Iron Sky Volume I

Stalingrad, Soviet Union
August 27 1942

I do not know what is happening, but everything is in a panic. The violence is unquenchable. It looked like the will of society has been turned upside down and torn to bits. Tesla was correct. The Foo Fighter enthusiastics as well. There are other worldly beings. Man, I shouldn't have read "War of the Worlds" in the first place.

While me and my patrol were strolling in the square after the Soviet charge ended, something else caught our view. It was nothing that we have seen before, ever. It was a giant aircraft, descending on the very center of the square. I estimate that this aircraft is the size of a 5 story building. We first thought that this was an Allied aircraft, an experimental one. But we dismissed that fact because it was larger than the scale the Allies can even build. Or the scale that the Tripartite Pact can build airplanes. This was something else, an out of this world state of the art work by something. Can War of the Worlds be correct? Are there Martians on Mars? And they have come for our extermination? Is there a reason why they wanna do this? Alright, I need to calm down for a while. We took off, and ran all the way back to our base on the far side of the city. I must inform Commander about this. I must inform everyone! They might think of me as a fool and child brains man, but I saw a literal alien mothership. May God have Mercy on me.

Please, to anyone who is reading this, I may have died or have lived out till my end. But, if this threat gets serious, I just want one favor: exterminate them for me and my comrades. Thank you.

- Unknown German who allegedly fled the city.

Episode 1: Plans
Corusia, Proxima Centauri System
Destination: Planet Earth (G7189)

Everyone became quite as Marshal Harry Laucaux stepped into the meeting room. The audience was the thousands of officers and leaders of each unit that will be onboard the Doomsayer, one of several Proxima Class Heavy Cruisers that will be participating in the invasion of Earth. This campaign is predicted by scholars and military tacticians of the Galactic Empire as probably the most bloodiest campaign our nation has ever committed. The last brutal war the Empire had was against the "Pirate Space", an area in the Galaxy that is dominated by cartels and drug lords. It lasted 4 years until the last were defeated at the planet Falon. Since then, we had our own ways of peace. Until we discovered Earth and its inhabitants. The so called "Humans" are living beings that almost looks similar to our own Corusian Race. It is speculated that they are a lost relative of us. One way or another, Emperor Morious, the leader of the empire, has ordered the invasion of this planet and the enslavement of it's inhabitants, and the exploitation of all resources for the Empire. Metal is speculated to be rich in this planet, and we need them to create more weapons, and the improvement of economy. But, we don't know why we want to enslave humanity as well. They have done nothing wrong. We enslaved the Pirates because they are spreading illegal drugs throughout space z but humanity has never done anything. They are just a race living in this vast galaxy.

Anyways, it's about to start. Here is what he said:

"Alright. Hello everyone. I hope you are all prepared for the inevitable invasion of Earth. I'm here today to tell you the plans that we will do during the Invasion. We shall be landing in a city called "Stalingrad" in the Caucasian Mountains. From there, we exterminate all hostiles and move East. We shall reach a harbor and meet up with reinforcements from the other landing ships. Then, we push North, towards a location known to the humans as "Kursk". It is reported that this place has a large concentration of enemy armor in the area. It is important that we take them out. We spread out from there on out. The other fleets should be able to supplement the other places we haven't landed on. Clear?"

Everyone shouted "Clear!".

"Good. On the wings of the Doomsayer, we booked victory. We shall grab it, for our Empire. Heil Morius."

"Heil Morius! Heil Morius! Heil Morius!"

It's time. It's time to invade Earth.

Episode 2: Third Party?
Stalingrad, Soviet Union
August 29 1942

Word had just gotten to our ranks that a third threat has appeared on the face of the Earth, in the very city we are stationed in. The Germans have requested a ceasefire to quickly mop up this threat. But it was not the typical ones we deal with. Within a few hours, the entire city was cleared of German forces, to be replaced by the "other worldly beings" that have landed on our planet. A telegram was sent to Moscow by our Command, telling everything witnessed on the ground. Moscow responded by sending an entire squadron of Polikarkov I 16 planes over to examined the unknown mothership that is floating over the square. They quickly reported their findings to headquarters in the capital. The news must have reached Berlin as well, and Hitler is scrambling for a ceasefire. Maybe this entire war will end because of this threat? Who knows. As of right now, the non humans have taken over the city, destroying every inch of communication it holds. A last minute telegram with the last remaining broadcast center, reported to be manned by 20 Soviet soldiers, reveals that the city has completely fallen to the Alien's hands. It stayed floating until today, when it started deploying smaller fighter aircraft to counter the now hostile Soviet Air Force and the Luftwaffe disturbing them. These smaller fighters are faster than any plane we have, and is weird enough in design. Due to its black color, we call it the "Raven". They started to attack our own positions on the other sides of the Volga, so large scale evacuations have taken place.

