Independent Sardinia

In 1353 Marianus IV of Arborea declared war on Aragon and managed to drive the Aragonese out of most of the island. in 1354 Peter IV of Aragon landed with a great army in Porto Conte with the aim of reconquering the city of Alghero, but his siege proved to be a disaster, as malaria raveged his troops. Marianus came with his troops in order to lift the siege decided not to attack and instead negotiated with Peter, who feared a toal defeat, and they signed the Peace of Alghero in which Marianus obtained most of the island, with Aragon keeping only some castles and the cities of Cagliari and Alghero. Those remining teritories were the cause of further conflict between the heirs of Marianus and Aragon and led to the eventual Sardinian defeat at the Battle of Sanluri in 1409 and led to the conquest of Sardinia by Aragon.
Now, what if Marinus decided to attack Peter at the siege of Alghero and successfully and completely defeated the Aragonese army? could he now demand a total evacuation of the isle by the aragonese and to unite the island under his rule as an idependent king? lets say that he lives longer and manage the consilidate his rule.
With no more aragonese presence on the island there is less cause of conflicte between Sardinia and Aragon, and thus future wars are less likely. Can Sardinia keep its liberty?