Japan Gets Nuclear Weapons Before Allies...

Melvin Loh said:
guys remember that the US military while drafting plans for OLYMPIC intended to incorporate the use of poison gas against the Japanese home islands under Project SPHINX- as stated in CODENAME DOWNFALL, Gen George Lincoln and other high-level planners were intending to launch nerve gas B29 bombings of Nagasaki, Hiroshima and some 25 other major Japanese cities had 'Fat Man' and 'Little Boy' not been employed in Aug 1945, thereby effectively turning Japan into a chem wasteland. So, if in a TL where japan possesses functional nukes before the Americans, how much more would the US utilise its own retaliatory chem warfare strikes ?

I also agree that had Japan developed its nuclear program as systematically as the US had, then their employment of a nuke isn't outside the realms of possibility...
"more systematically than the US did?"
Using all that captured German nerve gas on Japan as retaliation for the use of the atomic bomb would have been possible. They were looking for an excuse. Nerve gas and firebombs is a very effective combination.