This new threat however can develop one good thing: it can allow the Axis and Allies to set apart their differences and fight together to save humanity from inevitable enslavement. I'm saying that if Stalin doesn't make up with the Nazis, we will all be dead. It's the only way we can all survive. I hope every leader comes into their common senses and fight together to save us all from an invader. War of the Worlds was not a work of fiction, anymore. It has predicted a real life invasion from possible Martians whose goal is the capture of this Planet. I heard that Molotov, the Soviet Ambassador of Foreign Affairs, will be meeting with Ribbentrop and Eisenhower of the Western Allies and Axis respectively. Japan and the USSR also signed non aggression pacts to focus completely on this threat. This new enemy declares themselves as the "Galactic Empire", a space nation from the Planet Corusia in the Proxima Centauri System. They look similar to us humans, but they are slightly taller. And also their technology is a force to be reckoned with, as no technology is present in our planet. As of right now, all fighting has been stopped between us and the Germans. Stalin also sent out printed orders to our lines, which says the following:

"Comrades present in Stalingrad. You are ordered to resist these new threats once they try for a breakthrough from the city. Your commanders will know what to do. We will meet with the Axis to discuss a ceasefire to focus on the non human threat. The Japanese has also signed a pact with the USA and the Motherland, meaning the entire Pacific Theatre is at a halt. We can only send air support for now, but eventual reinforcements will come on September 3. Be safe, comrades."

Well, blyat. We have to wait for backup while we resist a totally indestructible enemy. Whatever, we must do our job to kill them all.

Episode 3: Über Alles
Berlin, Nazi Germany
January 3 1943

The Nazi Regime has announced today that the evacuation of Berlin and other major cities are underway. The Führer and his top trusted commanders and advisers have evacuated to a secret location. It is rumoured that it was a large underground bunker. Some say it was a secret base in the Ardennes Forest. A letter from Himmler to General Von Bock in Seelow even States they fled to overseas. Anyway, the Aliens have arrived to kill us all in Berlin. We are currently inside a train station, because a bombing raid is happening. The Luftwaffe is trying its best to suppress all of the incoming Alien aircraft and motherships. All of the Fronts of the world is at a halt. Everyone has bonded together for the common cause: the extermination of all non humans. It will be a brutal war. Those aliens are way more advanced than us, or anyone. But we have to keep fighting if we want humanity to live on and not be enslaved or be killed of. Hell, do we wanna live in an alien dominated world? Course not. So we all need to fight for what is right. Humanity has been achieving quite a lot too. At Seelow Heights, we killed one of their top generals on the ground, Yuri Galveston, a Russian American general who defected and joined the Aliens. At Split, the first mothership was destroyed by combined forces of the Italians and the British. This ship was reported to be called the Devastation. It was indeed a Devastation for the Alien's progress.

images (18).jpeg

An Imperial Soldier. Here he is wearing the "Assault Armor" Variant. This type of armor is only deployed to defecting human soldiers agreeing to work with them.

images (19).jpeg

A German soldier of the Croatian Legion. This unit would play a significant role in the famous Battle of Seelow Heights, where Commander Yuri Galveston, a defected Russian American fighting for the Aliens, was killed.

Now let me get into detail about the war on the ground and air. All armies are retreating in a staggering rate. We are not even scoring major blows to the aliens (except maybe a few victories here and there). Hell, those motherships can retreat into so called "Hyper Space" jumps to quickly escape battle zones. And those Raven Fighters are faster than anything we can field. The Me 262 is still testing and may not be operational until maybe a year more. The P59 Aerocomet of the US and the Gloster Meteor of the Brits are not fielded in large enough numbers. We need a thing that can really devastate the alien invaders. In the sea, nothing really much happens because the enemy doesn't have a Navy. But ships do get frequently attacked by Alien air force groups. It's just in the ground we are not doing good. I heard Hitler has coordinated with the United States to make nuclear weapons and speed up the process of development. They have set up camp in Denver and Saarbrücken respectively. All we need is that Atomic Bomb and they are done. We can at least stop the fighting if we can't drive them off the planet.

By the way, I'm Obersoldat Eric Von Tannenberg, an East Prussia born man who enlisted in 1940. I'm currently in the 4th Infantry Division, more specifically, the 3rd Fallschirmjager Company. While parachuting is our main thing, we also assist in ground assaults too. We are foot people as well, you know. We are again, hiding in the train station because of air raids reaching devastating levels. We are cut off from the rest of the retreating regiment, and very soon, the Aliens will come and mop the survivors. We gotta hide in here until we can find some sort of rescue. I keep tuning into the guard house's radio about updates on the situation above ground. None of them looked positive. Here are some:

2:14 PM
"The Aliens have reached Potsdam Platz, after a 2 hour long raid in the fortified positions around the roundabout. Alien Air Forces are currently bombing the area around the Berlin Hamburg Highway. Many troops have been killed."

2:27 PM
"Civilians are reported to be massacred by the Aliens in the suburbs of Berlin. Only about 200 have been evacuated from the area. Some Civilian Insurgents have joined with the army to fight the alien invaders!"

3:00 PM
"It doesn't look good. Most of the army has evacuated the city. There are a few units trapped inside. Command is now making actions to rescue these units."

