Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

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    If the Communist branch of the Resistance ends up on top after the Resistance overthrows the French state, as I understand it. It can also end up in more ordinary democracy, of Do It Ourselves and Invite the Free French Back In varieties.
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    I feel that. I know for a fact you haven't been one for memes, but edgelords are essentially like pizza cutters: All edge, no point.

    I can't help but agree. Even if the quality of life in Orenburg goes up, is it really worth the sacrifice of life and limb of the people? There's also an event that kind of shows that Orenburg has massively changed in that it is noticed that the freedom they had earlier is well and truly gone under Burba, I don't have a copy of it on my computer right now but that was kind of a "what have I done" moment when playing as them. Manufacture of radios and new radio stations and such doesn't outweigh the presence of the existence of an oppressive hierarchy.

    Yeah, I got tired of that quickly. I sort of like Red World and even though its creator has explicitly stated that it isn't a meme mod Bernie Sanders being a National Bolshevik and Bill Gates leading a socialist technocracy kind of leaves me in doubt there. Dark humor has a charm to it only if the setting isn't Warhammer: 40k levels of grimdark or just dank meme levels of nonsense.

    With this aside for the moment, let me jump in to see this madness... No, not that madness!

    Traditionalist Socialism is oxymoronic (emphasis on "moronic") and from a theoretical standpoint combining neo-feudalism with socialism sounds absolutely disastrous. (It also sounds like a poorly thought-out compromise involving tsarism.)

    The NKVD gets its own frozen autonomous SR and is deported to it. Considering their... reputation, I can't really hold fault in this. The NKVD must have done something absolutely awful ITTL beyond a massive purge to be dealt with in this manner.

    Kruglov actually looks pretty okay by Soviet standards.

    Absolutely cursed.

    Like father, like son. But hold the fuck up why is he using the colors of National Bolshevism?
    (EDIT: Oh, it's something called "Zhukovism". As long as Zhukovism isn't red fascism I think it should be okay.)

    No wonder Zhukov has a focus dedicated exclusively to removing this guy from the picture.

    The only non-socialist plan out of all of them so far, it looks like his plan may or may not be a hard sell. Weird indeed, especially using that imperial black-gold-white tricolor.

    Looks like COMECON is exclusive to Vigdorova's policies.

    This looks a little too good to be true but it's definitely more of an inverse (and less evil distant counterpart) of TNO's Andreas Meier.

    Once TWR is out I'll definitely try a playthrough with this guy. His ideas look pretty good and the flag looks pretty nice as well.

    Apparently the NKVD in this world were nasty enough to have their slice of paradise designated as a nuclear test site by Zhukov.

    *1984 soundtrack intensifies*

    Minet's France does not look like a pleasant place to be but it's still preferable to Germany in any Nazi Victory TL.

    EDIT: Apologies for getting a little too off-track from Kaiserreich. I was unaware that they have an AH.com presence as well.
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    There's apparently a bit of Strasserism to it, in that one of the in-universe sources of inspiration was one of Strasser's works and Vasily Zaytsev is apparently a little bit of a fanboy for Strasser, or, at least, was so when his trees were being posted. To be fair, the book was one of Strasser's wartime works (Zaytsev found it on a dead German soldier during Barbarossa), when he'd done some distancing from his earlier antisemitism. Strasser had some... strange ideas.
    TWR's COMECON is basically Vigdorava putting in a layer of government above the Soviet government as part of the peaceful reunification efforts, as I understand it, kind of like a weird EU more so than OTL COMECON.

    Meanwhile, I'm still looking forward to trying to achieve the UPC when the China Rework comes.
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    Memes can be funny in small quantities, but the damn things have replaced regular speech to the point that talking to people on the Internet is like Picard and Dathon in Darmok. "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra!"
    I also didn't like that liberalizing society carries massive stability penalties when a much more effective model would be to use the temporary idea method that Apres Moi le Deluge has had for years.
    Hey, at least secret Nazbol Bernie Sanders makes a horrifying degree of sense given how badly America is fucked and what happened to his family TTL.
    The TL that gets black comedy right, most of the time. (Tsar Viktor could be a bit too much edge at times IMO)
    It seems to have elements of anarcho-primitivism, and is the kind of thing that tbh I'd expect from a farm boy who joined the army and then got really bad PTSD.
    Soviet Premier Lavrentiy Beria.
    Kuznetsov I think is a fail path.

    Abakumov is a straight-up serial killer.

    The Norilsk warlord is a rogue admiral who runs capitalist gulags. As in, his warlord state is basically a plutocracy where the poor are put in gulags.
    Zhukovism seems to be a mashup of relaxing repression, building a wellfare state to some degree, and whipping the people up into a patriotic fervor to get payback for the whole ethnic cleansing, Generalplan Ost thing.
    They're rivals.
    He's a right-wing capitalist, he's purged by all but the most kindhearted reformists.
    It's part of her reunification plan.
    The implication seems to be that he'll be a disaster.
    He teaches in the US now OTL. Seems like a good dude.
    Lavrentiy Beria goes nuts with purges and is...well, Beria. He dies early game from having his genitals bitten off by one of his victims.

    Heydrich's custom leader trait is God of Death. Because he exterminated millions of people to build a dystopian summer resort.

    This isn't 1984, this is a thousand times worse.
    I like the idea of her as a character. A young woman who has nothing left but her cause, and reacts viciously to any criticism of it or her.
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    what does everyone think the next big rework will be after china? Follow up question would you lot want a rework this big for the US civil war?
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    I kinda felt like there was some implication he'd be less of a disaster if he comes in through the USSR collapse Congress than if he comes in after Molotov's attempted turn to tyranny, mostly in being more restrained by the system, but that may be me reading things into it that aren't really there.
    Depends on how you define big. The Ottoman Rework (pretty thoroughly reworked, but covers less countries and people)? The East European Rework (probably a bit more distant than the Ottoman rework)? The German Rework (given Germany's central position in the mod, very important), probably the most distant one?

