Jem: Infinite....AltHistory, meet glamrock.

Well I'm back.

For the past year I have been going through hell: unemployment, living in a homeless shelter, having my laptop AND smartphone stolen, going broke TWICE, three toes amputated at Parkland Hospital due to infection and diabetes.....pure hell.

But now having lost weight, getting a life insurance check and getting a new apartment, things are looking up, so I decided to start posting again.

I decided to start with a comic series venturing into Alternate history for its new run: Jem and the Holograms. That's right Jem, the Holograms and the Misfits venture into AH territory.

The new storyline is called Jem:Infinite. In this six chapter story arc, JatH are contacted by an alt universe version of TechRat (a computer genius who works for Eric Raymond {manager of the Misfits} in the main TL). In his world, the holographic technology developed by Emmitt Benton (father of Jem's alter ego Jerrica Benton) and incorporated into Synergy (a computer built by Emmitt that Jerrica uses to transform into Jem) has been made public; however, an evil corp is using the tech to turn the world into a Dystopia. After he explains the situation, Jerrica and the others agree to travel to his world and help.

However, the Misfits (the Holograms rival band) sees them enter the gateway and decide to follow them, much to Jerrica's annoyance. Once they arrive and get their bearings, the Holos decide to go meet with Emmitt (who survived ITTL) while the Misfits decide to find out what happened to their Alt Universe counterparts.....

Anyway the story will run in six issues: Odd numbered chapters will run in the Jem book while the even numbered chapters will run in the Misfits book.

Here's a preview of Chapter one (with small bios of the main characters.)

So is anyone interested? Also are there any Jem fans on the board here?

BTW FYI the Jem comic universe is not the same as the cartoon series; its a different continuity.