Please. Anyone, come and rescue us all

Episode 4: M.A.D.
Low Earth Orbit, Flagship Termination
January 7 1943

Fleet Admiral and Marshal Harry Laucaux drank another cup of Corusian Phalanx (a sort of wine) while he observes his fleet's progress from the bridge of the Termination, the Invasion Fleet's largest vessel and also the flagship. He seems amused and very satisfied with his army's progress on the invasion. But, his patience is slowly dwindling. He had given his army a 2 year deadline to invade Earth. If Humanity persists at this time, he will be forced to used his secret weapon: a secret deadly engineered virus that is harmless to his own soldiers but deadly to humans. This virus was developed for 3 decades to finally make it effective. Codenamed "Virus 7", this is a specially engineered illness deployed through missiles. The infected person will experience severe breathing issues. The Virus will then seep into the body, making it's way into the brain. A special feature of this weapon is that it can bypass the Nervous System of the humans, as studied by the Imperial Administration of Biology on a few abducted subjects. Once it arrives in the brain, it will slowly destroy its Neurons until it arrives at a point where the body cannot function anymore. The subject will then die of possible heart attack or the "special combustion of the lungs", called a "Lung Bomb". He will only use this at very special moments.

While he was sitting in his chair, overlooking new reports over the invasion, Ship Lord Tony Polaski came in. He was the Admiral of the ship Orion, one of the ships that was carrying troops to the ground. He greets the Admiral, and proceeds to tell his reports.

"Welcome, Admiral. What can I do for you?" Asked Harry, sipping another cup of Corusian Phalanx.

'Sir, we have unsettling news. You are not gonna believe this" the Ship Lord responded.

'Really? Tell me."

"It's the humans. They are developing a nuclear device" Tony said.

Harry suddenly stared at the Ship Lord, with obvious shock and surprise on his face. The humans were cobbling together a nuclear weapon. He thought that if one was used on his own forces, the invasion will be crippled to fail, if enough were deployed by the humans. He thought of his next strategy carefully, as one mistake is committed, he would have to report to Emperor Morious back at Corusia. He finally stood up and said his orders.

"I was expecting this. Deploy Unit 116 immediately. Hunt down those nuclear sites and grab the weapon if possible! I cannot let them make a bomb!" He shouted.

"Yes, Marshal." Tony responded. He turned around and left.

He went back to his sit. He must succeed in taking out the sites. The humans cannot have a nuclear weapon.

Episode 5: Here They Come Part 1
San Francisco, United States
January 14 1943


A Fleet of Chimeran Battleships over San Francisco. The Chimera were a sub species of the Corusians, who were extremely devoted to the Empire and its cause. This made them the largest sub species in the Empire.


Corusian Battle Walkers in the Californian Countryside, photographed by Edwin Hoffman, the War's most popular photographer. Seen in the background are experimental F86 Super Sabres being tested by the USAF.


The only known photograph of the Hindenburg Wall, constructed in Northern Germany to help civilians escape the alien threat. The Maginot Line in Alsace Lorraine and Belgium was also purposes for this way.

Here they come, and they don't look friendly.

We have been fighting the aliens for more than a year already. I can't believe these invaders managed to reach the United States by means of their flying ships. Over 2 Million civilians in Nazi Germany were evacuated to the northern part of their country. The UK stands alone, but met the Aliens fave to face when they burrowed under the channel and popped up behind the sea defences. These aliens are evidently smarter than Humans are. A transmission from their leader, who calls himself Fleet Lord Harry Laucaux, tried to convinced the remaining humans to surrender and end all fighting, but they don't know how stubborn we truly are to giving up. All the time, our supply routes are being attacked by Alien air forces or sometimes ambushed. A few of us even deserted to the Aliens and joined their side. The most notable would be Captain Richard Jenkins, who was the former commander of my unit before he fled, seeing the situation as hopeless and has developed not necessarily to our advantage. We will not give up, until we all die protecting our planet. We just need the Manhattan Project to finish so we can bomb these things to the ground.

The line of transmission have been down for 26 hours now. The last time we heard from the Frontline was a day ago, when they updated us that several Chimeran Battleships were over San Francisco. The Chimera is a sub species of the Aliens invading us. They are lizard looking species, scaly and crazier than the normal humanoid invaders. They had been attacking all our strongholds non stop, day and night, again and again. We can't do it anymore. We need something revolutionary to turn the tide of this obviously one sided war. We cannot win against them head on, because their technology is a LOT advanced than ours. Almost the entirety of the USAF's planes in the Western Coast has been eradicated by real strong air forces from the Aliens. There had also been reports that their entire fleet was outside Earth, probably spinning around us just like the Moon does. The Nuclear Weapon is being developed, and it's first testing will be on the Aliens advancing towards Santa Fe. I hope it works, as everyone needs it. I don't know much about the German program. I heard that an alien broke into the lab and stole the notes. All scientists were purged by the Nazis because of this. Quite impractical I would say.

Well anyways, this is only a review for what happened previously. I'm gonna be updating you on some action later on. For now, Erich signing out!

Episode 5: Here They Come Part 2
San Francisco, United States
January 14 1943

So, I've been sitting in my quarters for over 4 hours now trying to think about what to write and what to keep to myself. I have wired the American Command stationed in Washington, requesting for additional reinforcements for the upcoming Offensive. It was done under the orders of Major General Edward Schmidt, the leader of our reorganized and merged army corps. I have also somehow managed to wire my old friend, Colonel Wilhelm Bulow. He was a childhood friend of mine, and we enlisted in the German Army together. We expected that we'll end up in the same unit, which in actuality did not happen. I was assigned to the Paratroopers, since I loved heights and it was satisfying to jump out of airplanes. He meanwhile loved tanks and vehicles, so he was assigned to the 4th Panzer Division. We barely get in contact these days, mostly through letters and sometimes short telephone calls. I also had another friend, Gustav Hellclift, who I met in training. We parted ways afterwards and never met each other again. I later found out he got killed in Warsaw after protecting his mates against an overwhelming force.

