just for thought... Martin Luther dies early.

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    Just trying to work this out, thoughts/corrections/input MUCH appreciated:D!
    Posit: October 29, 1517, before mailing or posting the "95 Theses", Martin Luther falls down the stairs at the university of Wittenberg
    , breaking his neck. The Theses are never published, Luther dies still within the Catholic Church, and the German State Church (Lutheran) never comes into being. What will the repercussions be, for the Church, and for Western Civilisation? thanx in advance for looking at the problem!
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    Nov 19, 2007

    If he did not marry then Henry VIII would have created the English Catholics.
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    Might want to use a different font, Matt. ;)

    From what I understand of the period, killing just Luther won't help, since he's only part of the problem - albeit a big one. The corruption of the Church was annoying plenty of people. Without reform, it's just a matter of time until another Luther arises.
  4. Philip One L only

    Apr 19, 2007
    Agreed. The political situation in the Church and the HRE almost guarantee that something will happen. It is possible that Rome could reform on her own and address the secular issues. If this occurs, the future Luthers are more likely to go the route of Hus. However, it seems more likely that Rome will continue in her ways, and another reformer would arise. If the HRE has not straightened out some of its political issues, there will be plenty of German princes willing to support the nascent Church.