Jo El Rei – Kasumigenx cut(Aragonese Timeline)

A son is born
On 1509, Germaine de Foix would have a healthy son named John, he would prove to be healthy and he is the heir to Aragon, he would succeed as John III of Aragon in 1516, on his own father’s death, he would be affianced to Mary Tudor, the infant daughter of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII, who would be his wife and queen.

Germaine de Foix would give birth to two further children, namely Leonor(1511) and Beatrice(1513).
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Death of the Breton Duchess
In October 25, 1510, Anne of Brittany would give birth to a son, unfortunately, she would die after childbirth and the son is baptized as Charles, who would succeed his father as Charles IX of France on his death in 1520 with a brief regency by Catherine of Navarre[1] and her husband, Francis of Angouleme.

Louis XII would cement Dauphin Charles’s succession in Brittany against his sister, Claude, and Louis XII married Claude to Charles, Prince of Asturias in 1514 with the Burgundian lands as well as her claims to Navarre and Naples as her own dowry in exchange of her giving up her own claims to Brittany, this marriage was supported by both the Spanish and French by both Ferdinand of Aragon and Louis XII, this was supposed to be a double marriage as Catherine of Austria was betrothed to Dauphin Charles but his regents Catherine of Navarre and Francis of Angouleme would end the betrothal once Louis XII died in 1520 and he would be betrothed to Catherine of England as it would not benefit the brother of Catherine of Navarre for Charles IX to marry Catherine of Austria.

1. She married Francis of Angouleme after Ferdinand of Aragon's death in 1517
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