Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

Some things the devs should change in India-
Minoo Masani’s marlib beliefs were only after Stalin, earlier he was a socialist
MN Roy and Dange were not anarchists
I’d like to see Islamic and Hindu socialism play a role
Also why is BR Ambedkar in Bhutan?
I had two soul crushing games, sent a "F" for me, folks.

On the first I managed to defeat Austria as natitaly by mid 1938, and then united with SRI before Two sicilies joined the entente and I invaded them. After they capitulated I stood for three years at war with the entente without a peace event until I asked on the discord and they told me that as soon the two sicilies joins the entente is game over.

I then tried again, this time the war with austria took until JANUARY 1939 because Serbia didn't attacked them, I literally had to march all the way into hungary and bohemia, destroying over 1 million donau-adriabund soldiers. As soon I declared war on the SRI for some reason the script preventing the internationale from joining them didn't fired (most likely due the new expansion being released) so the entire internationale ganged up on me.
Replacing Edward VIII with George VI isn't really something you "do", it's more something that just happens.

Once the American civil war happens, you may get a random event where Edward VIII starts dating an American actress. If that's happened, the abdication chain will eventually play out - you just need to wait. If you receive an event where Edward VIII is engaged to a Greek princess, the abdication will never occur and you are out of luck.

Beyond that, simply make sure that Edward's popularity is low and the influence of the British Exiles is kept at moderate or lower. You can also maximize your chances by not having Edward tour during the ACW, as touring has its own random events.
In my Canada game Eddy never got married, I also never got any American Refugees....


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Germany is alot tougher now with the Russia rework. Every game I've played they end up in a two-front war since Russia can't expand past the Caucuses until they crush Germany. Decided to play a Germany game over the weekend was at war with the Internationale, Russia (with the Balkans, Poland, White Ruthenia and Ukraine), and Japan all at once. Then after I beat the Syndies the Entente and Austria DOW'ed me.

I had a seven million man army across several continents. My God is was Glorious.
I think Canada might be really buggy, I took all of the uk but i still can't take the "Return of the king" focus, I don't know if the SWK has to end first or what, but it's been pretty unfortunate since otherwise Canada has been fun to play
Failed to load ~ all I got was the Hearts of Iron II load screen but no Kaiserreich...how does one install the music, or is it unnecessary?

Pre ~ Ordered La Resistance on Sunday, and as mentioned earlier, really looking forward to trying out the reworked French Focus Tree and new Spanish One. Because I'll be aiming for achievements I will need regular difficulty and Ironman mode, most of my games so far have been on easy difficulty.

Playing as Poland on Kaiserreich for the first Time going down the A Saxon King Focus Trees, with an eye to conquering Lithuania, Livonia and White Ruthenia before turning against Germany itself ~ probably while they're distracted fighting the Syndicalist French. Socialist Republic of Italy game just went weird because the Second Weltkrieg began in 1937 {way too early ~ I'm not ready yet!}...I hope the file hasn't become corrupted or something like that.
Thoughts anybody pretty interesting, author says russia should be far right state of the game and mostly be dominated by different far right groups and another comment i like said russia would a vampire state. My opinion is that Far right russia is late game threat the final boss with loads of resources, manpower and buffs that either entente, reichpakt, syndalists have to fight.
Alright, impressions after playing a couple hours of La Resistance—-

I feel like the occupation/ resistance modifier is going to be the real trick. The agency thing is pretty cool, but on a fundamental level it seems fairly simple to craft; obviously you are going to want a few cosmetic changes so the Russian Empire doesn’t set up the NKVD, but the basic stuff, like agency upgrades, seems to be a constant factor.

Armored cars have been modded in before, most notably in Road to 56; I don’t feel like they or scout planes will be too tricky.

Overall I think we shouldn’t have as long a wait as we did after Man the Guns(*crosses fingers*)
I've seen some reports by other modders that there seems to be something wonky going on with localization modding after LR, where it can cause errors it really shouldn't, so that might delay things a bit.
Sorta: it's a two-way civil war that can become a three-way or four-way civil war, and is - due to exaggerated representation of the May Days - likely to become a three-way civil war.
So, these moments (just after a DLC comes up) is when I try to play the original game. Turns out that the only path I find interesting, that be, communist japan, does not work anymore due the new occupation mechanic preventing the japanese civil war from ending.

And I don't care enought to report this bug since I gonna return to KR as soon it gets updated :v