Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

What are people's feelings here towards Kaiserredux?
I'm a 'realism' head and I still love Kaiserredux. If you use custom paths and/or ignore the goofier content, some of the new paths are breathtakingly deep. Particularly Russia. Can't really play KR without it.
I finished my first french campaign in "KR the world set free"

It was not enough to bring just France back to the medieval age, we had to expand and make germany and spain return to it too!
Are there any youth groups in the German Empire? Obviously, no Nazis of course.

You can create a imperial youth organisation as Germany after the black Monday. I don't know exact how it works, but the German conservative party DNVP had one called "Bismarck Jugend" and it probably looks like it, minus the massive antisemitism that the DNVP had.