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Seems like King Victor Emmanuel III or one of his successors screwed things up so badly the monarchy was probably voted out like it was IOTL or maybe there were certain structural forces at work they couldn’t cope with.
2020 FIFA World Cup New
2020 FIFA World Cup (French: Coupe de Monde 2020; Spanish: Copa Mundial de 2020) was the 25th FIFA World Cup, a quadrennial international football tournament organized by FIFA and hosted by Mexico between 11 June and 12 July 2020, after it was awarded the hosting rights at the 2012 FIFA World Congress. It was the second time Mexico had hosted the World Cup, having previously hosted the 1948 edition, and the fourth time it was hosted in North America. Fans and pundits alike regard this tournament as one of the best ever held.

31 national teams advanced via qualification hosted by their respective confederations to appear, along with Mexico qualifying automatically as host; Venezuela and Nicaragua were debutants in the tournament, appearing in their first-ever World Cup. 64 matches were played in total across 12 venues in 11 host cities in Mexico. 11 of the previous 13 title holders appeared in the tournament, one shy of the record 12 in the previous iteration in 2016. The defending title holder, Germany, became the fifth consecutive defending champion to be eliminated at the group stage, while the other ten previous champions were able to advance. The runner-up of the previous tournament, co-favorite and top-ranked national side in FIFA rankings, Italy, was defeated in the first game of the Round of 16, creating what was thus regarded as one of the most open knockout stages in recent history; Britain, Brazil, and the Netherlands were also eliminated at this stage, while Spain, France and Sweden were eliminated in the quarterfinals. The United States was defeated in the semifinals by host nation and 2019 Confederations Cup champion Mexico, but consoled itself with a third-place victory over Denmark in the bronze medal game.

In the final, Mexico defeated fellow three-time champion Argentina 2-1 with a goal by Hirving Lozano in the 88th minute to win a record fourth World Cup title and bring them out of a four-way tie of three-time winners with Britain and Italy in addition to Argentina; with the win, it also gave Mexico three titles in the four North American World Cups. It was the first time that three teams from the Americas placed in the top three and the first time that a quartefinal did not feature at least one of Britain, Germany or Italy. The World Cup also featured some remarkable statistics, such as Italy earning a goal differential of ten in the group stages before exiting in the round of 16 goalless (including the top scorer of the tournament, Ciro Immobile, accruing all his goals in the group), as well as Mexico winning the World Cup having scored only 9 goals and not allowing a goal until their quarterfinal match with France despite the high-scoring nature of the tournament.


(Reposted to reflect the correct flag for Italy, which is not meant to be a Republic in 2020. Groups and knockouts to come, if I can manage the wikiboxes lol, and then we'll do a tour of Mexican infrastructure, etc, ahead of the tournament)


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*Possible* Easter Eggs.
1) Mexican host city of Tegucigalpa
2) Mexican host city of Dallas
3) New Confederation of the Equator qualified for the world cup
4) Minas Gerais qualified for the world cup
5) Alabama qualified for the world cup
6) Mindanao just missed qualifying, having finished just below Kurdistan (which was in its 3rd World Cup)
7) The two previous North American World Cups outside of Mexico were in Canada and Cuba.
8) The World Cup in Cuba in 1968 (Independence achieved in 1952) was *not* moved despite the tensions that led to Cuba being a participant in the Lesser American War (also known as the great Confederate turkey shoot and the only twentieth century war to entirely take place *during* a World Cup)

Note. I *assumed* that by the fact that Venezuela first qualified for the World cup in 2020 that it was a Venezuela screw, since *of course* every South American Country has been to the world cup. Apparently OTL is the Venezuela screw...