Internationalist Republicans, circa 1940

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    Considering writing a timeline, and I'm looking for some non-Wendell Willkie internationalist Republicans for run as president in the 1940 election, preferably someone with government experience rather than an 'outsider' businessman like Willkie. Also someone who won't be dead by the time of the next election!

    Any suggestions?
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    Apr 24, 2016
    Henry Stimson is rather old in 1940, but if FDR doesn’t run and he doesn’t take a cabinet job, he would be a sharp foreign policy mind in the White House.

    If Alf Landon loses his race for governor in 1932 or doesn’t run in 1936, he’s likely to be one of the top picks in 1940. Landon was against full neutrality and supporting giving the UK $5 billion (although opposing a lend-lead), but not as internationalist as some of his contemporaries. Interestingly, Landon supported the US joining the ECM and recognizing the PRC after their victory.

    Dewey was the initial frontrunner in 1940, and while he was a mild isolationist at the time, his battles with Taft would bring him in the interventionist camp.

    Henry Luce was considered one of the most important men in America and was the one who coined the “American Century” term. He was definitely one of the most outspoken internationalists. While you said you didn’t want a private citizen, Luce was rather knowledgeable and influential in global affairs and was an oft-touted choice to be the next Secretary of State under a Republican.
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