Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

Is KR still playable with the changes to the map in No Step Back or are we going to have to wait for an update?

you have to wait for the update

Yeah, most major mods are in the process of being updated for 1.11 as well as the No Step Back DLC, everything from Kaiserreich to Red World to Thousand-Week Reich. Most mods and tools are still at or are otherwose compatible with 1.10.8, which is what I've decided to roll back to while everyone takes their sweet time to work on the maps and make sure bugs are at a minimal.

Trying to run an old total conversion mod with a newer version (and vice versa) has, at best, unpredictable results. At worst the game is totally broken. So sadly no railroads or advanced logistics issues until probably January or even February 2022.
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No comments on Russia rework getting frozen? David Gaider used aprently work on it before focusing on Summerfall Studios.
No comments on Russia rework getting frozen? David Gaider used aprently work on it before focusing on Summerfall Studios.
There are some pretty big differences between why Russia and India were frozen, which are being overlooked by most observers. I don't have a 100% insider perspective, since I don't work on Russia myself, but key differences include:

1. India was frozen because its foundational lore had a mixed reception in the community. Russia, on the other hand, has been well received across the board.

2. As can be seen in PRs, Russia is in a far more complete state than India ever was, with clear designs for gameplay and some features at or near implementation.

3. As stated by team members in the comments for a recent PR, Rylock's departure wasn't the direct cause of the rework's freezing. His primary partner, who continued the rework, is currently busy with other more pressing work. Given that we as a team just got saddled with the largest update to HoI4's fundamentals since launch, if you put two and two together, it's reasonable to assume said developer won't be preoccupied indefinitely.
@Flamefang can we expect more content for China to come soon? It is the best part in the whole mod in my opinion
As always, soon +2 weeks, though I can say that the rework for Shandong had to be cancelled, since the people involved lost interest.

Honestly, I've found myself exhausted by China. It's been my main focus for the past five years, it's hard to find people to work on it with, and it's reached a point where there I don't even want to think about it anymore; I have ideas, but I don't have the energy to implement them; I know how things ought to be, but I can't be bothered to get them there. So, I'll probably be taking a step back from China sooner or later to move on to other things.

That said, I'm not the only person involved in China, so it's unlikely my stepping away would stop the remaining work there.
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I could call up our good friend Worffan and you'd get an earful about how the Entente is merely a bunch of exiled irrelevant figures with delusions of grandeur and how Edward VIII sympathized with Nazis IOTL, and how the Syndicalists are the good guys because political democracy means nothing without economic democracy and the alternatives offer either just the former or neither, or something like that. But I won't, it's all in good fun and we've had these fruitless debates about the factions worldwide and in the 2ACW countless times in this thread alone. :p

All that aside, that pretty much sums up the wikiboxes on the Kaiserreich subreddit, come to think of it. Favorite ideology and the so-called attempts at making something plausible, sometimes it works and other times the irony of such a statement is blatant. Nonetheless a good joke.
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