Anyway, enough with the melodramatic discussions. My last engagement was 98 hours ago, when we held off a raid launched by a detachment of Aliens. We expect them to come back very soon. We didn't dare to enter San Francisco itself, because the entire place is crawling with enemies and full of flames and destruction. A few insurgent civilians, who had formed several groups within the city, stood up against the invaders. Most notable would be 2 different groups: The San Francisco Partisans and the Californian Nationalist Resistance. The SFP is a radical thinking group who follows leftist ideology, but they are fighting for humanity as well. The CNR on the other hand is a right wing resistance who follows the Führer. I barely see any of these people, as they wear civilian clothes. We also had a remarkable achievement: we downed one of their Raven Fighters and have modified the technology to fit in our own. The technology refitted to our aircraft would be basic components, usually the weapons. But these weapons are sick to fire. They overheat though which is a setback but deals very high damage. The Bell Company is the leader of the program. We have managed to cobble together a modified version of the Aerocomet, called the F86 Super Sabre. The engines were also fitted, which propelled this aircraft to tremendous speeds. Not much are currently deployed but will eventually engage the enemy air force soon enough. The Atomic Program meanwhile is in the final phase of evaluation before tests can be committed. Hope it will be deployed soon.

We had to take cover for a while here in one of the abandoned sheds, cause we have aircraft flying over us right now. Those radars can track us quicker than any other tracker we can get. We just barely managed to get in here because an entire company was marching down the road towards the Golden Gate Bridge, where some of our forces are trapped. That's our Target today: establish contact with the trapped soldiers and radio command for further instructions and orders. They were trapped when the Aliens arrived and they were stuck because of a Blockade set up by the invaders. San Francisco is under immense pressure from the Aliens, and only the resistance groups, the Police Department and our soldiers are the one fighting them there and here. We didn't wanna enter yet because of tight security and too many soldiers to engage with. I also found out a mesmerizing secret: one of the captured Alien Scientist from the ship Devastation destroyed at Split, confessed that Fleet Lord Harry is hiding a secret weapon, codenamed Virus 7. The weird thing is, they manufactured this hypothetical gas agent designed to be harmless to the Aliens but dangerous to us. I don't know if he was telling the truth or not. We're gonna have to call him back for another questionnaire.

So, we're gonna go on our mission now. I'll write again once I get back.

Episode 6: Uprising Part 1
Low Earth Orbit, Flagship Termination
January 19 1943

"Marshal! Marshal! We have bad news!" Ship Lord Mark Penticton of the ship Civilization exclaimed as he stormed into Harry's quarters.

"Calm down, Ship Lord. What is the problem?" Harry asked.

"A full scale uprising has taken place on the troop carrier Falon! The soldiers and even Ship Lord Nancy Irving has turned away from the cause!"

"Why? Why would they turn on us when we are winning?" Harry asked

"They see the entire campaign as a war crime! Nancy views the human killings as cruelty and impractical. She claims the humans did nothing wrong. Should we stop her?"

"No. Let her be. I have expected this for a long time. To be honest, even I didn't like the prospect of killing an innocent race for a dictatorial nation. But I need to do it, so Emperor Morious doesn't kill my family. I have pledged to join him in his cause, just for my family's survival." Harry said, feeling sad.

"Ship Lord, do not pursue. We don't need violence." Harry ordered.

"Are you sure sir? What if the Emperor questions th-"

"Do not report any of this to the Emperor, do you understand?"

"Yes sir." And with that, the Ship Lord exits the room.

Harry sat back in his command seat. He knew Nancy was right. Humanity didn't do anything to the Corusians. But, for the sake of his family, he had to kill to let his loved ones live on. He started to think: "Why I'am I serving this Empire?"

Troop Carrier Falon

"We shall no longer tolerate any more killings! This invasion is unjustified!! We will see the destruction of Harry Laucaux, and eventually, Emperor Morious himself! No more innocent deaths!" Nancy shouted at his subjects.

"No more! Death to the Empire!" The crowd shouted back.

"Now, we shall do the necessary things to destroy this invasion. We shall help the humans! Pilot, set a course for San Francisco!"

"Yes, My Lord!"

Finally, someone in the Empire has the guts to stand up to Morious and his unjust rule of terror and greed. She has done the riskiest thing possible: Saving the Human Race.

Episode 6: Uprising Part 2
San Francisco, United States
January 20 1943

Alright, this is weird. We just saw an alien ship descend on our base camp. It's not hostile. It looks like some aliens wanting to tell us something. Anyway, let me check it out.

So apparently, the Ship Lord of this troop carrier called Falon has called an Uprising against the Alien Invasion. They came here in peace, and they want to help us finish the nuclear weapon and also make advancements of our own. This is quite unexpected. They view the mass killing of humans as cruelty and injustice, especially if done for a tyrannical empire. So we have a total of 10,000 rebels on that ship prepared to help Humanity in the fight for survival. The Ship Lord is named Nancy Irving, a nice looking lady with quite a militaristic character. I have just wired Command and told them this, and said they were gonna send the entire Atomic Program team over here to finish the bomb and finish this war. I'm glad someone in this enemy has common sense and has turned away from an evil cause to help innocent people. We never did anything to these invaders. I made friends with one of the rebels, a pretty lady named Mary Celeste. She is the pilot of one of the Raven Fighters. We are about to learn the technology of these aliens and we can copy them. Amazing.

