Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

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    The only "good" Totalist is a dead Totalist.

    This message brought to you by the Dear God, Anyone But the Totalists gang
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    What about the NatPops? They are as bad as the Totalists, if not worse.
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    Well, yeah.

    Basically, everyone who isn't a Social Democrat should be purged :D
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    There are exceptions on both sides, for Fop we got baldomiro, and San Martin and the integralists on another side.

    I don't know what happened to Ramon San Martin on Kr, he was a pretty good president otl as far as I know.
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    @herkles I realize Legacy china Missed opportunity with the AOG.
    The AOG could've had a collapse event like with Mittelafrika and in my version of Legacy lore it can happen

    here's the stuff that I made for my version of Legacy china lore.
    I combined the Legacy lore and the rework together to make my version of it
    Chinese Legacy Lore modifications tags

    CHI-Xinmindang (New People's party) [新民党]Led by Wang Jingwei can transform into the left Kuomintang starting cosmetic tag people's revolutionary army

    PRC-Yellow Way Society's Shangqing Tianguo

    It follows the same organizational structure is it normal legacy counterpart but not made up of the same people

    SHX revolts against QiE The Shanxi Army if Imperial party (natpot) is in Control

    MAN-puppet Manchuria

    MEN-puppet inner Mongolia

    SQI- revolts against QiE shandong and Yīguàndào if Imperial party (natpot) is in Control

    YUN-Yunnan clique

    FNG-Fengtian Republic (奉天民國/中華民國奉天政府)

    A "warlord Republic"

    ANQ-Tang Jiyao's pacification army (jingjun)

    GXC-PI KMT (致公国民党)(中国致公党) can become federalist starting cosmetic tag gui-yue United army

    HNN-Cheng Qian's Hunan National protection army (HuguoXiangjun) (NPA)

    SZC-revolt against YUN Sichuan army


    Same as normal Legacy One of the potential paths for reforms Is to transform the Allgemeine Ostasiatische Gesellschaft to the Aufsichtsrat der Ostasiatischen Generalverwaltung

    LEP- United provinces if the AOG is turned into The oversight committee

    QIE-Qing (大清帝國/中華民國北京政府)

    The Qing absolutist Monarchy which currently has low support from the gantry most of the gantry supports A constitutional Monarchy but the radical Germans via the AOG support only a absolute Monarchy


    Roman von Ungern-Sternberg's Mongolia is extremely unstable.The only way to stop the instability is to have Sternberg become regent by Abdicating from The throne to the 9th Jebtsundamba Khutuktu

    Mongolian army

    Tag That are same as in the rework






    In the German foreign ministry its radicals versus conventional's. The conventional generally favor supporting Zhili clique well the radicals generally favor entryist policy for monarchism in the KMT and the radicals believe a KMT Victory is inevitable while the conventional's Believe a small intervention force is necessary to stop the KMT

    Note the Radicals policy is basically " china is our India"

    Within the Confédération Générale du Travail it Travailleurs and Jacobins (pro-KMT)vs Sorelians and Anarchiste ( anti-KMT)

    PoD 1922The German government recognize the Guangzhou government in the rework The French commune recognizes the The government

    With German help they set up the Xiaoguwei military Academy instead of the Whampoa Military Academy in the rework The French help set up Whampoa Military Academy like our timeline Soviet Union


    Germans invite Xu Shichang to help found A Monarchist wing in the KMT they previously try to solicit Kang Youwei but he rejected these out of hand


    Non-participation in the Second Zhili–Fengtian War


    The Guominjun wins the anti-Fengtian War with French assistance and drives the Fengtian Clique Back into the Northeast

    KMT civil War

    First phase

    With German backing Xu Shichang's Monarchist wing moves to expel the the left wing of the party

    Soong Ching-Ling is placed under house arrest

    Chiang Kai-Shek and Liao Zhongkai are assassinated The left wing of the party is expelled

    Which causes Wang Jingwei and other left-leaning the members to declare The peoples revolutionary government ( of The Republic of China )

    Ye Ting 13th division and Zhang Fakui 12th division revolt along with Tang Shengzhi entire eighth Army to form the peoples revolutionary army

    In response to the rebellion Xu found the provisional army [临时军]within the national revolutionary army most the Republican elements have declared neutrality

    After the distraction of the Zhili clique. Wu Peifu forces have been the "Guest" of Hunan governor Zhao Hengti

    Xu sent feelers out to Hunan with an offer to join his forces against the left-wing

