Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

You need to lose the support of the Conservatives in the Parliament and that will cause Sabahattin's government to fall which will put Arlsan as Vizier of a Conservative Government.
Now that I noticed how evil they are, I want to know if you have any guide to help me to prevent them from defeating the liberals...


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Now that I noticed how evil they are, I want to know if you have any guide to help me to prevent them from defeating the liberals...

Pick and choose your battles, don't go down the list you can wait to pass stuff and focus on other options. You can also go into provinces and spend pp to get Conservatives to join the coalition.

Honestly, I think the tree needs to be buffed. It's a fun concept but I don't think the benefits are worth it. Keeping the OHF in power seems better to me.
A disclaimer: This is not modern politics, nor it is historical politics, this is me giving my opinion about a figure and why I found a certain Ottoman route in KR blessed.

There are two kinds of person who wants to develop a nation on my understanding, the first is the one that see it's historical structure and wants to improve it, and the other who despises it's structure and wants it to be similar to a certain Y country. On Brazil for example, one of the main motivations for the 1964-85 dictatorship was to americanize Brazil, there was even the "MEC-USAAID" accords that made the US dispatch education inspectors to write our history books, and the brazilian right has been completely americanized, being commonly refereed as the "Miami right". And it is on this group I see Ataturk.

Ataturk succesfully, terminantely, absolutely westernized Turkey to such a state that he switched it from a middle eastern country into a european one, he went as agressive on his reforms that he banned the centuries old Fez hat and forced people to wear fedoras, there was even this propaganda poster that I failed to find that showed people throwing Fez out and putting fedoras.

Thus I went for another route, what I really support, the conservative modernization under the social liberal party as Bismarck did in Prussia, and the result is beautifull, it is splendid:

A islamic democracy, a federal empire, recognizing all people's and giving them participation on the parliament. The state is reborn, it's old structures are here, the sultan is still acting, the turks still wear Fez and have their family structures, but their wifes can vote, join parties, the minorities have been compensated for the armenian genocide, there is not a new beginning, but a new spirit for the old Empire, and a structure to last for the following ages respecting what has been built on the past, and I love it!

May the spirit of 1299 remain alive and well through the 1940s, 50s and on.
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