"We have not come here to hurt you. We are not like them. I, Nancy Irving, has declared a rebellion against this Invasion. We shall bring destruction to Harry Laucaux, and eventually, Emperor Morious himself!" She said.

"Wait wait. Who the hell is this Emperor Morious?" One of us asked.

"He is the tyrannical dictator of the Galactic Empire, our home nation. His rule has been unjust and filled with terror and greed. We barely get anything while he gets the most luxurious things in the Galaxy, along with the Fleet Lords." She responded.

I'm just gonna break this down. We have an entire alien troop carrier at our disposal. We have 10,000 rebels willing to help us out with the tech and our Tactics as soldiers. We have a fighting chance. If we could mass produce our copied technology, we can pass it around the world and to our Allies. We have the solution, but let's make it work.

Down to the Empire!

Episode 7: Relaxation in Exile
Mount Narodnaya, Siberia
January 24 1943

Most of the Soviet Army retreated to the Urals by the end of 1942, and continued fighting from there. The new base of operations after the Fall of Moscow was "Lenin Fortress", a large subterranean bunker and fort near the summit of Mount Narodnaya, the tallest peak in the Ural Mountains. This place is impossible to be traversed by enemy forces due to the terrain, and we placed ambush forces at choke points, hardly developed roads along the steep slopes and the well organized terrain for which the fortress is hidden in. Lenin Fortress descends deep into the mountain, incorporating caves into living quarters and tunnels into hallways. At the summit of the mountain, Stalin's Command Office sits. The summit provides a good view of the encompassing planes and lands. At the foothills of the mountain, a village is present, called the Narodnaya Settlement, where civilians tend to live in. The remnants of the Soviet Army was reorganized into the Siberian Defence Forces.

Let me tell you what happened. The Aliens signed the Treaty of Moscow with Stalin's government. Upon the provisions of this agreement, the Soviet Government would go into exile in Siberia, while the Aliens establish their administrations. They established 4 so far: Caucasian Sector, Moscow Sector, Karelian Sector and West Russian Sector. They also promised to leave the exiled Soviets alone, but I don't know if that would ever be kept, due to the growing threat of Humanity's own demise. I do not know what happened to the rest of the Army. Either killed or captured. That's why we took up shop here in Mount Narodnaya, where it would be hard for them to reach us at the very top. We also recently heard from America that an Alien admiral has declared a rebellion against the Invasion Fleet, seeing the killings as unjustified. Good thing someone has common sense. Anyways.

I gotta be honest, I actually love it here in this mountain. It's so far away from the rest of society. The nearest town from here would Pechora, by the Pechora River south east of here. It's quite relaxing, especially with Christmas just finished, and as winter slowly develops into summer. I myself live in a house built near one of the main roads, just a few kilometers from the Narodnaya Settlement. You can choose wether to live in the Fortress, in the Settlement or wherever you want. I specifically chose this spot because it is so cold in the morning. No roommates I'm afraid.

I think I'm gonna relax here for a while. Humanity must at least have enjoyment, right?

Episode 8 Part 1: The Destroyer of Worlds
Nevada Desert, New Mexico
February 17 1943

A device, after years of researching, has finally been assembled by the team of researchers.

This is it. The big moment. We are about to see what years of sacrifice and hardship is all worth for. We managed to cobble together a quiye decent device. This bad boy is codenamed "Trinity", and would be history's first ever nuclear weapons test. We are all based in a tower overlooking the detonation site, a marked area in the middle of the Nevada Desert in New Mexico. This area was chosen because it's barren and away from any other populated area. I hope it all goes to plan and research doesn't go to waste. 2 minutes till detonation from now. I decided to wear my shades now to shield me from the explosion. Here is the radio conversation.

Base Trinity: 2 Minutes till explosion. Everyone, please clear the area before it blows to hell.

Science Team: Uranium Ejector ready to fire. Firing in 1 Minute.

Base Trinity: T -1 Minute to explosion. Get clear of the area immediately. Please face backwards now to avoid being blinded.

Security Team: Face Backwards Everyone. Face forward when I say so.

Base Trinity: T - 30 seconds....... 20 seconds......... 15 seconds

Science Team: Uranium firing up!

Base Trinity: 10..9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... Fire!


"Holy hell. It worked. We now stand a chance.. we have the solution to this Alien threat"
- Oppenheimer

Episode 8 Part 2: Turn Around
Flagship Termination, Low Earth Orbit
February 19 1943

"Why did you fail?!! Now, because of you, the Emperor is gonna demote me from my position!!"

Fleet Lord Harry is furious and mad. He had just learned the humans have successfully tested their first atomic bomb in a desert. The Emperor must not know what is happening. Harry is sending cover up after cover up of all the failures that was committed: the Rebelling Aliens, Technology Stolen and now this. Morious is surely not gonna like it. As punishment, the top leaders of Unit 116, the special group tasked of tracking down all nuclear test sites, were executed by firing squad. The Medic and the Sharpshooter was thrown out of the ship without space suits on. And the rest of the soldiers were ordered to be put in the Flagship's holding area until the invasion is over. They did manage to steal the plans of the humans in Saarbrücken, but with the humans getting ahead and testing their own bomb, he went mad and crazy. Hitler and Roosevelt did it. They had produced the solution to their problems.

images (20).jpeg

Members of Unit 116 after a raid on Volksturmm held positions in the Weser River. The ones purged were the members of Platoon 17, one of the most elite in the unit. They are also trained to use human weapons, for recon or battle.


