Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

I like the whole path in KR where you can get Al Capone in charge of the Syndicalist States and make him King of America.
Wait that's a thing? I was aware of the Al Capone path but last I checked (which was admittedly about a year ago as I stopped playing Kaiserredux around then) he couldn't crown himself king?

No offense meant to those who still enjoy it, but IMO Kaiserredux has fallen hard. I've followed it since the beginning, and it used to be so much better. The orginal gimmick of the mod was adding in old content, but with all the polish one would expect of newer Kaiserreich content (my AOG-Chinese Kaiserreich playthrough remains one of the best HOI4 playthoughs I have ever done), but after a while they started leaning way too hard into the memey side of their mod, which had always been there but wasn't obnoxious like it is now. Meme paths have a place IMO, but only as hard to achieve easter egg paths that reward players for going down unique paths (Kaiserreichs 3rd Bulgarian Empire is a perfect example of this). The mod has just become a meme mod at this point, which is a damn shame because for a while I would never play Kaiserreich without it.
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Kaiserredux you mean, right. KR itself has no formal affiliation with any submods beyond Kalterkrieg, and that's more just that there's a big dev team crossover.
The Kaiserreich Mafia is the Mafia in the Kaiserreich community, by which I meant Kaiserredux I guess.

Sorry that wasn't clear.

I have nothing against KR.
Starting left KMT government in KR Cold War
Position State / Party Incumbent Faction
President of the Republic of china
Chairman of Standing Committee of the Central Political Committee
Chairman of Central Committee
Chairman of Central Military Commission
Wang JingweiMínshēng
Secretary-general Zeng ZhongmingMínshēng
Premier of the state Council
chairman of the National
Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Vice chairman of Central Military Commission
Zhou EnlaiMínshēng-Minben

Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Legislative Yuan
Vice President of the Republic of china
Vice chairman of the Central Committee
Song Qingling Mínquán-Minben
director of the State Planning Commission of the Republic of China
deputy director of the Financial and Economic Committee
Li Fuchun Mínshēng-Minben
Director of the Central Finance and Economics Committee
chairman of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions ,
Chen YunMinben-Syndicalist
Secretary of the Central Supervisory Committee
Director of the National Supervisory Commission
Dong BiwuMinben-Syndicalist
Director of the Rural Affairs DepartmentDeng ZihuiMinben-Syndicalist
Director of the Central Bureau for Intelligence and defense of the revolution Li Kenong
Director of the Organization Department
presidents of the National Examination Yuan
Cai HesenMínshēng-Minben
Head of the United Front Work Department
Vice chairman of the Chinese Syndicalist party
Wang MingSyndicalist
First Secretary of Secretariat
Director of the Central Propaganda Department
Head of the International Liaison Department
Liao ChengzhiMínquán-Minben
Director of National Defense Science and Technology Commission Nie RongzhenMinben
Minister of National Defense Lin Biao Mínshēng-Gexin

Source: Reddit
Egypt in my new game(trying out Sardinia) just went syndicalist(!)

Not as the result of an invasion of anything, apparently on their own(!!)

They don’t seem to have a unique focus tree or anything— it’s the same Egyptian one looks like— but I didn’t even know that was an option
In one hand I want Hawaii to have a facelift, like elections until 1952 and head's of government that were alive in 1937. In other hand this is extremely dangerous due the realism push that is happening and might get the monarchy, or even Hawaii itself removed in the process.

What do you think?