it’s a lovely day tomorrow by EBR

EBR (now no longer with this site)wrote this timeline about an Axis Victory on Spacebattles.

I like how he shows that Fascist ideologies have cracks in their systems and will fail
My goals in writing this timeline are to;

-Explore the flaws and self-contradictions within fascism and how they make even a victorious Axis that got a leg-up from a time traveler unable to build stable empires and cope with many of the challenges they face.

-Explore how neutral countries, minor Axis members, subject peoples, etc. have adapted, resisted, and collaborated with, the fascist global order

-Explore complicated questions of agency for victims and collaborators of/with fascist rule as these categories can overlap and are not always clear cut (witness real-world historical debates about Finland and the Baltics in WWII)

-Explore how Jews specifically survived, resisted, and even collaborated with international facism in adapting to a world where Nazi Germany is the leading superpower. This is naturally an area of much personal interest for me.

And finally;

-Explore the legacy of German, Japanese, and other (Italian, Romanian, etc.) imperialism after the collapse of the fascist hegemony, and how different states- including those newly independent and those who formerly were fascist or benefited from fascism- address (or fail to address) that legacy
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