A photo of Adolf Hitler, Führer of Germany, and Benito Mussolini, the Duce of Italy, in a temporary shelter in Kiel. Hitler was later evacuated to an unknown location following Berlin's capture, and Mussolini went back to Rome to surrender the city to the Aliens. He was stabbed to death by a group of his own associates, led by General Pietro Badoglio. (Can you recognize this happening to another historical figure?)

After the stress had subsided, Harry decided to rethink the situation all over again. He knew that if he failed the Galactic Empire, Emperor Morious would execute his beloved family. He slowly dived into depth on what solution he can think of to suppress this human achievement, and end the invasion once and for all. He suddenly remembered one thing, a thing he had that the humans didn't. He stared at the door leading to the Virus 7 Holding Lab. His eyes suddenly enlightened, and he had hope remaining, burning in his spirit. He called in his most trusted general, Atvar, to order the most risky thing he had done. But first, he had called to the Emperor, asking authority to use the Virus. Morious responds by saying:

" I understand the human situation into which you propose this strategy. With the tide turning and the Invasion Fleet running out of options, I grant authority for you to use the Virus. Good luck."

Atvar then came through the door, just after he had received the Emperor's reply from his letter.

"Atvar, I want you to do it." He said.

"Do what, My Fleet Lord?" Atvar said.

"Execute War Plan 5. Deploy the Virus."

"Yes, Fleet Lord."

He then laughed in excitement as Atvar left the room. This however was his last chance to wipe out Humanity for good. As for the rebel aliens, he shall destroy them with conventional means.

This is it. Will this be the end of humanity?

Episode 9: Wipeout
Hindenburg Wall, Northern Germany
March 4 1943

What.... What the hell is this??

They have deployed some kind of gas we have never heard before. Worse, these are making us sick! Lungs are blowing up all over. Even I'm coughing. The science Team has found out that.... This was an engineered virus. I don't know how they did it. But, it just seems impossible to think of as possible. I can barely write on this notebook, and I have drool over the page. This might also be, the last entry I will ever write in my life. My head hurts like hell. And it looks like I need another toilet break. My head! It hurts! If anyone is reading this.... keep this notebook and deliver this to a lovely woman in England named Elena Ferguson. She lives in London. Tell her that I loved her, and sorry that I wasn't able to come home safely. Rest In Peace to myself.

Anyway, It looks like I need a little sleep. I gonna go. This entry maybe my most shortest one yet, but I can't go on anymore. Erich, signing out.....

Episode 10: Unexpected Arrival
Flagship Termination, Low Earth Orbit
March 6 1943

"Sir. Virus 7 is performing good as planned" said Atvar as he entered the Bridge of the flagship. Harry was expecting this news, as this disease was spreading across Earth at an alarming rate, and is expected to take Humanity out of the picture by the next 2 weeks. He responded with positive responses. Until:

"Sir, we have another problem." Atvar said

"Yes, what is it?" Harry said.

"We detected an unknown fleet of warships heading this way sir. We estimate them to number around 20 warships, 10 less than our fleet, but it still is a threat to our progress."

"Hm. Are there any activities recorded of this fleet yet?" Harry questioned.

"No sir, as of now." Atvar replied.

"This is not the backup or the Colonisation Fleets, as those groups have 30 ships. This is something else, I can feel it."

"According to our Laser Range Ballistic Radar, they have arrived at the vicinity of Jupiter and Saturn. They must have landed on one of the Moons of those 2 planets. I theorize that they are preparing a forward base of attack. They shall be here within 4 days."

"Deploy a small task force there. I wanna see what is up." Ordered the Fleet Lord.

"Yes sir." He left the room afterwards.

He went into thought. What was this fleet? If this wasn't the backups or the Colonisation Fleets, what is this? He then suddenly, had a memory struck at him at full force, that he couldn't control it entirely.

"No, no, no. Not the Rebel Alliance! Impossible!"

The Rebel Alliance, a meagre fragment of his own bad memories. This maybe, them.

Episode 11: The Message
Jupiter IV/Callisto, Jupiter System
March 7 1943

We have arrived in the Earth's solar system. Codenamed "Star 889".

We were dispatched here by Command to assist the now dying human population against the tyranny of the Empire. The Galactic Empire, Morious' abomination of an entity. We have been suppressed long enough! It is time to restore the Federation. But first, we have to liberate Planet Earth from these evil invaders. We have landed and set up a forward base on the moon Callisto, also known as Jupiter IV. We are to prepare our equipment and vehicles for this impending Intervention. But first, we shall send humanity a message. We shall send it to the rebelling Imperials on the ground, helping and aiding the humans. Here is the contents:

"Greetings. This is a transmission from the Rebel Command based on Callisto. You can refer to us in 1 word: Paleonians. We are from Paleon, a planet orbiting a main sequence star in the Cygnus Constellation. Why have we sent a message? This is to warn you that our 5th Starship Fleet is heading to Earth to intervene in your conflict. We will help you drive off the Galactic Empire. This assistance will come in 4 days. We also know of the Virus situation. This is Virus 7, a specially engineered illness created by the Imperial Administration of Biology, after studying a few abductees. Merely, this virus is expected to wipe out Humanity by the next 2 weeks. As of our estimations, 43% of your population is infected, 7% of which are already dead. We have the cure. After we neutralize the Fleet in orbit around your planet, we will deploy the cure via aircraft. We shall drop the cure in a water vapor like substance. After you regain posture and control, you are to neutralize all remaining enemies. This is also at the consent of the future of your race. We are on our way."

