Infinity Wanderers magazine issue 1

Re-using the name of my old website from 20-23 years ago, a new magazine has been launched, titled INFINITY WANDERERS
is the main home for it, currently redirecting to a sub-domain of the Scimitar Edge imprint

Infinity Wanderers is a new magazine publication, aiming at being half alternate history and associated genres, and half real history, with travel and biography. In addition it supports an element of poetry, art, and review.

Issue 1 has a lead story 'The Nostalgia Machine' by Hannah Hoare, an interview with author Christopher P. Mooney, history article Under Six Flags by L.G. Parker, poetry from Ron Torrence, and Simon R. Gladdish, stories 'Stalin's Bunker'; by John F. Keane, 'Galatea' by Anselmo J. Alliegro, 'Barbarella and Kenton' by Rusty Gladdish, 'Mr Capone Was Our Milkman' by Christopher P. Mooney, 'The Bullet' by K.M. Mohr and 'Inside The Pale' by Robert Wexelblatt. Further history articles come, posthumously, from Brian G. Davies with 'Memories of Kings School, Ely, in the Wartime 1940s' and from Jon N. Davies with 'William Gough, Captain, Royal Navy', a biographical study of the man who was Byng's 1st lieutenant on the Ramillies at Minorca.

Book reviews and adverts complete the magazine.

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Just wanted to pop in and congratulate you on an absolutely fabulous cover!
Thank you!

This is the full cover

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Violett who did it is EXCELLENT at taking my vague explanations of what I wanted and turning it into something magnificent!
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Having a problem with the epub as Draft2Digital won't allow us to choose BISAC codes for both fiction and non-fiction, even though that is more or less the point of the magazine!
Issue 2 is taking submissions to

Issue 1 of Infinity Wanderers out across all platforms. The sales links are:-
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Whilst we are propagating issue 1, issue 2 is taking submissions

* Alternate History
* Science Fiction
* Urban Fantasy
* Philosophical Fantasy
* Historical Fiction
* History
* Biography
* Travel
* Reviews

All are welcome. Issue 2 is planned for release in July 2022