Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

Batista, he's dead, so just this is enought to make the island a utopia.

All Cuban paths make the island better in some point, my favorite is the autdem path, but in general without the prospect of corrupt batista coercing the presidents, corrupting the army and being the worst cuban public figure, the island can properly work on a way that they were not able OTL.
Whats going on with the Dominican republic?
I have been taking Transamur down the "Begin Militarisation" path on its focus tree, to amp up its Military before taking on the Russians loyal to Petrograd. I need to increase my Manpower and have been getting events about Exiles coming to Transamur, but how else can I increase my recruitable Population?

I didn't notice that Transamur's infrastructure and building slots are already full up until after I began Trading with the USA for lots of steel, and I still don't have enough resources to train new troops...I really need to get Conquering as soon as I can but I need a target over which I can be sure of a smooth victory. There'll be plenty of time to stab Japan in the back later on.
Can someone give me short explanation of syndie path of south africa alot of text is there, pro or anti apartheid? Are they blessed or cursed.
It has several sub paths. There's the Internationale-backed ISL-ICU compromise path of anti-apartheid ethnic equality, which is favored by the Commune of France especially. The ISL alone can try to maintain divisions, but lacks the support and resources to rule unilaterally and is therefore set to fall to a subsequent revolution and become an "all-native totalist government under [James] La Guma".

The International Socialist League is a sort of Marxist-De Leonist party while the Industrial and Commercial Workers' Union is more of an enlarged trade union. The two are affiliated in a big-tent, as evidenced by the presence of OTL South African communists, anarcho-syndicalists, and more moderate socialists from the National Council of Labour alike.
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AUS having a natpop path where it's just the German-American Bund leader back in the HOI II KR really says it all. The AUS was always an ideological dumping ground for every tendency to the right from the original lore onward. If they wanted to use a Dixiecrat leader, then fine, but don't try to graft Huey Long or the concept of an "Union State" upon it.

Funnily enough even in the rework, Henry Ford is lumped in there too, which means they're still considered a grab bag.