Long right? We wanted to make it clear to the humans that we are not hostiles as well. We want to help, and in return, they will help us to invade and retake Corusia from Emperor Morious himself. We shall destruction to the Empire.

Down to Morious!

Episode 12: Pearl Harbor of the Skies
Low Earth Orbit, Flagship Termination
March 10 1943

"Sir! We have enemies approaching!" Atvar hurriedly said as he ran into the room.

"Calm down. What's the problem?" Harry said.

"The unknown fleet we detected 4 days ago... It's hostile! It intercepted the task force we sent. It's just a few more minutes away! Should we respond?"

"Alright. Deploy the fighters. Neutralize all enemies!"

"Yes sir."

"Oh, and have you identified the Fleet's allegiance." Harry asked

"The Rebel Alliance, sir." Atvar replied.

His entire world suddenly caved in on him. It WAS the Rebel Alliance. He retreated into a state of mind where even Atvar can't understand. He ordered the Admiral out, and also placed him in charge of the defence. The Rebel Alliance was an insurrection led by former Senator Kyle Pakinham. He remembered the old man. They were old buddies, but went seperate ways when Pakinham rebelled and Harry joined Morious. It was based on the Planet Paleon, a distant planet in the Cygnus Constellation, an area rarely explored by the Empire. He started to break down, remembering himself breaking his friendship with Pakinham. He also remembered that Nancy Irving, the leader of the rebels of the Falon, was an associate of his friend. The virus needs to eradicate humanity in the ground before it is too late. Yes, he can eradicate Humanity, but he will die along with his valiant fleet in the process. He barely managed to get up when the entire ship rocked. Fighters now roamed the outside.

He decided if it was best if he just stayed calm and didn't break down in rage and sadness. He sat back in his Commander's Seat, and called the Emperor back at Corusia.

"My Emperor." Said Harry. "A Fleet of the Rebel Alliance has arrived on Earth and is now attacking my fleet."

"Huh. I should have expected this. Alright. Dispatching the backup fleet to come. Should come within a few hours or days." Morious replied.

"And, I have something else to say."

"Go on, Fleet Lord."

"We... We failed to prevent the humans from getting a nuclear weapon. They tested one last month. The Falon and Nancy Irving rebelled against my cause, too." Harry said nervously.

"At last, you finally said it." Said Morious, which made Harry very surprised. "One of your officers already told me. It's fine. You have the virus with you. Eradicate all Humanity, and the backup fleet will do the rest."

"Yes, My Emperor." Harry said, then turned off the Communicator. The Emperor himself already knew about his failures, and he didn't get mad and demoted him. It looks like even the Emperor is kind hearted at times. There is always a soft spot in anyone, even a tyrant. He just needed Virus 7 to wipe out Humanity in time, or else the Rebel Alliance will come and destroy him.

He turned on the Announcements, and spoke:

"Hello, everyone. You are ordered to resist the Rebels. The backup fleet is on its way. Do not let them land on that planet or board any ship! Good luck."

He then walked out of the bridge, towards the Fighters' Launch Bay.

Episode 13: It Has Been Accomplished
San Francisco, United States
March 10 1943

Alright, so here is the situation.

An unknown fleet, according to Nancy and her rebels, has arrived above our planet and has started the destruction of the Invasion Fleet. Virus 7 was also quickly neutralized by aircraft dropping water vapor like substance that kills the bacteria. This must be the backup we were waiting for. Around a few days ago, we intercepted a message from an unknown source, claiming that they are the "Rebel Alliance". They had landed on one of the Galilean Moons, Callisto, and are making way to Earth to assist us. It looks like they have already. We stood up and reorganized. Around 3 AM this morning up to now, San Francisco has fallen back to Human hands, and the Stars and Stripes once again fly over this city. It seems like Humanity had survived this onslaught. However, it came at the great cause of life. Around 43% of the population alone died because of the brief deployment of Virus 7. 30% are casualties of the ground war. And 5% are dead people. From August 27 1942 to March 10 1943, Humanity went through a challenge, through an unstoppable enemy that had numerical and technological superiority over us. But, with careful planning and also the rebellion of Nancy and her soldiers, we have beaten the Imperials back hard. Thanks also to the Rebels for coming to our aid. It might be over soon. I can feel it.

We have also learnt the basics of Imperial technology. We have managed to create our own fighters that can match up with the Imperial ones, and also "Dreadnoughts" that can support orbital engagements. In time, we shall take the fight to them. We will go to Proxima Centauri, to Corusia, and bring destruction to the Empire. This war costed us 190 Million lives lost to the enemy. It is estimated that the damage is between 1 Billion to 30 Billion Dollars in damage. But, Humanity lives on.