    Wu except Zhao Rejects the offer

    Wu forces eject Zhao from Hunan

    Wu forces are redesignated The provisional fourth army and begin to March South

    Zhang Fakui is killed which cause the peoples Revolutionary Army to collapse

    Leftist forces are defeated and Wang and a few others Flee to France

    Wang Jingwei found the New People's party . ( Xinmindang)

    Second phase

    The third Guangdong-Guangxi War

    After the defeat of the left-wing of the party Xu begin to move on to the Republican right wing backed principally by the New Guangxi clique

    Xu Expels the New Guangxi clique from the party which triggers the war

    This causes the rest of NRA to revolt

    The provisional army is pushed back to a perimeter around Guangzhou

    With German assistance The provisional army drives the rest of the NRA into Yunnan which causes a coup against Tang Jiyao bye Long Yun do his failure to Aid Republican forces in the war he then invades and occupied Sichuan.Yun also begins to use anti-monarchist rhetorics

    The provisional army is disbanded and reincorporated into the regular National revolutionary army


    The northern expedition , German intervention and The treaty of Nanjing occurs

    In response to the German intervention young Japanese officers set up A "warlord Republic" much to The consternation Zhang Zuolin in the form of the Fengtian Republic with it's official Capital in Changchun.Zhang Zuolin instead keeps his Power base in Shenyang

    Official restoration of the Qing

    Xu Shichang dissolve the Kuomintang

    The Yunnan-AOG border conflict begins
    The former NRA forces in Yunnan reforming to the national foundation army(Jianguojun) and New Guangxi Clique is stationed in Yunnan-

    Guangxi border


    Chen Jiongming is appointed the Guangzhou security brigade commander via his appointed he reestablishes the Guangdong Army (yue jun)

    Sun Li-jen is appointed as his deputy and is invited into the public interest party


    Tang Jiyao is appointed the commander of Changsha security brigade (jingjun) [pacification army]


    Wu Peifu asks the Germans if they could help in the reestablishing the Baoding Military Academy. The Germans reject the request in the rework A German military mission helps in the reestablishing the Academy


    The public interest party is reformed into Kuomintang


    von Falkenhausen becomes Governor General of the AOG


    Constitutionalist become increase dissatisfied with the absolutist nature of the New government began to turn to the revolutionaries for support


    The Xinmindang begins infiltration into the AOG and makes contact with the national foundation army and the New Guangxi Clique


    The KMT begins to form an underground army
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    I mean that’s kinda what happens to the League of Provinces in the upcoming update
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    I know that's why I like it
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    Can’t wait for the China rework. Maybe it’ll be out as a Christmas gift for us!
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    Any word on Hawaii?
  10. ThatOneGuy Fite me m8, swer on me mum

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    What about Hawaii
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    Guys, I heard that you do not like the Totalist CSA, well, I got this friend, Carl Ingram Albert, he wants to know your location.

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    What are doing during the 2ACW?
  13. Augenis Latvia isn't real

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    Fanfiction, nothing about Tukhachevsky's path implies that he's passive on the domestic front (which is also a problem of the Soviet content being old and undeveloped)
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    They dont do much, go independent or join the PSA. If they go independent they can join the Entente, Japanese Sphere or rejoin the US peacefully or through conquest
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    Personally, I think there are too many ideological categories in Kaiserreich atm - and it can lead to situations where Market Liberal Canada won't let in Social Conservative country for whatever reason.

    I think it should be more like;

    Parliamentary Syndicalism - systems like the UK where the unions have become the legislature
    Anarcho-Syndicalism - systems which have avoided 'statist' centralisation
    Market Democracy - capitalist states which have regular, free elections
    Traditionalism - encompasses constitutional monarchies in which the monarch still retains a great deal of power, and other not-explicitly totalitarian traditional governments
    Market Autocracy - military dictatorships, corrupt oligarchies, colonial remnants etc etc
    Totalitarianism - both Totalism and National Populism
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    Those ideologies would be just too broad.
  17. Uebeltank Just wanting a better world.

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    Yeah. On the extreme side you have vanilla Hoi4 where anything that doesn't feed neatly into the big 3 is "unaligned".
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    Apologies for double posting, I didn't realise there was a primary discussion thread for this.

    Hi - I'm not a HoI person, but if I can do a bit of cheeky advertising, some of you may not be aware that Sea Lion Press publishes a book called The People's Flag (by our founder, @Meadow ) which attempts to do a vaguely more plausible take on the Union of Britain in Kaiserreich. See below - taken from the updates I post on this SLP update thread.

    See purchase page on the SLP site here.
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    What ever happened to Buckingham Palace in England after the Syndicalists took over?
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    I think you’d have more luck asking this question on the KR Discord server.
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