalty uniform. Wilhelm III was also a general in the German Imperial Army, and was a well known figure and inspiration throughout the Reich and the entire Empire.

Wilhelm III: Good morning, father. How's it going?

His father coughed a little. He was reasonably old, into his late 70s, 77 to be specific. He was suffering from pulmonary embolism. When he cleared his throat, he finally got the chance to speak.

Wilhelm II: Morning, son. How's the Army?
Wilhelm III: Just another normal day at the Headquarters. Just some modified orders and mountains of paper fortifications to skim through.
Wilhelm II: Basically a war of memos?
Wilhelm III: Pretty much. It never dies down these days at Headquarters. *Giggle*

Wilhelm II: It will my son. It will die down soon.

Wilhelm III, still giggling, walked to a giant map of the Earth, the German Empire marked in a thick black bold border. He smiled.

His father came beside him, barely having the ability to stand up now and walk by himself. He stared at the map, smiled as well, for he was proud of the achievements of his nation.

He placed his arm around the neck of his son.

Wilhelm II: The time will come, my child. It will come.
Wilhelm III: What time will come, Her Kaiser?
Wilhelm II: The time that you will lead this Empire on your own, when I die. I'm already old and on the brink of breathing my last breath of my life. But I have lived long enough to see the German Empire rise as the new world power. It will be your job to preserve it, and secure its place as the hegemon of Earth.
Wilhelm III: But... I'm not ready yet. I don't know on how to lead an empire, plus with Germany's sheer size and scale compared to anything else in the world. I'm not sure on how to lead the Germans.

Wilhelm II took in his son's doubts. But he wanted to assure him, and prepare him for his future role.

Wilhelm II: You will learn my child. You have your people and advisors to guide you. It may not be easy, but it'll be worth it in the end. I assure you.
Wilhelm III: Thanks father. Thanks for the trust.
Wilhelm II: Your welcome, son.

Hermine Reuss came back to the Palace with a bag of bread bought for about 20 RM each. She kissed his son and husband, like she always do.

Hermine: I brought some bread. Wanna eat?
Wilhelm II: I'm starving. Sure thing.
Wilhelm III: Me too. These are yummy, especially from the Berlin Market.
Hermine: These are very fresh, according to the seller, fresh from the fields of the Rhineland.
Wilhelm II: Rhineland bread? Oh very good.
Wilhelm III: Now now, Dad. You gotta give one to the general right?
Wilhelm II: If you can stop me from eating all of this..
Hermine: Alright, you two, everyone gets a piece. Call the others for breakfast.
Wilhelm II: Alright alright.
Wilhelm III: *softly* I'm still getting bread..

A few minutes later, everyone was gathered around the table. The entire Hohenzollern family was there in one place. There was the Kaiser, Crown Prince, Kaiserin and the 3 siblings of Wilhelm III (Martha, Augusta and Rosa)

Wilhelm II: Alright, children. Are you ready for the day ahead?
Wilhelm III: Yes, father.
Augusta: Of course.
Rosa: Yes, father.. I mean, Her Kaiser.
Hermine: That's great to hear.
Wilhelm III: I have general duties to do today. So.. I won't be getting home until maybe 10 PM tonight.
Wilhelm II: It's alright.

Wilhelm III stealthily grabbed 2 loaves from the Rhineland Bread's basket, without his father knowing of it. He laughed when he looked back at the basket clueless, because the bread was consumed real fast. The rest just giggled or stammered a small laugh.

Just then, a courier came into the room, knocking on the door then approaching Wilhelm II.

Courier: Her Kaiser! There's a problem!
Wilhelm II: What is it?
Wilhelm III: Does it require army action?
Courier: Yes it does. A declaration of war from the French Commune had just come in!
Hermine: Uh oh ...
Wilhelm II: Call the press. I'll be going live in a few minutes. Order the army to begin mobilization. That includes you son.
Wilhelm III: Yes, father.
Courier: The press is already present. Your being awaited at the Reichstag.
Wilhelm II: I'm coming.

The family stood up from their table and went to their rooms to change clothes.

The father and son bond of the Kaiser and Crown Prince were strong. They treated each other like brothers. But.. can it remain strong in this conflict?