Well, my family. It looks like Daddy will be with you this Christmas.

Episode 14: Evacuation
Low Earth Orbit, Flagship Termination
March 12 1943

"Sir. 17 out of 30 ships have been lost. We can't keep going like this!" Atvar said. "Staying will end in our deaths as well."

The Fleet Lord sat in his seat, thinking about his next strategy. It is either they stay and fight a hopeless battle, or retreat and face the Emperor back at Corusia. He finally decided on what to do.

"Full scale retreat, Atvar. Wire the other ships. Full Scale Retreat!" Harry ordered.

Atvar radioed the rest of the fleet, telling the new orders. One by one, they start jumping into hyper space to quickly escape. The Rebel ships just stared with amazement and shock, trying to get the situation.

"They retreated! Its over!" One of the Admirals said. Everyone celebrated in joy and happiness. They had did it. The Imperials have retreated from Earth, meaning that the planet is now underway to being liberated. As for Harry, he would face and furious Emperor Morious back at Corusia.

Episode 15: Aftermath
Washington DC, United States
March 20 1943

The President of the United States, Franklin Roosevelt, stood up to the podium as he was called by the Vice President. He just heard the representative of Nazi Germany (Joachim von Ribbentrop), the delegate of the Soviet Union (Vyacheslav Molotov) and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (Winston Churchill) speak about the effects of human collaboration and the blow that it was able to bring on the Empire from a different world. With the ending of the Earth - Corusia War, also ends World War II. An official ceasefire is declared all across the world, and the Treaty of Washington is to be signed a week from now. The Japanese and the Free French had denied the invitation to this historical day because of internal conflicts: Japan has to deal with Mao Ze Dong's Communist Insurgents and the Viet Minh (which had now turned their guns on Tokyo after France gave up), and the Free French had to establish their new capital and government at Pape'ete in French Polynesia. They had a world to rebuild.

The Articles and Provisions of the Treaty were the following:

German and Tripartite Pact Terms:

1. The Empire would withdraw from all captured territories in Europe during the war. Africa, South America and Australia are given to them in exchange for war reperations of up to 200 Million Credits (around $1.2 Billion).

2. Since Vichy France keeps its independence, Free France establishes it's new capital at Pape'ete in French Polynesia. Petain remains Head of State and De Gaulle becomes president of the French Provisional Government.

3. Mussolini is spiritually reinstated as Duce of Italy after over 6 months of German military occupation because of Alien threats to invade Europe. Pietro Badoglio is instated as the physical leader of Italy.

4. Germany and its Allies must respect the neutrality of nations, like Sweden and Switzerland. Any plan of invading these nations are to be cancelled.

5. The Soviet Union must cede Besserabia back to Romania.

6. All extermination camps are to be shut down. Jews will instead be sent to Svalbard (a former island of Norway) as 'exiles'.

7. The Soviets and Germans will both give back POWs captured in the Eastern Front.

Japanese and Greater East Asian Sphere Terms:

8. Japan withdraws all forces in China, and must respect the KMT's independence. They will however agree to help them to exterminate the CPC and its Red Army.

9. Tokyo gives back Wake Island, Guam, Gilbert Islands, Hong Kong and the Philippines back to the US and UK respectively. Malaya and the East Indies remains under Japanese occupation.

10. Japan gives reperations to China for all damage sought.

11. Tokyo gives Burma back to British Raj. In exchange, the Allies agree to keep Siam independent and guarantee it protection.

12. China in return cedes Xiamem, Fuzhou, Hainan, Taiwan, Qingdao and Port Arthur to Japan.

Galactic Empire Terms:

13. The Empire must pay reperations to the major powers. It will also admit to waging aggressive war.

14. All occupied territories will be given back to the Allies and Axis.

15. The Empire is restricted to waging war against any human nation for the next 40 years.

16. The Empire must assist in the Reconstruction effort of the World.

Roosevelt stood proudly on the podium, admiring the mixed crowd of people staring back at him. It was his first time speaking to his former enemies in a press conference. He grabbed his small but faithful speech from his breast pocket and adjusted the microphone to his mouth. He then made an impression, a meaning that everyone must silence. People starting to silence each other, until everything was set to go.

"Ladies and Gentlemen." He started "This great meeting, is gathered here to celebrate the victory and accomplishments over the Galactic Empire. While we have defeated and negotiated with Fleet Lord Harry, look at the desolation it caused. Look around you, around the fields and the streets. Many lives have fallen for the protection of mankind and its future. Now, we stand victorious with our Rebel allies and Imperial defectors. History will remember all of us this day, the day we ended one war to win another. Through our boundless courage, fortitude, strength and determination to win this almost impossible war, we have prevailed. But, we have a war ravaged world to rebuild. It will not be an easy task, but we shall do it, if we want our children to experience a happy life. Now, hand in hand with the Rebel Alliance, and the compliance of Harry's fleet, we will repair the damages we all did. Everyone, let us join in this cause, and together, we will build our future. The future is now, and is created now, by all of us."

He stepped down the podium with a round of applause. He then went in the White House, where he met the Secretary of State sitting down.

"You know, Secretary. I feel like I'm the tiredest man in the world. The leaders of the Unified Command are." He said.

It will not be an easy task, but Humanity will and can rebuild the world. Long Live Humanity.