    I most definitely do not want the US Civil War to be reworked to this extent again any time soon.
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    I am going to miss Poland Lithuania because it has the same sort of “building a totally new country from scratch” feeling that makes Indochina so fun to play.
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    The China rework is going to be nuclear fusion and always a month away at this point I feel.
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    I mean, Orenburg pre-Burba isnt exactly something to aspire to, to put it lightly. In fact I would even go so far as to describe it as basically every single negative stereotype of attempts at anarchism rolled into one. The presence of village democracy doesnt outweight, well, everything else about orenburg.
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    The #1 problem I have with Orenburg is its message that authoritarian rule is positive and necessary to prevent the most pettily negative human instincts from inevitably taking over.
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    Relatively recently there was a big rework for the Second American Civil War in terms of situations and states seceding and the fact that it can no longer be avoided. I hope India gets a rework sometime after 0.10, not that the lore is problematic but it could really use some polish. And Afghanistan having a focus tree couldn't hurt either.

    Apres Moi le Deluge is one of my personal favorite mods for the game. A bit close to vanilla in a number of aspects but fun nonetheless.

    Indeed. OTOH, Putin, but this is already veering a little too much into current politics, and as such I'll lay that off here.

    The author is a noted fan of the film Dr. Strangelove That probably explains the other euphemisms in his work as well.

    When someone thinks of "Anarcho-primitivism" in a HoI4 mod they think of France in Red Flood. Dear God the whole mod is cursed and I'm in disbelief that they let a Montenegrin fascist onto the team where the country's only path is restoring the Roman Empire. The base game already attracts enough less than savory types, but I digress heavily.

    Not to plug my own timeline or anything, but that's a thing for a few years. I will provide no context nor further information on this random fact.

    The nicest thing I can say about any of this is at least Chikatilo's nowhere near being in charge.

    I had to reread this a few times to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me. This is doubtlessly karmic.

    Dear God. Dear God...

    A tragic but nonetheless understandable progression to this point.
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    Guys, you are turning this from the kr forum into a TNO! Rant.

    Well, about dankest hour I was hired to make a Brazilian natpop route, since im on my cellphone I cannot tag the Wikipedia article of the people I gonna mention, but you can search, they are real.

    So, in 1942 Getúlio Vargas had a car accident on may first on his way for the stadium where he was going to deliver his worker's day speech, leaving him with a broken leg. On dankest hour after you take the final new state focus, extend executive powers, the car crash will happen. You then will have five options.

    Vargas make a full recovery (otl).
    Vargas is dead. (He's replaced with the autdem Gaspar Dutra)

    If he dies, you open the following three:

    Dutra restores democracy. (Basically he became the socliberal leader until the 1944 election).
    Amaral Peixoto (Vargas son in law) will continue the new state.
    Dutra appeal for the radicals.

    If you take the final option, the head of government will be Francisco Campos, the leader of the political pro axis faction in the new state (and Dutra led the military). Dutra suffered from dislexia and was slooow, while Campos was a smart but uncharismatic and timid figure. Basically Dutra becomes the face of the dictatorship and Campos the man turning the strings, and this turn Brazil into natpop and opens a legionarist Brazilian tree. The legionarist Brazil tree will be what you can expect from fascism, with the process of whitening the population by importing Europeans be restarted, the army being purged, a series of privileges will be given to Europeans, while some institutions will be created to accelerate the industrialization and a corporatist system will be created.
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    India needs polish, especially Delhi.
    It has a dearth of content but I do like the legal system.
    Nah, it's a fair point. The USSR paths in that need a lot of work.
    Honestly I find Madness weirdly compelling. It's horrifying, but something about it just flows.
    I took a look at that one's early alpha release, and it's such a mess the game literally crashes when some wars start.
    Heh, For All Time. That one's a car crash, in an entertaining way.
    The whole event writeup is on the reddit page somewhere iirc.
    I mean, what do you seriously expect from Reinhard Heydrich?
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    I mean, I didn't really see it as having some kind of universal message in that regard. Perhaps it did in regards to the specific circumstances of Orenburg, but they have showcased examples of very much not authoritarian paths being very possible and good, with several possible positive libsoc paths in Russia alone. But it's fine imo if a few nations here and there have authoritarian paths as the arguably somewhat more positive ones, mods where one particular path is constantly the best one in all circumstances and places usually raise a few red flags (pun not intended) for me.
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    And his real name is Ernst Junger.
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    Hard to fuck up as Russia.
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    India doesn't have any ongoing rework or plans for one at the moment, because the team fears that any India rework will be the next China in terms of dev length and research.
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    I think the TNO-TWR rivalry should not exist. TNO is attempting at a unique version of the archetypal "Nazi victory", while TWR is aiming for a more realistic take on such a TL.
    The devs of the respective mods have explicitly stated that there is no rivalry.
    But I will say that, as an Indian, I find TNO's India more accurate. That's all I have to say.
    That's a real shame. I hope there will be someday, as the content for India is still the same as legacy.
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    To be fair, while the content for India is pretty much still the same as in the DH version, India was one of the last regions to be reworked in DH (IIRC - the forum's disappearance makes it impossible to check - only South Africa came after. Work on China's had begun, but obviously that didn't end up being released for DH), so the content is far from as old as, say, Spain's is.
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    I think they should do Ireland next, I think it would be pretty nice to see the country rework.